Of Light and Darkness  //  By: dwarfkicker

Cutscene script

Prologue Script

The scene opens in a library, focusing on a massive bookcase illuminated by candlelight.

Narrator: Ancient tomes contain the history of the world and its creation.  These tomes are forbidden, and for good reason.  The supernatural origins of the world are tied to other supernatural events.  The Great War, Sparda’s Rebellion, the Salvation of Humanity, these events are all interwoven.

Sparda (demon form) stands atop a massive pile of dead demons with his Sparda sword slumped over his shoulder.

Narrator: The Legend of Sparda, believed to be nothing more than an ancient story these days, eclipsed the legend of another warrior from the great beyond.

Clouds swirl along bright skies.

Narrator: In times long before the Great War, there was another history shaping war.  Unbeknownst to mankind, the heavens themselves shook from the fury of a tremendous battle.  Heaven’s War, which pitted one angelic force against another, gave birth to another legend.  When the war was over, the losing faction was cast out of Heaven.  The angels fell.  Hell became the home of these Fallen Ones.  There was one who refused to fall, who refused to stop fighting.  His punishment was not to be cast into Hell with the rest of the traitors, but to be cast down to Earth.

A battle between humans and demons is being waged outside of the Temen ni Gru.  Azrael stands high atop a cliff and watches the chaos unfold.

Narrator: Azrael, the Angel of Death, was cursed to live among a race he hated more than anything.  He stood by and watched the Great War play out.  Knowing that humanity’s days were nearly over brought him a cold feeling of satisfaction.

Azrael watches as Sparda lays waste to the enemy while defending the humans.

Narrator: However, it was the actions of a single demon that had turned and fought against the evils of his own kind that caused a change to slowly take effect within Azrael.

Sparda (human form) and Azrael are engaged in a vicious sword duel.  Azrael is armed with Oblivion, and Sparda is armed with both Yamato and Rebellion (he only uses Yamato).

Narrator: It would be nearly two hundred years later before Sparda and Azrael would meet.  Their meeting was one of swords and their words were the clashing of blades.

Sparda disarms Azrael.  Azrael falls to the ground.  The angel reaches for his sword but Sparda thrusts Rebellion into the ground before it, blocking Azrael’s reach.  Azrael looks up at Sparda only to have Yamato’s tip pointing at his face.

Narrator: It was in his defeat at the hands of Sparda that finally opened Azrael’s eyes to his place in the world.  From this single event he would choose to forever defend the Human World from any evil that would dare to threaten it.

Azrael is standing back to back with Sparda.  Both warriors grasp the hilt of their swords (Rebellion for Sparda) while their tips are resting on the ground.

Narrator: And from time to time, both legends would assist each other in their heroic endeavors.

Body parts of demons splash all over the ground.  Azrael turns around to face Sparda while wearing a wide smile.

Azrael: You’re slowing down old man.

Sparda smirks as he shakes his head.

Sparda: Old man? I’m just as youthful as I was nearly two thousand years ago.

Azrael tosses Oblivion past Sparda’s head.  It spears the head of a demon creeping up behind the dark knight.

Azrael: Ah, but your skills aren’t as sharp as they used to be.

Azrael walks over to the fallen demon and retrieves his sword.

Azrael: I guess becoming a father has softened you up a bit.

Sparda pats Azrael on the back.

Sparda: You’ll experience that for yourself soon enough.
More demons pour out of the side tunnels in the ruins.  Sparda twirls Legacy about.  The blade is engulfed with glowing light.  He whips the blade across in a horizontal arc creating a wave of energy that rockets toward the advancing enemies.  The wave washes over the enemies, reducing them to ashes.  Sparda rest the blade on his shoulder as he smiles at his companion.

Azrael: Impressive.  New sword?

Sparda rests the blade in his open hand.

Sparda: Old one actually.  I had sealed it in the Human World long before it was ever invaded by Mundus.  I set my other two aside for my boys for when they come of age.

Azrael: Not a bad present for them.

The scene changes to a more ruined part of the ruins.  Azrael leaps around like a wild man while slicing demons apart.  Sparda wields Legacy in his right hand, slicing demons apart while unloading on other monsters with Ombra in his left.  Azrael looks over his shoulder at Sparda.

Azrael: Just like old times, eh?

Sparda looks over his shoulder with a smile.  The scene changes to a darker part of the ruins.  Bodies of humans cloaked in dark green robes litter the blood stained ground.  Sparda shakes his head.

Sparda: Why must humans continue to involve themselves with powers they do not understand?

Azrael puts his hand on Sparda’s shoulder.

Azrael: Imagine if we weren’t around to look after them.  The Demon World would overrun them.

Sparda fixes his glasses.

Sparda: Do you ever feel that our cause isn’t worth fighting for?

Azrael lets out a low laugh.

Azrael: As one who was once consumed with only hatred, I can honestly say yes.  The struggle against the darkness for peace and freedom is always worth fighting for.

Sparda smiles at his friend’s response.

Sparda: I’m glad to see we’re both on the same page.

Azrael rests Oblivion on his shoulders.

Azrael: Did you even have to ask?

Demons come running from up ahead.  A serious look appears on Azrael’s face.

Azrael: Go on ahead, I’ll finish up here.

Sparda rushes the demons.  He leaps over all of them as Azrael engages them.  The scene changes to a room lit by torches.  Demonic runes are painted all over the chamber.  A group of robed humans armed with knives stand in a circle.  Sparda enters the chamber.  He draws Legacy and points it at the crowd.

Sparda: Lay down your arms and surrender.  Turn away from the path to evil and embrace the light.  If you don’t comply you’ll force me to cut short your lives.

The humans ignore Sparda’s words and impale themselves with the knives.  They collapse onto the ground.  A look of horror appears on Sparda’s face.  A portal opens up against the back wall.  Azrael runs up behind Sparda.

Sparda: The portal to the Nether World is open.  We must seal it.

The human bodies begin to twitch and reanimate.  Sparda swings his glowing sword.  Energy bathes the bodies of the dead, obliterating their bodies.

Azrael: We must disrupt the flow of demonic energy that’s pouring out of it. 

Sparda advances toward the portal.

Azrael: Looks like we’re going in.

Azrael follows behind Sparda.  Two large tentacles erupt from the gate and bat the two warriors into pillars lining the room.  The tentacles slide back into the gate.  Camalus emerges from the portal.

Camalus: Two fallen knights seek to oppose me, a ruler of the Demon World?

Camalus smiles sinisterly at the two knights.

Camalus: Foolish creatures.

Sparda rises to his feet and points his sword at the king.

Sparda: Go back! Return to your prison!

Camalus glares at Sparda.

Camalus: How dare you address your king like that, traitor.

Sparda grits his teeth.

Sparda: You are a king of nothing, peon.

A mask of murderous rage appears on the demon’s face.

Camalus: Peon?!!

The king’s eyes narrow.

Camalus: For that, you will live for an eternity in my prison.

Azrael points his sword at Camalus.

Azrael: Demon filth, you cannot overcome either of us, let alone both of us.

Camalus holds his hand in front of his face and clenches his fist.

Camalus: You underestimate my power.

Azrael’s eyes change from brown to yellow as white wings erupt from his back.  He flies toward the devil.

Azrael: Go to oblivion!

Camalus grits his teeth.

Camalus: Fool!

Camalus’ tentacles whip about trying to smack down Azrael.  Azrael flies around the strikes.  As he closes in on Camalus a tentacle spears him from above.  The tentacle rips through Azrael’s heart and stabs it into the ground.  Azrael coughs up blood as a look of pain replaces his previous determined expression.  A look of horror appears on Sparda’s face.

Sparda: No!!

Camalus whips his tentacle to the side.  Azrael’s body slides free from it and slams through a pillar.  Camalus turns his attention toward the dark knight.  A sinister expression appears on the devil’s face.

Camalus: Then there was one.

Sparda’s face is masked with hatred.

Sparda: You will not be returning to your prison.  I will destroy you!

Camalus thrusts forward with his tentacles.  Sparda swings his glowing sword upward.  A stream of energy explodes from the ground before him.  The tips of Camalus’ extra appendages are burned from the contact and they are retracted.

Camalus: What are you trying to accomplish? Your power isn’t what it once was.  You can’t fight against a king!

Sparda grits his teeth.  He devil triggers.  Camalus smirks as he thrusts his tentacles forward once more.  Sparda’s sword illuminates with energy once more.  He spins around, slicing through one of the tentacles.  Slamming the tip of his sword down, Sparda sends out a wave of demonic energy toward the sinister king.  Camalus’ tentacles wrap around his body like a shield.  The stream washes over Camalus, obliterating his tentacles and burning his body.

Camalus: Damn that prison.  My strength hasn’t returned yet. 

Camalus looks up to see Sparda descending upon him.  A look of horror appears on the demon’s face.  Sparda slices down through Camalus’ body with his energized sword.  As the blade strikes the ground a pillar of energy engulfs and eradicates Camalus’ body.  Sparda reverts to his human form and runs over to his fallen friend.  Azrael reaches his hand up and Sparda grips it.

Azrael: My friend, I regret not working with you enough.  Heh…we make an excellent team.

Sparda: Save your strength.

Azrael coughs up blood.

Azrael: It’s too late for me.  My only regret…is never being able to hold my daughter in my arms as she’s brought into the world.

Azrael hands Sparda his sword.

Azrael: Please…make sure my wife passes on my sword to my little girl…she’ll be a savior just like her father.

Azrael closes his eyes.

Azrael: Sparda…when next you see your children…hold onto them…and never let them…go…

Azrael’s body goes limp.  Sparda wears a sorrowful expression.

Sparda: Rest in peace, old friend.

Pre Mission 1 Script

Narrator: Vatican City, Italy.

A family sits in the living room of their house watching the news.  They see people running for their lives and the police force engaging the demons.  The little girl huddles close to her mom and dad.

Daughter: Mommy, I’m scared.

Dad: Don’t worry, sweetie.  We just have to have faith.  We will be saved.

Demons crash through the back of the house.

Mom: Honey!!

The dad scoops up his daughter and heads for the door with his wife right behind him.  When they get outside they see people running all over the place.  Fires have broken out here and there.  Gunfire can be heard in the distance.  Demons feast and tear apart any human they get a hold of.

Dad: God help us…

The demons bust through the house behind the family.  The dad grabs his daughter and wife and shields them with his body.  Blood curdling screams can be heard from the demons.  The dad turns his head slowly.  Looking over his shoulder he sees a man in a red trench coat with a large sword, dripping with blood.  Dante flicks his sword, shaking the blood from it and straps it on his back.  Dante turns to face the family while dusting off his hands.  The dad rises to his feet.

Dad: Who are you?

Dante smirks at the man.

Dante: I’m the knight in shinning armor that’s going to save the day.

The little girl jumps to her feet.

Daughter: Thank you!

Dante smiles and ruffles her hair.  He looks at her parents with a serious expression.

Dante: The streets aren’t safe.  And any homes appear to be just as dangerous.  Head for the nearest shelter.  Be strong for your daughter and be careful.  The worst thing that could happen to her would be losing her parents.

Dante walks off.

Mom: He wasn’t a Crimson Knight.

Her husband shakes his head.

Dad: No.  Someone hired a Devil Hunter.

Pre Boss Script

In the central plaza of the city, Dante tosses a dead demon aside.  People look on in silence.  The ground begins to quake.  Cracks fan out along the surface.  A large demon, Aries, erupts from beneath the street.  The people begin to panic as the police try to push them back farther.  The frightened people remain awestruck at the figure of Dante fearlessly standing before the monster.  The beast roars at Dante.  Dante looks to his left then to his right.  He smirks at Aries.

