Vergil's Diary  //  By: Anna Giorgobiani

Chapter 4
- From Vergil’s Diaries.

I don’t remember the exact date, nor the exact day, nor time. It was evening. Yes, evening. No, first it was midday. No. The day started with morning, then it was afternoon, then it was midday. Dante and me were playing as always. We used to be so close to each other by that time............. To tell you the truth, I don’t like writing diaries. I don’t like to share my feelings to anybody, even to a sheet of paper. But I don’t know why I decided to write about this day. I feel like I have to put it in records. Because it did not look like the other days. It was all different. It was unusual.

Mother was doing housewife duties. She was cooking, cleaning, tiding. She loved to do housework so much. She was doing it with all of her heart, everything. :) But she changed so much since that day. Everybody changed. Dante changed as well. Me? I don’t know. Maybe I changed too. Life changed.

I remember it well when I was playing hide and seek with Dante. I was it, so I had to find him. He hid in the bedroom of our parents. I did not know he was there...I was such a horrible seeker. I was really bad at kids games. But I was much better in logical, puzzle games. I used to play chess with father. And sometimes I used to win. But I think he let me win. I don’t think I would have been able to defeat him. To my mind, he was the cleverest, wisest person on the whole earth. He was my hero. No. He IS my hero and will be. :)

Some minutes later, when I was walking in the corridor, I bumped into Dante. He was all white as a sheet and panting from anxiety. Something had happened. I asked him what was wrong, but he did not answer. He used to feel that way sometimes. I often saw him with wide open eyes, but he never told me anything. I felt that he was hiding something from me.

Then our father entered the house. Dante and me squealed with joy and ran to hug him. But Eva was the first one to embrace him. Then we jumped and hugged them both. Sparda nearly fell down. It was so funny. :) But Sparda did not find it funny. He did not smile, nor greet us happily. Eva noticed it too, that something was bothering him. They both went to the kitchen, talking about something. Eva was asking him what was wrong, but he just said  - nothing.

I was little at that time and I did not pay too much attention at Sparda’s mood. I thought he was just lost in thoughts, like he used to be very often. Dante and me started playing again. This time we were pirates on a journey with a quest for the lost treasure. But suddenly the atmosphere got strained. Sparda grabbed us all of a sudden and brought us to Eva. It all happened so fast that I did not manage to realize what was going on. I could not think, I was dumbstruck. I saw Sparda hugging us and kissing Eva as if he was saying goodbye for the last time. I got frightened. And I could feel that Dante got frightened too. But I got confronted with real fear when I caught a fleeting glimpse of the things. Terrible things...awful, ugly things...things that I only saw in nightmares.

But my vision got blocked when Sparda closed the door in front of us. The noise, that was coming from that room, was unbearable. Eva did not let us think. She abruptly took us to our bedroom and left us there for a minute. I don’t remember exactly what she said.  She could hardly talk. Her voice was shaking and her eyes were moist. She was about to burst into tears, but she was keeping herself under control. As soon as she was gone, I looked at Dante. He was frozen, standing still with blank expression. I did not say anything; I just left the bedroom and walked slowly to the living room. The noises were getting louder and louder. Suddenly the door smashed open and I startled. I have never felt so scared, but soon all of the emotions were gone. They just disappeared somewhere. I felt like an android.

Those things were moving toward me, approaching me slowly. Maybe not slowly, but at that moment, everything seemed slow. I felt as if the earth was turning slowly. Behind them, I saw a familiar face. But it was not familiar face anymore. It was completely different. He was lying down on the floor, all covered in blood. I saw this. I saw his stiff, lifeless body. His body...I did not see him. I just saw his body...He was dead. He was dead...he was.....dead.....

Everything changed since that day. I have not cried. I think I have never cried. I feel so weird. I feel as if I can not feel...anything... - nothing.


—The End—

© 2008 Anna Giorgobiani