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This short press only photo shoot was right before the interview. All that happened was that the three guests stood on stage and posed for pictures, but you should definitely check it out since they got really playful… =D

Photos by Anime Photos:

Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot

Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot

Photos by CaT:

Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot

Footage by David:

YouTube - The Trio Devils' Photoshoot

The press only interview was held at around 3pm on the last day of the convention. As the name says, only staff and press people were allowed to participate in this event.

Surprisingly, I was the only press who had questions; the others were just there to watch or take footage/pictures. The schedule was tight and I was told that I was given only about 15 minutes for this, so I could only ask a few questions.

Once again, my cameraman David (J-Unit) helped me shoot this footage but he didn't have a tripod so everything was handheld. Also, unfortunately, the best spot to shoot the video from was taken by another person and David said that this was the best that he could get.

Note: The guests did not use a mic so the sound was really soft and I had to bump it up in the editing, which resulted in the loudest parts getting real loud.

YouTube - Press Only Interview

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