Dante's Awakening: Another Side, Another Story  //  By: dwarfkicker

Cutscene script

Prologue Script

The scene opens in a massive library.  Vergil is at a bookshelf, paging through a thick tome.  Arkham walks from around the corner and approaches the son of Sparda.

Arkham: So, you’re looking for the book of ancient legends, the tale of the demon warrior, Sparda?

Vergil: That’s not what I’m looking for.

Vergil shuts the book and slides it back into place.

Vergil: Leave me!

Arkham continues to advance toward Vergil.

Arkham: Then what are you looking for?

Arkham looks around and then continues to move forward.

Arkham: A demon who impregnates a woman, who then bears twin sons.  That’s the story, isn’t it?

Vergil draws Yamato and thrusts it out at his side, pointing it directly at Arkham’s face.

Vergil: Leave me.  I won’t tell you a third time.

Arkham looks over the blade.  He caresses the blade with his hand.

Arkham: People inherently fear evil.  However…

Arkham slides his thumb along the sharp edge slicing his flesh open in the process.  Blood trickles onto the ground.

Arkham: …occasionally, a person may become seduced by evil.

Vergil turns his head, finally acknowledging Arkham.  A sinister look is in the half-breeds eyes.  He pulls his sword away from Arkham and sheaths it.

Vergil: What are you getting at?

Arkham pulls a book from the shelves and puts it to his chest.

Arkham:  Share with me.  The story of Sparda…

Vergil turns and walks off.  Arkham smiles sinisterly.  The scar on the side of his face begins to pulsate.

Pre Mission 1 Script

The scene opens up deep underground.  Vergil and Arkham stand outside of the main entrance to Temen ni Gru.

Arkham: A year ago, when we met in the library.  I knew that it was the right decision to ally myself with you.  Our efforts have truly paid off and we are finally where we need to be.

Vergil: Hmph.

Arkham: The activation method is as I described before.

Arkham turns his head toward Vergil.

Arkham: It should be a simple matter for you.

Arkham turns around.

Arkham: I will go to his place.  I believe I know where the item we seek is located.

Arkham walks off and disappears into the darkness.

Arkham: You should dispose of any obstacles quickly.

Vergil turns to face Arkham.  Abysses begin to materialize around Vergil.  They move on him and attack.  Vergil bats their attacks away with his sheathed Yamato.  An Abyss leaps at him.  Vergil grasps the hilt of his sword.  As Vergil draws his blade, only a flash of silver is visible from his quick slash.  The Abyss splits up the middle and falls in half.  Vergil spins around with his sword, splitting the remaining Abysses in half across their waists.  Vergil sheaths his sword as more of those demons materialize.  They rush him.  Vergil bats attacks away while dodging others.  He trips one demon’s legs out with his sheathed sword.  Drawing his blade he splits the monster in half.  An Abyss rushes Vergil only to have its face and chest sliced open.  Vergil spins around with a low kick that flips an Abyss off its feet.  Spinning from the kick, Vergil splits the demon in half with his Yamato.  He lunges forward and slices another demon’s stomach open.  The slayer blocks an oncoming attack with his blade and with the flat side of his sword takes the creature off its legs.  As the demon flips backward, Vergil sheaths his sword.  With lightning quick speed he draws Yamato and not only splits the falling demon in half, but the one coming up behind it as well.  Blood erupts from the two bodies and douses Vergil.  Vergil’s hair mats down (wet look).  More Abysses materialize behind Vergil.  He turns around to face them.  Without a moments hesitation he rushes through them.  Flashes of silver appear all around the demons.  Vergil slides past the last couple of enemies with a wide slash.  The Abysses all fall apart.  Vergil puts his sword sheath behind his back and slides his blade back into place.  The slayer runs his hand through his wet hair and slicks it back.

Vergil: Hmph.

Vergil walks up to the steps and stops before the doors leading into the tower.

Vergil: It begins.

Pre Boss Script

As Vergil walks through the large chamber two Hell Vanguards materialize out of shadows.  They twirl their scythes about as they mock the half-breed with their high pitched laughter.  Vergil stares them down with cold, merciless eyes.

Vergil: How amusing.

Vergil slides his thumb up, partially ejecting the Yamato from its sheath.

Post Mission 1 Script

The Hell Vanguards materialize into shadows and move around the room attempting to instill fear into Vergil.  Vergil slides his blade into its sheath and then ties it to his hip.  The twisted laughter of the Vanguards echoes throughout the chamber.  One of them materializes before Vergil and swings its scythe downward aiming to burry its blade in Vergil’s head.  Vergil’s left hand shoots up and grabs the pole, keeping the scythe from moving any further.  With his free hand he draws Yamato and splits the demon in half across the waist.  The Vanguard dissolves into a pile of sand.  The other beast rushes Vergil from behind.  The slayer turns around to face it and then turns sideways to avoid the Vanguard’s downward strike.  Before the demon’s attack motion even finishes, Vergil shoves his blade upward through its head.  Vergil gives the blade a twist causing the monster to dissolve into a pile of sand.  He gives his blade a twirl and then sheaths it.

Vergil: Child’s play.

Pre Mission 2 Script

Vergil walks down a long hallway.

Jester: Yoo-hoo!

Vergil turns his head to the side.  Looking over his shoulder he sees a demonic clown laughing and waving at him.  Jester moonwalks over to Vergil.  Vergil turns around to face the demon.

Jester: My eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, are they?  You’re really here, right?

Jester pats Vergil’s chest and face.

Jester: A real flesh and blood visitor?  This is amazing!

Vergil grits his teeth and grabs hold of the clown’s neck.

Vergil: I will not stain my blade with the blood of a pathetic weakling.  Be gone!

Vergil throws Jester backward.  The clown lands on his ass.  The slayer turns around to leave only to see Jester standing before him.  A wide grin appears on the clown’s face.

Jester: Please wait kind sir.  It’s been so long since anyone has entered this fun house.

Jester dances around in a circle as he twirls his baton.

Jester: Allow me to entertain you.

He stops and taps Vergil on the nose with it.  In one swift motion, Vergil draws his sword and sweeps it across horizontally.  Vergil cuts only the air.  Jester is standing a few feet away on the side of a wall.  The clown wears a mischievous grin.

Jester: My, you’re pretty fast.  But as you’ve probably come to realize, so am I.

