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Version played: US version
Preferred style: Swordmaster/Trickster
Preferred devil arms: Rebellion, Agni & Rudra
Preferred fire arms: Ivory & Ebony, Kalina Ann
Current mission: Mode completed

First thoughts:
Honestly I didn’t think I’d even touch Hard mode at all, let alone Dante Must Die. Dante Must Die, as the name implies, is insanity and a really mind breaking challenge. I'm surprised I have the patience for it.

Vital Stars used per mission:
Some missions 0~2, others 5~7 Vital Stars (L). In DMD, damage is five times more than in Normal mode. You’d really need a Vital Star every time you get hit 3~4 times even by normal enemies. For Mission 18, I used a total of 11, mostly wasted on the chess battle.

Time taken to complete each mission:
It really depends on which mission and I don’t quite remember as well. The longer ones like Mission 9, 16, 18, etc took 20~30 minutes.

Easiest enemy:
Hell Sloth. They’re slower in attacks and has only one attack move. Their teleport move is easy to predict and they’re awesome to be thrown in the air and blasted with air combos that’ll last forever.

Hardest enemy:
Fallen. Damage is ridiculous (4~8 segments of life a hit) and they regenerate their wings once every 20 seconds, fly all over the place, hide behind walls, and go into hightime. Hallelujah.

Most annoying enemy:
Enigma, the evading type. They evade faster than anything else in the world – even the world’s best move Stinger cannot catch up. On top of that, each arrow that hits you damages about 2 segments of life. I’ve been annihilated in 3 seconds by three enigmas.

However, towards the end of this game mode, Enigma's reputation is taken over by Abyss in Mission 19. Abyss is the only enemy in the game that has more than 2 moves. To annoy you to the very core, they disappear into the ground once every 10 seconds, wasting precious time and disrupting your combos whenever and wherever you're doing it on the others. Stinger pushes them back but they flip back onto their feet immediately and attempt to attack you in a forward dash. As a bonus they throw projectiles at you when your hands are already tied. You can never land a single good combo on any of them without getting interrupted. Plus, the annoying sound they make stands next to Hell Vanguard. On second thoughts, the sounds ALL the enemies make are annoying.

Easiest boss:
Nevan. Even in Dante Must Die she’s highly predictable and easy to evade from.

Hardest boss:
Vergil Battle 3. Vergil pretty much makes it impossible for you to hit him more than a few pathetic times before he goes into DT and/or summons the swords that surround him so you can't hit him. Devil Trigger is even more critical than ever. It's not just something that helps you inflict more damage and reduce the damage you take. Without DT, countering and turning Vergil back into human form is madness, and pretty much the riskiest thing you can do in the game, and if you don't turn him back quick, he gain backs all the life you just took away. Worse comes to worst when all it takes is for you to get hit once before you lose 15 segments of life. Vergil in this battle is by no doubt the most aggressive and hardest boss in the game.

Most annoying boss:
Arkham. Just like in all other modes, this boss will NEVER lose when it comes to being ultimately annoying. This time, in addition to his originally annoying Legions, Arkham himself also becomes ridiculously bastardistic. During the second half of the battle, he pretty much shoots those missile-like spikes at you for about 3~4 times consecutively, and with each time, there're 3~6 spikes to avoid. In addition to that, he will swing his alien-like arm around if you get close, which means, NO GETTING ANYWHERE CLOSE to him!! I have to spend all that time avoiding his spikes, taking ridiculous damage and shooting pathetically from afar. Then when you think you can take a break his Legions appear and give you a heart attack.

Easiest mission:
Mission 1. It’s short, shortest.

Hardest mission:
Mission 14. Having to go through 3 Fallens, a bunch of Lusts, Prides and Vanguard on a tiny platform, and 4-5 sets of chessmen all in hightime? Gimme a break. I don't want to die of high blood pressure so early.



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