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Mission 1
The beginning of it all... When I think about the first few game footage I saw on gametrailers I feel so nostalgic. Along with mission 1's cutscenes, this short mission's gameplay footage is what immediately and greatly attracted me to the game, and what eventually 'made' me buy the game... and the PlayStation 2. ^_^" Short and straight forward, I like how it's a great start to introducing players to the gameplay.

Mission 2
This is definitely another one of the most enjoyable missions in the game. A battle consisting entirely of Hell enemies, it's a great mission for people to practice combos and styles on. The one thing that annoys me is the number of annoying Hell Lusts. They should have just put in more Sloths instead. =P

Mission 3
Mission 3 was a memorable mission. Everyone remembers that strip bar, don't they? =P And that long alleyway that leads to our very first real boss battle. =) Yes, Cerberus is the boss (excluding Vergil) that left the biggest impression in me. He is a great first boss, especially one who is intimidating. Even now, this is still one of my top favorite missions in the game.

Mission 4
A couple of compulsory battles and a boss. Not all that bad, but I fear this mission on DMD mode. I still remember the trauma when I got killed by 3 enigmas in 2 seconds. NOT pleasant.

Mission 5
As many compulsory battles as mission 4, but the elevator part was annoying in DMD mode. Somehow I just can't get the enemies off the elevator, or kill them, before it got too heavy and goes back down. Oh my god, the annoyance!!

Mission 6
Not exactly a favorite, but it's pretty good for your FIRST TIME, I suppose, with the one tiny puzzle and a tough fight (or none).

Mission 7
This was my favorite mission for a while. It's long, but it's got many Hells to fight against, so it's a good time to practice, mostly apply, combos on them. Besides, this is the first mission where you fight against Vergil and for a first time, everything about this mission is total sweetness. The cutscenes before and after the Vergil battle are just so damn cool, it's impossible for anyone not to be impressed.

Mission 8
This reminds me, and I'm sure many others, much of the last few missions in DMC1. I'm almost pretty sure it's made as a sort of 'tribute' to that. It's amazing how Dante could walk about and explore inside the flying whale that ate him, and even eventually kill it, but heck, the boss battle in this mission is pretty fun, and it's easy to pwn it. XD

Mission 9
Not really a favorite mission. I'm not a fan of Arachnes since I can't/don't really know how to do fancy combos or the sort on them. I dislike the dullahans as well cos' they're just boring. There's also a lot of traveling to do here, but fighting Nevan for the first time isn't all too bad.

Mission 10
Another all right mission.

Mission 11
Not bad. Beowulf is the only boss that took only one try for me to beat, so I was really happy and surprised, cos' he looked so intimidating in the first few trailers/cutscenes that I saw. In the easier modes, dealing with Soul Eaters doesn't seem too annoying but in DMD mode, they get SOO on my nerves! So I do quite hate that corridor where they lurk. >_>

Mission 12
This mission was quite annoying for a start. I had to use a couple of vital stars just to clear the first part where your health keeps depleting. And then I have to face that damn donkey. Even now I still don't like that horse, even tho' design and idea-wise I think he's really cool. The cutscene with Vergil and Beowulf at the end is sweet too. Awesome stuff. And oh, I had the worst experience in this mission using Vergil.

Mission 13
Awesome awesome ending cutscene. It's the longest cutscene in the game, and one of the coolest as well. Great battle with Vergil too.

Mission 14
A nightmare in DMD mode. It's not as bad when using Vergil but with Dante, dealing with the Fallens is blood-boiling, not to mention all the other enemies that you have to face with after that. I will NEVER EVER want to go through that again!

Mission 15
The mission with the most traveling time. For people who like puzzles, I guess this is a fun mission, but I don't, so I don't really care. It's a cool concept with the changing rooms and stuff, but I really hate to travel over too long a distance. >_> I hate the stupid rolling blades on the ground too. I remember trying to jump over them in Heaven or Hell mode WITHOUT using Trickster (since I do not touch anything but Swordmaster back then). It was Not Heaven But Hell.

Mission 16
Quite a long mission. Once again, I hate fighting the Fallens, and I hate to climb up the rocky area and up the ceiling in the room with the Enigmas and Blood Goyles. Urgh! Oh, I think Lady as a boss is a nice idea. =)

Mission 17
The moving cubes room took me a while on my first time! I actually nearly gave up and referred to a walkthrough but I was too lazy to do that so I didn't. LOL The Doppelganger fight wasn't all that bad either, altho' I'm sad to admit that I've peeked at a bit of hints before I tried battling him myself >_>

Mission 18
Hahaha! You'll be surprised, or not, to hear that I totally skipped the chessboard battle when I first played this! I forgot why I did it but the moment I saw so many enemies, I took out a Holy Water and they all died. LOL!! Well the King was activated then, that's why I passed it in an instant, but man... That was funny. And then the place where you have to fight several bosses shocked me. I totally didn't expect there'll be a mission that expects you to fight more than 1 boss in a row. =_= Not exactly a favorite mission but still it's a cool one.

Mission 19
I actually quite like this mission even though I don't like the mirror room and the hourglass room with the Abyss. The mirror room is just stupid and the hourglass room is really hard for me in DMD mode. I really have to use at least ONE Holy Water to ever pass it. Arkham's battle is all right but not a favorite, which means I only really like the first Abyss battle. LOL

Mission 20
Aaaahhh.... The best battle of them all. I know many would argue that he's predictable after a couple plays and stuff but heck, whatver you guys say I think he's fun. XD Vergil battle 3 is the only battle in which I'd really use royalguard and although I'm no master at it it's just fun. It's all for the fun, what else? ^_^ Epic battle, epic music. Damn. What else do we need?!



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