Vergil sheaths his blade and gets into a ready stance, preparing to unleash a judgement cut. 

Jester: Preparing for the quick kill I see.  I would expect nothing less from a son of Sparda.

A curious look appears on Vergil’s face as Jester’s grin widens.  The slayer’s eyes narrow.

Jester: This is going to be hilarious.

Jester holds out his free hand.

Jester: It’s fun time!

Vergil grips the hilt of his sword intending to draw it but he is engulfed in a stream of light and vanishes.  He appears in a strange closed off room.  Light emits out of the center of the platform he’s standing on.  Jester rises out of the light.  He bows before Vergil.  Staying in his bowed position he raises his head.  The clown’s voice takes on a sinister tone.

Jester: Welcome to hell…

Post Boss Script

Jester is bent over fanning himself with his baton.

Jester: Phew, you nearly diced me into confetti there.

Jester slashes his chest with his fingers.  He begins screaming as if in great pain as confetti shoots out of the apparent wound.  The confetti covers Vergil.  Jester continues screaming but suddenly bursts into hysterical laughter.

Jester: If only you could see yourself right now.

Jester laughs harder.

Jester: You are absolutely, positively ridiculous looking.

Vergil’s face reveals disgust. 

Vergil: Die!

Vergil lunges through Jester with a multi-slash.  The flashes of silver appear to rip through the clown, but Jester fades away.

Jester: Let’s not be so hasty devil boy.  I wish to have more fun later on.

Phantom Swords materialize behind Vergil and fly towards Jester.  Jester, with his super speed slides out of the way of each one.  Vergil grits his teeth and grips the handle of his sword.  Jester smacks his ass a couple of times taunting Vergil.  The slayer prepares his judgement cut but is engulfed in a stream of light and vanishes.  Vergil reappears in the hallway.  Vergil looks around.

Vergil: Clowns...

Vergil begins to move forward.

Post Mission 2 Script

The city streets rumble.  Cars are thrown and buildings break apart as a massive tower (Temen ni Gru) shoots out of the ground and climbs to the heavens.  Vergil stands at the edge of the peak looking out at the city far, far below.  Back on the ground, Dante steps into view.

Dante: It’s been nearly a year since we last met.  Where does the time go?

Vergil notices Dante.  The Hell Vanguard that Dante was engaged in battle with, leaps past the hunter.  Dante draws Ivory and targets the beast.  But the demon keeps gliding from rooftop to rooftop.  The Vanguard’s laughter echoes throughout the streets.  Dante gives his gun a twirl before holstering it.  He heads for the tower.

Dante: No doubt you’ve got some fun planned for me, right Vergil?!

Vergil continues to watch Dante advance when he hears footsteps behind him.

Vergil: Arkham.

Arkham continues to advance from behind.

Arkham: Well?  Doesn’t it excite you?  The Temen ni Gru has revived, the great one who once ruled this earth as the medium between the Human World and the Demon World.  Isn’t it a magnificent view?

Arkham stands beside Vergil.

Arkham: The greatest minds of their time, those who revered evil, constructed this glorious edifice.

Arkham holds his arms out.

Arkham: Now, after two millenniums of confinement, it can at last fulfill the purpose for which it was intended…

Vergil: That’s none of my concern.

Arkham walks toward one of the pillars and rests against it.

Vergil: Did he have it?

Arkham: Of course.  He’s taking good care of it.

Vergil clutches his amulet and looks down at it.

Arkham: After all, it is the only memento left from the mother you both lost.

Vergil: But he has no idea of its true power.

Vergil releases his amulet as the Hell Vanguard leaps up before him.  The slayer turns his back on the demon and begins to walk away from it.  Arkham watches as the Vanguard pursues him.  Vergil stands his ground, but chooses to not turn around and face the uninvited guest.  Vergil draws his sword and twirls it about.  Thrusting it backward he impales the demon.  The Vanguard ceases its horrific moaning.  Vergil pulls his Yamato out of the creature and slides it back into its sheath.  Locking the blade in place, the Vanguard splits apart and falls from the tower.  Vergil continues to walk away.  Arkham watches as the demon’s parts bounce off the sides of the tower and plummet to the ruined streets below.   Below, Lady pulls up on her motorcycle.

Lady: I’ve found it.

Hell Prides advance on Lady’s position from behind.  Lady revs her bike, causing fire to shoot out from her dual exhaust.  The flames engulf and burn the Prides to a crisp as Lady rides off.

Pre Mission 3 Script

Night has fallen.  Vergil stands on the edge of the balcony as Arkham sits against a pillar, paging through his book of dark secrets.

Vergil: Looks like we have an uninvited guest.

Arkham continues to page through his tome.

Arkham: Is that so?

Vergil: A human, a woman.

Arkham closes his book.

Arkham: I’m afraid I should ask the uninvited one to leave.

Arkham rises to his feet.

Arkham: That is what you want.

Arkham smirks at the situation.

Arkham: Actually, I happen to be acquainted with that woman.

Vergil turns his head slightly to regard Arkham.  Arkham heads off.  The scar on the side of his face begins to pulsate.

Arkham: A storm is approaching.

The scene fades to black, and then reopens with a flash of lighting and a crash of thunder.  The rain comes down hard as Dante walks up the steps to the peak of the tower.  Vergil turns his head to regard his brother.

Vergil: You showed up.

Dante draws Ivory and gives it a twirl as Vergil turns around to face his brother.

Dante: You sure know how to throw a party.  No food, no drinks, and the only babe just left.

Vergil smirks slightly.

Vergil: My sincerest apology, brother.  I was so eager to see you I couldn’t concentrate on preparations for the bash.

Dante paces a bit shaking his head.

Dante: Whatever.  At any rate, it’s been a whole year since we last met.  How about a kiss from your little brother?

Dante points Ivory at Vergil.

Dante: Or better yet, how about a kiss from this.

Lighting flashes as thunder booms overhead.

Dante: So this is what they call a heart warming family reunion, eh?

Vergil: You got that right.

Vergil slides his thumb up, partially ejecting the Yamato from its sheath.

