Heart of Darkness  //  By: dwarfkicker

Cutscene script

Prologue Script

Dante walks into a small coffee shop.  He looks around and sees an older man waving him over.  Dante walks over to the old man’s table.

Walter: Ah, Dante.  Thank you for coming.

Walter holds out his hand, gesturing Dante to sit down.

Walter: Please, have a seat.

Dante pulls out the chair and joins Walter at the small table.

Dante: I take it you’re Walter?

Walter nods his head.

Walter: It’s good to finally meet with you face to face.  You come highly recommended. 

Dante smiles at those words.

Dante: Forget the rest if you want the best.

Walter takes a sip of his coffee.

Walter: This is a dangerous job.  But, I’m sure you will be able to handle it.  After all, you’re special.  Or at least that’s what I’ve been told.

Dante wears an expressionless mask.

Dante: Special…yeah.

A waitress walks over to the table.  She addresses Dante.

Waitress: Can I get you anything?

Dante smiles at her.

Dante: How ‘bout a beer?

A look of annoyance appears on the waitresses face.  Dante just shrugs his shoulders. 

Waitress: Sir, this is a coffee shop, not a bar.

The waitress turns to address Walter.

Waitress: More coffee sir?

Walter smiles and shakes his head slightly.

Walter: No thank you, I’m fine.

The waitress smiles and walks away.  Dante’s gaze follows the girl as she walks off.  Walter takes a sip from his coffee.  Dante turns his attention back to his potential client.

Dante: So…

Dante kicks his feet up onto the table and leans back in his chair with his arms crossed.

Dante: How’s about we get down to business?

A slightly annoyed look appears on Walter’s face.  He takes another sip of his coffee.

Walter: It’s an extermination mission.  You do that kind of job right?

Dante answers with a nod.

Walter: Excellent.  Your target is deep in the mountains outside of this town.  A mansion in a heavily forested area has been infested with monsters.

Walter puts a newspaper on the table.  The cover story is about a missing family.

Walter: People who have gone hiking or camping haven’t been seen again.  I fear that the infestation will spread to this town.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: So why am I dealing with you? Shouldn’t the mayor be the one hiring me?

Walter takes the newspaper off the table.

Walter: The mayor hired a small band of Demon Hunters about a month ago.  No one has seen nor heard from them since.  And I’ve taken it upon myself to hire you because I’m scared for the lives of my grand children.

A suspicious look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: You’re awfully calm for someone who fears for the survival of the townspeople, let alone the survival of his grand kids.

Walter smiles at Dante.

Walter: I believe I’ll live longer if I lead a stress free life.

Dante smirks at Walter.

Dante: Alright Wally, let’s discuss payment.  What’s this town’s survival worth to you? I’m thinking five hundred grand.

A mortified look appears on Walter’s face.

Walter: You can’t put a price on human life.

A cold look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: I just did.

Dante’s expression changes with the smile that appears on his face.

Dante: Oh, and that’s just the down payment.  Overall my services will run you one mil. 

Walter takes a sip of his coffee.

Walter: I believe that you’re the only one who can save this town.

Walter pulls out a check and starts writing on it.  Dante’s smile widens.

Walter: I have no choice.

Walter slides the check across the table.  Dante leans forward and takes his feet off the table.  He swipes his hand across the table and scoops the check up. 

Walter: Dante, you would have taken the job even if you weren’t getting paid.

Dante offers Walter a cold look.

Dante: You don’t know me.  So don’t pretend that you do.

Dante rises from his chair.

Dante: I don’t like to work for free.  But…every jobs needs doin and I’ll do what I gotta do.

Walter offers Dante a warm smile.

Walter: Thank you.

Dante turns away from the table.

Dante: Don’t thank me yet.

He turns his head slightly to regard Walter.

Dante: And don’t think that that little heart to heart got you off the hook.  When the job’s finished I’ll be collecting the rest of my fee.

Dante walks off.  Walter takes another sip of his coffee.

Pre Mission 1 Script

Dante rolls up to the mansion on his motorcycle.  He parks it and moves toward the big house.

Dante: Talk about living in luxury.  I wonder how much a place like this goes for.

Dante walks toward the house.

Post Mission 1 Script

Walter is still at the coffee shop sipping his coffee and paging through the paper.  The cell phone on the table starts to ring.  Walter folds up the paper and lays it down.  He reaches over and answers the phone.

Walter: Walter here, what can I do for you?

Walter gently strokes his beard.

Walter: How long before you arrive?

The old man takes a sip of his coffee.

Walter: Okay I’ll be ready.  I’ll contact you shortly before you arrive.

Walter hangs up the phone and flags down the waitress.  He points to the table with a soft smile.

Walter: Check please.

Pre Mission 2 Script

Dante stands outside of the guest house looking it up and down.

Dante: Even the guests get to live comfortably.  How can anyone afford something like this?

Dante sees a shadow shuffle by a window.

Dante: More zombies.  Talk about a cake walk of a job.

Dante starts to walk forward.

Dante: Easiest mil I’ve ever made.

Post Mission 2 Script

Helicopters tear through the night sky above the forest.  The scene changes to the inside of one of the choppers cabin.  It’s bathed in red light. 

Pilot: Major, the general wishes to speak with you.

Major Grave moves to the cockpit and puts a headset on.

Grave: Major Celsus Grave here…

Grave caresses his knuckles.

Grave: Recite orders? To sweep the facility and terminate any subject that he missed.

The Major turns to face his troops.

Grave: You also want us to document the deaths of the subjects? Roger that general, over and out.

Grave puts the headset down and moves back into the cabin.  The scene shifts back outside to the helicopters before changing into the cockpit of another one, this one brightly lit.  Dr. Keldin’s cell phone begins to ring.  He reaches in his pocket and answers it.

Keldin: Dr. Keldin here…

Keldin smiles sinisterly.

Keldin: Yes, the equipment is up and running.  Once I obtain the samples I’ll be able to begin immediately.  I’ll have a working serum by the time we return to the base.

The scientist props up his glasses.

Keldin: Now let’s just pray that he bleeds a little.  Oh, now for some good news.  It would please you to know that Dr. Abszer has given up Oroboros’ secret to accelerating the age of clones.  Looks like your persuasive methods worked like a charm.

Keldin’s grin seems as if it stretches from ear to ear.

Keldin: Really? Okay, she will be taken care of when we return.  Sometimes you surprise me general.

Keldin hangs his phone up.  The scene changes to show the helicopters continuing their journey.

Pre Mission 3 Script

Dante walks toward the cavern entrance but stops short.  Over the sound of the rushing water of the waterfall before him, helicopters can be heard.  Dante cocks his head slightly as if listening to something.

Dante: Helicopters?  Way out here?

Dante smiles at the thought.

Dante: Maybe they called in the National Guard.  They didn’t realize that a one man army was already hired.

Dante turns and walks through the waterfall.

Post Mission 3 Script

Dante walks toward the elevator leading out of the caverns. A hunter (RE reference) leaps out of the shadows behind Dante.  Dante spins around and uppercuts the creature, sending it rocketing up into the ceiling.  The creature falls back to the ground with rubble from the ceiling falling down on top of it.

Dante: I better be careful.  Don’t want to cause a cave in.

A big smile appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Cave in? Yeah, because I really care about what happens to this place.

The hunter busts through the rubble and leaps right at Dante.  Dante draws Force Edge and splits the oncoming beast in half down the middle.  The two halves go flying past Dante and bounce along the ground.  Dante straps his sword on his back and boards the elevator.

Pre Mission 4 Script

Dante walks down the steps into a run down lab area.  He sees bodies on operating tables as well as dust coated computers.

Dante: A lab?  This keeps getting weirder and weirder. 

He walks over to a computer and moves the mouse.  The screen comes to life.  Dante reads what appears.  A look of horror appears on his face.  The look quickly turns to one of annoyance.

Dante: What the hell?  These people were actually trying to make demons by experimenting on humans and animals.  Are you kidding me?!

Dante swipes the computer off the desk.  It slams into the wall across the room.

Dante: I hope the people behind this were zombified.  It would serve them right.

Pre Boss Script

Dante enters a room filled with empty pods.  He stops in his tracks when he sees one that is occupied at the other side of the room.  Dante walks over to it.

Dante: Well what do we have here?

Dante looks down at the little terminal beside it.

Dante: …Tyranus.

Dante looks back up at the abomination.

Dante: Well, that must be you.

He looks down at the terminal once more.

Dante: Life support.  Everything is reading A-okay.

Dante pushes a button and cuts off the monster’s life support.  Dante looks back up with a smile on his face.

Dante: Not anymore.

Dante turns and walks away.  Tyranus crashes through the pod and rushes Dante.  Dante turns around only to get skewered by the monsters claws.  Dante coughs up blood as he is lifted into the air.  Dante smiles sinisterly at the behemoth.

Dante: Didn’t like that huh?

Dante grabs the thing’s arm and kicks off its face, sliding off the monster’s claws.  Dante lands and draws his sword.

Dante: Now…let’s see how you like it.

Dante runs up and stabs his sword through the monster’s gut.  Tyranus backhands Dante with its clawless hand, sending Dante flying into a bunch of lab equipment.  Dante uses his sword to help himself on to his feet.

Dante: So it’s gonna be like that huh?  Alright big boy, let’s dance.

Post Boss Script

Tyranus rushes Dante.  The demon slayer leaps over the attacking brute, kicking it in the back of its head.  Tyranus stumbles forward.  Tentacles shoot out of the monster’s back and wrap around Dante’s arms and legs.  They pull him into the creature.  A giant fanged mouth opens on Tyranus’ back.  Dante looks over his shoulder as he is slowly dragged towards it.

Dante: Oh hell no.

Dante spins his blade, slicing off the tentacles binding his right side.  He turns and slices off the tentacles binding his left side.  Tyranus turns to face Dante and then lunges at him with its clawed hand.  Dante ducks the attack.  As he jukes, he slices off the creature’s arm.  Spinning he takes off Tyranus’ head.  Completing what seemed like one quick motion he straps his sword on his back.  The monster’s body falls to the ground behind him.  Dante starts to walk off.

Dante: All in a day’s work.

Post Mission 4 Script

Dante walks out onto the helipad.  Laser sights coat Dante’s chest.  He looks ahead where the beams are coming from.  Spotlights come on and blind Dante.  He raises his hand up in front of his eyes.

Dante: What the…

Walter steps into view as Dante’s eyes adjust to the lighting.  Helicopters and soldiers are behind the old man.

Walter: Well done, Dante.

An annoyed look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: What’s going on?

Major Grave steps into view and points past Dante.

Grave: Sweep the facility.  Take out anything that he missed.

The troops that had Dante in their sights move into the building.  Grave enters the building behind his troops.  Walter walks over to Dante. 

Walter: You’re skills are incredible.  You’re far superior to the previous band of hunters we sent in.

Dante grits his teeth.

Dante: Who the hell are you?