Dante: Well, looks like we’ve got an audience.  What do ya say we give them a hell of a performance?

Dante grips the hilt of Rebellion as Aries paws at the ground.

Dante: It’s show time.
Post Mission 1 Script

The crowd is completely silent.  Looks of horror litter their faces.  Dante draws Rebellion.  He twirls the sword about.  Releasing it, he snatches it by the blade and slams the hilt down into the ground.  The blade points skyward.  Dante takes a few steps back and holds his arms out to his sides.  The large beast snarls at Dante.  It reels back on its hind legs and roars to the heavens as it paws at the air like a horse.  Dante quickly draws Ebony, as red electricity snakes along the barrel, and fires off two charged shots that obliterate Aries’ knee caps.  The devil falls forward and has its head impaled on Dante’s sword.  Dante holsters his sidearm and then rips his sword through the demon’s head.  He flicks the blood off the blade before strapping it on his back.   The crowd comes to life with cheers and applause.  Dante smiles as he waves at all of them.

Dante: Thank you, thank you!  I’m here all day.  Don’t worry folks, you’re in good hands.

Dante leaps down into the hole in the ground that Aries made.  A priest looks on from the shadows of a nearby alley.

Priest: A Devil Hunter? This is an interesting development.

The priest walks off in the opposite direction.

Pre Mission 2 Script

Dante walks along the side a few steps and then stops.  He looks back over his shoulder.

Dante: Another ominous, shady figure trying to hide in the shadows back there.  Why do the bad guys think they are so sneaky?

Dante hops down into the water.

Dante: Ah, another glamorous job.  Oh how I love them.

Dante starts to wade forward through the knee high water.

Dante: I’m gonna stink like a backed up toilet after this.

Pre Boss Script

Dante enters a massive open chamber in the sewers.  Water is pouring down like waterfalls from massive pipes in the walls.  Dante walks to the edge of his walkway.  Looking down he sees a large pool with walkways lining it and passing over it.  Dante leaps down.  As he nears the waters edge a massive aquatic demon erupts from the water and then dives back down beneath the glassy surface.

Dante: A fish?  Come on.

Pisces’ head rises up above the surface.  The demon roars at Dante.

Dante: Great, another monster with too much personality.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: I hope you aren’t expecting me to come in after you.  Beach yourself so I can kill ya quick.

Pisces disappears beneath the surface.  Dante draws Ebony and Ivory.

Dante: So you’re gonna be a pain in the ass then?

Dante crosses the guns in front of his face.

Dante: Fine.  Have it your way.

Post Mission 2 Script

Pisces constantly breaches up and over the bridge Dante is standing on.  Dante grips the hilt of Rebellion.

Dante: I’ve gotta time this just right.

Dante notices the wake traveling through the water.  He smirks before flipping backward.  Pisces bursts from beneath the waves only to have Dante land on top of it and drive his sword down into its body.  Pisces roars in pain as it falls into the water.  Before the water consumes it Dante leaps back onto the bridge.  He gives his sword a twirl before strapping it on his back.

Dante: In the end, it was just a fish. 

Dante walks along the bridge looking for a way to move forward.

Dante: Now how do I get…?

Pisces bursts forth from beneath the water.  Dante spins around only to be clamped down upon by the demon’s jaws.  Dante is dragged into the water.  Air bubbles pour from Dante’s mouth.  He grits his teeth as he is dragged deeper.  His eyes turn red.  The scene switches to a view above the water.  The water glows bright red for an instant.  Multiple air bubbles bubble up at the surface.  They cease, as the water is coated with blood.  Pisces explodes out of the water (Dante no longer in its mouth) and flails about as it falls back into the water.  Pisces continues to jump and spasm, smashing into walls and breaking apart the bridges lining the pool.  The demon’s tail lashes out and slams against a part of the wall causing it to collapse.  Pisces sinks beneath the glassy surface once more.  Dante’s hand rises up from the water.  He grabs hold of the busted bridge and pulls himself out of the water.  Behind him, Pisces’ body rises belly-up from beneath the waves.  Dante notices the hole in the wall.

Dante: Looks like Jaws gave me a way out.

Dante turns to face the dead demon.  He pulls out his double sided coin.

Dante: Here.

Dante flips the coin up into the air.

Dante: Be sure to pay the ferryman on your way to Hell.

Dante walks through the hole as the coin lands on Pisces’ belly.

Pre Mission 3 Script

Cardinal Sebastian bursts into Pope Gregory’s chambers.

Sebastian: Your eminence, I have just been informed that there is an outsider interfering with the situation.

Sebastian kneels before the Pope in his wheelchair.

Gregory: An outsider?

Gregory turns his attention toward the sky outside of his window.

Sebastian: Yes.  He slaughtered the demons that escaped topside and headed into the sewers.  From the monks that I have sent in to search for him, they’ve found nothing but dead demons which have been left behind in his wake.

The Pope turns his attention back toward the Cardinal.

Gregory: A Devil Hunter?  But who hired him.

Sebastian: It must have been one of the citizens but that’s beside the point.  His skills are incredible.  The man is well trained.  But that’s not the frightening thing.

A curious look appears on the Pope’s face.

Gregory: Oh?

Sebastian raises his head to look the Pope in the eyes.

Sebastian: Your grace, we believe that he is a devil, or at the very least, a half-breed.

Gregory: And you say he is killing the demons?  Perhaps it would be best if he assisted in the operation.

Sebastian: But we don’t know if he isn’t being summoned by whatever it is that dwells beneath our city.  But beside that, our Crimson Knights are more than capable of handling the situation.

Gregory: I see.  These truly are dark times that we are now facing.  We must have faith…unshakable faith.  I leave the decision of this matter entirely up to you.

The Cardinal rises.

Sebastian: Peace be with you.

The Pope bows his head slightly.

Gregory: And also with you.

The old man moves his chair before the window and stares out at the sight of the city before him.  Smoke still billows in certain locations from the fires caused by the demons.

Gregory: So, the son of Sparda has arrived.

Pre Boss Script

Dante walks down a long tunnel.  Demon bodies litter the length of it.
Dante: What a mess.  Somebody’s got some serious skills.

Dante hears the sounds of battle and continues on his way.  In an open part of the tunnels he sees more demon bodies littering the ground.  He also notices a woman, Cross, taking on a small group of beasts.  Dante smiles at the sight.

Dante: Well now, I think I’m in love.

Cross rushes a demon and stabs Oblivion through its heart.  She twists the blade and punches the demon in the face forcing it off the end of the sword.  Another devil rushes the knight from behind.  She quickly spins around and slashes out, slicing through the beast’s torso.  Cross spins around behind it and slices downward on an angle through the demon’s back.  The demon falls into three pieces.  One more devil rushes her backside.  Cross twirls Oblivion about and thrusts the blade behind her.  The monster impales itself on the end of her sword.  The knight gives her sword a twist.  She rips the blade out of the beast as she spins around.  Completing the spin she decapitates the demon.  Cross cocks her head to the side and focuses on the remaining demon.  The demon hesitates and the knight takes advantage of the situation.  She leaps into the air and twirls about.  Pointing her sword down at the demon she drives her blade down through its skull.  Cross kicks off the beast’s shoulders and flips backward.  The demon staggers a few steps forward before collapsing.  Cross lands on the ground.  She whips her sword out at her side, flicking the blood off the blade.  Giving the sword a final twirl she sheathes it at her side.  The knight performs the motion of the cross.

Cross: May your spirits burn in the afterlife.

Dante lets out a long whistle.  Cross spins around and is startled by the hunter.

Dante: So you’re the one who made that mess down the tunnel.  I’m impressed.

And annoyed look appears on Cross’ face.

Cross: Who are you and why are you here?

Dante: I’m…

Cross steps forward.

Cross: This place is off limits.  Who do you think you are coming down here?

Dante holds up his hands.

Dante: If you would let me finish…

Cross grips the hilt of her sword.

Cross: Silence! Leave here, immediately.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: Look, I’ve got a job to do so…

Dante draws Rebellion and points it at Cross.

Dante: Move or be moved.

A look of shock mixed with anger appears on the knight’s face.

Cross: You would draw your weapon on me, a Crimson Knight of the Vatican?

Cross draws her sword and holds it out at her side.

Cross: Prepare for your final judgement.

Post Mission 3 Script

Dante and Cross lock swords.  A hateful look appears on the knight’s face.

Cross: You’re not human.

Dante smirks at the woman.

Dante: Not to split ends or anything but neither are you.

Cross’ glare intensifies.

Cross: You’re a devil in the guise of a man.  You must be purged from existence.

Dante pushes forward causing Cross to stagger backward a dozen steps.  Reinforcements can be heard barreling down the tunnel behind Cross.

Monk: Captain Cross we’re here to assist you!

An annoyed look appears on Dante’s face as the monks enter the open chamber.

Dante: Shit.  I don’t have time for this.

Dante twirls his blade and takes a reverse grip on it.  He turns toward the wall to his left and strikes the ground, dragging the tip of his blade across it with such force that the ground rips causing a rift to travel to the wall (drive).  The wall explodes throwing boulders between the hunter and his opponents.  Dante straps Rebellion on his back and heads to the wall on his right.  He knocks on it a few times before reeling back.  Dante lunges forward with a forceful punch that breaks the wall apart.  An opening into another tunnel is created. On the other side of the rubble Cross sheathes her sword as she turns to regard the monks.

Cross: It sounded like he broke through.  Find him and bring him before me.  He will perish on the end of my blade.

Dante moves into the new tunnel.  He cracks his neck before progressing.

Dante: Why can’t I meet any normal chicks?

Pre Mission 4 Script

Dante walks around a corner of a passage in the Labyrinth.  He sees a monk with his back to him.  Dante walks behind him.  The monk sniffs at the air.

Monk 1: Oh gross, what is that smell?

Dante: Sorry, that’s me.

The monk turns around startled.  A horror stricken look appears on his face.

Monk 1: The Scarlet Devil.

Dante turns around and looks back the way he came.

Dante: Where?

Dante looks down at his red coat.

Dante: Oh…

Dante turns around to face the monk.

Dante: Look, I have no…

Monk 1: Come quick!!

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: Come on, don’t do that.

The monk turns around.

Monk 1: The Scarlet Devil is here!!

Dante grabs the monk by the side of the head and slams him against the wall, knocking him out.

Dante: Should’ve kept quiet.

More monks come running from around the corner.

Dante: Easy guys.  I’m not the bad guy here.

Monk 2: The Captain ordered us to bring him before her so that she may execute him.  Use only the necessary force required to subdue him.

Dante smirks at the holy men as he draws Rebellion.  The monks pull taser rods from their sleeves.

Dante: Well that won’t make for a fair match-up.

Dante twirls his blade around before stabbing it into the ground.  The hunter rushes the crowd of monks.  He puts his shoulder into one and drives him into a wall.  Another monk moves up behind Dante.  Dante grabs the monk he just jacked up and swings him into his assailant.  Both monks crumple on the ground.  Dante ducks another monk’s taser swing.  Rising to his feet Dante slams his fist into the monk’s gut.  The hunter leap-frogs over the hunched over monk and head butts his partner behind him.  Another monk rushes Dante and thrusts forward with his taser.  Dante reaches out and grips the monk’s arm.  He gives it a twist, causing the monk to drop his taser.  Dante follows up the twist with a jaw shot, flooring the monk.  Dante leaps up over another attack and kicks out with his foot.  The attack connects with the monk’s face.  Dante lands back on the ground as the monk topples over.  Another monk rushes Dante.  The skilled hunter ducks the swipe and tosses the monk over his shoulder.  The monk slams up against the wall.  Dante dusts off his jacket as one final monk sneaks up on him.  Dante tags the monk with a backhand.  The monk keels over.  Dante looks around at the moaning monks.