Post Mission 3 Script

Vergil and Dante stand apart both breathing heavily from their vicious battle.  Vergil’s hair is matted down from the rain.  Dante rushes Vergil and swings upward.  Vergil attempts to block the strike but is knocked off balance.  Dante swings downward, keeping Vergil at bay.  The hunter twirls Rebellion about and then thrusts it forward.  Vergil smacks it away with his blade.  Releasing Yamato, Vergil grasps the falling sword in a reverse grip and slams the butt of the hilt into his brother’s gut.  The force of the blow causes Dante to fly backward.  But before Dante flies beyond reach he whips his sword across.  Vergil deflects the blow with his blade.  Dante slams against a pillar and bounces off.  He draws Ebony and opens fire.  Vergil twirls his sword about, catching all of Dante’s bullets in its wake.  Sliding the tip of Yamato across the ground, Vergil lines up Dante’s ammo and then slaps it back at him.  Dante swings his sword downward, splitting the bullets in half. 

Vergil: Why do you refuse to gain power; the power of our father, Sparda?

Dante uses Rebellion for support as he rises to his feet.

Dante: Father? I don’t have a father. 

Dante lets out a low laugh.

Dante: I just don’t like you, that’s all.

Dante rushes Vergil.  The twins lock swords and stare each other down with hate filled eyes.  Vergil thrusts upward, sending Dante’s sword spiraling into the air.  Dante watches as Rebellion leaves his hands.  Vergil impales Dante through the stomach as Rebellion strikes the ground.

Vergil: Foolishness, Dante.  Foolishness…

Vergil slides the blade further through Dante.

Vergil: Might controls everything.  And without strength, you cannot protect anything.

Vergil puts his hand on his brother’s shoulder.

Vergil: Let alone yourself.

Vergil pushes Dante off his blade.  The devil hunter falls backward.  As Dante falls, Vergil reaches out and rips Dante’s amulet from his neck.  Dante reaches out to grab Vergil.  With a swipe of Yamato, Dante’s lower arm is sliced away.  Dante falls sprawled out on the ground.  Vergil stares at the amulet before slicking back his hair.  He sheaths his sword as he turns to walk away.  Vergil takes Rebellion as he walks past the sword.  Dante begins to push himself up.  Vergil turns around and rushes his beaten opponent.  Thrusting downward with his brother’s sword, Vergil staples Dante to the ground through his chest.  Vergil looks at Dante with a look of disgust.

Arkham: Do you finally have it?

Vergil turns around to see Arkham walking up behind him.

Vergil: Yes.  Now the spell that Sparda cast will be broken. 

Vergil walks past Arkham.  Arkham examines the broken Dante before turning to follow Vergil.  The handle of Rebellion expands and the eyes of the skull glow.  The blade rockets into the air and the water around Dante erupts upward behind it.  Vergil and Arkham both turn around.  Dante rushes through the water at Vergil.  The crazed hunter lunges forward with a punch.  Vergil partially draws his blade and blocks the attack.  Dante’s hand rips through the blade.  The force of the blow causes Vergil to slide backward.

Vergil: I see a devil inside you has awakened as well.

Dante pulls his hand through the Yamato.  Grasping the blade he throws Vergil over his shoulder.  Vergil twirls around and lands on his feet.  Vergil gets into a ready stance.

Arkham: Wait!  We should leave.  For the moment we have all that we need.

Dante slowly advances on the duo.  Vergil turns around and leaps off the side of the Temen ni Gru.  Arkham smiles sinisterly at Dante before following.  Dante stops his advance.  He thrusts his arms outward as he devil triggers into his true devil form, screaming to the heavens.  Unable to maintain the change, Dante reverts back to his normal form and collapses face first onto the ground.  Vergil and Arkham land on the ground far, far below.  The rain continues to fall around them.  They rise to their feet and stare at the entryway to a side entrance for the tower.  Arkham walks ahead of Vergil and then stops.

Arkham:  Our destination lies in the lower levels of the tower, close to where you originally entered.

Vergil walks past Arkham and heads for the entrance.  Arkham looks up to the tower peak.  Leviathan can be seen circling the tower far above.  A dark smirk creases Arkham’s lips.  The scar on the side of his face begins to pulsate.  He follows Vergil.

Arkham: Soon…

Pre Mission 4 Script

Vergil and Arkham stand before a massive door.  Arkham pages through his massive tome, searching for the incantation that would allow them to progress deeper into the tower.

Arkham: People once cried out in fear of this tower.  Temen ni Gru, a foundation that brought out fear.  Fear…

Arkham smiles sinisterly.

Arkham: Yes, fear.

Vergil, standing behind Arkham, stares at him with icy cold eyes.  Arkham closes his book as the doors begin to swing open.

Arkham: Can’t you feel it, the rage and agonies of the people? Those who were confined here, with their desires for evil being unfulfilled, all because Sparda slammed the door to the Demon World in their faces.

Vergil walks past Arkham as the doors finish opening.  A faint explosion can be heard in the background.  Arkham turns slightly to look in the direction of the disturbance.  Vergil stops in the doorway.

Vergil: What’s wrong?

Arkham doesn’t even turn to face Vergil.

Arkham: Nothing.

Vergil walks ahead.  Arkham turns back toward Vergil and then follows him.

Mission Intermission Script

Leviathan roars to the heavens.  It falls from the sky, plummeting to the ground far below because of Dante destroying the behemoth’s heart.  Lady walks about in a cavernous area beneath the tower.  Leviathan crashes through the ground and reaches its final resting place before Lady.  The scene changes to the interior of the tower with Arkham and Vergil.  The tower shakes from the impact.  Arkham struggles with his balance.  The vibrations cease.  Vergil looks over his shoulder at his partner before continuing on his way.  Arkham looks up at the ceiling.

Arkham: It would seem that the guardian of this tower has been slain.

Arkham looks back at Vergil with a sinister smile on his face.

Arkham: Perhaps I should have let you slay your brother.  His interference could ruin everything.

Vergil stops and looks over his shoulder at Arkham.  The slayer shoots the evil man an icy look.  Vergil continues on his way.  Arkham smirks at Vergil’s implications.

Arkham: I see.  You never intended to kill your own brother.  Should I call your resolve into question here?

Vergil stops.  His grip on his sword’s scabbard tightens.

Vergil: This is an issue that you do not want to press any further.

Vergil slides his thumb up and slightly ejects Yamato from its sheath.

Vergil: Otherwise I’ll be forced to sever this “limited” partnership of ours.

Arkham bows his head slightly.

Arkham: My apologies.

