Chaos Unleashed   //  By: dwarfkicker

Cutscene script

Prologue Script

The Earth is shown.

Narrator: In a time long since passed…

The Earth is covered in darkness.

Narrator: In an age of darkness…

A portal opens and a massive swarm of demons flood out.

Narrator: When the Human World was overrun by demons and the humans were powerless over their rule…

Humans, surrounded by demons, are corralled in the center of a burning village.  

Narrator: Humanity’s hope lived in a devil…

Sparda (devil triggered) lands in front of the humans.  The devils begin to back off from the humans.

Narrator: A devil named Sparda.

Sparda single handedly cuts through a huge horde of demons and then flies to the portal.  Mundus’ three glowing eyes can be seen in the portal.

Narrator: With a spirit unlike any other, and wielding a sword that bore his own name, Sparda eradicated the demons.

Sparda and Mundus have a short but intense sword duel in the portal.  They lock swords and as they collide the screen fades to white.

Narrator: After sealing the demons back in their world, Sparda continued to protect the humans.

The scene opens to a landscape devoid of life and scorched to wasteland- like qualities. Fireballs rain down upon the scorched earth causing small explosions to kick up gravel and dust.

Narrator: Many years later.

A young Matier walks up beside Sparda (human form).

Matier: What do we do now?  Argosax has been set free.

Sparda stares off into the distance.

Sparda: Matier, you must prepare the seal.  Keep a few of your fellow Guardians with you.  Send the rest to wipe out the remaining devil worshippers and the demons that they’ve surrounded themselves with.

Matier: And what will you do?

Sparda: I’ll handle Argosax.

A concerned look appears on the young woman’s face.

Matier: Alone? You’ll face that beast alone?

Sparda places his hand on Matier’s shoulder.  He offers her nothing more than a smile.  She returns that smile with one of her own.  Sparda turns and walks off.

Matier: I feel strangely relieved.  With that smile alone, he put my worries to rest.

A determined look appears on Matier’s face.

Matier: I know he’ll beat back that beast.

The scene changes to fields that appear more volcanic.  Sparda walks along the scorched earth.  He halts his progress.  Before him, in the sky, is the Devil King, Argosax.

Argosax: The legendary Sparda.

Sparda: Argosax the Chaos.

Argosax lands on the ground.

Argosax: It made me happy to see Mundus get what he deserved.  However, you betrayed all of the Demon World, an act that ordinarily cannot be forgiven.

A smirk creases Sparda’s lips.

Sparda: Do you intend to punish me?

Argosax laughs.

Argosax: Punish you? No, I intend to forgive you.  Become my champion.  Let us lay waste to the Human World and then return to the Demon World.

Argosax holds his arms outstretched.

Argosax: Once in the Demon World, I shall reign supreme.

Sparda: And if I refuse?

Argosax lowers his arms.

Argosax: You would refuse your king?

Sparda grips the hilt of Rebellion.

Sparda: I hold no allegiances to the Demon World or its rulers.

Sparda draws Rebellion from his back.  Argosax flaps his wings and hovers slightly above the ground.

Argosax: You are a fool to challenge me.  I know your power has been halved.  You sealed it in the Demon World.  You cannot hope to prevail against me.

Sparda’s face is an emotionless mask.

Sparda: Let’s find out.

Argosax’s arms transform into two short blades as he thrusts them out to his sides.  He flies at Sparda.  Argosax assaults the knight with a flurry of slashes.  Sparda defends until Argosax over extends himself.  Sparda capitalizes on the opening.  Argosax vanishes and Sparda’s blade slices only the air in his place.  Argosax appears a good distance behind his opponent, his arm now in the shape of a whip.

Argosax: Too slow, knight!

Sparda turns around only to have his sword arm wrapped up.  Argosax pulls Sparda towards him.  The knight flips himself around and plants his foot in the demon’s face.  The force of the blow causes the whip to uncoil itself.  Sparda leaps off Argosax’s face, back flipping in the air he brings his sword down upon the king.  Argosax vanishes causing Sparda to strike the ground.  Argosax appears far away from his opponent.  He launches one massive fireball after another towards Sparda.  Sparda dashes out of the way as he advances toward the devil.  The fireballs detonate on the ground kicking up gravel.  Argosax, still far from Sparda, vanishes.  Sparda comes to a sliding stop.  He turns around just as Argosax appears.  Sparda goes to strike but Argosax attacks first, lunging out with his massive sword arm.  Rebellion is knocked out of Sparda’s grasp.  Spinning around from the momentum of the attack he quickly draws Yamato and strikes out at Argosax.  Argosax vanishes causing Sparda to once again slash at the air.  Argosax appears in the sky far above.

Argosax: It is as I told you, traitor.  You are no match for me.

Sparda: Then I guess I should take this seriously.

Argosax: Enough games.  Now die!!

Argosax hurls a massive fireball at Sparda.  It detonates on the knight.  When the smoke clears Sparda is still standing now in his transformed state.  The Yamato now appears as the Sparda sword.

Argosax: Damn you!!!

Sparda takes flight.  Argosax spreads his wings causing small fireballs to descend upon Sparda.  Sparda weaves around the obstacles.  Once clear of the hailstorm, Sparda’s flight speed increases.  Argosax hurls a massive fireball at his oncoming opponent.  It detonates on him.  Sparda flies right through the smoke as if nothing happened.

Argosax: No!

Sparda impales Argosax on his sword.

Argosax: But your power…has been halved.

Sparda: Be grateful that I will show you mercy even though you deserve none.

As if on cue, a massive portal opens above them.

Sparda: However, I leave you to a fate far worse than death.  Rot in your prison in the Nether World.

Sparda grabs Argosax’s face and slides his blade out of the devil’s chest.  He hurls Argosax into the portal.  It slams shut. 

Narrator: Present day.

The scene changes to the inside of Devil May Cry where the phone is ringing off the hook.  Dante walks through the front door with his clothing in tatters (DMC1 gear).  Dante rubs his face as he stabs Rebellion into the wall.  The phone continues to ring.

Dante: Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.

Dante walks over to the phone and picks it up.

Dante: Devil May Cry…yeah…uh huh…four artifacts…a cup, a scepter, a dagger, and a coin…got it.

Dante looks down at the coin on his desk.  A smirk appears on his face.

Dante: Yeah, I’ll take the job.  Where should we meet?

Dante scoops the coin up off his desk.

Dante: Gotcha…see ya soon, Lucia.

Dante hangs up the phone.  He flips his coin and snatches it out of the air.  He then heads into the back room.  The scene changes to show a museum.  It then changes to the inside of the museum.  Lucia is standing looking at the Arcana Medaglia when a swarm of puias fly through the windows.  Lucia tosses a dagger into the heart of one of the birds.  It falls to the ground dead.  Two more come in at her.  She quickly draws her Cutlaseers and slices their heads off.  One more descends upon her.  Lucia bisects the creature straight up the middle.  More puias come crashing through the remaining windows.  Lucia gets into a ready stance.  Dante comes crashing through the window in the ceiling with Ebony and Ivory already drawn.  He fires a single bullet into each demon as he descends head first to the ground.  Dante flips around and lands in a crouched position. The dead demons hit the ground.  He rises to his feet and smiles at Lucia.  She sends a smirk back at him.

Lucia: Impressive…

Dante points Ivory at Lucia.  She braces herself for the shot as Dante pulls the trigger.  The bullet whizzes right on by and takes out a puia behind Lucia.  Its body smashes into the display case containing the Arcana.  The Medaglia rolls toward Dante who reaches down and scoops it up.  He flips it to Lucia who snatches it out of the air.

Dante: You called?

Lucia walks past Dante.  Turning around, she tosses a dagger into a map of the island hanging on the wall.

Lucia: Till next time, son of Sparda.

Lucia continues to walk off.  Dante walks over to the map and looks it over.  He turns around and walks off in the direction that Lucia was heading in.

Pre Mission 1 Script

Dante walks up to Lucia who is standing outside of the massive clock tower.

Dante: Alright, I’m here.  Point me in the right direction so I can get this job over with.

Lucia points to the entrance of the tower.

Lucia: Before you take this job on, you have to prove yourself.

An annoyed look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: You gotta be kidding me?

Lucia stares at Dante coldly.

Dante: Obviously you know my reputation when it comes to this sorta thing.  Otherwise you wouldn’t have called me.

Lucia walks up to Dante and gets in his face.

Lucia: You can always leave.  It wasn’t my suggestion that we turn to you for help.  I’m more than powerful enough to handle this situation on my own.

Dante puts his hand on Lucia’s shoulder and moves her aside.

Dante: Excuse me, but I didn’t come all this way just to turn around and go back home.

Dante walks to the tower doors.

Dante: I take it one of those artifacts is in here right?

Lucia: Correct.  All the way at the top you’ll find it.  Accomplish this and consider yourself hired.

Dante pushes the doors open.

Lucia: Good luck, son of Sparda.

Lucia turns to walk away.  Dante stops in the massive doorway.

Dante: …Dante.

Lucia turns back around to face Dante.

Lucia: What?!

Dante: The name’s Dante.

Dante enters the clock tower.

Pre Boss Script

Dante enters the chamber.  Across the room he can see the Arcana behind barred doors.  A gate comes down behind Dante.  He watches it come down and then begins to survey his surroundings.

Dante: Of course.  This is the part where I have to face down the big scary guardian.

Steel doors slide open along the side wall and out bounds Tartussian. The bulky demon whips out its flails at Dante.  Dante turns sideways as the weapons fly past him.  Tartussian reels its flails back in.  Dante grips the hilt of his sword.

Dante: Alright big boy, let’s get it on.

Post Mission 1 Script

Tartussian begins swinging its flails about wildly in a berserk rage.  Dante leaps, ducks, and weaves out of the way of each attack.  The flails tear up the floor and the walls as they miss their target.  Dante continues to dodge as the attack speed of his opponent increases.

Dante: What’s the matter, can’t ya hit me?

Tartussian begins spinning both flails around its body.  One is spun in front of its body while the other is spun above its body.  Tartussian launches the first flail horizontally at Dante.  Dante ducks only to get slammed straight on by the second one.  Dante is slammed into the wall.  He punches his free hand into the flail.  As Tartussian reels its weapons in Dante is pulled right alongside of them.  As Dante gets close enough to the demon he uses the momentum of the pull to throw himself forward.  As he flies over Tartussian he decapitates both heads with one swipe of his sword. Dante twirls around and slides back along the ground as the bulky demon falls backward onto the ground.

Dante: That freak actually hit me.  Damn, I’m disappointed with my performance on that one.

The gate blocking off the Arcana opens up.  Dante sheaths his sword on his back and moves on the artifact.  He reaches out and snatches up the Arcana, Spada.

Pre Mission 2 Script

Dante walks along the tower rooftop.  He spies a small village at the end of the town.  Looking down at the ground far below, he smirks to himself before swan diving off the ledge.  Toward the end of the freefall Dante flips around and lands on the ground in a crouched position.  The impact of his landing sends cracks snaking out along the ground.  Dante rises to his feet and looks around for Lucia.

Dante: Where the hell did you run off to?

Dante looks down the road.

Dante: Guess I’ll head for that village.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante nears the bridge and sees a group of skeletons in cage-like armor hanging from a post.

Dante: Must be some kind of warning for the people incase they get outta line.

The skeletons are engulfed in flames and drop down to the ground.  Weapons materialize in their hands as they advance toward Dante.

Dante: And here I thought I would have a nice little stroll to the village.

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory.
Mission Intermission Script

As Dante enters the large courtyard, bits of rubble fall from the walls around him.  Dante looks up and spies numerous msira perched along the walls.  They begin to leap from the walls, landing around Dante.

Dante: Well, I can see why the people in this town don’t wanna come out and play.  It’s infested with trash.

The little imps howl at Dante.