Dante: Sorry guys, I didn’t want things to turn out this way.  But, if it’s any consolation, I held back as best I could.

Dante pulls Rebellion from the ground and straps it on his back. 

Trevor: So you’re the Scarlet Devil that everyone is talking about.

Dante: Word travels fast.  And who, may I ask, are you?

Trevor: You shall know me only as Trevor, a member of the Crimson Knights.

Trevor draws a massive fan from his back and slowly waves it around.

Dante: For a man, that’s a lame weapon to have.

Trevor: Its design may be very feminine, but its power is divine.

Dante: Should a servant of the cloth refer to anything other than the divine as such?

Trevor smirks at Dante.  The knight touches the tip of the fan to the ground.  The knocked out monks go up in flames and are reduced to ashes before they can even scream.  A look of horror appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: What have you done?  These are your allies.  You monster!

Trevor: Monster?! An honest description I suppose.  They failed in their duties.  Let God be their final judge, as he will be yours as well.

Dante grits his teeth.

Dante: Not today.

Mission Intermission Script

Trevor: Impressive.  I would expect nothing less from the son of the legendary Sparda.

A look of surprise appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: What?

Trevor smiles at Dante.

Trevor: Didn’t you call me a monster?

Trevor laughs maniacally as his body is engulfed in flames.  His skin melts away to reveal a balled up creature.  The creature is engulfed in flames and vanishes within the raging inferno.  The fire burns out in a flash, and a demon stands before the hunter.

Phoenix: I am Phoenix, the head of lord Camalus’ honor guard.  I will not allow you to interfere with the rebirth of our lord.

Dante: A devil, playing dress up.  There’s no way a priest would mercilessly execute one of his own.

Phoenix: Humans are humans no matter what their position or status.  We all play out the roles our lord has given us.

Dante tightens his grip around Rebellion’s hilt as Phoenix extends his arm and materializes a more demonic, feathered fan out of flames.

Dante: So there’s more of you.  Parasites, I’ll kill each and every one of you.

Phoenix leaps into the air.

Phoenix: I’ll burn you alive!!!

Post Boss Script

Phoenix: This is so exciting, fighting a descendant of the great Sparda.  Unfortunately, being only a half-breed, you can’t offer me the challenge that I crave.

Dante points his sword at the knight.

Dante: I’ll make you eat those words.

Phoenix leaps into the air sweeping his mighty fan across in a horizontal arc.  A gust of flame billows forth at the hunter.  Dante leaps at the labyrinth wall behind him.  Phoenix sends another gust of flame at Dante.  Dante lands against the wall and begins running along it.  As the flame splashes against and fans out across the wall Dante leaps off and at his opponent.    Phoenix turns to avoid Dante’s blade.  Dante cuts through Phoenix’s chest as he passes by.  Phoenix lands on the ground and immediately leaps back up at Dante.  Dante flips around and kick flips off the wall.  The demon unleashes another gust of flame upon Dante.  The fire washes over Dante’s body.  A devil triggered Dante barrels through the fire and stabs his sword through Phoenix’s mouth.  Both warriors crash into the ground.  Phoenix’s body is engulfed in flames as it twitches violently.  The knight is reduced to ashes as quickly as the monks were.  Dante smirks at the pile of ashes that he’s hunched over.  He reverts to his human form as he stands up straight.  Dante whips his blade across, removing the blood from it.  He gives Rebellion a twirl before returning it to its place on his back.  Dante looks down at the giant fan with a curious look.

Dante: Even though it’s quite a flamboyant weapon, I’m sure it’ll come in handy.

Dante picks up the fan and rests it on his shoulders as he heads deeper into the labyrinth.

Post Mission 4 Script

Cardinal Sebastian moves through the labyrinth coming to a small group of monks.  One of the monks greets him with a slight bow.

Sebastian: What was so urgent? Did you find him?

Monk: Sorry your grace, but he has eluded capture.

A look of annoyance appears on the Cardinal’s face.

Sebastian: Capture?!  Your orders are to terminate.

Monk: But Captain Bethany said…

Sebastian: I am the Commander of the Crimson Knights.  My orders are absolute and are to be followed over the Captain’s.

Sebastian steps backward into a pile of ashes and looks down.

Sebastian: What happened here?

Monk: A battle was fought here.  This is the aftermath.  Everyone was burned alive.

A surprised look appears on Sebastian’s face.

Sebastian: The Scarlet Devil?

Monk: That’s our guess.  Trevor’s group was the only one here.  They were trying to keep the demons from entering the tunnels.

Sebastian: And what of Trevor?

A look of sorrow washes over the monk’s face.

Monk: He was in control of a team of nine.  There are ten piles of ash.

A look of horror appears on the Cardinal’s face.

Sebastian: Trevor…

Sebastian looks over the room, specifically at the piles of ash.

Sebastian: Trevor’s weapon was blessed with the elemental property of fire.  That bastard must have used it against all of them.

Sebastian drops to his knees.  He performs the sign of the cross and kisses the rosary hanging from his neck.

Sebastian: May their souls find peace in the eternal Kingdom of Heaven.

The Cardinal rises to his feet.

Sebastian: I must inform the Pope of our losses.  Continue pursuing the Scarlet Devil.  Bring me his head.

The monk bows as Sebastian walks off.

Pre Mission 5 Script

Dante stands in the mouth of a massive hole in a wall that leads into an excavation site.  Dante watches as a Crimson Knight armed with a sword wipes out a hoard of demons with a series of graceful spinning strikes.

Dante: Not bad!  I was thinking of lending you a hand but you handled yourself without any problems. 

Dante leaps down into the massive chamber.  Christopher gives Dante a curious look.  Dante notices Christopher’s arm restrained by a scarf.

Dante: Trying to show off by handing them their asses with only one arm?

Christopher looks down at his arm.

Christopher: My arm was rendered useless in a battle a few years ago, though I suppose that it gives my enemies the illusion that I have a handicap.  They couldn’t be more wrong.

Christopher looks at Dante with a serious expression.

Christopher: So you’re him, the Scarlet Devil?

Dante looks around at the dead demons as he walks toward the knight.

Dante: Apparently so.

Dante looks Christopher in the eyes.

Dante: What? You wanna start something too?

Christopher shakes his head from side to side.

Christopher: We’re on the same side, right? You’re killing demons too.

Dante smiles at the knight.

Dante: Finally someone who understands.

A grim look appears on Christopher’s face.

Christopher:  I would like to know one thing though.  Why did you kill Trevor?

A dark look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Your friend was a demon in disguise.  He had to be put down.

Christopher: That’s impossible.  Could it have been some kind of possession?

Dante strokes his chin.

Dante: That’s actually quite possible.  The demon shed its human skin and appeared as a twisted fetus.  It was engulfed in its own energy before appearing in its own form.  But a possession like that with a demon growing from within would mean that the host was already dead and that it was the demon within that was calling all the shots.

Dante smacks the knight on the shoulder.

Dante: Thanks, that actually makes a lot of sense.

Dante starts to walk past his new friend.

Dante: Can’t believe I didn’t think of that.  It’s so obvious.

Christopher: Wait!

Dante stops and turns around.

Christopher: You’re going the wrong way.

Dante points behind himself.

Dante: But I’m sure the bad guys are this way.

Christopher shakes his head.

Christopher: Yes but the exit is the way you just came from.  I said I didn’t want to fight you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t.  Orders are orders and must be carried out. 

Dante crosses his arms.

Christopher: If you leave now, I won’t be forced to execute you.  So please, just go.

Dante rubs his head as he walks toward the knight.

Dante: So…that’s how it’s gonna be, huh?

Dante stops right in front of Christopher.

Dante: I was hired to do a job.  And I’m not going anywhere until I finish my job.

A serious look masks the knight’s expression.

Christopher: I really wish you would reconsider.

Blood begins to seep in through the cracks in the rocks.  Demons rise out of the pools of blood.  Dante and Christopher get back to back while bringing their blades to the ready.

Christopher: I guess we’ll settle up when we clean up this mess.

Dante smirks.

Dante: I guess so.

Both warriors leap away from each other into opposing crowds of enemies.

Pre Boss Script

The last demon falls to the ground, dead.  Dante and Christopher stare at each other.

Christopher: Have you reconsidered?

Dante laughs at the knight.

Dante: Straight to business, eh?  That’s okay, but to answer your question, nope.  I’m staying.

Christopher readies his sword.

Christopher: That’s unfortunate.

Dante rests Rebellion on his shoulder.

Dante: For you, maybe.

Post Mission 5 Script

Dante and Christopher are engaged in a vicious duel.  Both warriors lock blades.

Dante: You’ve got some strength for fighting me one-handed.

Christopher: One must learn to adapt if one is to survive.

Christopher forces Dante backward.  The knight points his blade at the hunter.

Dante: Why don’t you just drop the charade and come at me in your true form, devil.

Christopher grits his teeth.

Christopher: What are you accusing me of?

Dante smiles sinisterly at his opponent.

Dante: Don’t even tell me your strength comes from the power of your faith.  Faith in yourself, maybe.  Faith in God, don’t think so.

More blood seeps in through the cracks of the rocks and more demons are formed.  Dante drops his sword and draws Ebony and Ivory.  With a display of pure skill Dante dispatches them with all head shots.  Dante hears the sound of gears mashing together.  He spins around and points Ebony in the direction where Christopher was standing.  Dante looks up and sees Christopher riding an elevator.  Dante holsters his guns and picks up his sword.  He straps Rebellion to his back as he runs for the elevator.  He pushes a button to call it back down.

Dante: This job is turning out to be a major pain in the ass.

Pre Mission 6 Script

Dante steps out of the elevator and leaves the small room behind.  Dante realizes he is now in the Vatican.  Down the hall he sees a door start to slowly swing closed.  Dante enters the large room where he is confronted by Cardinal Sebastian.

Sebastian: Stepping foot within the sacred walls of the Vatican shows that your arrogance knows no bounds, Scarlet Devil.

Dante walks forward while looking over the room.

Dante: I have a name.  It’s Dante.  You would do well to remember that.

The Cardinal waves his hand about.

Sebastian: Your name is of no importance to me, you piece of demonic excrement.

Dante stops and focuses his attention on the holy man.

Dante: Whatever you say pal.  However, I just think you should know that your special Crimson Knights, or whatever the unit is called, is made of devils.

The Cardinal’s rage takes a hold of him.

Sebastian: Blasphemous lies!  The only unique member of the Crimson Knights is Captain Bethany.  The rest are strengthened only through the power of their faith.

Dante closes his eyes and shakes his head.

Dante: Your ignorance is unbelievable.  I fought one of them.  It turned into a demon right before my eyes.  It said something about the rebirth of Camalus, whatever that means.

The Cardinal takes a defiant step forward.

Sebastian: Enough!  I will hear no more of your poison.

Sebastian points at the hunter.

Sebastian: You have trespassed into a House of God and by his grace, I shall destroy you.  Every breath you take is an insult to the holy lord.

Dante grits his teeth.

Dante: Fanatical son of a bitch.  You don’t seem to realize that there’s a real problem going on here.  And it’s not something as simple as demons acting up.  We need to get to the bottom of this.  Put your bible banging ways aside for just a minute and hear me out.