Walter: I am General Walter Farheit, with the military.  This was an experiment.  We needed field data for the next generation of super soldiers. 

Walter offers a slight smile.

Walter: I apologize for lying to you about the job, but I didn’t think you’d participate if I was up front with you about everything.

The hunter shakes his head.

Dante: So you fed me a bunch of bullshit?  That’s just great.

A pleading look appears on the general’s face.

Walter: Please understand.  I’m trying to make super soldiers to protect this country from enemies abroad as well as any future threats from the Demon World.

Dante’s face becomes masked with anger.

Dante: You know what…ah forget it.

He shakes his head and holds out his hand.

Dante: Just give me the rest of my money so I can get the hell outta here.

A group of scientists climb out of one of the helicopters.  Dr. Keldin is the last one out.

Keldin: Move into the lab and retrieve the blood samples.

The scientists hurry into the building.  Walter hands Dante his check.

Walter: Here you go.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Dante takes the check and pockets it.  He walks past Walter.

Dante: Yeah…it was a real pleasure.

Dante leaps from the rooftop and walks off into the woods.  Once out of sight he leaps up into a tree and watches the action on the helipad.

Dante: Now, let’s see what you’re really up to.

The scene changes to show that the sun is starting to rise. The scientists board their helicopter.  Dr. Keldin approaches the general.

Walter: Well?

Dr. Keldin holds up a steel suitcase.

Keldin: The samples have been retrieved.

Walter smiles and claps his hands together.

Walter: Hopefully the blood of a half-breed will enable us to make real devils instead of the defects that we’ve been churning out.

Keldin: I’ll begin synthesizing Dante’s DNA as soon as we are airborne.

Dr. Keldin boards the scientist helicopter.  Major Grave leads his troops out of the building.

Grave: We’re ready to pull out.  Sir, there wasn’t a single thing left alive in the place.  He killed them all.

Walter nods his head.

Walter: Impressive.  Talk about a thorough job.

The general turns and addresses the soldiers.

Walter: Alright everyone! Back on the birds!

Grave and his troops board their helicopter as Walter boards his.  Dante watches as the helicopters lift off.

Dante: Man made devils…with my DNA?

Dante shakes his head and leaps out of the tree.

Dante: Oh Wally, you just made the biggest mistake of your life.

The mansion explodes.  Debris flies everywhere.  The surrounding trees catch on fire.  The flames begin to spread from tree to tree.  Dante stares at the burning rubble.

Dante: Destroying evidence now too?  Someone’s been a bad, bad boy.  My bike better still be in one piece when I get back.

Dante devil triggers and flies after the helicopters.

Pre Mission 5 Script

Dante continues to pursue the helicopters.    They slowly begin to descend.  Dante looks down.  He notices he’s far above a port.  A sinister smirk creases his lips.

Dante: Alright, time to start investigating this place.

Dante reverts to his normal form and falls from the sky.  He flips around and lands behind a stack of crates.  The ground breaks up from the force of his impact.  He rises to his feet.  Clasping his hands together, he pushes forward and cracks his knuckles.

Dante: Heh, investigation?  This job is an extermination.

Post Mission 5 Script

A single helicopter tears across the night sky. Oroboros is printed along the side of the chopper. The scene switches to inside the chopper cabin with a group of soldiers.

Sarge: Alright, listen up!  I’m gonna go over the plan one more time.  Our objectives are to recover Dr. Abszer, and to sabotage the laboratory.  Anyone gets in our way we execute them with extreme prejudice.

The chopper pilot turns around to address the commanding officer.

Pilot: We’re on final approach to the destination. E.T.A. (estimated time of arrival) ten minutes.

Sarge nods his head and cocks his gun.

Sarge: Lock and load folks.  It’s game time.

The troops do the same.

Soldiers: Hoo-rah!!!

The helicopter continues its path to the island.

Pre Mission 6 Script

A small group of soldiers are standing in the opening just inside the warehouse.

Trooper 1: Did you hear? There was a skirmish down at the docks.

Trooper 2: I heard that everyone stationed there was wiped out.

Trooper 3: Could it be Oroboros? Could they have come to retrieve the scientist?

Trooper 1: No.  It was too messy for a Special Forces team to have done it.

Trooper 4: Perhaps our own government caught wind of our operation here.

Trooper 2: That’s unlikely.  It could be…

Trooper 3 turns to the entrance and raises his rifle.

Trooper 3: Who’s there?

The other soldiers do the same.

Trooper 3: Identify yourself!

Dante walks into the warehouse from outside.

Dante: Evenin ladies.  You wouldn’t happen to know where…

Trooper 1: Freeze!

Trooper 4: Move and we shoot.

Dante shakes his head and then dashes behind a giant container.  The soldiers open fire as he moves.

Trooper 3: Where’d he go?

Dante comes running out from behind a container on the opposite side of the room.  He grabs trooper 1 and cloth lines him into the container he first disappeared behind.  The soldiers turn and open fire.  Dante dashes behind the container, dodging the bullets.  Trooper 1 is gunned down by friendly fire.
Trooper 2: Jesus Christ!

Trooper 4: Get focused and stay alert!

Dante drops down from the rafters above and lands in the midst of the soldiers.  He grabs trooper 2, lifts him, flips him around, and drops him on his head, snapping his neck.  The soldiers turn to face Dante.  He flips over trooper 4, grabbing his head, flipping him over his shoulder, and tossing him up against a container.  Trooper 3 opens fire, but before he can get a shot off Dante grabs the barrel of the gun and lifts it up causing the soldier to fire on the ceiling.  Dante slams his fist against the trooper’s side, breaking his ribs.  He then grabs the soldier’s head and bends him backwards, snapping his back.  Trooper 2 rises to his feet, but before he can reorient himself, Dante rushes him, grabs his face and puts his head through the container.  Dante steps back and looks over the carnage that has taken place.

Dante: Bunch of trigger happy lunatics. 

Dante starts to walk off.

Dante: Always gotta do things the hard way.

Pre Boss Script

Dante enters a part of the warehouse with a bunch of oil drums stacked all over the place.  An oil drum is sent flying at him.  Dante turns and backhands it, sending it smashing into a stack of drums.  Grave walks into view.  He winks at Dante and then draws a combat knife.  Grave whips the knife at the hunter.  Dante, in one quick motion, snatches the knife out of the air and sends it back at the major.  The blade sticks into Grave’s bicep. 

Dante: Got anything else to throw at me tough guy?

Grave pulls the knife out of his arm and licks the blood off the blade.  Dante smirks at him.

Dante: That’s attractive.

Grave: We’re doing wonderful things with your DNA.

A look of annoyance appears on Dante’s face.

Grave: I’m a living testament to that.

Dante: I bet you are.

Grave shrugs his shoulders.

Grave: I’m a soldier.  I’m not big on conversation.  So what do ya say? Let’s play.

Dante cracks his neck.

Dante: Man, I am so gonna enjoy putting you in your place.

Post Mission 6 Script

Grave is down on one knee staring at Dante’s sword that is pointed at his face.

Grave: Is that all ya got?

Dante: Still talking shit huh?

Dante stabs his sword into the ground.

Dante: I’ll just beat the living…

Grave lunges at Dante and tackles him onto the ground.  He begins laying into the hunter’s face.  Dante blocks an oncoming punch and then reaches up and grabs Grave’s head.  He delivers a fierce head butt which causes the soldier to fall backward.  Dante jumps to his feet.  Grave rises to his feet with an uppercut that causes Dante to stagger backward.  As Grave advances on Dante he cracks his knuckles before grabbing him.  The major spins Dante around and flings him into a stack of oil drums.  The drums fall upon Dante.

Grave: Come on boy, I’m still only playing.  You’d make a piss poor soldier.

Dante erupts from the barrels and kicks one at Grave.  Grave shakes his head and holds out his arms.  He catches the drum and crushes it.  Oil spills out all over him and the floor.  The soldier discards the ruined barrel.  Dante smiles sinisterly and kicks another one at him.  Dante draws Ebony and fires off a shot that blows up the barrel as Grave catches it.  The explosion rockets a burning Grave into a stack of barrels.  The flames on his body cause them all to blow up.  A chain reaction starts and soon all the oil drums explode.  Dante walks off through the raging flames.

Pre Mission 7 Script

Dante walks along a mountain trail.

Dante: Hmm, feels like I’m being watched.

Dante looks over his shoulder, and then back at the path ahead.  He shrugs his shoulders.

Dante: Maybe it’s just my imagination.

Dante continues to move forward.  As Dante disappears from sight, Sky walks into view.

Post Mission 7 Script

Dante continues walking along the mountain path.  He stops.

Dante: How much longer are you gonna keep shadowing me?

Sky walks into view from somewhere behind him.

Sky: I had to be sure.

Dante turns his head slightly to regard her.

Dante: Be sure of what?  Whether I’m friend or foe?

Sky: Well…

Dante turns around and looks her up and down.

Dante: If you’re with the mad scientists then obviously I’m an enemy to you.

Sky holds her hands out in defense.

Sky: Just relax.  I may be with this group but I’m not actually with them.

Dante starts to walk over to her.

Dante: Ah, a traitor.  Or are you a double agent?

Sky throws Dante an annoyed look.

Sky: How about you stop with the third degree and listen to what I have to say?

Dante stops a few feet away from the girl.

Dante: This the part where you offer to lend me a hand only to turn around and sell my ass out later on down the line?

Sky shakes her head slightly.

Sky: Jump to conclusions much?

Dante eyes her coldly.

Sky: I’m the general’s grand daughter.  So I…

A look of surprise appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Wally’s got family?!  Excellent!

Dante draws Ivory and points it at Sky’s face.

Dante: So if I blow you away he’ll come out of hiding?

An annoyed look appears on Sky’s face as she pushes the gun out of her face.

Sky: Are you serious?

Dante smiles at his new acquaintance.

Dante: Nah.

He twirls his gun around before holstering it.

Dante: I’m all ears, babe.

Sky tosses Dante a walky-talky.
Dante: What the hell is this?

Sky: It’s a radio so we can keep in touch.

Dante tucks it away in his coat.

Dante: Why can’t you just use a cell phone like a normal person?

Sky: These are safer.  Trust me.

Dante turns around and starts to leave.

Sky: Hey where are you going?  I haven’t filled you in on the details yet.

Dante turns around to face Sky, walking backwards as he talks.

Dante: Let me guess; gramps is doing bad things.  You don’t believe in what’s going on here.  And you need my help to take down the mad scientist and his little three ring circus.  Sound about right?  I thought so.

Dante turns back around and walks off.

Sky: Hey wait a minute!

Dante waves over his shoulder as he disappears from view.  Sky stands there shaking her head.
Pre Mission 8 Script

Dante walks along the perimeter of the military base.  He surveys his surroundings, watching the soldiers move about.  He sees that the soldiers have a red glow to their eyes.

Dante:  Looks like Walter’s started making his super soldiers.

Dante’s walky-talky starts beeping.  He pulls it out of his coat pocket.