Post Mission 2 Script

Lucia sees smoke coming out of her mother’s house.  She runs for the door only to get blasted back as the little home explodes.  As she flies backward through the air Dante scoops her up in his arms and leaps to safety on a cliff high above as debris is thrown everywhere.  Lucia jumps out of his arms and leaps from the cliff sprinting as she hits the ground.

Lucia: Mother!

She begins tossing rubble aside as Dante lands behind her.

Lucia: Mother!

Matier comes walking out from behind some rubble in the back.

Matier:  That was very rude of them.

Lucia’s expression brightens up.

Lucia: Mother, you’re alright.

Matier throws a smile her daughter’s way.

Matier: Lesser demons won’t get the best of this old woman.

Matier turns her attention toward Dante greeting him with a big smile.

Matier: Ah, you have arrived son of Sparda.  I am Matier.

The old woman smiles softly at Dante.

Matier: You are very handsome, just like your father.  You have his eyes.

A curious look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: You knew him?

Matier: Yes.  But that was a long time ago.  We are the guardians of this land.  And long ago, Sparda fought beside us against a powerful god that was summoned to this world. We called because we once again need the power of Sparda on our side.  You see, there is a man who has turned this land into a paradise for demons.  The people are locked in the grip of fear and hide themselves away.  This man runs an international corporation.  He is in the business of death.  Oroboros Technologies is run by an evil man named Arius who…

Dante: Oroboros?!

Matier: You have heard of them?

Dante nods his head slightly.

Dante: It was a long time ago.

Matier nods her head.

Matier: Arius is trying to open the gate to free the evil god from the Nether World.  If he succeeds light will be turned to darkness, life to death, and chaos will engulf the world.

Dante: And these sacred artifacts that you are gathering; they will prevent his plans from coming into fruition?

Matier closes her eyes and shakes her head from side to side.

Matier: No.  Arius needs the Arcanas in order to open a portal to the realm of this monster.  We are gathering them to keep them out of his hands.

Dante flips his coin into the air and then snatches it out of the air.

Dante: So, where can I find this guy?

The old woman points to a stairway behind the wrecked house.

Matier: Take those stairs down into the underground tunnels.  Follow the tunnels until you come up at the other side of town.  Once there you will head from the town to a harbor and then into the city, a city plagued by despair.

Dante begins to head for the stairs.

Matier: Accomplish this, son of Sparda, and I will tell you a story about your father.

Dante offers a slight smile before heading back for the stairs.  He disappears from view.

Lucia: He is only one man.  He can’t do this alone.  And I will not sit back and do nothing while you put all your hopes on him.

Matier begins to laugh.

Matier: You underestimate the power of Sparda.

Lucia: He is not Sparda.  He is his half-breed son.

Matier turns and walks toward the village.

Matier: Have faith in him, my daughter.  You will see as I do, that the son of Sparda will deliver this land from evil.

Lucia turns and looks back at the ruined house.

Lucia: Arius, you bastard.  I won’t let you get away with this.

The camera zooms far up to the top of the cliffs.  Bolverk stands watching from above.  He disappears in a cloud of blue mist.

Pre Mission 3 Script

Dante enters the tunnels.  He looks around at the new scenery.

Dante: Yay, my favorite type of job; dark, dank, and dirty.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: So much for being a glorified hunter.

Dante leaps down into the ankle deep water below.  He looks back the way he came.

Dante: I wonder who the ominous figure was at the top of the cliffs.

Dante smiles to himself.

Dante: There’s hope for this job yet.

Post Mission 3 Script

Lucia and her mother walk through the village.

Matier: What is troubling you my daughter?

Lucia lets out a sigh.

Lucia: I want to be a part of this.  I can’t leave it to that hunter.

A soft smile appears on Matier’s face.

Matier: You desperately wish to be a part of this fight?

Lucia nods her head slightly.

Lucia: I want to hit Arius where it will hurt him the most; the factory.

A concerned look appears on the old woman’s face.

Matier: The factory?  My child, there is nothing for you there.  Let me handle that after the son of Sparda has finished his job.

Lucia turns to her mother.

Lucia: No.  This is something I must do.  I want that bastard Arius to feel the frustration that we feel with this whole drawn out war between the Guardians and Oroboros.  As the last of our people it is our duty to take away that man’s ability to create monsters from innocent people.  And I will carry out my sacred duty and destroy his accursed factory.

Lucia devil triggers.  A pleading expression appears on Matier’s face.

Matier: Lucia, please don’t do this.

Lucia’s wings expand.

Lucia: I’m sorry to go against you on this one, mother.  I feel that this is something that I have to do.  I will not be a spectator to the coming events.

Matier: Lucia listen to me, going to the factory will only cause you more suffering.

Lucia takes to the skies.

Matier: Lucia!  Come back!!!

Lucia flies off toward the setting sun.  A sorrowful look is worn by Matier.

Matier: Oh my poor child, I’m so sorry.  I should have told you.

Pre Mission 4 Script

Bolverk stands outside of the trolley station with Vulcan.

Bolverk: The son of Sparda approaches.  He is not an enemy to be taken lightly.

Vulcan: So why have me take him on?  The honor of slaying Sparda was stolen from you.  I figured you’d want to at least kill his son.

Bolverk: Think of it as a test.

Vulcan: A test?  You want to see how the boy fights.  So then, I shouldn’t kill him?

Bolverk: If you defeat him, kill him.  He won’t spare your life if he wins.  Why should you spare his?

Vulcan: Well then, I apologize in advance.  You will have this honor stolen from you as well.  No half breed can ever hope to conquer my power.

Bolverk turns his back to Vulcan.

Bolverk: We shall see.

Bolverk disappears in a cloud of blue mist.

Vulcan: The son of Sparda, the one who defeated the Emperor of the Demon World.  This battle is going to be one to remember.

Vulcan laughs maniacally as he vanishes in a raging inferno.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante enters the trolley station.  He walks forward a few steps and watches as an msira falls from above and bounces off the trolley in the center of the station.  Dante looks up and sees a massive Orangguerra hanging from the ceiling. 

Dante: Well now, you’re a big fella.

The Orangguerra drops down, crushing the trolley beneath its weight.  It roars at Dante.

Dante: Well, the bigger they are.

Pre Boss Script

Dante heads for the exit.

Vulcan: Leaving so soon, son of Sparda?

Dante turns around and watches as Vulcan materializes out of a raging inferno atop the busted trolley.

Vulcan: You can’t tell me that you are satisfied with just slaying a pathetic beast like that.

Dante smirks at the demon knight.

Dante: And I take it battling it out with you will make for a more satisfying event?

Vulcan: That depends on your swordsmanship, which by the looks of it from your previous battle isn’t much.

Dante draws Rebellion.  Holding it before him he runs his finger along the blade.

Dante: Ya think so huh?

Vulcan raises his right arm and materializes a massive sword out of a mini inferno.

Vulcan: Prove to me otherwise then, if you can.

Vulcan gets into a ready stance.

Dante: You can talk up a pretty big game.  I’m more concerned to see if you can deliver the goods.

Dante gets into a ready stance.

Vulcan: Prepare yourself for a fiery oblivion

Dante sends another smirk Vulcan’s way.

Dante: Whatever.

Post Mission 4 Script

Vulcan swings his massive sword at Dante.  Dante ducks and weaves, easily dodging his opponents swings.  Vulcan lunges at Dante swinging down at the hunter’s legs.  Dante back flips over the blade as Vulcan rips up gravel.

Dante: It takes more than just raw power to win a fight.  You gotta have speed on your side as well.  But don’t worry; you’ll have an eternity in Hell to think about those little words of wisdom.

Vulcan smiles at Dante.

Vulcan: I am a knight of the Demon World.  We have no weaknesses that can’t be worked around.  Where you rush in head first into any situation, a knight like myself always has a game plan incase things don’t go our way.  It’s called tactics my boy.  Your father would be displeased by the way you carry yourself in battle.

Vulcan spins his sword around and sticks it into the ground.  Flames erupt from the ground and stream toward Dante.  He dives to the side and rolls to his feet, looking over his shoulder smirking at Vulcan.  Vulcan leaps into the air flipping backward and landing on the busted trolley.

Dante: Tactics my ass.

Vulcan: Don’t get cocky half-breed.  You haven’t seen anything yet.

Vulcan holds his sword up.  The blade is engulfed in flames.  Vulcan smiles sinisterly.

Vulcan: The heat is on.

Vulcan swings his sword horizontally sending a wave of flames at Dante.  He back flips away from the wave as it crashes into the ground kicking up rubble.

Dante: Batting a thousand, eh tough guy?

Vulcan smiles as he sends wave after wave at Dante.  Dante continues to back flip away from each one.  Dante’s back is to the wall. He claps his hands.

Dante: Bravo! You are a genius when it comes to having a battle plan.

Vulcan sends one more wave of fire at Dante.  But this time it strikes the ground before him.  Rubble kicks up in front of him.

Dante: Nice aim ass…

A look of surprise appears on Dante’s face as Vulcan comes blazing through the rubble and swings at the hunter.  Dante quickly draws Rebellion to intercept the attack.  The force of Vulcan’s attack slams Dante into the wall causing it to cave in some as rubble falls around him.

Vulcan: Impressive.  I didn’t think you had any time to defend against my attack.

Dante: You’ll find that I’m full of surprises.

Dante forces Vulcan off.  Vulcan lashes out with three slashes each dodged by Dante.  Dante leaps over the knight.  Vulcan spins around with a horizontal slash which Dante blocks.  The force of the blow sends Dante flying backward.  He slams up against the trolley.  Dante leaps up and over the trolley.  As he lands a vertical wave of fire cleaves the trolley in half and skates toward Dante.  Dante slightly shifts his position and the wave slides past him.  Vulcan leaps onto the trolley and then leaps at Dante with a downward strike.  Dante blocks the attack but is forced down to one knee.

Vulcan: Your father must be disappointed in you.  You aren’t worthy to be his son.  You are pathetic and weak.  Unlike your father who was strong and admired by the rest of us knights.

Dante grits his teeth.

Dante: I’m nothing like my old man.

He draws Ivory.  As he grips the gun red electricity snakes along it.  He puts the gun to Vulcan’s chest and pulls the trigger.  A massive hole is blown in Vulcan’s mid section.  Vulcan falls to the ground, dead.  Dante rises to his feet.  He gives Ivory a twirl before holstering it.

Dante: I’m a different kind of animal.

Dante straps Rebellion on his back.  He smiles at his fallen opponent.

Dante: Burn in Hell.

Dante looks down at Vulcan’s massive sword.

Dante: It would be a shame to leave such an awesome weapon behind.

He picks it up and slumps it on his shoulder as he walks off.  Dante stops before leaving through the door.  He looks up at the skylight and notices a cloud of dissipating blue mist.  Dante turns and walks through the door.

Pre Mission 5 Script

Lucia flies through the city.  She glides along the air currents.  The camera zooms in on Oroboros Tower in the background.  Arius walks up to the window in his office.  He sips from his glass of whine.  He spies Lucia flying along the outskirts of the city.  A slight smile creases his lips.

Arius: Where are you going little birdie?  Why do you continue to defy your maker?

Bolverk appears out of a cloud of blue mist.  Arius takes another sip of his whine.

Arius: Ah Bolverk.  Do you see her?  The only real threat to my plans is that foolish little girl.  Her struggle is in vain, but her interference in my plans at this precious time is an annoyance.  She must be dealt with.

Arius takes another sip of his whine.

Arius: Follow her and eliminate her.  Then go and take care of the last remaining guardian.  That old woman has lived long enough.

Bolverk: They have hired a hunter.

Arius: So?  Devil Hunters are extremely overrated.  He is most likely an insignificant insect that will become food for the various demons that inhabit this land or should he run into you or any of my other knights he will meet his ultimate fate.

Arius raises the glass to his lips.

Bolverk: He terminated Vulcan.

Arius holds the glass of whine in place.

Arius: What?  How is that even possible? You knights are supposed to be the elite of your race.  How could a lowly hunter kill a knight?

