Cold Vengeance  //  By: dwarfkicker

Cutscene script

Prologue Script

Narrator: The Himalayans, four years ago…

Trish, wearing her shades, walks up the long steps leading toward the monastery as snow gently falls to the ground.  Monks rush down the steps.  Their terrified screams echo all around.  One of the monks runs down to Trish.

Monk: You aren’t the one we hired. 

Trish smirks at the monk.

Trish: My partner is busy on another assignment at the moment.

She rubs the monk’s bald head.

Trish: Don’t worry.  I’m more than capable of handling your little problem.

The monk tugs on her arm.

Monk: You don’t understand.  The demon has possessed the Enlightened One.  He has been killing us all off in an attempt to open a portal to the world of shadows.

Trish turns her attention toward the top of the stairs.

Trish: The Demon World…

Trish pulls away from the monk and runs the rest of the way.  She barrels through the doors of the monastery.  The first thing she notices is the bodies of monks who couldn’t escape.  Her eyes go toward two monks.  One of the monks holds the other by the head.  With a snake shaped dagger, he slits the helpless monk’s throat and throws his bleeding body to the ground.

Enlightened-One: Now for the blood of the holiest vessel…

The monk slices his own throat.  Laughter pours out of his mouth as his blood leaves his neck.

Trish: I guess I won’t have to worry about harming the host to get at the demon within.

The monk turns around.

Enlightened-One: Ah, I see a huntress has come to save the day.  But I’m afraid you’re too late.

As if on cue, a small portal to the Demon World opens behind him.

Enlightened-One: Soon the evil will pour out and infect this world.

Trish takes her shades off. 

Trish: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Trish draws the Sparda sword from her back and gets into a ready stance.  Yellow electricity begins to slowly course over her body.

Trish: Funny thing about some of these rituals.  If the summoner is killed, the ritual usually ends.  I’m guessing that’s the case here.

The possessed monk glares at the huntress.

Enlightened-One: Foolish little bitch.  Just try it!

The monk goes to charge Trish but instead stares at her with mortified eyes.  A line of blood streams down the center of the monk’s body.  The monk drops to the ground, splitting apart in the process.  A look of shock appears on Trish’s face.  Vergil stands before the portal to the Demon World.  He is wearing what is left of the ruined armor of Nero Angelo.  The slayer sheaths his Yamato.  The portal closes behind him as he locks the blade in place.

Trish: Vergil…

Vergil turns his attention toward Trish.  A look of surprise takes hold of his face.

Vergil: Moth…

The surprise is replaced by rage.

Vergil: No…

Trish takes a step toward Vergil.

Trish: Vergil, Dante and I have been trying to find a way to get you out of the Demon World.

Vergil: Don’t speak to me.

A look of shock appears on Trish’s face.

Trish: Vergil…

Vergil’s eyes narrow at the sight of the combined amulet dangling from the huntress’ neck.  A look of madness appears on his face when he realizes that Trish is armed with the Sparda sword.

Vergil: You’re filthy hands have no place around my father’s blade.

Vergil rips Yamato from its sheath.  Moving at blur like speeds the slayer rushes Trish.  He stabs her through the stomach.  With his free hand he snatches the combined amulet from Trish.

Vergil: You disgusting little insect.

Vergil twists the blade.  Trish coughs up blood.

Vergil: I shall take what is rightfully mine, now.

Vergil rips his sword out of Trish and returns it to its sheath.  The slayer pulls the Sparda sword away from the woman.  Trish falls to her hands and hips.  Vergil examines his father’s sword with a sinister grin.

Vergil: At last, it’s finally mine.

Trish: I would have given it to you if you had asked.

Vergil turns his attention back toward the clone of his mother.

Vergil: It pains me to know that my brother would allow an abomination such as yourself to live.

Vergil holds the Sparda sword above his head in preparation to strike.

Vergil: With my father’s sword, I will send you back to whatever hell you crawled out of.

Trish: Would you like your father’s firearms as well?

Vergil’s eyes narrow.

Vergil: What?

Trish draws her guns and slides them at Vergil’s feet.

Trish: Luce and Ombra; your father’s handmade guns.

A dark look appears on Vergil’s face as he lowers the Sparda sword.

Vergil: Father…you weakling.

Vergil stabs the Sparda sword into the ground.  He eyes the sword up coldly.

Vergil: I shall crush your legend.  With my own power I will surpass you.

Vergil separates the combined amulet.  The Sparda sword reverts back to the Force Edge.  Vergil tosses Dante’s half over his shoulder.  He clenches his fist around his half.  Vergil eyes Trish with no apparent emotion on his face.

Vergil: This is mine.  Nobody else has the right to have this.

Vergil walks passed Trish.

Vergil: If I ever see you again, I will kill you.

Vergil exits the monastery and descends the steps.

Narrator: The Gobi Desert, present time…

The scene opens outside of a massive castle made of dried sand.  Dante stands before the large doors.

Dante: So this is where Trish and Lucia went missing.

Dante enters the castle.

Dante: Those two are more trouble than they’re worth.

The doors close behind him.  Sand trickles down from the ceiling.

Dante: Time to spring the trap.

Dante takes a few steps forward and as if on cue, demons rise from the sand and climb through the sandy walls.  Dante looks around as the horde of demons circle him.

Dante: Lets rock!

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory as the beasts rush him.  The hunter begins firing like a madman as he dances around his enemies.  As the demons fall their bodies are absorbed by the sand.  Dante ceases his firing and leaps off the head of a demon.  Some of the demons follow him into the air.  Dante flips upside down and begins unleashing a rain of bullets upon the devils.  The hunter takes out all the demons that leapt up after him as well as a bunch on the ground.  The demon he leapt off of is still standing.  Dante lands back on top of his stepping stone and leaps back up into the air.  Holstering his guns he draws Rebellion and splits the demon in half on his way back down.  The two halves of the beast sink beneath the sand.  Dante looks around as he rests his sword on his shoulders.

Dante: Is that it?  What kind of a welcoming party do you call that?!!

This time demons pour out of the ceiling and land all around Dante.  Dante smiles sinisterly at monsters.

Dante: You all just made my day.

The demons run in.  They are met by Dante’s blade.  The hunter rips into his enemies like a force of nature.  Limbs fly out of the dust cloud that is stirring about from his movements.  Heads roll away and sink into the sand.  The dust settles and Dante is standing alone with his sword resting on his shoulders.

Janos: Bravo, son of Sparda.

Dante turns his attention toward a balcony high above.  A demon draped in a cloak appears.  Dante straps Rebellion on his back.

Dante: I’m beginning to think that title will be staying with me no matter how many of your kind I kill.

Janos: Well, you are the son of a legend, are you not?

Dante kicks up some dust on the ground.

Dante: Interesting place you’ve got here.  You mind telling me what you’ve done with my partners?

Janos: They are obstacles in my way.  I couldn’t have them stand between me and my mission.

Dante: Well you’ve definitely got my attention.  And let me tell ya, for a devil, that’s never a good thing.

Janos vanishes in a flash of light only to reappear on a balcony closer to the ground.

Janos: Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not your attention that I want.  You are just another one of those obstacles that must be swept from the board.

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Dante: You wanna run that by me again?

Janos smiles sinisterly at the hunter. 

Janos: Would you like to meet the one who brought down your comrades?

Dante: Most definitely…

A massive flame materializes on the ground beneath Janos.  From that flame materializes Aithos, the Elemental of Fire. 

Aithos: I sense great power within this one.

Janos: Bring him to his knees.

Aithos holds her hand in front of her face.  A massive flame extends from the Elemental’s finger tips.  Aithos waves her arm around before thrusting it forward.  The massive flame streams toward Dante.  The hunter draws his sword and holds it before him, using it as a shield.  The flames impact against Rebellion and are held at bay.  Janos smiles slightly at the sight.

Dante: Is this all you’ve got?!

Aithos ceases her attack.  Dante rests Rebellion on his shoulder. 

Dante: My turn.

Dante draws Ebony and points it at the Elemental.  Red electricity snakes along the barrel.  Dante fires a charged shot that blows apart the Elementals head.  The fire engulfing Aithos’ body burns out and her body is reduced to a pile of ashes.

Dante: What can I say, when you’re hot, you’re hot.

Dante twirls Ebony about before holstering the gun.  He straps Rebellion on his back as he returns his attention back on Janos.

Janos: Impressive.  I’ll make sure to tell the others that someone with your level of power is not to be underestimated.

A curious look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Others? 

Six different elemental beings appear around Dante.  Dante reaches for his sword but is hit by a stream of elemental energy from each creature.  Dante cries out in pain from the onslaught that is brought on.  The attacks cease and Dante collapses onto the ground.  Dante passes out from the pain.

Narrator: Southern China…

Vergil stands in a bamboo forest.  His coat hangs on a severed bamboo tree.  Vergil’s eyes are closed as a single leaf floats to the ground.  As soon as the leaf touches the ground Vergil draws Yamato with blur-like speed.  A series of trees fall all around him.  Vergil sheathes his sword. Demons made of cloudy shadows rise from the ground.

Demon 1: Our master wishes for you to return to his side.

Vergil bows his head slightly.

Vergil: Is that so? Please, give the Emperor my response.

Vergil draws Yamato and slices through the cloud.  The demon fades away.

Demon 2: So, you would leave your brother to his fate?

Vergil turns his head to regard the demon.

Vergil: Dante…

Demon 2: He is unharmed for now.  To the Great Desert you must go.  With all your travels, I’m sure you know the location.

Flashes of silver ring out.  The demons fade away.  Vergil sheaths his sword and retrieves his coat.  The scene changes to the outside of the massive sand castle.  Vergil surveys a vast landscape of ruins partially buried by the sand between him and the castle.

Vergil: Hmph.

Pre Mission 1 Script

As Vergil approaches the castle of sand the doors close.  Vergil eyes the doorway.  His attention quickly turns to the sandy ground beneath his feet.  Vergil leaps backward through the air.  He clears a large amount of ground.  Massive sand dunes explode as Vergil lands on the ground.  Three large stone goliaths rise from beneath.  Vergil stands sideways staring his enemies down.  His coat blows in the light, desert wind.

Post Mission 1 Script

The goliaths have Vergil surrounded.  Vergil leaps toward the closest one.  He draws Yamato as he scales its massive body.  Silver flashes signal the slayer’s attacks as he hacks through every joint on his way to the top.  Vergil leaps off the statue’s head as the goliath falls apart.  Vergil hits the ground and bounces right back into the air.  The slayer sheaths his sword and unleashes an aerial judgement cut.  The giant statue’s head rolls off its shoulders and crashes down into the sand below.  Its body crashes down on top of it.  Vergil lands on the ground and stares at the final goliath as it advances on the slayer.  Vergil closes his eyes and bows his head slightly.  Hundreds of Phantom swords materialize all around the lumbering giant.  They all tear through the statue, reducing it to rubble.  The doors to the sand castle open.  Vergil turns his attention to the doorway as a lesser demon rises from beneath the sand.

Demon: Welcome son of…

A flash of silver signifies the demon’s end.  The beast splits down the middle and falls in half.  Vergil enters the castle.
Pre Mission 2 Script

The doors close behind Vergil.  He eyes up the desolate chamber.  Vergil’s eyes spot bullet casings all over the ground. 

Devil 1: Welcome home, Vergil.

Vergil looks up at one of the balconies.  Two winged demons sit perched on the ledge.

Vergil: Home?  You must be joking.

Devil 2: We knew it was only a matter of time before you came back to us.

Devil 1: So, is your heart dark enough?  Have you given into that silent rage that’s been boiling beneath the surface?

Vergil: Would you like to find out?

The devils laugh.

Devil 1: You’re here for your brother, are you not?

Vergil smirks at the demons.

Vergil: I’m here for the devil that has called upon me.  I’m not leaving without his head.

The devils fly into the air.

Devil 2: So your heart is filled with malice.

The devils descend upon Vergil.  They fly circles around the slayer, flying by and above him as he stands his ground.

Devil 1: Give into the darkness that dwells within. 

Devil 2: It’s okay.  You don’t have to be frightened of your destiny.

Devil 1: Your father was stolen before you could meet him.

Devil 2: Your mother was murdered by those you hate.

Devil 1: Your brother abandoned you.

Devil 2: The Emperor took you and corrupted you, turning you into his puppet.

Devil 1: It’s okay to hate.

Vergil closes his eyes and bows his head ever so slightly

Devil 2: I think we’re getting to him.

As one of the devils pass by Vergil, the slayer’s free arm shoots out to the side.  Vergil snags the passing demon by the face.  He squeezes tightly, crushing the demon’s head into paste.  Vergil discards the dead body.  The other devil flies directly at the slayer.  Vergil partially ejects Yamato out of its sheath with his thumb.  The blade slides half way out of its holster.  The demon flies directly into the exposed blade and is split right down the middle.  Both halves of the devil fly by Vergil’s front and back and crash against a wall.  Yamato slides back into place.

