Chronicles of a Legend  //  By: dwarfkicker

Cutscene script

Prologue Script

A dark world is shown.

Narrator: Eons ago, the world was created.  It was a chaotic place covered in darkness.

The world splits into two, side by side, one resembling Earth and the other resembling a darker Earth.

Narrator: Time went by, and the world was divided, split in two.  The World of Light and the World of Darkness were born.

Different locations are shown throughout the Human World with humans going about their routines (ancient times).

Narrator: The light world came to be known as the Human World.  It was a world of balance and beauty. 

Different locations are shown throughout the Demon World.  Demons wage war against each other.

Narrator:  The dark world came to be known as the Demon World.  It was a place filled with nightmarish creatures.

The Devil Gods appear obscured by shadows and demonic auras.

Narrator: The Demon World was lorded over by four great and powerful Devil Gods.  These gods created the inhabitants of this dark world.  However, one of the gods desired absolute power.  In an act of ultimate betrayal, this evil god murdered the others.

Three of the four gods fade away.  The five Devil Kings; Erebus, Argosax, Mundus, Thanatos, and Camalus, appear before the god.

Narrator: The god then created five Devil Kings to govern the Demon World and bring order to chaos.

The kings fly toward the obscured god.

Narrator: These kings did not wish to be ruled.  They turned on their maker, and banished the god to the Nether World, where it would forever remain imprisoned.

The kings lie battered and broken at Mundus’ feet.

Narrator: However, the betrayal doesn’t end there.  Mundus, the god’s first and greatest creation, turned on the other kings.  The Devil Kings shared a similar fate as the Devil God.  Mundus proclaimed himself the Emperor of the Demon World.

Mundus sits at throne in a divine looking chamber.  The Emperor tricks humanity into constructing the Temen ni Gru.

Narrator: In time, Mundus became bored, and desired to expand his rule into the world of humans.  Soon, humans became corrupted, believing the demons to be heavenly creatures, and constructed a tower that served as a bridge between the two worlds.  For their reward, Mundus unleashed his massive army on this weak race. 

Humans begin to fight back.

Narrator: Humans, realizing their folly, began to fight back in order to undo the horror that they wrought upon themselves.  It was a losing battle and the fate of humanity was surely sealed.

The demons enslave mankind.

Narrator: All was not lost.  A single demon knight awoke to justice and stood up for the race of humans.

Sparda (transformed) stands with the Sparda slumped over his shoulder.

Narrator: Possessing a noble, heroic spirit, Sparda took up his blade against Mundus and his servants.  Sparda waged a one man war against the forces of the Demon World.

Human forces and demon forces gather outside of the Temen ni Gru.

Narrator: Now, the final battle for the freedom of the Human World is about to begin.

Pre Mission 1 Script

The scene opens up on a massive battle between the demons and the humans outside of the Temen ni Gru.  It appears extremely one sided in favor of the demonic invaders.  The humans are doing everything they can with their warriors and archers as well as their priests and priestesses supporting them.  It’s a losing battle, but the humans continue to advance upon the superior enemies.  Griffon flies in and scoops up warriors in his talons.  As he flies off he crushes the humans within his grasp into pulp.  Phantom stomps along trampling over a bunch of warriors.  The demonic spider takes out a catapult.  The humans are holding their own against the Hell class enemies but the Sin class ones are proving more difficult.  Hell Vanguards and Blades tear through large groups of soldiers.  Leviathan looms far above in the skies.  The scene changes to a command center with the Warrior Commander and a priest.

Priest: This is it, the decisive battle for our freedom.

The commander shakes his head while wearing a grim look.

Warrior Commander: As things stand right now, this might all be in vain.

The priest puts his hand on the warrior’s shoulder.

Priest: We must have faith in our savior.  Sparda will return with Beatrice after completing the trials.  The stone is the key.  Without it we cannot expel the evil from our world.

Warrior Commander: I have faith in our dark angel.  But our forces might not be here by the time they return.

The commander looks upward at the gaping portal.

Warrior Commander: And that poor girl, she will be making the ultimate sacrifice.

Priest: Beatrice is following her path.  She is the only one who is capable of accomplishing this daunting task.  She has had the most training in our order’s art.  She does this for our future.

Death Scythes appear at the command center.  They begin tearing through the warriors gathered there.  Fireballs rain down upon the demons from above.  The devils are reduced to nothing.  All that remains of them are their weapons.  The warriors turn their attention toward the heavens.  Sparda flies in with Beatrice in his arms.  He lands at the command center and puts Beatrice down.  The commander lets out a sigh of relief.  Beatrice holds out a small red stone.

Beatrice: I have it.

The priest claps his hands together.

Priest: This is most wonderful.  The time of our salvation is at hand.

The commander turns his attention to Sparda.

Warrior Commander: Time to do your part, Sparda.

Sparda nods his head.

Sparda: I’ll put a dent in their forces.  A path will be cleared for you to follow into the tower. 

Sparda turns his back on them.

Sparda: Nothing must happen to Beatrice.  Humanity’s hope lies with her.

Sparda’s wings unfold and he takes to the skies.  He flies to the heart of the demonic forces and lands in the midst of them.  As soon as Sparda touches down he begins wielding the Sparda sword as if he were a force of nature.  Sparda tears through the enemies with his extending blade and incredible speed.  He cuts through large groups of the enemy.

Demon 1: The dark knight has come!

Demon 2: Traitor, we will rip you apart and present your head to our lord.

Sparda rests his massive sword on his shoulder.

Sparda: You are all going to suffer my wrath for your crimes against humanity.

Sparda swipes his blade across in a horizontal arc, slicing a line of demons in half.

Sparda: Come and meet your fate.

Pre Boss Script

Sparda drops to one knee and slices across in a horizontal arc with his extending blade.  A large group of demons fall in half.  Sparda looks up as a loud bellow echoes throughout the skies.  Leviathan descends upon the war torn field with its gaping jaws hanging open.  The mighty beast swoops down and scoops up a large unit of human warriors in its jaws.  As it ascends to the heavens it whips its tail down, crushing another large section of warriors.  Sparda rises to his feet.  His wings unfold and the crystal-like structures on his back begin to glow bright red.  The knight’s insect-like wings begin to beat furiously.  Demonic energy erupts from the crystals and Sparda rockets skyward.  Sparda burst through clouds with his sword at the ready.  Leviathan swoops around and advances toward Sparda.

Sparda: You shall not remain an obstacle to humanity’s freedom.

Leviathan roars as it approaches.

Post Mission 1 Script

As Leviathan soars toward the knight, Sparda flies beneath it, avoiding its snapping jaws.  As the behemoth flies past, Sparda’s sword, bathed in demonic energy, extends.  Sparda thrusts upward and impales the beast.  The crystal-like boosters on his back erupt with energy causing Sparda to rocket forward across the length of Leviathan’s lower body.  As Sparda flies south of the beast’s head, he drags his sword through the demon’s flesh.  The knight flies away from the shrieking Leviathan.  The massive demon descends from the sky and collapses into the side of the tower, tearing a whole section of the walls down.  Sparda flies into the entrance Leviathan made for him.  As Sparda approaches, the loud, heavy breathing of the behemoth can be heard.  When he lands inside the structure a group of Abysses materialize from the ground.  Sparda holds his free arm up and charges a little energy ball.  He throws it at the ground directly below where he’s standing.  The explosion throws debris everywhere.  Smoke screens Sparda’s location.  He blazes through the cloud and unleashes a fury of slashes as he flies by the demons, slicing them all to pieces.  Sparda lands and looks back at the wounded Leviathan wrapped around the tower.

Sparda: I cannot bring myself to kill such a majestic beast.  Your fate shall be sealed with this tower.

Sparda turns and walks off.

Pre Mission 2 Script

On the battlefield below, a group of warriors surround a priest and the priestess Beatrice.

Priest: You warriors are all charged with the protection of the priestess.  If she should die, all will be lost.  We cannot let Sparda down.

Warrior Commander: We will protect the priestess with our lives.

The priest turns to Beatrice.

Priest: Are you ready Beatrice?

Beatrice nods her head and turns to regard the commander.

Beatrice: Once in the demonic tower, I shall lead you and your men along the safest route through the tower.

The commander bows his head.

Warrior Commander: My lady.

The commander turns to his troops.

Warrior Commander: Men, today we become free.

The warriors cheer and then march for the tower with the priestess.  The priest watches them move out.

Priest: Godspeed to you all.

Pre Boss Script

Sparda walks up the steps to the peak of the Temen ni Gru.  He looks up at the massive portal far above.  As Sparda advances toward the stream of light leading to the portal, Beowulf flies up from the opposite side of the tower.  He lands on the ground before the knight.  His four wings slide into his back as he walks toward Sparda on all fours.

Beowulf: How dare you!  How dare you betray us!

Sparda swipes his hand out to the side.

Sparda: Step aside, Beowulf.  I have business with your Emperor.

Beowulf slams his fist into the ground.

Beowulf: Traitor!! You will go no further.

Beowulf swipes his open hand across trying to scoop up Sparda.  The knight’s speed is superior as he slides backward and avoids the attack.  Sparda draws his mighty sword from his back and points it ahead at the massive demon.  Demonic energy swirls around the sword.

Sparda: Step aside or suffer the consequences.

Beowulf rises up on his hind legs.

Beowulf: You are no longer a general.  You cannot command me to do anything.

Beowulf advances toward the knight.

Beowulf: I will tear you apart, piece by bloody piece!

The demon lunges forward and slams the ground with a knotted fist.  Sparda leaps backward off the tower to avoid the attack.  Beowulf’s wings erupt from his back as he follows Sparda over the ledge.  Beowulf howls in rage as he flails about wildly attempting to land a blow on Sparda.  The knight thrusts his sword forward and pierces Beowulf’s hand.  With his free hand, Beowulf grabs hold of Sparda and throws him into the tower.  Sparda breaks through the walls and flips backward in the air and lands in a sliding stop.  Beowulf smashes through the wall and lands before Sparda.

Beowulf: Time to die.

Post Mission 2 Script

Beowulf stands braced up against a wall breathing heavily.

Beowulf: I will not fall to a damned traitor.

Sparda flies into the air and then begins tearing around the chamber.  He hacks into numerous parts of the ground with his extending blade.

Beowulf: What are you…?

The ground begins to creak.  Beowulf roars as he leaps toward Sparda.  The knight flies upward slicing into Beowulf’s left eye as he avoids the demon’s attack.  Beowulf lands on all fours and clutches his wounded face.  Sparda begins tearing around the room again, this time slicing into the ceiling.  The knight flies through the hole in the wall.  Beowulf’s wings erupt from his back.  The demon takes flight in an attempt to pursue Sparda but the ceiling collapses and barrels down upon him.  As he and the rubble slam into the ground the floor collapses.  Beowulf, sandwiched between rubble, plummets deeper into the tower.

Beowulf: Sparda!!!

Pre Mission 3 Script

Sparda stands on the roof staring up at the gate.

Sparda: Mundus…you have much to answer for.

Sparda steps into the stream of light and is carried up into the portal to the Demon World.

Post Mission 3 Script

The scene opens in Mundus’ throne room.  A demon kneels before the Emperor.  Mundus sits in a bored position.

Demon: My lord, the traitor Sparda draws near.  What should we do?

A disgusted look appears on Mundus’ face.

Mundus: It has come to this?

The demon looks at the Devil King with a confused look.

Demon: My lord?

Mundus’ third eye glows bright white.  A stream of energy pours out of it and engulfs the demon, reducing it to ashes.  A sinister look appears on Mundus’ face.

Mundus: Let him come.

Pre Mission 4 Script

Sparda stands looking up at the massive monument of Mundus (the foot in DMC3 was part of this monument).  Sparda turns his attention toward Mundus’ majestic palace beyond the statue.

Sparda: It ends.  Now and forever, it ends.

Pre Boss Script

Sparda storms into Mundus’ throne room.

Sparda: Mundus!!

Mundus sits at his throne, resting his head on his fist with a bored look on his face.

Mundus: So the traitor has come all this way, has he? 

Sparda stops at the steps leading to the Emperor’s throne.

Sparda: It’s over Mundus.  This war ends, as does your dominance over the human race.

Mundus lets out a loud laugh.

Mundus: Does it now?  Have you gone mad, knight?  Do you not realize what you are up against?

Sparda: You cannot intimidate me, devil.  Today I stand before you not as a knight of the Demon World.

Sparda points his massive sword at the Emperor.

Sparda: But as your destroyer.

Mundus rises to his feet.