A mask of murderous rage appears on the Cardinal’s face.

Sebastian: How dare you.  How dare you!!  With God as my witness I shall deliver divine punishment upon you!

A look of disgust appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: I hate dealing with your kind.  There’s just no getting through to those who follow religion so blindly.  I’ve got news for you buddy.  God doesn’t have all the answers.  And if he does, he certainly isn’t sharing them with anyone.

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Dante: I don’t want to fight you, but you’re standing in the way of my solving this little case.

The Cardinal’s body begins to glow with an unearthly light.

Sebastian: Vile sinner! You would attack a man of the cloth?!!  Only the deepest, darkest pit of Hell will suffice for you.  And I shall personally send you there.

Sebastian smiles sinisterly at Dante.

Sebastian: God is on my side.

Post Mission 6 Script

White streams of electricity shoot out of Sebastian’s finger tips and snake through the air toward Dante.  Dante holds up his blade.  The electricity wraps around the sword but goes no further.

Dante: I bet you’re wondering why my sword isn’t acting like a conductor for your holy lightning.  It’s imbued with demonic energies.

The Cardinal breaks off his attack.

Sebastian: Of course. Demonic tools for a demon.

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Dante: For a servant of God you seem to be well versed in the Black Arts.

Sebastian: I do what is necessary to carry out God’s will.  And it is his will that your kind be destroyed.

Dante smirks at the holy man.

Dante: It’s gonna take more than magic tricks to rid yourself of me.

Sebastian smiles sinisterly at Dante.

Sebastian: Indeed.

The Cardinal snaps his fingers.  An alchemic symbol illuminates with blue energies on the ground beneath Dante’s feet.  Dante glares at the man.

Sebastian: I can see that you are putting up quite a front, tough guy.  But you are well aware of the severity of your current situation.

Dante: I’ve dealt with sealing spells before.  This is nothing new.

Sebastian shakes his head.

Sebastian: This is no mere sealing spell.  This is a binding spell.  This one is tailored to your own soul.  It’s not a power you can call on but a part of yourself.  Powers can be sealed, but to bind a soul is to truly cripple a foe.

The Cardinal’s smile widens.

Sebastian: Frustrating isn’t it, devil.

Dante smirks at the holy man.

Dante: This won’t hold me.

Sebastian holds his arms out at his sides.

Sebastian: Then step out of the circle.

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Sebastian: A devil that believes he’s the savior of the people.  It must’ve been something your mother conned you into doing so you didn’t turn out to be like your wicked father.

Dante: My father was a noble and honorable person who fought for the people.

Sebastian looks at Dante with a curious expression.

Sebastian: You speak of the Legend of Sparda.  That story is a myth, a fairy tale.

Dante rolls his eyes.

Dante: This is the Vatican.  I’m sure they have a book that covers the Great War.  You should give it a read. 

Dante smiles at the holy man.

Dante: Though I’m sure you know it’s more than just a fairy tale.  And it probably burns you up inside that humanity and this world is still around due to the actions of a heroic devil.

Sebastian’s glare intensifies.

Sebastian: And whatever happened to the Great Savior of Man?  Probably dead, killed by a hunter that exposed him for what he really is, a devil of deceit.  He’s burning in Hell with the rest of his kind.

A dark smirk creases the Cardinal’s lips.

Sebastian: As is that whore you call a mother.

A look of rage appears on Dante’s face.

Sebastian: She chose to lay down with a devil.  Or perhaps she was raped.  It doesn’t matter as she allowed herself to give birth to you, a child of evil.  Make no mistake, your mother is in Hell, and she is paying for her sins.

Dante’s eyes turn red.  Red demonic energy begins to emanate off of Dante’s body.

Dante: My mother was murdered, torn apart by devils.  I heard her screams.  And I couldn’t do anything to save her.

The ground around Dante began to crack.  A look of surprise takes shape on Sebastian’s face.

Dante: My mother loved my brother and me with all her heart, despite the knowledge of what we are.  And it’s because of her that I fight against the darkness.

Dante’s aura spreads out greatly.

Dante: And nothing will get in the way of my vengeance!!

The ground around Dante explodes.  Dante’s aura dissipates and his eye color returns to normal.

Dante: Don’t preach your bullshit to me, pal.  I will protect humanity, just as my father did before me.  And neither you nor anyone else will stop me from playing hero.

Fear overtakes Sebastian as he stumbles backward.

Sebastian: Monster.  You have not escaped Heaven’s wrath yet.

The Cardinal pulls a book loose from the bookshelf and a passage opens.

Sebastian: You shall be judged.

Sebastian runs through the passage.  Dante shakes his head as he goes to follow.

Dante: Fanatics…

Pre Mission 7 Script

Dante enters a large room with majestic statues of angels.  The secret passage door closes behind him.

Cross: Halt sinner!

Dante looks upward and spies Cross standing with Oblivion drawn on top of one of the statues.  A big smile appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Oh hey, how’s it goin?

Dante waves the knight down.

Dante: Why don’t ya come on down so we can chat.

Cross leaps off the statue, and swings downward upon Dante.  The hunter steps out of the way as her blade strikes the ground.

Dante: Easy!  Don’t be so eager to chop my head off.

Cross points her sword at Dante.

Cross: Your final judgement is approaching.  It’s God’s will.

Dante smirks at the girl.

Dante: I bet it is.

Cross launches a flurry of attacks.  Dante dodges each slash with nimble moves.  Sebastian walks into view with an open book in his hands.  He’s chanting as he moves toward the two.  Dante continues to evade Cross’ onslaught.

Dante: Shut the book and stop your chanting holy man.

The Cardinal turns a page.

Sebastian: Bethany, keep him busy for just a moment longer.

The air around Dante and Cross begins to distort.  A sinister smile appears on the Cardinal’s face.

Sebastian: An eternity in the Nether World will be an eternity well spent.

Cross attacks Dante with an over head slash.  Dante leans forward and blocks the blow with his sword strapped to his back.  Dante quickly straightens himself up, causing Cross to stagger off balance.  Dante whirls around and snags the girls wrist and pulls her in close.  In the same motion Dante draws Ivory and puts it to her head.  Dante shoots Sebastian an angry glare.

Dante: Go ahead.  You’ll be condemning God’s little helper here as well.

Sebastian smiles and finishes the chant.  A portal opens behind Dante and Cross.  Dante points Ivory at the Cardinal.

Dante: You piece of…

Both warriors are drawn in.  Dante and Cross are thrust into the Nether World.  The portal closes behind them as they hit the ground.  Dante lets out a low laugh.

Dante: Can you believe that guy?

Dante gets to his feet and leaps back as Cross lashes out with her sword.

Dante: Whoa! Easy now!

Cross slices the air before her.

Cross: Silence devil!

An annoyed look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: In case you didn’t notice, we’re kinda trapped here.

Cross smirks at Dante.

Cross: If you want to believe that then go ahead.  Let it comfort you in the inferno.

A curious look crosses Dante’s face.

Dante: What are you talking about?

Cross rests her blade on her shoulders and begins pacing.

Cross: The Nether World is a prison.  We can come and go as we please.

Cross stops and turns her attention toward the hunter.

Cross: I have no intention of staying here.

Dante smiles and claps his hands together.

Dante: Well then, feel free to get us out of here.

Cross stabs her sword into the ground.  Her eyes shift from brown to yellow.  Glowing white feathers emanate from her body.

Cross: The only place you’re going is to Hell.  You will burn for your kind’s greatest sin; existing.

Cross transforms into her angel form. Her wings expand from her back.   A look of surprise, mixed with amusement appears on the hunter’s face.

Dante: An angel?

Cross pulls her sword from the ground.

Cross: I’m a half-breed.

Dante smiles as he points to himself with his thumb.

Dante: That’s great!  So am I.

Cross flaps her wings and levitates off the ground.

Cross: Don’t you dare compare yourself to me, sinner.

Dante’s eyes turn red as red demonic energy begins to emanate from his body.

Dante: There’s no reasoning with you is there? Well then fine.  Since you want to kick it up a notch, I might as well step it up too.

Dante devil triggers.

Cross: So you finally show your true form.

Cross smiles sinisterly at Dante.

Dante: Nah, my true form was that handsome devil you were just talking to.

Dante flies toward Cross.

Post Mission 7 Script

Dante and Cross are both airborne in their transformed states.  Both are just flying in place.  Dante is breathing heavily.  He manages a slick smile.

Dante: I love a woman who can kick my ass.

A look of disgust appears on Cross’ face.

Cross: You disgusting…

Cross notices Dante’s heavy breathing and smiles.

Cross: It would seem that the end draws near for you, devil.  I can see that fatigue is starting to set in.

Dante smirks at Cross.

Dante: It’s tough work trying to hold back against a skilled opponent.

A feeling of fury takes hold of Cross.

Cross: Bullshit!  Your life is on the line!  You wouldn’t allow yourself to hold back!

Dante smiles at the angelic creature.

Dante: Now is that any way for a servant of god to be speaking?

Cross flies at Dante.  Both warriors lock swords.

Cross: Who the hell do you think you are?!

Dante pushes forward and slices Cross away.  As she flies backward the knight glares at the hunter.  Dante lands on the ground and looks up at his opponent.

Dante: I’ve said it before to you people, and I’ll say it again.  We’re on the same side.

Dante reverts back to his human form.

Dante: There’s no need for us to be fighting.

Cross spits at the ground.

Cross: I will not listen to the words of a devil who has slain a comrade of mine.

Dante shakes his head. 

Dante: He was a devil.  I only kill humans that choose to side with devils.  I don’t kill humans that are misguided like you people.

Cross grits her teeth and tightens her grip on Oblivion.

Dante: This ends right now.  If you want to continue then you’re going to force me to fight dirty.

Cross descends upon Dante.  Dante points Rebellion at the girl and she impales herself through the heart on it.  A look of pain rips through the knight’s face.

Dante: Damn you for forcing my hand.  I know an angel’s sensitive spot is the heart.  If I was so inclined I could have taken you out earlier in the fight.  Believe me; I didn’t want it to come to this.

Tears begin to well up in her eyes as they shift from yellow to brown.  Her wings vanish in a cloud of feathers.  Cross walks backward off of Dante’s sword and collapses to her hands and knees.

Cross: Damn you!  Damn you to Hell!  I hate you…

Cross crumbles to the ground and rolls over on her back, unconscious.

Dante: I’m sorry.  I hope you’ll be more reasonable when you wake up. 

Dante takes his sword and stabs it into the ground. 

Dante: Well, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

He sits down against it.

Pre Mission 8 Script

Cross begins to stir.  She opens her eyes and sees Dante resting against his sword.  Dante looks over and smiles at her.

Dante: She lives!  How’re you feeling?

Cross sits up slowly.

Cross: Why did you spare my life?

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: I’m getting tired of saying it.

A confused look appears on the girl’s face.

Cross: You’ve been watching over me?

Dante shrugs.

Dante: Where else was I gonna go?  Besides, I couldn’t let the inmates have fun with your unconscious body.  Plus, I’m the knight in shining armor that’s supposed to save the day.  What kind of knight leaves the damsel in distress to be fed on by the scary monsters?

Dante looks around.

Dante: Speaking of inmates, I’m surprised none of them have come anywhere near this place.

Cross gets up and stretches.

Cross: Do you have a name?

Dante: Dante.

Cross: Why are you interfering with everything here, Dante? 

Dante looks up at Cross and smiles.

Dante: Because a man named Gregory hired me to do a job.  Of course I haven’t met him yet.  I’ve only spoken to him over the phone.

