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Version played:
US version (All DMC3SE versions share the same difficulty)
Current mission: Mode completed

First thoughts:
Wow whoa wow, this is WAAAY easier than the US version of the original DMC3's Dante Must Die mode. Is the Japanese version of the original DMC3 this lenient?!?! And later I realize they're all the same... =_=

Vital Stars used per mission:
Err... I used none for some, and the rest where I used any I think I used half of what I used for Dante's DMD in the US version of the original DMC3, except for mission 12. Yes, Geryon Must Die.

Time taken to complete each mission:
Not sure actually. The longest one was 30 minutes, for mission 12. Okay now, tell me, by the end of reading this page, how many times do you see the word "mission 12" and "Geryon" appear.

Easiest enemy:
Hell Pride. As usual, lowest hit points.

Hardest enemy:
Soul Eater. Vergil's Summoned Swords are a little too slow to deal with them as effectively as Dante can, and the Soul Eaters tend to hit me more often than any other enemy for some reason.

Most annoying enemy:
Soul Eater. They piss me off even more than the Fallens back in those days, especially when I have to face Hell Vanguard along with them.

Easiest boss:
Nevan. All her moves are easy to dodge.

Hardest boss:
Geryon. Do I really really need to explain?

Most annoying boss:
Geryon. Who else?!!

Easiest mission:
Mission 6, same as the Normal experience.

Hardest mission:
Mission 12. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz ........................ Somebody, kill me.
Refer to the Normal Experience - Vergil.



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