Mundus: You are my greatest champion.  Kneel before your lord.  Renounce humanity and pledge your undying loyalty to me.  Do this, and I shall spare your miserable life.  Do it not, and I shall make an example out of you for all to see what happens when you betray a god.

Sparda: You are no god, just a cowardly king who resorts to trickery to get what he wants.  Your tricks won’t save you Mundus.  Your vanity has brought this upon you.  Your reign of terror is at an end.

Mundus shakes his head.

Mundus: It pains me to see that your loyalties lie with such insignificant animals.

Mundus draws his sword from beside his throne.

Mundus: Mercy is for the weak.  You shall receive none.

Post Mission 4 Script

Mundus stands at the entrance to his chamber breathing heavily.

Mundus: Sparda…

Sparda gets into a ready stance.  The demonic energy emanating from his blade swirls about violently.

Sparda: Prepare yourself.

Sparda leaps into the air and comes down upon Mundus.  Mundus intercepts the attack.  The devils lock swords.  Mundus’ eyes burn with fiery rage.

Mundus: Sparda…I gave you everything!  I offered you so much!  And yet you still turned your back on me!! You still oppose me!!!

Mundus pushes Sparda away and lunges forward.  The two engage in a violent duel.

Mundus: You side with humans!  You forget what you are!!  You betray your own kind to stick up for an inferior race that is destined to serve our kind!

The duel rages on into the air.

Sparda: Humans are greater than demons!  Their different ways of life make for a superior existence compared to our kind.  The world they live in is a wondrous paradise compared to ours.  I will not let you destroy something so beautiful.

Mundus grabs Sparda’s face and slams him into a pillar.  The pillar begins to break apart.

Mundus: Disgusting!  You envy them!  You wish to be one of them!

Sparda grabs Mundus’ arm with his free hand.  He pulls it away from his face.

Sparda: My desires are none of your concern.

Sparda tosses the Devil King backward and the aerial battle resumes.  The intensity of the battle rips apart most of the chamber.  Mundus flees in an attempt to reposition himself but Sparda is hot on his heels.  Sparda hacks one of Mundus’ wings off.  Mundus cries out in pain as his remaining wing beats furiously trying to keep him aloft.  Mundus lashes out with his sword but Sparda speeds behind the Emperor and slices off his other wing.  Mundus’ body falls to the ground.  Sparda descends upon the demon and attacks with an overhead strike.  Mundus rolls over and blocks the strike with his blade.  The force of Sparda’s blow shatters the blade of Mundus’ sword.  Mundus, with a display of amazing speed, discards the broken weapon and clasps his hands against Sparda’s demonic weapon, successfully stopping it from moving any further.  The energy surrounding the sword causes the flesh on Mundus’ hands to burn away.  Mundus grits his teeth from the pain.
Mundus: I…I am the Emperor of the Demon World!!!

An explosion of light energy erupts from Mundus’ body.  Sparda is thrown backward into the Emperor’s throne.  Mundus rises to his feet.  Sparda flies upward. 

Sparda: You are nothing.

The knight flies toward Mundus.  Sweeping his massive blade across in a horizontal arc, Sparda rips Mundus’ chest wide open.  The force of the blow rockets the king into a wall.  The impact breaks the wall apart.  Orange light emanates from the knight’s body.  Sparda tosses a massive dragon made of demonic energy at the demon lord.  Mundus is engulfed in a massive explosion.  The entire throne room is reduced to rubble from the explosion.  Mundus’ glorious palace blows apart and the resulting shockwave breaks apart the massive statue of the Emperor.  All that remains of the monument is a foot (DMC3 Demon World reference).  When the smoke clears, Sparda is standing over Mundus’ battered and broken body.

Mundus: Sparda…

Sparda glares at the Devil King.

Sparda: Death is a fate that is far too good for you.  You will remain locked in the Demon World, unable to infect the Human World with your corruption.  A prisoner in your own world with the only thought to comfort you with the passing of time being the knowledge that you were overthrown by a single devil.

A look of disgust crosses Mundus’ face.

Mundus: Mercy…is for the weak…

Sparda turns his back on the fallen king.

Sparda: It’s over.

Sparda rests the Sparda sword on his shoulders and begins to walk away.

Pre Mission 5 Script

Sparda descends upon the roof of the Temen ni Gru from the portal.  He walks to the edge and looks out at the open land.  He watches the continuing battle between the demons and the humans.

Beatrice: Sparda!

The demonic knight turns to face the priestess coming up the stairs.

Sparda: Beatrice…

Sparda looks past the girl.

Sparda: Where are your guardians?

Beatrice looks back the way she came.

Beatrice: They’re keeping any demons from interfering.

Sparda: Are you ready?

Beatrice turns back to face the savior of humanity.

Beatrice: I have the stone that will serve as the key.  It didn’t get lost on my trek to the peak.

She holds out the small red rock.

Beatrice: It’ll take some time for the incantations to be complete and take effect.

Sparda nods.

Sparda: Take all the time you need.  I’ll protect you.

Beatrice walks over to the edge of the roof.

Beatrice: Begin whenever you are ready.

Sparda: Look away my dear.  You don’t want to see this.

Beatrice turns her back.  She places the stone on the ground as she kneels and begins muttering enchantments.  Sparda stiffens his fingers on both hands and then drives them into his chest.  Sparda coughs up blood as he falls to his knees.  He rips his hands out of his chest causing blood to spray out all over the ground.  Sparda breathes heavily as his blood flows freely from the massive wound he created.  Golden demonic energy begins to emanate from Sparda’s body.  The wound on his chest closes up.  The energy dissipates.  A massive halberd strikes the ground at the center of the roof.  Bolverk descends from the stream of light from the Demon World and lands behind his weapon.

Bolverk: So, your plan is now in motion.

Bolverk turns his attention toward the praying maiden.

Bolverk: If I kill her, you’re little rebellion will be all for naught.

Sparda rises to his feet.  He draws his sword, the Sparda, from his back.  The blade erupts with red demonic energy.  Black electricity snakes along the length of the blade.

Sparda: I gave my word as a knight that no harm would come to her.  If you wish to end her life, you must first take mine.

Bolverk pulls his halberd from the ground.

Bolverk: My old friend, how you have fallen from grace.

Bolverk gets into a ready stance.

Bolverk: I have no choice but to present your head to our Emperor.

Sparda assumes a ready stance.

Sparda: Your Emperor.  I no longer serve that power hungry bastard.

Post Mission 5 Script

Sparda stands before Beatrice, shielding her from Bolverk.

Bolverk: Why?  Tell me why? 

Sparda’s eyes narrow.

Bolverk: He gave you so much, even though you were undeserving of it. 

Bolverk whips his halberd across in a horizontal arc.

Bolverk: You were the leader of his army.  Your power was second only to the Emperor.

Bolverk slides toward Sparda.  Sparda rushes forward to intercept his opponent.  The knights collide, locking blades together.

Bolverk: How can you side with these lesser creatures?

Sparda pushes forward.  Bolverk slides backward.

Bolverk: Answer me.  Do you truly wish to be one of these inferior beings?

Sparda looks over his shoulder and sees that Beatrice is nearly finished.  He turns his attention back toward the skeletal knight.

Sparda: Our time is nearly up.  Let’s finish this, old friend.

Bolverk: I won’t allow you to ruin everything that Mundus worked toward for so long.  I won’t let it all come to an end because you pity these insects.

Bolverk slides forward.  The two engage in a furious battle.  The two warriors lock blades.

Bolverk: With you dead, and your plan reduced to ruin, I will become the Emperor’s champion.

Sparda: Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s one dream that will remain unfulfilled.

Sparda breaks off and flies into the air.  He holds out his free hand and unleashes a rainstorm of fireballs.  Bolverk twirls his halberd above his head creating swirling winds to surround and shield him.  The fireballs detonate against the wind shield.  Bolverk leaps upward through the smoke and lashes out at Sparda.  The heroic knight’s speed is too much for Bolverk as Sparda swoops behind him.  With a mighty downward slash Bolverk’s back is sliced open.  Bolverk’s body hits the ground causing it to break up around him.  The knight’s halberd stabs into the ground beside him.  Sparda lands before the fallen warrior.  Bolverk looks up at the victor.  Sparda holds his free hand out and charges a fireball.  The fireball slowly increases in size and intensity.

Bolverk: Sparda…

Sparda stares coldly at the knight.  He closes his hand, causing the fireball to dissipate.  Sparda stabs his sword into the ground.  As he releases the blade, the demonic aura engulfing it vanishes in a violent display of motion.

Sparda: You have lost.  Return to the Demon World.

Bolverk: Your mercy will be the death of you. 

Bolverk leaps to his feet and tears his weapon from the ground.  Bolverk lashes out with a horizontal sweep. Sparda ducks and repositions himself as Bolverk comes back around the other way.  Sparda holds his hand out and grasps Bolverk’s blade, stopping the knight’s movement.  Sparda clenches his other fist and backhands the knight across the face.  The impact sends Bolverk backward through the air.  The demon lands on the ground within the stream of light.  Bolverk’s body begins to levitate upward.

Bolverk: No! It’s not over!  I’m not finished yet!

Bolverk is pulled upward quickly.

Bolverk: Sparda!!!

Bolverk disappears into the portal.

Beatrice: Sparda?

Sparda turns his attention to the advancing priestess.  She holds out the stone which is glowing bright red.  Sparda takes the stone from her and holds it up to his face.  Golden demonic energy begins to emanate from his body.  He pulls his sword from the ground and slides the stone against the blade.  The stone splits into two equal halves.  As soon as the stone breaks Sparda’s body erupts with golden demonic energy.  It spans outward like a cloud hovering above the Temen ni Gru.  The cloud of energy swirls about and then is absorbed into the Sparda sword.  The sword itself is engulfed in red demonic energy.  It swirls about violently.  The energy disperses and the Sparda sword appears as a regular blade.  It has transformed into the Force Edge.  A purple glowing liquid flows along the blade.  The blade absorbs the liquid.  Sparda’s body is engulfed in a purple demonic aura.  It becomes blindingly bright.  When it fades, Sparda stands not as a demon, but as a human (his hair is matted down like Dante’s and Vergil’s).  Sparda smirks at his reflection in the blade.  Beatrice takes off her cloak and wraps it around Sparda’s waist, making his naked body somewhat presentable.  Beatrice smiles weakly at Sparda.

Beatrice: How does it feel to be human?

Sparda smiles at the girl.

Beatrice: Now, there’s only one more thing left to do.

A sorrowful look appears on Sparda’s face as he places his hand on her shoulder.

Sparda: Are you ready?

Beatrice nods her head.  Sparda runs his Force Edge through her stomach.  A look of sheer agony appears on her face.  Sparda twists the blade in her.  Beatrice coughs up blood.  Tears stream down her face.  Sparda slides his sword out of her.  He lowers her to the ground.  The priestess’ blood flows out of her body.  The roof begins to glow.  Beatrice reaches up and strokes Sparda’s sad face.

Beatrice: It’s finally…over…right…?

Sparda nods his head.

Sparda: The seal is complete.  The demons will never threaten this world again.

Beatrice closes her eyes.  Her hand falls from the handsome knight’s face.  Sparda rises to his feet and looks at his blood drenched sword.  Sparda’s gaze shifts to the portal above.  The stream of light leading to it fades away.  A massive vacuum starts up.  Back on the ground far below, the demons that are at war with the humans are pulled upward into the portal.  The vacuum sucks up all the evil that the portal released into the Human World.  Sparda takes one more look at the Force Edge.  He reels back and whips it upward, sending it spiraling into the portal leading to the Demon World.  The Portal slams shut with a bang.  Sparda scoops up Beatrice’s body and walks off.  The scene shifts to the ground.  Sparda stands, holding Beatrice, before what’s left of the human army.  A priest walks up to Sparda.

Priest: The gate has been closed but that cursed tower still stands.

Sparda: There are still some demons trapped in the tower.  They are bound to it.  When I return I will prepare a seal for the tower.  The Temen ni Gru will remain forever trapped beneath the earth of this land, never to rise again. You’re all free now.

Sparda turns and gazes upon the demonic tower.  Fade to black.  Scenes show of Sparda armed with Rebellion and Yamato slaying demons.  Sparda is scene in samurai gear, medieval knight gear, and Victorian gear.  Sparda is then scene kissing Eva in a chapel.  A framed picture is seen with Sparda and Eva together, holding there children.  Sparda holds Vergil while Eva holds Dante.

Narrator: For nearly two thousand years, Sparda continued to protect the world from any demonic threats.  Far into the future, Sparda met and fell in love with a wonderful woman.  They were married and soon became the loving parents of twins.

