Emperor of the Night  //  By: dwarfkicker

Cutscene script

Prologue Script

Sparda: Count Vladislaus Dracula!

Sparda storms into the castle keep and views Vlad sitting on his throne.

Vlad: The legendary Sparda.  Well played.  I am not surprised that you have made it this far.  Mortal hunters seldom make it to my keep, let alone enter the castle.

Sparda: The game is over, Count.  I will not allow you to release Erebus from his prison.

Vlad: All the hunters who came before you lacked the power to break the seal.

Vlad closes his eyes and slowly shakes his head from side to side.

Vlad: All that time wasted on useless sacrifices.

He opens his eyes with a cold glare directed towards Sparda.

Vlad: But that changes now.  Your power is more than enough needed to break the seal, devil.

Sparda: That’s not going to happen. 

Sparda puts his left hand on Yamato’s sheath.

Sparda: I’ll send you back to Hell, where the master who you turned your back on, awaits.

Vlad leaps up from his chair.

Vlad: He turned his back on me!!!

Vlad points an accusing finger at Sparda.

Vlad: And how dare you speak to me of such things!  You betrayed all demons everywhere when you sided with the humans!

Sparda: Are those your last words?

Sparda slides his thumb up and slightly ejects the Yamato out of its sheath just enough to reveal the blade hidden inside.

Vlad: You cannot kill me.  I am a true immortal.  But your death is assured, Legendary Dark Knight.

Vlad grabs his sword from its resting place beside his throne and points it at Sparda.

Vlad: However, your death will not be in vain.  You may take solace in the knowledge that thanks to you, the world will be covered in darkness.

Vlad and Sparda engage in a fast and furious sword fight.  Vlad ends up knocking the Yamato from Sparda’s grasp.  Sparda dodges a swing from Vlad and retaliates with two punches to the face and a spinning kick that sends Vlad flying across the room slamming him against a wall.  Vlad lunges at Sparda, who ducks the oncoming slash and slams his fist into Vlad’s gut, causing him to spit up blood.  Sparda uses the momentum built up from the punch to send him crashing into the ceiling.  Vlad sticks to the ceiling.  Vlad walks along the ceiling circling Sparda from above.  He propels himself down at Sparda.  Sparda dodges and Vlad’s sword slams into the ground.  Sparda draws Rebellion which is strapped on his back and continues the vicious duel.  Vlad ends up knocking Sparda against his throne and blasts him with black magic.  Sparda can’t be seen through the blue and purple flames.  Sparda emerges from the fires devil triggered with the Rebellion transformed into the Sparda sword.  Vlad tries to block the oncoming slash but Sparda’s sword shatters Vlad’s blade and hacks down through his shoulder and into his chest.  He then charges a ball of demonic energy in his free hand and unloads it in Vlad’s face at point blank range obliterating his head as well as a good portion of his upper body.  Sparda, in his devil form stands looking down at Vlad’s crippled body.

Narration: Sparda showed mercy to his fallen foe, sealing Dracula in his tomb for what he believed to be all of eternity.

Scene shows Vlad frozen in place, sleeping in his tomb.  He flesh is aged and decaying.

Narration: Hundreds of years have passed since Sparda sealed Dracula.  His minions have spent all that time trying to break Sparda’s spell.  Now, the seal has finally been broken, and the Emperor of the Night is free once more.

Vlad’s dark priests mutter incantations and break their master’s seal.  Vlad, with a look of madness on his face grabs one of the priests and bites into his neck, draining him of all his blood.  He discards the carcass of his dead servant.  His body is now rejuvenated and young looking (as it was in the beginning of the prologue).

Vlad: Sparda!!!

Magnus walks up beside Vlad.

Magnus: My lord, I regret to inform you that Sparda is no longer among the living.

Vlad turns to Magnus with a look of pure rage.

Vlad: What?!!

Vlad grabs Magnus by the throat and pulls him towards his face.

Magnus: He’s dead my lord.  He died many years ago.

Vlad: Damn him!  Damn him to hell!!!

Vlad throws Magnus into a wall.  Magnus stands back up to address his master.

Magnus: My lord, Sparda may be gone, but he left behind two sons.  One of them runs a business where he hunts demons for money.  The other one’s whereabouts is unknown, for he disappeared some time ago.

Vlad: If I can’t kill Sparda, I can at least take my revenge on his offspring.

Vlad climbs out of his tomb.  One of his priests offers him a robe.  He nods his head and the priest wraps Vlad in it.

Vlad: This is perfect!  I can still unleash Erebus and bring about the twilight of the sun.

Vlad starts to walk away and then turns to address Magnus.

Vlad: Send word to Adrian.  My son and I have business to discuss.

Vlad turns back around.  An evil grin creases his face.  He begins to walk away.

Vlad: Very soon, the world will be covered in darkness.

Narration: New York

Enzo is battling a bulky demon in an alley.  He fires his guns at the beast’s body as it charges him.  The demon puts his shoulder into Enzo and rams him into a wall causing him to drop his guns.  Enzo draws his sword, Vendetta, and swings it at the demon but the demon dodges and punches Enzo back into the wall.  Enzo drops his sword and falls to his knees.  Picking up his guns he dives past the demon, the demon pursues, Enzo turns and fires, blowing both of the creature’s eyes out.  Enzo dives past the demon as it charges into the opposing wall.  The demon sniffs the air, turns to face Enzo and charges him.  Enzo grabs his sword as the beast leaps into the air.  Enzo thrusts the sword up at the demon, punching the blade through the demon’s head as it comes crashing down on Enzo, pinning him to the ground.  Enzo crawls out from beneath the demon and reclaims his sword from its head.

Dante: Not bad Enzo.

Enzo turns toward the entrance of the alley with his sword at the ready.

Enzo: Who’s there?

Dante walks out of the shadows.

Enzo: …Dante.

Enzo sheathes his sword on his back.

Dante: I had heard that you were fighting the good fight.

Dante looks down at the slain demon.

Enzo: Yeah.  After you saved my ass time and again, I decided to pull my own weight.

Dante looks back at Enzo with a smirk on his face.

Dante:  Speaking of weight, I see that you’ve whipped yourself into shape.  Heh, you’re no longer the fat pig that I remember.

Dante smiles as a look of anger crosses Enzo’s face.

Enzo: Shut it!

Dante: I’ve got a job for you.

Enzo: You’ve got a job….for me?  What’re ya gettin lazy?

A smile crosses Enzo’s face.

Dante: It’s not my kind of job.  But it’s gonna be a big payday.

Enzo: So you want me to do the dirty work?

Dante: Nah, I’ll be going too.  But I figured I’d bring you along.  And who knows, depending on how well you do, I might be able to find a place for you at Devil May Cry.

Enzo: Really?  Well what’re we waiting for?!

Enzo starts walking towards the entrance of the alley and then stops and turns to face Dante.

Enzo: Wait….Devil May Cry?  I thought you changed it to Devil Never Cry?

Dante: Yeah, well, I changed my mind.  Plus it didn’t really flow.

Enzo:  Trish must be pissed, eh?

Dante: Who cares, it’s my shop, and she just works there.

Enzo: So what’s the job?

Dante: You’ll find out when we meet with the client in Romania.

Dante starts walking away.

Enzo: Romania?  What’s over there?

Dante: Come on Enzo, you’re slowing me down!

Enzo turns to see Dante leaving the alley.

Enzo: Yo wait up, Dante!

Enzo runs after Dante.

Narration: Romania

The scene shows the outside of an office building with Dante and Enzo standing outside of it.

Enzo: This the place?

Enzo turns his head to look at Dante.

Dante: Yup. Let’s go say hello.

Dante and Enzo walk inside.  Scene cuts to show Dante and Enzo walking into an office.  Adrian gets up from behind his desk to greet his guests.

Adrian: Welcome Dante.  So glad you could make it.

Dante holds his hand out in front of him and shakes his head at Adrian, signaling him to sit back down.  Adrian does so.

Dante: Let’s skip the formalities and the usual greetings and get right to the details of the job.

Adrian clasps his hands together.

Adrian: Ah, I see you are a man who doesn’t waste any time when it comes to business.

Dante: Time’s a wastin Adrian, what was so important that you couldn’t tell me on the phone.

Adrian: As you know, you are here for a vampire.  But it’s not just any vampire. You are here to kill the mythic Count Vladislaus Dracula.

Adrian leans forward, placing his elbows on the desk, keeping his hands clasped.  Enzo’s eyes go wide at what was just said.

Enzo: Get the hell outta here!

Adrian: I’m quite serious.  He is a danger to this country as well as all of Europe.  Dare I even say….the world.

Enzo turns his attention towards Dante.

Enzo: We’re hunting vampires?

Dante closes his eyes and shrugs.

Dante: Told ya it wasn’t my kinda job.

Dante smirks at Enzo.

Adrian: You must travel the mountains of this wondrous country.  Your destination is Castle Dracula.  On your way to the castle you must clear the area of fa…

Adrian closes his eyes and smiles.  His smile is slightly obscured from behind his clasped hands.

Adrian: Vladislaus’ servants.

Dante crosses his arms.

Dante: Since you just gave me another objective to complete, I’m gonna jack up the price for my services.

Adrian unclasps his hands and leans back in his chair.

Adrian: And how much will your services cost now?  I pray it’s not too much more then we discussed.

Dante: Ten.

Adrian: That is acceptable.

Enzo: Ten?  Ten what?

Enzo looks at both Dante then Adrian with a slight look of confusion on his face.

Adrian: Million.  Ten million dollars.

Enzo’s jaw drops and his eyes go wide.

Enzo: Holy shit.

Dante gives Enzo a pat on the back.

Dante: Welcome to the big leagues, pal.

Dante turns and begins to walk away.

Dante: Let’s get going Enzo.

They exit the office.  The scene cuts to them walking out of the office building.  Dante looks up into the air.

Enzo: What’s up?

Enzo looks into the air.  Lightning flashes followed by a thunder clap.

Enzo: Ah, a storm seems to be brewin.

Dante: Not that.  We’ve got company.

One of Vlad’s brides swoops down from the sky and lands on the roof of the opposing building.

Enzo: Well, looks like we’re in for one hell of a party.

Enzo and Dante draw their guns.

Dante: Let’s rock.

The bride swoops down from her perch and glides at the two.  Dante dives to the side as Enzo opens fire on the vampire.  The bride plows Enzo through the office doors behind him.  The bride flies up into the sky and turns her attention toward Dante.  Dante smirks at her and provokes her by waving his gun at her (DMC1 taunt).  The bride flies at Dante, who falls backwards, placing his hands on the ground.  As she passes over Dante he thrusts upwards with his legs, launching the bride back into the air.  Dante leaps back to his feet and begins firing bullet after bullet into the vampire’s chest.  She shrieks in pain and flies off.  Enzo comes running out of the office building watching the bride fly away.  He then turns to address Dante.

Enzo: It’s getting away.

Dante keeps his eyes on the fleeing vampire.

Dante: Probably going to go and tell its master that trouble’s on the way.

Enzo looks back toward the bride.

Enzo: We’ll lose the element of surprise.

Dante starts to walk away.

Dante: Who cares?  Let’s let Vlad throw everything he’s got our way.

A look of confusion crosses Enzo’s face. 

Enzo: What?  Why?

Dante stops and looks over his shoulder at Enzo with a smile on his face.

Dante: It’ll be more fun that way.

Dante turns back and starts walking again.  Enzo shakes his head from side to side with his eyes closed.

Enzo: I’ve teamed up with a nut job.

Scene zooms out to a few buildings down up on a rooftop.  Vergil is watching Dante and Enzo.  He then turns his attention toward the storming skies.  Lighting flashes followed by a crack of thunder.  The scene changes to the storming skies with the bride zipping along.  She looks down and watches her gunshot wounds heal. She looks ahead.  Lightning flashes and thunder cracks as she notices Vergil in his devil trigger state flying at her with his hand on the Yamato’s hilt.  Lighting flashes and thunder cracks again as he slices the bride’s head off.  The bride’s falling body and head becomes dust in the wind.  Vergil flies off.  Lightning flashes and thunder cracks once more.

Pre Mission 1 Script

Dante walks into the center of the town and looks around.

Dante: A ghost town eh? Well, if there’s nothing here I’ll just…

Lost souls start to materialize out of thin air.

Dante: Spooks? The bad guy is going to send spooks at me?

Dante fires Ebony and Ivory at a few Lost Souls.  They dissipate into nothing as the bullets pass through them.

Dante: I should have just waited for Trish and Lucia to get back.

Pre Boss Script

Poltergeist materializes out of thin air.

Dante: Uh oh! I better run.  The king of the spooks is here.

Poltergeist starts moaning at Dante.

Dante: Ok Casper, let’s get this over with quick.

Post Mission 1 Script

Dante fires a charged shot from Ebony at Poltergeist.  It explodes and dissipates into nothingness.

Dante: My job is hunting devils.  This is a joke.  Even Lady could breeze through this crap.  From now on she’s getting all these kinds of jobs.

Dante begins to walk out of town.

Pre Mission 2 Script

Enzo walks into a grave yard.

Enzo: This is a pretty creepy place.  I can’t believe he wanted to split up.  I hope I can handle this job.

Enzo continues to walk through the grave yard.

Enzo: So…where are all the zombies?

Enzo stops and looks around.

Enzo: Maybe Dante was right.  Maybe this will be an easy…

Zombies start to pop out of the ground all over the place.

Enzo: Me and my big mouth.

Enzo fires a shot from each of his guns at the two nearest Zombies, blowing their heads apart.

Pre Boss Script

Enzo keeps firing his guns in different directions as the zombies continue to swarm him.  He puts his guns away and pulls out his sword and begins cutting the approaching zombies up.  The ground rumbles and a massive zombie erupts from the ground (RE4 Gigantes massive).  It smashes a bunch of zombies into the ground with its right fist and then bats another group away with its left arm. 

Enzo: What the hell kind of a zombie is that?

A zombie creeps up behind Enzo.  He draws West and points it over his shoulder and blows the zombie’s head apart.  He then points the gun at the Super Zombie.

Enzo: Well this is definitely going to be challenging.

The Super Zombie roars at Enzo.

Post Mission 2 Script

The Super Zombie slams its fist down at Enzo who rolls out of the way.  He draws his sword, Slayer, as he runs behind the hunched over beast.

Enzo: The bigger they are…

Enzo climbs onto the zombies back and drives his sword down through the back of its head, causing the blade to exit the zombies face.  Enzo pulls the sword out of its skull and leaps off it as it crashes to the ground.  He turns to look at the fallen goliath.

Enzo: The harder they fall.

He sheaths his sword on his back.

Enzo: Now, like I was saying, maybe this will be an easy job.

Enzo exits the gates at the other side of the grave yard.

Pre Mission 3 Script

Dante is walking through a forest.  He hears the howls of werewolves.  He looks up and sees that it’s a full moon.

