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Version played: US version
Preferred style: Swordmaster
Preferred devil arms: Rebellion, Cerberus
Preferred fire arms: Ivory & Ebony, ---
Current mission: Mode completed

First thoughts:
Great. So I finally bought myself a Playstation 2, all for this game. Now it’s time for me to experience the fun I’ve only seen others have.

Vital Stars used per mission:
First time I play the game I sucked pretty bad but most of the missions probably didn’t take more than 1 Vital Star (L). Those I remember needing more than just a Vital Star L would be Missions 5, 7, 8, 12, 16, 18, 19 and 20.

Time taken to complete each mission:
First time I play the game I was slow, but I usually don’t save my dry runs and then replay the mission for a better rank. I don’t remember how long I spent for each mission but it took me 24 hours total, including extra training, to complete the game for the first time. Sucked.

Easiest enemy:
Damned Pawn. They’re slow and have only one form of attack, and for the most part you can easily run away from them.

Hardest enemy:
Fallen. Annoyingly, they regenerate their wings, fly all over the place, hide behind walls, and die very slowly. To make things worse, I didn't know the right way to kill these dudes so I took lots of damage.

Most annoying enemy:
Hell Vanguard. Back then they gave me nightmares cause’ I was retarded when it comes to dodging their warp attacks. They also appear every so often with other enemies which is SO annoying.

Easiest boss:
Beowulf. I somehow managed to defeat him in a single try, and he's still easy whenever.

Hardest boss:
First time I played, Vergil Battle 3. Took me 4 tries using 5 Vital Stars (L) before I finally defeated him with 2.

Most annoying boss:
Arkham. Nothing else beats his assholistic Legions.

Easiest mission:
Mission 1. It’s so short.

Hardest mission:
Mission 18. Even with the best choices, I practically have to defeat 4 bosses in 1 mission, and without dying too many times.



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