Arius throws his glass, shattering it on the floor.  He turns to face Bolverk with a look of anger.

Arius: The coming events are more important than anything in this world or your world.  Everything must be perfect and timing is everything.  A solar eclipse isn’t a regular occurrence.

Bolverk: I’ll see to the eradication of the hunter.

Arius composes himself slightly.

Arius: No Bolverk.  You will see to the eradication of all three of these little problems.  I want them dead before the start of the eclipse.  Is that clear?

Bolverk: Indeed.

Bolverk disappears into a cloud of mist.  Arius looks down at his shattered glass with a look of disgust.
Pre Boss Script

Dante enters the water filled boathouse.  He notices that the water has overflowed somewhat.  As Dante heads for the shed in the corner a tentacle shoot out from the deeper water of the ocean and wraps around his leg.  The tentacle drags him along the shallow water and then lifts him up into the air. 

Dante: Aw gimmie a break here.

Jokatgulm rises from beneath the glassy surface.

Dante: I should have known a sea monster would be here.  After all, I’m on a damn island.

Dante draws Rebellion and slices the tentacle wrapped around his leg in half.  Dante falls to the ground.  Flipping around, he lands in a crouched position.  He rises to his feet as more tentacles come out of the beast’s body.  Dante smiles sinisterly at the devil.

Dante: This should be fun.

Jokatgulm roars at Dante.

Post Boss Script

Jokatgulm lets out a low roar and then lashes out at Dante with its many tentacles.  Dante ducks, weaves, jumps, and spins out of their way.

Dante: Screw this!

Dante devil triggers and flies at the beast.  Jokatgulm lashes out with its tentacles.  Dante flies between and around them splitting them all in half with his sword.  He flies above the demon’s head and stops his flight.  Allowing gravity to do its job, Dante falls from above and brings his sword down splitting Jokatgulm’s head, neck, and body in half.  Dante flies back to the doors as the creature splits in two and sinks beneath the ocean’s glassy surface.  Dante reverts to his normal form. 

Post Mission 5 Script

Dante slides the shed door open and sees a motorcycle inside.  A big grin appears on his face.

Dante: Go for a ride?

The scene changes to the streets outside of the trolley station.  Dante drives through the doors on the bike.  He brings the vehicle to a screeching stop as he sees the street littered with agonofini.  A smirk creases the hunter’s lips.  He draws Rebellion and switches it to his left hand.  Dante revs the engine and speeds off up the street at the demons, slicing them apart as he drives by. The first demon in his way gets his head decapitated.  Dante leans right, swinging at another enemy, splitting it in half at an angle.  Dante drives right up to the next demon and unleashes a rising prop shredder splitting it up the middle as he speeds by.   Dante drives past an agonofinis.  He spins the bike around in a circle slamming the tail end into a devil sending it flying and shattering up against a wall.  As he spins he takes off the head of the one he passed by.  Completing the spin and facing up the hill he sends his sword spiraling up at another agonofinis.  The blade staples it to the pavement.  Dante revs the engine and continues his drive up the street.  A goatling lands at the top of the street. As he passes the fallen demon he pulls his sword from its body and twirls it about.  Raising its arms, the goatling causes pillars of blue fire to erupt from the ground.  Dante weaves in and out of the flames.  When he reaches the beast he thrusts his sword into its heart and drags it along the road.  Dante approaches a broken bridge.  As the bike soars over the chasm the goatling slides off Dante’s blade and falls into the abyss below.  Dante lands on the other side of the bridge and speeds off.

Pre Mission 6 Script

Dante is speeding through the tunnels on the motorcycle.  Two wolves appear out of mist and lunge at Dante.  Dante draws Rebellion and slices through the first wolf which turns to mist, but the second wolf collides with Dante, knocking him off his bike.  The motorcycle skids across the ground as Dante rolls along the floor.  Dante picks himself up to his hands and knees and looks over at the wolf.  The mist of the first wolf snakes along the ground next the second one and rematerializes.

Geri: Are you all right, Freki?

Freki: I am unharmed, Geri.

Geri: So this is the hunter, eh Freki?

Freki: I believe he is, Geri.

Dante uses Rebellion to push himself up onto his feet.  Dante smiles at the wolves.

Dante: Well aren’t you just the cutest things.

Freki: I think he just insulted us, Geri.

Geri: I believe he did, Freki.

Freki: Can we eat him, Geri?

Geri: I believe we can, Freki.

The wolves bare their fangs and begin to growl at Dante.

Post Boss Script

Freki lunges at Dante.  Dante reaches up and grabs Freki by his mouth, holding it closed while dangling him off the ground.  Freki flails about trying to get free.

Geri: You filthy swine!

Geri dashes toward Dante.  Dante draws Ebony and opens fire on the speedy wolf.  Geri slips past each bullet and lunges at Dante biting into his forearm.  He releases Freki and draws Ivory.  Freki bites into his other arm.

Dante: Bad dogs!

Dante devil triggers.  The energy from the transformation (DT flux) hurls both wolves into opposing walls of the tunnel.  The wolves stagger to their feet.

Freki: Impressive display of power, eh Geri?

Geri: Indeed, just like his father, right Freki?

Dante: My father?

The wolves both howl into the sky before they turn into clouds of white mist and fly out of the tunnel.  Dante reverts back to his normal form and holsters his guns.

Dante: Seems like everyone knows my old man.

The scene changes to the top of Oroboros Tower.  Bolverk stands above pointing his sword to the heavens.  The wolf spirits spiral around Bolverk’s body and enter his sword.

Bolverk: The boy may just turn out to be a worthy adversary yet.

Pre Boss Script

Dante walks around the corner.  He leans to the side just as a missile flies by his head.  The oil tanker behind him explodes.  Three demonically infested tanks roll into view.  A stupefied look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: You gotta be kidding me?

The tanks are joined by a helicopter.  Dante shakes his head in disbelief at the sight before him.

 Dante: Demonic infested war machines? Now I’ve seen everything.

Another tank rolls down the opposite side of the street and fires a rocket at Dante.  Dante holds his hand out and grabs the missile.  Using the momentum to spin himself around he whips the projectile back at the infested tank.  The missile flies down the barrel of the tank’s cannon and it blows apart from the inside.

Dante: Tch, what a joke.

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory.  Fireballs from above rain down upon the vehicles blowing them into scrap metal.  Dante looks up and watches as a massive dragon flies over head and sets down on the burning rubble.  Dante whistles at the creature’s impressive visage.

Tiamat: Leave now human!  Your kind is forbidden in this city!

Dante: Off limits?  Sorry but I gotta tell ya that I’m a bit of a rule breaker.

Tiamat: Then let those words be placed upon your epitaph.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante walks off down the street.  He hears a loud roar and turns around to see Tiamat fly around the building.  The beast roars at Dante.

Dante: Damn it.

Tiamat spits a fireball at Dante.  He dives through the doors of the building next to him.

Dante: Gotta take this fight to higher ground.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante leaps up to the top of the roof of the sky scraper.  Tiamat flies up on the other side of the building and lands on the roof.

Tiamat: There is no escape human.

Dante smiles sinisterly at the beast.

Dante: Who ever said I was trying to escape?

Tiamat: So you wish to challenge me?  You are a fool.

Dante grips the hilt of his sword.

Dante: It’s not in my nature to run away from a fight.  And besides…

Dante draws Rebellion.

Dante: I feel like slaying a dragon.

Post Mission 6 Script

Tiamat flies around in a circle above the roof and then takes to the skies.  Dante straps Rebellion on his back.

Dante: Ya scared?!

Tiamat positions itself far above.  Opening its mouth it charges a massive fireball.  It unleashes it upon the building.  Dante’s eyes go wide as he watches it speed toward him.

Dante: Oh shit.

Dante turns and swan dives off the ledge as the fireball slams into the roof and rips through the whole building blowing it apart as it rips through to the ground.  Tiamat speeds toward the base of the building and then circles it as it speeds up to meet Dante in his free fall.  Dante twirls around; drawing Ebony and Ivory he fires a barrage of bullets at the rising creature.  The bullets bounce off the demon’s thick scales but two bullets hit home, blasting out the dragon’s eyes.  The dragon shakes it’s head about as it roars in pain.  Dante resumes his swan dive form, holstering his side arms.  He draws his sword and sends it spiraling down at Tiamat.  It pierces the bottom of its jaw.  Dante devil triggers and flies down at the dragon which is still rising at him.  He grabs his sword and drags it down through the demon’s neck and body, killing the beast.  Dante practically flies down into the ground but reverts to his normal form, landing on the ground at the last second.  Dante gets up and walks off sheathing his sword on his back.  Tiamat’s body slams into the ground behind Dante.  A smirk appears on the hunter’s face as he continues to walk off.

Pre Mission 7 Script

A helicopter flies through the skies above the city.  It flies past the building that was wrecked during Dante’s battle with Tiamat.  Arius looks out the window.  He sees Tiamat’s body on the ground far below.

Arius: The guardian of my city has been slain.  It would appear that this hunter is exceptionally skilled.

Arius raises his hand in front of his face.  Electricity snakes along it.

Arius: Always have a backup plan.

He snaps his fingers, causing a spark to illuminate the cabin.  Below, Dante walks in the streets toward Oroboros Tower.  He stops and looks up at the passing helicopter.

Dante: What a gracious host, leaving his guest like this.

The ground begins to rumble.  Glass shatters from the windows in the buildings all around Dante.

Dante: What now?

Electricity begins to course along the sky scraper down the street.  Its walls begin to buckle and give as if something was trying to push its way through.  Hands followed by a head rip through the structure.  Soon a whole upper torso is hanging out of the face of the building.  A stupefied look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: That’s…different.

Nefascapitis opens its mouth and a stream of energy hits the ground before Dante causing a massive explosion that throws massive chunks of debris into the air.  Dante leaps from boulder to boulder and then jumps over to the ground before the massive demon.  He draws Ebony and Ivory and throws a smirk the demon’s way.  Nefascapitis roars at Dante.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante stands staring the massive beast down.  Nefascapitis opens its mouth and charges a massive ball of light.  Dante devil triggers and continues to stand his ground.  The demon unleashes its ray of light upon Dante.  The explosion is massive.  When the smoke clears Dante is down on one knee.  He lifts his head up and throws a look of fury toward the beast.  He flaps his wings taking to the skies.  Energy begins to swirl in front of Dante.  The energy grows bigger and forms a ball of energy.  Dante thrusts both hands forward and fires a massive beam of demonic energy at Nefascapitis.  The beam annihilates the demon’s body and its head falls to the ground.  Dante lands and reverts back to his normal form.  He turns and begins to walk away.  Nefascapitis lets out a low roar.  Dante turns around wearing a look of surprise.

Dante: Aim for the head.  Always aim for the head.  I should know better.

Dante draws Rebellion.

Post Mission 7 Script

Nefascapitis rises into the air.  Dante pulls his sword back and leaps up after it.  Nefascapitis lets itself drop.  This action takes Dante by complete surprise as he is unable to swing his sword before being swallowed whole by the head.  Nefascapitis slams into the ground.  It lets out a low growl.  And then its face contorts in pain and it lets out a painful roar.  Bullets begin ripping through the demon’s head.  The firing ceases.  The head allows a painful whine to escape its lips.  Then in a flash, a tornado of sword slashes rips the head apart completely obliterating it.  Dante stands where the head once was, drenched from head to toe in blood.  An annoyed look rests on his face.  His eyes are blood red with red demonic energy emanating off of his body.  The energy dissipates and his eye color returns to normal.

Dante: I wasn’t expecting to take a blood bath today.

Dante straps his sword on his back and walks off back the way he came.

Pre Mission 8 Script

Lucia stands at the edge of the highway looking out at the oil rig that acts as Arius’ secret factory.

Lucia: Arius, I should have done this a long time ago.  You’re evil ambitions will crumble once I take away your ability to create devils.

Lucia devil triggers and flies to the rig.