Dante: That’s just great.  I swear to God, if I get dog hair on my coat I’m gonna be so pissed.  Adrian will be paying me twenty mil, instead of ten.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Dante walks into a clearing and stops upon hearing bushes rustle.

Sabrewolf: It’s been so long since a hunter has come through these parts.

Sabrewolf, shrouded from the moonlight, leaps up into the trees directly above the bushes he was hiding in.  Dante’s gaze follows him.

Sabrewolf: It’s been so long since I’ve feasted on human flesh.

Sabrewolf leaps to another tree.  Dante continues to follow him with his eyes.

Sabrewolf: It’s been so long since I’ve heard a mortal scream.

Sabrewolf leaps from tree to tree.  Dante’s gaze follows him where ever he goes.

Dante: Is this the part where I’m supposed to tremble with fear?

Sabrewolf stops his tree hopping.

Sabrewolf: No.  This is the part where you die.

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory but keeps them lowered at his sides.

Sabrewolf: Silver bullets will do you no good.  They won’t harm me.

Sabrewolf leaps across the clearing from the trees and down into a bush behind Dante.

Dante: Unfortunately for you and lucky for me, I don’t use silver bullets.

Sabrewolf leaps from the bushes at Dante.  Dante turns around, crossing Ebony and Ivory and fires off two shots into Sabrewolf’s chest.  He ducks as the massive wolf goes flying over top of him and crashes into the ground at the other side of the clearing.

Dante: Felt that huh?  I bet it hurts like a bitch.

Sabrewolf gets up from the ground bearing his teeth while snarling at Dante.

Dante: You said something about screaming.  Too bad you won’t be able to hear yourself screaming.  You’ll be too busy choking on your own blood.

Sabrewolf lowers himself down on all fours.

Sabrewolf: I’m going to tear out your throat!

Sabrewolf howls to the moon as Dante raises his guns, pointing them at his opponent.

Dante: Come on, fur ball.  Let’s dance.

Post Mission 3 Script

Sabrewolf jumps from side to side dodging Dante’s bullets while advancing on his prey.  He puts his claws into Dante’s ribs and pins him against a tree.  Dante puts the barrels of his guns to Sabrewolf’s temples and pulls the triggers.  The wolf’s body slumps against Dante’s body and then begins to slide down his body.  Dante knees Sabrewolf in the face sending him flying into the middle of the clearing.  Dante, wearing a mask of anger walks up to the beast’s body and steps on its chest.  He unloads bullets from Ivory into Sabrewolf’s face.  He kicks the wolf’s head causing it to roll over onto its stomach and unloads bullets from Ebony into the back of its head.  He holsters his guns.

Dante: That’s for getting dog hair on my clothes, asshole.

Dante spits on Sabrewolf’s carcass and walks away, dusting himself off.

Pre Mission 4 Script

Enzo walks into the bog.

Enzo: God this place stinks.

Enzo steps forward into muck and looks down as he pulls his foot out.

Enzo: Damn it!

Enzo tries to wipe it off but he only gets it on his glove.  He looks at his now dirty glove and then back down at his pant leg.

Enzo: These pants cost a lot of money.

Enzo shakes his head.

Enzo: It’s okay Enzo.  Ten million dollars.  You can buy a lot of pants with cash like that.

He takes another step forward only to step into more muck. Enzo let’s out a sigh.

Enzo: Still, I’m not gonna get used to this.

Pre Boss Script

A giant serpent emerges from the water.

Enzo: That’s a big snake.

The serpent opens its mouth and a humanoid upper body emerges.

Serpentarius: A human? A hunter has come after all these years?

Enzo takes a few steps back.  Serpentarius slithers behind him at incredible speed.

Serpentarius: I shall enjoy sucking the marrow from your bloody bones.

Enzo grips the handle of his sword.

Enzo: Oh yeah?  And I shall enjoy turning you into luggage.

Serpentarius begins to laugh at Enzo while he draws his sword.

Post Mission 4 Script

Enzo stands hunched over panting from exhaustion.

Serpentarius: This is the end for you.

Serpentarius wraps his snake-like body around Enzo and begins to squeeze the life out of him.

Enzo: Not yet.  I still have…one more trick left…up my sleeve.

Enzo’s eyes turn white as he grits his teeth.  He starts to squirm, forcing Serpentarius to loosen his grip on Enzo. Bullets start to rip through Serpentarius’ tail.  He releases Enzo from his grasp.  Enzo grabs his sword and impales the snake’s tail and begins running along the side of its body, slicing its flesh open, causing its insides to spill out into the water.  Serpentarius collapses into the water.  Enzo sticks his sword into the ground and draws Smith and West as he walks up to Serpentarius’ head.  

Enzo: This is the end for you.

Enzo unloads on Serpentarius’ torso.  He holsters his guns, grabs his sword and hacks off the demon’s head.  Enzo sheaths his sword as he walks away.

Pre Mission 5 Script

The scene opens on the castle keep.  Vlad is out on the balcony behind his throne as Adrian walks up behind him.

Adrian: Everything is in place father.

Vlad: Excellent.

Adrian: They are outside of the castle as we speak.

A smile crosses Vlad’s face.

Vlad: It would appear that the first challenges were too easy for them.  From here on out, things will become more interesting.

Adrian: What would you have me do?

Vlad: At the moment I have no further use for you.  However, if at some point in time you wish to engage our guests, feel free.  You may kill the human.  But Dante must reach his final destination.

Adrian winces as if in pain at the last statement.  He begins to walk away and then stops.   He turns to regard his father.

Adrian: Did you punish your bride for her failure?

Vlad: She didn’t return home.

Vlad places his hand on his chest and smiles slightly as if amused.

Vlad: I felt her death.

A look of surprise crosses Adrian’s face.

Adrian: What?  She fled when she realized that she was going to die.

Now it was Vlad’s turn to be surprised.

Vlad: She escaped?

Vlad offers a big grin.

Vlad: Interesting.

He turns his head slightly to the right to regard his son.

Vlad: You’re still here?

Adrian bows slightly.

Adrian: My apologies.  I shall take my leave.

Adrian leaves the chamber.  A look of pure hatred crosses his face.

Adrian: Dante must reach his final destination?  Pathetic scum.  Your time in the spot light is coming to an end, father.

The scene shifts to a desolate landscape outside of the castle gates.  Dante and Enzo are standing at a fork in the road.

Enzo: Two paths? What do we do now?

Enzo cocks his head towards Dante.  Dante points ahead.

Dante: I’m going through the front door.  You’re going to go to where ever that path leads.

Dante starts to walk off.  Enzo smirks.

Enzo: Splitting up again?  It’s nice to see that you have so much faith in me.

Dante turns to face Enzo.

Dante: Do you have your cell?

Enzo pulls out his cell phone.

Enzo: Yeah.

Enzo puts it away.

Dante: We’ll keep in touch that way.

Dante starts to walk away again but stops and turns to Enzo.  He takes his amulet off.

Dante: Don’t go dying on me.

Dante tosses the amulet to Enzo.  Enzo looks at the amulet then looks at Dante with a confused look on his face.

Enzo: Why are you giving me this?

Dante offers a smile.

Dante: You’re only human.  That’ll help keep you alive.

Dante turns and starts to walk up his path.

Dante: If you lose it…..you don’t want to lose it.

Mission Intermission Script

Gargoyles Stationed around the castle gate come to life and start flying around Dante.  He closes his eyes and shakes his head.

Dante: Spooks, dogs, and now rocks.  What’s the bat gonna throw at me next?

Pre Boss Fight Script

Dante tries to push the gates open.

Dante: Locked and probably barricaded on the other side.  Yeah, like that’s gonna stop me from coming through.

Rocks start falling on the ground around him.  Dante looks upward to see a massive Gargoyle staring down at him.  It growls at Dante.

Dante: Looks like Rocky wants to play.

The Gargoyle descends upon Dante.  He jumps back as it crashes into the ground.  Dante grips the handle of Oblivion and taunts the beast.

Post Mission 5 Script

The Gargoyle takes a swipe at Dante.  He dashes backward to avoid the attack and retaliates with a stinger, shattering the Gargoyle.  He straps Oblivion on his back.  Dante charges the door and rams his shoulder into it. The gate creaks.  He takes a few steps back and lunges at it with a kick.  The gate creaks again.  A look of annoyance crosses Dante’s face.

Dante: I’m wasting time playing with this door.  Time to get a little creative.

Dante devil triggers.  He holds his hand up and charges a ball of energy.  He releases the ball which blows up the massive door reducing it to dust and splinters.

Dante: Alright.  Now I’m gettin somewhere.

Dante reverts back to his human form and walks through the doorway.

Pre Mission 6 Script

Enzo walks through the hole in the wall (similar to DMC1’s castle entrance).  He enters the castle dungeon.  He looks around at some of the cells.  Skeletons are scattered in them.

Enzo: Well now, everything seems to be dead in here.  Looks like Dante gave me the easy path.

The skeletons reanimate and come crashing through the cells.  Enzo bats his eyes at the approaching monsters.

Enzo: I should have known better.

Enzo draws Smith and West.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Enzo enters a chamber filled with all kinds of torture devices.  Dried blood stains the floor and walls as well as the devices.  The Warden walks in through the doorway at the other end of the chamber.

Warden: Do you like what you see?

The Warden advances on Enzo.  Enzo takes a few steps backward.

Enzo: Kind of a gloomy place.  Let me guess, you’re the executioner, right?

The Warden stands his ground.

Warden: Wrong.  I’m the Warden.

Enzo: I’m guessing you wanna arrest me and throw me in one of the cells here, right?

Warden: Correct.  I suggest you get used to the scenery, because you’ll be here for the rest of your natural life. 

Enzo: Sorry, but I’ve got other plans.

Enzo grips the handle of his sword. 

Warden: Plan on resisting capture?

The Warden draws a spiked mace.

Warden: You make me very happy.  It’s been a long time since I’ve broken any inmates.

Enzo: I’m not an inmate yet.

Post Mission 6 Script

The Warden drops his mace and falls to his hands and knees.  He coughs up blood all over the floor.  Enzo sheaths his sword on his back.

Enzo: Warden’s are supposed to be tough and scary.  You’re neither.

The Warden looks up at Enzo weakly.

Warden: I won’t…let you…es…cape…

The Warden collapses.

Enzo: Looks like this job’s difficulty just got upped.  And here I was hoping Dante wouldn’t think of giving me any difficult jobs.

Enzo walks through the doorway on the opposing side of the chamber.

Pre Mission 7 Script

Dante walks into the middle of the courtyard.

Dante: It’s a little too quiet out here.

Dante looks around observing his surroundings.

Dante: Come on out!  I’m not one to be taken by surprise!

Dante thrusts his arms out.

Dante: Come on and face your death like a …

A massive fireball hits the ground and engulfs the courtyard in a raging fire.  Pyros emerges from a small crater.

Dante: Kudos on the dramatic entrance, pal.

Pyros begins to levitate in place.

Pyros: Burn!

Pyros thrusts his arms forward.  A stream of fire burns towards Dante.  Dante leaps up and out of the way as the stream passes beneath him.  Dante lands behind Pyros.

Dante: Is it getting hot out here, or is just me?

Pyros turns to face Dante.

Pyros: It’s about to get a lot hotter!

Post Boss Fight Script

Pyros levitates up into the air holding his head.  He spasms violently and then the fire that is his body burns out turning him into ash, which is blown apart and carried away by the wind.  The fires that engulfed the area also die out.

Dante: Burned himself out.  Too bad, I was just getting warmed up.

Post Mission 7 Script

Dante walks up to the castle doors.

Dante: Time to kick down the front door.

Dante hits an invisible force and staggers back from the sudden shock.

Dante: What the hell?!

A barrier appears in front of the door.

Dante: A barrier, huh?  I’m not going outta my way to dispel it.  I’ll just punch through it

Dante lunges at it with a punch which is deflected.  Dante shakes his hand from the impact.  

Dante: That’s a strong barrier.

Dante clutches his hand.  Then he notices eight faded runes on the door.

Dante: Alright Drac.  I’ll play your little game.  I hope you’re not a sore loser.

Dante turns and walks away.

Pre Mission 8 Script

Enzo walks into the water caverns.  He takes a few steps forward and slides into the water.  He swims to the surface and climbs out.

Enzo: Damn it!  Never again will I wear expensive clothes on an assignment. 

Enzo slicks his hair back.

Enzo: Screw it.  It’s not like I won’t be able to buy tons more once I get paid for this job.

The scene switches to an underwater view.  Blades swim beneath it.  They erupt from beneath the water and land around Enzo.

Enzo: Definitely not the safest place to be fighting.

A Blade lunges at Enzo.  He steps to the side of the oncoming demon and slips, falling on his shoulder.

Enzo: Shit!

He rolls out of the way as a Blade leaps down and scratches at him, missing him completely.  Enzo jumps to his feet.

Enzo: This is going to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Another blade lunges at Enzo.  He draws West and puts a bullet right between the creature’s eyes.  Enzo ducks as the demon’s body goes flying over him and crashes into the water.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Enzo walks through a doorway, exiting the water caverns and enters an elegant bedroom.  The floor is covered in mist.  Enzo takes a few steps forward and then stops as the Succubus rises up from beneath the mist.

Succubus: Well, aren’t you a handsome one?

Enzo: Flattery isn’t going to get you any where with me.  You’re still going to die monster.

Succubus: Handsome and direct.  Is it possible for a girl to get any more?

Enzo’s eyes flash white very briefly.

Succubus:  I see.  You aren’t human.

The Succubus walks up to Enzo.

Enzo: No.  I’m very human.

The Succubus places her hand against Enzo’s chest.

Succubus: Ah, an enchanted human.  You must bare the brands.  Demonic symbols of power.

The Succubus circles Enzo, sliding her hand around and over his body.

Enzo: Brands?  I wasn’t branded.  I was tattooed.

The Succubus grabs Enzo’s face and turns his head to face her.

Succubus: It matters not.  Any time you tap into that power your life is shortened; a terrible price for power.

The Succubus walks toward the bed and sits on the edge.

Succubus: But fear not, my strong, handsome man.  I shall give you sweet dreams to ease your suffering. 

The Succubus slides her hand up her body, bringing her fingers up to her lips.  She blows Enzo a kiss.

Succubus: Sweet dreams of death.

Enzo smiles as he draws Smith and West.

Post Mission 8 Script

Succubus: You are such a strong man.  But I have something that you won’t be able to overcome.

The Succubus sinks beneath the mist.  Enzo takes a few steps back turning in all directions searching for his opponent.  The Succubus rises from the mist behind Enzo.  Enzo turns around as the Succubus grabs him, pulling herself up against his body. 

Enzo: What the…

The Succubus kisses him.  Enzo’s eyes roll back and they close.  The Succubus releases Enzo and he drops to the floor.