Pre Mission 6 Script

The scene opens in a big house.  Eva is cooking dinner in the kitchen.  Sparda walks in holding the twins.  Eva turns to her husband and smiles.

Eva: Dinner will be ready in another ten minutes.  Hope you’re hungry.

Sparda returns the smile.

Sparda: You know me.  I’m always hun…hey!

Little Dante reaches up and pulls Sparda’s glasses from his face.  Sparda smiles and sits the twins down on the table. 

Sparda: Give those back to daddy.

Sparda takes his glasses and puts them back on.  Dante lets out a laugh.  Vergil begins crawling along the table.

Sparda: Hey you get back over here.

Sparda picks Vergil and Dante up.  He turns to his wife.  She’s wearing a big smile.

Sparda: I’m going to go entertain these guys out in the living room.

Eva: I’ll call you when dinner’s ready.

Sparda leaves the kitchen.  He places the boys in their playpen.

Sparda: Alright you two, feel free to burn all that energy off.

There’s a knock at the door.  Sparda goes to the door and opens it.  A look of pure shock appears on his face.  Beatrice stands in the doorway.  She smiles at Sparda.

Beatrice: Hello Sparda.

Sparda: But…how?  You died…so long ago?

Beatrice: I’m not alive.  This is just temporary.

Sparda’s look of bewilderment doesn’t leave his face.

Sparda: Temporary?

Beatrice nods her head.

Beatrice: I was sent back to aide you.  Mundus’ powers have returned.  He’s attempting to once again enter the Human World.

Sparda: That’s not possible.  I sealed the portal and the tower.  His way is shut.

A grim look appears on Beatrice’s face.

Beatrice: There are other ways into this world Sparda.  And Mundus is trying to exploit them.

Sparda shakes his head.

Sparda: How?

Beatrice hands Sparda a ragged piece of parchment.

Beatrice: That map will lead you to the first place ever constructed that was used to worship these devils back when they were viewed as heavenly beings.

Beatrice’s expression darkens.

Beatrice: I know it’s been a long time since you’ve had to wield your sword in the name of justice.  But this threat can’t be ignored.  I’ll wait at the location.  Come whenever you’re ready.

Sparda looks down at the parchment.  When he looks back up Beatrice is nowhere to be seen.  He turns around and looks at his sons playing in the playpen.  A warm smile appears on his face.  The scene changes to Sparda and Eva’s bedroom.  Both husband and wife sit on the end of the bed as the twins crawl around by the pillows.

Eva: I’m scarred.  I can’t shake this horrible sense of foreboding.  This one seems different from all your others.

Sparda caresses his nose before putting his glasses back on.

Sparda: My choices in the past have come back to haunt me.  If I hadn’t spared Mundus this threat wouldn’t be before us.  I won’t make that mistake a second time.

Sparda stands up and looks at himself in the mirror.

Sparda: I’ll make sure this world is forever safe for our children to grow up in.

Eva scoops up the boys and walks over to her husband.

Sparda: Don’t be afraid.  It might seem like a grim situation, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle.

Eva smiles at her husband.

Eva: I’m not afraid.  I’m married to the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda.  There’s nothing the savior of humanity can’t do.

Sparda smiles and kisses his wife.  He kisses Vergil on the forehead and rubs Dante’s head.

Sparda: I guess it’s time for me to come out of retirement…

The scene changes to a forested area filled with dead trees.  Sparda smiles to himself.

Sparda: One last time.

Pre Boss Script

Sparda enters the courtyard of the massive cathedral.  He looks around.  As he continues to advance he stops and looks up at the top of the building.  Phantom leaps off the roof and crashes down in front of the dark knight.  Sparda stands his ground as the mighty demon advances toward him.

Phantom: The legendary Sparda.  What an honor it is to once again be in your presence.

Sparda stares coldly at the devil.

Sparda: Phantom, I’m surprised a devil of your class was able to cross over.

Phantom: My master bids you welcome, traitor.

A puzzled look appears on Sparda’s face.

Sparda: He knows I’m here?

Phantom starts laughing.

Phantom: Did you believe he would forget about you after what you did?

Phantom’s tail strikes at Sparda.  Sparda slides backward as the tail strikes the ground.  Phantom’s eyes turn red.

Phantom: Enough talk.  It’s time to die!!

Post Mission 6 Script

Sparda opens fire with Luce and Ombra as Phantom advances.  The bullets ricochet off his hard shell.

Phantom: Bah, your tools of the mortal world will do you no good.

Phantom bats Sparda aside with his front leg.  Sparda flips sideways and lands on his feet.  He holsters his guns.

Sparda: Don’t get so cocky.

Sparda draws Legacy and points it to the heavens.  The runes engraved in the blade begin to glow.  The blade begins to emanate energy.  Sparda strikes the ground and a wave of demonic energy engulfs Phantom’s body.  Phantom staggers backward and then slumps to the ground.

Sparda: Tell me how Mundus knows that I’m here and I’ll grant you a swift death.

Phantom lets out a hoarse laugh.

Phantom: It’s a shame really.  I would love to devour you but my emperor has other plans for you.  I doubt we’ll get another chance to fight.  Soon you will suffer a traitor’s death and this world will once again be ours.

Legacy begins to charge again.

Sparda: Not if I can help it.

Sparda strikes the ground again sending another wave of energy at the demon.  Phantom’s body glows bright red with the heat of his lava.  The massive devil melts through the ground as the wave misses him.  Sparda straps his sword on his back.

Sparda: You can run Phantom, but you cannot escape your ultimate fate.

Sparda walks toward the entrance of the cathedral.

Pre Mission 7 Script

The doors swing closed behind Sparda.  He begins to move forward but stops in his tracks.

Sparda: Beatrice, I thought something might have happened to you.

Sparda turns around to face Beatrice standing against the doors.

Beatrice: It’s good to see you can still fight like a demon.

Sparda walks toward her.

Sparda: Where do I go from here?  This place doesn’t look like much.

Beatrice smiles at Sparda.  She takes an icy tone.

Beatrice: Looks are deceiving, Sparda.

Sparda’s eyes narrow.

Sparda: Meaning?

Beatrice’s tone changes to a lighter note. 

Beatrice: There’s more to this place than meets the eye.  You have to unravel its secrets to get into the Demon World.  Opening the portal here will allow you to travel between worlds.  While the portal remains open, visitors from the other world can come through.  But at least you won’t have to worry about anything really powerful coming through.

Beatrice walks past Sparda.

Beatrice: However, it’s a race against the clock.  Mundus is attempting to open the portal from the other side.  And if he succeeds there is no limit to what can come through into our world.

Beatrice points to the double doors up the steps across the room

Beatrice: You can’t go barreling through the door.  Demonic magic is at work here.  You’ll need to find two artifacts to unseal the doors.  Once in there, you’ll find that you need three artifacts to unseal the doors leading to the Unholy Sanctuary deep beneath this dark cathedral.

Beatrice turns to face Sparda.

Beatrice: After you make your way into the Chamber of Worship I’ll instruct you further on where you must go.  Anything else, you’re on your own.

Sparda walks past Beatrice and looks toward his destination.

Sparda: I don’t understand how Mundus knows I’m here.  Did you catch wind of anything while you were here?

Sparda turns to face Beatrice but she is nowhere to be found.  A serious look appears on the knight’s face.

Sparda: I guess I’ll have to ask later.

Post Mission 7 Script

Sparda walks up to the altar in the center of the chamber and takes the small artifact from the pedestal.

Sparda: Why do I get the feeling that coming here was a setup?

Sparda turns and leaves the room.  Freki and Geri come out from behind a pillar.

Freki: Should we tell him that he’s come, Geri?

The wolf shakes its head.

Geri: There’s no need, Freki.  He already knows?

Pre Mission 8 Script

As Sparda walks down a hallway, paws can be heard striking the stone floor from behind.  Sparda continues to move forward, though he is aware that he is being followed.  The rate of the paw steps increase.  Sparda spins around drawing Luce and points it down the hallway.  Not a sound can be heard.  Sparda’s eyes narrow as he slides the hammer back on his gun.  A moment passes and Sparda slides the hammer back in place.  Holstering Luce he turns and walks through a door.  Freki and Geri waltz into view.

Freki: It would appear that he’s on to us, Geri.

Geri: Indeed, Freki.  We’ll get our chance.  We just have to be patient.

Pre Boss Script

Sparda enters the entrance chamber.  As he steps into the center of the room, all the doors become blocked off by walls of blue flames.  A massive pillar of ice materializes at the top of the stairs.  The ice explodes into a raging inferno of flames.  A being bathed in blue flames floats off the ground staring down at Sparda.

Sparda: The elemental power of Cold Fire.  I didn’t expect to bump into an elemental here.

Sparda draws Legacy from his back.

Sparda: But then, you’re no ordinary elemental.  I see Mundus is up to his old experiments again, though usually he just creates new life forms instead of splicing two existing creatures together.  Tell me Necros, how can you call yourself a knight?  The   Emperor betrayed your king, Argosax, who you served without question.  And then you allow yourself to be experimented on by the same bastard who betrayed your king and your dream.  Your loyalties are misplaced.

Necros levitates down the staircase.

Necros: I will not be lectured by a traitor like you.  You have no right to judge me.

Sparda points his sword at the demon.

Sparda: I’ll judge any devil as I see fit.

Necros holds his arms outstretched.

Necros: Then by all means, try and pass judgement on me.

Sparda smirks at the devil.

Sparda: An easy enough task.

Necros rises into the air.

Necros: The flames will burn you so severely that it will feel as if you’re freezing.  That is the power of my element.  Your debt to the Demon World will be paid in full, here and now.

Post Mission 8 Script

Sparda dashes in circles around Necros.  Necros tosses fireball after fireball attempting to hit the blur-like Sparda. 

Necros: Stand and face me you coward!!

Necros thrusts his hands down at his sides.  Flames stream downward at the ground, fanning out across the floor.  Sparda leaps into the air.  The blade of his Legacy glows brightly with demonic energy.  Sparda slices down the middle of Necros.  As the blade slides through Necros, the energy blows both halves of the demon into pieces.  As Sparda lands the flames covering the floor and blocking the doors disperse.  All that remains of Necros is his floating soul.  Sparda straps Legacy on his back and holds out his hand.  The soul soars into the knight’s grasp.  Sparda’s body is bathed in blue flames.  The flames travel down to his right hand and burn around his fist.  He stretches his arm out and the flames expand outward and form a sheathed rapier.  Sparda draws the rapier and looks it up and down before performing a few fencing moves.  Sparda gives the blade a twirl and returns it to its sheath.

Pre Mission 9 Script

Sparda walks up to the sealed door and inserts the first artifact into the right door.

Sparda: Beatrice mentioned that this place has its share of secrets.  The seals in this place aren’t man made, they’re demonic.

Sparda turns to walk away.

Sparda: This place seems to be much more than just a place for worshipping the darkness.

Sparda walks down the steps.
Pre Boss Script

Sparda enters a massive chamber and spies the second artifact on a pedestal.  He smirks as he approaches it.  Sparda stops in the center of the room and looks around and then jumps out of the way as a massive thunderbolt strikes the ground where he was standing.  As the electrical storm clears, a sword is left stabbed into the ground.  Alastor lands in a crouched position behind his blade.

Sparda: Alastor? I didn’t expect to run into you here.

Alastor rises to his feet.

Alastor: Surprised to see your former student here?  I knew you would be.

Alastor pulls his sword from the ground.  As soon as his hands touch the sword electricity violently snakes along the length of the blade.

Sparda: I wonder how many familiar faces I’ll be seeing while I’m here.

Alastor sends a wicked smile Sparda’s way.

Alastor: Only your biggest fans of course.

Sparda draws Legacy from his back.

Sparda: Walk away from this.  I don’t wish to kill you.

Alastor let’s out a loud laugh.

Alastor: You? Kill me? When did the serious Sparda become a comedian?

Sparda’s eyes narrow.

Alastor: All these years you’ve been fighting dried up devils who were imprisoned in the Nether World.  And then there are the lesser devils who manage to slip through your seals.  But they are mere cannon fodder.  Not as challenging or as deadly as a Devil Knight.  You’ve had it easy all these years.

Sparda shakes his head.

Sparda: I taught you everything you know about the sword.  You can’t hope to prevail in a duel with me.  Walk away from this, Alastor.

Alastor points his electrified blade at the traitor.

Alastor: Do you honestly believe I wouldn’t come into my own?  I’ve been training to be the greatest since your betrayal.