Post Mission 2 Script

Vergil enters a large chamber.  Far above a demon, Thanatos, draped in a tattered cloak stands atop a pillar.  Vergil stops in his tracks and looks over his shoulder to the pillar.  The figure is no longer there.  Vergil’s eyes narrow before continuing on his way.

Pre Mission 3 Script

The Scene opens on Dante and his ladies, trapped in alcoves in the wall, blocked off by elemental energies.  Janos appears before them.

Dante: Hey jerk off, ya mind telling me what the hell’s going on here?

Janos smiles at Dante.

Janos: Your brother has arrived.

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Janos: I have plans for your brother.  And I couldn’t let you or your demonic allies get in the way of those plans.

Dante grits his teeth.

Dante: What the hell do you want with Vergil?

Janos holds out his arms.

Janos: Why to return him to his former position of glory.

Dante: You mean turn him into a mindless puppet, an obedient servant of Mundus.

Janos lets out a low laugh.

Janos: It is by the Emperor’s order that I do this.

Dante smirks at the warlock.

Dante: Not gonna happen.  Vergil’s power has grown since Mundus took hold of him.  Your plans are gonna go up in smoke.

Janos: Mundus will have a new champion.  No matter what, that role will be filled.

Janos wraps his cape around himself and vanishes.  A look of rage masks Dante’s face.

Dante: Mundus…

Lucia turns her attention toward Dante.

Lucia: What did he mean by that?

Trish: It means that Janos is eyeing up other potential candidates to replace Nero Angelo.

Dante turns his head to Trish. 

Dante: You know this guy?

Trish: I know of him, but I never actually met him.  But I can say that Janos has a power that can put someone like Vergil at a severe disadvantage.

Dante grits his teeth.

Dante: And here I am, helpless to lend a hand.

Post Mission 3 Script

Janos sits on the throne overlooking the massive room.

Janos: All of the demons that Vergil crosses he slays without mercy.  Such great darkness dwells in his heart.

Janos frowns.

Janos: However, I can feel a small flicker of light hiding, buried beneath the darkness.  That last bit of light is always the hardest to snuff out.

A smile curls Janos’ lips.

Janos: Perhaps I should remind him of what it is to give one’s self to darkness.

With a wave of his hand, Janos summons wisps of mist.  The wisps form a figure.  Out of the mist Nero Angelo is born.

Janos: An illusionary beast to remind the son of Sparda where he belongs.

Nero Angelo’s eyes glow red.

Pre Mission 4 Script

Vergil walks through a doorway.  Two lesser demons move to pursue him but are wrapped by a cloak.  The bodies of the demons fall out of the cloak.  Thanatos rises and bears his fangs with a sinister smirk from beneath his bandaged face.

Thanatos: Soon Vergil…very soon…

Pre Boss Script

Vergil enters a room with massive pillars of sand.  As he advances through the room heavy, metallic footsteps echo throughout the chamber.  Vergil stands his ground and watches as Nero Angelo waltzes into view.  The slayer’s eyes narrow.

Vergil: Get out of my sight…you eye sore.

Nero Angelo laughs as he draws his massive sword.  Vergil tears Yamato free from its sheath.

Vergil: Then die.

Post Mission 4 Script

Angelo rushes Vergil, swinging his massive sword in a berserker fashion.  The knight’s sword slices through pillar after pillar as Vergil swiftly evades each strike.  Nero Angelo brings his sword down upon Vergil.  Vergil blocks the attack with his sheath.  Vergil’s eyes briefly flash red.

Vergil: Pathetic wretch.

Vergil slices Angelo’s arms off.  The severed limbs and sword dissipate into mist.  Continuing his counter attack, Vergil slices off the demon’s legs.  They too return to the form of mist.  As the beast’s body falls the slayer takes its head off with a swift slash.  The creature returns to its base form.  Vergil sheaths his sword as Janos’ voice echoes throughout the chamber.

Janos: Such brutality, such hatred, such darkness.  Don’t you see Vergil, you belong with us.

Vergil: Show yourself.

Janos’ laughter echoes throughout the room.

Janos: Patience Vergil.  We’ll meet soon enough.

Nero Angelo once again materializes from wisps of mist.  He reforms behind Vergil.  A flash of silver rings out.  Vergil sheaths his sword as Angelo’s head rolls off his shoulders.  The body and head vanish into mist.

Vergil: Attacking me with an illusionary beast in my slave form won’t help your cause.  I am no ones puppet.

Janos: So it would seem.  However, Mundus will have a new champion, regardless of your actions.

Janos’ voice trails off leaving Vergil in the room by himself.

Pre Mission 5 Script

Vergil enters a dimly lit chamber.  He stops and surveys the area.

Vergil: Enough of this cat and mouse game.  Come out.

Thanatos floats to the ground before the slayer.

Thanatos: Greetings Vergil.  It’s been a long time.

Vergil’s eyes narrow at the sight of the devil.

Vergil: Thanatos…

Thanatos shakes his head from side to side.

Thanatos: Oh come now, is that any way to greet a king?

Vergil: A fallen king.

Thanatos throws a smirk in Vergil’s direction.

Thanatos: You’ve been through quite a few changes since we last met.  You nearly acquired your father’s power but had it snatched away by your brother.  He even got to take it for a spin.  But what I want to know is…

Thanatos bears his fangs with a sinister smile.

Thanatos: What was it like to be Mundus’ slave?

Vergil’s grip tightens on his sword’s scabbard.

Vergil: Are you here to point me in the right direction?  Or do you wish to test my abilities?

Thanatos holds his arms out at his sides.

Thanatos: The time is now, Vergil.  However, you must keep yourself in check.  One slip and Janos will make it so that you once again play the role of Mundus’ slave.

Vergil: The time is now for what?

Thanatos rubs his bandaged head.

Thanatos: Choosing to ignore my advice I see.

A look of annoyance washes over Vergil’s face.

Vergil: What do you want?

Thanatos: You are not Mundus’ plaything.  You belong to me.

Vergil smirks at the fallen king.

Vergil: And you intend to subjugate me to your rule with that puppet body of yours?  Don’t make me laugh.

Thanatos cocks his head to the side.

Thanatos: You forget, in each of our encounters it was always I who had the upper hand.

Vergil partially ejects the Yamato from its sheath with his thumb.

Vergil: My powers have grown since our last encounter.

Thanatos draws a long serrated katana from his cloak.

Thanatos: Well then, I will have the honor of testing them for myself.

Post Boss Script

Vergil and Thanatos are locked in a vicious duel.  The speed of their movements kicks sand up all around them.  The two combatants lock swords.  Vergil shoots his enemy an icy glance.  Thanatos returns the look with a sinister smile.  The demon pushes Vergil back and then disappears from view.  Vergil’s movements are a blur as he avoids Thanatos’ descending strike.  The impact of the demon’s blade causes sand to erupt from the ground.  Vergil rushes through the cloud of sand and erupts from the other side.  Flashes of silver fan out throughout the cloud in Vergil’s path.  The flashes of silver separate the cloud and scatter the sand in different directions.  Vergil sheaths his sword as he notices that his opponent wasn’t in the cloud.  Vergil sidesteps a downward strike from behind.  As the slayer moves he draws his sword and lashes out with a horizontal strike that cuts through the puppet’s left eye.  Thanatos leaps back.  Thanatos smiles sinisterly as the blood trickles down from his ruptured eye.

Thanatos: Impressive.  It’s a shame, but we will have to conclude our duel at a later point in time.  Something is holding you back.  I can feel the power you have awoken within you, but your heart just isn’t in it.

Thanatos vanishes in a blur-like motion.  Vergil sheaths his sword.

Mission Intermission Script

Vergil enters a small room.

Dante: Well look what the cat dragged in.

Vergil turns his attention to see his brother and his companions sealed in small alcoves.  Vergil smirks at his twin.

Vergil: Dante, careless as ever I see.  Every time I see you it seems like you’ve managed to walk into someone’s trap.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: You know what…kiss my ass.

Vergil turns his attention to Trish.  His eyes narrow at the very sight of her.

Vergil: I see you still associate with filth.  You should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this disgusting creature to live.

Dante’s face contorts into an expression of annoyance.

Dante: Cut the crap.  Just get us out of here already.

Vergil turns his attention back to Dante.

Vergil: I didn’t come here to save you. 

Dante: Don’t be a dick.  Just break the barrier.

Vergil turns his back on his brother.

Vergil: It’s forged by Elementals.  The only way it can be dispersed is if the Elementals that made it are slain.

The slayer begins to head for the exit.

Dante: Hey where are you going?

Vergil: To meet with the one who summoned me here.

Dante: What about us?

Vergil stops in the doorway and looks over his shoulder at his younger twin.

Vergil: You got yourself into this mess.  Get yourself out of it.

Vergil disappears through the doorway.  Dante’s annoyance gets the best of him.

Dante: You’re an asshole!

Post Mission 5 Script

Vergil enters a small chamber with a massive door at the other end.  The door is blocked off by the same elemental barrier that holds Dante and his friends.  Vergil frowns slightly.

Vergil: If it weren’t meant to be a challenge, this would be a waste of my time.

The same mist that composed Nero Angelo appears beside Vergil and once again creates the knight.  As Angelo materializes Vergil draws his sword and splits the demon down the center.  The mist wisps hover in place as Vergil eyes them coldly.

Vergil: Be gone.

Janos’ laughter echoes throughout the room.  The mist takes the shape of the demonic warlock.  The image disperses into a cloud of mist as Vergil hacks through it.  The wisps travel to the sealed door and take the shape of Janos again.

Janos: I can see it.  Your annoyance gives rise to frustration.

Janos bows deeply before the son of Sparda.

Janos: I am Janos…

Vergil’s eyes narrow.

Vergil: I’ve had enough of these games.  You called me out here, now face me.

Janos shakes his head.

Janos: You are not ready to stand before me yet.

Vergil: My power outweighs yours.  You are a coward.

Janos smiles sinisterly at the slayer.

Janos: Indeed, you are powerful.  After all, the blood of Sparda flows through your veins.  All the more reason we want you to return to us.  It is your destiny.  You cannot deny it.

Vergil turns his back on Janos.

Vergil: Perhaps I am wasting my time.

Janos bows his head.

Janos: We both know you have no intention of leaving.  Very well then, I offer you a choice.

A portal opens beside the image of Janos.

Janos: Slay the Elementals that imprison your brother.  Or slay me, like you’ve intended to do from the start.  However you will have to find another way to get to me.

Vergil turns back around to face the warlock.

Vergil: You are attempting to place obstacles in my way.  By challenging these obstacles I present an opportunity for your plans to be realized.  Unlikely, but the opportunity will still be there.

Vergil’s attention turns to the portal.

Vergil: The path to power is paved by overcoming all obstacles in one’s way.  By taking the easy route I prove nothing to myself, and gain nothing in the process.

Janos: Is that really why you’re going to step through the portal?  Or is it because you wish to liberate your brother?

Vergil closes his eyes.

Vergil: Dante’s fate is his own.

Janos smirks sinisterly at the son of Sparda.

Janos: Do you truly feel that way?

Vergil shoots Janos an icy cold glare.  Janos lets out a low laugh.

Janos: Very well.  Then allow me to present you with a gift.

An altar of sand rises up from the sandy floors.  On the pillar rests a type of hand clamp.

Janos: It is called the Soul Crusher.  With it, when you slay an Elemental, you will be able to absorb their soul into the jewel.  When you activate this artifact, you will be able to transfer the power of that Elemental into whatever you choose, be it your weapon or your own body.  Once you have collected all of the Elementals’ souls, you will be able to combine their power to dispel the elemental barriers.

Janos bows at Vergil.

Janos: I wish you the best of luck.  You really don’t know what you’re up against.

The image of Janos reverts into the wisps of mist before vanishing.  Vergil reaches out for the Soul Crusher only to have it come to life and coil around his right hand.  Vergil moves toward the portal but stops just short of it.  He looks down at his new accessory.

Vergil: Borrowed power…It is with my own power that I shall prove my strength.

Vergil steps through the portal.

Pre Mission 6 Script

Vergil exits the portal and steps into the Nexus.

Vergil: This isn’t the Nether World, nor is it the Demon World.

Janos’ voice echoes in the slayer’s head.

Janos:  Correct.  This is the void known as the Nexus.  It is the home of the Elementals.  From here their energies flow between the Human World and the Demon World.  They maintain the balance of nature.

Vergil: Killing them would disrupt that balance.  Tell me, do you have an ulterior motive here?