Succubus: Sweet dreams my strong, handsome man.

The scene changes to outside the Love Planet in Dante’s city.  Enzo’s lying on the ground outside of the strip club.  He opens his eyes and stands up a bit groggy.  He looks around.

Enzo: Where the hell am I?

He notices he’s outside the Love Planet.

Enzo: No way.

Enzo walks inside.  He’s greeted by the girls as he enters.  He spies Dante going up the stairs.

Enzo: …Dante?

Enzo heads in Dante’s direction.  He hears gunshots.  All the girls panic and run outside.  Enzo runs up the steps.  He hears gunshots coming from one of the rooms as he reaches the second floor.  He sees Dante with Ebony and Ivory drawn blasting demons made of sand.  Then he spies someone under the covers on the bed.  A look of horror appears on his face.

Enzo:  This is when Dante saved me.

Young Dante blasts more demons.  Enzo looks over at the younger, fatter version of himself.  A look of disgust crosses his face.

Enzo: This is when I was weak.  This is when I was at my most pathetic.

Young Dante blasts the last of the demons away.  Enzo steps into the room.  The Fat Enzo ducks under the covers.  Dante runs up to Enzo and throws him across the room into the wall.

Enzo: Dante it’s me!

Dante slowly walks over to Enzo.

Young Dante: You freaks just keep on coming.  Doesn’t matter, I’ll kill each and every one of you.

Dante tosses one of the scythe blades at Enzo, stapling him to the wall.  Enzo coughs up blood.

Enzo: No….

Enzo points at the fat version of himself.

Enzo: I’m him.  I’m your best friend.

Dante draws Ivory and puts it to Enzo’s head.

Young Dante: You’ll say anything to prolong your life, demon

Enzo hears the Succubus laugh.  Then he spies a transparent being behind Dante.  Enzo draws Smith and fires at the invisible demon.  Everything goes white.

Succubus: No!

The scene switches back to the Succubus’ bed room.  Enzo opens his eyes and realizes he’s back in the Succubus’ chamber.  He checks the scythe wound that Young Dante inflicted upon him and notices that it’s not there. 

Succubus: How are you still alive?  That dream should have killed you!

He turns his attention towards the Succubus feeling nothing but anger.  He rockets to his feet, draws his sword and impales her.

Enzo: You’ll pay for messing with my head.

He draws Smith and puts it to the Succubus’ head.

Enzo: I wonder what kind of dreams you’ll be having…in Hell!!!

Enzo pulls the trigger and blows out the back of the Succubus’ head.  Her body slides off the sword and falls to the ground. He looks down at the amulet around his neck.

Enzo: Looks like Dante’s amulet came in handy.

Pre Mission 9 Script

Dante enters the massive library and looks around.

Dante: Whoa! Now that’s scary.

Camera zooms in on a bookcase.

Dante: Books.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante walks through the center of the library.  He hears the fluttering of wings, followed by an inhuman shriek.  One of Vlad’s brides flies toward Dante.  He doesn’t even bother turning toward it.  He thrusts out his arm and grabs the bride by her neck and holds it off the ground.  He turns his head to face her while wearing a smirk.  He puts a finger to his lips.

Dante: Shhh.  No talking in the library.

Dante draws Ivory.  Red electricity quickly snakes along the gun.  He fires off a charged shot which obliterates the vampire’s head.  Her body turns to dust and falls into a pile on the ground.  Dante holsters his sidearm.

Pre Boss Fight Script

The teleporter expels Dante in a dark chamber illuminated by many (as in hundreds) of candles.  Devilish markings are all over the ceiling and walls as well as the floor.  Magnus is sitting, meditating in the center of the room.  He opens his eyes from his meditation.

Magnus: Welcome son of Sparda.  It pleases my master that you have come.

A look of surprise appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: So Drac was expecting me to show up, huh?

Magnus: Yes, and he’s most impressed with how far you’ve managed to make it.  You will serve him well.

Dante begins to pace back and forth, waving his hand at Magnus, making a gesture of displeasure.

Dante: If he intends to turn me into a blood sucking vamp he’s got another thing coming.

Magnus: Like father, like son.  Only, you are a half-breed.  Your power is significantly weaker than your father’s.

Dante stops his pacing.

Dante: Is that what your master thinks?  Or is that what you think?

Magnus: It’s a known fact that all half demons are weaker than their full demon counterparts.

Dante closes his eyes and slowly shakes his head from side to side.

Dante: Wow, ignorance must be bliss.  If that’s what you freaks believe then I gotta say you’re all in for a hell of a rude awakening.

Magnus stands up from his position of meditation.

Magnus: Do your worst, half-breed.  The black arts are a greater weapon than any sword that you could ever wield.

Dante draws Oblivion and begins patting the flat side of the blade against his free palm.

Dante: I’d like to test that theory.

Dante points the blade at Magnus.

Dante: We’ll see if you still believe that when I run this sword through your throat.

Post Mission 9 Script

Magnus: Your powers are great, son of Sparda.

Dante twirls his sword around.

Dante: I’m just getting warmed up.

Magnus’ hands become engulfed in purple and blue flames.

Magnus: You won’t be able to withstand the full fury of the black arts.

Dante gets hit by a stream of mystical flames.  He is pinned to the wall as they burn over his body.  He grits his teeth and then devil triggers.  He emits a quick field of energy, dispelling Magnus’ spell.

Magnus: No!  Impossible!

Dante tosses an energy ball at Magnus.  Magnus does all sorts of hand gestures as he quickly creates a spell to make a barrier.  The energy ball explodes on the barrier causing the barrier to disperse.

Dante: Now let’s see you withstand the full fury of a devil’s rage.

Dante flies at Magnus and thrusts his sword through his opponent’s throat.

Dante: I’m the son of the most powerful devil.  You never stood a chance.

Dante twists the blade and then rips it out in a quick, violent manner.  Blood pours out of the wound as Magnus falls to the ground.  Dante reverts back to his normal form.  He sheaths his sword on his back while staring down at Magnus’ body.

Dante: Don’t worry scumbag.  Your master will be joining you shortly.

Pre Mission 10 Script

Enzo enters the catacombs. 

Enzo: I’m in the place where the damned rest.  This could get rough.

Pre Boss Fight Script

The scene opens up within an elegant chamber.  Carmella is lounging in what appears to be both a bed and a throne.

Carmella: I smell the blood of a human, a human who has been touched by darkness.

Enzo walks into view.

Enzo: And who might you be?

Carmella: Who am I?  Isn’t it obvious?  I am but a lowly prisoner in this despicable place.

Enzo takes a few steps forward and then stops.

Enzo: I sense a great darkness around you.  You’re no prisoner.  Who the hell are you?

Carmella: I was once known as the “Bloody Countess.”  But that was back when I was in a position of power.

Enzo’s face is riddled with confusion.

Enzo: The “Bloody Countess?”

Then a look of surprise replaces the confusion.

Enzo: You’re the Vampire Queen.

Carmella smiles at her guest.

Carmella: Yet another title that I deeply miss.

The look of surprise remains on Enzo’s face.

Enzo: Dracula’s wife.

A look of anger appears on Carmella’s face.

Carmella: Once upon a time.  Now he has his little group of whores to keep him company.

Enzo smiles at Carmella.

Enzo: What’d he do, lock you up because you couldn’t satisfy him anymore?

Carmella sits up.

Carmella: How dare you!!!

Enzo’s grin widens.

Enzo: Struck a nerve, eh?

The anger on Carmella’s face fades away.

Carmella: He made those whores after he imprisoned me.

Enzo: So what crime could you have possibly committed to receive this treatment?

A look of surprise appears on Carmella’s face.

Carmella: You wish to know my story, hunter?  Hmm, maybe I should take you to bed before I take your life.

Enzo smirks at the implications.

Enzo: Heh, I’m curious myself as to why it is that you’re loving husband would seal you away.  Think of it as you’re chance for last words.

Carmella leans back in her chair and smiles.

Carmella: Very well then. I shall tell you of the terrible tragedy that has befallen me.

The scene changes to show Vlad with a human woman.  It also shows Vlad cradling a baby in his arms.

Carmella: My hatred for my husband sprang to life when he took a mortal into his bed.  My hatred grew when that bitch bore him a son.  What’s worse?  He welcomed that half-breed into our home.  I forever despised him for that.  But he was still a king.  And I was still a queen.  And kings and queens must stand together.  And I still loved him.  A powerful vampire hunter came to him one night and ended my beloved husband’s life.

The scene shows a man cloaked in all white (Azrael), armed with the Oblivion.  The scene switches back to show a curious look on Enzo’s face.

Enzo: Sparda?

Carmella shakes her head.  The scene changes to show a short duel between Vlad and the mysterious hunter.  The hunter and Vlad lock swords.  The hunter draws a silver stake and pierces Vlad’s heart with it.  Vlad is reduced to dust.  Glowing white wings unfold from underneath the hunter’s cloak.

Carmella: No.  My husband battled Sparda a thousand years later.  But it wasn’t an ordinary human that claimed his life.  This human was blessed with divine powers.  Some say that it was a holy man.  Others say that it was an angel sent from Heaven to remove the evil that my husband represented from the world.  Whatever he was, we never learned.  For the hunter never gave his name.

The scene changes to show Carmella sitting on Vlad’s throne in the Castle Keep.  Vlad strolls into the chamber smiling at his wife.  Carmella removes herself from her husband’s throne.

Carmella: Now my husband was dead.  And it was my time to ascend to supremacy over our race.  But he returned, and reclaimed his throne. 

The scene returns to Enzo.  He’s standing there shaking his head at Carmella.

Enzo: And you just stepped aside for him?  Talk about an easy woman.

Carmella snaps in anger.  The scene changes to show Vlad sitting on his throne a quick flash shows his true, final form, covered in shadow. 

Carmella: Silence! He had god-like power.  He came back with more power than a vampire could ever dream of acquiring throughout our endless life times. 

The scene switches to show a raging inferno.  Two blazing red eyes appear in the flames

Carmella:  He turned his back on the King of Hell.  His master who had given him his power, who had given him his life back, and was responsible for the creation of our race.  He served a new master whom promised him ultimate power.

The scene changes once more to show Vlad standing before Erebus, who is cloaked in living shadows.  The scene changes to show Carmella impale Vlad with a silver stake.  Vlad smiles at her as he removes the stake and drops it on the ground.

Carmella: He focused his time on his new master, trying to become more powerful, not believing in his own power.  To a vampire, this kind of behavior is a disgrace.  And I decided to end his life.

The scene switches back to Enzo and Carmella.  Enzo shakes his head at her.

Enzo: I take it you failed.  My guess would be…miserably.

Carmella stares up at the ceiling.

Carmella: My punishment was my eternal banishment and imprisonment, to the catacombs.

Enzo draws Smith and West.

Enzo: That’s a sad tale.  Now that you’re sob story is finished I’m gonna kill ya.

Carmella gets up from her comfortable position and takes a few advancing steps toward Enzo.

Carmella: I have become weak over the years of my husband’s imprisonment at the hands of Sparda.  I haven’t fed on human blood in a long time.  I shall gorge myself on yours.  I won’t spare a drop.

Post Mission 10 Script

Carmella collapsed to the floor breathing heavily.

Carmella: Blood!  I need blood!

She eyes Enzo coldly.  He just shakes his head at her.

Enzo: It’s over.

Carmella begins to crawl toward Enzo.

Carmella: No! Give me your blood!  I need it!

Enzo draws Smith and puts a bullet in her head, stopping Carmella’s advances.

Enzo: Quiet! Just accept it.  You’ve lost.  You should be happy, because I’m going to free you from your prison.  The Devil’s waiting for you.

Enzo holsters his gun.  Carmella begins to drag herself toward Enzo.

Carmella: No…please.  You will release me from one prison only to send me to another?

Enzo draws Vendetta and staples Carmella to the ground.  The blade pieces her heart.  Carmella coughs up blood.

Enzo: At least you won’t be bored in Hell.  You’ll be too busy screaming from the tortures to find time to sit and sulk about your pitiful life here.

Enzo pulls his sword out and reels back for the killing blow.

Carmella: No!!!

Enzo swings his sword down and decapitates Carmella.  Her body materializes into dust.

Pre Mission 11 Script

Dante enters the Cathedral.  He spies a stain glassed window depicting a cross.

Dante: A monster has a holy place of worship?

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: This guy is just full of surprises.

Dante starts walking and then stops, noticing another stain glassed window depicting an upside down cross.

Dante: Then again, maybe not.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Dante enters the Chamber of Worship.  Malik is kneeling at the altar.  Malik looks up, acknowledging Dante’s presence.

Malik: Welcome son of Sparda.

Dante stops advancing towards his opponent.  An annoyed look appears on his face.

Dante: I am getting so sick of being called that.  The name’s Dante.  Remember it.

Malik offers a sinister smile in response.

Malik: My apologies, Dante.

Malik rises to his feet.

Malik: I have longed for a rematch with the Legendary Dark Knight.  But alas, I have missed my opportunity.

Malik draws his staff.

Malik: I have heard tales of your adventures.  Perhaps it’ll be you who provides the greatest challenge of my life.

A look of surprise crosses Dante’s face.

Dante: You’re actually looking for a fight with me?

Dante smiles at the thought.

Malik: An honorable duel between warriors.  That is all that I live for.

Dante starts to laugh.

Dante: A man with guts and honor, huh?  I know someone like that.

Dante shakes his head and then smirks at Malik.

Dante: Okay then.  Since it’s an honorable duel, could I get the name of my opponent?

Malik: I am called Malik.  And I am the right hand of Count Dracula.

Dante cracks his neck.

Dante: Drac’s right hand, eh?  You must be pretty skilled.

Malik smirks at Dante.

Malik: Indeed.  I have only lost one battle in all my years of combat.

Dante: One question before we get started.  Just between warriors, how did you fare against my old man?

Malik: I have never fought an opponent with as much power or skill as your father had.  It was a duel that couldn’t even be considered a duel.  It was a humiliating defeat for me.

Dante: What did you expect?  He was once the Supreme General of the Demon World’s army.

Malik holds up his hand silencing Dante.

Malik: Ah, but your father wasn’t as powerful as he was when he served under Mundus.

Malik twirls his staff.

Malik: I strengthened my mind and body through intense training regimens.  And now I get to see if it all pays off in a duel with the Legendary Dante.

Dante crosses his arms and nods his head.

Dante: Heh, flattery will get you every where.

Malik stops twirling his staff and points it in Dante’s direction.

Malik:  Now Dante, have at you!