Alastor smiles sinisterly at the Dark Knight of legend.

Alastor: Training for the chance that I would meet you again.  You don’t know what you’re up against.

Sparda points his sword at the knight.  It begins to glow with demonic energy.

Sparda: I’ll say it one more time.  Walk away.

Alastor gets into a ready stance.

Alastor: Go to hell.

Sparda gets into a ready stance.

Sparda: So be it.

Post Mission 9 Script

Alastor and Sparda lock swords. 

Alastor: Not bad old man.

Sparda smirks at Alastor.  The blade of Legacy begins to glow.  Both warriors are engulfed in an explosion of energy.  Alastor staggers backward.

Alastor: Damn you!

Alastor sends his blade spiraling upward into the air.  The knight leaps up onto his sword.  Spinning around with the blade Alastor begins his Air Raid.  Sparda moves fast, dodging all of the little thunderbolts.  Alastor becomes flustered as he leaps off the sword.  Descending to the ground he continues his Air Raid.  Sparda continues to dodge.  Alastor lands and spreads out his fingers.  Streams of electricity snake out from each of them.  He moves his arms around into different positions trying to catch the speedy Sparda with at least one stream of lightning.  Sparda continues to burn past Alastor’s attacks as he moves on his former student.  Sparda thrusts forward and impales Alastor through the gut.  A look of shock appears on Alastor’s face.  Sparda stares the beaten knight down before tearing his sword out of him.  Sparda spins around while twirling the blade.  He straps Legacy on his back.  Upon completing the smooth motion, Alastor’s sword slams down into the knight, folding him backward and stapling him to the ground.  Alastor screams as electricity rips his body apart.  He explodes in a haze of lighting.  The lightning converges on the blade.  Lightning violently snakes along Alastor’s sword before finally ceasing.  Sparda turns around and walks to the pedestal where he claims the second artifact.  Sparda turns around and stares at the sword of his fallen enemy.  Sparda leaves the blade in the chamber as he makes his exit.

Pre Mission 10 Script

Sparda inserts the last artifact into the left door.  The double doors swing open.  As Sparda enters the Chamber of Worship the double doors swing closed behind him.  Sparda looks over his shoulder at the closed doors.  The dark knight moves toward the altar and sees that there are three slots for more artifacts.  Sparda spins around while drawing Legacy.  He strikes the incoming halberd, sending it spiraling back to its owner, Bolverk.  The skeletal knight stands atop a balcony above the entrance.

Sparda: Bolverk.

Bolverk disappears in a cloud of blue mist and reappears at the doors.

Bolverk: It’s been a long time, old friend.

Sparda: Not long enough.

Bolverk shakes his head and lets out a low laugh.

Bolverk: Look at you.  You’ve become a human.  Or at least you appear to be one. 

Bolverk looks down at the ground before Sparda.  He can see the demonic shadow of Sparda’s true form.

Bolverk: You can’t hide what you truly are, no matter how much you disguise yourself.

Bolverk slowly slides toward the dark knight.

Bolverk: There’s nothing wrong with your eyesight.  Disguise yourself all you want, you’re still a demon.

Sparda fixes his glasses and smirks at the demon.

Sparda: Are you judging me Bolverk?  You shouldn’t speak of things you know nothing about.

Bolverk stops in his tracks.

Bolverk: I know all there is to know about your illness.  Your love for humanity has driven you to madness.  Insanity has actually led you to believe that you are one of those insects.

Bolverk points his mighty weapon at Sparda.

Bolverk: You even arm yourself with the inferior weapons of that plague of a race; inexcusable.

Sparda draws Legacy and gets into a ready stance.  Bolverk begins to laugh.

Bolverk: You’re actually challenging me?  Even though your power is sealed away in the Demon World?

Sparda stares Bolverk down coldly.

Sparda: I didn’t seal all of my powers.  I’m still more powerful than you, old friend.

Bolverk twirls his halberd about before assuming a ready stance.

Bolverk: Let us see if your words are pure.
Post Mission 10 Script

Sparda stands breathing heavily in a battle stance.

Sparda: You’ve improved.  I’m glad you haven’t let your skills go to waste, old friend.

Bolverk: I swore I would never suffer another humiliating defeat at your hands.  I am now the greatest knight in the Demon World.

Sparda smirks at the skeletal knight.

Sparda: Well, now that I’m gone that is.

Bolverk leaps into the air and comes down upon the dark knight.  Sparda’s blade is engulfed in demonic energy.  He swings upward, unleashing a wave of energy upon his opponent.  Bolverk is engulfed in the light.  The demon slams into the pews lining the side of the chamber.  Bolverk rises to his feet.

Bolverk: That’s quite a sword you’ve got there.

Sparda looks at the blade.

Sparda: It’s my first sword, from another life.

Bolverk: Heh, another life…

Bolverk grips a pew and hurls it at Sparda.  Sparda swings his sword outward, slicing through the pew.  The pew explodes into splinters.  Bolverk slides through the mess and impales Sparda through the gut with his massive sword.  Bolverk pins Sparda to a wall.  The force of the impact causes cracks to fan out as part of the wall breaks apart.  Sparda’s glasses fall from his face.  As they hit the ground the lenses crack.

Bolverk: Your love for the humans has made you weak.  Killing you like this would be unfulfilling.  I want to fight the Dark Knight of Legend.

Bolverk slides his weapon out of Sparda.  Sparda slumps to the ground.  He reaches out for his glasses.  Bolverk’s halberd crushes them as he stabs it into the ground.  Sparda looks up at Bolverk with an annoyed look on his face.

Bolverk: To become the Legendary Dark Knight, you must strip away your false humanity and accept the truth about yourself.  You are a devil.

Sparda’s eye color changes from blue to red.

Bolverk: We’ll meet again.

Bolverk vanishes in a cloud of blue mist.  Sparda’s eye color returns to normal.  He rubs his face.

Pre Mission 11 Script

Sparda examines the slots in the altar.  Beatrice walks up behind him.

Beatrice: You were doing so well until you encountered Bolverk.  It’s like you’re a completely different person from the invincible knight that removed the demons from our world.

Sparda keeps his back turned as he runs his hands over the altar.

Sparda: I am a different person.  It’s been nearly two thousand years.  People change.

Beatrice: “People” refers to humans.  You aren’t a human.

Sparda’s eyes narrow.

Sparda: You’ve changed as well.

Sparda turns to face the former priestess.

Sparda: Do you not have faith in me anymore?

Beatrice caresses the side of Sparda’s face.

Beatrice: I have all the faith in the world in you.  But you must realize that you are different now.  You aren’t as strong as you were during the Great War.

Sparda removes Beatrice’s hand from his face.

Sparda: I make due with what I have.  I’ve survived this long.  I’ll keep on living.

Sparda walks past Beatrice.

Beatrice: But it’s still there isn’t it? Running through your mind? Doubt.

Sparda stops in his tracks.

Sparda: This…whole situation feels different.  I get this dark feeling and I can’t put it out of my mind.

Beatrice turns around.

Beatrice: I have faith in you.  Do you have faith in yourself?

Sparda turns around to face her.

Sparda: I have a family now.  I live a peaceful life.  I will not abandon them nor will I abandon that life.

Beatrice smiles softly.

Beatrice: Okay then.  Now, how about I tell you what you have to do next to reach the Demonic Sanctuary?

Sparda smiles at the girl.

Beatrice: There are three artifacts that must be collected and brought here.  The artifacts represent the Denials of Evil; Hear no Evil, See no Evil, and Speak no Evil.  One is located in the basement of this cathedral.  The other is located in the bell tower.  The final one is located outside in the Eternal Garden behind this place.

Sparda: I’ll start with the garden.  I could use some fresh air.

Beatrice: Once you bring them all here, the path to the catacombs will be opened.  Since so much evil has seeped into this place, the dead will most likely be undead down there.

Sparda holds up his hand to stop Beatrice.

Sparda: Hey, one step at a time here.

Sparda turns and walks away.

Sparda: You can fill me in on the next steps after I bring the artifacts here.

Pre Boss Script

Sparda walks into a clearing at the end of the garden.  A massive demon snores in a deep sleep before him.  Sparda turns to a pillar to his right and kicks through it.  As the pillar falls Sparda holds his arms up and braces its fall.  The dark knight hurls the stone structure at the snoring beast.  The pillar breaks apart upon impact on what appears to be the creature’s head.  The demon awakens and howls in pain as its massive head and long neck rocket upward.  Sparda smirks at the demon in its state of agony.

Sparda: Well, now that I have your attention.

All of a sudden the creature’s neck uncoils.  Its head gets smaller as it turns out that the creature has seven heads, each attached to a long neck.  The creature’s heads descend upon and surround Sparda.  Sparda keeps his attention fixated on the demon’s head in front of him.  All heads speak at the same time.

Typhon: You dare disturb Typhon’s slumber, mortal?!!

The heads sniff Sparda.

Typhon: You are no mortal, but a demon in disguise.  Devil, why do you attack your own kind for no reason?!

Sparda: You’re in the way.

Typhon’s eyes widen and a look of shock appears on each face.  The looks disappear and are replaced by looks of hatred and rage.

Typhon: The infamous Sparda.

The heads reel back and stare down from high above at the dark knight.

Typhon: I will enjoy this.

Sparda grips the hilt of Legacy.

Post Boss Script

Sparda points his sword up at the remaining head of Typhon.

Sparda: And then there was one.

Typhon begins to laugh.

Typhon: You can chop off my heads as many times as you want.  I’ll just grow more.

And with that, Typhon’s other six heads regenerate. 

Typhon: Without knowing the secret to destroying me, your petty resistance is futile.

The heads lash out at the dark knight.  Sparda ducks and dives out of the way from the snapping jaws of his massive opponent’s numerous mouths.  Sparda leaps from head to head only to get snatched up by the middle head.  Sparda holds the demon’s mouth open with one arm and with the other he thrusts his glowing blade up into its brain.  The head explodes and Sparda twirls to the ground landing in a crouched position.  Sparda rises to his feet and watches as the head grows back.  The many heads laugh at the knight.

Typhon: It’s useless.

Sparda smirks at the demon.

Sparda: It would appear that I’m going about this the wrong way.  Taking out one head at a time isn’t accomplishing anything.  But severing all heads at once might prove more effective.

Sparda’s sword glows once more as he points it behind him.  Swinging it in a horizontal arc he creates a wave of energy that fans out and severs all of Typhon’s heads.  Sparda leaps onto the massive body of the beast.  Taking a reverse grip on his sword he raises it up and aims it down at the behemoths body.  The runes engraved in the sword begin to glow as the blade is engulfed in demonic energy.  Sparda thrusts the sword down into the creature.  Typhon’s body begins to pulsate violent before exploding.  A massive explosion of light engulfs the area.  When the light clears Sparda straps Legacy on his back.  He brushes a few entrails off his shoulder with a disgusted look on his face.

Sparda: This is an expensive coat.

Sparda turns his attention toward the glowing soul floating in place where Typhon once stood.  Sparda holds out his arm and draws the soul in.  The dark knight’s body is bathed in electricity.  The electricity snakes down to Sparda’s lower arms where twisted helicopter blades attached to spiked chains appear out of gusting winds.  Sparda begins moving his arms about, causing the blades to spin and soar out all around him.  The attached chains spin in circles as if sawing through the air.  Sparda pulls his arms in.  The chains wrap around his arms and the helicopter blades come to rest against his forearms.

Post Mission 11 Script

Sparda walks into a small open room and takes the artifact from the altar.  The artifact is a small head with hands covering its ears.

Sparda: Hmm, hear no evil.

Sparda turns and walks off.  Far above at the top of the cathedral, Bolverk watches Sparda’s progress.

Pre Mission 12 Script

Bolverk points his halberd up at the heavens.  Wind swirls around the blade.  The wind snakes away from the blade in two directions.  From the white swirling mists Freki and Geri materialize.

Bolverk: You two have been very patient.  Why don’t you both go and entertain our guest.

Geri turns to Freki.

Geri: I told you, Freki.  All we had to do was have patience.

Freki: Indeed, Geri.

Bolverk thrusts his blade into the ground.

Bolverk: Have fun.

Freki and Geri leap off the side of the roof.

Pre Boss Script

Sparda enters the chamber filled with cobwebs.  He spies an altar with a needed artifact at the other end.  Sparda’s eyes shift to the base of the altar where Freki and Geri lay in wait.  The wolves’ ears perk up and they rise to their feet.

Geri: He’s come, Freki.

Freki: I see that, Geri.

Geri: Now Freki, we get to play.

Freki: Yes Geri, we will have our fun.