Janos’ laughter echoes in Vergil’s head.

Janos: Not at all.  As far as I know, killing the Elementals will do no harm to either world.  However, the Nexus will implode when the last of the Elementals’ life comes to an end, so you would do well to get out when you finish your task.

Vergil looks around and notices small portals each composed of a different element.  Vergil enters a portal composed of wind wisps and appears in a pocket dimension composed of floating boulders and stone platforms.  Massive tornadoes spiral around as hurricane force winds gust.  Wind familiars appear before Vergil.  Vergil smirks as he bows his head ever so slightly.

Vergil: So the elementals have their own servants.  This shall prove to be rather interesting.

Pre Boss Script

Vergil walks toward the edge of a rocky outcropping and stares at the massive tornado spiraling before him.  The wind picks up all around him and he is whisked into the tornado.  Vergil passes through it unharmed and lands on a stone platform.  Vergil notices that he is in the eye of the storm.  A small tornado spirals before him.  It ceases its spiraling and shifts into Zephuros, the Elemental of Wind.

Zephuros: What do we have here?

Vergil: So, you’re an Elemental.

Zephuros smirks coldly.

Zephuros: The energies swirling about within your body, you’re just like the other one.

Vergil’s eyes narrow slightly.

Vergil: You must mean my brother.  I can assure you, I’ll be a more challenging opponent than he was.

Zephuros: Oh?  Have you come to kill me?

Vergil places his hand on Yamato’s hilt.  Zephuros notices the relic on Vergil’s right hand.

Zephuros: It would appear that our contractor wishes to be freed of our pact.

Vergil: Pact?

Zephuros floats into the air.

Zephuros: Never mind that.  I shall show you the folly of your ways by challenging an Elemental.

Vergil smirks slightly.

Vergil: By all means, show me.

Zephuros begins to laugh.

Zephuros: Fool, armed as you may be, powerful as you appear, you cannot cut the wind.  I, Zephuros, shall be your destroyer.

Post Mission 6 Script

Zephuros swirls about the arena.  Blood trickles out of his mouth.

Zephuros: That blade, it’s a demonic weapon, is it not?

Vergil looks down at his blood stained blade.  His eyes turn back to his opponent.

Vergil: It was forged by my father.  I’m sure you’ve heard of him.

Zephuros glares at the slayer.

Zephuros: Sparda…

Zephuros takes to the sky.

Zephuros: I never expected to face a being such as you.  I knew you weren’t an ordinary half-breed.  You are a son of greatness.

Zephuros spins about turning into a mini twister.

Zephuros: Your powers themselves are great, but even still, you are only a half-breed. 

Zephuros spirals down toward Vergil. 

Zephuros: Your body will be shredded and scattered to the winds of my domain!

Vergil devil triggers and flies through Zephuros.  As the slayer passes through, multiple arcs of silver flash out.  Zephuros ceases his spinning and crashes into the ground.  His body scatters into small wisps of wind leaving his floating soul behind.  Vergil lands and returns to his normal form.  He flicks the gore off his katana and returns it to its sheath.

Vergil: The soul of an Elemental…

Vergil holds up the Soul Crusher.  The soul is sucked into the gem.  Upon its absorption the gem briefly glows green before returning to its transparent state.

Pre Mission 7 Script

Janos’ voice echoes in the slayer’s head.

Janos: Well done, Vergil.  I expected it to be more of a struggle on your end.  You have come a long way since you served us.

Vergil: You’ve enchanted the Soul Crusher.  That’s how you are able to converse with me across the dimensions.

A low laugh echoes in Vergil’s ears.

Janos: Very perceptive.

Vergil bows his head and smirks.

Vergil: It’s one of your talents.

Janos: And how would you know that?

Vergil: I know you.  I recognized your voice the moment you first spoke to me.  You’re Mundus’ little dark magician.

Janos: But how…?

A sinister smile appears on Vergil’s face.

Vergil: Even though I was a slave to Mundus’ power, I could still see and hear everything that went on around me.  I had no will of my own, but I was aware of everything.  Your master did his best to wipe my mind to make me easier to control, but fragments of my memory remained and allowed me to exist on some level within the subconscious of the puppet knight that Mundus had corrupted my body into.

Janos: Fragments of your memory?  Your mother’s parting gift to you.  It’s why you were able to struggle for control with yourself when you saw your brother’s amulet.  Mundus never could figure out why there was an inner conflict with you.

Vergil: I’m aware of your power.  I know what you are capable of.  And I know your limits.  If I were you, I would pray that I don’t make it back alive.

Roaring laughter echoes in Vergil’s head.

Janos: Save your threats.  Mundus made you into Nero Angelo with his own power.  You weren’t a blank slate, which is why fragments of your memory remained.  However, I am charged with the task of preparing you for the transformation again.  Only with me prepping you, you won’t ever awaken to your true self again.

Vergil: Get out of my head.  I tire of your rambling.

Janos’ voice falls silent. Vergil steps through a portal composed of dust.  He enters a pocket dimension consisting of deep chasms and high cliffs.  Stone spikes rise from the ground and retract beneath the surface.  Earth familiars rise from beneath the ground. Vergil grips the hilt of his sword.

Pre Boss Script

Vergil walks forward a couple of steps.  He stops as the ground he walks upon breaks apart.  A massive stone pillar erupts upward and carries the slayer skyward.  The pillar ceases its ascent.  A boulder rises from beneath the ground.  It unfolds into Melios, the Elemental of Earth.

Melios: You are the one who slew Zephuros.

Vergil smirks at the Elemental.

Vergil: What of it?

Melios slams his fist against the ground.  A wave of rock rolls toward the slayer.  Vergil waves his arm upward (royal guard).  The rock wave explodes against his arm.

Melios: Foolish creature.  You would have been better off avoiding the attack.  Though you show no signs of pain, I can hear the muscles within your arm crying out in agony.

A stony smile creases Melios’ lips.

Melios: Do you, a lesser being, think you can stand against the might of Melios?

Vergil drops into a ready stance.  His motion is that of a blur as he draws and sheaths his sword.  A silver arc flashes out before Melios’ body.  Rock explodes off the Elemental’s body.  A look of surprise appears on Melios’ face.

Vergil: Shall we find out?

Melios’ eyes narrow.

Melios: Foolish little gnat.
Post Mission 7 Script

Melios smiles as he stands slightly hunched over.

Melios: I am surprised at how such a lowly creature can stand against me on an even playing field.  For that I commend your level of skill.

Melios pounds both fists against the ground sending a large wave of rock at Vergil.  Vergil stabs his sheathed Yamato into the ground.  As the wave approaches the slayer, it separates and parts out and away from Vergil and his sword.  A look of astonishment appears on Melios’ face.

Melios: An impressive weapon you have there.  It truly matches its wielder.

Melios crosses his arms over.  He thrusts them outward.  Stone spikes erupt from beneath the ground.  Vergil devil triggers and takes to the sky with incredible speed.  A silver arc flashes across the Elemental’s body.  A look of terror appears on Melios’ face as his body is bisected up the middle.  The spikes explode into rock fragments.  Still in the air, Vergil places his hand on his sheathed weapon’s hilt.  The sound of it sliding out of the sheath and locking back into place can be heard even when no motion was even apparent.  A sliver arc flashes across Melios’ waist.  His body is separated into four parts before exploding into rock fragments.  Only the soul of the Elemental remains.  Vergil reverts to his normal form and lands on the ground and holds up his hand.  The soul is sucked into the Soul Crusher.  The gem glows with a brown light before returning to its transparent appearance.

Pre Mission 8 Script

Dante stands with his arms crossed while tapping his foot.

Lucia: Patience, Dante.  Your brother will come through for us.

Dante: Yeah…right…

Trish shakes her head.

Trish: These Elementals sure are something.  It’s incredible how their seals can actually block our power, especially yours, Dante.

Dante: Tch…

Trish: So you’re going to sit their and sulk?  How childish.

Dante grits his teeth.

Dante: When I get outta here I’m gonna split that magician’s head wide open.

The scene changes to Vergil exiting a portal composed of ice particles.  He appears atop cliffs of jagged ice.  Snow falls in the area.  Ice familiars appear before Vergil.  He slowly draws his sword.

Pre Boss Script

Vergil steps out onto a lone platform of ice in the water.  It carries him across a small lake onto a large island of ice.  As Vergil steps off the block of ice it sinks beneath the waves.  Vergil looks back the way he came.  The center of the island explodes into multiple ice fragments that fly apart.  The fragments spiral back together and form a jagged egg of ice.  The ice shatters and Exalos, the Elemental of Water is revealed.  Vergil turns to face the Elemental as he touches down.

Exalos: An impressive feat, the slaying of two Elementals.

Vergil: I’ve been wondering as to why majestic beings would serve a lowly demon sorcerer.

Exalos’ icy lips contort into a smile.

Exalos: The little sorcerer made a Soul Pact with us. 

Vergil: He offered his soul for all of you to devour, and in return you are his servants until there is nothing left to consume.

Exalos: Precisely.  He is our nourishment and we are his able soldiers.

Exalos’ smile disappears.

Exalos: I am quite curious as to why you are here, in our realm.

Vergil unsheathes his sword.

Vergil: I seek only to face strong opponents, nothing more.

Exalos’ smile returns.

Exalos: I sense a conflict within you.  Perhaps you are not as cold as you present yourself to be.

Exalos sinks into a ready stance.

Exalos: Let’s see which of us is colder.

Post Mission 8 Script

Vergil lunges at Exalos.  The Elemental catches Vergil’s blade and coats it and the slayer’s arm in ice.

Exalos: How does it feel?

A ring of Phantom Swords materialize and spiral around Vergil.  Exalos leaps away, taking minor damage in the process.  The ethereal blades line up behind Vergil and fly toward the Elemental.  Exalos holds up his arms and the blades sink in. 

Exalos: How clever.

Vergil looks down at his frozen arm.  He transforms and the ice shatters.  Vergil fixes his gaze on Exalos and flies toward him.  Exalos encases his entire body in a block of ice.  Vergil slices through it and comes to a sliding landing behind the Elemental.  The ice shield shatters.

Exalos: As expected…from one who has such…kingly blood flowing…

Exalos collapses to the ground and his head rolls off his shoulders.  His body shatters and his head melts away leaving his soul behind.  Vergil reverts to his human form.  Exalos’ soul is absorbed by the Soul Crusher.  The gem flashes blue before becoming transparent.

Vergil: Kingly…blood…

Pre Mission 9 Script

Janos overlooks the desert dunes from his balcony.  Wisps of mist swirl behind him and take the shape of three glowing spheres.  Mundus eyes sparkle with electricity.  Janos turns around and kneels before the eyes.

Janos: My lord.

Mundus: What is your progress?

Janos raises his head.

Janos: Vergil believes he is in control of the situation.  He has yet to realize that his every choice is leading him back to our side.

Mundus: He is a son of Sparda.  Do not underestimate him.

Janos smiles slightly.

Janos: I am not without an alternate plan should the situation with Vergil take a turn for the worse.

Mundus: Good.  I shall continue to trust you with this task.  But do not fail me, Janos.  You know the punishment for failure.

Mundus’ eyes return to the form of mist and vanish.  The scene changes to Vergil exiting a portal composed of electricity.  He appears atop clouds with lightning snaking along them.  Lightning bolts strike the clouds from above.  Thunder familiars rise from beneath the clouds.

Pre Boss Script

Vergil advances forward but is struck by a bolt of lightning which brings him to his knees.  A massive lightning bolt strikes the cloudy ground before Vergil.  When the sparks clear Kestros, the Elemental of Thunder, stands before him.

Kestros: Rise destroyer.  I wish to see what you are capable of.

Vergil rises to his feet supported by his sheathed blade.

Kestros: You have taken the lives of my brothers Zephuros, Melios, and Exalos.  And yet you struggle to your feet.  I am not impressed. I, Kestros, shall reduce you to ashes!

Vergil tears Yamato from its sheath.

Vergil: As fast as lightning, huh?  Well I pride myself on my speed and you…

Kestros: Silence.  I won’t listen to your chatter any longer, half-breed.

Vergil smirks coolly at the Elemental.

Vergil: Hmph.  Interrupting me as I speak?  You shall learn where you stand with me.

Vergil disappears from view, appearing behind Kestros.

Vergil: You would do well not to underestimate me.

Kestros smiles sinisterly.

Kestros: Most interesting.
Post Mission 9 Script

Vergil’s eyes turn red.  He disappears from view and appears beside Kestros.  He vanishes again, appearing a small distance behind him.  Vergil continues to toy with the Elemental.  Vergil appears above Kestros and brings his sword down upon him.  Kestros snatches the blade and sends electricity through the weapon at the slayer.  Vergil grits his teeth from the pain.  Kestros slams his fist into Vergil’s stomach.  This time Vergil cries out from the electrifying pain.  Kestros tosses Vergil to the ground.