Vergil takes his thumb away from the sword’s hilt.  The blade slides back into its sheath.  Vergil continues on his way.  Arkham holds his slight bow a little bit longer.  He smiles sinisterly as his scar pulsates.

Post Mission 4 Script

Vergil and Arkham approach yet another massive door.

Arkham: Soon we will reach the lair of judgement.  Temen ni Gru will finally regain its full function and lead us into the Demon World.

Arkham opens his thick tome of secrets and begins working on the door.

Arkham: The world where Sparda’s power has been sealed.  And the one who will lift the incantation will be you; his own son.

The door begins to unlock.

Arkham: It must be fate.

The doors open.  Arkham steps aside and holds out his arm, beckoning Vergil to go first into the final room.  Vergil advances but stops short of the entrance.  Arkham’s attention is elsewhere, towards the direction they just came from.

Vergil: Does that woman really bother you?

Surprise overcomes Arkham as he turns his attention toward the son of Sparda.

Arkham: What are you talking about?

Vergil keeps his back toward Arkham.

Vergil: Why didn’t you kill her?  Perhaps because she’s your daughter?  Did some pesky fatherly love get in the way?

Arkham advances toward Vergil.

Arkham: That’s none of your…

Vergil draws his sword and stabs it through Arkham’s gut.  Arkham drops his book.  Vergil shifts his position.

Vergil: To further your studies of the black arts, you sacrificed your loving wife, to become a devil as well.  Knowing this I thought you’d be more useful to me.

Vergil’s eyes narrow.

Vergil: But I was wrong.

Vergil twists the blade and slides it further through Arkham causing him to bleed all over his book.

Vergil: No wonder your attainment of power is incomplete.

Blood begins to trickle down Arkham’s chin from his mouth.

Arkham: What about you?  You’re an incomplete being as well.  Both demon and human blood mingle in your veins.

Vergil stares at Arkham coldly.

Vergil: Silence.

Vergil rips the blade out of his ex-partner while turning his back on him.  He slides it into the sheath.  Locking the sword in place, Arkham collapses onto the ground.

Vergil: Now that the final door is open, I have no use for you.

Vergil walks through the doorway, leaving Arkham’s body behind.

Pre Mission 5 Script

Vergil enters the massive chamber and walks up the steps onto the platform.  He notices the spire in the center.  He begins to move towards it when massive footsteps echo from behind.  Vergil looks over his shoulder to see the blind Beowulf approach.

Beowulf: I found you, seed of Sparda!

Vergil turns around to face the mighty demon.

Beowulf: I told you that I would remember your rancid scent!

Beowulf advances a few steps toward Vergil.

Beowulf: No matter where you run to, you can never hide from me!

Vergil smirks sinisterly at the behemoth.

Post Boss Script

Beowulf lunges forward with a punch.  Vergil leaps upward drawing Yamato and spinning about extremely quickly.  Vergil lands on top of the beast.

Beowulf: You…you are not the one I faced before…

Vergil holds Yamato’s scabbard sideways behind his back and slowly slides the blade into place.

Beowulf: But this smell…there are two of them!  That excrement Sparda had two sons…!

Vergil locks the sword in place and Beowulf’s head falls off its body while splitting into eight pieces.  Vergil leaps off the demon’s body.  Holding out his arm he draws in the creature’s soul.  Gauntlets and greaves of light materialize from a flash on Vergil.  The slayer slides forward with an uppercut to Beowulf’s body, knocking it against the ceiling.  Vergil leaps up after it.  Spinning forward he splits Beowulf’s body in half with a Lunar Phase kick.  Vergil lands on the ground with the two halves of the demon’s body landing behind him.  The greaves and gauntlets vanish in a flash of light. 

Post Mission 5 Script

Vergil stands over the spire and pulls out both amulets.  The amulets begin to resonate and levitate out of Vergil’s hands.  Combining together they sink into the spire.  Vergil kneels down to his discarded Yamato and draws it from its sheath.  Gripping the blade he slides it through his hand.  Vergil drips fresh blood into the little pool.  Vergil rises to his feet and sheaths his sword.

Pre Mission 6 Script

Vergil paces around the sunken spire containing the combined amulets.  His impatience begins to get the best of him.

Vergil: Why isn’t this working?!!  Is there something missing?!  Must more blood be shed?

Dante: You seem to be in a bad mood.

Vergil turns around at the sound of his brother’s voice.  Dante walks along the outside of the platform smiling at his twin.

Vergil: Dante.

Vergil grips the hilt of Yamato.  Dante walks onto the platform and points down at the sunken spire.

Dante: So my mother’s amulet is the key that unlocks the door to the Demon World.

Dante looks upward.

Dante: Good plan, pop.

Vergil: Just the opposite actually.  Originally it was the key to the Demon World but was given to humans as a gift.

Dante turns his back on Vergil.

Dante: It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.

Dante turns back around to face his brother.

Dante: More importantly, I’ve come all this way.

The hunter draws Rebellion and points it at the slayer.

Dante: I’m sure you have time for one more game, right?

Vergil partially draws his katana, but slides it back into its sheath.

Vergil: Why not? After all we share the same blood.

As Vergil gets into a ready stance the Beowulf gauntlets and greaves materialize on his legs and arms out of a flash of light.

Vergil: I’ll just use more of yours to undo daddy’s little spell.

Dante holds his sword before his face and gives it a twist.

Dante: So, you want a piece of me literally.

Dante twirls his sword over his head and points it at his brother.

Dante: Okay bro, come and get it, if you can!

Post Mission 6 Script

The two brothers are engaged in a vicious battle of swords.  Blood flows into the cracks of the platform.  There is no love in the eyes of the two, only masks of hatred are evident.  As Dante and Vergil continue their vicious duel, a missile is heard being fired.  Dante spins around as it soars toward them and splits it in half sideways.  Vergil splits it right down the center.  The shards of the rocket slide across the ground.  Dante spares a glance toward Lady then prepares to return to the duel at hand.

Dante: Sorry, but this is no place for a little girl.  So beat it.

Lady: Shut up!

Lady fires a missile at Dante.  He dodges it and splits it in half.  Lady runs toward Vergil as he and Dante resume their duel.  Lady thrusts forward with the bayonet on the end of her launcher.  Vergil deflects the attack.  Another attack on Lady’s launcher has Vergil knocking her on the ground.  Vergil leaps at Lady.  Dante tries to take his brother out of the air but Vergil deflects his attack.  Vergil brings his blade down on Lady but the girl manages to get Kalina Ann up in time to block the attack.  Vergil stares at her with merciless eyes.