Sky: Hey, you don’t walk away from a woman when she’s talking to you.

Dante smiles and shakes his head.

Sky: Where are you? Over.

Dante: I’m outside of the base.

Sky: You have to say over when you’re finished responding.  Over.

Dante rubs his head.

Dante: Whatever.  Now listen, I’m going in.  I don’t need you running your mouth when I’m trying to handle my business.

Sky: Wait, you need a key card to get into the base.  If you had waited back there instead of running off, I could have given it to you. Over.

Dante: I don’t need it.

Dante tucks the radio into his coat.  Sky’s muffled words can be heard from it as Dante moves toward the base.

Pre Boss Script

Dante looks at the steel door to the massive facility.  He shrugs his shoulders and begins knocking on the door.  A booming voice comes alive from the other side.

Arsenal: Insert key card.

Dante smiles at the situation he’s in.

Dante: Yeah…I left it in my other coat.

Arsenal: State the password.

Dante silently lips the word “password.”

Dante: Um… the crazy cock crows at dawn.

There’s silence for a moment.  Dante can’t seem to wipe the smile off his face.

Dante: Hey did you catch all that, chief?

The doors explode.  The explosion throws Dante back.  He flips backward and slides into a landing stance. 

Dante: Sheesh, no sense of humor.

A massive tank-like humanoid rolls through the smoke.

Arsenal: Intruder! Halt!

Dante lets out a high pitched whistle.

Dante: A man infused with cybernetics.  The only way you could survive such a procedure is if you’ve got a little demon in ya.

Arsenal continues to advance toward the hunter.

Arsenal: Disarm and surrender!

A look appears on Dante’s face that can only be described as being a cross between surprise and amusement.

Dante: Surrender?!

Dante flips his opponent off.

Dante: This is what I think about that.

The chain gun that makes up Arsenal’s left arm beings rotating.  Missile compartments open up on the thing’s shoulders and chest.  The flamethrower that makes up Arsenal’s right arm ignites.

Arsenal: Commencing target termination!

Dante draws Force Edge and points it at Arsenal.

Dante: Alright buddy, you just bought yourself a one way ticket to the scrap heap.

Post Mission 8 Script

Arsenal unleashes a volley of missiles into the air.  Dante looks up and watches as they descend upon him.  They detonate on and all around him.  As the dust clears Dante’s devil triggered form can be seen shadowed behind a wall of flames.  As the wall of fire flickers and parts Dante stands in his normal form amongst the raging inferno that surrounds him.  A sinister smile taunts Arsenal into its next attack.  Arsenal holds out its right arm and a stream of fire spits toward the hunter.  Dante leaps into the air and whips his sword at his opponent.  The sword pierces Arsenal’s chest.  The mechanized monster raises its left arm.  The chain gun spins and spits round after round at the airborne hunter.  Dante draws Ebony and Ivory.  Red electricity briefly snakes along the barrels of the two guns.  Dante fires a hailstorm of charged shots that rip through his opponent’s body.  Arsenal’s arsenal is destroyed and the warheads of the missiles stored inside its body detonate and blow its body apart from within.  Dante lands on the ground and holsters his firearms.  His sword falls from the sky and sticks into the ground. Dante holds his arms outstretched.

Dante: And another wannabe falls to the power of the real thing.

Dante walks over to his sword and pulls it from the ground.  The camera pans out to show the Oroboros Special Forces watch as Dante rests his blade on his shoulder and disappear into the facility.

Soldier: Holy shit Sarge.  That guy’s got some moves.

Sarge frowns at the soldier.

Sarge: Kill anyone that gets in our way.  That’s one of our orders.

Soldier: Yeah but did you see that guy?  Maybe we should get him to join us.

An annoyed look appears on Sarge’s face.

Sarge: We’re not recruiters.  Now let’s move out.  We’ve got a job to do.

The troops begin to rapidly advance on the facility.

Pre Mission 9 Script

Dante enters the facility.  A gun shot rings out.  Dante spins around and swipes his hand across in a horizontal arc.  He holds his arm out and opens his hand up revealing the bullet he snatched. 

Dante: Too slow.

Dante flicks it back toward the Special Forces group at the entrance.

Sarge: Don’t move scumbag.

Dante throws his hands up.

Dante: Now that’s not nice.  I don’t even know you and you’re calling me names.

He cocks his head to the side while wearing a curious look on his face.

Dante: You guys appear human.

Dante looks them up and down.

Dante: Your uniforms are different.

One of the soldier’s lowers his weapon and steps forward.

Soldier: We’re with Oroboros Technologies.  Don’t try to associate us with these low life pieces...

Sarge turns his head to the out of line trooper.

Sarge: Shut it!  Or I’ll shut it for you!

The soldier raises his weapon.

Soldier: Sorry, Sarge.

Dante takes a few steps toward the troops.

Dante: Is the enemy of my enemy my friend, or my enemy?

Sarge: We’re not here for you.  So get the hell out of here.

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Dante: But you shot at me.

He smiles.

Dante: Oh I get it.  You’re on one of those, “kill every thing that moves,” missions.

A look of anger appears on Sarge’s face.

Sarge: That’s none of your business.

Dante holds up one finger.

Dante: First, don’t waste your bullets on me.  Trust me on that one.

He holds up a second.

Dante: Second, stay the hell outta my way.  Don’t cross me and you’ll live to a ripe old age.  Cross me and you’ll end up like the rest of the bad guys here.

Dante claps his hands together.

Dante: Now…

Dante points behind himself.

Dante: I’m going this way.

Dante points behind the Special Forces.

Dante: You can go that way.

Dante turns and walks off.

Dante: Have a good one.

The soldiers lower their weapons as they watch him leave.

Soldier: What should we do?  He’s heading to our destination.

Sarge turns and faces the entrance.

Sarge: We’ll take the long way around.  Besides, he’ll distract the enemy for us while we slip right on in through the side entrance.  Now move out.

The soldiers head back outside.

Pre Boss Script

Dante steps out of the elevator and into a large, well decorated room.  He looks around and walks forward a few steps and then stops.  He spins around and looks up just in time to see Grave descend from the ceiling with his knife drawn.  Dante holds his hand up to block the sneak attack.  The blade slides through Dante’s hand.  Using the momentum of Grave’s fall Dante shifts his position and tosses Grave across the room.  Grave hits the ground and skids across it.  He flips back onto his feet.  In one motion Dante rips the knife out of his hand and whips it to his side.  The knife sticks into a fuse box causing sparks to fly and the lights to flicker on and off and then dim.  Dante draws Force Edge as he advances on Grave and stabs it into the floor.

Dante:  Ready to have your ass handed to you again?

Grave gets up and charges Dante.  He swings at Dante.  The hunter ducks the soldier’s attack and slams his fist against his gut.  Grave lurches forward only to be knocked backward with an uppercut to the jaw.  Grave swings at Dante again.  Dante once again ducks the attack and slides right by his opponent.  He kicks his leg out, hitting Grave in the back of his knee and then attacks with a backhanded strike.  The backhand connects just as Grave falls to one knee.  The attack causes Grave to land face first in the ground.  Dante reaches down and grabs Grave by his shirt.  In one quick motion he lifts him up with one hand and tosses Grave up into the air.  Dante steps out of the way as Grave’s body falls back to the ground.  Grave rises to his feet.  He turns around to face the hunter.  Dante spins around and kicks Grave in the gut, sending him backward toward the elevator.  Grave smashes through the elevator doors and slams up against the back wall.  Dante walks over, retrieves his sword, and straps it on his back.  Grave, with incredible speed, dashes out the elevator and snatches Dante up by the neck.  His eyes are completely black with white irises, veins bulging and pumping as if alive, and his muscles slowly begin to expand.

Grave: I’ve gotten a bit of a boost since our last bout.

Grave slams Dante down into the ground causing the floor to crack up all around them.

Grave: It’s not going to be the same this time.

Dante: I figured you’d have learned by now.  Play with fire and you’ll get burned.

Dante kicks Grave in the face three times.  The kicks snap his head back but don’t faze him.  The third kick dislodges his hold on Dante and he staggers backward.  Dante gets to his feet and straightens his coat.

Dante: Looks like you’re gonna get burned again.

Grave smiles as he transforms into a demonic looking Nemesis (Resident Evil 3).  Grave roars at Dante.

Post Mission 9 Script

Grave is hunched over breathing heavily.

Dante: You seem to be having a tough time keeping up.

Grave staggers as he straightens himself out.

Grave: My strength is greater than yours.  It’s only a matter of time before I…

Dante: Before you what?

Dante cocks his head to the side as he smiles at Grave, amused at the monster’s predicament.

Dante: What good is strength without speed?  Yeah sure you hit pretty hard, but come on man.  What’s the point when you can’t move quick enough to get a hold of me?  Looks like you got a bad batch of whatever it was that you took.

Grave roars and then lunges at Dante.  Dante leaps up and lands on top of Grave’s head.  Grave’s face contorts in rage at this childish display.

Dante: Too slow.

Grave reaches up to grab Dante but the hunter leaps off his opponent’s head.  Drawing Force Edge he comes down and slices Grave right down the center.  Grave drops to his knees and splits in half.  Dante straps his sword on his back.  He shakes his head as he walks off.

Dante: …Too slow.

Pre Mission 10 Script

Walter and Keldin are in an office, replaying Dante’s battle with grave on a monitor.  Walter shuts off the monitor and then tosses the remote down on his desk.

Walter: It would appear that the serum you’ve concocted needs to be reformatted.

Keldin adjusts his glasses.

Keldin: Indeed.  I couldn’t make out our intruder in that video.  Do you think the Major’s report was accurate in saying that Dante is here?

Walter: It would seem that way.  I’m more concerned with how he got here.  He didn’t sneak on board the helicopters.  There’s more to him then meets the eye.

Keldin: That’s if we are even dealing with Dante here.  It could be someone from Oroboros who’s come to retrieve Dr. Abszer.

Walter sips from a cup of coffee.

Walter: One of their creations?

Keldin: Think about it.  It’s only one man…or thing.  It’ll get killed and then we’ll have the body.  We can see what they’re doing right and fix our mistakes.

Walter takes another sip of his coffee before setting the mug back on his desk.

Walter: How’s Project Reaper coming along?

Keldin’s face lights up with excitement.

Keldin: Results are coming along at an accelerated rate.  The info that we tortured…or received from the good doctor has yielded amazing results.

Walter: Did you make the necessary adjustments that we talked about.

Keldin: Everything is in order.  If you really wanted, the weapon could be ready for action by the time I get back to the lab.

Walter nods his head.

Walter: Good.  Make it happen.  Let’s see if our new weapon is better than the original.

Keldin smiles sinisterly.

Keldin: Well then, I’ll be on my way to the lab.

Keldin walks out of the office.  Walter grabs his coffee and takes another sip.

Post Mission 10 Script

Sky is rummaging through a filing cabinet in an office.

Dante: Well if it isn’t my own personal guardian angel.