Kestros: Ashes to ashes…

Kestros turns into a bolt of lightning and takes to the sky.  He comes down upon Vergil but the slayer rolls out of the way at the last second.  Kestros continues to rain down upon Vergil as he back flips out of the way.  The speed of Kestros’ strikes increase.  Vergil flips through the air and lands in a kneeling position.  The slayer thrusts his sword into the air as his entire body is engulfed by Kestros’ massive lightning bolt.  When the sparks clear, Vergil is kneeling in his transformed state with smoke emanating off his body.  Kestros is impaled through the head and body on Vergil’s sword.

Vergil: And dust to dust.

Vergil reverts to his human from and rolls forward, ripping his blade through the Elemental’s body.  Kestros’ body explodes in a small electrical storm before it nears the ground.  Vergil holds out the Soul Crusher and the Elemental’s soul is absorbed.  The gem flashes yellow.

Pre Mission 10 Script

Janos sits at his throne.

Janos: Vergil is progressing quicker than I imagined he would.

Thanatos: Does that really surprise you?

Janos turns his head to the side.  A look of surprise appears on the magician’s face at the site of Thanatos standing on the balcony.

Thanatos: How long has it been; three thousand years?

Janos smiles coldly.

Janos: Since your assassination attempt on Mundus?  You were a fool to try to take him on with your puppet body.  Even more foolish to think you could go through Sparda to get to him.

Janos shakes his head.

Janos: Sparda spared you and you went into hiding.  And yet, here you are in the Human World.

It was Thanatos’ turn to offer a smile.

Thanatos: The Great War offered me a way out.

Janos notices Thanatos’ missing eye.

Janos: Tangling with the son of Sparda?  I see he left you a reminder.

Thanatos strokes his wound.

Janos: Why are you here?

Thanatos’ eye narrows.

Thanatos: I know why you’re here.  But I’ve come to tell you that Vergil is off limits.  He belongs to me.

Janos rises from his throne.

Janos: Oh? And what do you intend to do?

Thanatos hops down from the balcony railing that he was perched on.

Thanatos: I know how your power works.  You intend to have Vergil’s darker emotions take hold of him.  Then you’ll attempt to paralyze him with his own darkness.  Though I’m confident Vergil won’t fall for such a lowly trick, I still can’t allow him to fall into Mundus’ hands again.

Janos advances toward Thanatos.

Janos: I ask again…what do you intend to do?

Janos’ hands come alive with energy.  Thanatos’ movements can’t be seen.  He appears behind the warlock and rests his serrated katana against Janos’ neck.

Thanatos: You’re a powerful mage, but this puppet body of mine is still more powerful than you’ll ever be.

Janos licks his lips.

Janos: You still haven’t answered my question.

Thanatos: I’ll kill him before I allow Mundus to have him again.

Janos: How interesting…

Thanatos takes his sword away from his enemy’s neck.

Thanatos: So, you have another candidate lined up to take Vergil’s place should something go wrong.

Thanatos walks by the warlock.

Janos: Well now, aren’t you the perceptive one?

Thanatos leaps back up to his perch.

Thanatos: Your lack of action gave you away.  You wouldn’t allow anyone to get in the way of Mundus’ plans.  Failure begets death.

Thanatos smiles sinisterly.

Thanatos: You’ll find that corrupting Dante will be next to impossible.

Janos: Perhaps…

Thanatos leaps off the side of the balcony to the outer castle walls.  Janos closes his eyes and smiles.

Janos: What an exciting turn of events.  His presence here will only help my master’s plans.

The scene changes to Vergil exiting a portal composed of a cloud of darkness.  He appears in a pocket dimension barren of life and coated with dancing shadows.  Shadow familiars materialize from clouds of darkness.

Pre Boss Script

The shadows swirl about and collide at a central point along the ground.  Skiastos, the Elemental of Darkness, rises from the ground.  Skiastos sniffs at the air.

Skiastos: Ah, your heart is ripe with darkness.  We are kindred spirits you and I.

Vergil: Do not sully my name by comparing yourself to me.  The gap between us is to vast for you to even begin to comprehend.

Skiastos roars with laughter.

Skiastos: Such arrogance.  Don’t get cocky just because you slew four of my brothers.  Light and Darkness are the greatest of powers.  This is a lesson that I shall enjoy teaching you.

Vergil slowly unsheathes his blade.

Vergil: You are nothing more than another pebble on my path.  I will simply sweep you out of my way.

The shadows around Skiastos begin to grow.  The Elemental’s lips form an eerie smile.

Skiastos: The darkness within you sends shivers down my spine.  This will be most exciting.

Post Mission 10 Script

Blood pours out of Skiastos’ mouth as he eyes Vergil with murderous intent.

Skiastos: Let’s see how you fair in a world of darkness.

Skiastos places his hand on the ground.  A wave of shadows rises up and surrounds Vergil.  Red eyes appear a good distance away from Vergil.

Skiastos:  In this little world, everything is my weapon.

Vergil smirks coolly.

Vergil: An impressive technique to be sure.  But it’s truly a shame. 

Vergil points his blade upward.

Vergil: My mother told me stories about my father’s sword.  Its dark properties enable it to divide and conquer darkness.  And fortunately for me, I have inherited that sword.

The red eyes that represent Skiastos widen in shock.

Skiastos: What…?

Vergil swings his sword down.  The world of darkness dissipates around Vergil.

Skiastos: That’s one of Sparda’s…

A ring of Phantom Swords surrounds and impales Skiastos’ midsection. 

Vergil: It’s ironic really.  You proclaimed to be more powerful than your brothers and yet, I didn’t have to transform to overcome you.

Vergil flings Yamato at the Elemental.  It slides through Skiastos’ head, snapping it back.  Blood trickles out of his eyes and mouth as he stares upward toward the heavens.

Skiastos: Father…why have you…forsaken…us…

Skiastos’ body fades away. The Elemental’s soul is left behind. As Vergil retrieves his sword the soul is absorbed into the Soul Crusher.  The gem flashes purple before becoming transparent again.

Pre Mission 11 Script

Dante is playing on his cell phone.

Dante: Alright, new high score!  Let’s see if I can top that.

Trish shakes her head in disapproval.

Trish: What are you doing?

Dante: I’m bored, what do you want from me?

Dante places his hand against the barrier sealing him in.

Dante: It’s not like there’s anything I can do about our little situation here.

Dante’s cell starts to ring.

Dante: Enzo, what can I do for you?

Lucia’s face lights up.

Lucia: Tell him our situation so that Lady and him can come and aide us.

Dante ignores her.

Dante: Sue me! I’ve run into a few bumps in the road here.  It’s nothing that I can’t handle.

Lucia: Dante, just tell…

Dante continues to ignore Lucia.

Dante: You and Lady just pick one of the other jobs from the list and get on that.  Don’t worry about us.  We’ll be back before you know it.

Dante disconnects the call.

Dante: Now to get back to my game.

Lucia lets out a long sigh.

Lucia: Trish is right you’ve been acting childish.

Dante: No, I’m annoyed.  There’s a clear difference between the two.  Besides didn’t you say Vergil will come through for us?

The scene changes to Vergil exiting a portal composed of light.  He’s in an area that appears like outer space.  A path of light is illuminated before him.

Vergil: I wasn’t expecting this.

Light Familiars materialize out of flashes of light before him.  Vergil grips the hilt of Yamato.

Vergil: One last drive…

Pre Boss Script

Vergil is engulfed in a blinding, bright light.  The light fades and Helios, the Elemental of Light stands before him.

Helios: Greetings, Vergil.  I am Helios.

Vergil: Seeing as you are the last of the Elementals, or should I say Angels, I have questions.

Helios smirks at Vergil.

Helios:’s been eons since we’ve been called that.  Once upon a time we were heavenly creatures.  Our father gave us a purpose and made us into Elementals.  Once that purpose was fulfilled we were abandoned.  And so we are what we are.

Vergil: Hmph. Servants to the highest bidder.

Helios shakes his head.

Helios: Not quite.  We are servants to those who are willing to give us a purpose.  That is until they can no longer give us a purpose.

Vergil smirks at Helios.

Vergil: When their contract expires.

Helios smiles cruelly.

Helios: Even now I’m leeching off Janos’ soul.

Helios’ radiance intensifies.

Helios: If you were any other half-breed you wouldn’t have made it this far.  But since you are the son of the benevolent Sparda I’m not surprised you have progressed this far.

A curious look appears on Vergil’s face.

Vergil: Benevolent?  What exactly do you Elementals know about my father?

Helios dismisses Vergil’s question with a wave of his hand.

Helios: The time for speaking is at an end.  I must uphold my end of the contract.

Vergil places his hand on his sword’s hilt.

Helios: I am the strongest of the Elementals.  That being said I must acknowledge your power.  I will not prematurely claim victory.  But, one of us is going to die here.

Vergil: You state the obvious.  However, your chances of survival are much slimmer than my own.

Post Mission 11 Script

Helios’ radiance intensifies to point where Vergil is forced to shield his eyes.

Helios: Even you cannot look upon my true radiance.

Vergil: Then I’ll have to look at you with different eyes.

Vergil devil triggers and flies toward Helios.  He slashes out at the Elemental.  Helios slides backward.  Vergil sliced an “X” in Helios’ chest.  The Elemental’s radiance dies down.  Vergil reverts to his human form as he returns his sword to its sheath.

Helios: Your drive to succeed.  It’s what allowed you to overcome our power.  Fighting for selfish reasons may have led to your death, but you’re fighting for…

Vergil: You presume too much.

Helios: Human emotions.  You feel they weaken you.  You wish to be rid of them.  Haven’t you ever wondered why it is your brother who will be your father’s successor?

Phantom Swords materialize above and behind Vergil.

Vergil: I have no intention of being my father’s successor.

The ethereal blades begin to spiral.  They all drill towards Helios and tear through his body.  Helios cries out in agony as he falls to his hands and knees.  A single Phantom Sword materializes above Vergil’s head and begins to spiral.

Vergil: I intend to surpass him.

The blade bores through Helios’ head.  The Elemental’s body fades into nothing.  Vergil holds his right hand up in front of his face.  The soul of the Elemental is absorbed.  The gem of the Soul Crusher glows white before fading.

Vergil: It’s done.

Pre Mission 12 Script

Vergil exits the portal as it shuts behind him.  He appears in a different location of the castle.

Vergil: Janos must have restructured the castle while I was gone.

A small group of demons rise from beneath the sandy floors.  They rush the slayer.  Vergil bows his head slightly and closes his eyes.

Vergil: Foolishness.

Vergil ducks a swipe from the first attacker.  He spins behind it and brings his heel down upon the back of the creature’s head.  Vergil drives the devil’s face into the ground and crushes its head.  Vergil rushes the next attacker.  He leaps up and steps down on the demon’s face.  The monster falls backward.  As Vergil rides the demon to the ground he draws Yamato and decapitates the third attacker.  The demon he’s on top of hits the ground and has its head crushed beneath Vergil’s shoe.  The fourth and final attacker comes at Vergil from his side.  Vergil stabs the devil in its eye with his scabbard.  The slayer spins low, sweeping the demon off its feet.  Completing his spin, Vergil slices upward and splits his adversary in half.  He returns his sword to its scabbard.

Vergil: Hmph.

A demon bursts through the sandy floor beside Vergil.  The slayer doesn’t even acknowledge the creature.  A single Phantom Sword materializes above Vergil.  It glides forward and embeds itself into the demon’s face.  The devil drops to its knees.  The Phantom Sword shatters like glass and its fragments vanish in a cloud of purple mist.  The demon falls down dead.  Vergil continues on his way as the dead bodies sink into the sand.

Pre Boss Script

Vergil enters the large room where Dante and his companions are being held.

Lucia: Vergil!

The slayer stares ahead at his brother.  A sarcastic smirk makes its way to Dante’s face.

Dante: Well, well, look who’s come back.  You gonna get us out of here anytime soon?

A slight smirk creases Vergil’s lips.

Vergil: Say please.

Dante flips his brother the middle finger.

Vergil: Well if that’s how you feel…

Vergil starts to head for the exit.

Dante: Hold up!

Vergil stops and looks over his shoulder at the imprisoned hunter.  A look of annoyance masks Dante’s face.

Dante: Don’t get used to this.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: Please…

Vergil clenches his fist.  The orb of the Soul Crusher flickers.  The Elemental Barriers containing Dante, Trish, and Lucia dissipate.

Dante: Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!

Dante violently cracks his neck.

Dante: Now let’s go give that bastard some payback.

Vergil: This is my fight, Dante.