Sparda’s eyes narrow.

Sparda: Bolverk’s pets.  Where’s your master hiding.

The wolves separate and circle around the dark knight.

Geri: Oh no, no master.

Freki: Oh yes, just us.

Post Mission 12 Script

Geri lunges at Sparda with snapping jaws.  Sparda reaches out and clamps the demon’s jaws shut.  He draws Luce and puts the barrel of the gun beneath the wolf’s jaw and pulls the trigger.  Geri’s brains splatter out.  The wolf’s body disperses into a white mist and flows out of the room like a bat out of hell.  Freki bears his teeth and growls at Sparda.

Freki: How dare you harm Geri like that!

Freki lunges at the dark knight.  Sparda draws Ombra and thrusts the gun forward, jamming it into the wolf’s mouth.  Sparda smirks as he pulls the trigger, redecorating the floors with Freki’s brains.  Freki’s body disperses into mist and follows the other wolf.  Sparda holsters his guns and walks to the altar and takes the small artifact.  It’s a small head with hands covering its eyes.

Sparda: Ah, see no evil.

Sparda turns and walks away.
Pre Mission 13 Script

Freki and Geri stand before Bolverk on the roof.  The wolves’ heads and ears are down as if sad for their failure.

Bolverk: Fear not my friends.  You’ve accomplished exactly what I hoped you would.

Bolverk holds his halberd above the wolves’ heads.

Bolverk: Come, you’ve earned your chance to rest.  I shall call on you later.

Freki and Geri disperse into mist and flow around the blade before being absorbed into it.  Bolverk rests the mighty halberd over his shoulder.

Bolverk: Hurry, Sparda.  I eagerly await our rematch.

Pre Boss Script

Sparda reaches the bell tower.  He walks up to the altar containing the last remaining artifact.  It’s a small head with hands covering its mouth.

Sparda: And finally, speak no evil.

Sparda turns to leave only to see Bolverk standing before the doors.  Bolverk points upwards and then vanishes in a cloud of blue mist.  The scene shifts to the rooftop.  The dark knight stands before the skeletal knight.

Sparda: Last time I made the mistake of underestimating you.  It’s a mistake that I don’t plan on making twice.

Bolverk: So, I face the Legendary Dark Knight then?

Sparda shakes his head from side to side.

Sparda: The Dark Knight of Legend is just that, a legend.

Bolverk: You disappoint me.

Sparda draws Legacy and points it behind him.  The demonic runes on the blade being to glow as the sword is bathed in energy.

Sparda: You’ll get over it.

Sparda strikes the ground with his blade sending a wave of energy snaking along the ground at his opponent.  Bolverk twirls his halberd above his head before stabbing it into the ground before him.  A violent shield of wind whips around Bolverk’s body like a tornado.  As Sparda’s attack strikes Bolverk’s shield both disperse and dissipate.  Bolverk rises to his feet.

Bolverk: That truly is an impressive sword you have.  But it’s not your true sword.

Sparda smirks at Bolverk.

Sparda: It’s not?

Bolverk: Enough of this banter.

Bolverk pulls his halberd from the ground.

Bolverk: Have at you!

Post Mission 13 Script

Sparda and Bolverk are engaged in a furious duel.  Bolverk deflects a leaping attack from Sparda.  With his own counter the demon knocks Sparda airborne.  Twisting around Sparda swings his glowing sword about sending wave after wave of demonic energy at his opponent.  Bolverk is beaten down into the ground as each wave washes over him.  Sparda lands in a crouched position.  He rises over and walks toward the fallen knight.

Sparda: Satisfied?

Bolverk: No.  You are still not the Dark Knight of Legend.  But you will be.  You will be when we next duel.

Sparda stands before Bolverk’s battered body.

Sparda: Sorry, old friend.  But there won’t be a next time.

Bolverk starts to laugh.

Bolverk: That’s what you think.

White mist pours out of Bolverk’s halberd and in an instant Freki and Geri take form on opposite sides of the dark knight.  They bite into Sparda’s forearms, holding him in place.  Bolverk leaps to his feet and slides toward Sparda.  As he impales him his pets release there grip on Sparda.  As Bolverk hoists his rival into the air he twists his mighty blade.  Sparda spits up blood and drops his sword.  Freki bites down on the blade and brings it to his master.  Bolverk takes Sparda’s sword and slowly slides it through the dark knight’s heart.  Sparda cries out in pain and then grits his teeth from the pain.

Bolverk: That’s twice now that I’ve had the chance to end your life.

Sparda: Let me guess…Mundus wants me alive…right?

Bolverk: I don’t care what the Emperor wants.  In two duels I have made you pay for your betrayal, and I have made you pay for my humiliating defeat at your hands.  Our next duel will have no outside reasoning.  We shall see which one of us is truly superior.  I suggest you stop pretending to be human and come at me with everything you have.  I want to fight the Sparda that fought with and imprisoned the other Devil Kings when they were released into this world.  I know he’s in there somewhere.

Bolverk grabs Sparda’s head and pulls his halberd out of him before throwing him off the roof.  Sparda crashes down onto the ground in the Eternal Garden.

Bolverk: I will not be denied.

Pre Mission 14 Script

Sparda opens his eyes.  Through blurred vision he sees the silhouette of a demon.  As his vision clears he realizes that it is Beatrice who is watching over him.  Sparda sits up and looks around.  He’s in the Chamber of Worship.

Beatrice: I took the liberty of opening the passage for you.

Sparda looks over at her with a slightly annoyed look on his face.

Sparda: I’m fine by the way.

Beatrice smiles at Sparda.

Beatrice: I figured you would be.  Your wounds were already healing when I brought you here.  I figured it was only a matter of time before you came to.

Sparda uses Legacy to help himself rise to his feet.  He straps the sword on his back.  He turns his attention to the steps leading down into the catacombs; the altar had been moved upon the insertion of the artifacts.

Sparda: Now, you said something about the dead being undead.

Beatrice: Sparda, this place will be your tomb.  You’re going to die here.

Sparda turns his attention to the former priestess.

Sparda: I thought you had all the faith in the world in me.

A dark look appears on Beatrice’s face.

Beatrice: You need to accept that you are a devil and rely on the power that you have within.  You can beat Bolverk.  You just need to make use of everything at your disposal.  If you don’t, you’ll never get to see your family again.

Sparda turns his back on Beatrice.

Sparda: You’re right. I have been taking this situation too lightly.  Once upon a time, I was known as the Legendary Dark Knight.  It’s time I reminded the demons of this.

A weak smile appears on Beatrice’s face.

Beatrice: There is just one more barrier that stands in your way.  Make your way through the catacombs and underground caverns.  You’ll find the Demonic Sanctuary; a dark place where sinister rituals took place.  A portal to the Demon World can be opened there.  Sparda, this is as far as I can go.  You’re on your own from here.

Sparda’s eyes narrow slightly.

Sparda: Farewell.

Sparda walks down the steps.  Beatrice watches Sparda with a face devoid of any emotion.

Post Mission 14 Script

Sparda follows the path until he reaches a dead end of rubble.  Sparda puts his hands on the bricks and dirt.

Sparda: A cave-in must have occurred here at some point.

Moans can be heard coming from behind the dark knight.  A hand reaches up and grabs hold of Sparda’s leg.  Sparda reaches down and pulls the zombie out of the ground.  He punches the undead creature in the chest, knocking it into the wall.  Upon impact the zombie breaks apart.  Sparda turns around and sees zombies pulling themselves out of the ceiling, ground and walls.  More zombies stumble down the path Sparda came from.  Sparda smirks slightly.  He draws Luce and Ombra and leaps into the midst of them.  Sparda unleashes a majestically, graceful display of motion and gunplay.  Sparda lays waste to the zombies with a constant barrage of gunfire.  Not a single zombie lays a hand on the dark knight.  Sparda holsters Ombra as he continues to fire Luce.  Reaching across with his left hand he draws Legacy and twirls the energy engulfed blade around before striking the ground with it.  A wave of energy smashes against the caved-in wall.  The wall is obliterated.  The rubble shoots past Sparda and smashes into the remaining zombies.  As  Sparda begins to walk away another zombie erupts from the ground and grabs hold of Sparda’s leg.  Sparda points Luce down and blows the zombies brains out with a single shot.  Sparda holsters the gun and straps his sword on his back.  The dark knight follows the new path he created into the caverns.

Pre Mission 15 Script

Sparda examines a massive hole in the side of the cave wall.  It appears to be burned open.  Sparda runs his hand along the edge of the hole.

Sparda: Hellfire.

Sparda takes his hand away and stares down the path the hole leads to.

Sparda: So, Ifrit is here as well.

Sparda starts through the hole.

Pre Boss Script

Sparda stares down a steep tunnel.  He closes his eyes.

Sparda: You can come out now.  I know you’re there, Ifrit.

Ifrit walks out from behind a stalagmite.  His gauntlets blaze with flames.

Ifrit: Your ears are as good as ever I see.  You may look human but you are truly a devil to your very core.

Sparda turns his attention toward the knight.

 Ifrit: You’ve slain Alastor, your own student.  Surely that must have been painful.

Sparda: I gave him a choice.  He made the wrong one.

Ifrit smiles sinisterly at Sparda.

Ifrit: Save your choices.  I will not run from you.  Especially not after the trouncing you took from Bolverk.

Sparda: Don’t be foolish, Ifrit.  Return to the Demon World while you still can.

Ifrit lets out a laugh.

Ifrit: Still possess the same noble spirit as before.  Showing friendship to your fellow knights like that.  It amuses me.

Sparda shakes his head.

Sparda: Don’t mistake friendship for an act of mercy.  When I sealed the Demon World I severed all my ties to it.  I don’t want to kill you.  But I will if I must.

Ifrit holds his arms outstretched.

Ifrit: You are nothing more than a half-breed in terms of power.  You cannot hope to overcome me.  I won’t underestimate you like Alastor.  And I won’t overestimate you like Bolverk.

Ifrit assumes a ready stance.

Ifrit: I’ll burn you alive.

Sparda grips the hilt of Legacy.

Sparda: It is you who will be burned.  Burned by your own power.

Sparda draws his sword.

Post Mission 15 Script

Ifrit unleashes a flurry of punches.  Sparda uses his blade to block the knight’s furious onslaught.  Ifrit leaps away from the dark knight as he draws Ombra.  Sparda opens fire.  The demon holds his hand out and creates a wall of fire.  The bullets melt as they touch the flame wall. 

Ifrit: You intend to fight me with such useless toys of the Human World.  You really do fancy yourself one of them, don’t you? 

Sparda holsters his gun as Ifrit charges in.  Ifrit thrusts forward with a punch.  Sparda holds out his free hand and catches the demon’s fist.  Ifrit smiles sinisterly at the dark knight.  Flames begin to crawl up and engulf Sparda’s arm.

Ifrit: I told you I would burn you alive.

Sparda’s eyes turn dark red.  Purple demonic energy begins to emanate off of his body.

Sparda: You too have underestimated me.

The flames retreat from Sparda’s arm.  Ifrit is engulfed in the Hellfire of his own weapons.  The demon screams in pain as he is burned alive from the raging fire that has taken hold of him.  Ifrit burns away into ashes that fuel the fire.  The flames are absorbed by the gauntlets which fall to the ground.  Sparda looks down at the weapons.

Sparda: Rest in peace, knight of the Demon World.

Pre Mission 16 Script

Sparda slides down the steep slope and lands in an open part of the cavern.  The Demonic Sanctuary is before him.  Sparda begins to advance forward.  Hell and Sin class enemies appear before him.

Sparda: Obstacle after obstacle.  Mundus’ plan must be to wear me out before I reach him.

Sparda draws Luce and Ombra.

Mission Intermission Script

A Hell Vanguard appears before the entrance to the sanctuary.  Sparda draws Luce and fires four shots into the demon’s face.  The Vanguard staggers backward.  As the demon recomposes itself, two more Hell Vanguards appear beside it.  They mock Sparda with their horrific laughter.  Sparda holsters his gun.

Sparda: I’ll send you shrieking back to the underworld.

Sparda draws Legacy.

Pre Boss Script

Sparda makes for the entrance to the sanctuary.  A Death Scythe appears behind him and forces its numerous scythes to fly at the dark knight.  Sparda turns around and in one motion draws his sword and slices downward, smacking all the incoming blades back at the demon.  The scythes all pierce through the Death Scythe’s body.  The last scythe is buried in the demon’s head.  The Death Scythe fades away.  Sparda straps his sword on his back and continues to advance on his destination.  Sparda quickly spins around and watches an armored, cloaked demon appear from a cloud of darkness.  Sparda’s eyes narrow.