Lady: You forced him into this!

Vergil: Is that what you think?

Vergil shakes his head slowly.

Vergil: Foolish girl.

Vergil breaks off of Lady to combat Dante as he rushes in.  Lady is stuck in a confused state at the turn of events.  Dante slices through Vergil’s chest only to in turn have his sliced open as well.  Both sons of Sparda fall to their hands and knees, breathing heavily.
Clapping can be heard.

Jester: Bravo! Bravo!

Jester walks into view.

Jester: I never dreamed that things would go so smoothly.

Jester continues his claps.

Jester: Well done, everyone.  Well done!

Dante starts to pick himself up.

Dante: You!

Lady readies her cannon.  Jester, with his super speed moves to the girl.  He grabs hold of the barrel of the launcher.

Jester: Don’t be a bad girl, Mary.

Using Kalina Ann as leverage he flips Lady through the air.  She hits the ground hard.  Jester spanks his ass.

Jester: Or you can expect a spanking from daddy later!

Jester does a little dance.

Jester: Jester’s gonna spank your butt.  Spank you on the butt.

Vergil: Insane buffoon.

Jester turns his attention toward Vergil only to see him on his feet.

Vergil: I don’t know where you came from, but you don’t belong here.

Jester drops the rocket launcher.

Vergil: Now leave!

Vergil rushes the clown.  Jester clasps his hands around Vergil’s blade stopping his overhead strike.  Vergil is dumbfounded at the display.

Jester: Zowie, that was close!  But you’ve taken quite a trouncing today, haven’t you, Vergil?

Jester moves Vergil’s blade to the side.

Jester: You could have chopped me into confetti by now if you were in tip-top condition!

Vergil stares at the clown with a look of rage.

Vergil: Damn you!

Jester’s voice changes to that of Arkham’s.

Jester: You have lost…

Surprise and confusion contort Vergil’s face.  But this look doesn’t last as Jester slams his elbow into the slayer’s face.  The blow sends Vergil skidding face first along the ground.  Shaking the attack off, Vergil looks back toward the clown only to see Arkham standing in its place.

Arkham: …because you underestimated humans.

Lady looks over her shoulder and notices her father.

Lady: What’s going on?!

Arkham turns his attention toward his daughter.

Arkham: Good girl.  Pure and innocent, just like your mother.

Lady draws a handgun and points it at the sinister man.

Lady: You bastard!

All of a sudden her head is pulled back by Jester.

Jester: It’s time for your spanking, my dear!

Jester pulls Lady back and then slams her face on the ground.  The clown turns his attention toward Vergil.

Jester: You want to know why the spell didn’t break, hmm, Vergil?

Jester rises to his feet.

Jester: You have the two amulets and Sparda’s blood.  You had everything you needed to unleash the evil!

Dante gets to his feet.

Dante: I told you before; I don’t like anyone who has a bigger mouth than mine.

Jester mocks Dante with an imitation of being scared.  Dante’s annoyance shoots through the roof as he draws Ebony and Ivory and begins firing upon the demonic clown.  Jester easily avoids all of Dante’s shots as he speeds all over the place.

Jester: You are wounded and weak.  Even I can do…

Jester leaps from the ceiling driving his foot into Dante’s face and slamming him onto the ground.  Jester raises his arms in triumph.

Jester: …this to you!

Arkham no longer in the guise of a clown walks toward Lady’s weapon.

Arkham: Two amulets, a set of Sparda’s blood.  Now I need one more key.

He picks Kalina Ann up and moves toward Lady.

Arkham: He sacrificed two things to suppress the tremendous force of this tower; his own devil’s blood and a mortal priestess.
Arkham drives the bayonet of the launcher through Lady’s leg.  She cries out in pain as her blood splatters the ground.

Arkham: I needed you, in whose body flows the same blood as the sacrificed woman.  His spell cannot be undone without your blood.

Jester pulls out the bayonet.

Jester: It was quite a ride you know!

The clown begins to dance around.

Jester: If any of you had died before getting here, our little plan would have gone to waste!

Jester ceases his dancing and leans on the cannon.

Jester: Therefore, my job was to make you battle each other in order to weaken you.  But at the same time, I had to guide you here and make sure you were kept alive.  I even went so far as dressing like a complete idiot!

The clown turns his attention toward Lady, ignoring the fact that the sons of Sparda were picking themselves up.

Jester: It’s time for bed, Mary.  You can visit your dear mother.

Jester bursts into hysterical laughter.  Lady sweeps Kalina Ann away from the clown as she leaps to her feet.  She points the barrel at the demon’s face.

Jester: Whoa!

Lady: Try me.

The Yamato and Rebellion rest upon his neck from behind.  Jester realizes he’s got weapons at the ready to take him out from all sides.

Vergil: It’s time for the clown to bow out, Arkham.

Dante: Dude, the shows over.

Arkham returns in place of his clown form.

Arkham: Impressive.  I expected nothing less from the Devil’s descendants.  But aren’t you forgetting something, Vergil?  The spell is broken.

The spire in the center of the platform rises.

Arkham: What do you think will happen next? Let’s welcome chaos.

The platform lights up as the ceiling parts.  The platform rises.  Arkham dips down low causing his would-be killers to lock weapons.  The conniving man sweeps around kicking his attackers off their feet and then sweeps them off the platform.  Arkham walks to the edge of the rising platform and looks down at the others.

Arkham: Just sit and wait.  Wait for the birth of a new god!

Lady gets to her feet and stares at her father with hate filled eyes.  Arkham raises his arms and proclaims to the heavens.

Arkham: I shall take over the power of Sparda!

Arkham bursts into hysterical laughter as the ground around the rising pillar begins to give way.  Vergil’s unconscious body falls into a deep crevice.  Lady also falls but Dante grabs hold of her and pulls her to safety.  The pillar continues to rise.

Pre Mission 7 Script

The platform continues to rise, breaking up parts of the tower.  Skeletal bells begin to collect along the edges of the platform.  The ceiling parts way as the platform becomes the new rooftop.  Arkham, who’s watching the sky, turns his attention toward the risen spire.  The scene shifts to the Lair of Judgement with Dante and Lady looking up at the risen pillar.