Dante: Oh no, this guy’s gonna get what’s coming to him.  No one makes a fool out of me and gets away with it.

Vergil looks over his shoulder at his brother.

Vergil: Go home.

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Dante: Remember what happened last time you said that to me? Things didn’t turn out so well for you.

Vergil turns around to face his brother.  Lucia steps forward.

Lucia: Stop it you two.  Let’s just finish this together.

Dante doesn’t take his eyes off his brother.

Dante: Stay out of this Lucia.

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory.

Dante: If you don’t want to do this together then I’ll take care of it myself. Make no mistake bro, I will go through you.

Vergil slides his thumb up, partially ejecting Yamato from its sheath.

Vergil: It’s time you learned your place.

Post Mission 12 Script

Trish and Lucia look on as Dante and Vergil viciously attack each other. They lock swords.  Dante knees Vergil in the gut and pushes him back.  As the slayer staggers backward the hunter lashes out with a horizontal slash.   Vergil ducks only to get swept off his feet by Dante’s accompanying leg.  As Vergil hits the ground Dante kicks sand in his face.  Vergil shakes it off before rolling out of the way of Dante’s downward strike.  Leaping to his feet Vergil attacks with a horizontal slash of his own.  Dante leans back and barely avoids his brother’s attack.  Vergil swings downward only to connect with his brother’s blade as he leans forward.

Vergil: I see you’re using your own sword again.

Dante smirks at his brother.

Dante: Yeah, my friend didn’t make retrieving it easy on me. I had to duel her in order to get her to accept the trade.

Vergil: So have you discovered its power?

Dante: It’s a work in progress.  But don’t worry.  I’ll make it work.

Vergil: Hmph. You’re pathetic.

Dante cracks Vergil’s neck back with a head butt.  Vergil’s eyes briefly flash red before kicking Dante across the room. 

Vergil: Your fighting style is garbage, little brother.

Dante stabs Rebellion into the ground as he picks himself up.

Dante: Yeah well, it gets the job done.

Vergil: If you practiced your swordsmanship and martial arts as much as you practiced your gunplay and ridiculous one-liners, I might actually feel threatened by you.

Dante shrugs his shoulders.

Dante: I always figured myself as the brawler type.  Besides, my style is my own.  You’re just jealous at how I’m able to make this job look so cool.

Vergil: Right…

A ring of Phantom Swords surround Dante.  The hunter leaps backward as the blades move in for the kill.  The swords stop short of colliding with each other and turn to face Dante.  As they soar towards him Dante draws Ebony and Ivory and blasts the blades apart.  Dante crosses his guns over while keeping them trained on his brother.

Dante: A dirty trick.

Vergil: Says the man who kicked sand in my face.

Dante smirks at Vergil.

Dante: Hey, anything goes in a fight.

Vergil: Then stop complaining.

Dante clicks the hammers back on his guns.

Vergil: Not one bullet will even scratch me.

Dante: That’s funny. I seem to recall blowing out the back of your head when we last met.

Vergil’s eyes narrow.

Vergil: You are a coward who knows nothing of honor.

Vergil rushes Dante.  Dante unleashes a barrage of bullets at his brother.  Flashes of silver intercept and deflect each bullet.  Vergil ducks low and slashes upward.  The slayer slashes the hunter’s wrists open.  Dante drops his guns and leaps over Vergil.  He retrieves his sword and spins around to slice through Vergil.  Vergil dips beneath the attack.  Rising up Vergil stabs Yamato through Dante’s abdomen.  The slayer gives his sword a twist which causes his twin to drop his sword.

Vergil: It’s over.

Vergil tears his sword out of his brother.  Dante drops to his hands and knees.

Vergil: Stay out of my way.

Vergil flicks the blood off his blade as he turns his back on his beaten brother.  Lucia runs to Dante’s side.

Lucia: Dante, are you alright?!

Dante looks up at Vergil.

Dante: Yeah, I’ll live.

Vergil returns his sword to its sheath.

Vergil: Stay down, if you know what’s good for you.

Dante: Oh no, we’re not finished…

Trish walks over to Vergil’s side.

Trish: That’s enough you two.  We’re wasting time.  There are devils that need killing, and a maniac that needs to be sent back to Hell.

Vergil’s eyes narrow.

Trish: I don’t know why you two feel as though you have to throw down every time you are reunited.  For crying out loud, you’re brothers!

Vergil: Silence…

An annoyed look appears on Trish’s face.

Trish: Is this part where you start spitting out threats?  You know I’m right on this.  Maybe that’s what’s burning you up on the in…

With blur-like speed Vergil removes Yamato from its sheath and presses the tip of the blade to Trish’s throat.

Vergil: I threatened you years ago.  Now it’s time to make good on that threat.

Vergil pushes the blade forward. Trish walks backward to keep the blade from sliding through her neck.

Vergil: Your existence is an insult to my mother’s memory.

A look of sorrow appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Vergil…

Vergil: You look like her, you sound like her, but you are just a cheap imitation, a monster without a soul. 

A worried look appears on the huntress’ face.

Vergil: How my brother could allow such an abomination to live is unforgivable.

Dante rises to his feet.

Dante: That’s enough, Vergil.

Vergil grits his teeth.

Vergil: Silence, Dante!

He looks over his shoulder at his brother.

Vergil: This thing that looks like our mother was made by the one responsible for her death.  Or have you forgotten that?

Vergil pushes the blade forward.  Blood begins to slowly seep down Trish’s neck.

Vergil: Do you long for our mother so much that you would keep Mundus’ little copy around? Why don’t you just spit on her grave while you’re at it.

Dante grits his teeth.

Dante: You’re going too far.

Trish: Vergil, please…

A sinister smile appears on the slayer’s face.

Vergil: Please?!

Vergil starts to laugh.

Trish: Don’t do this.

A cold look appears on Vergil’s face.

Vergil: You don’t have the right to exist.

Dante steps forward.

Dante: That’s enough, Vergil!

Vergil spins around to meet his brother.

Vergil: Know your place!!

Vergil splits Dante’s throat open.  Dante covers the blood spewing wound as he drops to his knees while choking out blood.  Lucia runs to Dante.

Lucia: Dante!!!

Vergil slams his sword into its sheath and heads to the exit.  He throws Trish one final cold look before he returns his gaze to the doorway.

Vergil: Your job is finished here.  Leave me.

Vergil walks off.  Trish moves toward Dante.

Dante: Get away from me…both of you!

The hunter clutches his amulet.

Dante: I’ll be fine. 

Dante slowly rises to his feet.

Dante: We came here to kill devils.  Sweep this place and clean it out. 

Lucia: But what about you.

Dante turns his back on his friends.

Dante: I’m going after Vergil.  He may be an asshole, but he’s still my brother.  I’m not gonna let him fall into the magician’s trap.

Pre Mission 13 Script

Trish and Lucia enter a large, open chamber.

Lucia: I can’t believe Dante lost.  In all these years I didn’t think he could be brought to his knees.

Trish: The situation is always different when it comes to his brother.

Lucia lets out a low sigh.

Lucia: I guess I always pictured Dante as an invincible savior.

Trish smiles at her partner.

Trish: He still is an invincible savior.  If he was just another loser he wouldn’t have gone to settle things with Janos.

Devils burst forth from beneath the sandy floor and crash through the sandy walls.

Trish: We’ll continue this talk later.

Trish draws Luce and Ombra and opens fire on the demons.  Lucia draws her throwing knives and begins darting them into the heads of the oncoming monsters.  Trish spins around popping demon heads with direct shots.  Lucia draws her Cutlaseers and begins carving a path through the opposition.  She severs limbs and splits heads as she moves in a dance-like trance.  Trish holsters her guns and draws Force Edge from her back.  She weaves a path of death with every swing.  The girls get into battle stances while standing back to back.

Lucia: Looks like we’ll have our work cut out for us for awhile.

Trish smiles at the situation.

Trish: Dante can’t have all the fun.

The two huntresses separate and hack into the demonic opposition.

Pre Boss Script

Vergil spies the sealed door to the throne room.  Before the door stands Thanatos.

Vergil: So you’ve sided with Janos.

Thanatos smiles at the accusation.

Thanatos: A king, siding with a lowly mage?  Don’t be ridiculous.

Thanatos uncrosses his arms.

Thanatos: Unfortunately your skills have left much to be desired.  Our duel earlier has shown me that you haven’t improved over the years.

Vergil smirks at his adversary.

Vergil: Is that a fact? 

Thanatos: Though it’s not entirely your fault.  You were Mundus’ play thing for eleven years.

Vergil: So then why are you blocking my path?

Thanatos begins to pace back and forth.

Thanatos: I found you when you were just a boy; hiding in an alley, clutching your mother’s amulet while hugging your father’s sword.  Do you remember what you were doing, Vergil?

The slayer’s eyes narrow.

Thanatos: You were crying like a helpless child.  A devil never cries.

Thanatos smiles coldly.

Thanatos: I comforted you.  I calmed you.  I gave you a purpose by setting you on the path to power, the path of a devil.

Vergil: I’ve heard enough.

Thanatos laughs at Vergil’s reaction.

Thanatos: A sensitive subject I see.

Vergil: You merely pointed me in the direction of my father’s power.  I grew up on my own.  I sharpened my skills on my own.  My power carried me all the way to this point.  Every time you showed up to check on me, as I’m sure you’d put it, I viewed it as a chance to see how far I had come.

A cold look appears on Vergil’s face.

Vergil: And you, being the coward that you are, fled before I could kill you each and every time.

Thanatos’ eye narrows.

Thanatos: I left because you weren’t on my level, not because I feared you.  Anger breeds arrogance with you, do you honestly believe you were my equal in all of our past battles?

Vergil: Answer my question!

Thanatos: Very well…

Thanatos holds up two fingers.

Thanatos: You have two choices.  Join me or die.  You aren’t strong enough to avoid your fate if you challenge Janos.  You belong to me, not Mundus.

Vergil shakes his head as he quietly snickers.

Vergil: If you can’t have me no one can, is that it?

Thanatos draws his serrated katana from his cloak.

Thanatos: Make your choice.

Vergil draws Yamato. 

Vergil: I choose to annihilate all who stand in my way.

Thanatos tightens his grip on his sword.

Thanatos: It pains me to have to do this to you.

Vergil: Our last battle was a mere warm up.  You were disappointed with my performance because I wasn’t going all out.  I assure you, you have no idea what stands before you now.

Post Mission 13 Script

Both Vergil and Thanatos stand a good distance from each other.  Thanatos smiles with an eerie glee.

Thanatos: I am so happy to see that your power has indeed grown.  But it’s not enough.  Let me see it.  Let me see the real you.  Transform yourself!  Show me your true strength!

Vergil closes his eyes.

Vergil: Unleash my full power…against such a lowly foe?  How wasteful.

Vergil opens his eyes.  They have changed from blue to red.

Vergil: Your puppet body may be capable of putting out more power than a knight, but it’s not capable of unleashing anything kingly.  And besides, I’d rather add insult to injury by slaying you without showing you anything.

Thanatos grits his teeth.

Thanatos: You shall not deny me.  How dare you defy me!

Blue demonic energy begins to emanate from Vergil’s body as he drops into a ready stance.  Vergil’s eyes narrow.

Vergil: Die…

The slayer vanishes from sight.  As he appears behind his opponent his demonic energy rushes past the bewildered Thanatos.  Vergil smirks as he draws and attacks with his sword.  A flash of silver can be seen.  A spark flashes as the two blades collide.  Thanatos has intercepted Vergil’s blade with his own by simply sliding it past his neck.  Thanatos lets slip a low laugh.

Thanatos: Impressive…most impressive.  But it’s not enough.  I saw your movements.

Thanatos dashes forward, appearing as a shadow due to his speed.  Thanatos turns to face Vergil while readying his sword.  To his dismay, the slayer is no longer there.

Vergil: Liar.

Vergil was already behind him.  Thanatos moves in his shadow-like fashion to a position directly behind Vergil.  He goes to split Vergil in half with an over head strike.  Vergil dips low as he swings his sheath behind him.  The slayer cracks the puppet body in the ribs causing Thanatos to swing down at an angle, completely missing his target as he reels from the blow.  Vergil spins the other way around while swinging his sword upward.  Thanatos takes to the sky causing Vergil to slash the tail of his cloak.  Thanatos dives beneath the sand.  Pillars of sand begin to erupt from the ground all around the chamber.  Vergil closes his eyes and smirks softly.

Vergil: Mere distractions, how juvenile…

Thanatos erupts from the ground before Vergil.  Swinging upward he splits Vergil in half.  The devil smiles sinisterly as he rises upward. 

Vergil: Too slow.