Sparda: Hell Sin.

Hell Sin: I see your skills are as sharp as ever.  You sensed my presence before I even appeared.

Scythes materialize and float behind the demon.  Two massive Hell Vanguard scythes (with red blades instead of blue) appear in his hands.

Hell Sin: Shall we dance?  I want to hear your screams of agony.  Beautiful screams that can be heard even in the Demon World.

Sparda grips the hilt of his sword.

Post Mission 16 Script

Hell Sin continues to teleport around the room taunting Sparda the whole time.

Hell Sin: I remember a time when your savagery was unmatched.  No demon alive could have ever hoped to match your brutality.  Even the Devil Kings were terrified of your madness.

Sparda grits his teeth.

Sparda: Be silent.

Hell Sin’s laughter echoes throughout the open chamber.

Hell Sin: Then you went all noble on all of us.  You were rebellious to your kings and spared the lives of those who opposed you.  I wasn’t surprised when you betrayed all of us.  I knew it was only a matter of time with you being the only noble demon among us.

Hell Sin appears before Sparda.

Hell Sin: What I want to know is where the insane Sparda went?  Surely he must be in there somewhere, scratching at the surface.  Just waiting for his chance to come out and slaughter aimlessly again.

Sparda strikes the ground with his glowing blade.

Sparda: Silence!!

Energy erupts from beneath Hell Sin.  The demon teleports to safety.

Hell Sin: A touchy subject I see.

Hell Sin twirls his scythes about.

Hell Sin: I guess I’ll never see that side of you again.  Seeing as you sealed your powers away and have chosen to pretend to be a human, that maniac will never have a chance to come out and play again.

The scene switches to the Demon World where Sparda, with his bare hands, slaughters countless demons.  He bathes in their blood as it flows from their bodies.

Sparda: I was never an animal by choice.  My power was too great for my body.  The incredible strain it placed on my body drove me to madness. 

A massive cloud of demonic energy flows from Sparda’s body.  Half of the energy is absorbed into Sparda’s body.  The other half he forms into the Sparda sword.

Sparda: I had to release my energy to regain myself.  I divided my power and took in all the energy my body could hold.  And with the remaining energy I forged it into a sword.

The scene switches back to Sparda and Hell Sin.  Hell Sin wears a confused look.

Hell Sin: How can a demon come into being with more power than they can control?  Something like that is unheard of.

Sparda points his sword at the demon.

Sparda: There is more to me than any demon will ever come to know.

A sinister look appears on Hell Sin’s face.

Hell Sin: It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I still haven’t heard your screams of agony.  Sing for me.

Hell Sin warps in front of Sparda and beings attacking furiously with both scythes.  Sparda meets each attack with his blade.  As they clash, Hell Sin’s scythes that are floating behind him come into play.  Sparda’s eyes glow red as purple demonic energy emanates from his body.  Sparda’s speed increases as he blocks all of Hell Sin’s weapons.

Hell Sin: Impressive.

Sparda leaps away with his opponent’s multiple scythes in hot pursuit.  Sparda smacks some of the weapons away as he avoids others.  The scythes surround the dark knight.  Legacy glows as Sparda thrusts it into the ground.  The scythes fly in and are met by a wall of energy that erupts from the ground around Sparda.  The weapons of the demon are reduced to ashes.  Sparda rises to his feet.

Hell Sin: That sword is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Sparda rests the blade in the palm of his free hand.  He smirks at his opponent.

Sparda: It’s a relic from an age long since passed.

Sparda lunges forward and thrusts his glowing blade through Hell Sin’s chest.  Sparda twists the blade as Hell Sin cries out in agony.  Sparda rips the blade from his opponent’s chest.  Spinning around he slices off the demon’s head and with a reverse sweep of the blade he unleashes a massive wave of energy upon Hell Sin’s body that completely eradicates the demon’s body.  Sparda straps Legacy on his back and holds out his hand to absorb the floating soul of Hell Sin.  Sparda’s body is engulfed in a cloud of darkness.  The cloud slides down to his fists where a pair of gauntlets appears.  Sparda takes up a boxer stance and unleashes a bunch of punches and jukes.  As he moves, wraith-like shadow images of himself follow his every move.  Punching his fists together, the gauntlets vanish in a cloud of shadows.

Pre Mission 17 Script

Sparda enters the cathedral.  The doors close behind him.  Sparda stares down Bolverk on the opposite side of the room.

Bolverk: He’s coming.

Sparda’s eyes narrow.

Bolverk: The Legendary Dark Knight is coming back.  I’m so excited for a true challenge.

Sparda: Shall we finish this?

Bolverk shakes his head.

Bolverk: Not yet.  I have a gift for you.  I have to return to the Demon World to retrieve it.  Follow me, and we will bring this to a close.

Bolverk vanishes in a cloud of blue mist.

Pre Boss Script

Sparda makes his way into the summoning room.  He approaches the runes on the ground.

Beatrice: To open the gate you must first sacrifice a life.

Sparda turns his head slightly to regard her.

Sparda: I thought you could not go any further, demon.

A look of surprise appears on Beatrice’s face.

Beatrice: How…?

Sparda: I’ve known since I arrived.  A true devil cannot hide their shadow.  It always shows their true form.  And when I came to after my battle with Bolverk, for a moment I could see your true form.

Sparda turns around with a look of disgust on his face.

Sparda: You tarnish the memory of that priestess by remaining in her form.

The changeling reverts to her true form.

Changeling: Very perceptive Sparda.  Why didn’t you do something sooner?

Sparda draws his blade.

Sparda: You had information on this place.  And even though you were giving me the run around, I still made sure to continue playing the fool to get everything I needed from you.

Sparda points his sword at the demon.

Sparda: And now you will serve as the sacrifice to get me into the Demon World.

Post Mission 17 Script

The changeling sits on the ground, beaten.  Sparda stands over her.

Sparda: It’s over.

The demon takes the form of Beatrice again as Sparda brings his sword down upon her.  The sudden change causes Sparda to hesitate.  Beatrice holds out her hand.  Her fingers extend and pierce through Sparda’s chest.  Sparda grits his teeth.

Beatrice: It will be you who will serve as the sacrifice to open the gate.  I’ll bring your body before the Emperor and claim my reward.

Sparda’s eyes turn red.

Sparda: Stop impersonating her.

Purple demonic energy fans out from Sparda’s body.

Beatrice: Why?  Because you can’t stand to look upon the visage of the girl you murdered to save humanity?  You’re a heartless beast.

A look of sheer rage appears on Sparda’s face.  He punches his fist through the changeling’s head.  Her fingers retract.  Sparda slides his hand out of the demon’s head.  When her body hits the ground, the runes on the floor light up and a small portal opens up above Sparda.  Sparda leaps into the portal.

Pre Mission 18 Script

Sparda appears in the divine looking Demon World (exactly how it appears in DMC3).

Sparda: This place looks as ruined as it did when I left nearly two millennia ago.

The portal in the floor behind Sparda closes.  Sparda looks around.  Red streams of electricity spark in the air to the right of Sparda.  The dark knight focuses on the light show.  Three red orbs appear, the eyes of Mundus.

Mundus: Welcome home, Sparda.

Sparda’s eyes narrow.

Sparda: Mundus…

Mundus: It has been ages since I last laid eyes on you.  A pity I couldn’t prepare a proper homecoming for you.

Sparda: The Human World is my home now.

Mundus’ laughter echoes all around.

Mundus: Yes, your form makes that quite clear.  However, you’ll always be a devil.  And you’ll always belong with your kind. 

Sparda shakes his head.

Sparda: I belong right here, between you and the Human World.

Mundus: You have been gone a long time.  My powers have grown since we last met.

A sinister smirk appears on Sparda’s face.

Sparda: No doubt from the same unnatural means that you used in order to overcome the other kings.

Mundus: Your words sting, Sparda.  But I forgive you.  Our reunion should be a joyous occasion, one that will be celebrated with your death.

Mundus’ laughter echoes throughout the area as his glowing eyes fade away.  Sparda’s attention turns to the path ahead.

Pre Boss Script

The transportation mirror spits Sparda out in an area composed of all crystals.  Sparda looks around and sees his reflection on the surfaces of the surrounding structures.  Massive footsteps can be heard.  From around a massive pillar the six legged demon-wolf, Fenrir, comes into view.

Sparda: Such a majestic beast, Mundus’ pet.

Sparda walks toward the demon.

Sparda: Fenrir, it’s me, Sparda.

Fenrir bares its fangs and unleashes a low growl.

Sparda: There was a time when you would sit by my side over your master’s.  I guess that time has long since passed.

Fenrir roars at Sparda.  It rushes him and tries to catch the dark knight in its jaws.  Sparda leaps backward and draws Legacy.  The blade glows brightly as he whips it across, sending a wave of energy at the beast.  Fenrir is knocked backward.  The demon’s body smashes through a wall of crystal.  The behemoth rises to its feet and growls at Sparda with a crazed look on its face.  Sparda gets into a ready stance.

Sparda: Forgive me for what I must do.

Post Mission 18 Script

As Fenrir dissolves, Mundus’ eyes appear.

Mundus: Are you enjoying your stay?

Sparda turns his attention to the eyes as he straps Legacy on his back.

Sparda: I can’t leave soon enough.

Mundus’ laughter engulfs the area.

Mundus: There is no going back.  The portal that closed behind you was one way.  You fell right into my trap.

Sparda grits his teeth and draws Legacy.  As he draws the sword it ignites.  Striking the ground he sends a wave of energy at Mundus’ glowing eyes.  As the dust from the resulting explosion clears, Mundus’ eyes remain.  Mundus laughs hysterically.

Mundus: Frustrating isn’t it?  Without your full power you are going to die here.

Mundus laughs as his eyes fade away.  Sparda straps his sword on his back.  A warp mirror appears before Sparda.  He walks through it.

Pre Mission 19 Script

Sparda appears in the Forbidden Nirvana.  He walks toward the center of the liquid pool and is sucked down.  Traveling through the stream he exits at the top of the waterfall (DMC3 final battle location).  He lands with a splash.  Sparda rises to his feet.  He turns his head slightly to the side and notices Bolverk standing on the stone outcropping at the edge of the fall. 

Bolverk: Glad you could make it, old friend.

Sparda turns around to regard his adversary.

Sparda: Well played, Bolverk. I had a feeling I was walking into a trap.  But I didn’t expect it to be sprung in the Demon World.

Bolverk: This world is where you were born.  It is only fitting that you die here.

Sparda’s eyes narrow.

Sparda: Are you going to bring me before your Emperor?

Bolverk: Mundus will have to make due with the knowledge that you are dead.  It will be me who ends your life.

Sparda: Are you aware of the penalty for defying the Emperor?

Bolverk: I am prepared to face the consequences of my actions.  The punishment will be severe, but the recognition for being the one to slay you will be worth it.  I will be the greatest knight of the Demon World.

Sparda’s stare intensifies.

Sparda: You said you had a gift for me.

Bolverk: Ah, yes.

Bolverk vanishes in a cloud of blue mist.  A look of surprise appears on Sparda’s face when he sees the Force Edge stabbed into the ground on the ledge.

Sparda: My sword…

Bolverk appears behind Sparda.

Sparda: How…did you get this?

Bolverk: You sealed your power in the blade.  You didn’t seal the blade itself.  I came across it shortly after you sealed the gate.  I’ve been taking care of it ever since.  It has served as a constant reminder of my crushing defeat at your hands.

Sparda walks toward his sword.

Bolverk: So much power sealed within, and yet, to the rest of our kind it is just a useless sword.

Sparda grips the handle of the sword and pulls it out of the ground.  Sparda looks the blade up and down.  He smirks at his reflection in the blade.

Bolverk: Our final battle is at hand.  It is time to once again become the Legendary Dark Knight.  Unseal your power.  Become whole.  And let us engage in an epic duel that has no equal.

Sparda turns around to the skeletal knight.

Sparda: Sorry to disappoint you, Bolverk.  But I lack the key to unlock my power.

Bolverk stares at Sparda without saying a word.

Bolverk: …What?

Sparda rests the Force Edge on his shoulder.

Sparda: Worry not, old friend.  I forged this sword out of my power.  I can draw from that.  It’s nowhere near my full power, but it will be enough to bury you.

Sparda’s eyes turn red as purple demonic energy emanates from his body.  He points Force Edge at his opponent.

Sparda: Are you prepared for the end?