Post Mission 8 Script

Lucia enters the laboratory and notices pods with people floating in glowing liquid within them.  She grits her teeth.

Lucia: This is so sick.  Arius you scum, you’ll pay for this.

Lucia heads for the main control terminal.  As she moves through the massive lab one of Arius’ secretaries swings around from behind a pod, delivering a kick to Lucia’s face.  The attack sends Lucia flying backward.  Another secretary jumps out from behind another pod.  She lunges forward and kicks the airborne Lucia, sending her slamming up against a pod.  The impact causes cracks to spider web out across the pod’s glassy surface.  Lucia bounces off it and lands on her hands and knees.

Arius: Someone’s been a bad little birdie.

Lucia turns her head to see Arius walk into view.  Both secretaries move to stand at his side.  Lucia grits her teeth as she rises to her feet.  Hate burns in her eyes.

Lucia: Arius…

Arius begins to laugh.

Arius: Did you come here to stop my experiments?  Are you here to destroy my lab?

Lucia: You’re sick.  Experimenting on humans and turning them into devils.

Arius: And what can a defect like you hope to accomplish?

A look of surprise appears on Lucia’s face.

Lucia: Defect?

Arius smiles at Lucia.

Arius: I see Matier never told you.

Lucia: Told me what?

Arius: What you are, your true origin.  You truly believe that you are her daughter don’t you?

Confusion appears on Lucia’s face.

Lucia: Wha…what are you trying to tell me?

Arius waves his hand out in front of him.

Arius: Look around.  What do you see? Man made monsters.  I make them by combining human DNA with Devil DNA.  They are grown in these pods.  At first I had to let them grow naturally but then I found a way to accelerate their aging and I was able to age them to the point that I wanted.  But more importantly Lucia, this is where you were born.

Shock masks Lucia’s face.

Lucia: No…that’s not true.  That’s not true! I have a mother.

Arius: You have a surrogate, nothing more, nothing less.

Lucia: Liar!!!

Lucia tosses a dagger at Arius.  The secretary on his left snatches the dagger out of the air.  Lucia stands, glaring at Arius.

Arius: Years ago I started out by injecting the genes of demons into humans.  This method turned them into mindless beasts.  But with controlled doses I was able to turn them into obedient monsters.  I sold my serums to foreign markets.  There was a high demand for super soldiers and what better way to make a super soldier than to make them into a demon.  But alas, my research was destroyed in an attack on my laboratory.  The Guardians destroyed everything.

Arius walks over to a pod and rubs his hand over the glass.

Arius: But thanks to that, I was able to start this project, creating devils through cloning.  During the process of development I just add devil DNA to the equation and then add the serum to accelerate the aging. 

Arius turns to face Lucia.

Arius: That bitch you consider to be your mother cost me billions.  After the first attack on my labs, I used my dark abilities to summon three demon knights to my service and set them loose on the Guardians.  Only Matier escaped the massacre.  In retaliation, she single handedly attacked my labs and caused a great deal of destruction.  However, she stopped her attack when she came across the single pod that contained an infant.  She liberated the child and fled.  That child was you, Lucia.

Lucia’s eyes widen.  Tears begin to well up within them.  She blinks them away.

Lucia: No.  I don’t believe you.

Arius shrugs his shoulders.

Arius: She liberated you before the process was completed.  You didn’t receive the accelerated aging serum and you missed your final injection of the devil DNA.  Haven’t you ever considered the reason why you can’t maintain a transformed state?  It’s because you are an incomplete being.  These two beside me can stay transformed indefinitely.  But a defect like you, who is no better than a failed experiment, can’t handle all that raw power for extended periods of time.

Lucia shakes her head.

Arius: Look at the mark on your shoulder.

At that, the secretary that caught Lucia’s dagger whips it back at her.  It slices her sleeve open on her shoulder.  Lucia looks at the mark.

Lucia: This is a birth mark.

Arius: That is a tattoo that all my experiments receive when they enter the infant stage.  Still not convinced?  Just look at your reflection.

Both secretaries take their masks off.  They are both identical to Lucia except their eyes are completely black.  A look of horror appears on Lucia’s face.

Arius: All of my creations are made in my dearly departed wife’s image.  It is her DNA that I use to create life.

The secretaries put their masks on and then walk away.

Arius: And now you know the truth.

Lucia clenches her fists.

Lucia: Lies…

Arius laughs.

Arius: I know it’s hard to accept my dear.  Go ahead and destroy the lab if it’ll make you feel any better.  In fact, go ahead and destroy this whole factory.  It doesn’t matter.  I’ll obtain the power of Argosax and transcend all living things.  I’ll be able to create monsters with a mere thought.  Have fun.

Lucia draws her Cutlaseers and charges Arius.  He pulls out his Orb of Dominance and holds it out in front of him.  Lucia releases her weapons, clutches her chest, and drops to her knees.

Arius: This is the Orb of Dominance.  I created it with black magic.  All of you clones are bound to it.  With this artifact and a simple thought I can do anything to you.  Even though you were raised by a Guardian, you still belong to me.

Arius smiles sinisterly as he puts away the orb.

Arius: That was but a mere taste of what that orb can do.  

Arius turns his back on Lucia.

Arius: Bring me the Arcanas or I’ll make you suffer in such a way that you’ll beg me to end your life.  That’s a promise.

Arius walks away.  Lucia begins to weep softly.

Pre Mission 9 Script

Dante sits on his parked bike looking out at the oil rig.  He focuses on the helicopter.  He gets off the bike and walks up to the guard rail that lines the highway.  A smile appears on his face.

Dante: Found ya.

Dante devil triggers and flies down to the oil rig.  He lands on the top of the roof above the doorway and reverts back to his normal form just as Arius walks out.  Dante hops down behind him and advances on the man.  Arius stops walking and turns to his side to regard the hunter.

Arius: Well, well, what have we here?

Dante holds his arms out to his sides.

Dante: Do you even have to ask?

Arius: Hmph, another time perhaps.

Arius raises his hand in front of his face.  It’s engulfed in flames.  He snaps his finger causing smoke to billow from his hand.  Arius smiles before walking back to the helicopter.  Dante takes a step forward to pursue when a ring of flames spreads out from where Arius was standing.  Furiataurus climbs out of a fiery portal in the ground.  The helicopter rises into the air behind the demon and heads for the city.  The fiery devil roars into the air.  Dante stands there staring the behemoth down.  The mighty bull holds its arm outstretched.  A massive war hammer materializes out of a mini inferno of flames.

Dante: Bulls get angry when they see red, right?  Heh, I wonder if I made the right choice with my outfit today.

Furiataurus swings its mighty hammer, smashing Dante across the platform.  As Dante soars through the air he holds his arm out and pushes off the ground.  Using the push he shifts his position in the air, flipping backward and landing in a slide.  Dante straightens himself out.  Rotating his left arm a pop is heard as his shoulder relocates.

Dante: Hell of a hit.  But you’ll have to do better than that.

Dante taunts Furiataurus (DMC1 style double handed).  The bull kicks at the ground with each leg.

Dante: Tauro, tauro!

The demon begins to charge Dante.

Post Mission 9 Script

Furiataurus strikes at Dante again and again hitting nothing but the ground as the hunter evades.  The massive bull leaps into the air and slams its hammer down upon Dante.  Dante dashes out of the way.  Furiataurus moves with him.  It brings its hammer down upon him again.  Dante’s eyes change from blue to red and his body emanates a red aura as he brings his sword back.  He swings forward meeting the hammer with his blade.  The impact causes Furiataurus’ hammer to shatter into fragments.  With the momentum of his swing Dante follows through and spins around, sending his sword spiraling at the devil.  It slams into its chest.  Sparks fly from the demon’s rock like flesh and lava like blood pours out from the wound as the sword sinks in.  Furiataurus staggers back three steps roaring in pain.  It stands upright and roars once more as flames billow up off of its body.  Dante smiles sinisterly at the beast.  The bull charges the hunter.  Dante reaches out and grabs onto the devil’s horns.  Furiataurus is putting more force into its attack so Dante ends up being pushed back.  Dante grits his teeth while trying in vain to hold the bull back.  Dante devil triggers.  His increased strength allows him to finally hold Furiataurus at bay.  He squeezes the bull’s horns sinking his fingers into them which send cracks spider webbing out all over them.  Dante yells in frustration as he lifts the massive demon up over his head and into the air.  He slams the devil down into the ground, snapping its horns off in the process.  Furiataurus shoots up quickly howling in pain.  Dante takes flight.  Flying at the bull, Dante slams the horns into the sides of the creature’s head.  Lava like blood splatters out.  Furiataurus staggers back and lets out one more howl to the heavens before burning out and hardening.  Dante lands and reverts back to his normal form.  He whistles and Rebellion rips out of the now stone-like creature’s chest.  As it pulls itself out, Furiataurus is reduced to a pile of rubble.  Dante straps his sword on his back.

Dante: Now where was I?

Automated Message: Warning!  Warning!  The self destruct sequence has been activated! Evacuate the facility immediately!

Dante: Now’s not the time to get to relaxed.

Dante runs to the edge of the roof.  Leaping up into the air he devil triggers and flies back to his bike.  He lands and reverts to his normal form and watches as the rig explodes.  Out of the smoke, Lucia (devil form) flies off in the opposite direction of the city. 

Dante: Where’s she going?

Dante watches as she disappears out of sight.  Dante gets on his bike and starts it up.  He revs the engine.

Dante: I’ve got some questions that need to be answered.

Dante speeds off after Lucia.

Pre Mission 10 Script

Dante parks his bike outside of the ruins. 

Dante: Looks like the ruins of a temple.  But where’s Lucia?  I could have sworn I saw her touchdown around here.

Dante walks away from his bike.

Pre Boss Script

Dante walks out of the pillar of light as it fades away.  He notices he’s in some kind of cave.

Dante: I guess I have to pass some sort of test to get into the temple.

The sounds of wings flapping can be heard.  Dante turns around and looks up to see a giant moth slowly fly into view.  Dante shakes his head at the sight.  Noctperan lets out a high pitched screech.

Dante: Of all the horrible creatures I could fight right now I have to fight a bug.

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory and twirls them about.

Dante: Kinda brings back memories.

Post Mission 10 Script

Noctperan swoops down at Dante.  Dante leaps up into the air and twirls around and lands on its back.  The monster takes to the skies again.  Dante grabs each wing and rips them off.  The wings drift to the ground as the moth dives down at an angle.  It crashes into the ground and comes to a sliding stop.  Noctperan begins to crawl along the ground as if it were trying to escape.  Dante walks along its body while drawing his side arms.  When he reaches the fallen moth’s head he opens fire.  The bullets rip through its skull.  Chunks of flesh and bone spew up into the air as blood splashes out.  As the bullets pierce its head it flails about wildly but eventually falls still.  Dante leaps off of the dead demon and the pillar of light appears.  Dante holsters his guns and looks over the now deceased insect.

Dante: Easy enough.

Dante heads for the transporter.

Pre Mission 11 Script

Lucia watches from atop one of the pillars as the ground opens up and reveals the entrance to the temple.  She leaps down.

Lucia: Well done Dante.  You’re making this easy for me.

Lucia leaps down into the temple.  She takes a few steps forward before the floor collapses.  She falls into the black abyss below.

Lucia: I’ve come this far and I’m not going to get sidetracked.

Before Lucia can devil trigger and fly out of her predicament she’s pelted by a massive piece of falling debris and falls unconscious.  Lucia plummets into the darkness.

Pre Boss Script

Dante enters what appears to be a throne room.  Bolverk sits at the throne in a rather bored position.

Bolverk: Welcome son of Sparda.  I’ve been expecting you.

Dante gives the knight a hard stare.

Dante: I bet you have.

Dante stops in the center of the room.

Dante: You’re the guy who’s been spying on me.  I saw you at the village and the town.  Were those your pets that jumped me in the tunnel?

Bolverk rises from the chair.