Thanatos looks upward to see Vergil descending towards him.  Vergil swings outward as he falls past Thanatos.  Only a silver flash can be seen from the slayer’s attack.  Vergil lands on the ground.  Thanatos lands behind Vergil.  The two stand back to back as Thanatos stares out into space while Vergil closes his eyes.

Thanatos: I attacked…an afterimage…

The demonic aura surrounding Vergil dissipates as blood drips from his sword, staining the sandy floors.  Thanatos drops to his knees.  His cloak falls from his shoulders in two even halves.  The bandages that wrapped his body and face also begin to fall away.  A red line of blood runs vertically from his head down his body.  Vergil shakes the blood from his sword before slowly sheathing it.

Thanatos: Bravo, Vergil.  Bravo.

Vergil: Enjoy an eternity of solitude in the Nether World.  You will never be free of your prison.

Vergil locks the blade in place as Thanatos’ puppet body splits in half.  The demon’s body parts sink beneath the sandy surface. Vergil opens his eyes revealing their blue color before turning to face the sealed door.

Pre Mission 14 Script

Vergil holds up his hand wrapped with the Soul Crusher.  It emits a flickering light.  The elemental barrier is dispelled.  As Vergil lowers his arm the massive doors slowly slide open.  Vergil enters the royal chamber.  Janos sits at the throne.  As Vergil advances toward the warlock the view from the balcony shows that dusk has settled over the outside desert.

Janos: I must thank you Vergil.  You’ve saved my life.

Vergil: It wasn’t intentional, just an unfortunate side effect from slaying the Elementals.

Janos smiles sinisterly.

Janos: Ah, but if you hadn’t you would lament the opportunity to end my life with your marvelous sword.

Vergil’s eyes narrow.

Vergil: You speak as if you know me.  You know nothing.

Janos points to the Soul Crusher.

Janos: Have you already forgotten?  We share a psychic link.  That armlet you’re wearing is enchanted with my magic after all.  As long as you continue to wear it I can dive into your mind whenever I please.

Vergil grips the hilt of Yamato.

Vergil: I think it’s time to sever our connection.

Janos appears behind Vergil, while at the same time still sitting on the throne.

Janos: If only it were that simple.

Vergil slightly turns his head to see what he believes to be a copy standing behind him.

Janos: I’m sure you’re wondering, “Which one is the real one?”

Vergil turns his head to see another Janos on the balcony.

Janos: I can assure you, the real one isn’t the obvious one.

Vergil spies another copy, or is it, of the wizard across the chamber.  The slayer releases his grip on his sword.  The seated Janos begins to laugh.

Janos: As I’m sure you’re noticing, the art of illusions is one of my specialties.

Vergil smirks slightly.

Vergil: I see you have once again underestimated me. 

A ring of Phantom Swords circle above each image of Janos.

Janos: Immobilize!

Vergil is encased in a green energy field.  His movement is completely restricted.  His Phantom Swords shattered as if they were glass with their fragments vanishing in a purple mist.  Every image of Janos in the throne room vanishes.  The true Janos enters the chamber from behind the slayer.

Janos: Oh son of Sparda, how disappointing. 

Janos walks in front of Vergil wearing a big grin.

Janos: Frustrating isn’t it.  I wasn’t even in the room.  Now…let that frustration sink in.  Fuel the fire that is your black rage.  Give in to the hate that motivates you.  Submit to my power and stand by my lord’s side as his Black Angel once again.

Vergil smirks at the mage.

Vergil: You think this will hold me? Allow me to show you real power.

Janos shakes his head.

Janos: You’re still too calm.  I hate that about your personality.

The mage holds out his hand.

Janos: Well I suppose if I make you look like a weak, little fool that should do the trick.  Care for a little embarrassment?

Janos clenches his fist.  An electrical surge of energy washes over Vergil’s body.  The attack is so intense that Vergil cries out in pain and loses consciousness.  With a wave of his hand the warlock sends Vergil’s inanimate body over the balcony.  The slayer plunges to the ground far below.  When his body hits the sand, the impact causes it to be kicked up into the air and fall on top of him, partially burying him.  Janos looks over the balcony with an amused expression.  The sound of a gun hammer clicking back can be heard.  Janos turns his head slightly.  Dante stands in the doorway pointing Ivory in his direction.

Dante: Yo…

Janos turns around to face Dante.

Janos: Ah Dante.  I am so glad you’re here.

Dante: Remember when I told you that getting my attention was a bad thing?  Yeah, it’s time you see why that is.

Janos holds out his hand to stop Dante.

Janos: Now Dante, why would an insignificant little worm like you want to take on a god like me?  You know you can’t win.

A look of disbelief appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Do you wanna piss me off, is that it?

Dante holsters Ivory and cracks his knuckles.

Dante: A bullet is definitely too good for you.  I’m gonna pummel your face into the ground and I’m not gonna stop until your head is just a bloody stain in the sand.

Janos lets out a low laugh.

Janos: You are quite the character.  What are you trying to compensate for with this cocky, tough-guy attitude of yours?

Dante advances toward Janos.

Dante: I’ll show you tough…

Janos: Is it because you’re trying to hide the pain of your mother’s death when you were a child?

Dante stops in his tracks.  He grips the hilt of Rebellion as his annoyed look darkens.

Dante: Sword it is then.

Janos: I can’t read your thoughts because there is no link between us like there is between your brother and me.  However, when someone’s heart darkens, I can see the thoughts that are causing the change.

A sinister smile appears on the mage’s face.

Janos: Stashed in a closet, buried beneath coats and luggage to hide you from the attacking demons.  You were even unable to worry about the safety of your brother because you were distracted by the screams of your dying mother.  What a horrifying event.  It must have been a traumatic experience for you.

A look of sheer rage contorts the hunter’s face.

Dante: What the hell do you know?!!

Dante rips his sword from its strap.  His eye color shifts from blue to red as red demonic energy begins to rise from his body.

Dante: The pain…the pain and suffering I’m about to inflict upon you…!!!

Dante gives in to his madness and attacks in a blind rage, rushing Janos while roaring in anger.  Janos’ smile darkens.

Janos: Overwhelm!

The scene changes to the base of the massive sand castle.  Vergil lifts himself up and rises to his feet while gritting his teeth.  As he stands the sand falls from his body.  He devil triggers and flies back up into the throne room.  He reverts to his normal form when he touches down.

Janos: The most amusing thing about this situation is that the door was sealed, but there was always a way in from the balcony.  But you were more concerned with liberating your brother than finding another way to the source of the situation.

Vergil: I was more interested in testing my power against skilled adversaries.

Vergil notices a portal open against the side wall of the room.  Janos looks at the portal as well.

Janos: Oh that.  Well, while you were out of commission I found Mundus a fitting replacement for you.  I was actually shocked with how much more darkness was in his heart than yours.

Janos rises from his throne.

Janos: Mundus no longer has any need for you.  You can die now.

Janos licks his lips.

Janos: It’s ironic really, the Black Angel replaced by the Black Devil.

Vergil: Dante…

Vergil’s eyes narrow as he holds Yamato in front of his face as he slowly liberates the blade from its prison.  Janos levitates into the air.  His hands become ablaze with green energy.

Janos: Come, son of Sparda.  It’s time to issue your punishment for betraying our glorious Emperor.

Post Mission 14 Script

Janos is engulfed in a barrier.  The wizard claps his hands together and fires a stream of energy at Vergil.  Vergil rushes to the side as the beam tracks his movements.  The sand that is hit by the beam turns to glass from the intense heat.  Vergil constantly manifests Phantom Swords and sends them spiraling toward his opponent.  The blades shatter against Janos’ barrier.  The mage laughs hysterically.

Janos: Can’t you see it’s useless? Though I am impressed at how you aren’t thinking of your attacks, acting solely on instinct.  I’m unable to stay a step ahead of you.

Vergil rushes Janos head on.

Janos: Oh ho, a bold move!

Vergil devil triggers and disappears from view.  A perplexed look appears on Janos’ face.

Janos: What’s this?!

Vergil appears behind Janos and stabs his sword through his opponent’s barrier.  The blade erupts through Janos’ chest having pierced his heart.  The wizard’s barrier disperses.  Janos coughs up blood as Vergil slides his sword out.  The slayer grabs the wizard by the head and flings him up against the ceiling.  As Janos slams against it Phantom Swords pierce his hands, feet, and gut.  Janos lets a low, hoarse laugh escape from his lips.

Janos: Do you honestly believe that this accomplishes anything?

A Phantom Sword pierces Janos’ throat, silencing him.  Vergil reverts to his human form as he sheaths his sword.

Vergil: I can’t have you freeing yourself with any incantations. 

Vergil looks up at the trapped demon.

Vergil: Besides, I have some use for you.  So stick around.

Vergil enters the portal.

Pre Mission 15 Script

Vergil exits the portal, stepping into the Demon World.  He surveys the desert-like environment.  Pitch black sky and glowing white sand as far as the eye can see.

Vergil: From one desert to another.  How imaginative…

Pre Boss Script

Vergil stops in his tracks as the sky begins swirling.  Mundus’ three glowing eyes appear far above.  The Emperor’s laughter rings out.

Vergil: Mundus…

Mundus: Welcome home, Vergil.

Vergil smirks slightly.

Vergil: You’ll have to forgive me as I have no intention of staying.

Vergil slowly unsheathes Yamato.

Vergil: Did you happen to see Dante running around here?

Mundus’ laughter booms above.

Mundus: So you’ve come to save your brother?  How touching.  Allow me to introduce my new champion, Nero Diavolo.

The knight appears out of red flames.  Vergil’s eyes narrow.

Vergil: Dante…

Mundus: Your brother is gone.  I’ve made sure that you can’t break my hold on him, like he did with you.

Vergil stares coldly at what was once his brother.

Vergil: So be it.  I’ll just toss your new toy aside and come for you.  One way or another, Dante will be free of your corruption.

Mundus’ laughter echoes throughout the sky as his glowing eyes vanish from view.

Vergil: Well then, shall we begin?

Nero Diavolo draws his massive sword and rushes the slayer.

Post Mission 15 Script

Vergil and Nero Diavolo stand a good distance apart.  A slight breeze shifts sand across the eerily lit wasteland.  Vergil’s coat tails and the knight’s cape float gently on the air currents.  Diavolo lets slip a low laugh before vanishing in a cloud red flames.  Appearing behind the slayer, the knight swings his massive sword, ablaze with red flames, down upon his opponent.  Vergil rolls to the side and behind his opponent.  Nero strikes the sand.  Before Vergil can react, his corrupted brother drags his sword through the sand while turning around.  Vergil intercepts the attack with his blade but the force of the blow knocks him off his feet.  Vergil rolls up onto his hands and knees.  When he looks up he sees Mundus’ champion standing before him.  Nero Diavolo kicks sand in Vergil’s face.  The son of Sparda rockets to his feet while patting his face and shaking his head.

Vergil: A dirty move…

Vergil smirks at his opponent.

Vergil: That’s something Dante would do.

Nero Diavolo lunges toward Vergil holding his sword above his head.  Vergil stands his ground while tightening his grip on Yamato.  As the knight brings his blade down Vergil’s eyes take on a crimson shade.  With superior speed Vergil swings his blade upward and slices through his brother’s face.  Nero breaks off his attack and staggers backward while clutching his wounded face.  Blood seeps through his fingers and drips onto the sand, staining it red.  A mirror portal appears behind Mundus’ slave.  Nero Diavolo turns and leaps through its glassy surface.  Vergil flicks the blood off his blade before returning it to its sheath.  Vergil clutches his amulet.

Vergil: My amulet really didn’t have any effect on him.

Vergil leaps through the portal in pursuit of his brother.

Pre Mission 16 Script

Vergil steps out of the portal.  He appears on a massive stone platform.  Purple waves splash up alongside of the small stone tower.  Multiple stone pillars peak out from beneath the water.  Electrical currents flow through the swirling waves.  A magnetic storm rages in the sky above.  Mundus’ laughter echoes all about as Vergil notices Nero Diavolo on the opposite side of the large platform.  The knight’s sword is sheathed at his side.  His hands light up with red flames as he advances toward the slayer.  Vergil slowly places his hand on the hilt of his sword.

Vergil: Sorry brother, but I have no intention of playing along.

Mission Intermission Script

Vergil slashes up at the knight.  His blade connects with his armor.  As it slides across it kicks up sparks.  Slashing downward causes more sparks to fly as Nero barely evades the attack.  Vergil comes around for a horizontal strike but the devil snags his blade.  His corrupted brother punches down across his face.  Vergil reels from the blow only to get cracked with a backhand.  Nero Diavolo grips the slayer’s neck and hoists him off the ground.  Red flames transfer from the knight’s arm and engulf Vergil’s body.  Vergil chokes out a painful yelp.  The devil laughs as he tosses Vergil aside.  Vergil rises to his feet supported by his blade.  A Phantom Sword materializes over his shoulder and soars toward his brother.  Diavolo smirks at Vergil as he snags the ghost-like weapon out of the air.  A look of surprise appears on Vergil’s face.  Nero tightens his grip around the ethereal weapon and shatters it.