A curious look appears on Cross’ face.

Cross: Pope Gregory?

Dante shrugs his shoulders.

Dante: Beats me.

Cross: Why would he…

Dante: Maybe you shouldn’t worry yourself over little things and start looking at the bigger picture.  There’s something more going on here than demons lurking in the basement.  Your partner, Trevor, or should I say the demon masquerading as Trevor mentioned something about the rebirth of Camalus. 

A look of surprise appears on Cross’ face.

Cross: Camalus.

Dante: You’ve heard the name before?

A grim look appears on Cross’ face.

Cross: He’s a Devil King that killed my father.

Dante gets to his feet.

Dante: So you’re the daughter of Azrael.  It’s an honor.

Surprise returns to the knight’s face.

Cross: You’ve heard of my father.

Dante: My mom used to tell me stories about my old man’s heroic deeds.  Azrael was in a couple of those stories.  His death was always a sad story.  She said my father mourned his passing for a long time.

Cross: Who’s your father?

Dante: Sparda.

Cross shakes her head.

Cross: Never heard of him.

Dante pulls his sword from the ground and rests it on his shoulder.

Dante: Well, you’ve lived a sheltered life so that’s no surprise.

An annoyed look appears on Cross’ face.

Cross: Don’t judge me!

A look of surprise appears on the hunter’s face.

Dante: Who’s judging?

Growls can be heard in the distance.  Dante looks over his shoulder.

Dante: Looks like I spoke to soon about the inmates.

Dante turns his head to regard Cross.

Dante: You wanna get us out of here?

Cross: If we’re being attacked there won’t be much I can do.  It’s an incantation that needs to be perfect.  No interruptions can be afforded.

Dante: You do what you gotta do and I’ll keep you safe.

A look of surprise appears on Cross’ face.

Cross: What?

Dante looks to the warped sky as he shakes his head.

Dante: You do the chanting, and I’ll do the killing.  Got it?

Cross gets down on her knees.

Cross: Say a prayer and hope that I don’t ruin any of the lines.  Otherwise I’ll have to start over.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: The last time I prayed I was a little boy.  I’m not one to wait for miracles.  I much rather create them.

The demons descend upon the two.  Dante walks forward a few steps and gets into a ready stance.

Dante: Alright boys and girls, let’s play.

Post Mission 8 Script

Cross continues to quietly chant as Dante stabs his sword into the ground.

Dante: They just keep coming.  Where the hell is the warden?

Dante smiles as he holds out his arm.  The Phoenix fan materializes out of flames.  Dante brings the fan in close and then whips it out in a horizontal arc.  A wave of flames gusts forward and incinerates the demonic horde.  Dante lets out a low whistle.

Dante: Packs quite a punch for being a girly weapon.

The fan disappears in a cloud of smoke.  Dante pulls Rebellion out of the ground and straps it to his back.  The hunter turns his attention toward the knight.  Dante goes to say something but his attention is drawn by more growls coming from behind.  Dante turns around to see more devils leaping from floating island to floating island, making their way toward the two warriors.  Dante smiles sinisterly.

Dante: Heh, fearless much?

A portal opens behind Cross.  She rises to her feet and sheaths her sword.

Cross: You’ve got one chance to get back. 

Cross leaps through the portal as the demons land before Dante.  Dante stares them all down.  The hunter begins to walk backward while pointing at the monsters.

Dante: You guys are lucky she stopped me.

Dante turns and leaps through the portal.  The portal slams shut.

Pre Mission 9 Script

Dante leaps through the portal as it closes shut.  He notices Cross standing with Sebastian.

Dante: Judging by that nasty look on your face, holy man, you’re not too happy to see me.  Am I right?

The Cardinal turns his attention toward the knight.

Sebastian: It pains me to see that you have spared his life, Bethany.

Dante takes a step forward.

Dante: Hey asshole…

Cross holds up her hand, silencing Dante in the process.

Cross: A temporary alliance.  I couldn’t have any interruptions while opening a passage back into our world so he kept the demons imprisoned there from interfering.

Cross turns her attention toward the hunter.  She wears a serious expression.

Cross: I have spared your life once.  It won’t happen again.  I am bound by duty to slay all demons.  But because you saved my life I’ll give you a free pass.  Leave this city and never return.

The Cardinal is angered by the knight’s compassion.

Sebastian: Captain Bethany!  Do you realize what you are saying!  He tried to kill you…

Dante: A misunderstanding.

Sebastian shoots Dante an angry glance.

Sebastian: He killed Trevor…

Dante: He was a demon.

A dark look appears on Sebastian’s face.

Sebastian: He tried to kill Christopher.

Dante: Also a demon.

Sebastian’s anger begins to get the best of him.

Sebastian: Silence!

The Cardinal turns back to Cross.

Sebastian: He also tried to kill me…

Dante: Kill is such a strong word.  Beat, break, crush, maim, or humiliate would all be better choices.

Sebastian’s anger erupts.

Sebastian: I said silence, devil!!!

A priest bursts into the chamber.  He chokes out words in between breaths.

Priest: Your holiness…demons…from below…invaded the Vatican…

Dante smiles at the Cardinal.

Dante: I’ll tell you what you’ve got, pal.  You’ve got problems.

Sebastian waves his hand at Dante.

Sebastian: You!  This is your doing!

A demon crashes through the door and punches its hand through the priest’s chest.  The priest spits up blood as the hand erupts through his rib cage.  A look of horror appears on the Cardinal’s face.  Cross reaches for her sword.  Dante spins around while drawing Ebony and puts a bullet in the monster’s head.  The demon’s head snaps back as the bullet smashes through its skull.  Its limp body collapses on the ground.  Dante twirls his gun before holstering it.

Dante: I’ve got a job to do.

Dante walks toward the door.

Sebastian: You stay out of this!

Dante waves behind him as he disappears through the door.  Sebastian clenches his fists.

Sebastian: Damn him…

The Cardinal turns toward Cross.

Sebastian: Captain! You have a job to do.  Purify this place of the unholiness that has infested it.  I go to protect his eminence.  We’ll discuss your actions later.

The Cardinal marches off.  The knight’s attention turns back toward the hunter’s exit.

Post Mission 9 Script

A small group of priests heads toward the elevator.

Thomas: Go on ahead.  I’ll catch up in a moment.

The priests board the elevator and ride it down into the excavation site.  Thomas rubs his face.

Thomas: This is a test, a test of faith.  I will not falter. 

A demon sneaks up behind the priest.  Dante appears behind the demon, eyes as red as blood.  He slams his fist into the side of the demon’s head and slams it into the wall.  The impact of the wall and the hunter’s fist reduce the beast’s head into a bloody mess.  Thomas turns around and staggers back a few steps.

Thomas: Jesus…!

The priest notices Dante’s eyes and braces himself up against a pillar.  Dante holds his hands out as his eye color returns to the normal shade of blue.

Dante: Whoa, easy now, buddy.  I’m not gonna hurt you.

Thomas: Those eyes.  Same face, same hair.

A curious look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: What’s that?

Urine begins to trickle down the priest’s leg.  Thomas faints from fear.  Dante walks up to Thomas’ unconscious body.

Dante: Hey!  Hey!

Dante shakes his head and heads for the elevator.  His eyes narrow.

Dante: The same face…

Pre Mission 10 Script

Dante gets off the elevator and spies two Crimson Knights amidst corpses of the priests that went ahead of Thomas.  The knights take notice of Dante.

Dante: Don’t even blame me for that.  I just got here.

Dante stops and draws Rebellion.  He points the blade at the knights.

Dante: But you’ll have to excuse me for accusing you.

Simon turns toward Richter.

Simon: Would you look at that?  The Scarlet Devil has arrived.

Richter smiles at the hunter.

Richter: It looks like he knows.  Otherwise, why would he point his weapon at us?

Simon laughs at the sight of Dante.  Dante smirks at the knights.

Dante: I’m glad you’re amused.  So who’s first?  Or do I take you both on at the same time?

Richter pats Simon on the back.

Richter: There’s work to be done.  I’ll go on ahead.  Have your fun.

Richter turns to walk away.

Richter: Oh and Simon, try not to waste too much time with him.

Richter walks up to a wall, and with his knuckle claws punches a hole in it.  Rubble from the wall falls out all over the massive chamber.  Richter continues on.  Dante turns his attention toward Simon.

Simon: That Richter, always nagging me about my little habits.

Simon pulls his lance from one of the dead bodies.

Dante: I had a feeling that you Crimson Knights were all devils.

Simon: All but one.  Our Captain is more brutal than us demons when it comes to killing.  Though, for her to have spared your life, she must be quite taken with you.  A handsome devil like yourself must make women feel all weak in the knees.  For her not to take your head, you must have wooed her in big way.

Dante shrugs his shoulders.

Dante: Couldn’t tell ya.  I’m not even sure if she considers me one of the good guys yet.

Simon smiles sinisterly.

Simon: So, are you ready to play, Scarlet Devil?

Dante’s eyes narrow somewhat.

Dante: Stop playing games.  I know you’re aware of who I am.

Simon twirls his lance and gets into a ready stance.

Simon:  Indeed I do, son of Sparda.  After all, we’ve been expecting you.

A look of surprise appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Are you telling me this was a setup?

Simon crouches down.

Simon: No more questions.  It’s time for screaming!

Simon leaps into the air.  Dante follows him with his eyes.  Dante swings his sword and bats Simon’s downward thrust away.  Simon twirls through the air and lands on his feet.  Dante gets into a ready stance.

Dante: Fine.  I’ll just beat the answers out of you.

Mission Intermission Script

Simon twirls his lance about.

Simon: Good form, Dante.  Good form indeed.

Dante rests his sword against his shoulder.

Dante: Well, what are you waiting for? Get on with it already.

Simon smiles coldly at the hunter.

Simon: As you wish.

A tornado whips around Simon.  The sheer velocity of the winds rips Simon’s body apart.  A curled up creature is revealed.  The tornado engulfs the creature.  The winds break revealing a centaur-like demon with one eye.  The lance Simon wielded appears more demonic.

Sleipnir: Now you face Sleipnir, the elite of lord Camalus’ honor guard.

Dante smirks at the devil.

Dante: I’m shaking in my boots.

Sleipnir rushes the hunter.

Post Boss Script

Sleipnir sends his lance spiraling towards Dante.  As the weapon spins through the air, gusts of wind rip up the ground and surrounding boulders creating a massive dust cloud.  The lance returns to the knight’s hand.  The hunter is nowhere to be found.  Sleipnir moves through the boulders.  Dante stands with his back against a nearby boulder.  The demon sniffs the air.

Sleipnir: Ah…

Sleipnir strikes Dante’s cover, reducing it to rubble.  Before the blow connects Dante is airborne.  The hunter lands on the demons back.  Sleipnir turns his head slightly to regard his rider.

Sleipnir: What?!

Dante slams Rebellion through the knight’s back.  The blade erupts from within Sleipnir’s chest.  Sleipnir cries out in pain as he starts to buck wildly kicking out in all directions.  Boulders that make contact with his hooves shatter like glass.

Dante: Ride em cowboy.

Dante rips his sword out of the demon as he leaps off Sleipnir’s back.  Sleipnir begins to collapse and stabs his lance into the ground to steady himself.  Sleipnir slinks down a bit while breathing heavily.  Dante walks up to the devil.

Dante: Now, tell me what I want to know.

Sleipnir lets out a hoarse laugh.

Sleipnir: I would sooner go to Hell than say anything to you.

