Dante's Diary  //  By: Anna Giorgobiani

Chapter 3
- From Dante’s Diaries.

I was little frivolous kid when that happened. Young and restless :) The world seemed different by that time, joyous, airy, colorful, resplendent. But then everything turned gloomy and black...obscure. I started to see the dark side of everything... the darkest side of everything. I used to notice some vague things when I even was a kid, but after that, this turned into everyday habit.

Eva was cooking in the kitchen. Delectable smell of roast turkey was emanating through the narrow, kitchen window. I love her dishes. She is an excellent cook.

Sparda was not at home. He worked every weekday and Vergil and me always took advantage of it. We used to sneak into his storeroom and snoop around. He had genuine antiques, some strange mementos, lots of aesthetic swords. Entering his room, we were embarking on exciting adventures.

I remember Vergy and me started playing hide and seek. He was seeking, I was hiding and I hid behind a huge wardrobe in parents bedroom. I remember it very well, because it was the first time I felt an extremely unpleasant aura.

The open window was swinging from side to side, gently, slowly, letting out high-pitched squeak. Cool breeze was ruffling willow leaves outside. Evening darkness was smoothly sliding inside. Cold moonlight was falling on the windowsill. I heard some unclear voices. That strange aura around the window was pulling me. I stepped forward...towards it. I stood on tiptoe and peered out. Dark, scary nimbus was covering the stars and subduing moonlight. Suddenly wind howled and raindrops lashed against the window pane. The shades on the grass outside were moving rhythmically upwards to the window, to me. I got perplexed, scared. I moved backwards, as I saw shades slipping inside. All of the shades ascended to the ceiling, into the chandelier and lights went out. As I let out shallow breath, I felt a touch on my shoulder and hushed whispers in my ear. I frantically bolted out of the room.

As I went out, I saw Sparda, entering the house. I, together with Vergil, jumped for joy, when we saw him. He was serious and solemn. Something was bothering him.

He was sitting bolt upright in his dark red, upholstered armchair, which had beech and walnut frame. I had already forgotten about that creepy auras and was playing Pirates with Vergil in the living room. Suddenly Sparda brought us hastily to Eva and hugged us as if he was saying goodbye forever. Vergil and me, both got frightened. We heard something atrocious approaching.

I don’t remember exactly what was happening and what happened. I was left alone in bedroom and was waiting for my brother and mother...and father.

I saw some figures, coming near. It was only Eva with Vergil. She was weeping quietly, inconsolably. I will never forget Eva’s pale, darkened, utterly devastated face and Vergil’s frozen, dazed expression. What happened?
Terrible pain was choking me. Where is my father?


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