Post Mission 11 Script

Malik and Dante engage in a furious battle.  Dante ends up having his sword deflected up into the air.  Malik thrust his spear at Dante and stabs him through the gut.  Malik snatches Oblivion out of the air.  As he does this, Dante pulls the spear out of his gut and then pulls it from Malik’s hands.  Dante leaps back and Malik charges him.  Dante twirls the staff in front of him causing Malik to stop his charge.  Dante begins his fast assault causing Malik to get defensive.  Malik slips one attack in which Dante deflects, knocking Malik off balance.  Dante spins around and stabs Malik in the stomach.  Malik staggers backwards.  He pulls the staff out and tosses Oblivion back to Dante.  Dante catches it.  Malik twirls the staff behind him. 

Malik: To the death?

Dante: To the death.

Malik: One final charge?

Dante: One final charge.

Malik: Don’t hold back.

The two warriors get in a ready stance.  Malik charges first.  Dante takes two steps forward and then Devil Triggers.  Malik thrusts his staff forward as Dante speeds up to and past him, slicing through his midsection. 

Malik: Dante…it was an honor.

Malik’s body separates and falls to the ground.  Dante reverts to his human form.  Malik slides his upper body to his lower body and reattaches himself becoming whole again.  He stands up, walks over to Dante and drops to his knees holding out his staff.

Malik: Take this.  Give me a death worthy of a vampire.

Dante holds out his hand in refusal.

Dante: No.  I’ll give you a death worthy of a warrior.

Malik tosses the staff at Dante.  He catches it.

Malik: Keep it.  Consider it a gift from a fellow warrior.

Dante twirls the staff and sticks it into the ground.

Dante: How about another gift?  What’s Drac’s master plan here?  What’s he up to?

Malik shakes his head.

Malik: I will not betray my master.  But I will tell you one thing.  This whole situation is more than meets the eye.  And that is all that I will say.

Dante walks behind Malik and readies his sword.

Dante: I suggest you make your peace.

Malik looks up at a large stain glassed window depicting Count Dracula in battle armor with the wings of an angel.

Malik: There is no peace for a creature such as myself.

Malik closes his eyes.  Dante slices Malik’s head off.  Malik’s body turns to dust. 

Dante: You’re right.  There is no peace for a demon.

Dante grabs the staff and walks off.

Pre Mission 12 Script

Enzo comes down into the tunnels which are engulfed in darkness.  You can hear a few footsteps from Shadows.

Enzo: Talk about dark.  I can’t see a thing.

Enzo reaches down to his belt and turns his belt light on illuminating the area around him.

Enzo: That’s better.

Shadows can be heard hissing.   A Shadow runs behind Enzo.

Enzo: I gotta be on guard.  I’m sure monsters will be jumping out at me from the shadows.

As Enzo walks off, red glowing eyes appear on the wall behind him.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Enzo enters a chamber that appears to be a boiler room.  The Steal Golem comes bounding into view.  As it moves, steam jets out from exhaust vents.

Enzo: A golem made out of steal and powered by steam.

The Golem picks up a vat of molten steal and lobs it at Enzo.  Enzo jumps to the side just avoiding the vat as it crashes into the ground spilling the hot liquid all over the place.  Enzo rolls and jumps to his feet.  He rushes the Golem and climbs up its back and tries to pierce his sword through its head.  He manages to dent the head.  Enzo sheathes his sword and draws Smith and West and begins to pump led into the Golem’s head.  The bullets cause mini dents to appear on the giant’s head.  The Golem reaches up and grabs Enzo.  It slams Enzo to the ground and attempts to slam him with a punch but Enzo dodges it by rolling to the side.  Enzo gets up and takes a few steps back.
Enzo: I’m as good as dead if I don’t find a weak spot on this thing.

Post Mission 12 Script

The Golem spasms violently as sparks fly from its core and electricity courses over its body.  Steam is released from its vents and the core.  The Golem ceases to move.

Enzo: Yeah, let off some steam.

Enzo shakes his head at what he just said.

Enzo: That was so lame.  I can’t come up with decent one-liners.

Enzo turns to walk away.  The Golem reanimates and Enzo turns around to face it.  It takes two steps forward and pulls its arm back.  The Golem slams its fist down at Enzo.  Enzo leaps to the side and flings his sword at the Golem.  The sword pierces the titan’s core.  Electricity courses over its body and sparks all over the boiler room.  A cloud of steam pours out of the Golem’s exhaust vents and core.  The Golem falls apart.  Enzo walks over to the rubble of the titan and retrieves his sword.  Sheathing it, he walks off.

Pre Mission 13 Script

Vlad is sitting at his throne with an orb floating above his open hand.  Energy swirls about violently within the orb.

Vlad: All is moving along nicely.  Soon I’ll have a sacrifice worthy of setting you free, my master.

Erebus: Do not underestimate this one.  He is his father’s son.

Vlad: I made the mistake of holding back, thinking that I could take Sparda without relying on the power that you have bestowed upon me.  I will not make the same mistake twice.

Erebus: Sparda’s power was divided.  After sealing the demon world he became as powerful as a half-breed.  However, he poured a fraction of his power into each weapon that he created, further weakening himself.  His children are more powerful than Sparda was when you last fought him.  As I said, you would do well not to underestimate Dante.

Vlad: I will not be beaten by a half-breed.  You’re freedom is at hand.  And supreme rule of the Human World is within my grasp.

Erebus: You will heed my advice, Vladislaus.  Dante has defeated the Emperor of the Demon World, Mundus.  He has also slain Argosax, one of the great Devil Kings.  Stay focused on the task at hand.  Otherwise your overconfidence will once again be your undoing.

Vlad: How could you know these things?  You’ve been imprisoned for thousands of years.

Erebus: Can a caged animal not see what goes on outside of its cage?  Just because I am sealed in another realm doesn’t mean that I am unable to see what transpires between the Human World and the Demon World.

Vlad rises from his chair holding the orb close to his face.

Vlad: With the power that you have granted me, I have become a true immortal.  I cannot be killed.  Even the Legendary Dark Knight couldn’t slay me.

Erebus: Silence!  Keep your arrogance in check, Vladislaus.  You are my servant.  You will do as your master bids you.  I rescued you from death, gave you power that you could never even dream of having, and asked only one thing in return; my freedom.

Vlad: Forgive me master.  I was out of line.

Erebus: I have been very patient, Vladislaus.  Listening to promise after promise of bringing me what I desire most of all.  Tonight you will free me.  No matter what the cost.

Vlad: You will be freed my master.  On my life, I swear it.

Erebus: Fulfill your oath to me and you will be greatly rewarded.  Fail me again and you will suffer the full fury of my wrath.  I gave you power, and I can take it away.  You will no longer be a “true” immortal.  You’ll be at the son of Sparda’s mercy.  But it won’t end there.  Upon your death, I’ll pull you from Hell into the Nether Realm where I am imprisoned, where you will know worse tortures than you can possibly imagine.

Vlad: I will not fail you my master.  

The energy stops swirling and vanishes.  The orb lowers into Vlad’s hand.  A look of hatred crosses his face.  He crushes the orb and drops the pieces on the ground.

Vlad: You will be free.  But how I go about freeing you is of no concern to you.

Dante enters the clock tower.  The bell tolls above.

Dante: This seems like a big tower.  I guess I’ll just transform and zip right up to the top to see what the blood sucker’s got in store for me now.

Mini portals open up and Hunters leap through.

Dante: Well, I was hired to clean up all the filth that inhabits this place. 

Dante cracks his neck.

Dante: So much for shortcuts.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Dante enters the bell chamber.  He walks past the bell.  It rings.  He turns around as the Hunchback lunges at him with a massive battle axe.  Dante leans to his right, avoiding the axe and uppercuts his opponent so fast and so forcibly that the Hunchback does a back flip.  As the creature is in the midst of its flip, Dante grabs its leg and whips it behind him, tossing it into a stone wall across the room.  Rubble falls on the downed creature.  The Hunchback gets up from the rubble.

Dante: You should have stayed down.

The Hunchback gets into a ready stance.

Hunchback: You die now!

Dante cocks his head back.

Dante: Come on ya little retard.

Mission Intermission Script

The Hunchback swings his axe at Dante.  Dante swings his sword at the oncoming axe and bats it out of his assailant’s hands.  Dante impales the Hunchback, twists the blade, and then rips it out of him.  The Hunchback drops to his knees and coughs up blood.  Dante sheathes his sword and pulls out Ivory and puts it to the Hunchback’s head.  A smirk creases Dante’s face.  He pulls the trigger and the Hunchback slumps to the floor.  Dante holsters Ivory and starts to walk away.  He stops when the Hunchback lets out a low moan.  He turns to face the supposedly dead creature and witnesses his opponent get back up.  The Hunchback’s body starts to twitch and contort.  He transforms into a massive, hideous form (similar to the tyrants of the RE series).  The bell rings out.

Dante: I guess I should apologize for my previous comment.  You’re not a little retard.  You’re an ugly one.

Hunchback: You die now!

Post Boss Fight Script

Dante slams his fist into the Hunchbacks gut, causing the creature to lurch forward.  Dante then delivers a small rising uppercut, knock his opponent upright.  He then follows it up with a spinning kick that knocks the Hunchback off balance.  The Hunchback steadies itself and sends Dante flying across the room with a back hand.  Dante lands on his back.  One of the spinning gears rolls over Dante’s right arm, crushing it.  Dante grits his teeth and pulls his arm out as the gear passes.  Dante jumps to his feet.

Dante: You had a prime opportunity right there, bub.  You’re gonna wish you took it.

Dante thrusts his arm out to the side and clenches his fist.  His arm reforms to its normal shape.  Dante brings his arm in close and rubs his forearm.  The Hunchback rips down the bell and tosses it at Dante.  The force of the throw slams Dante into a wall, pinning him between the wall and the bell.  The Hunchback rushes Dante only to stop dead in its tracks.  A line of blood runs up and down its head and body.  The creature falls in half.  As the body splits Vergil stands behind the Hunchback, sheathing his sword. He turns and walks away.  Dante forces the bell off and tosses it across the room, slamming it into a wall.  Dante notices the dead Hunchback.

Dante: What the hell?

Dante looks upward and sees Vergil walk through a door way.  A smile creases Dante’s face.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Dante reaches the top of the clock tower to see Vergil, standing with his back to him.  Vergil is standing there with his eyes closed (DMC3 mission 7 pre boss fight scene).  The area is bathed in moonlight (but “not” raining).

Dante: Long time no see, bro.

Dante takes a few steps forward, reaching the center of the rooftop.

Dante: Don’t expect a thank you for what you did back there.  I could have handled the freak myself.

Vergil: You don’t sound like you’re surprised to see me, little brother.

Dante: Trish told me she had a bit of a run in with you.  Why’d you only take your amulet back?  Why didn’t you take our old man’s sword?  I thought you wanted his power.

Vergil: I told you, no one can have my amulet.  It belongs to a son of Sparda.  As for his power, I couldn’t care less.

Dante: Is that so?

Vergil’s eyes open.

Vergil: I am no longer concerned with being as powerful as our father was.  I will surpass him with my own power.

Dante: Ya know, as fun as this is, I’m in a bit of a hurry so how about we skip the chit chat and get right to the point.  Why are you here?

Vergil: Don’t act like you’re not happy to see me, brother.

Dante: Answer me!

Vergil turns his head to the left slightly to regard Dante.

Vergil: I’m here for Vladislaus.  I intend to kill all of father’s enemies.  It would appear that he wasn’t strong enough to finish any job.

A smile crosses Dante’s face.

Dante: The Legendary Dark Knight Vergil, eh?

Vergil turns to face Dante.

Vergil: Go home Dante.

Dante’s eyes burn with rage.

Dante: What was that?!

Vergil: Go home.  I’ll take care of the Count.

Dante: Piss off!  This is my job!  I’m getting paid for this!

Vergil: You’re getting nothing for this.

The rage Dante was feeling is replaced with confusion.

Dante: What?

Vergil shakes his head from side to side.

Vergil: Ever the fool.  Vladislaus’ son lured you here.  You walked right into a trap.

Confusion is now replaced with a look of annoyance.

Dante: The hell I did! A vampire can’t take me on.

Vergil: Enough of this.  If you won’t leave, I’ll just have to put you down.

Vergil slides his thumb up and slightly ejects the Yamato out of its sheath.  Dante draws Oblivion and points it at Vergil.

Dante: Try it!

Vergil and Dante engage in a short but fast paced duel.  Vergil ends up deflecting one of Dante’s slashes and cracks him in the nose with the butt of the Yamato.  Dante’s nose spurts a little bit of blood as he staggers back a few steps.  Dante does a short stinger which Vergil blocks with his blade.  The force of the impact sends him sliding back a good distance.  Vergil’s blade vibrates and sings from the hit.  He grabs the blade to steady it, and then re-sheaths it.

Vergil: I suppose that was a good enough warm up.

Vergil grips the handle of his sword.

Dante: A warm up huh?  Let’s see what you can really do.

Dante slumps his sword over his shoulder.

Post Mission 13 Script

Both Dante and Vergil are breathing heavy.  Vergil’s grip tightens around the Yamato’s handle.  He charges Dante with such speed that Dante is taken by surprise and can only block Vergil’s attack.  They lock swords as they stare each other down with looks of hatred.  Vergil pushes Dante back and begins his assault, forcing Dante to block all of his on coming attacks, forcing him back with each slash.  Vergil knocks Dante off balance and goes to impale him in his midsection.  Dante swings his sword down onto Vergil’s deflecting it away from his stomach and causing it to punch through his leg.  Dante grabs Vergil by the hair and brings him in for a head butt.  The hit causes Vergil to stagger back, pulling out the Yamato.  He recovers quickly, slicing the oncoming Dante’s wrist and knocking the sword free from his hand.  With the momentum from the swing, Vergil spins around for another slash.  Dante reaches out as Vergil comes around and grabs his hand, stopping his swing.  As he stops the swing, Dante draws Ebony and points it at Vergil’s face.   

Vergil: Coward.

A quick red flash can be seen down the barrel of Dante’s gun to signify a short charge.  Dante fires and blows out the back of Vergil’s head.  Vergil falls back onto the ground.  Dante grabs Vergil’s amulet as he’s falling.  He tosses it over his shoulder.

Dante: Sorry Vergil.  But I won’t let you get in my way.  You can lie there and recover for awhile.  By the time you get up, my work here will be done.

Dante holsters Ebony and walks over to pick up his sword.  He sheathes it on his back and takes another few steps and falls to his knees and hands.

Dante: I took a bit of a beating.  Maybe I should take a breather.

Pre Mission 14 Script

Enzo walks out of the cave and takes a good look around.  He realizes he’s at a shipyard with a bunch of massive ships docked.

Enzo: Guess I’m taking a boat.

The camera pans down to the water beneath the dock.  The water begins to bubble up.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Enzo reaches the end of the dock.

Enzo: Which ship am I gonna take?

Enzo hears the sound of rushing water and turns his head out to the lake.  The water is rushing at him in the form of a massive wave.

Enzo: Oh not good.