Dante smirks at the dying demon. 

Dante: Suit yourself.

Dante draws Ivory and puts it to the devil’s eye.  The barrel quickly flashes with red light (signifying a small charge).  Dante pulls the trigger.  The bullet rips through Sleipnir’s eye and blows out the back of his head.  The devil’s body falls to the ground.  A small tornado rips Sleipnir’s body apart.  Dante pulls the demon’s lance from the ground.

Dante: Alright, a manlier weapon.

Post Mission 10 Script

Sebastian stands with his hands folded behind his back staring out at the city.  The Pope wheels up behind him.

Gregory: Sebastian.  We have been friends for awhile.  It was I who personally selected you to be Commander of the Crimson Knights.

The Cardinal turns his head slightly to regard the Pope.

Gregory: But I regret to inform you that I haven’t been up front with you on everything that has been going on today.

The Cardinal turns around.

Sebastian: What are you trying to tell me?

The Pope bows his head slightly.

Gregory: It was I who hired the Devil Hunter.

A look of surprise takes hold of Sebastian’s face.

Sebastian: W…why?

Gregory: This private war that we have been waging with the demons beneath us has gone on for far too long.  So many lives have been lost, and for what? We haven’t been able to find the source of this evil.  These devils keep coming, and will keep on coming until the last one of us draws his or her last breath.

Sebastian grits his teeth.

Sebastian: You…you’ve lost your faith.  You disgrace our holy order.  How could you bring that abomination here?  His very presence taints and corrupts this place.

The Cardinal’s anger begins to pour out.

Sebastian: Even Bethany, who we took as an infant after the death of her mother.  After we took and raised her to be our champion, to be the people’s champion against the darkness, has been tainted by this monstrosity’s presence.

Gregory frowns at the accusations.

Gregory: It is because of my faith that I am doing this, to protect the very faith we represent.

Sebastian: Nonsense!

The Pope holds up his hand to quiet the Cardinal.

Gregory: He is the son of Sparda…

Sebastian: He is a devil!!

Gregory: And he is our only hope.

Sebastian waves his hand in disgust.

Sebastian: That’s enough!  He’s nothing but a murder! He’s trying to kill off the Crimson Knights.  He fears their strength and the good they are capable of.

The Cardinal storms off toward the exit but stops short.

Sebastian: And what does that make you for supporting a murder?

Sebastian leaves the Pope’s chambers.  Gregory lets out a deep sigh.

Gregory: One day, you’ll understand why I’ve done this.

The Pope turns his attention to the window.

Gregory: Okay son of Sparda.  Show me a miracle.

Pre Mission 11 Script

Dante exits the excavation area and stands in a wide open chamber that contains an ancient church.  Dante lets out a long whistle.  He notices that statues aren’t of angels, but of devils instead.

Dante: Devils instead of angels? 

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: If the public ever knew that a church worshipping Hell was right beneath one that worships Heaven…

Dante smirks to himself.

Dante: On second thought, their reaction might prove to be good for a few laughs.

Dante advances on the church.  A glob of slime drips down on his shoulder.  He stops and wipes it off.  Dante brings the sticky residue close to his nose and pulls back.

Dante: Oh yuck.  And I thought I smelt bad earlier. 

Dante shakes it off his hand.  A few more drops of the gel lands in splotches on the ground.  Dante slowly looks up and notices a blob on the ceiling of the chamber.  It descends upon the hunter.  Dante’s eyes go wide.  Before the blob splashes on the ground Dante dashes forward out of the way.  The blob strikes the ground and splashes outward, but curves back in.  Gemini, a two headed demon is formed from the gelatinous material.

Dante: Another blob monster.  These things are the most disgusting creatures that I’ve ever had to face.

Dante notices a glowing stone floating within Gemini’s body.

Dante: Well this should be easy.  At least I know you’re weak spot.

Gemini splits into two separate beings.

Dante: Scratch that.  It’s not gonna be any easier.

Post Mission 11 Script

Dante opens fire on the blob-like devil with charged shots.  His bullets get caught inside the beast’s body. 

Dante: Damn.  Even my specialty shots are useless.

Dante looks down at his guns.

Dante: Nah, I’m not gonna waste that kind of power on this thing.

Dante twirls Ebony and Ivory before holstering them.  Dante draws Rebellion and charges Gemini.  The hunter leaps into the air and comes down with a downward strike.  Before Dante can cut into the demon’s gelatinous body it splits into two.  Dante strikes the ground.  Both bodies swing at Dante.  Dante flips backward through the air as the fists of the demons collide and become one.  Gemini becomes one being again and charges Dante.  The hunter leaps toward the monster and thrusts his blade forward.  Gemini once again separates into two beings.  Dante twists in the air and lands into a sliding stop.  Dante smiles at the demon.

Dante: The core only stays in one body.  Destroy the core and I destroy the creature.

Gemini charges Dante.  Dante readies Rebellion.  The hunter fakes a toss, causing Gemini to split in two.  The body with the core splits upward into the air.  Dante tosses his blade, sending it spiraling upward.  The blade pierces the core, ripping it from within the fluid that Gemini is composed of.  Both bodies collide with Dante and burst on him like a water balloon.  Dante stands there as the liquid washes over him.  A look of utter disgust stains Dante’s face.  Dante nods his head as he walks through the muck to retrieve his sword.  Dante slides his blade out of the discarded core and straps it to his back.

Dante: That’s great.  That’s just great.  I go from smelling like a sewer…

Dante picks up the core and hurls it at the church doors.  The doors are blasted open from the impact.

Dante: To smelling like...

Dante raises his arms and starts sniffing himself.  He pulls back all disgusted from the stench.

Dante: Aw, I don’t even know what the hell this stench is!

Pre Mission 12 Script

Dante enters the corrupt church.  Richter is standing at the top of a stair case.

Richter: Enemy of God…

Dante: Save it.  Do us both a favor and skip the bullshit.

Richter walks down the steps.

Richter: You’ve progressed much further than I thought you would.

Dante: I’m full of surprises.

Dante cracks his neck.

Dante: So how about showing me your true form already?

Richter shakes his head.

Richter: You haven’t proven yourself yet.

Dante cracks his knuckles.

Dante: Fine.  But before I kick your ass so hard that you won’t give going all out a second thought, I have some questions.

Richter reaches the bottom of the steps.

Richter: So ask.

Dante points at Richter’s body.

Dante: What the hell is this?

Richter pats his chest.

Richter: This is no mere possession if that’s what you are wondering.  What you see here is a lifeless husk, terminated when a seed was sown within.

A dark look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: The fetuses…

Richter nods at his response.

Richter: Correct.  You see we are Lord Camalus’ honor guard.  He was gracious enough to share the power of spirit transference.  With this power we can leave our bodies, destroying them in the process.  As spirits we can pass between the worlds.  This little trick isn’t the same as possession.  Possession is something that only the Devil Kings can do. 

Dante: So why do this at all?

Richter: Our lord was trapped in the Nether World.  When freed, his body was destroyed by Sparda.  With his spirit set free he was able to utilize his ability to possess a body and manipulate it to his will.  Before taking a body in the Human World, his spirit passed into the Demon World to deliver us our orders.  We utilized the transference technique to destroy our bodies so that we could follow our master into the Human World.  The plan is quite elaborate and spans many years.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: Oh, do go on.

Richter. When Sparda was still alive, it wasn’t worshippers of Camalus that freed him but worshippers of Hell.  You see, lord Camalus, while in the Nether World made a deal with a certain devil that lived in Hell.  My master knew that he would be significantly weakened from his imprisonment in the Nether World, so the deal went beyond the destruction of his body.  When he obtained a body he was provided with four lesser seeds that would be enough for us to regain our bodies.  He fed them to four humans.  The seeds killed them, and we took hold of their bodies while the seeds matured into fetuses.  From there we could remake our bodies.

Dante: So why didn’t Camalus get a seed?

Richter smiles sinisterly at the hunter.

Richter: He needs a greater seed in order to remake his body.  Once the deal is complete, his greater seed will appear before him.

Dante draws Rebellion.

Dante: So, are you gonna tell me who Camalus is hiding inside?  Or am I gonna have to beat it out of you?

Richter straps on his clawed knuckle bracers.

Richter: What do you think?

Dante smirks at the knight.

Dante: Fine with me.

Post Boss Script

Dante swings his sword down.  Richter intercepts with his clawed bracers on his left hand.  With his right hand he punches the hunter’s sword, sending it spiraling out of his hand.  Dante turns to watch his sword soar through the air.

Dante: You jerk off.

Dante turns back around only to get tagged in the side of the face.  Dante’s cheek is slashed open from the claws.  The force of the blow knocks Dante on the ground.

Richter: Not so tough after all.

Dante starts to pick himself up.

Dante: Is that so?

Dante quickly gets to his feet and slams his fist against the side of Richter’s jaw.  The knight’s jaw is shattered as his teeth fly out of his mouth.  The sound of a neck cracking echoes throughout the room.  Richter’s body hits the ground hard.  Dante’s wounds on his face heal up.

Dante: Stop milking it and get back up.

Richter’s body is torn apart by a cloud of dirt.  A demonic fetus is revealed just before the dirt engulfs it.  The dirt cloud clears and reveals a large four-armed devil.  The clawed bracers have transformed into more demonic claws.

Talos: I do not retract my former statement.

Talos lashes out and slices into Dante’s chest.  Dante spins off his feet and crashes onto the ground.

Talos: Not yet.  Not just yet.  You shall feel the wrath of Talos in due time.

Dante reaches out for his sword.  The blade spins back into his grip.  Dante looks over his shoulder and sees that Talos is nowhere to be seen.  The hunter rises to his feet.  His wound has healed.

Dante: Cut and run, huh?

Dante straps his sword on his back and moves toward the steps.

Post Mission 12 Script

The Pope closes a thick book as Sebastian enters into his chambers.

Gregory: I was expecting that you would return to my side.

The Cardinal kneels before the Pope.

Sebastian: I’ve come to apologize for my outbursts.  I had no right.

The Pope rests his hand on the Cardinal’s shoulder.

Gregory: Today has been a trying day.  We are still under attack from within as well as from below.  What’s worse, we are fighting outside to protect the people as well.  This is nothing more than a test of faith.

Sebastian looks Gregory in the eyes.

Sebastian: A test that we shall pass.  We will show God that we are servants of his will and that we will protect his greatest creation from the darkness.

The Pope has a bit of a coughing spasm.

Gregory: Our forces are divided, but we must not despair.

Gregory holds the book out before the Cardinal.

Sebastian: That is the book I used to send the hunter into the Nether World.

Gregory: I have come across a forbidden art in here that will aide us in our struggle.

A look of awe appears on Sebastian’s face.

Sebastian: A forbidden art?

The Pope nods.

Gregory: I have made all the necessary preparations for the ritual to work.  Now all that is needed is the blood of a holy vessel.

The Pope bites his thumb, causing blood to seep out of the finger.  He puts the mark of the cross on Sebastian’s forehead with his blood.  The Cardinal’s eyes briefly flash red.

Gregory: You now have the power of angels.  This power is yours until you can no longer maintain it.  Once your body is wracked with too much pain, you will lose this power.  Your faith will only help in maintaining this gift from Heaven.

The Cardinal rises to his feet.

Gregory: The righteous shall punish the vicious.  Now go and slay all those who would sin against our lord and savior.

Sebastian clenches his fist before his face.

Sebastian: For our order, and humanity, as well as God, I will eradicate these demonic invaders with absolute prejudice.