Dante: Are you gonna go?

Lady: Yes. I’m going to finish him off.

Dante: Well you might as well forget it.  Cuz, you’re no match for him.

Lady doesn’t even turn to face the half-breed.

Lady: Regardless, I must go.  I had a chance to stop him before but I couldn’t.  I’m responsible for this mess.

Dante cocks his head to the side.

Dante: Responsible? Does it bother you that much?

Lady shoots Dante an angry glance.

Lady: He’s my father.  Besides, who else can undo what he’s done?

Lady readies Kalina Ann and fires a grappling hook way up into the side of the pillar.

Lady: A demon like you, wouldn’t understand…

Lady rises up to her hook.  Dante just watches her.

Dante: Father and family, huh?

Dante looks over toward the crevice that Vergil fell into and then back up to Lady.

Dante: Well I’ll go too.

He watches the huntress continue to climb.

Dante: But you better hurry if you don’t want me to take all the credit!

Dante walks off.  The scene changes to the bottom of the crevice far below.  Vergil stirs and begins to pick himself up.  He dusts himself off.  With a look of rage he grits his teeth.

Vergil: Arkham…

Post Mission 7 Script

Vergil walks down a hallway littered with little piles of sand and shredded cloth.  Broken rusty scythes are near the piles.  There are slash marks in the floor and walls as well as broken sections to the floor and walls.  Bullet casings are all over the place.  Vergil smirks lightly and shakes his head.

Vergil: You and your guns…

Vergil walks down the hall.

Pre Mission 8 Script

Storm clouds roll in around the tower.  Arkham stands preparing his incantation to open the gate to the Demon World.

Arkham: He plucks the threads that make us dance, finger and toe.

The spire sinks into the platform.

Arkham: We surrender in joy to the lowest of the foul and rank; we submerge through darkness, rancid filth.

The skeletal bells begin to rise.

Arkham: Hour by hour, we move downward, ever closer to Hell, in slow, steady gait.

Arkham holds up his arms.

Arkham: Now, let the world resonate.  Sloth! Gluttony! Greed! Envy! Lust! Wrath! And Pride!

The bells begin to toll.

Arkham: A bell of chaos that tolls human desires.  After two thousand long years, the once sealed gate to the Demonic World will open.

Arkham’s different colored eyes begin to glow blue and red.

Arkham: Destruction!  Carnage and Despair!  Let your instincts drive you!

The portal to the Demon World opens.

Arkham: Entrap this world in fear.  As its very name, Temen ni Gru, strikes terror into the heart of mankind.

Bloodgoyles begin to fly around Arkham and the platform.

Arkham: Then I will become the ultimate ruler of this wasteland engulfed with pandemonium.

Arkham begins to levitate upward, engulfed in a stream of light, to the portal.

Arkham: The demonic power that Sparda once imprisoned will be mine!

Arkham laughs hysterically as he enters the portal.

Mission Intermission Script

Lady is sitting against a bookshelf when she hears a door open.  She looks over and sees Vergil walk by.  Vergil exits the library.  Lady follows, running through the door behind him.

Lady: Vergil!

Vergil ignores her and continues on his way.

Lady: Vergil, wait!

Vergil stops as Lady runs up behind him.

Lady: Dante is already on his way to stop my father.

Vergil: Dante…

Vergil starts to walk off again.

Lady: Wait.  Take me with you.  I need to see this through to the end.

Vergil comes to a standstill and looks over his shoulder at the girl.

Vergil: You’ll only slow me down.

Lady: Don’t worry about me.  I can handle myself.

Vergil: In that case, find your own way.

Lady: But…

Vergil draws Yamato while spinning towards her.  He brings the blade to rest against the side of her neck.

Vergil: You are testing my patience.  If you are seeking a swift death, I will be happy to oblige.

Vergil’s eyes narrow.

Lady: I can’t turn back now.

Vergil pulls his katana away from the girl’s neck.  A line of blood is left where the blade rested.  Vergil sheaths his sword and turns to walk away.

Vergil: Do whatever you want.  Just stay out of my way.

Vergil walks off.  Lady slides down the side of a wall and lets out a deep breath.

Post Mission 8 Script

Vergil stares up at the opened portal.  He tightens his grip on his sword’s scabbard.

Vergil: The power of Sparda belongs to his sons.  It belongs to me.

Vergil steps into the stream of light and is hurled into the portal.

Pre Mission 9 Script

Vergil looks around at the seemingly divine look of the Demon World.

Vergil: So, this was my father’s home. 

Vergil moves forward.

Pre Boss Script

Dante stands slumped over and breathing heavily from his battle with the blob-like Arkham.  Arkham’s laughter echoes throughout the strange chamber.

Arkham: No use!  Regardless of how strong you are, you’re nothing but a half-breed.  You cannot defeat a pure demon, the real Sparda!

Arkham lashes out with his tentacle-like arm.  Dante grits his teeth.  Before the attack can connect, Arkham’s arm is sliced off. 

Arkham: What’s this?!

Dante and Arkham both turn their attention up toward the top of a stone pillar.  Vergil is crouched with his Yamato drawn.  Arkham’s limb had been sliced off by the slayer’s judgement cut.

Arkham: Damn you!!

Vergil rises to his feet. 

Vergil: I’ve come for my father’s power.

Giving his sword a twirl he points it at the fake demon.

Vergil: You can’t handle it.

Vergil flips down before Dante and points his sword at his brother’s throat.  Annoyance appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Look at you, making a big dramatic entrance and stealing my spotlight.

Vergil smirks at his younger twin.

Vergil: Well…

Vergil swipes his sword downward, smacking Arkham’s severed arm back at its owner.  Arkham catches it and reattaches it.

Vergil: You don’t possibly believe that he deserves to be our main event, now do you?

Dante rests Rebellion on his shoulders and looks toward Arkham.

Dante: Now that you mention it, you’re right.

The brothers advance toward Arkham.

Arkham: Do you feel you can defeat me? Defeat the power of your father, the great Sparda! 

Vergil points at the fake.

Vergil: You should come to realize you cannot control the power of Sparda.

Dante points his sword at Arkham.

Dante: You’re wasting your time, buddy.

Dante looks over at his brother.

Dante: I think he needs to learn the hard way. 