Sky turns to see Dante leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed.

Dante: Snooping around trying to dig up useless info for me?

An annoyed look appears on Sky’s face.

Sky: Useless?  How can you call what I’m doing for you, “useless?”

Dante uncrosses his arms and walks into the office.

Dante: Simple, I don’t need your help.

Sky’s annoyance turns to anger.

Sky: You know…

Dante holds his hand up to silence her.

Dante: Hold up.

He draws Ebony and fires off a dozen shots at the wall in a sweeping motion.  The sound of bodies hitting the floor outside of the office can be heard.  Dante gives Ebony a twirl before holstering it.

Dante: Now if you wanna feel special, you can make yourself useful by filling me in on all the boring details that I’m unaware of.

Sky eyes Dante up curiously.

Sky: The truth behind this operation?  Okay, easy enough.

Dante signals with his hand to hurry it along.

Dante: Let’s make it quick.  I don’t want this little job to take any longer than it has to.

A playful smirk appears on the girl’s face.

Sky: There’s just no pleasing some people.

She becomes serious.

Sky: It all started when this unit managed to acquire demonic DNA.

Dante: Demonic DNA, huh?

Sky shoots him an annoyed look.  Dante holds his hands out in defense.

Dante: Sorry, continue.

Sky: They intended to use it to make super soldiers, or at least that’s what I’ve been told.  I think there’s more to it but they’re intentionally keeping me in the dark on this.

Dante turns his head slightly as if listening for something outside of the office.

Sky: There was a slight problem.  The scientists that were brought on had no idea how to synthesize the demon blood.

Dante turns back to face her while wearing an amused look.

Dante: Demon blood.  Now that sounds better, doesn’t it?

Dante quickly runs his fingers across his lips signaling that his lips are zipped when Sky throws him yet another annoyed look.

Sky: Somehow a foreign corporation found out about the work going on here and offered to point my grandfather in the right direction.

Dante can’t help but to interrupt again.

Dante: And the name of this group would be…?

Sky is calm with his third outburst.

Sky: Oroboros Technologies.

Dante: Oroboros huh?  I’ll have to pay them a visit at some point.

Sky: With the help of this new corporation, the scientists were able to synthesize a workable serum.  However, the results were less than expected.  The so called super soldiers and other experiments were nothing more than mindless savages.

Dante begins to stroke his jaw.

Dante: This is why they needed the blood of a half-breed.  They probably figured since human blood is already mixed in with demonic blood it would yield better results.

Sky simply shrugs her shoulders.

Sky: Your guess is as good as mine.

Dante turns his back to his helper and begins pacing.

Dante: It doesn’t matter.  In the end it will all turn out the same.

A curious look appears on Sky’s face.

Sky: What do you mean?

Dante turns back around to face her.

Dante: Human bodies can’t handle demonic power.  I’ve seen the result of humans trying to become gods before.

Dante walks to the doorway and then throws Sky a smile.

Dante: You’ve been a big help.  Try to keep out of trouble while I finish this.

Sky: Good luck.  I’ll try to see if I can’t find anything that could be of use to you.

Dante walks out of the office.

Pre Mission 11 Script

The Oroboros troops are firing at an advancing deformed monster.  It stumbles but continues to advance as bullets rip through it.  It eventually falls dead.  The soldiers reload their weapons.

Soldier: Jesus Christ these things take some serious heat.

Sarge looks annoyed as usual.

Sarge: Cut the chatter! Let’s go.

The troops move into the lab.  Dr. Keldin stands at a computer terminal across the room.

Keldin: Ah, Oroboros Special Forces.  What took you so long?

Sarge: Dr. Keldin, where’s Dr. Abszer? Cooperate and we’ll pretend we didn’t run into you.

A sinister grin appears on Keldin’s face.

Keldin: And if I don’t?

Sarge: You’ll be nothing more than a stain on the floor when we’re through with you.

The doctor turns to face the soldiers.

Keldin: You grunts are all the same.  Well, mission accomplished gentlemen.  The good doctor is no longer with us.  We killed her after we got your company’s secrets for accelerating the age of clones.  You can all go home now.

Keldin puts a wide smile on his face.

Keldin: Heh, I’m not as naive as to believe that you came all the way over here for one scientist.  You’re here to sabotage my research.

Sarge: Alright men, take him…

Keldin rushes Sarge with blur like speed.  He knocks the commander on his back with an elbow to the chest.

Keldin: You humans with your man made weapons.

With another blur of motion, Keldin appears at a steal door that reads “Bio-Hazard.”  The scientist pushes a button on the wall and the door rises revealing a giant test pod.  Keldin pushes another button on the wall and the liquid in the tank drains.  The creature inside it opens its eyes and smashes out of it.  It stands beside the good doctor.

Keldin: Let’s see how you fair against a weapon produced by science.

Keldin turns to regard his latest creation.

Keldin: Reaper, annihilate.

Reaper smiles sinisterly.  The demon runs at the soldiers at a normal speed.  The troops open fire.  Reaper ignores the bullets ripping through his flesh.  He reaches out and picks up the nearest soldier by the face.  He hoists him up into the air and bites into his throat.  Reaper tears his throat out and discards the body.  Reaper leaps forward and with a mighty swipe of his hand he takes another soldier’s head off.  The soldier’s body slumps to the ground as the demon tosses the head away.  The soldiers run out of ammo with their machine guns and switch over to their handguns.  Reaper thrusts his arm out to the side and grabs a soldier.  Hoisting him up into the air the demon punches his hand into the soldier’s gut.  Reaper pulls his hand out and with it, a fistful of the soldier’s intestines.  Reaper continues to dangle the dead soldier off the ground as his insides spill out.  Reaper continues to be pelted by gunfire as he drops the body.  Reaper dashes at the closest soldier and slides both of his hands into the soldier’s rip cage.  The demon rips the poor human’s rib cage wide open.  Sarge runs out of handgun ammo.  Dropping the firearm to the floor he draws his combat knife and charges the demon.  Reaper’s hand shoots out in a blur and snatches Sarge’s arm.  Reaper smiles sinisterly.  Sarge is overcome with fear.

Sarge: Shit…

Reaper places his hand on Sarge’s head and clenches his fist, crushing the last soldier’s skull.  Sarge’s body drops to the ground.  Dr. Keldin is overcome with maniacal laughter.

Pre Boss Script

Dante enters the large lab.  Bodies litter the floor. 

Dante: Guess these guys won’t be living to be a ripe old age after all.

Dante spies Dr. Keldin hunched over a computer terminal.

Dante: Looks like I missed the party. 

Keldin looks up and sees Dante standing in the entrance.  He throws a smile toward the hunter.

Keldin: Ah, Dante.  So the reports are true, you are here.

Static echoes from Dante’s walky-talky.

Sky: Dante come in.  I found something, over.

Dante reaches into his coat and quick shuts it off.

Dante: Shit.

A sinister smile appears on Keldin’s face.

Keldin: The general’s grand daughter, a traitor?  I’ll have to pass that along to him.

Dante begins to move toward the doctor.  Keldin turns and begins to walk away.  Dante draws Ebony and fires a shot that rips through the doctor’s knee.  Keldin falls to the ground.

Dante: Freeze.

The good doctor picks himself back up and shakes his leg.  His wound heals.  He repositions his glasses.

Keldin: I would take you on, but why do that when I can collect precious combat data from you.

A look of confusion appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Come again?

Dante looks over his shoulder just in time to see Reaper’s arm swing into view.  Dante ducks the backhand and turns to face his attacker.  As he comes face to face with Reaper he is hit by an uppercut that causes him to flip backward.  Dante lands sprawled out on his stomach.  He quickly pushes himself up only to be kicked in the side of the head.  The boot sends Dante flying across the room.  The hunter slams up against the wall but catches himself from falling.  Dante grits his teeth as he looks over in Reaper’s direction.  Keldin’s grin stretches from ear to ear.

Keldin: Now play nice you two.

Dr. Keldin walks off as Dante composes himself.

Dante: What the hell are you supposed to be?

Reaper’s smile is a twisted one.

Reaper: I’m you. I’m your…

Dante: You’re not my shadow.  I already put that in its place.

Reaper chuckles softly.

Dante: What’s so funny freak show?

The clone’s face is filled with excitement.

Reaper: I’m the true you.  The devil which you were always meant to be.

Dante waves his hand, dismissing what was just said.

Dante: Don’t think so pal.  You’re just some cheap imitation of me.  And besides…

Dante looks down and smiles at his reflection in the steal table.

Dante: I don’t remember ever being that ugly.

Reaper cocks his head to the side and eyes Dante with a curious look.

Reaper: You nurture your human side and reject your demon side.  You truly wish to believe that you are a part of the human race.

A temporary look of anger appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Shut it!

Reaper lets out a low hiss.

Reaper: Struck a nerve, did I.  How very human of you.

Dante slowly cracks his neck.

Dante: Keep talking asshole.

Reaper’s eyes go wide as he hangs his tongue out of his mouth with a twisted smile.

Dante: What are you? A clone, a shadow, or are you some kind of shape shifter?

A smirk begins to curl the hunter’s lips.

Dante: Or maybe you’re an animated puppet.

Reaper shrugs his shoulders.

Reaper: Maybe you’re the imitation.  You hide your true face…

Anger wells up in Dante as he waves his hand in front of his face.

Dante: This is my true face.

Reaper looks down at his reflection in one of the steel tables.  With the nail on his index finger he scratches a streak across it.  He looks back up at Dante.

Reaper: Is it?

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: Whatever Pinocchio.  I think I know what I am.

A sick, excited smile appears on the clone’s face.

Reaper: An outcast; accepted by neither humans nor devils.

Dante smiles sinisterly at the demonic imitation.

Dante: I’m gonna take great pleasure in wiping that shit eating grin off your face.

An excited look of surprise takes hold of Reaper.

Reaper: You want to play?

Dante grips the side of the table surface and thrusts his arm upward, hurling the piece of furniture at his opponent.  Just before it hits Reaper it is sliced in half.  As the two halves glide by the demon Dante sees that his hand is in the shape of a sword.  A sinister smile appears on Reaper’s face.

Reaper: Let’s rock!

Post Mission 11 Script

Dante stands breathing heavily while eyeing his copy coldly.  Reaper doesn’t appear exhausted in the least as he wears a big grin.

Reaper: What’s the matter?  If you were the authentic one, wouldn’t you be the one controlling this fight?

Dante: Imitations shouldn’t be talking trash to the real McCoy.

Reaper: Take your own advice, fake.

Reaper winks at Dante and blows him a kiss.  A look of annoyance masks Dante’s face.

Dante: I’ve had enough of this bullshit.

