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Q1. Who is easier to use? Dante or Vergil? Why?
I say Dante. The biggest and most obvious reason, I think, is because he has Air Hike while Vergil does not. I know that in most situations Air Hike isn't a MUST to survive but it definitely will still make things a lot easier. Also, Vergil sometimes tends to go off-target, mostly when you perform the 6-hit combo with Force Edge. That has been a reason why I got unnecessarily hit for no reason a number of times.

Q2. Who do you like using more? Dante or Vergil? Why?
Hmm... I actually think both are really fun. When DMC3SE first came out, of course Vergil was the heat of the month, or even more. But after playing enough of Vergil and thinking about this question a little deeper, I guess... DAMN. I'm sorry, I must say they're equal. To be honest, I was just about to say Dante. But I continued to think deeply, and I figured that I like using Vergil just as much. The problem is with my tendency to stick to only my favorite weapons for Dante, resulting in the same personal style of gameplay for the most part, just like Vergil with the only 3 weapons he has. So even though Dante has a potentially larger variety of play style, I mainly stick with one, or two, hence being right about the same as Vergil with his 3 devil arms. And I think like most people, I have my respective Dante and Vergil phases. At one point I'll keep using Dante so much I forget about Vergil, and at another I'll use Vergil too much and forgot about Dante. When I compare those phases I think I enjoy using them just the same.

Q3. Which is your favorite style for Dante? Why?
Swordmaster. I prefer being up-close-and-personal and swordmaster's just the way to go. I'm not saying the other styles like gunslinger and doppelganger aren't up-close-and-personal but I still prefer being able to slash rather than to shoot. I have the mentality where I think that shooting hurts less than slashing, hence thinking that shooting is weaker and would naturally prefer the stronger way. I love royalguard too but that's only when I go against bosses, especially Vergil. Against common enemies, I use swordmaster 95% of the time. Since I use the same personal strategy everytime I fight bosses, it seems more fun to fight common enemies who don't require fixed strategies. So in the end, swordmaster > royalguard. =)

Q4. Which is your favorite devil arm for Dante? Why?
This is a tough one. If someone asks me this months ago, I'll not hesitate to say Rebellion immediately. But now that I've used the other weapons more often and tried out different combinations of combos, I can't say that for sure. I must say it really depends on the combination of weapons I choose. For example, I like these combinations: Rebellion + Cerberus, Agni & Rudra + Nevan, Rebellion + Nevan and Cerberus + Agni & Rudra. The one devil arm I can say I like the least is Beowulf. For some reason I just can't get to like it as much, although it's practically the only devil arm I'll use in the Vergil battles. I like Nevan and Agni& Rudra but I can't use them very well, so I suppose it narrows down to Cerberus and Rebellion. Rebellion is the standard weapon (Alastor is Rebellion-like) Dante uses in all the 3 DMC games, so it's natural that we get most accustomed to it and find it the easiest and most effecient to use. As much as I'd love to nominate Cerberus for this, I think in the end Rebellion still is the weapon that has 3 of the most important moves to me - Hightime, Helm Breaker and Stinger. So, I guess the conclusion is that... Rebellion will still have to be the one O_o...

Q5. Which is your favorite fire arm for Dante? Why?
Ebony & Ivory. I must say I rarely use any of the rest. I rarely ever use the gunslinger style so guns like Artemis and Spiral mean nothing to me. I use Kalina Ann in the harder modes but usually I stick with Ebony & Ivory + Shotgun, but I prefer the handguns between the two. As for why, I like shooting fast. Although it can be tiring sometimes, it's fun. When I shoot I abuse it like hell =P And then, the handguns don't blow enemies away, which makes it perfect to use for air combos, which is typical, but still fun. =) Also, shooting it can keep you in the air, which is useful for strategic purposes. So there, pretty self explanatory =)

Q6. Which is your favorite devil arm for Vergil? Why?
Another tough one. Cos' really, all of Vergil's devil arms rock!! I like all 3 weapons the same for their respective moves, but if I really have to choose one, I think I'll go for Yamato. Yamato is just way too slick and wicked. I don't think you'll find anyone who says otherwise. =P It may be slow for a start when you're not used to it, but once that is overcome, Yamato is just deadly. It has few moves, just like the other devil arms, but those few moves rock. Of course, I must say it will feel quite ineffecient to be using Yamato alone without Force Edge or Beowulf's combination since there is not really any way to use Yamato only to perfection. But seriously, both Force Edge and Beowulf rock just the same O_o I really thought hard about this and I think all 3 are just equally kick ass!

Q7. Which is your top favorite move for Dante? Why?
Man, it's so hard to pick the TOP favorite. Dante has many moves that are really useful, some of the top being Stinger, Hightime, Helm Breaker (the 3 usual), Killer Bee, Satellite, Sword Dance and Reverb Shock. Most of these moves are based on their practicality. Naturally, I use Stinger and Hightime the very most cause of their ability to cover a great distance quickly and to throw enemies up in the air. I love air combos more than anything, so Hightime is a definite must, especially when dealing with Hells like Pride, Lust, Sloth and Gluttony. I would have loved to vote for Feedback and Crazyroll (Nevan's swordmaster moves) but I realize the importance of Hightime and how much I rely on it. Therefore, the verdict comes to Hightime. =)

Q8. Which is your top favorite move for Vergil? Why?
Since I already voted for Hightime under Dante, I won't vote for it again since it'll be meaningless. With Vergil, I know exactly which moves are my bestest favorite, and I bet it's probably the same for most of you out there. Aerial Rave and Starfall. Now, the problem is to decide which of the two I prioritize. I depend on both moves a lot. Not only are they reliable, they're also the 2 strongest moves. Performing rebounds for both moves are also really fun. So, so far I would say they're equal. BUT, when I think about which I feel happier about between Rave and Starfall rebounds, my answer comes to Aerial Rave. Although I can't do it properly and successfully all the time, it feels really nice to be able to do it when I'm successful. For that, my favoritism for Aerial Rave is an inch higher than Starfall. However, I think that the move that pwns all, really, is Spiral Swords. =P Just think about how much that move pwns/pwned you in Dante Must Die mode Mission 20. XP

Q9. Which is stronger? Dante or Vergil? Why?
Gameplay-wise, I say Vergil. Everyone has to admit, Vergil's attacks are way higher in damage, especially Starfall. That move inflicts damage like no other, it's almost ridiculous. Other crazy-damage moves are Aerial Rave and Judgement Cut. Dante certainly has a lot more moves but none of them damage as much as Vergil's attacks. Dante's Killer Bee is probably his strongest move, but Vergil's version of Killer Bee - Starfall, is at least 1.5 times stronger since you can upgrade it to level 2. Vergil's only projectile weapon, Summoned Swords, are also highly damaging as compared to most of Dante's guns, and you can even shoot it anytime!



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