Eva's Diary  //  By: Anna Giorgobiani

Chapter 2
- From Eva’s Diaries.

It was my last day, alive. Then I turned into a zombie, an emotionless, indifferent person.... I don’t know whom I turned into? But I was not living anymore. Since the day, I last saw Sparda, happiness left me. I was hollow inside. I have never felt so alone.

Do I remember it? Of course, I do. It never drops out of my memory.

It was a normal day. Kids loud games were creating the background noise. I was cleaning the house. It was really untidy and dirty. Thanks to Dante and Vergil, I had lots of housework to do everyday. I always managed to keep everything neat and sparkling clean, before Sparda returned home.

I loved it when he entered the house and gave us congenial, loving expression. Everyday I missed him terribly, even though he was just away for hours. As he came in, I used to run and hug him close to my heart. Every time I did it, I felt indescribable peace in me. I loved it that he liked to look into my eyes. I felt so much love from him, so much warmth. He was taller than me, and he had to bend down a little bit to kiss me and I loved it. I loved everything he did, everything he said, every time he smiled, laughed, frowned, felt down, sneezed, made a fool of himself. I adored him. I felt so much love towards him, that sometimes my heart hurt, because I was the happiest person on the whole earth, in the whole universe and I was afraid to lose that happiness. I often thought that I loved him even when I didn’t know him. He was the one that was popping into my dreams, when I was a little girl. He was my lifelong fantasy.

That day, he entered home with inscrutable, brooding expression. He was worrying about something. He did not eat his dinner. Something was wrong. I felt some danger, something bad, hostile. I started to worry too. I was looking at him enquiringly, as he was sitting in his armchair and thinking long and hard. I did not say anything. I did not want to interfere in his thoughts. He used to do that sometimes - He liked to think a lot and he did not like when somebody was breaking into and not letting him think.

So I was sitting quiet, looking at him and waiting what he would say. Danny and Vergy were playing in the living room, running around. Suddenly Sparda stood up, grasped the kids and ran towards me. He told me to take kids and go far away, somewhere safe. That moment my heart started hammering so loud that I not only felt but also heard it. It was beating together with the noise of heavy footsteps, approaching us. Sparda hugged the kids and kissed me deeply. I felt it was the kiss of farewell. I felt I was losing him.
- I love you – it was the last words I heard from him. I felt a lump in my throat and bitter tears, springing into my eyes. I could not say anything.

He pushed us back and locked the door. The slam of the door was followed by the horrible noises from the room, he was in. My heart was slowly breaking into pieces. My mind was in a turmoil. I was standing still. But then I felt the cold hands of my little babies. I looked at them and saw tiny, frightened faces. Their wide blue eyes were full of questions, seeking hope in me.
I summoned up inner strength, held them tight on their hands and ran to their bedroom. Their room had a huge window, from where it was easy to get out from the house. I left them there for a couple of seconds and ran to my bedroom to take the most necessary things(passports, wallets, notebook of telephones, some medicines that I came across, etc...). I threw them all into my bag. Unexpectedly I heard the living room door, breaking down. I dashed towards Dante’s and Vergil’s bedroom. On the way, I bumped into Vergil. He was not in the bedroom. What was he doing? He came out and was planning to go somewhere. I clasped him and then Dante and we left the house.

Jumping out from the window, I left Sparda behind me; I left my life behind me, I left my heart, my soul.


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© 2008 Anna Giorgobiani