Enzo turns and runs back the way he came.  The wave pursues him, ripping up the dock behind him.  The water rushes over him and carries him back to the start of the dock.  Enzo rises to his feet.  Not a sound can be heard other than the water sloshing up against the ships.  Enzo notices that the dock he was on is completely obliterated.

Enzo: What the…

A massive sea serpent explodes out of the water.  It peers down at Enzo through narrow eyes.  Enzo takes a few slow steps back.

Enzo: Holy shit.  How…how can I fight this thing?

Post Mission 14 Script

Fathom snaps at Enzo who jumps to the right of the creature’s head.  As he leapt to the side he draws Smith and West and unloads on the creature’s eye.  Fathom’s left eye explodes from the hail of bullets tearing through it.  Fathom roars in rage before disappearing beneath the waves.  Enzo stares at the water waiting for Fathom to emerge.  He holsters his guns and boards the nearest ship.  It sets sail on its own.

Enzo: That’s odd.  What…is this ship magically driven or something?

The ship sails out into the lake.  Fathom’s fin slides above the water’s surface as it pursues the boat.

Pre Mission 15 Script

Dante enters the Alchemist lab.  The place is all lit up with experimental liquids as well as littered with preserved body parts.

Dante: I bet this is where Drac does all his twisted experiments.

Dante walks over to a shelf full of vials with different colored liquids inside.

Dante: Alchemy; the Devil’s science.  This is turning out to be an interesting job.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Dante enters a chamber with what appears to be a man strapped to a table.  The body has all kinds of wires attached to it.  Dante walks over to the body.  The thing opens its eyes. 

Creature: Bad man! Bad man! Bad man hurt! Bad man must die!

Dante: Great, another retard.

Dante looks over at the wall and sees a lever with wires coming out of a fuse box above it.  The wires lead to the creature’s body.

Dante: Let’s have a little fun.

Dante walks over and flips the lever.  The electrical current flowing through the wires causes the creature to spasm on the table.  It spasms so much that it breaks free of its restraints and leaps off the table.  Electricity courses over its body.

Creature: Ready to die?

Dante: Let me get this straight.  You get charged and you become smart?  I think I liked the retard better.

The creature’s muscles begin to pump.

Creature: I become dangerous.  Time to die.

Dante: Big talk.  I doubt you can back it up.

Dante gets into a fighting stance.

Post Mission 15 Script

The creature launches a flurry of punches.  Dante dodges each one.

Dante: Come on muscles.  Surely you can do better than that.

The creature winds up and lunges forward with a punch.  Dante holds out his hand and stops the punch.  The force of the blow causes every vial in the room to break and every gear to spark.  Dante slams Ivory into his opponent’s mouth.

Dante: Okay Frank, I’m willing to bet you can’t survive with a brain made of mush.  Seeing how you’re a man-made monster in the form of a man, it’s a pretty good bet.

Dante smiles as he fires bullet after bullet through the creature’s head.  Dante holsters Ivory as the creature slumps to the ground.  He walks toward the exit only to be grabbed from behind and put into a bear hug.  The creature hoists Dante off the ground and squeezes tightly. 

Dante: Not the first time I’ve been wrong.

Dante kicks the tip of his sword sending it spiraling out of its holster sending it straight up into the air splitting the creature in half up the middle.  The two sides of the man-made monster hit the ground.  Dante snatches the sword out of the air and holsters it.  He starts to walk off and then stops.  Turning, he looks back the way he came.

Dante: I feel like I’m being watched.

Dante turns and walks away.  Adrian steps out of the shadows and smiles.

Pre Mission 16 Script

Lightning flashes and thunder clashes.  The rain starts to downpour.

Enzo: Now it starts to rain.  And here I thought we were just going to deal with thunder and lightning. 

The doors to the ship’s cabin slam open.  Enzo turns around to see Skeleton Warriors pouring out of the doorway.  He draws Smith and West and aims them at the oncoming enemies.  The boat catches a wave.  Enzo staggers off balance as a wave crashes onto the deck.

Enzo: Looks like it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Pre Boss Fight Script

The boat hit a huge wave.  Enzo is knocked on his face and slides across the deck.  The ship suddenly rocks violently.  He rises to his feet but is knocked back on his ass as Fathom bursts through the deck.  Enzo draws his sword and uses it to help himself to his feet.

Enzo: Back for some more I see.  I guess you’re ready to lose that other eye.

Fathom lets out a deafening roar.

Post Mission 16 Script

Fathom snaps at Enzo who slides across the wet deck on his knees.  As he slides across the ground he fires off West at the serpent.  He jumps to his feet, holsters West and draws Slayer.  The boat rocks violently knocking Enzo off his feet.

Enzo: Shit.

Fathom scoops Enzo up into its mouth.  Enzo struggles to hold open the beast’s ever closing mouth.  Enzo’s eyes glow white.  He forces Fathom’s mouth open with one arm and drives his sword through the roof of the creature’s mouth into its brain.  Fathom spasms wildly throwing Enzo out of its mouth.  He hits the deck hard.  As Fathom flails about the ship breaks apart.  Fathom finally gives out and falls onto the deck, breaking the rest of the ship apart.  Enzo sinks beneath the water.

Pre Mission 17 Script

Dante enters the Prison of Eternal Torture.  He looks around at all the twisted torture devices scattered all over the room.

Dante: Interesting place.  Looks like something that would be in an S&M Hell movie.

Keepers appear before Dante.  Dante smiles at them.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante walks into a chamber with four statues across from each other in a circle.  They are armed with spears.  Dante walks in between them.  His foot steps down on a pressure switch and the spears fly out from the statues and impale Dante.  Dante drops to his knees.  He grits his teeth as he pulls the spears out.  His blood flows out freely onto the floor.

Dante: That’s a nasty little trap.

He rises to his feet and notices his blood flowing down through drains.  He frowns at the sight and looks ahead.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Dante enters the special prison cell.  He spies Berserker, chained to the opposing wall and drinking blood dripping from a cylinder above him.  Dante follows the cylinder to a series of pipes which lead back in the direction from which he came.  He turns his attention back to the chained up vampire.

Dante: You must’ve been thirsty.

Berserker continues to drink.

Dante: Not that I care, but how long have you been chained to the wall?

Berserker continues to drink.  Dante crosses his arms.

Dante: Okay, how about I just kill you?

Berserker, still ignoring Dante, continues to drink.  Dante uncrosses his arms.

Dante: No objections? Okay then.

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory, crosses them over and points them at Berserker, who is still feeding.  Dante lowers his weapons.  A look of annoyance appears on his face.

Dante: Come on!  You’re so boring.  At least the other monsters had some character.

The blood stops flowing.  Berserker, no longer having any blood to feed on, turns his attention toward Dante.

Berserker: More.

A look of surprise appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Huh?

Berserker clenches and unclenches his fists.

Berserker: Give me more.

Dante smiles at his foe.

Dante: So you can speak.

A look of rage masks Berserker’s face.

Berserker: Give me more of your blood! It’s so full of flavor…and power.

Dante points to himself.

Dante: My blood?

He taunts Berserker. 

Dante: Come and get it.

Berserker lunges at Dante with lightning quick speed.  The chains bound to his arms and legs stop him mere inches away from Dante.  Berserker thrusts his head forward trying to bite Dante but falls short.  Dante kicks the vampire, sending him slamming into the wall.

Dante: Down boy.

Berserker looks up at Dante.  A look of pure rage appears on his face. 

Berserker: I’m going to rip you limb from limb!

Dante holsters Ebony and Ivory.  Berserker stands up as Dante draws his sword.

Dante: I doubt it punk.

Mission Intermission Script

Berserker flails about wildly.  Dante lets out a few low laughs.

Dante: Frustrating isn’t it?  You can’t do much when you’re chained like an animal.

Berserker stops flailing and stares Dante down with a look of pure madness.

Berserker: I will have more blood!

Berserk lunges forward but is stopped by the chains.  He continues to pull and eventually the chains snap.  From the force he put into the pull Berserker leaps at Dante with incredible speed.  Dante flips backward wrapping his feet around Berserkers head and tosses him across the room.  Dante turns to face the lunatic vampire and cracks his neck.  He smiles sinisterly at Berserker.

Dante: Alright.  Now this is gonna be fun.

Post Mission 17 Script

Dante stands leaning on his sword.

Dante: I’m impressed.  You’re in a league of your own compared to all the other trash that I’ve faced tonight. 

Berserker clenches his fists so tightly that blood begins to seep out from between his fingers.

Berserker: I was a failed experiment.  I can’t be killed.  My power is great.  And he locked me up! Vengeance!! Blood!!!

Berserker starts screaming in rage.

Dante: From what I can gather, I take it you were locked up because you’re a lunatic.

Dante composes himself.

Berserker: I hunger! More blood!!

Berserker charges Dante and scoops him up by the throat.

Berserker: Scream for me.

Berserker throws Dante into a wall.  Before Dante can fall out of the small hole that he made, Berserker shoulder charges him, planting him farther into the wall.  He reaches in and grabs Dante by the face.  Berserker pulls Dante out of the wall and throws him to the ground.  Dante begins to get up.  Berserker grabs the back of Dante’s head and face plants him in the floor.  The vampire begins to slide Dante’s face across the ground, causing the floor to break as his face moves through it.  Berserker throws him up at the ceiling.  Dante hits it with such force that part of the ceiling falls on and around him when he lands on his back.  Dante gets up and dusts himself off.

Dante: Alright, play time’s over.

Dante devil triggers.

Dante: Nothing’s invincible.

Dante charges an energy ball in his hand.  Berserker screams in rage and charges Dante.  Dante side steps the charge.  As he dodges the charge, Dante plants the ball against Berserkers abdomen and forces it inside his body.

Dante: Go to hell!

Dante throws Berserker across the room as the ball detonates.  Berserker’s skeleton is flung out of the explosion and shatters against the wall.  Dante transforms back to normal.

Dante: Told ya.

Pre Mission 18 Script

Enzo opens his eyes as water constantly washes over his body.  He realizes he drifted to the island he was heading to.  Enzo rises to his feet. Looking left he spies a massive Coliseum in the distance and further past that he sees a small boat docked at a tiny port.

Enzo: Well that’s how I’ll be getting off this island.

He looks right and notices a crypt.  He looks ahead and sees an odd structure which is eerily lit. 

Enzo: I’m not going to the coliseum because that’s a waste of time.  And I’m definitely not going through another graveyard.  Looks like I’m going straight ahead.

Enzo starts walking forward and then stops.  He looks left and right again.

Enzo: We were hired to wipe out all the monsters along with Dracula.  I’m gonna have to visit these places any way. 

Enzo shrugs his shoulders.

Enzo: I’ll check them out after this place.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Enzo enters the Skyway and looks around. 

Enzo: What the hell kind of place is this?

Enzo notices the lit up alter.

Enzo: Some kind of transporter.  Oh I hope this doesn’t lead to hell.  I really hope it doesn’t lead to hell.

Enzo begins to walk forward.  Octolus drops from the ceiling and lands behind Enzo.  Enzo turns around and gets in a ready stance.

Enzo: I’m getting the feeling that I should have left this place for Dante.

Octolus takes two approaching steps toward Enzo.  Enzo draws Smith and West and points them at his opponent.

Enzo: I don’t understand.  Why am I afraid of this thing?

Octolus rushes Enzo.  Enzo is caught off guard and is knocked into the air.  He hits the ground hard and rolls to his feet.  He gets up and fires at Octolus as it rushes him again.  Enzo keeps firing and is knocked to the side across the room.

Enzo: This isn’t like any of the other monsters I’ve faced in this place.

Enzo gets up and turns around only to be grabbed by his neck and lifted off the ground.  Enzo puts his guns to two of the creature’s four eyes and blows them out.  Octolus doesn’t even howl in rage.  It just throws Enzo toward the entrance.  Its eyes regenerate.  Enzo looks toward the entrance.

Enzo: I can’t win.  This is a greater devil from the Demon World.  I can’t take these kinds of things on.  I’m not strong enough.

Enzo gets up and begins to run toward the door.  Octolus lands in front of Enzo and takes a swing at him.  Enzo draws his sword and slices the creature’s arm off.  The creature doesn’t let out a howl.  It bats Enzo across the room with its other arm.  Octolus reattaches its severed arm and begins to stalk toward Enzo.  Enzo stands up and gets in a ready stance.

Enzo: Why do I feel so helpless? Damn that bitch.  That forced trip down memory lane is throwing me off my game.

Octolus continues to advance.

Enzo: I’m not that helpless fat slob anymore. 

Octolus lunges at Enzo.  His eyes glow white and he leaps over the beast.  Octolus stumbles across the ground and bounces back up on its feet.

Enzo: I’m not going to die here.  I won’t be killed by this thing. 

Octolus charges Enzo.

Enzo: Nothing’s invincible, right?

Post Mission 18 Script

Octolus’ tentacles stretch out with incredible speed.  They wrap around Enzo’s arms, legs, and neck.  The demon pulls Enzo in and bites down on his shoulder.  Enzo cries out in pain.  Enzo twists his sword around slicing the tentacles binding his right side of his body as well as his neck.  He swings the sword and slices the tentacles holding the left side of his body.  Octolus grabs Enzo’s arms and pulls him in.  It bites into the side of Enzo’s neck.  Enzo gurgles up blood.  His eyes turn white and he pierces the sword through the monster’s heart.  As he pulls it out Octolus lifts Enzo up into the air and throws him across the room.  Enzo slams into a pillar causing cracks to spider web up and down it.  Enzo stands up.  He is significantly weakened from the loss of blood.  The devil charges him.  He grips his sword and flings it at the oncoming creature.  As the blade leaves his grasp he falls to the ground.  The blade rips through Octolus’ mouth and punches through the back of its head.  The monster begins shaking violently and then howls in pain before finally falling to the ground.  Adrian walks through the entrance wearing a smile.  An orb hovers above his outstretched arm.  Energies swirl within it.

Adrian: Impressive.  Who would have thought that a human would have been able to kill a devil?

Vlad: He has been branded with demonic runes.  His power is great but doesn’t come close to the power of a half-breed devil.

Adrian: You refer to the son of Sparda.

Vlad: Yes.  He has passed the trials.  If he is in a weakened state then it will be easy to capture him and bring him to the citadel.

Adrian: And if he is not?

Vlad: I do not fear the half-breed’s power.  I won’t be caught off guard like I was with Sparda.  My power is greater.  If he comes to me and he is miraculously at full strength then I shall toy with him and lead him to his final destination.

Adrian notices Dante’s amulet glowing, and sees the wound on Enzo’s neck begin to close. 

Adrian: Interesting.

Vlad: What is it?  Have you found something?

Adrian: Yes, I have found something quite amazing.

Vlad: Show it to me later.  Dante is on his way and I must go and greet him.

Adrian: Indeed I will father.  Indeed I will.