Dante rushes Reaper.  He swings his sword downward at the demonic imitation.  Reaper twirls out of the way.  Completing the twirls he swings in a horizontal arc aiming to take off his opponent’s head.  Dante flips backward, dodging the attack.  As Dante is in mid flip, Reaper takes to the air above Dante.  Thrusting his legs downward at Dante’s chest, he slams the hunter into the ground. Reaper jumps off Dante and then thrusts down at the fallen warrior.  Dante rolls backward and Reaper pierces the floor.  The hunter stingers toward the clone who jumps over the attack.  Dante stops himself and quickly spins around while slashing in a horizontal arc.  Reaper, in one fluid and incredibly fast motion, ducks the slash and swings his blade arm upward slicing into Dante’s face.  Dante staggers backward as Reaper licks the blood off his blade.

Reaper: You have lost.

Dante tightens his grip on the Force Edge.  His eyes briefly flash red. Dante rushes Reaper and fakes a swing.  Reaper falls for it and begins to block.  Dante pulls back and kicks straight up, kicking Reaper in the jaw.  The attack sends Reaper up into the air.  Dante tosses his sword after his opponent.  The blade staples Reaper to the ceiling.  Drawing Ebony and Ivory he fires upon the helpless demon.  As Dante fires bullet after bullet in rapid succession a sinister smile appears on his face.  Dante ceases the onslaught of gunfire and holsters his side arms.  He snaps his fingers which cause Force Edge to rip out of the clone’s body.  Dante snatches the blade out of the air and thrusts it forward piercing Reaper through the neck as he falls.  Dante dangles him off the ground.

Dante: I don’t lose.

Dante twists the blade and Reaper slides through it, splitting his head in half.  The clone’s body sprawls out on the ground.  Dante sheathes Force Edge on his back and steps over Reaper’s body.  As he walks off, the sound of metal sliding across the ground echoes throughout the room.  Dante quickly spins around only to be impaled through the stomach by Reaper’s blade arm.  A low laugh escapes Reaper’s lips.

Reaper: I have none of your weaknesses.  I am superior to you in every way.

Dante draws Ivory and puts it to the side of Reaper’s head.  Red electricity quickly snakes along the barrel.

Dante: Accelerated healing, eh?

Dante fires a charged shot that blows his copy’s head apart.  Reaper’s body falls to the ground.  His blade arm slides out of Dante’s gut in the process.  Dante wipes the blood off his face from his previous wound.

Dante: Nothing beats the real thing.

Pre Mission 12 Script

Dante opens a door that leads to a staircase.  The staircase leads down into a tunnel beneath the facility.  Dante pulls out his walky-talky.

Dante: Sky.

Sky: What is it? Over.

Dante: You’re not safe. 

Sky: What did I say about saying “over?” Over.

Dante: This is not the time.  The mad scientist overheard you trying to get in touch with me.

Sky: Dr. Keldin?  I have nothing to worry about.  Relax Dante.  Everything’s going to be…

Static is heard on Sky’s end of the line.

Dante: Sky!

The static shuts off.

Keldin: I watched your battle with my greatest creation.

Dante: I’m going to do the same thing to you if touch her.

Laughter is heard on Dr. Keldin’s end.

Keldin: Your progress is only helping us out.  We are fixing our mistakes with the data that we are collecting. 

Dante: Trust me pal, you could create the ultimate monster and it still wouldn’t be able to stand against me.

Keldin: As much as I would love to continue this rather boring conversation, I would suggest you follow the tunnel before you.

A surprised look appears on Dante’s face.  He turns around and looks up.  The hunter notices a security camera on the ceiling pointed right at him.  Dante draws Ebony and puts a bullet into the camera.

Keldin: Aren’t we the dramatic type.  Allow me to put your mind at ease.  I won’t do anything to the girl.  I won’t even tell the general that we have her.  But if you should die before I see you…well…all bets are off and the girl is mine to do with as I please.  I’m sure she’ll make a fine specimen for our work here.

Dante: When we next meet, I promise, you’ll be wishing that I did die along the way.

Keldin: Don’t be late.

Dante crushes the radio in his hand.

Pre Boss Script

Dante walks along the scaffolds of the tunnel.  Heavy breathing echoes throughout the place.  Dante looks around as he continues along.

Dante: What the hell is that noise?

Dante turns around and walks backward looking all around.

Dante: Shut up!

A massive hand rips through the walkway and pulls Dante through the flooring.  Dante hits the ground hard.

Dante: Aw, son of a bitch.

He picks himself up and turns around as massive footsteps thunder toward him.  The massive tech devil storms into view.  It roars at its prey.

Dante: Look at that.  Looks like I’ve got myself a cyber demon.

It leans down and roars at Dante a second time.  Dante draws Ebony and Ivory.

Dante: Yeah, yeah, roar to you too buddy.

Post Mission 12 Script

Dante runs around the perimeter dodging blast after blast from the tech devil’s arm mounted laser cannon.

Dante: You think you’re tough?

Dante stands his ground and whips his sword at the beast’s arm cannon.  The blade severs its arm and arcs back toward Dante, severing its other arm off.  The hunter snags the blade out of the air.  The tech devil leans forward and bull charges Dante.  Dante whips his sword at the beast again this time severing both of its legs.  The beasts torso twitches through the air and lands upright on its stumps that now serve as its legs.  It roars into the air.  Dante catches his sword and rests it on his shoulder as he advances on the beaten monstrosity.

Dante: Please, you’re just another fake trying to be bad.

The tech devil roars defiantly at Dante.  Dante just smirks at the handicap and then decapitates it.  Spinning around from the slash and sheathing his sword on his back in one fluid motion.

Pre Mission 13 Script

Dante exits a cave and sees he’s outside of a cliff.  The wind blows fiercely as the waves of the ocean crash against the rocks.  Lighting flashes in the distance, illuminating an island not too far away.  Dante looks up at the swirling clouds.

Dante: Looks like a storm’s coming.

Dante devil triggers.

Dante: And I’m not talking about the weather.

Dante flies toward the island.  Landing on the beach he reverts to his normal form.  A flash of lighting followed by a loud thunder clap sounds out.  The rain starts to come down.  Dante looks up at the sky while holding his hands out.

Dante: Yeah, the rain makes this perfect.

Pre Boss Script

Walter walks out of a room, sorting through papers in a file.

Dante: Wally!

Walter turns around just in time to get jawed by Dante.  Walter hits the ground and his papers scatter all over.

Dante: Now if I had put all my strength into that you’d be dead, old man.

Walter rubs his jaw as he starts to pick himself up.

Walter: Dante, I…

With his foot, Dante pushes Walter back onto the ground.

Dante: Shut up.

Walter tries to get up but Dante pushes him back down again.

Dante: You set me up.  You took my blood.  And then you cloned me.

Walter: Please, listen to me.  I did this for our country, for humanity.

Walter rises to his feet.

Dante: I’m getting tired of your bullshit.

Dante hooks Walter in the gut.  Walter lurches forward from the punch.  Walter coughs a bit from the hit.

Walter: You must understand.  I’m trying to protect our world.

Dante: I’m already bored.

Dante grabs Walter by the scruff of his shirt and lifts him up off the ground.

Walter: I’m doing the right thing here.  The ends justify the means.

Dante: No, I’m doing the right thing by shutting you down.  I’ll be damned if I allow you to continue making monsters.

Dante hurls Walter against a wall.  Wally bounces off and hits the ground.  He picks himself back up.  His eyes now appear demonic.

Walter: But Dante, we’re all monsters.

A mortified look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: You sick son of a bitch.  You allowed yourself to become a guinea pig.

Walter straightens his coat and brushes off his shoulders.

Walter: The mark of a good leader is one who leads by example.

Dante draws Force Edge.

Dante: This just means I don’t have to go easy on ya, old man.

An angry look appears on the general’s face.

Walter: Your defiance is treason; punishable by death.

Post Mission 13 Script

Walter is hunched down on one knee clutching his heart and breathing hard.

Dante: Looks like you need to up the dosage, eh general?

Walter looks up at Dante.  He offers the hunter a warm smile.

Walter: What can I say; I’m a work in progress.

With amazing speed Walter rams Dante and jacks him up against a wall.  Walter pulls out a grenade and flips the pin out.  He smiles sinisterly as he drops it on the ground.  Letting Dante drop he moves with that same burst of speed toward the elevator.  Dante drops to the ground as the grenade goes off.  The explosion sends Dante flying into a wall.  Rubble from the explosion buries Dante.

Pre Mission 14 Script

Dante stands up, knocking the rubble off of him.  He straightens his coat out and heads for the elevator.  He gets in and the doors close behind him.

Dante: He’s got another thing coming if he thinks I’ll let him get away with that.

The scene cuts to the labs with Keldin and Walter.

Walter: This dosage should at least put me on Dante’s level.

The doctor adjusts his glasses.  They both look over at Sky.

Walter: We can make use of her to buy us some extra time.

Keldin: The dosage you had me give her was too large.  Her body is rejecting the serum.

Keldin turns to look at Walter.

Keldin: It’s killing her.

Walter smiles weakly.

Walter: It matters not.  She is merely an obstacle to be put in Dante’s path to slow his progress.  I’m going to need that time to take care of the new developments transpiring at the ruins.

A look of curiosity appears on the good doctor’s face.

Keldin: What’s going on there?

Walter: Reports of demons coming through portals and ripping apart the men have been filtering in. 

Keldin: Perhaps it has something to do with Omen’s unique abilities.  I’ve been getting erratic readings from his support systems.  He could be waking up.

Walter shrugs his shoulders.

Walter: I don’t know.  No matter what the cost, Omen must remain contained.

Walter stokes his grand daughter’s forehead.

Walter: We’ve come too far to allow anything to stop us now.

Mission Intermission Script

Walter walks out of the lab area.

Dante: Wally!

Walter looks up with a look of surprise on his face as Dante walks toward him.

Dante: I didn’t think I’d be bumping into you again so soon.

Walter grits his teeth, showing clear signs of annoyance.

Walter: Dante, why must you stand in my way?  Your foolishness is hindering our efforts in ensuring the survival of the human race.

Dante wags a finger at the general.

Dante: Don’t waste your time spewing that crap at me.  You’re not gonna sway me to the dark side.

Dante looks past Walter and notices that the entrance to the lab is behind him.

Dante: I see you’re coming out of the lab.  I’m willing to bet you weren’t in there getting your annual physical.

The doors along the corridor open up and soldiers pour out into the large hallway.

Dante: Let me guess, these guys are the next wave of super soldiers.

Walter smiles slightly.

Walter: Your interference keeps making us take everything back to formula.  But you should feel honored.  You are the ultimate test that shows us how far along we’ve come and how much further we must go.  When you fall, and you will, we’ll know we’ve got a winning serum.

Walter turns around and heads back into the lab.

Dante: Don’t forget to turn your head and cough.

The soldiers begin to surround Dante drawing electrified batons.  A smirk creases Dante’s lips.

Dante: Alright tough guys, let’s start the party.

Pre Boss Script

Dante enters the lab.  He spies Keldin looking at a monitor with the words Omen on the screen.

Dante: What’s up doc?

Keldin clicks a button on the keyboard and the monitor shuts off.

