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Version played:
US version (All DMC3SE versions share the same difficulty)
Current mission: Mode completed

First thoughts:
OMFG!! I FINALLY got my hands on DMC3SE!! OMGG!!!! OMGGGGG!!!! *Dies*

Vital Stars used per mission:
None. I doubt anyone will need it if s/he has played the original DMC3 before.

Time taken to complete each mission:
Uh... depends on the mission, I suppose. It didn't take longer than uh... crap, I really don't remember. I took my own sweet time in practicing Vergil the first time through, so I might have taken 4-5 hours?

Easiest enemy:
Hell Pride. Low hit points.

Hardest enemy:
None is exceptionally hard, actually.

Most annoying enemy:
Blood Goyle. Though in this mode they still die very easily, it's still annoying when they deliberately gather near me so that I accidentally slash them.

Easiest boss:
At first, Leviathan. The strategy I've laid down for that boss pretty much makes Vergil invincible. However, now, Vergil battle 3, just cos I've played it way more times than any other bosses.

Hardest boss:
Geryon. He makes me cry.... ..... just because Vergil has no Air Hike.

Most annoying boss:
Geryon. He made me cry.

Easiest mission:
Mission 6. No Artemis = no need to clear all 3 trials = clear Trials of Wisdom and Skills only = way too easy.

Hardest mission:
Mission 12. Due to Vergil's lack of Air Hike, I practically lost my entire life (due to the Haywire Neo-Generator) and had to use a Vital Star in the gear room where I had to jump from the gear to the platform up above. For some reason Vergil's jump just isn't high enough for him to kick jump onto the platform and he has NO Air Hike to do the job easily like Dante can. I nearly threw my controller at the TV.



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