The energies stop swirling in the orb.  Adrian drops it on the floor and begins to laugh hysterically.

Adrian: At last!  I have found a way to punish my father.  I will become the supreme ruler of the night.

Adrian steps on the orb, crushing it beneath his heel

Pre Mission 19 Script

Dante looks around as he enters the castle.

Vlad: Welcome son of Sparda.

Dante directs his attention to the top of the staircase and sees Vlad.

Dante: So you must be the Vampire King.

Vlad offers a bow.

Vlad: I am the Emperor of the Night, Vladislaus Dracula.

Dante smirks at him.

Dante: Emperor of the Night? Yeah, whatever.  Listen Vlad, how about we cut the chatter and just skip ahead to the part where I kill you?

Vlad holds his arms outstretched to the sides.

Vlad: You cannot kill me.  I am a true immortal.

Dante smiles at Vlad.

Dante: True immortal, huh?  Let’s find out.

Dante draws Ivory and fires a shot at Vlad.  The bullet rips through his head.  The impact causes Vlad to lean back.  He leans forward, wearing a smile as the wound heals instantly.

Vlad: Your toys won’t work on me.  Nothing can harm me.

A brief moment of surprise appears on Dante’s face, which is immediately replaced with yet another smirk.

Dante: Ok, so a bullet to the head won’t shut you up.

Dante holsters Ivory and draws Oblivion.

Dante: How about a sword through the heart?

Vlad: Relying on fairytales to bring me down?  How pathetic.

Dante points his sword at Vlad.

Dante: Why don’t you come down here so we can see?

Vlad turns into a swarm of bats and flies down toward Dante.  He materializes at the base of the staircase smiling at Dante.

Vlad: I will gladly put you in your place.

The handle of a sword erupts through Vlad’s chest.  He grips the handle and pulls on it.  As he pulls the handle away from his chest, a blade attached to the handle, follows it.  He pulls his sword through his chest.  Vlad holds it out to his side.  The blood soaked sword absorbs all the blood that it is coated in.

Dante: Neat trick.  Here’s hoping you can actually put up a good fight.

Post Boss Fight Script

Dante and Vlad engage in a quick sword fight.  Dante ends up cutting Vlad’s right lower arm off sending it sliding across the floor.  Vlad smiles at Dante.

Vlad: Your swordsmanship is most impressive.  But it’s lacking the finesse that your father’s had.

Vlad walks over to his severed arm and reattaches it.

Dante: Too bad I can’t say the same about your skills, because I gotta be honest here, your skills are terribly lacking.

Vlad offers a smile.

Vlad: Is that right?

Vlad turns into a swarm of bats which fly to the top of the staircase.

Dante: Oh no!  You’re not running away, pal!

Dante tosses his blade into the air, leaps up, spins around, and kicks the hilt, sending the sword rocketing toward Vlad.  Vlad materializes and claps his hands against the blade of Dante’s sword stopping it mere centimeters away from his heart.

Vlad: Hmm, maybe I should retract my previous statement about how skilled you are.

Dante draws Ivory and fires a bullet which slams into the base of his swords handle, forcing the blade through Vlad’s grasp and into his chest.  The sword pierces Vlad’s heart and rips out through his back.  A momentary look of pain and sheer rage appears on Vlad’s face.  It is replaced by a sinister looking grin.  He slides the blade out of his body and throws it at Dante with great speed and force.  The blade sticks into the ground at Dante’s feet.  Dante looks down at the sword and then back at Vlad as he holsters Ivory.

Vlad: Tall tales will get you nowhere with me.

Vlad turns into mist and drifts underneath the door behind him.

Dante: Well now, this is starting to get interesting.

Dante pulls his sword out of the ground and straps it on his back.

Post Mission 19 Script

Dante: I better call Enzo and make sure he’s doing alright.

Dante pulls out his phone and calls Enzo.  He lets it ring for a bit and then hangs it up.

Dante: He better be alright.  I don’t want to have to come find his ass when I’m finished here.

Dante puts his phone away.

Dante: My amulet better be all right.

Pre Mission 20 Script

Dante enters a room with three massive suits of armor atop the opposing doorway.  The armor begins to creak and then moves.  The three suits jump down in front of the doorway with swords at the ready.

Dante: Ah, possessed suits of armor.  Now I know I’ve seen this somewhere before.

Dante reaches for his sword.

Dante: I’ll turn you rust buckets into scrap metal.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Dante kicks the doors to the Castle Keep open and walks into the chamber.

Dante: Knock, knock!

Vlad stands before Dante wearing battle armor.

Vlad: Well played, son of Sparda.  I would expect no less from a descendent of the legendary dark knight.

Dante advances a few steps towards Vlad.

Dante: Yeah whatever.

Dante draws Ebony and points it at Vlad.

Vlad: Put that away.  If it didn’t work last time, what makes you think the outcome will be any different this time?

Dante cocks his head slightly and smirks at Vlad.

Dante: I figured I’d put some of my power behind it this time.

Vlad: Oh, is that right? Well then….

Vlad stretches his arms out to the sides offering Dante a free shot.

Vlad: …take your best shot.

Red electricity snakes its way along Ebony and enters the barrel.  There’s a flash of red light in the barrel.  It’s a stronger charge compared to what he shot Vergil with, but still not a fully powered charge.  Dante pulls the trigger and fires the energy encased bullet at Vlad.  The bullet completely obliterates Vlad’s head.  Vlad’s body is knocked off balance from the impact and staggers backwards a few steps.  The body regains its composure and Vlad’s head regenerates.  First bone, then muscle, and finally flesh.  Vlad offers Dante a big smile.

Dante: Hmph.  Why am I not surprised?

Dante lowers Ebony.

Vlad: It is as I said before.  I am a true immortal.

Dante holsters his gun and draws Oblivion.

Dante: Sure you are.  I guess I’ll chop your head off and then put it out in the sunlight for good measure.

Vlad slowly shakes his head from side to side.

Vlad: Still relying on fables I see.

Dante: Look Vlad, you and I both know that another duel between us is going to end the same way as the last one.  Why even bother trying to put up another fight?

Vlad: Last time I was only testing you.  I needed to see if you possessed the same power as your father.

Vlad takes a few steps back and crosses his arms in front of his face.

Vlad: Now, I’ll show you my true form, the form that I was cursed with.  You shall experience my true power.

Vlad is engulfed in black flames.  The flames disappear revealing his corrupt form.  Dante smiles at him.

Dante: Aw, now don’t you look cute?

Vlad draws his sword.

Vlad: Laugh now, for in mere moments I will break you.

Dante twists his sword while starring at the blade.

Dante: Take your best shot, Vlad.  But keep in mind that you’re just a scumbag vampire.

Dante points his blade at Vlad.

Dante: In other words, you’re nothing but a joke.

Post Mission 20 Script

Dante and Vlad charge each other.  They lock swords.  Dante forces Vlad off balance and assaults him with a rising prop shredder.  Vlad morphs into a cloud of mist as the blade passes through him.  He rematerializes and slashes at Dante.  Dante swings his sword to intercept Vlad’s blade, knocking it free from his opponent’s grasp.  Dante swings his sword at Vlad’s neck.  He once again morphs into a mist cloud as Dante’s blade passes through him.  Dante spins around for another assault.  Vlad clamps his hands on Dante’s blade and sweeps his feet out as he pulls away on his sword causing Dante to be disarmed as well.  Vlad tosses Dante’s sword over his shoulder.  Dante lunges at Vlad and kicks him across the room knocking him into his throne.  Dante goes to retrieve his sword.  Vlad morphs into the cloud of mist and instantaneously moves behind Dante.  He reforms and grabs Dante by the face from behind and whips him across the room.  Dante slams against a wall and falls to the ground landing near Vlad’s sword.  Taking his opponents sword he charges the vampire.  Vlad blocks Dante’s attack with the armor on his arm.  Sparks fly from the impact.  He grabs Dante’s neck and sword arm.  Vlad twists Dante’s arm causing him to drop the sword.  He lifts Dante off the ground and then brings him crashing down into the floor.  Cracks fan out all along the floor from the impact.  Vlad grabs his sword and staples Dante to the ground as he tries to get up.  Dante grits his teeth and pulls himself up and through Vlad’s sword.  Dante slams his fist into Vlad’s face, then into his gut.  He then grabs Vlad by the head and forces him down as he smashes him in the face with his knee.  Vlad staggers backward as Dante grabs his opponent’s weapon.  Dante moves in for an attack.  Vlad slides underneath Dante’s swing and grabs his leg.  He swings Dante around a few times before tossing him into the air.  Vlad leaps up after him.  Dante swings the sword down at Vlad, who once again blocks with his armored arm, causing sparks to fly upon impact.  Vlad grabs Dante’s face and sword arm.  He snaps Dante’s arm, causing him to release the sword.  Upon descending back to the ground, Vlad slams Dante into the floor, causing it to collapse.  As they fall along the cliff side, Dante kicks Vlad off of him.  Vlad materializes into bats and flies back up into the castle keep.  Dante, still falling, snaps his arm back into place and then devil triggers flying after Vlad while charging an energy ball.  Dante flies through the hole in the floor and launches the energy ball at Vlad.  Vlad tosses a ball of concentrated black magic at Dante’s incoming attack.  The two energy balls collide, exploding and canceling each other out.  Dante lands and reverts back to his normal form.  He looks over at Oblivion and waves his hand, summoning the sword to him.  The blade spins toward Dante, which he catches as he coldly stares Vlad down.

Dante: You really need to learn how to put your money where your mouth is.

Dante twirls his sword and rests it on his shoulder.

Vlad: Your power is great.  Just like your father’s.  It will be sufficient.

A look of surprise appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Say what?

A flashback scene of Dante’s encounter with Vergil on the clock tower roof occurs.

Vergil: You walked right into a trap.

Dante smiles at the thought.

Dante: Whatever you have planned, it’s not going to happen.

Vlad opens his palm to reveal a small blue jewel.

Vlad: Do you know what this is?

Dante sheathes his sword.

Dante: Can’t say that I do, Vlad.

Vlad tosses the jewel into the air and catches it.

Vlad: It’s called the “Fallen Angel’s Tear.”

He tosses it up again and catches it.

Vlad: Whoever possesses this stone has power over Death.

He tosses it up once more and snatches it out of the air.

Vlad: In other words, I can call forth the Grim Reaper himself to do my bidding.

A long pause goes on between the two.

Dante: What? You want me to clap for you?

Vlad smiles and holds up the jewel.

Vlad: Death! Come forward!

Death makes a dramatic entrance forming from a cloud of shadows.  Dante begins to slowly clap his hands in a mockingly fashion.  Vlad smirks at Dante’s antics.

Vlad: Take him.

Death holds out his hand.

Death: Enter the Abyss! To the Realm of Lost Souls with you!

A portal opens behind Dante and sucks him in.  The portal closes and death fades into a shadow and then vanishes.  Vlad stands there smiling.

Pre Mission 21 Script

A portal opens and spits Dante out into Death’s dimension, the Nether World.  The portal closes right behind him.  Dante gets up and dusts himself off.  Death’s voice echoes out from all around Dante.

Death: Welcome to my world!  If you want your freedom you must defeat me!

Dante: No surprise there.

Death: I promise you though; I won’t make it easy for you!

Hell class enemies appear in front of Dante.

Dante: Well isn’t that special.  The Grim Reaper has his own minions in his little world.

Dante spins around with his arms outstretched.

Dante: I hope you don’t get too scared at the thought of fighting me after you see what I do to your lackeys!

Pre Boss Script

Death materializes in front of Dante.

Death: Impressive!  I would expect no less from one who has devil blood flowing through his veins!

Dante looks side to side and then back at Death.

Dante: Got any more trash to throw at me?!  Or are you gonna step up to the plate already?!

A massive Scythe with a blade made of black and white fire materializes in his hand.

Death: Well then, are you ready to play?

Dante draws his sword.

Dante: Yeah, let’s play.

Post Boss Script

Death’s body ignites on fire. 

Death: This isn’t the end half-breed!  We’ll meet again!  And your soul will be mine!

Dante straps his sword on his back.

Dante: I’ll look forward to it.

Death vanishes and a portal opens behind Dante which sucks him in.

Post Mission 21 Script

A portal opens and spits Dante out into the Castle Keep.  This time he lands on his feet.  The portal closes behind him.  Vlad is sitting on his throne.

Dante: Are you finished dicking around?  Or can we finish this already?

Vlad: The game’s not over yet, son of Sparda.

Vlad gets out of his chair and walks out onto the balcony.

Dante: So you’re gonna run away again?

Vlad turns to face Dante.

Vlad: Run away?

Vlad smiles sinisterly.

Vlad: Indeed.

Dante: I already told you, whatever you’ve got planned for me, it’s not gonna happen.

Vlad: Oh, don’t be such a poor sport. 

Vlad turns away from Dante.

Vlad: Maybe I’ll make a pit stop at my tomb.  I haven’t been there since I was released.

Vlad morphs into a swarm of bats and flies off. 

Dante: This job is becoming such a pain in my ass.

Dante begins to run toward the balcony but stops in front of Vlad’s throne.

Dante: Trying to get the drop on me, eh?

Dante turns to face his opponent, drawing his sword.  As he turns around he is impaled by Shifter’s fingers which spear him to Vlad’s throne.  Dante drops his sword from the force of the attack.

Dante: You just made one hell of a mistake.

Dante starts to pull himself out of the chair sliding through Shifter’s blade-like fingers.  Shifter picks up Vlad’s sword and throws it at Dante.  It rips through Dante’s head and pins him to the chair.  Dante’s body goes limp.  Shifter retracts his fingers from Dante’s chest and walks away.

Pre Mission 22 Script

The scene opens with Enzo in a cell.  Enzo opens his eyes and sits up.

Enzo: Where am I?  This doesn’t look like the dungeon I went through.

Enzo gets up and walks over to the bars and looks them up and down.

Enzo: Caged like an animal.

Enzo pulls out his phone and calls Dante but gets no response.

Enzo: No answer.  This is not good.

He tucks his phone away and then puts his hand on his chest.  Enzo realizes that something’s missing.

Enzo: Dante’s amulet?!  This is really not good.

A door can be heard opening and closing.  Adrian strolls into view.

Adrian: Ah, you’re awake.

A look of shock appears on Enzo’s face.

Enzo: You?! 

The surprise is lost and replaced by anger.

Enzo: You set us up!

Adrian shrugs his shoulders.

Adrian: My father has a grudge against the Sparda family.

He then shakes his head.

Adrian: That, and he requires the powerful blood of a Sparda.

Surprise once again takes its place on Enzo’s face.

Enzo: Why?  What for?

A look of anger appears on Adrian’s face.

Adrian: He desires to release a fallen god that was imprisoned long ago.

Adrian turns his back to Enzo.  His voice is littered with disgust.