Keldin: Like a moth to the flame, you can’t help but seek your own death.

Dante starts gesturing with his hand, mocking Keldin’s speaking.

Dante: Yap, yap, yap.  How ‘bout we skip the chit chat and get right down to the nitty gritty.

Keldin takes his glasses off and crushes them in his hand.

Keldin: Mindless brute.  I won’t let you interfere with the evolution of science.

Dante looks around the room with an annoyed look on his face.

Dante: I don’t see Sky any where.  I guess I’ll just have to beat her location outta you.

Dante grips the hilt of his sword.

Mission Intermission

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory and crosses them over.  He fires a bullet from each simultaneously that hits Keldin in the chest.  The force of the impact sends Keldin backward over a table.  He gets back up and uses the table to hold himself up.

Keldin: Very good.  This fight is opening new doors for my research.

Keldin reaches into his coat and pulls out a vial of glowing green liquid. 

Keldin: Time to take this to the next level.

Keldin drinks it and then tosses the vial away.  Keldin smiles as his body transforms into something demonic.

Dante: If your nerdy ass never got a woman before, forget about getting one now.

Dante holsters his guns.

Keldin: Let us continue this experiment.

Mission Intermission

Keldin’s body begins to twitch.

Keldin: My body! I can feel a change! This is incredible!

Keldin transforms into a giant deformity.  He becomes a creature more hideous than demonic.

Dante: Looks like you’re suffering from an overdose.  The human body can’t handle that kind of power.

Dante smiles at the sight of the doctor as he draws his sword.

Keldin: Nonsense! I’ll show you what a super human can do!
Post Mission 14 Script

Keldin’s body begins to break down, dissolving into a bubbling puddle.

Keldin: No…what’s…happening…to me…

Dante draws Ivory and cocks it.

Dante: You’re body’s breaking down.  It’s over for you.

Dante points the gun at Keldin.  Red electricity snakes along the barrel.

Keldin: No…I am…a…

The electricity dissipates.  Dante holsters Ivory as he walks over to Keldin.

Dante: Where is she?  Where’s Sky?

Keldin: Walter…took…

Keldin dissolves completely.  Dante grits his teeth.

Dante: Damn it.

Pre Mission 15 Script

The scene opens up on a staircase that leads up into the volcano with two soldiers standing guard. 

Grunt 1: Damn, things are really starting to get out of hand here.

Grunt 2 shakes his head.

Grunt 2: Why now?  How is it that everything is starting to go to Hell?  I mean, that thing is frozen solid and shouldn’t be able move, let alone wake up.  It’s supposed to be in permanent stasis.

Grunt 1 looks up at the entrance into the volcano.

Grunt 1: Real devils are showing up in the ruins now.  And the worst part is the fact that those who went through the Super Soldier process are barely holding their own in there.

Grunt 2 puts his head down and let’s out a long sigh.

Grunt 2: I’m beginning to second guess all of this now.  What the hell is the point of upgrading our bodies if we still aren’t able to protect this world from the demons?  I think we should…

The two grunts hear footsteps and look down the stairs.  Dante walks up looking at them with an emotionless expression on his face.

Grunt 1: It’s him; the intruder with the red coat.

Grunt 2 holds out his hand.

Grunt 2: Hold it right there!

Dante keeps walking.

Grunt 2: I said…!

Dante quickly reaches for his guns.  As the two soldiers take notice they begin to raise their weapons.  Dante’s draw is quicker.  He fires two bullets simultaneously from Ebony and Ivory.  The bullets knock the guns out of the soldier’s hands.  Dante holsters his weapons as he walks up to the guards.  He stops in between them.  A smirk can be seen on his face.  The soldiers have terrified expressions on their faces.

Dante: I’m in a forgiving mood right now.  So why don’t you both do yourselves a favor and run along.

Dante continues passed the guards.  The two grunts look at each other wide eyed.  They take off down the steps.  As Dante advances he stops upon hearing a blood curdling scream.  He turns around and sees Reaper with one of the soldiers suspend off the ground on the demon’s sword arm and the other grunt is on his knees with his enemy’s fingers through his head.  A slight smirk appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Well isn’t this a surprise.

A sinister smile appears on Reaper’s face.

Reaper: Hello coward.  I see that you are still masquerading around in that human disguise of yours.

Dante walks down a few steps and then stops.

Dante: Ya know you’ve got a big mouth.  I’ve had just about enough of hearing you flap that jaw of yours.

Reaper shrugs, causing the corpses he has in his possession to rise and then fall.

Reaper: I’m rubber and your glue.  Whenever you insult me, you insult yourself.  We’re the same, you and I.

Dante waves his hand across in a horizontal arc.

Dante: We are nothing alike.

Dante grips the hilt of Force Edge.

Dante: And I’ll prove it to you once again.

Reaper releases the corpses.  He lowers his sword arm and the body slides off and rolls down the steps.  He slides his fingers out of the crushed skull of the other body which also rolls down the steps.  Reaper leaps up into the air over Dante.  Twirling through the air he lands on the platform just outside the entrance to the volcano.

Reaper: I’m not going to go so easy on you this time.

Reaper holds up his normal hand which becomes a sword arm as well.

Dante: You could have four arms with four blades for all I care.

Dante leaps up at Reaper while drawing his sword.  He swings down at Reaper as he lands.  Reaper blocks with both blades but is forced to the ground.  Dante kicks forward sending Reaper flying backward.  Reaper flips around and lands in a crouched position.  He rises to his feet, tongue hanging out as he throws a sick look Dante’s way.  Dante twirls his sword around and points it his demonic copy.

Dante: All I need is one to cut you into tiny little pieces.

Reaper: This is going to be more exciting than last time.

Reaper gets into a ready stance.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante and Reaper engage in a short but fast paced duel.  Dante ends up cracking Reaper with the butt of his sword, knocking Reaper on his back.  Dante leaps into the air and comes down stabbing Reaper through the chest.  Reaper thrusts his arms up impaling Dante with both blades through his gut.  The demon kicks Dante away with both legs.  Dante slides off his copy’s blades as he flies upward.  Flipping backward, Dante lands on his feet and retaliates.  Dante lunges and stingers toward his clone but pulls back and slides to a stop.  Dante avoids a horizontal swipe from both blades.  With Reaper now wide open Dante thrusts Force Edge through his chest and twists it.  Dante rips the sword out of Reaper’s chest and in the same motion draws Ebony.  Red electricity snakes along the barrel of the gun as Dante punches it through the sword wound he just made.  Dante’s eyes change to a blood red and red demonic energy emanates off his body.  He let’s out a sinister smirk.

Dante: Boom.

Dante pulls the trigger.  The charged shot completely obliterates Reaper’s body.  Only a foot is intact and that bounces down the steps.  Dante twirls Ebony before holstering it.  He looks down at Reaper’s arm blades, which are actually swords that had been grafted within his body.  Dante’s eyes return to their normal blue before he leans down to pick the weapons up.

Dante: I’ll take these as souvenirs.

Dante slides his opponent’s weapons into his gun holster and walks into the volcano entrance.
Pre Boss Script

Dante walks into the entrance of the ruins.  Walter stands in the center of the chamber.

Walter: There’s just no stopping you is there?

Dante holds his arms up and shrugs.

Dante: What can I say, I’m a persistent bastard.

Walter: Things won’t be going your way this time, Dante.

Walter snaps his fingers.  Two soldiers drag Sky into view.

Sky: Dante!

Rage masks Dante’s face as he turns to regard the general.

Dante: Your own family.  You make me sick, to go so far for your bullshit ideals…unforgivable.

Dante draws Ivory and quickly fires off two rounds that rip through the soldiers’ heads.  Their bodies slump to the ground.

Dante: Sky, run!

Sky runs over to Dante.

Walter: Where’s she going to go? It’s already too late for her.

Dante points the gun at Walter.

Dante: What did you do to her?

Sky begins to slowly back away from Dante.

Sky: Dante…he…

Sky cries out in pain as she transforms into a monstrous demon.  A look of horror appears on Dante’s face.

Walter: Don’t look so surprised.  I told you, we’re all monsters.

Walter smiles as he turns and walks into the ruins.  Sky lashes out at Dante, knocking him across the chamber.  Dante lands into a sliding stop.  Sorrow overwhelms the hunter.

Dante: Sky…Forgive me for what I have to do.

Sky roars at Dante.

Post Mission 15 Script

Sky snakes toward Dante.  He leaps up into the air clearing her sweeping arm.  She reels back as she looks upward.  Dante plunges his sword into her chest.  Dante leaps off her body, dragging his sword out of her in the process.  Sky’s body falls on the ground.  She reverts back to her human form and spasms a bit.

Dante: Sky!

Dante runs over to her and cradles her in his arms.

Sky: Dante…I couldn’t stop…I could see everything but I…

Dante smiles softly.

Dante: Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Tears begin to well up in the poor girl’s eyes.

Sky: My body…is broken.  It couldn’t handle that kind of power.  I…can feel it.  The serum is eating away at me from within.

Dante: There’s an antidote.  There has to be.  These idiots wouldn’t make something like this without a vaccine.

Sky reaches up and puts her hand to his face.

Sky: Dante…save my grandfather.  He’s truly a good man.  He’s just lost his way.

Dante clutches her hand.

Dante: I’ll take care of him.

Sky smiles weakly and then closes her eyes.

Sky: Thank you…

Her body goes limp in Dante’s arms.  Reaper grabs Dante’s head and tosses him away from Sky’s body.  Reaper grabs the body by the hair and tosses it away into the lava.

Dante: No!!!

Reaper starts to laugh at Dante.

Reaper: Aw, are you sad because she’s gone, or because you couldn’t save her?  Do you wanna cry?

Dante leaps to his feet with hatred burning in his eyes.

Dante: You…!

A sadistic look appears on Reapers face.

Reaper: Devils never cry!

Dante’s eyes turn red.  Red demonic energy emanates off his body.  Dante charges Reaper who is standing there with his arms outstretched.  Dante cross hooks him in the face sending him soaring across the chamber.  Reaper slams up against a pillar.  Dante rushes the clone and begins to lay into his face.  Punch after punch, Reaper’s face becomes more and more mangled.  Dante stops his berserker assault.  Reaper smiles sickly as best he could with a destroyed face.

Reaper: Yes, that’s it.  Now show me.  Show me the real you.

Dante’s eye color returns to blue and his demonic energy disappears.

Dante: …I’m better than you.

Dante slams his fist into Reaper’s face.  The impact knocks Reaper through the pillar he was braced up against.  Reaper falls into the lava.  Dante stands breathing heavily while staring at the burning lake.

Pre Mission 16 Script

Two portals open up and drop off two big, muscular demons.

Dante: You’re in my way.

The demons roar at Dante.  Dante draws Force Edge and points it at the pair.

Dante: Move or I’ll go through you!

They begin to stomp toward Dante.  Dante smirks coldly at the monsters.