Bolverk: I had to see if you were worthy enough to be my opponent.

An annoyed look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Worthy or not pal, you would’ve had to deal with me sooner or later.

Bolverk: Such arrogance.  Your father would address me with respect, for the two…

Dante: I’m not my father.

Bolverk slides forward at Dante with his halberd drawn.  Dante draws Rebellion and intercepts his opponents attack.  The warriors lock their blades together.

Bolverk: Do not disappoint me son of Sparda.  I expect a great battle. 

Dante smirks at Bolverk.

Dante: I’ll try not to disappoint you.

Bolverk pushes forward forcing Dante off balance.  The hunter staggers back a few steps.

Bolverk: Make no mistake, this is not a game.  I will kill you.

The two warriors take up ready stances.

Post Mission 11 Script

Bolverk slides in a wide circular pattern around Dante.

Bolverk: Why do you hold back?

Dante offers a smirk.

Dante: I’m putting on a good show for ya.

Bolverk stops his movement in front of Dante.

Bolverk: Nonsense.  If you don’t come at me with everything you have I’ll slay you where you stand.

Dante twirls his sword and points it at the knight.

Dante: Good luck with that, bones.

Bolverk slides at Dante, attacking with an overhead strike.  Dante intercepts the attack.  Bolverk pushes down with his weight behind him and forces Dante to drop down to one knee.

Bolverk: I’ve crossed swords with the legendary Sparda.  How is it that his son is so weak?

An annoyed look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: I’m starting to get a little annoyed here.  You really don’t wanna piss me off.

Bolverk laughs softly.

Bolverk: What is it that makes you so soft? Was it growing up without a father to teach you how to wield a sword?  Or was your mother too nurturing?

Dante grits his teeth, his face now masked with anger.

Bolverk: Maybe you aren’t soft.  Maybe you just don’t care.  I wager the reason why your father died like a dog was because he didn’t want to deal with his vile children.  Perhaps your mother gave up on life because the very sight of her special children sickened her.

Dante’s eyes turn red.

Dante: I warned you.

Dante pushes upward forcing Bolverk off balance.  Dante unleashes a barrage of strikes in a berserk fury.  Bolverk blocks each strike.  Twirling his massive Halberd around while swinging it from side to side; Bolverk continues to fend off Dante’s attacks.  The wind begins to swirl violently around the two.  They both go for an overhead strike.  When the blades collide the wind boosts Bolverk’s attack and Dante is throne backward across the room.  Dante flips around planting his feet against the wall.  He kicks himself off, devil triggering in the process.  Flying at super speeds he thrusts his sword into Bolverk’s chest and pins him against the opposing wall.

Bolverk: Impressive.

A wall of wind surrounds the knight.  Dante is blown off him.  He flips backward through the air and lands to a skidding stop.  Dante returns to his normal form.

Bolverk: I’ve clearly underestimated your strength. 

The knight pulls the sword out of his chest and tosses it to the ground.  The blade slides along the ground stopping before Dante’s feet.

Bolverk: We will continue this at a later point in time.  When next we meet, I hope you bring your ferocious attitude with you.

Bolverk vanishes in a cloud of blue mist.

Dante: Why would a powerful demon knight serve a human?  Why would any of these devils serve a human?

Pre Mission 12 Script

Lucia lifts a massive piece of rubble off of her.  She gets up and dusts herself off.

Lucia: I was too careless.  Did I let that bastard’s words get to me?

Lucia fights back tears.

Lucia: Mother, why didn’t you tell me?

Lucia shakes her head.

Lucia: No.  Now isn’t the time to think about that.  I have to secure the final Arcana.

Pre Boss Script

The elevator column drops Lucia off in a massive chamber.  The elevator column descends, revealing the Arcana, Calice.  Lucia reaches for it.  A gate descends cutting Lucia off from her prize.  The floor opens up in the center of the chamber.  A platform carrying Plutonian rises.

Lucia: The temple guardian…

Plutonian whips its chain axe out in a horizontal arc at Lucia.  She side flips over the weapon.

Lucia: I’ve come too far to fail now.

She draws her Cutlaseers and gets into a ready stance.

Lucia: I won’t let you stand in my way.
Post Mission 12 Script

Plutonian thrusts its left axe forward.  Lucia leaps onto the chain and sprints along it towards the demon.  Plutonian whips its right axe across at Lucia.  She twirls over the second chain and continues to run across the first.  She flips over the beast, splitting both of its heads open in the process.  The demon falls backward onto the ground.  Lucia looks over at the Arcana and realizes that it’s still behind bars.  She looks down at the fallen demon.

Lucia: Is it not dead?  It’s not moving.

Lucia sheaths her blades.

Lucia: I don’t have time for this.

She walks over to the Arcana, devil triggers, and then bends the bars apart.  She reverts to her normal form and smiles.

Pre Mission 13 Script

Dante walks down a hallway. 

Dante: Who the hell is this guy to command such powerful devils?  Why hasn’t Lucia already taken him out? 

Dante stops in his tracks.

Dante: What’s her connection to him?

Dante starts walking again.

Dante: That girl’s got some explaining to do.

Pre Boss Script

Dante hops down into the massive chamber.  He spies Plutonian laid out on the ground and Lucia at the other end of the room.  Dante walks over to her.  He looks down at the fallen demon and then back at Lucia.  His eyes go past her to the bent bars.

Dante: What’s wrong, didn’t feel like killing the big brute?

Lucia turns to regard Dante.

Lucia: Time is of the essence.  Now all that’s left is to stop Arius.

Dante: Did you find what you were looking for?

Lucia raises the Arcana Calice in front of her face.

Lucia: The final Arcana.

She tosses it to Dante.

Lucia: Give that to my mother.

A stupefied look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: What do you mean give it to your mother?

Lucia climbs into the elevator column.

Dante: Hey where the hell do you think your going?!

Lucia points behind Dante.

Lucia: I wouldn’t worry about me.

Dante turns around as the column rises with Lucia.  Plutonian is up on its feet.

Dante: This is bullshit.

Dante draws Rebellion and sends it spiraling toward Plutonian.  The blade twirls causing sparks to fly as it rips over the ground.  It arcs up, sawing Plutonian in half.  The sword spirals back into its owner’s hand.  As Plutonian falls apart, a whole being is created from each half.  Dante smirks at the creatures.

Dante: Double the fun, huh?

Dante doesn’t even give the demons a chance to attack.  He leaps at the one on the left.  He lands against its chest.  The hunter takes the beast’s head off with a quick slash of his sword.  He kicks off the demon’s body, spinning through the air he slices the other monster’s head off.  The twin devils fall to the ground and melt into a puddle of blood.  Dante straps his sword on his back.  He turns around to see the elevator column descend.  He heads for his exit only to stop in his tracks as the entrance to the elevator freezes closed.  Dante turns around and watches as the entire chamber freezes over.

Dante: Neat…a winter wonderland.

Ice particles come together in the air forming a figure of ice.  The ice cracks and then shatters outward in all directions.  The shards that strike Dante shatter against his body.  The devil knight behind the little show lands on the ground.

Dante: And here’s Jack Frost.

Tempest: The son of Sparda.  I’ve been looking forward to this.  Ever since you slaughtered Vulcan, I knew you were an opponent that I had to meet.

Tempest twirls his trident about and then stabs it into the ground.  A trail of icicle spikes shoots out at Dante in a line.  Dante backhands the closest spike to shoot at him.  It shatters.  The shock of Dante’s hit causes the rest to shatter as well.

Dante: That’s a cool toy ya got there.  Way too cool for someone like you.

Tempest smiles sinisterly at Dante.

Tempest: Cool? Cool is a very accurate description for my baby here.

Dante draws Rebellion.

Dante: This job has dragged on long enough.  Unfortunately for you, that means I don’t intend to toy with you.

Tempest twirls his trident above his head and then assumes a ready stance.

Tempest: Don’t let the temperature kill you before I get my chance.

Dante gets into a ready stance.

Dante: I think I can manage.

Post Boss Script

Tempest lunges at Dante.

Tempest: Freeze in hell!!

Tempest unleashes a flurry of strikes at Dante.  Dante avoids the attacks and bats a few of the strikes away with his sword.

Dante: I was gonna say that.

Tempest leaps into the air and comes down on top of Dante.  Dante holds his sword up and intercepts the knight’s attack.  His blade is caught between the blades of the trident.

Dante: Get off.

Dante pushes with his sword and hurls Tempest off of him.  The knight flips through the air and lands in a crouched position.  Dante leaps at Tempest.  Tempest twirls his trident as he brings it up to block Dante’s attack.  Dante’s sword comes down in a flash.  Tempest’s trident cracks.  The crack ices over and then breaks off.  His weapon is still in one piece.  Tempest smiles sinisterly at Dante.  Dante returns the gesture with a smirk.  Tempest’s look changes to one of horror mixed with pain as a line of blood appears down his face.  Blood drips down on the ground at his feet.  Tempest begins to split in two.  Blood pours out of him as his two halves hit the ground.  Dante straps Rebellion on his back.

Dante:  Told ya I wouldn’t be messing around.

Dante looks at Tempest’s trident and smiles.

Post Mission 13 Script

Dante climbs out of the temple.  He walks through the ruins back to his bike.  Matier is standing beside his ride.

Dante: What brings you out to these parts?

Matier’s eyes go to the Arcana in Dante’s hand.

Matier: It seems that you have obtained the final Arcana.

Dante walks up to her and hands her the artifact.

Dante: It’s from your daughter.  She told me to give it to you.  Though I’m not big on requests, I’m fortunate in bumping into you out here.

The old woman places the Medaglia, Spada, Bastone, and Calice on Dante’s motorcycle.

Dante: What are you doing, granny?

Matier: These will be safer with you.  Now I have one more thing to ask of you.  Please, save my daughter.  She’s gone off to face Arius, but I’m afraid she’s no match for him.

Dante: She has a deep hatred for that man, huh?  I followed her here to ask her about that.  I was hired to take him out, not hunt for ancient toys or anything else.

Dante walks past Matier and tucks the Arcanas into the pack on his bike.

Dante: What’s her connection to him?

A look of sorrow appears on Matier’s face.

Matier: She was…created…by Arius.

Dante gets on his bike.

Dante: A man-made devil, huh?  I couldn’t even tell.

A look of surprise appears on Matier’s face.

Matier: You know of such things?

Dante: Oroboros Technologies had some dealings with this rouge military unit I threw down with.  Now I know where they got the tools to make devils from. 

Matier approaches the hunter.

Matier: Will you help her?

Dante turns to face her with a smile on his face.

Dante: Tell ya what…

He pulls out his coin.

Dante: If it’s heads I’ll play the role of the hero and rescue the damsel in distress.

Dante flips the coin.  He snatches it out of the air.  He opens his palm.

Dante: It’s your lucky day.  I wonder if your lucky streak will continue, granny.

Dante tucks his coin away and starts his bike up.  He revs the engine and speeds off.  The old guardian smiles to herself.

Matier: A trick coin? You try too hard to hide the fact that you’re like your father.

Matier lets out a low laugh.

Pre Mission 14 Script

Lucia stares up at Oroboros Tower.

Lucia: I will bring it all to an end.  I have to.  No matter what the outcome, Arius must be stopped.

Lucia walks into the building.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Lucia enters Arius’ office.  Arius is sitting at his desk smiling at Lucia as she approaches.

Arius: The defect has come home.  I see you have forgotten to bring me my Arcanas.

Lucia: You’ll never acquire the Arcanas.  I have seen to it personally.

Arius starts to laugh.

Arius: Is that so?

Lucia tosses a dagger at Arius.  He holds his right hand up to intercept the blade.  The dagger rips through his hand and gets caught.  Arius turns his hand over and pulls the little knife out.  He throws it over his shoulder.  His left hand glows green and he waves it over his right.  The wound closes.  He smiles at Lucia.

Lucia: I will kill you Arius.  I’ve come this far and I intend to end it.