The Cardinal leaves the Pope’s chambers.  The Pope turns his attention toward the window.

Gregory: Faith shall serve.

The scene changes to Cardinal Sebastian walking down a hallway.

Sebastian: Even that cursed hunter will suffer the wrath of God.

Pre Mission 13 Script

Dante walks down a hallway of the demonic church.

Cross: Why am I not surprised that you’re still around?

Dante turns around to see Cross walk up behind him.  He smiles at her.

Dante: What’s up, pretty lady?  Have you come to enforce your warning?

Cross shakes her head as she crosses her arms.

Cross: You and I won’t be crossing swords anymore.  We’re both on the same side, right?

Dante starts to laugh.

Dante: Finally we’re on the same page here.  I knew you’d warm up to me.

Cross walks past the hunter.

Cross: Don’t flatter yourself.

Dante follows behind her.

Dante: Don’t you know that opposites attract.  You’ve got some angel in you, I’ve got some devil in me, and we’re both linked by our humanity.  Why fight it?

Cross smiles at Dante’s words.

Cross: You and me?  Hell would have a better chance of freezing over before that would ever happen.

Dante smirks at the response.

Cross: I just realized you told me your name but I never told you mine.

Dante: Bethany. 

A look of surprise appears on Cross’ face.

Dante: People have been spouting your name off all day.

Cross smiles.

Cross: My friends call me Cross.

Dante nods his head.

Dante: Cross it is then.

Cross: So tell me, why do you do what you do?

Dante: What…hunt?

Cross nods.

Dante: Well, that’s a long, sad story.

Cross: There’s no immediate threat before us, and we need to explore this place, so why not get to know each other a little better.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: When I was a boy, my mom used to tell me stories about my dad.  My dad was a man, or…devil, who fought for the weak against the darkness of the Demon World.  He was killed in action.  I never got to meet him.

Cross: My father was killed before I was born.  It looks like we have something in common there.

Cross smiles at Dante.

Cross: So your father was your inspiration then?

Dante: You could say that.  Moving on, one day, my twin brother’s and my tenth birthday came along.  Our mom gave us each a sword that our father left behind for us, and an amulet.  Pretty nice presents for ten year olds, eh?  Anyway, our special day was ruined when demons attacked our house.  My brother ran off.  He tried playing hero and attempted to lead them away.  My mom stashed me in a closet.

Dante clenches his fists.

Dante: All I could do was cry as I listened to my mother’s screams as she was torn apart.

Dante claps his face a couple of times

Dante: I really hate that story.

A sorrowful look appears on Cross’ face.

Cross: It’s for revenge.

Dante nods his head.

Dante: I thought my brother met his end that day as well.  But he turned up a few years later.  I was happy to see him, but at the same time I hated him for abandoning me, though I can’t really blame him for not coming back.  He probably thought I was dead too.

Dante lets out a low laugh.

Dante: You’re the first person I’ve shared this with.  Don’t know why, I guess you’re like a kindred spirit or something.

Dante’s eyes widen all of a sudden.

Dante: That reminds me.  I bumped into a crazy priest.  Before pissing himself and then passing out, he was terrified of my appearance.

Cross gives Dante a hard look.

Dante: My normal appearance.

Cross: It must have been Thomas.  About two weeks ago, two priests were murdered.  They were decapitated.  Thomas had witnessed the whole thing.  In his report he described the attacker.  You match the description, though the attacker was draped in a blue coat and wielded an eastern sword.  Could he have been…?

Dante: Yup.  That would be my twin brother, Vergil.

A look of surprise appears on Cross’ face.

Cross: Your twin is evil?

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: I wouldn’t say evil.  We want the same thing.  It’s just…the man walks a much darker path than I do. At least I think he does.  I haven’t seen him in years.

Growls can be heard as they enter a large chamber.

Dante: Looks like they’re playing our song.

Dante turns to face his ally.

Dante: Looks like you’ll be my dance partner for this little number.

An annoyed look appears on the knight’s face.

Cross: What?

Dante draws Rebellion.

Dante: The one with the least amount of kills buys dinner.

Dante rushes the demons while leaving a bewildered Cross behind.

Cross: What?!  Hey wait a minute!

Cross draws Oblivion and follows behind.
Post Mission 13 Script

Cross rushes the final demon.  Dante slides in front of her and slices out in a horizontal arc.  The demon is split in two at the chest.  Dante stands twirling his sword with a big smile on his face.

Dante: Looks like you’re buying.

Cross sheathes her sword.

Cross: I don’t think so.

Cross turns and walks off.

Dante: You made a bet.  You can’t just walk away from a bet.

Cross looks over her shoulder with a smile.

Cross: That’s just what I’m doing.

Dante straps his sword on his back and goes to follow.

Dante: You’re a poor sport ya know that?

Pre Mission 14 Script

Dante and Cross enter a rocky room beneath the unholy church.  A massive pit is in the center of the chamber.  The two walk to the edge and look down into the darkness.  Spikes line the sides of the pit, though no bottom can be seen.

Cross: Sacrifices must have been carried out here.

Dante: But for what?

A low growl can be heard emanating from below.

Dante: Heh, I guess we’re about to find out.

Cross turns to face Dante.

Cross: Do you think the source of these monsters is down there?

Dante puts his hand on her shoulder.

Dante: Sit this one out.  I’ll let you know when I get back.

Cross pulls away from Dante.

Cross: I don’t think so.  I intend to see this through to the end.

Dante crosses his arms.

Dante: Someone needs to stay here and make sure that no more demons climb out of this pit.

Cross gets in Dante’s face.

Cross: Why does it have to be me?  Why can’t you stay behind?

Dante leans in close.

Dante: Tell ya what.  You stay here like a good girl, and I’ll take care of dinner.

Cross begins to blush as she leans back.  Dante turns to the pit.

Dante: I’ll be back in a few. 

Dante swan dives off the edge.  As he plummets to the bottom of the pit the growls become louder.  Dante lands on the ground, breaking up his landing spot.  The hunter gets to his feet and looks back up at where he came from.

Dante: Hell of a drop.

Dante looks around.  The growling has ceased.

Dante: What happened to all the noise?

Dante walks toward a part of the wall that isn’t lined with spikes.  It appears as if a boulder is blocking a passageway.  The boulder rolls forward and breaks apart revealing a massive demon, Taurus.  The demon roars at Dante.

Dante: Well I found the source of the noise, but the source of the demons? I don’t think so.

Taurus charges the hunter.  Dante leaps out of the way as the devil crashes into the spiked wall.  The demon comes away from the incident without a mark on its body.

Dante: Durable skin, gotcha.

Dante grips the hilt of Rebellion.

Post Mission 14 Script

Taurus bounds around the chamber.  Dante stands in the center with his arms crossed.

Dante: Alright, enough with the temper tantrum.

Dante holds out his hand and the Sleipnir lance materializes out of a gust of wind.  The hunter twirls the lance above his head causing winds to swirl around the weapon.  Dante steps forward and thrusts the weapon at the mighty beast.  The lance spears Taurus.  Winds rip apart the demons flesh, exposing muscle.  Soon even the muscle is shredded.  As the demon slumps to the ground, the weapon spirals back into Dante’s grasp.  It disappears in a gust of wind.  Dante walks up to the demon as it trembles from the pain.  The hunter punches his fist through Taurus’ exposed skull.  Dante shakes the brain bits off his hand as he pulls it out of the skull.

Dante:  See what happens when you misbehave?

Dante turns and walks down the tunnel that Taurus was blocking.

Pre Mission 15 Script

Dante walks toward the end of the tunnel while following the blood flow.  He enters a large chamber with a large circular structure. 

Dante: Well, what have we got here?

Dante watches as the blood flows into the large structure.

Talos: This is a Hell-Gate.

Talos steps out from behind the object.

Talos: It’s the only one in existence.

Dante points at the gate.

Dante: So this thing opens a portal that leads to Hell?

Talos lets out a low laugh.

Talos: You shouldn’t say that so lightly.  You have no idea what horrors exist in that world.

Dante crosses his arms.

Dante: Let me guess, you want to unleash those horrors upon this world, right?

Talos steps away from the gate.

Talos: My master wants me to release a specific devil.  Once the gate is opened, the deal will be finalized.  Lord Camalus will have his body back and we’ll be able to return to the Demon World where we belong.

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Dante: What’ll happen to this world?

Talos’ laughter echoes throughout the chamber.

Talos: That’s up to the Prince of Hell.

Dante draws Rebellion.

Dante: Yeah, I don’t think that’ll be happening.

Talos gets into a ready stance.

Talos: The sacrificial pit didn’t gather enough blood.  Your death will serve as the final key to unlock this door.

Dante smirks as he drops into a ready position.

Dante: I’ve already got enough people hating me today.  I’m not about to give them another reason to hate me anymore than they already do.

Talos rushes the hunter.

Post Mission 15 Script

Dante rushes Talos, dipping low to the ground.  Talos’ upper arms thrust downward with his claws and pin Dante’s sword down.  Talos’ lower arms grab Dante by the arms and hoist him into the air.  Talos smiles sinisterly at the hunter.

Talos: Bleed some more, little key.

Talos digs his weapons into Dante’s chest.  Dante grits his teeth.  The demon tears his claws out of Dante’s chest.  The hunter screams in pain.  The knight releases his hold on Dante.  Dante drops down to his hands and knees. 

Talos: It is time for my master’s rise to power. 

Dante’s eyes turn red.  He leaps to his feet while swinging his sword upward.  Talos is bisected up the middle.  The demon drops to his knees.

Talos: I…don’t understand…

Dante’s wounds are already healed as he clutches his amulet and smirks at his fallen foe.  Talos splits apart.  His body crumbles into dirt leaving only his clawed gauntlets behind.  Dante reaches down for the weapons.

Dante: More toys for my growing armory.

Nine glowing orbs light up on the gateway and streams of electricity shoot toward the center from each one.  A portal rips open as the streams collide.  A strong gust of wind sweeps past Dante from behind.  Dante is swept into the portal.

Pre Mission 16 Script

Dante lays face first on the brimstone.  Small, faint clouds of mist flow along the ground and pass over his body.  Hoarse voices whisper all around the unconscious hunter.

Whispers: Welcome Dante.  Yes, welcome.

Dante opens his eyes.

Whispers: It has been a while since living flesh has come. It’s truly a wonderful sight to behold.

Dante picks himself up and looks around while rubbing his head.

Whispers: This is your new home now, Dante.  Won’t you stay?  Yes, won’t you stay?

Blood washes up alongside Dante.  Dante looks out and sees an ocean of blood laid out before his very eyes.

Dante: The shores of Hell?

Dante turns around, away from the blood.

Dante: How far from the gate was I thrown?

Whispers: Make yourself at home.  Yes, get comfortable.

A look of annoyance appears on Dante’s face.  Devils emerge from the brimstone before the hunter.  More emerge behind him from the ocean of blood.

Dante: Of all the places I’d rather be right now, this place doesn’t even make the list.

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory.

Post Mission 16 Script

Back in the Human World, cross exits the tunnel into the gate room.  She sees the flashing portal open in the gateway.

Cross: A portal?

Cross examines the markings on the walls.  A look of horror appears on her face.

Cross: No…

Cross quickly turns her head back to the portal.

Cross: This is a portal to…

Devils leap through the portal.  Cross draws her sword and points it at the monstrosities.

Cross: Go back!  I won’t allow Hell to infect this world!

More devils come through the portal. 

Cross: You shall feel Heaven’s wrath!