Dante: I was gonna kill you both anyway.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante leaps at the first demon’s chest and cuts its head off.  He leaps off its falling body and flips over the second demon.  He comes down and slices through the demon’s body.  Completing the slice, he slices the creature across the waist.  Spinning around he straps his sword on his back.  The demon falls apart into four pieces.

Dante: You’re next, Wally.

Sky’s words echo in Dante’s head.

Sky: Dante…save my grandfather. 

He clenches his fists.

Dante: He had no right.

Pre Boss Script

Dante walks into a large dark chamber, illuminated only by a massive glowing pod and some machinery hooked up to it.  Walter stands with his back to Dante.

Walter: So how did it feel?  What did it feel like to kill someone who has done nothing but help you?

Anger begins to overwhelm Dante.

Dante: Shut your mouth!

Walter turns to face Dante.

Walter: Frustrating isn’t it; the feeling of guilt building up inside of you for going the easy route and killing her instead of actually trying to save her.  Not that it mattered.  She was condemned to death the moment she was injected.

Dante’s anger explodes into rage.
Dante: You animal! She was your only family and you betrayed her!

Walter: She was a sacrifice for the greater good.

Walter shakes his head and laughs quietly.

Walter: It amuses me every time I say that.

He offers Dante nothing more than a sinister smile.

Walter: With all of this research our great nation will be invincible and the world will be safe from the ever present demonic threat.  But all that is just a bonus.  My motivation is a selfish one.

Dante: Of course it is.  You want power.

Walter waves his hand, dismissing Dante’s words.

Walter: No, Dante.  That too is a mere bonus.  You see, when you get to be my age you begin to wonder, and when you start to wonder you being to doubt.  Is there an afterlife? Does God really exist?  What happens when the lights finally go out?

Surprise takes a hold of Dante.

Dante: You did all this because you fear death?!  You pathetic coward!

Walter’s face becomes quite serious.

Walter: You have nothing to worry about.  You’re everlasting.

Dante’s surprise turns to disgust.

Dante: You’re sick.  And what’s worse is that you tried to use me for your twisted experiments.

Dante draws Ivory and points it at Walter.

Dante: Killing you would be an act of mercy.

Walter smiles at Dante.

Walter: I have something I want you to see.

He turns around and points at the tank which contains a demon.

Walter: Allow me to introduce Omen.  He is a knight from the Demon World.

A look of confusion appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: …demon…knight?

The scene changes to show Omen on a battlefield surrounded by soldiers.

Walter: How he came to be in our world, we don’t know.  A lot of good soldiers died that day.  But we prevailed in the end. 

Dante: And seeing the power of this thing is what set you on your righteous path, right?

Walter shrugs his shoulders.

Walter: Something like that.  After everything was settled, my troops and I dropped off the grid, leading the government to believe that we were wiped out by this knight.

Walter turns back around to face Dante.

Walter: To this day our government is unaware of this operation’s existence.

Dante: I now understand why you needed my DNA.  That job you hired me for, those failures were the result of using this knight’s DNA.  The blood of a half-breed is “better” accepted into a human body than the blood of a true devil.

Dante holsters Ivory.

Dante: But it doesn’t matter.  The human body was never meant to handle that kind of power.

He draws Force Edge.

Walter: For some reason, Omen has begun to awaken.  I’m sure it has to do with your presence on this island.  That would explain the appearance of actual demons in this place. 

Walter reaches over to a table with a lot of vials containing purple liquids.

Walter: I’ll need more power if I am to subdue Omen…

Walter raises the vial up to his face and gives it a little shake.

Walter: As well as erasing you from existence.

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Walter: I’ll show you that a human can handle this power.

Walter drinks down the serum.

Dante: Sky told me that you are a good man who has lost his way.  Her last wish was that I save you.

Walter smiles sinisterly as he transforms into a massive beast.

Dante: It’s time to make good on my promise.
Post Mission 16 Script

Walter leaps from wall to wall chasing Dante as he maneuvers.  Dante leaps down to the ground and then back into the air as Walter crashes down on top of where he stood.  Walter pursues Dante into the air.  Dante swings outward with his sword slicing Walter’s eyes open.  Dante and Walter land on the ground.  Walter roars in frustration at his loss of sight.  He begins to sniff the air.  Catching the young hunter’s scent he quickly advances toward his prey.  Walter stops short of Dante.  His flesh begins to bubble and pop.  His size begins to reduce and his demonic form starts to revert back to his human form.  Once in his human form he collapses to his hands and knees.
Walter: It’s not possible.  My power is infinite.

Dante: You got a power boost from your little experiment.  Too bad the moment it kicked in you started losing it.

Dante straps his sword on his back.

Dante: It’s just like I told you; humans aren’t meant to have this kind of power.

Walter looks at his hands.

Walter: No, this cannot be happening.  Not to me!

Anger begins to pour out of him.

Walter: This is all your fault! If you hadn’t come here…

Anger is replaced with sorrow.

Walter: No…

The old man covers his face with his hands.

Walter: What have I done?  What have I done?!!

Dante takes a few steps toward the broken man.

Dante: You sacrificed countless human lives for your sick little hobby.  You sacrificed your grand daughter for your own selfish gains.  The ends do not justify the means.

Walter begins to tremble.

Walter: My own family…

His voice trembles.

Walter: My own flesh and blood…

Walter leans back, tears pouring down his face as his sorrow pours out of him.

Walter: I’m sorry my Bright Sky…I’m so sorry…

Dante stands staring at the general with a face lacking all signs of emotion.

Dante: And so, I’ve kept my promise.

Walter turns his attention to Dante.  His demeanor slightly returns to that of the former proud general.

Walter: Kill me.  Please, I must pay for my sins.

Dante stares into Wally’s eyes.  He draws Ivory and tosses it on the ground in front of the old man.  Walter reaches for it but stops when warning bells ring from the computers around Omen’s tank.  Walter spins around to face the tank.  The ice encasing the knight begins to break apart.  Omen begins to stir.

Walter: No! Omen’s seal…!

Walter rushes to the terminal to activate the built in safety features.  But he is too late.  Omen crashes through his tank.  Leaping over the old man, Omen thrusts his hand out to the side.  A small portal opens up which his hand dips into.  The knight pulls out a sword with a clear transparent blade.  He swings the sword out in a quick horizontal arc.  A rift in space and time briefly appears, signaling a dimensional attack.  As Omen lands, Walter’s head rolls off his shoulders and falls to the ground along with his body. Omen stretches out.

Omen: Free at last.

The demon focuses his attention on Dante.

Omen: I sensed a large concentration of demonic energy.  Could that be coming from you, a mere half-breed?

Dante smirks at his new opponent.

Dante: Hey you’re pretty quick.

Omen: How interesting.

Omen thrusts his blade forward.  Another rift is created.  Omen’s blade rips through Dante’s back.  Dante spits up blood.  As Omen slides the blade out of the rift his blade slides out of Dante.  Dante falls to his knees.  Omen smiles sinisterly at the half-breed.

Omen: On your knees where you belong, lesser creature.

Omen waves his hand and creates a portal.

Omen: It’s time to return home after such a long absence.

Omen turns to face Dante.

Omen: You should be grateful that I’m sparing you.  Consider it payment for freeing me.

Omen turns and enters the portal.  Dante rises to his feet.

Dante: Yeah well, I can’t spend that.  So I’m coming to collect your head.

Dante leaps through the portal.

Pre Mission 17 Script

Dante exits the dimensional portal and immediately surveys his surroundings.

Dante: The Demon World?  This guy has the ability to tear through the dimensions?

Dante smiles to himself.

Dante: This is going to be fun.

Dante begins to walk off but stops and turns back to the portal.

Dante: I hope this thing will stay open for awhile.

Pre Boss Script

The scene opens in a rocky area littered with bodies of massacred demons.  Omen stands in the midst of the carnage.

Omen: Ah, it feels so good to be able to kill again.  Freedom, oh how I’ve missed it.

Dante walks into view from behind Omen.

Dante: Well it looks like you’re all warmed up.  Good…

Omen turns to regard the hunter.

Omen: You followed me?  You are brave, boy.

Dante shrugs his shoulders.

Dante: Or stupid.  Bravery and foolishness go hand in hand.

A portal opens behind Omen and he steps backward into it.  A portal opens behind Dante and Omen steps out of it.  Dante turns his head slightly to look over his shoulder.

Omen: If you wanted to die so badly you should have told me.  I would have granted you a swift death back in the Human World.

Dante turns to face Omen while drawing Force Edge.

Dante: Yeah, but you short changed me back there.  I’ve come to collect your head as payment for services rendered.  But first…

Dante rests his sword on his shoulder.

Dante: How long do your portals stay open?  If they don’t last long I’ll have to make this quick.

A look of annoyance appears on the knight’s face.

Omen: You foolish creature.

Dante smirks at his opponent.

Post Mission 17 Script

The two warriors are standing a good distance apart.  Dante stands breathing heavily.  Omen’s eyes reflect a silent rage.  Omen starts slashing about.  Each slash is creating a brief rift in the dimensional fabric.  Dante bobs and weaves as his blade erupts from a rift near him.  He brings his sword to deflect one of the knight’s attacks.  Omen glares at Dante as he launches into his next series of slashes.  Dante deflects each attack that comes through the rifts.  One attack gets through without Dante noticing and it slices his leg.  Dante begins to stagger to the ground but keeps himself on his feet by stabbing his sword into the ground and holding himself up on it.  This momentary distraction is all that Omen needed for the rest of his attacks to connect.  Slash after slash slices through Dante’s back, chest, arms, legs, and face.  Dante drops to his knees.  Omen laughs maniacally.  Ceasing his laughter he smiles sinisterly as he prepares his next attack.  Dante tosses Omen a smile and then winks at the knight.  The young hunter lunges forward.  Omen begins his next wave of attacks, slicing wildly through the dimensional fabric.  Dante slides past each attack with his bursts of speed.  Dante thrusts his sword through Omen’s heart, twists the blade, and then rips it out as he kicks Omen away.  Omen flips through the air and lands in a sliding stop.  He clutches the wound on his chest as he drops to his knees.  Dante stabs Force Edge into the ground and draws Ivory.  The barrel glows bright red as red electricity snakes along it.  Red demonic energy rises from the gun.  Omen’s eyes go to Dante’s discarded sword.

Omen: That sword.  It’s somehow…familiar.

A transparent image of the Sparda sword appears over the Force Edge.

Omen: No…it can’t be…

Omen turns his attention toward Dante.  A transparent image of Sparda (devil triggered) appears over Dante.  Omen’s eyes widen from shock.

Omen: Can it be?  Are you the son of the Legendary Dark Knight?  Are you the son of the great Sparda?

Dante smirks softly.

Dante: Got it in one.

The hunter pulls the trigger and a stream of red demonic energy fires toward the knight.  The blast connects and a massive explosion engulfs Omen’s body.  Omen’s sword flies out of the explosion.  Spiraling towards Dante, he snatches it out of the air and looks it over.  He nods his head with an approving grin.