Arius snaps his fingers.  Two secretaries come walking through the doorway behind Lucia.

Arius: Girls, Lucia has attacked her creator.  She must be severely punished.  Have fun.

The two secretaries begin to circle around Lucia, staring her down coldly.

Secretary 1: You are nothing but a traitor.  You must be dealt with.

Secretary 2: No, not a traitor, a defect.

Secretary 1: Yes, a defect, a worthless failure.

Secretary 2: Time to discard the useless trash.

Lucia draws her Cutlaseers.

Secretary 1: How amusing. She intends to fight back.

Secretary 2: Struggle all you like my dear.  You are no match for two perfect specimens.

Lucia grits her teeth.

Lucia: I’m not going to lose.

Post Mission 14 Script

The secretaries launch a flurry of attacks at Lucia.  She defends against all of them.  One secretary spins around and kicks Lucia in the gut sending her staggering backwards.  The other secretary leaps over the first and lands a kick to Lucia’s face causing her to reel backward a few more steps.  The two secretaries charge her.  Lucia leaps up and boots the two secretaries in the face with a midair split kick.  Both secretaries are knocked backward from the attack.  Lucia smiles as she readies herself for the next attack.

Lucia: If I am such a defect then why am I still standing?  Shouldn’t I be on the ground in agonizing pain?

A gun shot is heard.  Lucia’s eyes widen.  She drops her blades and falls to her hands and knees.  She reaches up and clutches her wounded chest.  Arius walks over to her with his revolver drawn.

Arius: That’s enough girls.  I’ll take over from here.  You may go. 

The secretaries bow and leave the chamber.  Lucia looks up at Arius with rage filled eyes.

Arius: I think it’s time to make good on my promise, don’t you think?

Arius holds out his Orb of Dominance.

Arius: Shall we begin?

Arius smiles sinisterly.  The scene changes to show Dante outside on a rooftop staring up at Oroboros tower.

Pre Mission 15 Script

Lucia is chained hanging from the ceiling.  Her clothes are torn, with many cuts littering her exposed skin, tears of blood stream down her face.  Arius stands on his desk with his arm outstretched.  In his palm rests his Orb of Dominance.  Lucia grits her teeth.

Lucia: Kill me!

A sinister grin appears on Arius’ face.

Arius: I told you that you’d beg me to end your life.  But it’s not enough.  You haven’t suffered enough.  I will break you before I kill you.

Lucia: Just kill…

Arius: Enough!!

Electricity courses over Lucia’s body.  She screams in pain.  Arius ceases the torture.  Smoke rises off of Lucia’s body.

Arius: Enough of your pleading.  Your life will end after you watch as I have the surrogate mother you took on, torn apart before your very eyes.

Lucia’s face is encased in a mask of fear and pain.

Lucia: …please…

The Arcana, Spada, zips passed Arius’ head and sticks into the window.  Cracks in the glass spider web out across a small area.  Dante walks through the doorway.

Dante: That’s just a piece of shit.

With lightning quick speed Arius draws his revolver, spins around, and fires off a shot at Dante.  Dante cocks his head to the side as the bullet glides by.  Dante smiles as he tosses the other three Arcanas on the floor.

Dante: There’s another three for ya.

Lucia’s eyes widen.

Lucia: No!!

Arius smiles as he hops down from his desk.  He pockets his orb and holds out his hand.  The Arcanas are encased in a purple aura as all four levitate before him.

Arius: Ah, the Arcanas.  You’ve just made my job easier.

Dante: Shit like that doesn’t interest me.

Dante offers Arius a smirk.

Dante: But…

Dante kicks the tip of his blade sending it spiraling out of its strap and into the air.  On its decent he reaches up and grasps the handle.  He points the sword at Arius.

Dante: …your swan song will.

Arius waves his hand, guiding the Arcanas to his desk.  Arius begins twirling his revolver (Revolver Ocelot style). He stops and points his revolver at Dante.

Arius: I don’t think you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Dante: Promises, promises.

Post Mission 15 Script

Arius stands twirling his revolver.

Arius: Your skills are quite impressive.  You’re no ordinary hunter.

Dante rests Rebellion on his shoulder as he walks toward Arius.

Dante: Yeah, and you’re not a bad gun fighter.  Too bad you’re playing for the wrong team.

Arius: You don’t understand.  I must obtain the power of Argosax in order to transcend all living things.

Dante stops and points his sword at Arius.

Dante: You’re just this devil’s puppet.  Besides, humans can’t handle the powers of devils.  Every human that has tried was overwhelmed and ultimately destroyed.

Arius: Where others have failed I will succeed.

Arius twirls his gun down to his hip and fires off a quick shot which tears through Dante’s midsection.  Dante hunches forward and clutches the wound.  He grits his teeth and his eyes briefly flash red.  He regains his composure.

Dante: Your bullets pack quite a punch.  I see you’re pretty good with packing some of your magic into them each time you pull the trigger.

A look of surprise appears on Arius’ face.

Arius: That should have killed you.  You’re not human are you?

Dante dashes toward Arius.  He swings his sword across attempting to take his opponent’s head off.  Arius leans back, spinning his gun against Dante’s blade, deflecting it away.  Arius spins behind the hunter and puts his gun to the back of Dante’s head.  Arius smiles as he slides the gun’s hammer back.

Arius: Well played.

Arius pulls the trigger.  The hunter slides out of the way at the last second and spins around with another horizontal swing.  Arius repositions himself and brings his revolver up in front of his face just in time to intercept Dante’s attack.

Dante: That’s a well crafted cannon ya got there.

Arius grits his teeth, unable to keep his gun steady against Dante’s sword he fires off three shots.  The first two pass by Dante’s head but the third nicks his cheek.  Dante kicks Arius sending him flying backward.  As Arius soars through the air he fires another shot at the hunter.  Dante brings his sword up in front of his face, blocking the bullet.  Arius rolls backward as he lands.  He leaps to his feet and fires off two more shots.  Dante spins around while drawing Ebony.  He bisects the first bullet with his sword.  Firing two shots of his own, the first deflects Arius’ other bullet while the second knocks the revolver out of Arius’ hand.  Dante keeps Ebony trained on Arius.

Dante: Game over, pal.

Arius smiles sinisterly.

Arius: Is it?

Arius looks up at Lucia and then back at Dante.

Arius: What will you do; save the girl, or save the day? You only have time for one.

Arius tosses a fireball at Lucia.  Dante leaps up and with a swipe of his sword cuts Lucia free.  Sheathing his sword he kicks off the window, flipping backward over the fireball as it detonates against the window causing the glass to crack all over.  He lands on the ground with Lucia in his arms.  Dante rises to his feet still holding her.

Lucia: Forget about me.  Kill…Arius.

Dante smiles at her.

Dante: Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Arius: But who’s got you?

Arius holds out his arm and unleashes a wave of dark energy at Dante and Lucia.  Dante turns his back in order to shield Lucia.  The energy detonates throwing them both through the window.  Arius walks over looking down, watching them both as they plummet to the ground below.  Dante devil triggers and flies back up to Arius.

Arius: Now things have become clear; you’re a devil.

Dante: This isn’t over sorcerer.  I’ll be back to finish the job.

A smile washes over Arius’ face.

Arius: Good luck with that.  The next time we meet I’ll be a god, and you’ll be dead.

Arius turns and walks away.  Dante looks the building up and down.  It glows faintly.

Dante: The son of a bitch erected a barrier.

Dante flies Lucia to safety.

Pre Mission 16 Script

A solar eclipse begins to occur.  Dante is standing in the streets with Lucia.  She turns to face Dante.

Lucia: Why did you save me?  I was created…by Arius.

Dante shrugs his shoulders.

Dante: Every hero’s got a weakness, right?

Lucia turns away.

Lucia: Because of your actions, Arius will begin the ritual.  He will open the gateway to where the God of Chaos is imprisoned.  This world will only know despair.

Dante: God of Chaos? Please, it’s just a devil king that he’s trying to summon.  And besides, summoning this thing will do more harm than good for Arius and I’m gonna be there when everything goes wrong for him.

Lucia turns back around to face Dante.

Lucia: How can you be so confident at a time like this?  It’s the beginning of the end.

Dante: There’s still time.

Lucia looks up at the eclipsing sun.

Lucia: Once the eclipse is complete, it will all be over.  There’s no time left.  Not when the building is sealed off with Arius’ magic.  How can you expect to accomplish anything?

Dante begins to walk away.

Dante: Where there’s a will, right?

Dante disappears from view as Matier walks out from the shadows.

Matier: Do not fret my daughter.

Lucia turns to face the old guardian.

Lucia: Mother…

Matier walks over to Lucia and stands beside her.

Matier: He is the son of Sparda.  He will not fail.  He cannot fail.

Lucia clenches her fists.

Lucia: I can’t just stand by and let him do this alone.  There’s no time.

Lucia takes a few running steps forward and falls to her hands and knees.  Matier rests her hand on her daughter’s back.

Matier: You must rest.  Your wounds have not yet healed.  It pains me to say this daughter, but in your condition you can do no good.

Tears begin to stream down Lucia’s face.  She punches the ground.

Lucia: I feel so…useless.

Matier continues to rub her daughter’s back.

Pre Boss Script

A black portal opens in the sky far above.  A massive ball of lava falls from it.  It crashes to the ground.  Phantom rises out of the small, molten pool.  It roars at Dante.  A look of surprise appears on the hunter’s face.

Dante: Now this is a big surprise.  Shouldn’t you be pushing up daisies?

Phantom begins to laugh.

Phantom: This time will be different, boy.  This time I will kill you.

Dante shakes his head and begins to advance toward the demon.

Dante: How are you even alive?  What did you do; beg your boss to give you another chance?  Last I remember, Mundus wasn’t big on failure.

Phantom: I serve a new master now.  Argosax is offering me a chance to prove myself to serve him as a general in the Demon World’s army.  All I have to do is prevent you from disturbing the ritual.  But I intend to do more than delay your advance.  I intend to tear you limb from limb.

Dante stands before Phantom.

Dante: Big talk from a puny, pathetic thing.

Phantom’s eyes glow red.

Dante: I’m not gonna give you any chances to run away this time, insect.

Phantom reels back on its hind legs and roars into the air.

Post Mission 16 Script

Phantom backtracks a few yards.  Dante walks forward with his sword drawn.

Dante: Looking for an escape route, hot stuff?

Phantom: Bah! You have won this round.  But this isn’t over.

Dante takes another step forward.  Phantom backtracks some more.  Dante stops moving and smiles.

Dante: Ah, it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside when a big bad devil like yourself is intimidated by me.  Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a little half-breed?

Phantom backtracks a little more.

Dante: Oh no!  You’re not running away this time!

Dante runs toward Phantom.  The beast lashes out with its tail.  Dante devil triggers and grabs the tail.  Dante hurls the massive demon into the center of the arena.  Phantom charges a fireball in its mouth.  Dante flies toward the creature.

Dante: I hope you’re hungry!

Phantom unleashes the massive fireball which Dante flies through, completely obliterating it.  Dante flies through Phantom’s mouth and rips out through its backside.  Phantom roars in pain as Dante hurls Rebellion down at the devil.  The sword spirals around Phantom, slicing its legs off.  Phantom’s body falls to the ground.  Dante unleashes a hail storm of energy balls upon Phantom.  Once the smoke clears from the multiple explosions, Phantom lets out one more desperate cry.  Its body turns to ash and falls apart.  Dante lands and reverts back to his normal form.  He holds out his hand and Rebellion returns to his grasp.  He straps the sword on his back.  A massive pillar of light erupts from the growth in the ground, scattering Phantom’s ashes.

Dante: Bingo.  And there’s my back door.

Dante walks up to the pillar of light and reaches his hand out.  A faint barrier appears before him.

Dante: Guess I need to spill some more blood.  But where am I gonna find…

Goatlings fly into the arena.  Dante looks to the sky.

Dante: Thank you.