Vergil: Mundus did a real number on you.  Powerful memories are linked to our amulets, more so for you and yet you are unresponsive.  Though, if I pierce your heart, I wonder…

The knight draws his sword and charges Vergil.  After three steps he vanishes in a cloud of red flames.  The son of Sparda devil triggers as Nero Diavolo appears before him.  The massive sword comes to life as its blade is ablaze with red flames.  Vergil catches the blade with his free hand, stopping it from hacking into his shoulder.  Vergil smirks coolly as he thrusts the Yamato into his brother’s chest.  The knight staggers from the attack.  Reeling back he charges a massive fireball and thrusts it into Vergil’s face.  The explosion throws the slayer from the massive pillar.  Vergil sinks beneath the electrified waters.  Diavolo tears Yamato from his chest and tosses it aside.  Vergil erupts from beneath the waves.  Electricity from the water violently snakes along his body before dissipating.  White streams of light begin to swirl around the airborne slayer. Vergil clasps his hands together, causing the streams of slight to swirl around his arms.  As he raises his hands above his head a huge beam of energy shoots upward.  Vergil creates a massive sword of energy and brings it down upon the large stone platform, slicing through it, like butter.  Nero Diavolo didn’t escape the attack in time.  The armor encasing his right arm was no more.  A singed arm remained.  Half of his cape was burned away as well.  Mundus’ three glowing eyes appear in the storm clouds.

Mundus: Nero Diavolo.  Return to me.

A warp mirror appears beside Mundus’ champion.  The knight leaps through it.  Vergil narrows his eyes as he stares at Mundus’ eyes.

Vergil: Planning to heal your puppet are you?

Mundus: I can’t lose my trump card this early in the game. 

Mundus’ eyes fade from view.  Vergil lands before the mirror and reverts to his human form.  The slayer holds out his empty sheath.  Yamato begins to rattle before gliding through the air towards its master.  Vergil’s blade returns to its home.  He pursues his brother.  On the other side of the mirror are the living caves, completely scorched from Dante’s previous visit and battle against the emperor. Vergil smirks at the sight.

Vergil: Smells like charred meat.

Pre Boss Script

Vergil enters the master chamber with the motionless heart.  It’s barely recognizable from all the burn marks.  Nero Diavolo stands atop the heart.  Mundus’ three glowing eyes appear before the sealed door to his throne room.

Mundus: I hope your struggle so far has brought you to your senses.  Your place is with me, Vergil.

Vergil shoots the eyes an icy glare.

Vergil: It must be difficult dealing with a plan that’s falling apart as the game progresses. 

Mundus: So you would still defy me?

Vergil: You act as if I am a subject of yours.  I am no ones’ slave. 

Mundus laughter echoes throughout the ruined chamber.

Mundus: A slave to your own ambitions.  Perhaps you just need the proper motivation.  You will return to me.

Nero Diavolo thrusts his arms out at his sides and begins yelling as a wall of red flames rises around him. His body is engulfed in the same flames.  The intensity of the flames brightens before dying out.  Nero Diavolo stands before Vergil his face no longer demonic.  A feeling of anger takes hold of Vergil as he stares into the corrupted face of Dante.

Mundus: Can you do it?  Can fight against the face of your own brother?

Vergil’s anger passes as he smirks slightly.

Vergil: It wouldn’t be the first time.

Mundus: This time it’s different.  Kill or be killed.  I await your choice.

Mundus’ laughter is cut off by a gurgling scream of pain.  His eyes vanish in an electrical storm.

Diavolo: I thought he’d never leave.

A look of confusion appears on Vergil’s face.

Vergil: Dante…

Diavolo: Sorry but your brother’s not here right now.

Vergil’s eyes narrow.

Vergil: Who are you?!

The knight draws his sword.

Diavolo: You’re not fighting a mindless puppet anymore, my friend.

Vergil’s corrupted brother smiles at the slayer.

Vergil: Answer me!!

Vergil tears Yamato from its sheath.  Nero Diavolo points his massive sword at Vergil.

Diavolo: You want to know?

The sword comes to life, blazing with red flames.

Diavolo: Beat me.

Post Mission 16 Script

Vergil leaps backward as a fireball strikes the ground.  Vergil’s eyes shift to red as the knight leaps after him.  The slayer intercepts the knight’s blade with Yamato.

Diavolo: You’re holding back again.  You want to save your brother without killing him.  That soft side of yours, however small, will lead to your downfall. 

Nero powers through, swiping his sword across.  Vergil spirals toward a wall.  He flips around and kicks off it.  He devil triggers and flies toward his opponent.  A row of Phantom Swords appears before the slayer and glide toward the knight.  Diavolo swipes his sword across, shattering all the ethereal blades.  An opening is created and Vergil impales the knight through the heart.

Diavolo: I wonder how much more abuse this poor soul’s heart can take.

The knight vanishes in a cloud of red flames and appears a good distance away from Vergil.

Diavolo: Has it dawned on you yet, Vergil?

Vergil reverts to his human form.  A perplexed look masks his features.

Vergil: Thanatos…

The corrupted hunter smiles at his brother.

Diavolo: You destroyed my puppet body.  It was linked to me through flesh and blood.  You severed that link, however, my blood touched your sword, and I was able to establish a limited link.

Vergil: Are you saying you’re bound to my sword?

Diavolo: It was temporary.  Thanks to you impaling your brother, my connection passed to him.  Unfortunately, Mundus’ connection with his puppet was too strong, however it was constantly weakening and control was slowly shifting to me.  I have to give your bloodline some credit.  If it wasn’t for your brother being in a vegetative state, it would have been impossible to manipulate him in any way.  It must be the same for Mundus as well.

A smug look appears on the slayer’s face.

Vergil: So Mundus’ sudden withdraw was due in part to his weakness, or should I say the weakness of his current state.

Diavolo: Correct.  Mundus is nowhere near recovered from his previous bout with your brother.  His body is in a constant state of decay and it’s taking all of his power to regenerate to his former self. 

Diavolo’s smile turns sinister.

Diavolo: He has your father to thank for that.  Then your brother came along and dealt him a crushing blow, setting his restoration back even further.

Vergil sheaths his sword.

Vergil: What is it that you want?

Diavolo holds his arms out.

Diavolo: I want what all of us kings want, freedom

Vergil laughs quietly.

Vergil: As if I would free you from you’re prison.

Diavolo: All you have to do is to further cripple Mundus.  You don’t have to kill him.  Just weaken him so that he can no longer maintain the seals he placed on the kings.  Me being the last living king, I will be the only one freed, but that just means rule of the Demon World will solely pass to me.  That is after I take my revenge and kill Mundus.

Vergil wears an emotionless mask.

Vergil: My answer is no.

Diavolo: You seem to be forgetting…

The knight puts his massive sword to the side of his own neck.

Diavolo: I hold your brother’s life in my hands.

Vergil looks toward the massive doors to the throne room.

Diavolo: I promise, once I rip the portal open on my side, your brother will be free from my hold as well as Mundus’ corruption. 

Diavolo’s fist glows with red flames as he punches it down into the heart.  The charred heart lights up on fire and begins beating.  The seal on the doors dissipates.  Vergil leaps to the doors and pushes them open.  A bright light floods out and washes over Vergil.

Pre Mission 17 Script

The doors shut behind Vergil as he enters the majestic throne room.  Even though it is illuminated by a radiant light, the room is in ruins from Dante’s previous battle with Mundus on Mallet Island.  The pulsating blob-like form of Mundus is in the center of the chamber.  Vergil smirks coldly as he advances on the fallen king.

Vergil: You’re looking well, your majesty.  I like what you have done with the place.

Mundus’ eyes slide up from within the mass of flesh.

Mundus: Vergil.  You have returned to me.

Vergil stands before Mundus.

Mundus: But have you returned to me as my champion, or as my enemy?

Vergil draws Yamato and holds it out at his side.

Vergil: As your destroyer.

Mundus’ laughter echoes throughout the room.

Mundus: Twice you have challenged me and twice you have fallen before my might.

Vergil’s eyes turn to a dark shade of crimson.

Vergil: My power has increased since then.  This time will be different.  This time you will fall before my might.

Mundus: Miserable whelp.  You will never learn.
Post Mission 17 Script

Tiny tentacles shoot out from Mundus’ flesh.  Vergil grits his teeth as he devil triggers.  The slayer takes to the air and slices the tentacles apart with a single swipe of his blade.  More tentacles burst from within Mundus and wrap around Vergil’s arms, legs, and neck.  Vergil smiles sinisterly at Mundus.

Vergil: Fool, this won’t hold me.

More tiny tentacles erupt from within Mundus and pierce Vergil’s abdomen.  Vergil coughs up blood.  Mundus laughs hysterically.

Mundus: Your power has grown but it’s still not enough.

Mundus releases Vergil’s limbs and neck.  The slayer appears to have renewed life as he grabs hold of the tentacle bunch that pierced him.  With a swipe of his sword he cuts himself free and drops to the ground.  Vergil reverts to his normal form.

Mundus: Struggle all you like.  It’s over.

Vergil rips the tentacles from his body and casts them aside.  Blood pours out of his wound as he collapses down to one knee.

Mundus: That’s right.  Kneel before your master.

Vergil raises his head.  A look of icy hatred masks his expression.

Mundus: For some reason my hold on your brother has faltered.  But it matters not.  In your weakened condition you cannot hope to overcome my power.  You are mine once again.

And with that, Vergil’s body is engulfed and consumed by blue flames.  When the flames dissipate it is Nero Angelo that is kneeling before the emperor.

Mundus: My black angel has returned to me.  Nero Angelo, rise.

Nero Angelo rises to his feet, his eyes ablaze with a fiery red light.

Mundus: Now, go forth and bring Nero Diavolo before me.  My black devil is in need of repair.

Nero Angelo raises his massive sword as if to salute his emperor.  The entire weapon is engulfed in blue flames.  When the flames vanish it is the Yamato that resides in the knight’s grasp.  A low laugh escapes the knight’s lips.  His body is engulfed in blue flames.  Vergil is restored when they burn out.

Mundus: What?! How?!

Blue demonic energy begins to emanate from Vergil’s body.  His eyes turn blood red.

Vergil: Did I get your hopes up, my lord?

Vergil smirks at the bewildered emperor.

Vergil: You’ve underestimated my power.

Vergil transforms into his true demonic form.  The Yamato is bathed in demonic energy as it transforms into the Sparda (false Sparda sword).

Mundus: That sword…?

Vergil flies at Mundus and begins carving his gooey body into a bloody mess.  Mundus howls in pain with each strike from the slayer’s transformed blade.  Mundus’ eyes glow bright white as Vergil takes to the air.  The emperor unleashes a stream of light upon his foe.  Vergil holds out his free hand.  A barrier envelops Vergil’s body as the beam slams against it.  When the attack ceases the slayer drops his barrier.

Mundus: No!!!

Vergil charges a small energy ball in his hand and tosses it into Mundus.  It pierces the fallen king’s flesh and detonates from within.  Mundus’ flesh is plastered throughout his ruined throne room.  Vergil lands before the large lump of flesh that remains of Mundus.  The Sparda transforms back into the Yamato and Vergil returns to his human form.  Mundus breathes heavily as Vergil sheaths his sword.

Vergil: It’s finished.  I have broken you.

Mundus: Why…?

Vergil: Do not mistake my actions as a display of mercy.  I know that I can kill you at any time.  That is enough…for now.

Vergil turns to walk away.

Mundus: Your father…made the same mistake…

Vergil: I am not my father.  You are beneath my notice, an insignificant insect and nothing more.

Vergil looks over his shoulder.

Vergil: Make no mistake, my liege.  Your fate is to perish by my hand.  It may not be tomorrow or even a year from now.  It may be a hundred or even a thousand years before I deliver death unto you.  But it will be I, a half-breed son of Sparda, who ends your pitiful existence.

Vergil heads for the exit.

Mundus: You will regret your decision, just as your father did in his last moments.

Vergil places his hand on the door.

Vergil: You are nothing.

Vergil pushes the doors open and leaves.  They slam shut behind him.  Sparda’s last words echo in Mundus’ mind.

Sparda: You are nothing, Mundus.  You will always be nothing.

Mundus roars in rage.

Pre Mission 18 Script

The throne room doors close behind Vergil.  Nero Diavolo stands with his arms crossed while wearing a wide grin on his face.

Diavolo: You have my thanks.

Vergil’s eyes narrow.