Adrian: This “god” has apparently promised him that he would cover this world in ever lasting darkness, as well as allow my father to rule the human world.

Enzo smiles and shakes his head.

Enzo: Dante won’t allow that to happen.

Adrian turns around to face Enzo.

Adrian: It doesn’t matter one way or the other.

Enzo notices Dante’s amulet around Adrian’s neck.

Enzo: The amulet.  That’s mine!

Adrian clasps the amulet and smiles at Enzo.

Adrian: Oh no.  This amazing little trinket belongs to me now.  It possesses great healing powers.  It’s what saved your life.

Anger begins to consume Enzo.

Enzo: What the hell do you need it for?!

Adrian walks up to the cell bars separating him and Enzo.

Adrian: My father is weak.  He has placed his faith into this false god instead of believing in his own power.  It’s disgusting to think that somebody so pathetic can rule the creatures of the night.

Enzo is taken back by that statement.

Enzo: You want to use it to kill your father?

A grin creases Adrian’s face.

Adrian: My father’s powers are beyond my own.  But with this, I can destroy him!

Adrian steps back from the cell.

Adrian: And then I will be the Emperor of the Night.

Enzo’s annoyance is apparent.

Enzo: So why am I still alive?

A sinister grin appears on Adrian’s face.

Adrian: Now is not the time to strike.  And I’m bored.  I need a little entertainment.

The scene switches to the coliseum.  It’s filled with all kinds of demons.

Adrian: Welcome to the coliseum!  Try to give us a good show!

Enzo: How about giving me my gear!

Adrian throws Enzo his sword and guns.  The gates open and the first wave of opponents rush out into the arena.

Mission Intermission Script

Enzo stands amidst the dead bodies of slaughtered demons.

Adrian: Impressive! Let’s make it a little more challenging!

The gates open up and a chimera comes bounding out.

Mission Intermission Script

Enzo pulls his sword out of the downed chimera.

Adrian: Your struggle for survival is incredible! But unfortunately it’s time to bring the games to a close!

The gates open and an ogre steps out onto the battlefield. Wielding two massive clubs it rushes Enzo and bats him across the arena.  Enzo slams against the wall and falls to his knees.

Enzo: Damn it!  Looks like I won’t be…walking away…from this.

The ogre rushes Enzo and swings one of its mighty clubs down at him.  Vergil lands in front of Enzo, slicing through the approaching club.  The ogre stops his swing.  Vergil sheathes his sword.  As he locks it into place the ogre’s club explodes into splinters.  Enzo looks up.

Enzo: Huh?

Adrian leans forward in his chair wearing a surprised look.

Adrian: What?!

Vergil stares up at the massive ogre as it steps backward.

Adrian: What are you doing?!  Kill them both!!!

The ogre looks toward Adrian and then back toward Vergil.  The ogre tightens its grip around the remaining club and growls at Vergil.  Vergil returns the creature’s growl with a mere smirk. 

Pre Boss Script

The ogre charges Vergil.  Vergil moves in a blur-like motion, vanishing from sight.  The ogre stops dead in its tracks.  Vergil stands a short distance away from it with his back turned.  Adrian grits his teeth.  Enzo looks on bewildered.  The ogre continues to stand motionless.

Enzo: What the hell are you doing?  Don’t just stand there, finish it off!

Vergil continues to stand his ground, starring up at Adrian.

Vergil: It’s over…you missed it.

The ogre splits apart into four portions. Awestruck, Enzo walks up to Vergil.

Enzo: Why did you save me?

Vergil looks at Enzo; annoyed by the question he was just asked.

Vergil: I didn’t come here for you.  I came here for the son of Dracula.

Vergil turns his attention back toward Adrian.

Adrian: Vergil!  I was hoping I would get to face one of the sons of Sparda.  When I saw your brother beat you I figured you wouldn’t be up and running for quite some time, so I didn’t bother alerting my father to your presence.  I’m glad I was so wrong about my assumption that you weren’t as powerful as your sibling.

Adrian leaps down into the arena and walks over to Vergil and Enzo.

Adrian: Because I must say that your brother’s performance so far has been anything but spectacular.  Hopefully you’re at least half as powerful as your father.

Vergil: You have something that doesn’t belong to you.

Adrian clutches Dante’s amulet.

Adrian: You mean this? If you want it, you’ll have to take it.  But I warn you, with this amulet, I have become all powerful.

Vergil closes his eyes and tilts his head down slightly.

Vergil: I’ll try to control my fear.

Adrian laughs at Vergil’s last statement.

Adrian: You amuse me.  It’ll be a shame to kill you quickly.  But I promise that I’ll at least make you scream.

Adrian waves his hand to the side creating a stream of mist.  The mist dissipates revealing a sword.

Adrian: My father believes himself to be god-like, but I am now beyond death.  I am a god.

Vergil opens his eyes while wearing a look of disgust.

Vergil: You are nothing.  That amulet doesn’t make you a god.  It enhances your the ability to heal any wounds inflicted upon you.  It merely makes you more durable, which as you will see, is hardly enough to allow you to stand against me.  Besides, you only have a half of the amulet, and are unaware of its true power.

Adrian: It matters not.  This single half gives me all the power I need for my task.

Vergil: It does matter.  For if you had the other half, I might actually consider fearing you.  Though, even then, I doubt it.

Adrian explodes with rage.

Adrian: Insolent scum!  Before I kill you I will see you kneel before me.

Vergil slides his thumb up, ejecting a portion of the Yamato from its sheath. 

Vergil: Don’t speak.  Just die.

Post Mission 22 Script

Vergil and Adrian charge each other.  They lock swords.  Adrian smiles at his opponent while Vergil just offers a cold stare in return.  Adrian transforms into mist and wraps behind Vergil.  Vergil staggers off balance from the force he was putting on Adrian as Adrian materializes.  Vergil turns around as Adrian brings his sword down upon him.  Vergil blocks but the force of the blow causes Vergil to drop down to one knee.  Vergil throws himself up forcing Adrian to stager backwards a few steps.  The two warriors stare each other down before engaging in a fast and furious duel.  As they battle Vergil gets a few slices in on Adrian’s arm, leg, and face, all of which heal up instantly.  Vergil leaps over and behind Adrian.  As he lands he sheathes his sword and gets into a ready stance.  As Adrian turns around Vergil speeds at him and draws his sword slicing through Adrian’s mid section.  As he slides past Adrian you can see very fast and very brief moving afterimages of Vergil slicing up Adrian’s body.  Adrian turns to face Vergil as his opponent sheathes his sword.  As soon as Vergil locks his sword into its scabbard all of Adrian’s numerous wounds erupt with blood spraying out.  Adrian cries out in pain.  Then his wounds close up.  Adrian stands there laughing at Vergil.

Adrian: It’s useless.

Adrian transforms into mist once more and slides in front of Vergil.  The mist begins to resemble Adrian.  Vergil places his hand on the hilt of Yamato.  Adrian, still in mist form slides behind Vergil and rematerializes.  Vergil moving extremely fast draws his sword and spins around slicing through Adrian’s neck.  As he cuts through his opponent Vergil grabs Dante’s amulet and snatches it from Adrian’s neck.  Vergil begins to slide his sword back into its scabbard and then stops short of locking it into place.  Adrian is wearing a bewildered look on his face.

Vergil: You’re right.  It is useless.

Vergil locks his sword into place and Adrian’s head rolls of his shoulders.  As his head falls, it, as well as his body turns to dust.  Vergil slides Dante’s amulet over his head.  He clutches the amulet in his hand.  The demons in the stadium begin pouring down into the arena.  Enzo walks up beside Vergil.

Enzo: I think the crowd wants a piece of us now. 

Vergil takes a few steps forward.

Vergil: There is no need for you to be here any longer.

Enzo crosses his arms and cocks his head slightly to the left.

Enzo: Five hundred to one.  Those aren’t the best odds.

Vergil: I’ve faced worse.

Enzo begins to walk up beside Vergil.

Enzo: I wouldn’t bail out on Dante.  I’m not about to leave his brother here to fend for himself.

Vergil turns to Enzo giving him a cold stare.  Enzo takes a few steps back and puts his hands out in defense.

Enzo: Yeah, you can handle this.  I’m gonna split.

Enzo draws Smith and West and blasts a few monsters in the face while avoiding their attacks.  He then turns back toward Vergil.  Enemies advance on him and surround him as he continues to stand his ground.

Enzo: Oh and whether you intended to save me or not, thank you!

Vergil’s eyes wince at Enzo’s words.  Enzo turns and runs through the gates behind him turning once more to see the enemies moving around Vergil.  They begin to rush him.  Vergil draws his sword and quickly slays the first wave of enemies.  Enzo smiles and then turns to continue his escape.

Pre Mission 23 Script

Dante opens his eyes.  He looks around the room in a bit of a daze.  He spots Vlad’s bloody sword on the ground across from where he’s sitting.  He looks down and sees Vergil’s amulet in his hand.  A look of surprise appears on his face.

Dante: …Vergil.

Dante clutches the pendant close to his chest.  He gets out of Vlad’s chair, sliding the amulet over his head as he looks around for his assailant.

Dante: Cowardly son of a bitch.  I hope Vergil didn’t get to you first.

Dante picks up his sword and straps it on his back and then walks out onto the balcony.  Dante sees a large island in the middle of a massive lake.

Dante:  I’m coming for ya, Vlad.

Dante hears the sound of flapping wings.  He quickly turns around only to be slammed off the balcony by one of Vlad’s brides.  She flies down in pursuit after Dante.  Dante, falling head first, draws Ebony and Ivory and opens fire on the bride.  The bullets tear through the vampire’s wings causing her to spiral downward towards Dante.  Dante holsters his guns.  He reaches for Oblivion and sends it spiraling up towards the falling bride, decapitating her.  The bride is reduced to dust.  Dante lands and his sword, Oblivion falls into its sheath.  Dante sees boats and realizes he’s now at a port.

Dante: A shipyard?  This guy has just about everything.  But I can fly faster than a boat can sail.

Dante devil triggers and flies off toward the island.  He lands outside of Vlad’s tomb and reverts back to his human form.  Dante’s phone starts to ring.  He pulls it out and answers it.

Dante: What’s up?

Enzo: Where are you?

Dante: I’m about to wrap this up.  Wait outside the village we came through.  I’ll meet you there shortly.

Enzo: I’m just outside the coliseum.  I can back you up.

Dante: I don’t need it.  I’ll catch up with you in a bit.

Enzo: Oh and I’m fine by the way.  Thanks for asking.

Dante: Enzo…shut up.

Enzo: One more thing before you hang up.  I just wanted to let you know that we won’t be getting paid on this one.

Dante: Yeah, I sorta figured that.

Enzo: You did? Oh well, good luck any way, man.

Dante hangs up the phone and puts it away.

Dante: I hate working for free.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Dante walks into Vlad’s resting chamber.  He sees Vlad standing on the other side of his crypt. 

Dante: I expected a bit more from this place.  This tomb of yours isn’t very kingly.

Vlad shrugs his shoulders.

Vlad: I used to view this place as nothing more than my sleeping quarters.  But after what Sparda did to me, I see it as nothing more than a prison.

Dante waves his finger at Vlad.

Dante: I’ve been shooting the breeze with you longer than I care for.

Dante begins to pace back and forth.

Vlad: You should show a little more respect for your elders.

Dante: Are you ready to end this?  Or are you going to keep on running?

Vlad: I haven’t been running, Dante.  I’ve merely been guiding you along your path.

Dante stops pacing.

Dante: Yeah, yeah.  You had this all planned out and you’re trying to…..

A bride flies out of the shadows to Dante’s left.  With extremely quick reflexes he draws Oblivion and decapitates her.  The bride’s head and body turns to dust as they crash into the ground.  Dante sheathes his sword.

Dante: Looks like all three of your brides are dead now.

Vlad shakes his head at Dante in disappointment.

Vlad: Still getting all your answers from story books.  I had four brides.

The realization that Dante was only aware of three brides hits Vlad.

Vlad: Interesting.  There’s someone else here besides you and your friend.

Dante smiles at Vlad.

Dante: You catch on quick.  I figured someone like you would know what’s going on in his own castle.

Vlad turns away from Dante.

Vlad: I have been too careless.  Efforts must be doubled.

He turns back to face Dante.

Vlad: You must forgive me for I can’t stay and amuse you.  However, I’ve brought along one of my servants to entertain you in my absence.

It is now Dante’s turn to shake his head in disappointment.

Dante: Running away again?  That figures.

Vlad: I’ll be waiting for you at the Skyway.

Vlad materializes into bats and flies out of the tomb.  Shifter comes out of the shadows from behind where Vlad was standing.

Dante: Well, well.  What do we have here?

Shifter’s hands turn into harpoons.

Dante: I told you last time that you made one hell of a mistake.

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory.

Dante: Time to pay the price.

Shifter gets into a ready stance.  Dante taunts him (DMC1 style with both hands, not one).

Dante: Bring it on you freak.

Post Mission 23 Script

Shifter turns his left arm into a battle axe and his right into a spear. He swings the axe at Dante.  Dante ducks the attack.  Shifter extends the spear at Dante.  Dante rolls underneath it.  With a burst of super speed, Dante rushes Shifter and splits him up the middle, separating his body.  Both halves of Shifter fall to the floor.

Dante: Told ya you’d pay for it.

Dante sheathes his sword and heads for the exit.

Pre Mission 24 Script

Dante enters the Skyway.

Dante: I’m here Vlad!  You can come out now!

Vlad steps out from behind a pillar.

Vlad: You made it here much sooner than I thought you would.

Dante: Your lackey wasn’t so tough when he had to face me head on.

Vlad pulls out the “Fallen Angel’s Tear” and begins to toss it into the air.

Vlad: I need a little more time to make preparations for the main event.  I’m sure you understand.

Dante pulls out Ebony and blasts the stone, shattering it into tiny fragments and dust.  Dante holsters Ebony.

Dante: Looks like Grim won’t be coming to your aide again.

A momentary look of annoyance appears on Vlad’s face, which he shrugs off.

Vlad: No matter. It always helps to have a backup plan.

Vlad snaps his fingers and a group of Hunters appear.  Vlad turns and walks into the teleporter and disappears.  A look of disgust appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: You coward.

Dante turns his attention toward the Hunters and grips the hilt of his sword.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante walks up to the teleporter.

Dante: Time to bring this little game of his to an end.

Dante steps into the teleporter.  He is transported above the clouds to the floating Vampire Citadel.

Dante: What a rush.

Dante walks out of the teleportation chamber and surveys his surroundings on the connecting bride between the skyway and the citadel.  The camera pans out to show the citadel floating within what appears to be an eye of a hurricane.  Lightning flashes and thunder crackles a few times before the camera pans back to Dante.

Dante: Hmmm, interesting scenery.