Vergil smirks slightly at Dante and then, with his Yamato, swipes Dante’s blade out of the way as he rushes toward Arkham.  Dante follows right behind him.

Post Mission 9 Script

Dante and Vergil stand on opposite sides of Arkham.  They thrust their blades into the fake demon.  Arkham tosses both sons of Sparda aside.  Vergil palms the base of his sword’s handle while Dante kicks the base of his.  Rebellion and Yamato glide through the interior of Arkham’s body and erupt through opposite sides.  Dante snags Yamato as Vergil snatches up Rebellion.  Both brothers let loose a flurry of slashes to Arkham’s body.  Vergil and Dante leap at the pulsating blob and tear through it with their blades.  They land on the opposite side of Arkham.  Glowing liquid flows out of the blob’s body.  Dante and Vergil toss each other their swords.  Dante straps Rebellion on his back as Vergil sheaths Yamato.  Dante draws Ebony and Ivory.

Arkham: Die!

Arkham lashes out with one of his arms and knocks Ebony out of Dante’s hand.  Vergil snatches the gun out of the air and points it at Arkham.  Red electricity snakes along the barrel of Ivory.  The gun emanates with red demonic energy.  Blue electricity snakes along the barrel of Ebony.  The gun emanates with blue demonic energy.

Vergil: I’ll try it your way for once.

Dante smirks at his brother.

Dante: Remember what we used to say?

Vergil smirks at Dante.

Arkham: Don’t do it!

Dante & Vergil: Jackpot!

Dante and Vergil fire their guns.  A stream of red demonic energy streaks forth from Dante’s gun while a stream of blue demonic energy streaks forth from Vergil’s.  The blasts hit Arkham, causing a massive explosion.

Arkham: I have the true power of Sparda!!!

Arkham begins to melt into the liquid ground.  Vergil tosses Ebony back to Dante.  The youngest twin holsters his guns.

Vergil: Not very classy for someone’s dieing words.

Arkham’s body melts away revealing Force Edge and both amulets.  Now separated, they fall into a small portal in the center of the demonic room.  Vergil rushes forward with Dante hot on his heels.  They both dive through the portal.  Vergil snatches his gold amulet while Dante snatches his silver one.  Arkham (in human form) falls below the Force Edge.  He is sucked in another direction from the plummeting brothers.  Vergil smirks at the sight. 

Pre Mission 10 Script

Back in the Human World, Lady walks up to the peak of the Temen ni Gru.  Arkham falls out of the Demon World portal far, far above.  He slams into the ground.  Arkham twitches and begins to move.

Arkham: Why?  How could I…?  I shall become a god…

Arkham begins to crawl forward.

Arkham: No one here can stop me.

Arkham leaves a trail of blood as he crawls away.  Lady steps in front of him.

Lady: What a surprise.

Arkham looks up at his daughter only to see that she is pointing a gun at him.

Lady: Here I was looking for you, and lo and behold, you come to me.

Arkham: Mary…

A look of disgust appears on the girl’s face.

Lady: Don’t ever call me that again.  My mother was the only one who could say my name.

A pleading look appears on Arkham’s face.

Arkham: Wait, please.  Do you really want to shoot me?  Can you shoot me, your own father?

Rage takes a hold of Arkham.

Arkham: What have I done wrong?!!  Even the heroic Sparda sacrificed a woman so that he could become a legend!  I wished to become a god!  And I sacrificed one miserable human being for that reason.  That is all!  Was that really so awful?

Arkham tries to pick himself up but falls back on his chest.  He grits his teeth.

Arkham: I have some unfinished business to take care of.

Arkham holds up his arm to his daughter.

Arkham: Help me, Mary.

Lady: Mary died a long time ago.  My name is Lady.

Lady slides the hammer back on her gun.

Lady: Goodbye father.

A look of sheer terror appears on Arkham’s face.

Arkham: No!

Lady blows Arkham’s brains out.  As blood flows out of Arkham’s head, Lady sits down.  She looks up at the portal and begins to cry.

Lady: Here I thought I wasn’t gonna cry.

The scene changes to the Demon World.  Force Edge falls into the rushing water, stabbing into the ground.  Vergil and Dante fall on opposite sides of the majestic sword.  Dante rushes towards it while Vergil rolls forward.  Vergil pulls Force Edge from the ground.  Vergil looks down at the amulet wrapped around Dante’s arm.  He holds out his hand.

Vergil: Give that to me.

Dante looks down at his amulet and then tucks it away in his coat.

Dante: No way, you got your own.

Vergil gets into a ready stance with his new sword.

Vergil: Well I want yours too.

Dante: What’re you gonna do with all that power, huh?  No matter how hard you try, you’re never gonna be like father.

Vergil’s face is masked with anger.

Vergil: You’re wasting time!

Vergil rushes Dante.  Dante stands his ground.  Vergil swings downward with Force Edge as Dante swings downward with Rebellion.  Both brothers catch each others blades with their free hands.  Blood drips down the blades.

Dante: We are the sons of Sparda.  Within each of us flows his blood.  But more importantly, his soul!

Both brothers jump back.

Dante: And now, my soul is telling me it wants to stop you.

Vergil smirks at his brother.

Vergil: Unfortunately, our souls are at odds brother.

Vergil clenches his fist before his face.

Vergil: I need more power.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: And we’re supposed to be twins.

Vergil: Twins…

Vergil gets into a ready stance.

Vergil: Right…

Post Mission 10 Script

Vergil drops down into the water breathing heavily.

Vergil: Am I…being defeated?

Dante, away from his brother seems exhausted as well.

Dante: What’s wrong?  Is that all you got?  Come on, get up.  You can do better than that.

Vergil rises to his feet.  The ground begins to rumble.  Vergil and Dante look around.

Vergil: The portal to the Human World is closing, Dante…

Dante turns his attention back toward the older twin.

Vergil: Because the amulets have been separated.

A serious look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Let’s finish this, Vergil.  I have to stop you, even if it means killing you.

Vergil holds up Force Edge and whips it behind him.  He charges Dante.  Dante rushes Vergil.  Vergil swings downward at Dante as Dante swings across at Vergil.  Vergil’s attack misses Dante as the younger of the two cuts through Vergil’s chest.  Vergil drops his amulet and Force Edge.  The sword stabs into the ground.  Vergil coughs as he struggles to snatch up his amulet.  Dante straps his sword on his back.  Vergil turns around to face Dante and staggers backward.