Pre Mission 18 Script

Dante approaches the portal he entered from.  It appears to have greatly shrunk.

Dante: Good.  The portal is still open, though it has gotten smaller.

Dante stops short of the portal.

Dante: Aren’t you just a glutton for punishment.

Dante turns around to face the staggering Omen.  The knight’s body is badly burned and bloody.

Dante: I’m guessing you want your toy back.

Omen’s expression is one of madness.

Omen: Nobody humiliates me and gets away with it, especially not a half-breed!

Dante takes a couple of steps toward his opponent.

Dante: Let me guess, you managed to jump through a portal at the last second.  But still, looks like you were a little slow on the retreat.

Omen’s anger explodes.

Omen: Silence you fool!  Before you die you’ll be begging me for…

A massive sword strikes Omen’s back from above and staples him to the ground.  Blue flames erupt from the blade and engulf Omen’s body.  The knight is reduced to ashes.  Dante looks up in the direction where the sword was thrown.  He spies a demon knight obscured by shadows.  The knight’s cape blows in the wind.  The knight disappears in a blaze of blue flames and reappears by the sword.  Nero Angelo stands before Dante.  Dante smirks at the demon.

Dante: Looks like devils are just lining up to die today.

Dante taunts Nero (DMC3 style).

Dante: Come on wimp.

Nero reaches over and pulls his word out of the ground.  His eyes glow red as a sinister smile appears on his face.

Post Mission 18 Script

Dante and Nero rush each other.  They lock swords and stare at each other with hate filled eyes.  They push off each other and then pace around in a circle staring each other down.  Dante smirks at the knight.

Dante: Heh, you’ve got the moves.  I’ll give you that.

Dante rushes Nero and the two engage in a fast and furious duel.  Dante ducks and weaves around a few of Nero’s attacks but Nero blocks all of Dante’s.  Nero catches Dante with an elbow that causes the hunter to stagger backward.  Dante shakes it off and thrusts forward with his sword.  Nero leaps up and lands on the blade.  Dante’s sword arm lowers to the ground from the weight of the knight.  Nero runs up Dante’s blade and arm.  Leaping over him he kicks the hunter in the back of the head causing him to fall forward.  Dante catches himself with one arm and pushes himself back onto his feet.  He raises his sword as he turns around just in time to intercept an overhead strike from Nero.  The force of the knight’s attack causes Dante to drop down onto one knee.  Nero reaches down and snatches Dante up by the neck, digging his fingers into his flesh as he hoists him off the ground.  Dante coughs up blood.  Nero laughs sinisterly.  The knight prepares to deliver the killing blow when he notices Dante’s amulet.  Nero hesitates.  His face contorts as if in pain.  Dante snaps back to his senses and kicks Nero in the face.  Nero releases Dante.  Dante turns and sees the portal is now closing quite quickly.  Dante turns back around to face Nero while raising his sword up just in time to block Nero’s oncoming strike.  The force of the blow hurls Dante through the portal.  Dante hits the ground hard on the other side.  He turns to face the closing portal.  Dante once again brings his sword up to block.  A massive ball of energy engulfed in blue flames flies through the portal and detonates on Dante.  Dante is thrown from the explosion and lands face first on the ground.

Pre Mission 19 Script

Dante begins to stir.  He sits himself up and rubs his head.

Dante: What the hell was that all about?

Dante clasps his amulet and then a look of shock overwhelms him.

Dante: Vergil!

Dante looks around for the portal that Omen had created only to find that it had closed.

Dante: Damn it.  It’s my first time back in the Demon World since Vergil got locked in and I didn’t even bother to look for him.  Damn…

Alarms begin to sound.  The intercom system comes to life.

Automated Message: Warning!  Warning!  The self destruct sequence has been activated! Evacuate the island immediately!

Dante gets to his feet.

Dante: What the hell? Who…

Dante turns his attention to the chamber entrance.  Reaper is standing in the doorway.  The demon turns and walks away.  Dante holds out his hand and Force Edge flies into his grip.  Dante straps the sword on his back and pursues his clone.  The scene changes to outside the volcano (the area where the two previously fought for the second time).  Reaper looks out at the entire island.

Reaper: So much work was put into all of this, and for what?  Foolish humans didn’t realize that they could have ushered in the end of the world.

Dante takes a few steps forward.

Dante: Such is the fate for those whose hearts lust for power.

Reaper turns around to face Dante. 

Reaper:  The son of Sparda, what a grand inheritance you walked into when you were born.  You have more power than you even realize and yet you run from it fearing that using it will strip you of your humanity.

A look of surprise appears on Dante’s face.

Reaper: Surprised?  It would appear that not only was your body and powers cloned but your memories as well.  When you gave me that little lava bath all these memories came to life inside my head.  I know all about you and your history Dante.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: You’re still just a clone; a failed attempt at creating the ultimate warrior.

Reaper smiles sinisterly.

Reaper: When I saw your memories, I wondered why it was that I couldn’t transform like you can.  Then I realized that they cloned me in a way that your demon form would be dominant over your human form.  This would explain why I don’t look like your demon form.

Dante: That just goes to show your inferiority.  You being made of my demonic side and getting whooped every time by me in my human form.

Dante begins to pace back and forth.

Dante: That must really piss you off.

Reaper laughs to himself.

Reaper: You would think so.  But I looked deeper into those memories and I found your awakening.  I saw it.

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Reaper: Your true form.  You haven’t been able to replicate it because you have no knowledge of it.  You were in a trance when it happened.  The power was too much for your half-breed body to handle and you passed out with no memory of what it was that you stumbled upon.

Dante: What the hell are you talking about?

Reaper: Being a clone that was made to utilize your demonic side over your human side permits me certain benefits.  I have a body that can handle that power.

The ground begins to rumble violently.  Dante turns around and looks up to see smoke billow out of the volcano as lava begins to flow over the sides.  Ash begins to fall from the clouds as the smoke covers the sky.

Reaper: Perfect.  This makes it perfect.  The stage has been set for our final battle.

Automated Message: Warning!  Warning!  Self destruct in ten minutes! Evacuate the island immediately!

Reaper leaps up the cliff side of the volcano.  Dante pursues him.  They stop on a large outcropping which lava flows all around.  The ash continues to fall like snow.  Red demonic energy emanates off of Reaper’s body.

Reaper: Behold Dante, your true form.

Reaper leaps up into the air and transform into a devil that represents Dante’s true demon form.

Dante: Shit…

Reaper begins to laugh hysterically.

Reaper: Now Dante, show me what you can do.  You can’t hope to beat me as you are now.

Dante grits his teeth as he grips the hilt of his sword.

Post Mission 19 Script

Dante is on his hands and knees breathing heavily while Reaper levitates in the air above.

Dante: You’re pretty tough, but I can match you in my transformed state.  A lesser form than the one you’ve got now, but it’ll get the job done.  

Dante rises to his feet.

Dante: Like I said, you’re a failed product.

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory and opens fire on his clone.  Reaper swoops down and rams Dante so hard that he drops his guns.  Dante bounces along the ground before coming to a stop at the edge of the outcropping.  Dante gets to his feet and draws Force Edge.  The hunter charges the clone.  Dante leaps into the air and swings his sword down upon Reaper.  Reaper catches the blade with one hand and grabs Dante’s head with the other.  The demon pulls Force Edge from Dante’s grasp and face plants the hunter into the ground.  Reaper stomps down on Dante’s head as he stabs his sword into the ground.  Reaper takes to the skies.

Reaper: What are you waiting for?! Show me your darkness! Show me what it is that you fear!

Dante pushes himself up and grits his teeth.

Dante: I don’t fear anything.  I just don’t like to rely on that power.  It’s nothing more than a crutch.  But since you asked for it…

Dante devil triggers and flies toward Reaper.

Dante: There’ll be no mercy!!!

Dante lays into Reaper.  They engage in an aerial fist fight.  It appears that Reaper is hitting harder than Dante, but the hunter takes every hit and dishes it right back out.  Dante flies over and behind his clone, but the demon turns around too fast.  Dante grabs Reaper’s head and lays into his face with his free hand.  Reaper grabs both of Dante’s arms and restrains him after taking a pounding.

Reaper: Is this it?  Am I not the inferior one?  Is your power not greater than my own? Is this it?!!

Reaper head butts Dante and then grabs the disoriented half-breed’s head.  Reaper flies him down to the platform and slams him into the ground.  The outcropping beings to break apart and falls into the lava from the impact.  Dante rises to his feet and stares up at his opponent.

Dante: The world isn’t big enough for two of me.  And I’ll be damned if the one that stays is a clone of the original.

Reaper holds his arms out to the sides.

Reaper: I am superior.

Dante smiles sinisterly.

Dante: You’re gutter trash, and I’m taking you outta this world.

Dante flies at Reaper.  They engage in another aerial slug fest.  This time Dante has the upper hand.  He blocks every one of Reaper’s attacks and lands everyone of his own.  He finishes the assault off by knotting his fists together and slamming Reaper down into the lava.

Dante: Tch, superior my ass.

Reaper flies out of the lava.

Reaper: If it didn’t work before what makes you think it’ll work now?

Dante shrugs his shoulders.

Dante: It doesn’t matter.  I’ve got one more trick for ya.

Reaper grits his teeth and then flies toward Dante.  Energy begins to swirl in front of Dante.  The energy grows bigger and forms a ball of energy.  Dante thrusts both hands forward and fires a massive beam of demonic energy at his clone.  The beam annihilates the demon’s body, reducing it to nothing.  Reaper is no more.  Dante lands and reverts to his normal form.  He gathers up his weapons and transforms once again, taking to the skies just as the remaining portion of the outcropping sinks beneath the lava.  Dante continues to fly off as the island is engulfed in an explosion of nuclear proportions.  Dante floats in the air, wings flapping with his arms crossed, watching as everything that was Walter’s creation burns to nothingness.

Epilogue Script

Dante stands in the forest outside of the destroyed mansion.  He sees that his bike was caught in the explosion and has become nothing more than a heaping scrap of metal. 

Dante: I can’t believe this. 

Dante shakes his head in disbelief.

Dante: Piece of junk.

Dante kicks the hunk of a junk.  He let’s out a long sigh.

Dante: Now I wish Walter was still alive so I could throw him a beating for this.

Dante looks up at the full moon and smiles slightly.

Dante: I hope she found peace.

Wolves howl in the distance.  A look of annoyance crosses Dante’s face.

Dante: Shut up!

Roll Credits.

After the Credits

The scene opens up in the Demon World where Dante fought Omen.  Up on the cliffs stands Nero Angelo.  The blade of his sword is stabbed into the ground as he grasps the hilt with both hands.  The knight’s cape blows in the gentle breeze.  Mundus’ three glowing red eyes are up in the sky.

Mundus: Soon, the last son of Sparda will fall, and the Human World will be mine.

Maniacal laughter echoes throughout the land. 

Fade to black.


—The End—

© 2006 dwarfkicker