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I have selected 10 different moments from the convention that is on tape and it's now up to you to decide which ones are the funniest. =)


Top 10 selected moments

Admiring the Characters

The question asked was "What do you like or dislike about your characters?" As they thought about the answer, Dan turned around to look at the banners behind and Johnny and Reuben followed...

Giving Birth

Aaah.... the all-famous/notorious Cerberus joke that Dan cracked near the end of the guest focus/panel...

Bla Bla Bla...

Reuben was reminding Dan of the scene where Vergil says "Might controls everything." and... it seemed that Dan couldn't remember...

Pass It On

The question asked was "If you could be a character in any other video game, what character would you be?" Such a straightforward question, yet...

Fart Stories

Who knew that fart stories could be so entertaining...?

Finger Injury

A story of how Dan once injured himself.

Knee Injury

A story of how Johnny once injured himself.

Charlie's Angels

More like... Charlie's Devils...?


How less great could you feel knowing that you're responsible for making Vergil the hot AND cool guy he is?

Closing Ceremony

There're as many as 5~6 funny bits in here, so make sure to check them all out.

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