Vergil: Save it!

Diavolo chuckles at Vergil’s reaction.

Diavolo: It’s a shame things couldn’t work out between us.  I would have treated you like royalty.

A portal rips open in the center of the chamber.

Diavolo: You may come to regret your decision.

Red flames erupt from Nero Diavolo’s body and dissipate quickly in the air above him.  Dante’s face is freed from the corruption wrought by Mundus.  The hunter, still draped in armor, collapses to the ground.  Vergil looks down at his unconscious brother before his eyes go to the open portal.  The scene changes to a series of small floating islands in the Nether World.  Vergil exits the portal and lands far below on the largest floating island in the area.  Vergil scans the area.

Thanatos: Now isn’t this a surprise?

Vergil looks over his shoulder and spies the fallen king perched on a floating island high above.  Thanatos rises to his feet.

Thanatos: A change of heart must have taken place.

Thanatos smiles sinisterly.  Vergil turns around to face the king.

Vergil: I’m afraid my heart is as cold as ever.  I’m here to finish what we started so many years ago.

Thanatos: For someone so cold hearted you sure went through a lot of trouble to save your brother.

Thanatos’ wings open up and he glides down to Vergil’s island, landing on the opposite side.

Thanatos: You’ve come to slay me have you?  Are you so cowardly that you would fight me when I’m not at my strongest?

Vergil waves his hand, dismissing Thanatos’ question.

Vergil: Your puppet body was more powerful than the average Devil Knight.  And in your current state your power is greater than your puppet body’s.  In any case you’re still more powerful than that dissolving pile of excrement that calls himself Emperor.

Vergil places his hand on Yamato’s hilt.

Thanatos: If you’re so eager to battle a Devil King, then why did you ignore Erebus?  Why did you leave him for Dante?

Vergil: My goal is to surpass my father.  In order to surpass him I must slay those he chose to spare.  My father never engaged Erebus in battle.  I was there for the Vampire King.  My only regret there was not being able to slay that arrogant fool when he was at the top of his game.

Thanatos laughs hysterically.

Thanatos: Foolish child.  Your father didn’t spare me.  I escaped and he chose not to pursue.  I was not a victim of his mercy.  And your father fought my puppet body, not the true me.  You already destroyed my puppet body.  There is no need for this to go any further.

Vergil smirks coldly at the fallen king.

Vergil: Begging for your life? How kingly.

Thanatos: Sparda was constantly underestimated after the Great War.  Demons always believed the remnants of his power were weak after he sealed away his previous life.  And yet he always triumphed.  Even I underestimated his power.

Vergil’s expression is dark.

Vergil: Your point?

Thanatos’ smile widens.

Thanatos: I’ve experienced your power.  Though you refuse to show me the true you, I know what you are capable of.  You will never surpass your father.  You will forever live in his shadow.  And you will die, not as his superior, not as his equal, but as his inferior, insignificant offspring.

Dante: Why do the big, bad guys always run their mouths?

Both Thanatos and Vergil turn their attention upward toward a small island just below the portal.  Dante, still draped in armor, stands with Ebony and Ivory drawn.  Rebellion, free of all its corruption is strapped to his back.

Dante: What are ya doing bro?  I figured you wouldn’t pay much lip service to an enemy.  Are you so lonely that you’ll sink to carrying on meaningful conversations with a devil?

Dante leaps down and lands behind Vergil.

Dante: So this is the guy who hijacked my body after Mundus and his fairy magician worked their mojo on it?

Vergil turns his head to face Thanatos.

Vergil: That would be Thanatos, one of the kings imprisoned by Mundus.

Dante: Another Devil King?

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: How many of you guys are there? I’m feeling like I have to make a checklist to keep track of all of you.

Thanatos shakes his head as a low laugh escapes his lips.

Thanatos: I’m happy to say that I’m the last.  Once I crush the both of you, there will be no one to challenge my rule.

Dante smiles at Vergil as he points to the king.

Dante: Get a load of the balls on this one.

Vergil: This one is mine.

Dante: Trying to steal the spotlight again, huh?

Vergil’s eyes narrow.

Vergil: The spotlight is mine this time, brother.  Go play with Mundus.

Dante turns to face Thanatos.

Dante: Nah, in his condition it won’t be any fun.  I’ll save him for a rainy day when business gets slow.

Dante crosses Ebony and Ivory in front of his face.

Dante: It’s jackpot time. What do you say?

Dante tosses Ebony to Vergil.  The slayer snags it out of the air and stares at it.  The hunter smiles at his brother.

Dante: Let’s wrap this up quick.

Vergil puts the gun to Dante’s head. The barrel flashes with a blue light (symbolizing a quick charge) before Vergil pulls the trigger.  The back of Dante’s head is blown out.  Dante sprawls out on his back. 

Vergil: That’s one for one.

Vergil tosses Ebony onto Dante’s chest.  He turns to face Thanatos.

Thanatos: Such brotherly love.

Demonic energy begins to emanate from Thanatos’ body.

Thanatos: Well then, shall we?

Vergil rips Yamato from its sheath.

Post Mission 18 Script

Vergil rests Yamato on his shoulder, taking an arrogant pose just like his brother.

Vergil: This battle was decided even before it began.

Thanatos rises to his feet.

Thanatos: Before I go, I will make you show me your true power.

Vergil smirks at the beaten king.

Vergil: In your weakened condition, you are unworthy of such an execution.

Thanatos spits blood at the ground.

Thanatos: And yet you showed it to Mundus, who was crippled beyond even being a threat when you fought.

Vergil: That was different.  He had to suffer for what he did to me, for what he took from me, and for what he tried to take from me.

Thanatos smiles coldly at the slayer.

Thanatos: There’s that kind heart again.  Didn’t I tell you it would lead to your downfall?

Thanatos holds out his hand.  A spear-like tendril shoots out of his palm and impales Vergil through the chest.  The devil pulls the slayer towards him while retracting his tendril. Thanatos grabs Vergil by the neck and squeezes tightly with his other hand.

Thanatos: You let your guard down, Vergil.  Your arrogance just sealed your fate. 

Thanatos’ smile darkens.

Thanatos: Now, die…

Vergil manages a smile before devil triggering.  The energy from the transformation (DT flux) obliterates Thanatos’ lower arms and blows him backward.  Thanatos skids across the ground.  Vergil tears the spear end of the tendril out of his chest.  It is engulfed in blue flames as it is reduced to ashes.  Thanatos rises to his feet.  His wings are broken from the slide.

Thanatos: Why are you still holding back?!  Show me the real you!!

Vergil: I will show you something; the path to Hell.

Thanatos is surrounded by a three layered cage of Phantom Swords.

Vergil: Before you die you will taste true despair.  Now, vanish.

The ethereal blades converge on their target, tearing through the demon’s body.  The blades vanish, shattering like glass as Thanatos collapses on the ground.  Thanatos pushes himself up on his stumps.

Thanatos: No…not yet…

Thanatos looks up and sees Vergil standing before him in his human form.

Thanatos: Damn you…son of Sparda…

A ring of Phantom Swords circle around the devil’s neck.  They impale their target.  Vergil thrusts his blade into Thanatos’ head as the blades shatter.  The slayer lifts his opponent’s head from his body.

Vergil: This prison is now your tomb.

Vergil twists the blade and Thanatos head slides free.  Vergil flicks the blood from his sword before returning it to its resting place.  He turns toward his downed brother.

Epilogue Script

Vergil comes through the portal with Dante slung over his shoulder.  Trish and Lucia have been waiting for them.  The slayer throws his brother to the ground.  Dante begins to stir.  He rubs his head.

Dante: Oh…what did I miss?

Dante shakes his head and looks up at Vergil.  A look of annoyance masks his face.

Dante: Hey you shot me!

Vergil’s eyes narrow slightly.

Vergil: Consider us even.

Dante gets to his feet.

Dante: Yeah, fair enough, I guess.

Trish: Uh, boys. 

The twins turn their attention toward Trish.

Trish: We’ve still got a small problem here.

Trish points at the portal behind the sons of Sparda.

Dante: Why is it still open?

Vergil: It’s a sacrificial gateway.

Dante turns his attention toward his older twin.

Dante: Come again?

Vergil: A life must be sacrificed to close the gate. 

Dante rubs the top of his head.

Dante: Well that poses one hell of a problem.

Lucia steps forward.

Lucia: I’ll do it.  I’ll be the sacrifice to seal this portal.

Dante gives Lucia a hard look.

Dante: Because you’re expendable, right?

A sorrowful look appears on Lucia’s face.

Dante: I thought you were over that crap.

Lucia: If it’ll help in protecting this world, I’ll gladly do it.  Besides, since I’m not a real devil, or a real human, you shouldn’t worry.

Trish puts her hand on Lucia’s shoulder.

Trish: That’s not true.  You are what you are.  You are similar to me.  Do you see me cursing my false existence? 

Trish steps in front of Lucia.

Trish: I’ll do it.  It’ll be a nice slap in the face of Mundus.  Knowing that his own creation locked one of his paths into this world would surely infuriate him.

Lucia: But you can’t, your precious to Dante.  You can’t throw your life away.

Dante: That’s enough!! You’re both precious to me.  Neither of you are going to throw your lives away for something like this!

Dante crosses his arms.

Trish: But…

Dante: Shut it!  I don’t want to hear another word on the matter.  There’s gotta be another way.  There’s always another way.

Vergil smirks at the situation.

Vergil: Such a stand up a guy.  Though this little drama is amusing me, I already set a sacrifice aside.

The sound of Vergil’s Phantom Swords shattering echo throughout the room.  Janos falls from the ceiling and hits the ground.  A surprised look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Why didn’t you say something sooner?

Vergil: I wanted to see if you had it in you to let one of your monstrosities go through with it.

Vergil draws his sword as he moves on Janos.  Janos rises to his hands and knees only to have Vergil grab his head and tilt it backward.  The slayer places his blade to the warlock’s throat and severs his head in one clean motion.  Vergil kicks the body forward and tosses the head aside.  The rune on the ground ceases its glow and the portal closes as the blood spills out of Janos’ body.  Vergil sheaths his sword and begins to walk away.  The castle begins to rumble and sand begins to fall from the walls and ceiling.

Dante: Guess that’s our cue to leave.

Dante notices his brother is long gone.  He smiles softly.

Dante: No surprise there.

The scene changes to Dante and his girls outside.  They watch as the massive sand castle collapses in on itself.  The ruins become one with the sand. Trish looks Dante up and down, observing his demonic armor.

Trish: So, what’d we miss out on in the Demon World?

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: I experienced something that I never wish to experience again.

Trish and Lucia smile at Dante.

Lucia: Like what?

Dante turns his back on them.

Dante: Let’s just say I walked a mile in Vergil’s shoes.

Dante starts to walk away.

Trish: Well what does that mean?

Dante keeps walking.

Dante: Let’s go ladies.  It’s time to go home.

The girls follow Dante.

Trish: Mundus made you his slave didn’t he?!

Lucia: I bet you’d do anything to get into some normal clothes right about now.

Dante: Keep it up and you’ll find yourselves standing in the unemployment line.

The scene changes to a small oasis in the desert.  Vergil looks at the Soul Crusher which is still wrapped around his hand.  His eyes turn red as blue demonic energy begins to emanate from his body.  He grabs hold of the bangle and rips it from his hand.  Blood flows freely from his now mangled hand.  Vergil crushes the artifact in his hand.  The slayer discards the item in the water.  His eyes narrow.

Vergil: My power is the only power.

Vergil turns and leaves the oasis.  His coat and hair flow gently in the desert wind.

Roll credits.

After the Credits

The scene opens on Mundus’ ruined throne room.  Exodus enters the chamber.  He stands before the broken emperor while resting his hand on the Legacy, Sparda’s lost sword.

Mundus: Exodus?!

Exodus smiles sinisterly.

Exodus: It seems that things have gotten a little out of hand, wouldn’t you agree?

Mundus’ pulsating flesh expands and contracts.

Mundus: The sons of Sparda must die.  I must be restored.

Exodus: Drastic times call for drastic measures.  Are you truly prepared for what must be done in order to restore you to your former glory?

Mundus: My subjects live only to serve me.  Their sacrifice won’t go to waste.

Exodus’ smile darkens.

Exodus: Is that so?

Mundus: Go forth.  Kill as many as it takes.  I don’t care how many have to die.  I will have my revenge.

Exodus turns his back on the emperor.  He looks over his shoulder at the ruined king.

Exodus: This ritual requires many lives.  It will take some time, but it shall be done.

Exodus leaves the chamber.

Mundus: When my body is remade I will once again take hold of the Human World.  And the sons of Sparda will fall before my true power!

Fade to black.


—The End—

© 2007 dwarfkicker