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Most people say Vergil is stronger than Dante and all, and I agree in some cases, but not always. Here is a personal comparison that shows who can deal with these enemies easier and more effectively.
Enemies Dante Vergil Reason
Hell Vanguard --- ---   
Enigma Easier   Kalina Ann
Blood Goyle --- ---  
Arachne   Easier Summoned Swords, Spiral Swords
Dullahan (Air)   Easier Aerial Rave
Dullahan (Ground) Easier   Hits more accurately
Soul Eater  --- ---  
Fallen   Easier Aerial Rave
Abyss --- ---  
Hell Pride --- ---  
Hell Envy --- ---  
Hell Wrath Easier   Won't accidentally blow it up
Hell Sloth --- ---  
Hell Greed --- ---  
Hell Gluttony --- ---  
Hell Lust --- ---  
Chessmen   Easier Spiral Swords, Starfall
Cerberus Easier   Air Hike, Agni & Rudra
Agni & Rudra   Easier Lunar Phase, Starfall
Leviathan Easier   Air Hike, Agni & Rudra
Nevan --- ---  
Beowulf Easier   Air Hike, Royalguard
Geryon Easier   Air Hike
Lady Easier   Air Hike, Trickster
Doppelganger   Easier Force Edge
Arkham   Easier Summoned Swords, Spiral Swords
Vergil 1 --- ---  
Vergil 2 Easier   Air Hike, Trickster
Vergil 3 Easier   Air Hike, Trickster/Royalguard



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