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   Funniest Caption Contest

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This fanart contest has ENDED on the 26th of March 2009.

Once again it's time for a contest, and this time it won't be restricted to those who can draw. :D However, there are a few points that you will have to keep in mind regarding what you can and cannot use/do for this contest:

  1. Resources
    Only images from official non-fan-made DMC mediums may be used. Some examples include:
    • Screenshots of cutscenes (DMC1-4)
    • Screenshots of gameplay (DMC1-4)
    • Screenshots of the anime
    • Screenshots of trailers (including those that are scraped)
    • Game + guide covers + promo art + official concept art
    • Manga (by Chayamachi) / Dreamwave comic scans
    • Illustrations from the novels
    • Pictures of all characters' voice/motion capture actors

  2. Crossovers
    You may use and combine images from other games as long as DMC is included.

  3. Composition/Format
    There is no limit to the number of images that you may use to compose your image, but turning it into a comic format (with panels) is not allowed. Your image should only involve ONE scene/panel.

  4. Image alternation
    You are free to edit the images you use however way you please (e.g. changing their facial expressions, adding items to their body) but do keep in mind that the less alterations you make, the more authentically funnier your caption truly is.
  5. Image dimensions
    It is recommended that your image be horizontally long and widescreen instead of vertically tall. (e.g. 1000x600 = good, 500x1000 = bad) This is to make sure that the winning entry can fit into the framed image above.

  1. Anyone and everyone can join this contest, and you are free to submit as many entries as you’d like.
  2. Save your entry in the format of only JPG, GIF or PNG.
  3. Submit your entry. Remember to include your name.

    Subject title – Funny Caption Contest Submission

Starting date: 26 December 2008

Ending date: 26 March 2009

Just like the previous contests, voting will be held only in the forum to avoid cheating. The voting period last from the 29 Feb - 11 March 2009.

Voters will have to write down their top 3 favorite in order.

1st best receives 3 points
2nd best
receives 2 points
3rd best
receives 1 point

At the end of the voting period, the total points will be calculated and the top 3 highest will be the winners.

To vote, please visit this thread in the forum.

This time, all that I can think of is to post the winning entry on Devil's Lair's main page (just like the framed image above) Other passive prizes include:

  1. Joy ^_^
  2. Compliments ^o^
  3. Self-satisfaction *_*
  4. Bragging rights *o*

Ultimately, I hope that everyone will have a good time with the contest. After all, it's best to end the year with a smile on your face. ^__^

Contest Dates

Starts: 26 December 2008

Ends: 26 March 2009

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