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All fanfiction in this section are created by and belong to their respective creators..

Since this is only text, I will allow ALL types and genres of fanfics to be posted, including hentai/porn/yuri/yaoi. Because of this, it is required that you include the below information in your email:

  1. Genre/Type:
    State all the genres/types that apply to your fanfic.

    Example: Action/Drama/Romance/Comedy/Crossover/Hentai/...etc
  2. Short description: (2-3 lines)
    Write a 2-3 line description on what the fanfic is generally about.

    Example: "Lady started working together with Dante, but she was one day kidnapped by an unknown man."

: It is possible for you to send your fanfic in chapters but I would prefer for it to be already completed.  

Email me a word document, html file or a rich-formatted email of your fanfic for me to post your contributions up.

My Email:
Note: Insert subject title as "DMC fanfic contribution "

Maro Email
My First Royalguard — Action Rate it
Dante is fustrated from always losing to his brother Vergil. So, he decides to follow their mother's advice and use a more patient tactic, making Vergil do the first move for once.
My Summoning — Action Rate it
Sequel to "My First Royalguard ". Vergil journeys with his father to a ceremonial cathedral to learn an essencial technique. Gaining the techique, however, will not be as easy as he thinks it will be. Once again, underestimating his enemy as he did with Dante could prove disasterous.
Borat May Cry — Comedy Rate it
Borat, at the height of his journalistic career, decides to interview the Sparda twins and Lady because of their rumored occupations. Hilarity ensues.

Zipp Dementia Email
A Sloth's Existence — No genre Rate it
See the world of Devil May Cry from a different perspective and get quite a different take on the life of a demon.

RoseDincht Email
Threefold — Romance/Humor/Crossover/Mystery
Prologue | Chp 1 | Chp 2 | Chp 3 | Chp 4
Rate it
Based on an online RPG I'm in on Vergil Sparda and
Tifa Lockheart have children, Sparda and Eva move in witht hem, and Dante gets a girlfriend. This is the life of the Sparda family in the real world

dwarfkicker Email
Chronicles of Legend — Action Rate it
This story focuses on two major events in Sparda's life. It opens with the conclusion of the great war 2000 years ago, and closes with Sparda's tragic death 2000 years later.
Dante's Awakening: Another Side, Another Story — Action Rate it
This short story focuses on Vergil's side of the story as well and covers his transformation into Nero Angelo.
Heart of Darkness — Action Rate it
Dante is hired to quarentine and area. The hunter discovers that his job was a front to further a rogue military group's experiments.
Resurrection of Evil — Action Rate it
Mundus power has returned to him and he's once again trying to open a portal into the human world. The only thing standing in his way is the remaining son of Sparda.
Chaos Unleashed — Action Rate it
This is basically DMC2 with a story that it desperately needed. If only DMC2 were like this.
Of Light and Darkness — Action Rate it
Dante travels to Vatican City to deal with a demonic outbreak. He ends up clashing with demons but they aren't his only problem. The Vatican wants all devils wiped out, even the half-breeds...
Emperor of the Night — Action Rate it
Dante teams up with his old buddy Enzo to take on Dracula and his sinister plans to bring an everlasting darkness to the world...
Cold Vengeance — Action Rate it
Dante's leading ladies, Trish and Lucia were sent on an assignment. They never came back so Dante goes in to investigate. Dante ends up captured along with his employees, though this was all a ploy just to clear the board of all threats. Mundus wants Vergil back, and his dark warlock Janos is out to bring Vergil back to the dark side. Though there is more than just Mundus trying to manipulate the strings here.

Lotus Email
My Business is Killing and Business is Good
— Action/Drama/Romance
Chp 1
Rate it
Original character Eden decides to have a couple of drinks at a local bar and runs into a very interesting man. 

TMB Email

First Encounters — Action/CrossOver

Rate it
Set nearly a year before the events in the manga "Code1: Dante", the young son of Sparda finds himself allied with Agent Bloodrayne of the Brimstone Society, in an attempt to stop Kain the oldest and strongest of all vampires. He desires to regain his power and rule again over the humans.

New Rule — Action

Rate it
The events in this fanfic take place immediately after Mundus the Dark King is sent back to hell in Devil May Cry 1. Just what happended to the fallen king after being defeated by Dante?

Rob Myers Email
Cry, Silent Hill —Action/Horror/Suspense/Crossover
Chp 1 | Chp 2 | Chp 3 | Chp 4
Rate it
The nightmarish town of Silent Hill may have bitten off more than even it can chew when cocky devil hunters Dante and Lady pay a visit. Crossover with the movie.
Devil May Ring —Suspense/Horror/Crossover Rate it
A mysterious video tape brings chaos, destruction and unspeakable atrocity to the "Devil May Cry" agency.

Tomo Email
Sisterhood — Humor/Romance/Adventure
Chp 1
Rate it
Lucia finding out that there where two defects like her, so she goes and looks for them, her sisters.

Zaxel Email
Nero's Question and Dante's Answer —Romance/Shonen-ai Rate it
Nero questions the meaning of Dante's shop. But aside from proving that devils can cry, Dante also decides to prove that devils can love as well.

Duff Email
Legacies — Action/Romance
Chp 1 | Chp 2 | Chp 3
Rate it
Takes place after the events of DMC 4, Dante looks up another half-demon with a connection to his father and brings him in on a job.

Trickster600 Email
Sparda's Revolution —Action/Drama
Chp 1
Rate it
Sparda's story from the war between humans and demons to the fall of Mundus.

Anna Giorgobiani Email
Diary — Drama
Chp 1 | Chp 2 | Chp 3 | Chp 4
Rate it
The Fan Fiction contains 4 chapters (diaries). They tell the story about how Sparda Family was destroyed. The time when Sparda was killed. Each chapter is written by 4 different person: Sparda, Eva, Dante and Vergil. They tell about this incident with their point of view. 

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