Vergil: No one can have this, Dante.  It’s mine.  It belongs to a son of Sparda.

Vergil stumbles backward, nearly falling down the waterfall.  Dante rushes over to help his brother.  Vergil whips his katana out of its sheath and points it at Dante’s throat.

Vergil: Leave me and go, if you don’t want to be trapped in the Demon World.  I’m staying.  This place was our father’s home.

Vergil falls backward.  Dante reaches out to save him.  Vergil slices Dante’s palm open as he falls.  Vergil disappears into the darkness below.  Dante squeezes his slashed hand tight.  He looks over his shoulder at his father’s sword.  Dante looks down into the depths of the abyss once more before heading for the Force Edge.  Dante pulls the blade out of the ground and looks it up and down before making for the exit.

Epilogue Script

Vergil gets up, supported by his sword while breathing heavily. He straightens himself out and looks around. His attention focuses on the clouded sky where three red glowing eyes appear to be watching him.

Vergil: It’ll be fun to fight with the Prince of Darkness. If my father could do it, I should be able to do it too!

Vergil rips the Yamato from its sheath and charges the eyes of Mundus. Three Abysses rise from beneath the bloody water. Vergil slices through them as he passes by. The speed of his strikes can only be seen in flashes of silver, as the demons split in half. More and more Abysses rise out of the water. Vergil comes to a sliding stop across the watery surface. He looks around at the creatures with a look of disgust on his face. That look is quickly replaced with a sinister smirk.

Roll credits.  

After the Credits

Vergil continues running along the scarlet water, carving a bloody path through the demonic filth. He slides past one Abyss, slicing through its midsection. Completing that motion he leaps into the air flipping behind another Abyss. At the peak of his flip, Vergil slices through the head of the demon. As Vergil lands, two more Abysses appear on the broken statue of a massive torso. He leaps up, hopping up the statue. He completely passes the first Abyss to go for the one closest to the top. Vergil spins in a series of circles, starting low and then stretching out completely, slicing through the devil. The Abyss falls to pieces as Vergil kicks off the statue and flips backward. Completing the flip he brings his blade down bisecting in the half the first Abyss that he skipped over. Vergil hops off the statute and continues running along the bloody waves. The scene fades, and reopens on Vergil running along choppy waters. Mundus’ eyes fade from the sky, but Vergil keeps on running, focused on the direction he was heading. Vergil spies a head of a statue in an area devoid of broken statues. Vergil comes to a sliding stop before what is actually Mundus’ head. Mundus’ eyes glow bright red.

Mundus: Impressive display of power and skill. I wonder…

Vergil’s impatience gets the best of him as he interrupts the dark emperor.

Vergil: Are you him; the ruler of this wasteland?

Mundus: I am Mundus, the Emperor of the Demon World. What do you seek?

Vergil points his blade at the devil. An ominous look appears on Vergil’s face.

Vergil: Your destruction.

The bloody water around Mundus’ head begins to swirl. Mundus comes to the realization of who Vergil is.

Mundus: Those eyes. It can’t be. You’re his…

Vergil once again interrupts the devil with an icy cold tone.

Vergil: What’s his name? Say it!

Mundus: You’re the son of Sparda!

A sinister smile takes the place of Vergil’s previous, ominous look.

Vergil: My name is Vergil, Mundus.

Vergil swipes his blade across in a horizontal arc, holding it out to his side.

Vergil: And I’ve come to kill you.

Mundus roars as his massive statue-like body erupts from beneath the crimson waves. He emerges just up to his waist (think along the lines of Mundus 2 in DMC1), and assumes a battle stance.  Mundus lunges downward with a punch. Vergil slides backward, avoiding the attack. The Emperor’s fist falls beneath the glassy surface of the water. Vergil makes use of his incredible speed and runs up Mundus’ arm. He jumps across from his arm to his face and slices across Mundus’ eyes. Mundus reaches up with his other arm. The son of Sparda shifts his position in the air, landing on the demon’s finger tips. He leaps from Mundus’ hand to the top of his head. He strikes downward twice, slicing across the massive devil’s head. Both Mundus’ arms come up. Vergil leaps off Mundus as the Emperor’s hands clasp together, snatching nothing but air. As Vergil plummets to the ground he twists around and slices downward through Mundus’ face. The half-breed lands in a crouched position. He rises to his feet and in a display of arrogance sheaths his sword. Looking up at Mundus he sees small rock particles fall from Mundus’ head. Vergil’s eyes narrow as his anger begins to well up as he realizes that his little assault accomplished nothing.

Mundus: Miserable little insect! Did you think you could harm me?!

Mundus’ wings erupt from his back. The Demon Lord takes to the skies. Gripping the hilt of his sword, Vergil leaps up in pursuit but the gust of wind from Mundus’ flapping wings throws Vergil back down toward the water. Spiraling downward, Vergil grits his teeth and Devil Triggers. Vergil flies upward at the sky bound Mundus. Mundus laughs maniacally.

Mundus: What do you hope to accomplish?!

Mundus swings his arm downward, causing massive fireballs to rain down upon Vergil. Vergil expertly evades the fireballs as he continues his path toward the Emperor of the Demon World. Mundus unleashes three energy arrows from his eyes. The speed of the arrows catches Vergil off guard. Dante’s brother is impaled. Vergil is crippled by the searing pain that the arrows are inflicting upon his body, but he doesn’t cry out. Instead he looks upon the devil with defiant eyes. Mundus’ eyes glow bright white and he fires a massive stream of energy at Vergil. Vergil is engulfed in the blast. As the energy fades, Vergil, no longer transformed, crashes upon the watery surface far below. Mundus holds out his hand, and Vergil’s broken body rises upward towards the demon. The son of Sparda’s body floats before Mundus.

Mundus: Death would be too merciful for the son of that traitor.  Heh, it would be a shame for such talent to go to waste.

Vergil’s body is engulfed in blue flames. When the flames dissipate, Vergil is no more. Something darker and more sinister has taken his place, with a sword that is no longer a thing of elegance, but is now something distorted and ugly.

Mundus: You belong to me now. Awaken, Nero Angelo, my black angel of death!

Nero’s Glowing red eyes open.

Fade to black.


—The End—

© 2006 dwarfkicker