Streams of wind surround Bolverk’s mighty halberd.  Soon enough a shield of wind spirals around the knight’s body.  Freki and Geri materialize out of mist at either side of Bolverk.  The spiraling winds cease.

Bolverk: This time there’s no holding back.

Sparda smirks at Bolverk.

Post Mission 19 Script

Freki and Geri both lunge at Sparda.  Sparda tosses Force Edge into the air and draws Luce and Ombra.  Purple electricity snakes along the barrels of both guns.  He fires a charged shot at the wolves from each gun.  Freki and Geri explode into a cloud of white mist.  They flow back toward Bolverk and are absorbed by his halberd.  Sparda holsters his guns and holds up his arm to catch his falling sword.

Bolverk: Damn you.

Sparda: Hold on, Bolverk.  Before we resume our duel I need to know something.  How did you get into the Human World.

Bolverk: Omen led the way.  He was charged by Mundus to take us into the Human World.  While we distracted you it was his task to find and raise the Temen ni Gru.

Sparda’s eyes narrow.

Sparda: Damn it, I’ll have to hunt him down once I return to the Human World.

Sparda smirks at Bolverk.

Sparda: Alright, now, I think it’s time to put you in your place once and for all.

Bolverk lunges toward Sparda.  Both warriors lock blades.

Bolverk: You don’t have all of your power.  You’re an incomplete being.  You’re not even in your transformed state.  I won’t lose to you in your lesser human form.

Sparda’s eyes turn red.  Purple demonic energy pours forth from Sparda’s body.  Sparda forces Bolverk off.

Sparda: Your humiliation will be greater this time.  Being bested by an incomplete being will ruin you.

Bolverk vanishes in a cloud of blue mist.  He appears and attacks Sparda and then vanishes again.  Sparda defends against each strike as Bolverk continues his deceptive attacks.  Bolverk appears on the rock ledge at the edge of the waterfall.

Bolverk: How can this be?  How can this be?!!!

Sparda takes up a ready stance (round trip). 

Sparda: I can’t lose, Bolverk.  I have something worth fighting for, worth dying for.  I put everything on the line.  My family, humanity, I swore an oath to a priestess that the Human World will be a paradise untouched by the filth of the Demon World.

Sparda sends Force Edge spiraling toward Bolverk’s face.  With his free hand Bolverk catches the sword by its blade.

Bolverk: What you had was your sword and a portion of the power that it contains.  Without this, victory will be mine.

Sparda smirks at Bolverk.

Sparda: If only it were that simple.

Sparda draws Luce and fires off a shot.  The bullet slams into the base of the sword’s hilt.  The impact slides the blade through Bolverk’s grip.  It pierces through the knight’s left side of his face, ripping right through his eye.  Bolverk staggers backward howling in pain.  Sparda holsters Luce and devil triggers.  He flies toward Bolverk while charging an energy ball in his hand.  Sparda reaches out and grips the hilt of Force Edge as he thrusts the ball toward the knight’s gut.  The energy ball explodes engulfing both warriors in a cloud of smoke.  Bolverk’s body flies outward from the cloud.  The knight screams as he plummets into the darkness far below.  As the smoke clears Sparda, in his human form, stares down at the black abyss.

Sparda: Farewell, old friend.

Pre Mission 20 Script

A warp mirror warps Sparda into the living caves (DMC1 Demon World).  Mundus’ three glowing eyes appear on the pulsating wall beside him.

Mundus: Impressive Sparda.  I see that you haven’t lost your touch.

Sparda turns his head toward the eyes.  A mask of anger appears on the dark knight’s face.

Sparda: Stop these games Mundus.  It’s time to end this once and for all.

Mundus: You’re almost there.

Mundus’ laughter can be heard as his eyes fade away.

Post Mission 20 Script

Sparda stands before the massive double doors to Mundus’ throne room.  Sparda places his hands on the door.  A look of surprise appears on Sparda’s face.  He pulls his hands away from the doors and notices that they are shaking.

Sparda: Fear?  I’ve never been afraid in my life.  But why are my hands trembling?

Sparda shakes his head.  A serious look appears on his worry stricken face.

Sparda: I have a job to do.  Fear is not an option.

Sparda pushes the doors open.  The dark knight is bathed in white light as he steps through.  The massive doors shut behind him.

Pre Mission 21 Script

Sparda walks up to the throne that Mundus is sitting in.  A massive stone monument of the king stands erect above the seated lord.

Sparda: I see your vanity knows no bounds.

Mundus let’s out a low laugh.

Mundus: It’s good to see you too, Sparda.

Sparda swipes his hand outward.

Sparda: Enough with the false greetings.

Mundus rises from his chair.

Mundus: Before we begin our epic battle, I would like to offer you a chance at redemption.  Kneel before me. Beg for my forgiveness and pledge your undying loyalty to me and your life shall be spared.  You will lead the next attack on the Human World to prove to me that you are mine.

A sarcastic look appears on Sparda’s face.

Sparda: Two thousand years is a long time to think about past events.  You are incapable of forgiveness.  I am not so foolish as to believe that your hatred for me has diminished over the years.  The moment I bow you’ll take the opportunity to strike me down.

Mundus laughs hysterically.

Sparda: Silence!!  There will be no easy victory for you, fallen king.

Mundus’ three eyes narrow.  Sparda points Force Edge at the Emperor.

Sparda: You once said mercy is for the weak.  This time, you shall receive none.

Mundus: You’re faith in your abilities is sorely misplaced.  You no longer have the power to stand against me.  And my power has grown tremendously.  The time for my revenge is at hand.

Mundus flies into the air.

Mundus: Sparda, I have dreamt of this moment for so long.  Now, feel my ultimate power!

Post Mission 21 Script

Sparda stands supported by Force Edge, breathing heavily.  Mundus floats above Sparda with his arms crossed.

Mundus: What is the matter?  Feeling the limitations of your newfound humanity?

Sparda glares at the Emperor.  Mundus’ hands begin to glow red as he stretches his arms out.  Small arrows of light converge on Sparda.  Sparda grits his teeth as he draws Legacy and uses both swords to deflect Mundus’ attack.  The dark knight pulls Legacy back.  The blade is engulfed in demonic energy as its runes glow.  Sparda continues to bat the arrows away with Force Edge.  Sparda spins around and unleashes a wave of energy that glides toward Mundus.  Mundus folds his wings over his body as the wave washes over him.  As Mundus’ wings open Sparda is there.  He swings Force Edge down at Mundus’ skull but Mundus flaps his wings and flies backward, completely avoiding the blow.  Mundus flies in, lands on the ground and picks Sparda up by the neck.  He hoists the fallen knight off the ground.  Mundus smiles sinisterly.

Mundus: It’s so sweet.  Watching you squirm, so helpless.  So like a human.

Mundus tightens his grip.  Sparda manages a cough and gag.

Mundus: Now, die.

Sparda smirks at Mundus.  He drops his swords and draws Luce and Ombra and points both guns at the Emperor’s face.  Purple electricity snakes along the length of the guns as the barrels glow purple.  Both guns emanate purple energy.  Mundus’ eyes widen as Sparda pulls the triggers and unleashes a super charged shot.  Mundus’ body is blown to ashes and Sparda is thrown backward.  Sparda gets up and holsters his guns.  He smirks at the floating spirit that represents Mundus.  A face appears in the cloud of light.

Mundus: Damn you!!!

Sparda: I doubt your underlings will respect you now.

Sparda picks up his swords.  He straps Legacy on his back.

Mundus: You think this is over?!! This isn’t over!!! You will die!!!

Mundus’ spirit soars toward the massive statue of himself standing over his throne.  The statue is bathed in light as the soul makes contact.  The statue moves and steps forward.  A look of surprise appears on Sparda’s face.

Mundus: Sparda…

Mundus lunges forward with a punch that drives Sparda face first into the ground.  Sparda tries to pick himself up but Mundus stomps on him and crushes him back into the ground. 

Mundus: My body…you destroyed it…

Mundus raises his hand before his face and clenches his fist.

Mundus: You will suffer pain beyond your worst nightmares.  I will keep you alive for as long as I desire for you to feel the pain worthy of one who would betray his world, his kind, and his emperor.  I will end your miserable existence when I grow bored of your screams.  And you are powerless to fight against the inevitable.

Sparda rises to one knee.  He holds up Force Edge before him.  He wraps his free hand around the blade and slides his hand along it.  Sparda’s blood seeps along the blade of his sword.  Sparda takes his hand away as a glowing purple liquid coats the blade.

Mundus: What are you doing?

Sparda rises to his feet.  His blue eyes shift to red.  Purple energy emanates from his body.

Sparda: Fighting against the inevitable.

Sparda devil triggers.  The Force Edge transforms into the Sparda sword.

Mundus: What?!

Sparda flies upward at Mundus.  He swipes his sword across in a horizontal arc cutting through Mundus’ chest.  Sparda creates a gaping hole in the chest of the giant statue.  Mundus howls in pain as he falls backward onto the ground.  Sparda lands and reverts back to his human form.  As he reverts, the Sparda sword reverts back.  Sparda staggers from exhaustion.  He straightens himself out.

Sparda: Took more out of me than I thought it would. 

Sparda turns his attention toward the doors and pushes one of them open.  A massive shadow looms over the dark knight.  Sparda looks over his shoulder.

Mundus: Where do you think you’re going?

Mundus’ third eye glows bright white.  Sparda devil triggers as he is slammed with a huge beam of light.  Sparda is blown through the doors out into the living caves.  Sparda reverts back to his human form as he bounces off the massive heart in the center of the chamber.  Mundus moves to pursue but collapses down onto his hands and knees.

Mundus: Sparda…

Sparda drags himself through the liquids on the ground before climbing to his feet.  He drags his feet forward as he tries to make his escape.  Mundus’ fury echoes behind the fleeing knight.

Mundus: Sparda!!!

Pre Mission 22 Script

The scene opens in a desolate area (where Arkham acquired the Force Edge in DMC3).  Sparda stumbles and falls down to his hands and knees.

Sparda: Temporarily unsealing this blade’s power has taken too much out of me.  But I can’t give up. 

Sparda uses the Force Edge to pick himself up.

Sparda: I can’t let Omen undo everything I did to protect the Human World.

Sparda stares out into the vast nothingness of the land.

Sparda: Like my sword, temporarily unsealing the gate will further exhaust me.

A grim look appears on the dark knight’s face.

Sparda: It may even kill me.

Sparda moves forward.  He stops and looks at his free hand.  He sees that it is shaking again.

Sparda: I know now why I am afraid.  I fear for my children, and my wife.

A determined look appears on Sparda’s face.

Sparda: I will make sure my children grow up in a world free of the Demon World’s corruption.

Pre Boss Script

Exodus leaps from pillar to pillar, following a path of bodies in the direction that Sparda traveled.

Exodus: I can’t wait to see you again.

The scene changes to Sparda standing with blood runes on the ground all around him.  He thrusts Force Edge into the ground.  Sparda steps away from the circle of runes as they activate.  Force Edge glows purple.  The runes vanish and the glow on the blade ceases.  Sparda let’s out a sigh.

Exodus: Here you are!

Sparda turns around to see Exodus standing on a cliff above.

Exodus: I knew I’d find you.  It wasn’t hard.  All I had to do was follow the path of carnage left in your wake.

Sparda: Exodus?!  You serve Mundus now?  I thought you were a free spirit.

Exodus leaps from the cliff and lands at the base.

Exodus: A means to an end, my friend.  Though to be fair, it is from Mundus’ point of view that I am at his service.  I have my own agenda that will be fulfilled.

Sparda: So, you still serve your creator.

Exodus shrugs his shoulders.

Exodus: I was created for a specific purpose.  I’m biding my time until I can break the seal.  Though, no amount of souls I absorb will make me strong enough to break the seal the kings placed on her.  I need a specific power to break the seal.  And then, the Demon World will be purified of the corruption Mundus has infected it with.

Exodus walks past Sparda and examines Force Edge.  Sparda looks over his shoulder as Exodus walks by.

Exodus: Your power, the power trapped within, will be what sets my creator free.

Sparda turns to face his foe.

Sparda: It’s a power you will never have.  Only one with my essence may wield my power.

Exodus smiles at the dark knight’s words.

Exodus: Is that so?

Exodus grips the hilt of the sword and tries to draw it from the ground.  The sword does not budge.  Exodus’ hand blows apart.  Exodus examines the stump.

Exodus: Quite an impressive seal you’ve got there.

Exodus’ hand grows back.

Exodus: So it would appear that I need a key to unseal it.  Though without your essence, it’ll be nothing more than an ordinary sword to me.  I’ll be able to draw on an incomplete amount of power, not enough to break the seal.