He draws Ebony and Ivory.

Dante: Alright boys, step up and bleed for me!

Dante opens fire.

Pre Mission 17 Script

Arius stands looking up at the eclipsing sun through the window above his ritual chamber.  He snaps his fingers.  Bolverk appears out of a blue mist.

Bolverk: You called?

Arius: I need answers, knight.

Bolverk: Ask your questions.

Arius: This hunter that the Guardian hired, who is he?

Bolverk: The son of Sparda.

Arius winces as if in pain.

Arius: The son of Sparda?  That would explain how he’s managed to survive for this long.  His father sealed Argosax back in his prison shortly after his followers freed him.  And now the son of Sparda is going to stand in my way from freeing Argosax.  I will not be denied his power.

Arius turns his head slightly to regard Bolverk.

Arius: And now for my next question.  And I hope you have a good answer for me.  Tell me, why is he still alive?

Bolverk: I underestimated his power.  Despite him being a half-breed, he is incredibly strong.  It’s as if he is a true devil.

Arius turns to face Bolverk.

Arius: I don’t care about any of that.  What I care about is that this ritual must not have any interruptions.  I’m not feeling very reassured with a loose cannon running around.  Are you not the greatest knight that the Demon World has to offer?

Bolverk: He will be dealt…

Arius holds up his hand silencing the knight.

Arius: Do not fail me again Bolverk.  I know you don’t want to join your kings in the Nether World.

Bolverk disappears in a blue mist.  The four Arcanas rise around Arius, engulfed in a purple aura. 

Arius: The son of Sparda…before the end you will kneel before the power of a god.

Arius waves his hand, guiding the Arcanas to their respective pedestals.  They become engulfed in an orange aura.  Arius looks back up at the eclipsing sun.

Arius: It is time to begin.

Post Mission 17 Script

The barrier fades from the pillar of light.  Dante holsters Ebony and Ivory.

Dante: Time to close this case.

Dante walks into the light and disappears.

Pre Mission 18 Script

Dante exits the pillar of light in Oroboros Tower.

Dante: Knock, knock.

Goatlings appear before Dante.

Dante: Surprise, surprise, the man’s got guard dogs.

Dante reaches for Rebellion.

Pre Boss Script

Dante walks into the corrupt room and spies Bolverk standing at the opposite end with his halberd drawn.

Bolverk: Welcome son of Sparda.

Dante shakes his head as he walks forward.

Dante: There’s something that’s been bugging me for awhile now.   How is it that a powerful demon knight like you is serving a human?  Something like that just seems a little odd.

Bolverk: A means to an end.  Your father was my ultimate rival.  It was my goal to surpass him.  It was my destiny to destroy him.  But it was not meant to be.

Dante: Mundus stole your glory.  So you’ve decided to team up with a human that’s trying to bring forth another fallen king.  I’m guessing this is your way at getting back at the Emperor of the Demon World.

Bolverk: The human wants this devil’s power.  He does not wish to free him from the Nether World.  Unbeknownst to him, Argosax will be free regardless of what his intentions are.  And Argosax will finish what you and your father started with Mundus.

Dante: As much as I would love to see Mundus get put into the ground, I’m afraid there’s not going to be any portals opening.

Bolverk: I will regain my honor.  Sparda’s life may have been stolen from me but yours won’t.  I will take the head of the son of Sparda as my trophy.

Dante sends a smirk Bolverk’s way.

Dante: I think you’ve got that backwards.  It’s going to be your head as another trophy on my wall.

A whirlwind whips around Bolverk.  Freki and Geri pour out of it and begin to growl at Dante.

Bolverk: I underestimated your abilities last time.  I won’t make that mistake a second time.

Dante reaches for his sword.

Dante: Well then, let’s not waste anymore time flapping our jaws.

Dante draws Rebellion.

Post Boss Script

Freki woozily takes a few steps forward.

Freki: Master…

Freki falls to the ground.  Geri staggers beside Freki.

Geri: Forgive us…

Geri falls onto Freki.  Both wolves shift into a white mist and fly into Bolverk’s halberd.  Dante rests his sword on his shoulder.

Dante: Too bad about your pets.  Feel free to call for more help if you need it.  But don’t think for a second that I’m gonna let you run off again.  We’re finishing this here and now, pal.

Bolverk: I won’t be beaten by a half-breed.  I won’t be beaten by the son of Sparda.  I won’t be beaten!!

Bolverk slides forward and begins assaulting Dante with a flurry of slashes.  Dante is taken by surprise by the fury of Bolverk’s attacks and is forced to defend. 

Bolverk: You are nothing! I am everything! I am the greatest! And Sparda is nothing!

Dante flattens his blade and punches it, adding force against Bolverk’s assault.  He shifts his weight throwing Bolverk off balance.  Dante brings his sword over his head.  Bolverk quickly recovers and spins around and swings his halberd into Dante’s sword.  The attack knocks Dante off balance.  Bolverk shifts his position and thrusts his blade forward impaling Dante through his midsection.  Dante coughs up blood.  Bolverk rips the blade out and spins around.  Flattening his weapon Bolverk smacks Dante down face first into the ground.  Bolverk begins to pace around the fallen hunter.

Bolverk: Get up.  Get up son of Sparda.  I will not dishonor myself by slaying a helpless opponent.  Now get up!

Dante rises to his hands and knees.

Dante: I can assure you, your death won’t be an honorable one.

Dante devil triggers and launches himself at Bolverk.  He dances around the knight while unleashing a flurry of attacks.  Bolverk can only defend against the relentless fury of his opponent’s attacks.  The two warriors lock blades.  Dante throws a sinister grin Bolverk’s way.

Dante: You seem stressed.

Bolverk: I won’t lose to another Sparda.

Dante pushes Bolverk back and thrusts forward.  Bolverk blocks each attack but Dante’s thrusts keep forcing the knight to slide backward.  Dante’s stinger attack slams into Bolverk’s defensive blade and sends him sliding backward across the room.  Dante flaps his wings and hovers just off the ground.  He flies toward Bolverk.  Bolverk twists his halberd causing a vortex of wind to circle the blade.  He swings the mighty weapon horizontally sending out a gust of wind that slams Dante into a wall.  Upon impact Dante reverts to his normal form and drops his sword.  He falls to his hands and knees.

Bolverk: The end.

Bolverk tightens his grip on his weapon.  Dante rises to his feet, keeping his head slumped down.  He raises his head revealing red eyes.  A red demonic aura emanates off of his body.

Dante: You’re right.

Dante leaps into the air and transforms into his true devil form.  He flies toward Bolverk at blinding speed and grabs his face.  Dante slams Bolverk into the opposing wall and then tosses him back into the wall that he himself was thrown into.  The knight bounces off the wall and lands flat on the ground.  Bolverk rises to his hands and knees. 

Bolverk: What…what the hell is this?!

Bolverk looks up and sees Dante standing before him.

Bolverk: No…

Dante grabs Bolverk by the top of his head and lifts him off the ground.  Bolverk’s body is engulfed in a blazing inferno of red hellfire.  Dante releases the devil’s charred body.  It crumples into ash as it hits the ground.  Dante reverts to his normal form and braces himself up against a wall while breathing heavily.

Dante: I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that.

Dante regains his composure and retrieves his sword.  He straps the blade on his back.

Pre Boss Script

The elevator doors open.  A liquid-like substance is blocking the exit.

Dante: A portal huh? 

Dante walks through the gate and enters a bizarre dimension.  Dante looks around as Trismagia appears.

Trismagia: The son of Sparda, you must repent your sins.

Dante: Would ya get a load of that.

Trismagia: Renounce your evil deeds and embrace your true nature.

Dante sends a sinister smirk the demon’s way.

Trismagia: I know your fate.  If you do not join your kind, you will die.

Dante: I am with my kind.

Trismagia: Then let your sins be the death of you!

Dante waves his hand at Trismagia.

Dante: Don’t speak.  Just die.

Post Mission 18 Script

Dante stands starring up at Trismagia with his sword drawn.

Dante: I’m still standing, bub.  I thought my fate was to die?  I guess you’re just a false prophet, eh?

Trismagia: I never said I would be the one to kill you.

Dante: Yeah, and if you knew you were going to die you wouldn’t have been stupid enough to take me on.

Trismagia: I serve my master.

An annoyed look appears on Dante’s face. 

Dante: Shut up.

He sends Rebellion spiraling upward at Trismagia.  It stabs it between its three eyes. Trismagia begins to melt away into nothing.  Dante waves his hand and the falling sword comes spiraling back into his grasp.  He straps it to his back.

Dante: There’s no such thing as fate.  My destiny is my own.

The dimension shifts and fades.  Dante realizes he’s standing in Arius’ office.

Pre Mission 19 Script

The solar eclipse is complete.  A ring of demonic energy rises around Arius and closes in on him, completely engulfing him.  Arius thrusts his hands upward and the demonic energy streams upward toward the eclipse.  The energy fans out, causing the sky’s color to change to blood red.  The scene changes to show Matier and Lucia staring up at the sky.

Matier: It has begun.

Lucia looks toward her mother.

Lucia: My wounds are fine.  I must go and help Dante.  Will you be able to protect yourself while I’m gone?

Matier offers her daughter a smile.

Matier: Of course.  I am still a guardian, am I not?  Go my child.  Go and help the son of Sparda.

Lucia nods her head and runs off.  Golems appear and advance on Matier.  She begins to laugh.

Matier: This old crone still has a few surprises in her bag of tricks.

Matier waves her hands creating a ring of fire around her.  She bows her head and the ring fans out engulfing the golems.  They flail about wildly as they are reduced to ashes.  Matier smiles as she looks up at the eclipse.

Matier: Our hopes lay with you, son of Sparda.

Pre Boss Script

Arius is laughing maniacally as he views the eclipse.

Arius: Soon I will absorb his power and become an all powerful immortal.

Arius continues to laugh.

Arius: I have worked so hard for this day to come and now all of my efforts are paying off.  My dream is now becoming a reality.

The Arcana’s flicker violently.  Three of the four are encased in an orange aura while the other is encased in a red aura.

Arius: What?! What’s going on?!

Dante walks into the room.

Dante: Is there a problem?

Arius turns his attention toward Dante.  Dante flips the Medaglia.

Arius: Is that the Medaglia?

Dante catches it and holds it out in front of him.

Dante: A false coin for a false god.

Arius’ face is masked by rage.

Arius: You…!!!

Arius waves his hand sending Dante’s coin spiraling at him.  Dante snatches his coin out of the air.

Dante: You didn’t actually believe that I would help you out now did you?

Arius: I’ll make you pay for your interference. 

Arius holds out his Orb of Domination.

Arius: You may think that you have saved the day, but the price of victory is a high one.  That pathetic creature that you saved earlier is going to meet her end.

Arius raises the orb.  Dante draws Ebony and fires off a shot.  The bullet shatters the orb. Dante smiles at Arius while keeping Ebony pointed at him.

Dante: There’s no need to be a poor sport about it.

Arius grits his teeth.

Arius: I don’t need that trinket to do away with her.  But first, I’ll make you suffer for your meddling.

Arius snaps his fingers.  His two secretaries jump in front of him.  They both devil trigger.

Arius: This time I will have your swan song.

Dante punches his fist into his open palm and cracks his neck.

Dante: Show time!

Post Mission 19 Script

Arius stands breathing heavily, looking up at the eclipse with an expression of defeat. 

Dante: You’ve got serious skill when it comes to your gunplay.  You can still become a god if you beat me. This is the Arcana you need to complete the ritual.

Dante holds out the Medaglia.  Arius looks back at Dante.

Dante: We’re gonna play a game of quick draw.  When this coin hits the ground we draw, simple as that.

A sinister smile appears on Arius’ face.  Dante offers a smirk to match the look.  He flips the coin.  As the coin gains altitude Arius draws his revolver.  Dante draws Ivory faster and gets a shot off.  The bullet tears through Arius chest and heart.  The coin strikes the ground as Arius fires a shot.  The bullet completely misses.  Dante draws Ebony and fires off a shot that knocks Arius’ gun from his hand.  Arius staggers backward a few steps and coughs up blood.