Pre Boss Fight Script

Dante storms into the Vampire Citadel’s Throne Room.

Dante: Alright Vlad.  It’s time to pay the devil his dues.

Dante spies tears of blood streaming down Vlad’s face.  Dante smiles at the sight.

Dante: What’s the matter?  Do you have something in your eyes?

Vlad looks up at the ceiling.  He closes his eyes and takes a breath.  The tears of blood evaporate off of his face.  Vlad cocks his head toward Dante.  Hate and rage fill his face.

Vlad: I just found out from my minions that my only son has been taken from me.  He was murdered by your brother.

Dante starts to laugh at Vlad.

Dante: Vlad, buddy, devils never cry.  I told you that you were nothing but a joke.

Vlad turns to face Dante, gritting his teeth while wearing a mask of pure hatred.

Vlad: Devil? You want a devil?  I’ll show you a devil!

Vlad transforms one final time, this time he transforms into his blessed form (truly demonic)

Vlad: I shall teach you the suffering that Hell is known for!

Vlad flies into the air.  He opens up his hands and creates two fireballs.

Vlad: You will be the sacrifice to release the God of Darkness, Erebus, from his prison.

He clenches his fists, snuffing out the fireballs.

Vlad: And your brother, Vergil, will be torn limb from limb.  He will feel my wrath!

Dante takes a few steps toward Vlad.

Dante: So that’s what you’ve had planned all this time huh?  Alright then.

Dante punches his fist into his open palm and cracks his neck.

Dante: Give me all you’ve got, vampire.  Let’s make this battle one to remember.

Dante smirks at Vlad.

Post Mission 24 Script

Dante falls to his hands and knees.  He tries to get back up but Vlad punches him back to the ground.

Vlad: You are nothing!  Just like your father!

Dante tries to get up again and is knocked back down again.

Vlad: If only I had used this power on Sparda.  He would be dead!

Dante begins to move and has his head stomped into the floor.

Vlad: Erebus would be free now!

Vlad scoops Dante up off the floor and slams his fist into his gut, then into his face.

Vlad: And I would be ruling the human world right now!

Vlad begins to lay into Dante with quick and extremely powerful punches.  Dante’s beating is so viciously relentless that Vlad doesn’t even give him the chance to fall over.  Vlad uppercuts Dante into the air, grabs his foot on his way up and pulls him into a back hand that smashes his jaw, snapping his head back.  Vlad finishes by grabbing Dante’s collar and brings him into a straight on punch snapping his head back hard.  Vlad lets Dante fall to his knees.  But before Dante can fall flat on his face Vlad lunges at him with a punch to the face that sends him flying across the room into a wall.  The impact completely demolishes the face of the wall.  Dante falls to his hands and knees and spits up blood.

Vlad: Now who’s the joke?!

Dante looks up at Vlad wearing a smirk on his face.

Dante: That would be you.

Dante draws his sword and uses it for support to help him stand up.

Dante: You think that you are all powerful?

Dante sheathes his sword on his back.

Dante: Don’t make me laugh.

Dante slowly advances on Vlad.

Dante: My father had more power than you’ll ever have.  And lucky for my brother and me, we have inherited his great power.

A red demonic aura emanates off of Dante.  His eye color goes from blue to red.

Dante: You’re about to find out what kind of power a devil really has.

Dante devil triggers into his true devil form.  Dante attacks Vlad with incredible speed and ferocious power.  He lays into Vlad like there’s no tomorrow.  Vlad drops to his knees.  Dante grabs his face and lifts him up off the ground and throws him across the room with such force that Vlad flies through the throne and sticks into the wall.  Arms down at his sides, Dante charges an energy ball in each hand and then combines them creating an even bigger energy ball.  He reels back and launches it at Vlad.  It hits the desired target creating a massive explosion obliterating the wall and pillars and everything else caught in the blast radius.  Vlad crawls out of the rubble and stands up.  Weakened he falls down to his hands and knees.

Vlad: It can’t end like this.  I won’t let it end like this.

Vlad looks up at Dante.

Vlad: I am a vampire.  And we vampires are eternal.

Vlad rises to one knee, and then all the way to his feet.  He materializes into a swarm of bats and flies out and up to the next level of the Citadel.  Dante follows him.  Vlad is standing in the middle of the chamber.  Dante lands and reverts to his human form.  His wounds are completely healed.

Vlad: My blood, my power.  I’ll use it to break the seal.

The symbols beneath Vlad begin to glow brightly.

Vlad: Erebus will be free.  And he will reward me by restoring that which I will have sacrificed for his freedom.

Vlad begins to levitate slightly off the ground. 

Vlad: Dante!  I’ll see you die yet.

Energy begins to rip in and out of Vlad.  Vlad lets out a painful scream.  He reverts back to his cursed form, still screaming as the energies become more intense.  Still screaming he reverts back to his normal form.  The energy intensifies once more.  A lot of his flesh is charred or burnt off his body.  The energies stop flowing, the symbols stop glowing, and Vlad falls to the ground landing on his knees, leaning back on his arms with his head slumped in his chest.  He coughs up blood on his chest and weakly looks up at Dante, offering him a sinister looking smile.  Lightning flashes outside followed by cracks of thunder.  The wind picks up, sweeping through the chamber.  A portal rips open with such force that a shockwave is sent out which sends Vlad and Dante slamming into pillars on opposite sides of the chamber.  Everything goes black.

Pre Mission 25 Script

Dante awakens in a daze.  His blurred vision clears.  A massive devil stands in the center of the chamber looking out at the storming skies.  Erebus was now free.  Dante turns his attention toward Vlad and sees that he too was regaining consciousness.

Vlad: Master, you’re free.

Erebus doesn’t even bother turning to regard him.

Erebus: You have done well Vladislaus.  I knew you would not fail me.

Vlad tries to get up but falls back to the floor.

Vlad: Master, you said if I released you that I would be rewarded.

Erebus: Indeed I did.

Erebus turns slightly to look upon his servant.

Erebus: And what would you have me do for you?

Vlad: I sacrificed my power.  The power you gave me.  My flesh and blood all so you could taste freedom.  Make me whole again.  Restore me to my former glory.

Erebus: You have served me well, and so I shall return to you what has been lost.

Dante rises to his feet.

Dante: That’s right, give him his power back.  The Emperor of the Night needs one more beating to go out on anyway.

Erebus turns to regard Dante.

Erebus: Ah, the son of Sparda has awakened.  Do you intend to do battle with me?  Do you wish to oppose a god?

Dante takes a few steps toward Erebus.

Dante: A god? You’re not a god.  You’re just another devil who thinks he’s all powerful.  I’ve faced a lot of your particular type before.  And each time I’ve always managed to come out the winner.

A smile appears on Erebus’ face.

Erebus: You are defiant just like you’re father.

Dante smiles at the devil.

Dante: Like father like son.

Erebus: Your father, what a powerful devil he was, and vicious too.  He could have been a king like the rest of us.  But he wasn’t interested in ruling.  His passion was for destruction.  His lust for battle was unquenchable.

A look of anger appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: My father had a noble spirit.

Erebus: Your father was a savage animal.  But you’re right.  Little by little, he changed, for the worse.  He became defiant towards us.  Though he still served us, he never did what was demanded of him.  He showed mercy to those who fell before him.  Mercy is something that a devil knows nothing of.

Dante: My father took on all you monsters and sealed you in the demon world.  You are alive today because of his mercy.  You should be grateful for that.

Erebus begins to laugh.

Erebus: Unfortunately Mundus turned on all the other Devil Kings.  He tried to have Sparda and the rest of the demon knights seal us away in the Nether World.  But he refused.  Sparda may not have cared for authority but he was still loyal to his superiors.  So Mundus took care of us, one by one.  Had we been around, your father’s rebellion would not have succeeded.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: Mundus, what a joke.  How can that statue be more powerful than each of you?

Erebus: Mundus sacrificed other devils to increase his power.  He desired to be the next god of the Demon World.  With us out of the way he could have the Demon World all to himself.  But his greed caused him to take hold of the Human World.  How fitting that his greatest knight turned on him.

Vlad, who has been waiting patiently for his renewed strength, finally snaps.

Vlad: Master! My reward!

Erebus turns to face Vlad.

Erebus: Ah yes.  I had almost forgotten.

Erebus extends his arm.  Vlad smiles but his joy quickly fades as the expression on his face turns to surprise as a sword rips through his heart and punches through his chest.  A look of pain and terror masks his face.  Vergil stands above Vlad’s body griping the handle of his sword with both hands.  Vlad turns his head so that he can see the identity of his attacker.

Vlad: The other son of Sparda, Vergil…

Vergil: This whole time, I was the one you should have been most concerned about.

Vlad turns back toward his master.

Vlad: Master, help me.  Save me.

Vergil twists the sword and Vlad cries out in pain before being reduced to dust.  Vergil sheaths his sword and looks up at Erebus with a face void of all emotion.  A look of annoyance appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: He was mine! 

Vergil doesn’t take his eyes off of Erebus.

Vergil: I told you how it was going to be Dante.  It wasn’t up for debate.

Dante: When this is over, we’re gonna have a little chat about you not interfering with my job.

Dante turns to face Erebus who continues to stare down Vergil.

Dante: Looks like you lost a minion pal.

Erebus: It matters not.  He was of no further use to me.

Vergil turns and walks away toward the edge of the chamber.  He stops and turns to face his brother.

Vergil: This one is all yours Dante.  I accomplished my task so I won’t steal your entire spotlight.

Vergil turns towards Erebus.

Vergil: Besides, it would be a waste to fight something so unworthy of my new found power.

Anger appears on Erebus face.

Erebus: Insolence is one thing, but calling a Devil King inferior is something that I will not tolerate.

Erebus tosses a massive energy ball at Vergil.  Vergil draws Yamato and devil triggers just as the blast detonates on him.  As the smoke clears Vergil is standing there in his true devil form and the Yamato has become the Sparda sword.  A look of surprise appears on Dante’s face as the Sparda sword reverts back into the Yamato.

Vergil: You should always use your sword, brother.  It holds secrets that you have yet to discover.  After all, it was imbued with a small portion of our father’s power.

Dante: I’ll have to remember that.  Guess I’ll be returning my new one.

Vergil turns and flies out of the citadel.  Erebus’ rage erupts and the pillars and ceiling to the chamber explode into fragments.  Lightning flashes all around them as thunder booms right on top of them.

Erebus: He will not escape my wrath!

Dante snaps his fingers at Erebus. 

Dante: I think you’re forgetting that you have me to deal with, your highness.

Erebus turns toward Dante.

Erebus: You have no idea what you’re up against, half-breed.

Dante’s eyes turn red and begin to glow as red demonic energy emanates off of his body.

Dante: I think you’re the one who’ll be surprised.

Post Mission 25 Script

Dante stands supported by his sword, breathing heavily.  Erebus laughs at Dante’s pathetic position.

Erebus: I never had the pleasure of battling your father.  But I’m sure he’s very disappointed in your performance.

Dante offers Erebus a sinister smile.

Dante: My father would show you mercy.

Dante straightens himself up.

Dante: I won’t.

Dante tosses Oblivion up into the air and draws Ebony and Ivory.  He twirls them about charging them to the maximum, putting all his power into the next two shots.  The barrels of the guns glow bright red with red electricity violently snaking out all over the guns.  Dante crosses the guns over and fires.  Two streams of red demonic energy erupt from the barrels streaking towards Erebus’ head.  The beams snake around each other but never combine.  Erebus thrusts his hand forward creating a barrier of shadows in front of him.  The beams collide with the barrier.

Erebus: My barrier is stronger than your weak attack.  You cannot hope to win son of Sparda.

The beams crash through Erebus’ barrier completely obliterating it.  The beams, extremely weakened from breaking through the barrier, blow out Erebus’ eyes and a portion of his face.  Erebus leans back from the pain and begins screaming into the sky.  Dante leaps into the air and snatches his falling sword.  He flips forward and drives the sword into Erebus’ head.  Dante twists the sword.  The blade of the holy sword glows bright white, causing cracks of light to spider web out all over the Devil King of Darkness’ body.  Dante leaps off Erebus as he explodes and disintegrates into nothingness.  Oblivion spirals toward Dante.  He snags it, twirls it around, and straps it on his back.  The citadel begins to shake as it falls from the sky.  Dante devil triggers and flies off.  The citadel falls and crumbles on top of the Skyway far below.   


The sun is starting to rise over the mountain tops.  Enzo sits on a porch in the abandoned village where the adventure began.  He looks down at his broken phone and throws it behind him.  Dante walks into the village.

Dante: Still alive I see.

Enzo doesn’t bother getting up to greet his friend.  He just sits there shaking his head.

Enzo: I thought you said this was going to be easy.

Dante smiles and shakes his head.

Dante: I did say that, didn’t I?

Enzo: And to top it off, we’re not getting paid for our hard work.

Dante sits down beside Enzo.

Dante: Sucks doesn’t it?

Enzo: Does that happen a lot?

Dante: Every now and then, yeah.  I’ll never get used to it though.

Enzo smiles at the thought.

Enzo: Looks like you got a bit of that noble streak your pops had.

Dante: I guess I’m more like my old man than I thought.

Vergil: That’s what sets us apart.

Vergil walks out from around the corner.  Dante rises to his feet.

Vergil: I believe you have something that belongs to me.

Dante: And you have something that belongs to me.

They toss each other their amulets and put them on.

Dante: How’d you do that back there?

Vergil looks down at his sword and then back at Dante.

Vergil: You’ll have to figure that out for yourself.

Dante smiles at Vergil.

Dante: Dick.

Vergil offers a smirk instead of a witty comeback.

Dante: So Vergil, you want a job?

Vergil: Not interested. 

Dante: Gonna wage your own private war against the demons are ya?

Vergil: Something like that.

Vergil begins to walk off and then stops.

Vergil: The next time we meet, I expect a fair fight, an actual duel between warriors.

Vergil devil triggers and flies off toward the sunrise.

Enzo: Wow.  You two actually seemed like brothers instead of bitter rivals there.

Dante looks back at Enzo.

Dante: We have our moments.

Zombies begin to drag themselves into the village.  Enzo looks over at them.

Enzo: You gotta be kidding me?

Dante smiles and draws Ebony and Ivory.  Enzo gets up and walks over to Dante while drawing Smith and West.

Enzo: Well, we were hired to wipe out all the monsters in the area.

Dante: Show time.

Dante and Enzo stand back to back with their guns at the ready.  They open fire on the approaching undead.

Roll credits.

After the Credits

The camera zooms in from afar.  Vergil is standing on a mountain cliff watching the sun rise.  He reaches up and grabs hold of his amulet.  He closes his eyes and bows his head slightly.  A smirk creases his lips.  A transparent image of Sparda’s demon form overlaps Vergil.

Fade to black.



—The End—

© 2006 dwarfkicker