Exodus turns to face Sparda.

Exodus: But a soul is a person’s essence as well.  Blood isn’t the only thing that marks a being.

Sparda’s eyes narrow.

Exodus: Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you.  That pleasure is reserved for Mundus.

Exodus smiles sinisterly.

Exodus: But once you meet your ultimate end, your soul will be mine.

Sparda: I can’t die yet.  I will make it back to the Human World.  I have to stop Omen from unsealing the Temen ni Gru.

Exodus begins to laugh.

Exodus: You can rest easy, Sparda.  Omen has fallen.

A look of shock appears on Sparda’s face.

Sparda: But…how?

Exodus: Poor Omen, he had to sit on the sidelines during the Great War.  He didn’t get to slaughter any humans.  His curiosity got the best of him.  He went to see what the humans were capable of.  Needless to say, they’ve come a long way since the war.

Sparda smiles softly.

Sparda: Humanity is full of surprises.

Tartarus appears  out of a cloud of darkness and fire in Exodus’ grasp.

Sparda: The Sword of Hell.  I’m surprised its true owner hasn’t reclaimed it.

Exodus smirks at Sparda.

Exodus: It was given to my creator as a gift, and before she was sealed she bestowed it upon me.  I am its true owner.

Sparda smirks at Exodus.

Sparda: I doubt the King of Hell would agree with you.

Exodus points his sword at the dark knight.

Exodus: Back in the day, we were the best of sparing partners.  Never has a training session been so intense.  Please, tell me you won’t come quietly?

Sparda draws Legacy.  Exodus smiles sinisterly.

Exodus: Good, it’ll be just like the good old days.

Sparda: For a devil, you use a lot of human sayings.

Exodus shrugs his shoulders and then gets into a ready stance.

Exodus: What do you expect?  I’ve been watching you for long enough.  I’ve picked up a few oddities.  Seeing into other worlds is one of my gifts.

A look of horror appears on Sparda’s face.

Exodus: Yes, my friend.  I know about your precious family.  Who will protect them when you’re gone?

Sparda grits his teeth.

Sparda: I won’t let any harm come to them. 

The dark knight gets into a ready stance.

Sparda: Exodus, this is where you die.

Post Mission 22 Script

Sparda is hunched over breathing heavily.  Legacy supports him.  Exodus rests his sword on his shoulder as he shakes his head.

Exodus: Look at you, you’re a mess.  Your battle with Mundus has left you wounded and weak.  And bypassing your own seal on your sword has left you depleted.  As much as I enjoy clashing swords with you again, it’s not the same as it once was.  You are just a shadow of your former self.  How disappointing.

Exodus smiles sinisterly.

Exodus: Maybe you just need some motivation.  Okay then.  You know, Sparda, if you fall here, now, your family will be torn apart.  Your children’s limbs will make great chew toys for the beasts of this world.  And your wife, your lovely wife, will be ravaged over and over again.  Before the savages are finished with her she’ll be begging for death, all the while cursing your name for not being there to save her.

A look of madness appears on Sparda’s face.  Sparda’s eyes turn red as purple demonic energy emanates from his body.  He screams in rage as he charges Exodus.  Both warriors clash swords.

Exodus: There you go.  I knew you had it in you.

Sparda’s expression darkens.

Sparda: I’m going to break you in half.

The two warriors engage in a vicious duel.  When they once again lock swords Sparda knees Exodus in the gut causing him to hunch over.  Sparda follows the attack up with an elbow that causes the demon to stagger backward.  Sparda leaps up and swings downward at Exodus but the demon spins around and bats Sparda’s attack away.  The dark knight leaps backward.  The blade of Legacy glows brightly.  He unleashes three waves of energy at his opponent.  Exodus intercepts each wave with his blade.  As contact is made each wave disperses.  Exodus leaps up at Sparda and swings downward at the traitor.  Sparda holds up his blade to block but the force of the blow sends Sparda rocketing toward the ground.  The dark knight bounces off the corner of the cliff before plummeting to the ground far below.  Sparda hits the ground hard.  Exodus lands beside him.  Sparda struggles to get up.

Exodus: And just like that you go and run out of steam on me.  You really have changed.  What a pity.

Exodus picks Sparda up by the back of his neck and turns him around to face him.  He runs his sword through the dark knight’s gut.  Sparda grits his teeth in pain.

Exodus: So…is that it?

Exodus slides his sword upward through the dark knight’s body.   Sparda coughs up blood.  Tears stream down the side of his face.  A smile appears on Exodus’ face.  He grabs Sparda by his jaw and looks his eyes over.

Exodus: What’s this, tears?

Exodus begins to laugh.

Exodus: Tears are a gift that only your precious humans have aren’t they? But devils never cry, so how can this be?  Well, it would appear that you’ve become human in more ways than one.  I wonder what did it.  Perhaps the fact that you have a family that you love with all of your heart has enabled you to shed tears.  The thought of losing them must be tough.  Or the thought of failing them must be tearing you apart from within.  It doesn’t matter.

Exodus slides his blade out of Sparda and throws him to the ground.

Exodus: It’s over.  You are beaten.

Exodus walks around Sparda.  Sparda slowly rises to his hands and knees.  He tightens his grip on his sword. 

Sparda: No…I’m not…

Sparda turns his head to regard Exodus.  A merciless look masks Sparda’s face as his eyes once again shift to red.  Exodus shakes his head.

Exodus: Don’t do it.

Sparda devil triggers and lunges at the demon.  He swipes outward but Exodus’ speed is greater than the depleted knight’s.  Exodus severs Sparda’s right arm.  Reaching out he grabs Sparda by the throat and slides his blade through the side of the knight’s chest.  Exodus twists the blade.  Sparda coughs up blood.

Exodus: It is time for Mundus to pass judgement on you.

Exodus slides his blade out of Sparda and throws the devil back onto the ground.  Sparda’s fingers twitch as he slowly reaches out for his sword.  Blood slowly drips out of his mouth.  Tears of blood stream down his face.

Sparda: E…va…

Epilogue Script

Narrator: Ten years have passed since Sparda went off to face the evils of the Demon World.

The scene opens inside Sparda’s home. 

Eva: Vergil! Dante! I have a present for you boys!

Dante and Vergil run down the steps and enter the kitchen.  Eva turns around and holds her hands out. 

Eva: Dante, Vergil, happy birthday.

Eva opens up her hands holding out two red amulets.  Vergil reaches out and takes the one with gold trim while Dante takes the one with silver trim.

Dante: Whoa, cool!

Vergil looks up at his mom with a smile on his face.

Vergil: I want chocolate.

Dante looks at Vergil and then at his mom.

Dante: No I want chocolate.

Vergil shoves Dante.

Vergil: I asked first.

Dante shoves his brother back.

Dante: I don’t care, I want chocolate too.

The boys start to grapple.  Eva opens the closet door.

Eva: Tada!

The boys stop and stare at the swords propped up in the closet.

Eva: They’re from your father.  He said that I couldn’t give them to you until you were older, but I figured you two are old enough to start training with them.

Vergil runs up and grabs Yamato.  Dante takes Rebellion.

Vergil: Dad’s swords, so cool!

Dante smiles widely.

Dante: This is awesome.

Eva smiles as she ruffles the boys’ hair.

Eva: Thought you’d like them.  Now let’s talk about what you birthday boys want for dinner.

Vergil: Steak and potatoes!

Dante pushes Vergil.

Dante: No way, pizza!

Eva claps her hands together.

Eva: How about both?

Dante & Vergil: Okay!

Demons crash through the door, windows, and wall.  A look of horror appears on Eva’s face.

Eva: Boys run!!!

Dante runs to his mom.  Vergil runs up the stairs.  Demons pursue Vergil.

Eva: Vergil!!

Dante: Mommy!

Eva pushes Dante along.

Eva: Run!

Eva runs while pushing Dante ahead of her into the kitchen.

Eva: Dante you have to hide.  You have to hide and no matter what, never come out.  No matter what.

Eva buries Dante beneath a ton of coats and boxes in the closet before shutting the door.  Demons run around the corner at Eva as she shuts the door.

Demon: You can’t hide from us!

Eva runs.  Upstairs Vergil slams his door shut behind him as he hops over the bed.  Demons crash through the door and wall.  Vergil turns around only be knocked out through his window.  Vergil crashes down on the ground.  Demons land around him.  Vergil gets to his feet and runs.  He heads for a graveyard in the distance.  Back inside Eva braces herself against a wall.  Cuts and slashes litter her body.  As a demon lunges at her she dives out of the way.  The other demons pounce on the woman and pin her to the ground.  One of the demons bites into her shoulder.  Eva screams in pain. At the graveyard Vergil gets knocked into a tombstone.

Vergil: Stay…get away from me!!

Vergil draws Yamato and starts swinging it about wildly.  He slices into a few demons as he tries to make his escape.  A massive arm bats him across the row of graves.  Vergil collapses against a tombstone.  Multiple spears and blades pierce Vergil’s body, pinning him to the grave.  His Yamato pierces his flesh as well.  Vergil cries out in pain.  Tears stream down his face as he raises his head.  In the distance he sees his home burning down.

Vergil: Mom…Dante…

The demons laugh all around him.  Vergil coughs up blood and then hangs his head.  The demons advance on him.  The first group of demons is reduced to piles of blood as they are hit by Vergil’s demonic aura (DT Flux).  Vergil, now devil triggered in his true demon form rises to his feet.  He pulls Yamato out of his chest.  The other blades and spears slide out on their own and fall to the ground.

Demon: What…what’s this?

Vergil’s eyes narrow as a look of rage appears on his demonic face.  Flashes of silver fly out.  The demons fall to pieces.  Night has fallen as the scene switches back to the burned down house of Sparda.  Dante climbs through the debris and walks through the ruins of his home while dragging Rebellion behind him.

Dante: Mom…Vergil…

Dante trips over a lump on the ground.  He composes himself and realizes it’s his mother’s burnt, ravaged body.

Dante: Mom…?

Dante touches his mom’s face.

Dante: Mommy…?

Dante hunches over his mom and strokes her burnt face.  His tears splash down upon it.  Dante sobs quietly in the darkness.

Roll Credits.

After the Credits

Exodus drags a broken, battered, and torn up Sparda (human form with matted down hair) before Mundus.  Mundus is within another statue shell (DMC1 pre boss fight) seated on a massive throne.  Exodus throws Sparda before Mundus.  Exodus has Sparda’s sword, Legacy, strapped to his back.

Mundus: For ten long years I have had you tortured.  You have experienced the horrors of Hell first hand.  Your screams have filled me with a feeling of delight.  And yet, you continue your defiance.  I could continue to torture you until the end of time.  But you would still have an air of defiance about you.  I could end your pathetic existence but death would be a release.  Whatever I choose to do, you still win. 

Sparda picks himself up.  He staggers a bit as he straightens himself out.

Sparda: You are nothing, Mundus.  You will always be nothing.  Do your worst.

Mundus’ laughter echoes throughout the chamber.

Mundus: I already have.  Those lesser demons, that manage to slip through your seal from time to time, have carried out my will.  There is nothing I can do to you that will truly destroy you.  So I decided I would break your spirit.  Those lesser demons slaughtered your family.  Your wife and children were ripped apart.  Exodus tells me that the little ones called out for “daddy” in between screams of agony.  He also said that they made your wife watch them die before she met her cruel end.

A mortified Sparda collapses to his knees.  Tears stream down his face.  Mundus laughs hysterically at the beaten Sparda.

Mundus: And so, it is you who is nothing.  My victory over you is absolute.

Mundus’ third eye glows bright white.  He fires a massive beam of highly concentrated light at Sparda.  The beam washes over Sparda’s body.  As the light fades, Sparda’s burnt body is laid out on the ground.  It falls apart into dust.

Mundus: Ashes to ashes.  Dust to dust.

Mundus laughs hysterically.  White energy emanates off Exodus.  As the energy dissipates a smile creases his lips.

Exodus: We are finished here.  Call on me when you have need of me.

Mundus: Be gone.

Exodus leaves Mundus’ chamber.

Exodus: Your essence is mine Sparda.  Just as I promised.  Now I will wait for your children to grow.  They will help me break my creator’s seal.

The scene changes to a heavenly looking place with green fields and massive trees spread out along the landscape.  A large tree in the center of a clearing has a devil in human form propped up against it.  Amon takes his hand away from his heart.  He crosses his arms and smirks slightly.

Amon: And so, only a legend remains.  How sad.

Fade to black.


—The End—

© 2006 dwarfkicker