Arius: No…my dream…my life…

Arius staggers as if he is about to fall down.  He regains his composure somewhat and eyes Dante with a look of sheer hatred.

Arius: I was going to be the king of this world!

Dante takes a few steps toward Arius.  He steps past the ruined bodies of Arius’ secretaries.

Dante: King?

Dante points Ebony and Ivory at Arius.

Dante: Yeah, here’s your crown.

He fires a shot from each gun.  The shots hit Arius hard knocking him through the window.  The scene changes to Lucia watching Arius fall to his death.  She looks up at Dante standing at the window high above and smiles faintly.

Pre Mission 20 Script

Lucia stares at the eclipsed sun.  Dante walks up behind her.  She turns her head slightly to acknowledge his presence.

Lucia: You killed Arius…

She bows her head slightly.

Lucia: Now…there’s only one thing left to do.

Lucia draws her Cutlaseers.  She spins around and slashes at Dante.  He leans back avoiding the first attack and then ducks under the second attack.  Spinning around he draws Ivory and points it in Lucia’s face.  She brings one of her blades up to Dante’s neck.

Lucia: Kill me.  Kill me and everything will be truly over.

Dante wears an emotionless mask.

Dante: Are you that eager to die?

Lucia’s head dips slightly.

Lucia: I thought I was a descendent of the clan that protects this island.

Lucia raises her head and stares Dante in the eyes.

Lucia: But…the truth is that I was created by Arius.  I could become a monster and attack the humans at any time.

Lucia sheaths her blades.  She grabs the barrel of Ebony and lowers it to her chest.

Lucia: Now…kill me.  It’s your job to hunt devils.

Dante smirks slightly.  The building changes shape and releases a stream of energy between four points that opens a portal to the Nether World.  The portal opens before Dante and Lucia.  They both step back and focus on the massive portal.

Lucia: I don’t understand.  The ritual was incomplete.  How can this be happening?

Dante walks toward the gate.

Lucia: Wait! Where are you going?

Dante turns his head slightly to regard her.

Dante: You said it yourself.  My job is hunting devils.

Lucia steps up next to him.

Lucia: Once you enter the portal you may never be able to return. 

Lucia lowers her head as tears begin to stream down her face.

Lucia: I’ll go.  I’m expendable.  I’m happy if I can die like a human.

Dante turns to her.

Dante: No…

Dante wipes her tears away.

Dante: Devils never cry.

Lucia’s eyes brighten.

Lucia: But…

Dante holds up his coin.

Dante: Tell ya what, since you want to do this, we’ll let fate decide.  Heads, I go.  Tails, you go.

Dante flips the coin and catches it.  He opens his palm to Lucia, the coin reveals heads.

Lucia: …heads.

Dante smiles and begins to walk toward the portal. 

Lucia: Wait! Don’t you want to hear the story from Matier?

Dante stops and turns to face Lucia.

Dante: I know.  He did the same thing

Dante flips his coin to Lucia.  She catches it.

Dante: Hold on to my coin for me, Lucia.

Dante walks through the portal.  Lucia flips the coin around in her hands and realizes that both sides are heads.  A look of surprise appears on her face. 

Lucia: A trick coin?

She looks up at the portal with a smile on her face.

Lucia: That sneaky son of a…

A roar can be heard from behind Lucia.  She turns around to see a transformed Arius climb onto the rubble.

Lucia: No, Dante killed you.

A look of rage fills Arius’ face.

Arius: Worthless failure! You and the devil hunter have ruined everything.  I only possess a portion of the god’s power.  I must have it all.  I must transcend all living things.  I must become a god!

Lucia draws her Cutlaseers.

Lucia: I won’t allow you to fulfill your sick ambitions.

Arius tentacles whip outward at Lucia.  She flips backward as they crash into the ground.

Arius: I created you! I know what you are capable of! But you have no idea what I am now capable of.

Lucia gets into a ready stance.

Lucia: I’ll destroy you Arius.  Even if it’s the last thing I do.

Arius begins to laugh.

Arius: You won’t destroy me, defect.  But trying to will be the last thing you do.

Post Mission 20 Script

Lucia is on her knees before Arius.  Arius stands laughing in triumph.

Arius: You are not a human!  You are a monster!  A monster that I created!

Arius’ tentacles wrap around Lucia’s arms and lift her up into the air.

Arius: After I’m finished with you I’ll go and claim the rest of my power.  I will not be denied my destiny.

Arius raises his hand before his face.  It courses with demonic energy.

Arius: Now, die!

Lucia smiles at Arius.

Lucia: Dante told me that devils never cry.  I’m not a monster.

Lucia devil triggers.  She rips free of Arius’ tentacles and drives her Cutlaseers into Arius’ head.  Arius cries out in pain.  He causes the area to erupt with demonic energy.  A barrier appears around Arius blowing Lucia down into the freshly created crevice.  She hits the ground with such force that she reverts back to her normal form.  Arius’ body contorts violently.

Arius: What’s going on?!!

Arius transforms into a massive grotesque beast due to his body not being able to handle the power of Argosax.  Arius roars at Lucia as she rises to her feet.

Lucia: Now who’s the monster?

Lucia readies herself for battle.

Pre Mission 21 Script

The portal drops Dante onto a small floating island in the Nether World.  And straight ahead of him is a giant mass of flesh.  The mass is Argosax.  A face appears in the mass.

Argosax: My power has been taken from me.  I am not whole.  I need more time to regain my form.

Dante walks toward the mass.

Dante: You’re incomplete?  That’s too bad.  But unfortunately for you, I have no intention of just sitting around while you pull yourself together.

Argosax: Then come at me.  Come at me and I’ll use your life to fuel my power.

Dante smiles at the blob. 

Dante: When I’m through with you, you’ll be nothing more than a stain on the bottom of my boot.

Dante charges the mass.

Mission Intermission Script

Argosax begins to breakdown.

Argosax: No!  This can’t be!  I won’t allow it!

Dante devil triggers into his true devil form.  He flies into the air.  Raising his arms above his head he creates a massive ball of demonic energy and hurls it at Argosax.  Argosax is engulfed in a massive explosion.  Dante lands on the ground and reverts to his normal form.

Dante: Too easy.

Argosax: Don’t get cocky son of Sparda.

The smoke clears and Argosax stands before Dante in his true form.

Dante: How do you know me?

Argosax: Your power.  I’ve experienced it before.  Your power is too similar to Sparda’s.  You are your father’s son for sure.

Dante smiles at his foe.

Dante: Good observation.  I gotta say though, I’m glad that you’re still alive.  Taking on a Devil King is supposed to be a rush.  And that lack luster battle we just fought didn’t offer me any kind of rush what so ever.

Argosax levitates off the ground.

Argosax: So like your father before you, you too will imprison me in this wretched realm? You are just a half-breed, and even though I have lost a portion of my strength, I will not be beaten by a mere half-breed.  Neither you nor anyone will deny me my freedom.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: I have no intention of imprisoning you.

Dante holds his hand out to keep Argosax silent.

Dante: But…now don’t get excited yet.

Dante smirks sinisterly at the devil king.

Dante: I have every intention of killing you.

Argosax begins to laugh.

Argosax: You…kill me? Come son of Sparda.  Come and meet your end.

Dante grips his sword.

Dante: Let’s rock.

Post Mission 21 Script

Argosax stands breathing heavily.

Argosax: Am I being defeated…again? No, this isn’t the end.  This isn’t the end!

Dante smiles at the devil king as he advances with Rebellion drawn and resting on his shoulder.

Dante: You seem to be having a bad day.  Maybe if you had all your power you would have put up a better fight.

Argosax: Full power or not, it matters not.  I will kill you.

Dante stops advancing and lowers his blade.

Dante: I think you’ve got that backwards, pal.

Argosax: If you truly believe you have the upper hand then come at me!

Dante charges Argosax.  The devil transforms its arms into blades.  He thrusts forward extending his left blade.  Dante slides beneath the attack.  He swings himself up and over it.  Nearly face to face with Argosax, Dante thrusts forward with Rebellion.  Argosax brings his right blade up to block.  Argosax deflects the attack sending Dante’s sword spiraling into the air.  Argosax is spun around from the force of the attack.  When he steadies himself he sees that Dante is no longer around.  The devil looks left, then right, then up at Dante’s spiraling sword. 

Argosax: Where are you!!

Argosax hears the sound of Dante sliding the hammer back on one of his guns.  He quickly spins around only to be staring down the barrel of Ivory.  The barrel of the gun glows red as red electricity snakes along the gun itself.  Red demonic energy begins to emanate from the firearm.  Dante smirks to himself as he pulls the trigger.  The blast hits Argosax in the face.  Argosax’s body is completely obliterated.  Dante lowers Ivory as Rebellion strikes the ground.

Epilogue Script

Lucia is battling Arius in her devil triggered state.  She flies circles around him, avoiding strikes from his limbs and tail.  Arius leans back and spits an acidic substance at her.  It splatters on her body and she cries out in pain from the burns.  With a mighty sweep of his tail he bats Lucia to the ground.  Upon impact she reverts back to her human form.  She slowly struggles to her feet.  Arius roars at her as he thrusts his tail down at her.  She leaps aside and tosses a dagger into his right eye.  Arius reels back and roars in pain as he tries to shake the dagger loose.  Gunfire can be heard and bullets rain down upon Arius, pelting his back.  Lucia looks up to see Dante descending from the closing portal firing his guns at Arius. 

Lucia: Dante…

Dante holsters Ebony and Ivory.  He flips around and draws Rebellion.  As he lands on top of the monster’s head he slams the blade into his skull and gives it a twist.  Arius roars in pain as he tries to shake Dante free.  Arius whips Dante off with a sweep of his tail.  Dante back flips from the impact and slides backward along the ground as he lands.  He throws a smile Lucia’s way.

Dante: Let me show you how it’s done, Lucia.

Dante devil triggers into his true devil form.  He flies upward at Arius while charging a small energy ball in his hand.  He thrusts his arm into Arius’ mouth.  Streams of demonic energy pierce through Arius’ flesh before he explodes into dissolving pieces.  Rebellion is thrown into the air from the explosion.  Dante lands and reverts to his normal form.  He holds up his hand and grasps the handle of his sword.  He brings it to rest on his shoulders.  Turning to face Lucia he throws her a smile.  She returns the smile with one of her own.  The scene changes to Matier’s ruined house.  The three are all standing outside.

Matier: Well done son of Sparda.  I’m sure your father’s proud.  Shall I reward you with the story of your father?

Dante holds up his hand to stop her.

Dante: Nah, I don’t need to hear it.  But I will take my payment now.

Dante turns to face Lucia.

Dante: How about it? You want a job Lucia?  I could always use the extra help to split my workload.  You have serious skills and it would be a shame if you let them go to waste.

A look of surprise appears on Lucia’s face.  She looks to her mother.  Matier nods her head, showing her approval on the matter.

Matier: Go my daughter.  You are a Guardian.  Go and protect the world from evil.

Lucia hugs her mother.

Lucia: Thank you…mother.

Lucia kisses the old woman on her forehead.  Dante turns and walks away, wearing a smirk on his face.

Roll Credits.

After the Credits

Dante and Lucia walk into Devil May Cry.

Dante: I have a feeling you’ll fit in just…

Dante notices Trish sitting against his desk.  She looks up at him.  Dante’s eyes go to the sword propped up against his desk beside her.  His amulet hangs from the Force Edge, which no longer retains the form of the Sparda.  Trish smiles at Dante.

Trish: You can introduce me to your new friend later.  But first, I have a story for you.

Dante smiles at the thought of the story.  The scene then focuses on the Force Edge with his amulet dangling from its hilt. 

Fade to black.


—The End—

© 2006 dwarfkicker