Cross’ eyes turn yellow as a pair wings materialize from a cloud of white feathers.  Cross flies at the devils and launches herself into a berserker assault, tearing the beasts apart.  More keep coming through the portal as she battles against the invaders.

Pre Mission 17 Script

Dante approaches the gate leading back into the Human World.

Dante: Finally…

Astaroth: And where do you think you’re going?

Dante turns around.  Before him stands an angel with black wings.  Astaroth’s body is littered with scales.  His feet and hands are clawed.  Fangs line his teeth with golden yellow eyes.

Dante: I was thinking about going home.  Why?  Is that a problem?

Astaroth smiles sinisterly at Dante.

Astaroth: As a matter of fact, it is.  Don’t you know?  This is your home now.

Dante draws Rebellion.

Dante: I’m not gonna argue with you buddy.

Astaroth: How very brave of you.  There aren’t many out there who would be willing to take on a Prince of Hell.

Dante takes a few steps back.

Astaroth: Regretting the challenge you just made.

Dante smirks at the devil.

Dante: Not really.  There’s nothing I’m afraid of.

Astaroth laughs out loud.

Astaroth: Is that so.  Shall we find out?

A massive battle axe materializes out of flames in the devil’s hands.

Astaroth: I suppose I can amuse myself with you before entering the Human World.

Dante gets into a ready stance.

Dante: So you’re the devil that Camalus made a deal with.  In that case, you’re gonna die a horrible death.

Astaroth bears his teeth in an eerie smile.

Astaroth: You have an attitude fit for this place.  You belong here.  And here you shall remain.  Welcome to Hell.

Mission Intermission Script
Dante slides beneath Astaroth’s sweeping attacks.  The devil flies into the air and sends his axe spiraling down at the hunter.  Dante dives out of the way as the weapon strikes the ground.  The ground blows apart causing Dante to spiral through the air.  Dante lands on his face.

Astaroth: Are you afraid yet?  Has the terror which I represent finally sunk in?

Dante picks himself up.

Dante: You’re tough.  I’ll give you that.

Astaroth smiles at the hunter.

Astaroth: We who have fallen have gained power from this place.  Our forms have been corrupted beyond their original beauty.  But more than that, we have gained forms fitting for such a wicked place.

Astaroth transforms into a dragon-like devil and lands on the ground before Dante.

Dante: So when is the terror supposed to set in?

Astaroth leans in close.

Astaroth: Give it time.

Dante: I don’t have time.

Dante devil triggers and flies into the air.  Astaroth pursues his prey.

Post Mission 17 Script

Astaroth twirls through the air and whips Dante with his tail.  Dante slams into the ground below.  The impact causes Dante to revert to his human form.  Astaroth lands before Dante.

Astaroth: Don’t you see? It’s hopeless.

Dante rises to his feet.

Astaroth: Submit to my will.  There is no point in continuing.

Dante’s eyes turn red.  Red demonic energy emanates from his body.

Dante: I was hoping I wouldn’t have to resort to this.  But against an opponent of your caliber, I have no choice.

Dante devil triggers into his true demon form.

Astaroth: What’s this?!

Dante flies at the devil and impales him through the heart.  The force of Dante’s impact carries Astaroth into the air.  Dante drives the devil down into the ground.  Their crash creates a large crater.  Dante pulls the blade out of the beast’s heart.  He holds open his hand and creates a small ball of energy.

Dante: Are you scared yet?!

Dante drives his hand through the hole created by his sword.

Astaroth: No! What are you…?!!

Astaroth and Dante are engulfed in a massive explosion.  When the smoke clears, Dante stands amidst chunks of charred flesh and bone.  One of Astaroth’s eyes rolls by his foot.  Dante steps down upon it, squishing it beneath his toes.  Dante flies out of the crater and reverts to his normal form when he lands.  Dante straps his sword on his back when the sound of clapping rings out.

Lucifer: Well done. 

Dante spins around quickly at the sound of the voice.  An angel with black wings, draped in regal armor stands before him.  This one is void of any form of corruption other than his dark wings.

Lucifer: I must say I am very impressed with your abilities.

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Dante: Who the hell are you?

Lucifer smiles at Dante.

Lucifer: Hell…I guess that’s appropriate seeing as I am Hell.  I’m the King of Hell.

Dante’s eyes widen as a look of shock appears on his face.

Dante: Lucifer…

Lucifer takes a bow and then rises.

Lucifer: It’s an honor to meet you, Dante.

Dante is taken back by the angel’s words.  Lucifer smiles at the hunter’s reaction.

Lucifer: Don’t look so surprised.  A lot of the…

Lucifer’s smile becomes more sinister.

Lucifer: …inmates here, curse your name.

Dante reaches for his sword.

Lucifer: Aren’t we bold?  I can feel your fear.  It’s intoxicating.  But you have nothing to be frightened of.  I’m not going to hurt you.

Dante: What the hell do you want?!

Lucifer shakes his head.

Lucifer: Hell again…in your world it’s just a word.  Heh, I bet the souls writhing in agony here wish it were just a word.

Lucifer vanishes from sight.  Black feathers float to the ground where he was standing.  Lucifer stands directly behind Dante.

Lucifer:  To answer your question; nothing…yet.

Dante turns around to face Lucifer.

Lucifer: You, a mere half-breed, killed a Prince of Hell.  I shall be watching your progress with great interest.

Lucifer turns and holds his arm out to the gate.  Dante moves forward.

Lucifer: Though I really shouldn’t be surprised.  After all, you are your father’s son.

A look of shock appears on Dante’s face.  He turns back toward Lucifer.

Dante: My father?! Is he…

Lucifer: No, he’s not here.  And from what I hear he’s not in Heaven either.  His soul hasn’t been able to find its final resting place.  Apparently it’s trapped within the void of another’s soul.

A confused look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: What?

Lucifer smiles at the hunter’s confusion.

Lucifer: I’ve said enough.  And unfortunately our time is up.  I’m a busy man.  I have a kingdom to run and so I must take my leave.

Lucifer bows and then vanishes, leaving only a few black feathers to float to the ground.  Dante lets out a deep breath.

Dante: That encounter just shaved a couple hundred years off my life.

Dante turns and walks through the gate.

Pre Mission 18 Script

Dante steps out of the portal.  He sees that dead demons litter the ground.  Dante steps forward and hears the sound of crumpling paper.  He looks down and moves his foot and sees a piece of blood stained paper on the ground.  The portal to Hell closes behind him.  The hunter looks over his shoulder to make sure nothing followed him out before bending down to pick up the paper.  Dante reads the paper and hears Cross’ voice as he reads over it.

Cross: Another assault on the Vatican.  Come and give me a hand.

Dante smiles as he crumples up the paper and tosses it over his shoulder.  Dante makes his way back to the Vatican.

Pre Boss Script

Dante walks through a gallery with weapons on display.  As Dante walks past one of the displays he stops and walks backward a few steps to look it over.

Dante: The Lance of Longinus.  That would be a nice weapon to add to my collection.

The case happens to be empty.

Dante: Looks like it’s not a display.  Heh, a powerful weapon like that, I wouldn’t leave it out in the open either.

Christopher: The Spear of Destiny isn’t on display because it’s been stolen, stolen right from under our very noses.

Dante looks at the other end of the gallery and sees Christopher walking toward him with his sword at the ready.

Dante: I didn’t take it.

Christopher shakes his head.

Christopher: It’s been missing for around forty years now.  So unfortunately, you can’t steal it either.

Dante smiles at the knight.

Dante: Come on now.

Christopher throws a smirk the hunter’s way.

Christopher: That is how you planned to acquire it now isn’t it?

Christopher stands beside Dante and stares at the empty case.

Christopher: Did you know an insane general once possessed the spear? 

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: A history lesson?

Christopher: The world believed that this general died, and that the terrible war was over.  However, the general wasn’t killed until a few years later.  He tried creating an army of monsters with the power he attained from this marvelous weapon.  How he managed to stay out of the view of the public while attempting this is beyond my knowledge.  The Vatican dispatched their secret weapon, Azrael, to deal out divine retribution against the sinner and retrieve the spear.

Christopher turns toward Dante with a smile.

Christopher: However, when he arrived on the scene, his mission was already accomplished.  Sparda had already taken care of the problem.  Sparda gave the spear to Azrael and so it was returned to this holy place.  And it remained on display until it was stolen.

Dante lets out a low laugh.

Dante: Why am I not surprised that my old man had a hand in resolving World War II?

Christopher rests his sword on his shoulder.

Christopher: Your father truly is a shining example to be followed.

A look of annoyance appears on Dante’s face as he turns toward the knight.

Dante: I don’t care what you’re trying to sell, I’m not buying.

Christopher bows his head as he closes his eyes.

Christopher: So only your father is allowed to serve justice and turn his back on his own kind?

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: I can’t believe you’re gonna try and pull this crap on me.

Christopher turns his back on the hunter and walks away.

Christopher: Truth be told, I don’t want to return to the Demon World.  I want to keep on living here, doing God’s work.  I’ve seen the light, Dante.  I’ve seen the light and it has opened my eyes.

Dante crosses his arms.

Dante: Uh huh…

Christopher turns his head to the side with a sad expression on his face.

Christopher: I’ve changed.  I’ve kept up with this charade for so long that it has changed me.  Devils never cry, and yet…I’ve shed tears for fallen comrades.

Dante: Which ones?  The ones I whacked today?  Big deal.

Christopher shakes his head in disagreement.

Christopher: No, humans.  On more than one occasion I’ve had them die in my arms.  But it’s not just that.  I’ve shed tears for the pain of humanity.  Their sorrow is overwhelming.  I want to take their pain away from them.  I want to help make this world a better place for them to live in.

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Dante: Did you shed a tear for the life you stole when you took that body as your own?

Christopher turns to face Dante.

Dante: Everything you’ve done up till now has been for Camalus.  Don’t try to pawn your sob story off on me, pal.

Christopher: It’s true.  All that I have done has been for my lord.

Dante claps his hands together.

Dante: Bingo.  You just said everything you’ve done has been for the sake of your master.  That right there tells me everything you’ve said has been bullshit.

A weak smile creases Christopher’s lips.

Christopher: I am confused.  I am still bound by my honor to serve my lord, and yet, all I want is to pursue my new life.

Dante draws Rebellion and points it at the knight.

Dante: Thanks for sharing, but story time’s over.

Christopher stabs his sword into the ground.

Christopher: It’s true what I said before, Dante.  I don’t want to fight you.

Dante smiles sinisterly at the man.

Dante: If I were you, I wouldn’t want to fight me either.

Christopher pulls the scarf acting as a sling for his arm free.  He stretches the apparent dead arm out and clenches its fist tightly.

Christopher: I guess the charade is over.

Christopher is engulfed in a cloud of darkness.  His body turns to dust and blows apart revealing a curled up fetus.  The fetus is engulfed in the darkness.  When the energy vanishes a full grown demon draped in skeletal armor, wrapped in a cloak of darkness, stands before the hunter.  Wraith grips the hilt of the sword, and the blade undergoes a metamorphosis that has it take on a more demonic appearance.

Wraith: Phoenix was the leader of our lord’s Honor Guard because of his devastating control over fire.  Sleipnir was favored for his eagerness to serve and was used as an errand boy of sorts.  Talos was prized for his intelligence over his brute strength always assisting our lord with the affairs of his quadrant.  I, Wraith, was always considered my master’s “ace in the hole.”  I am more powerful than the other three and acted as his last line of defense. 

Dante gets into a ready stance.

Dante: Blah, blah, blah.  You sure do like to run your mouth.

Wraith gets into a ready stance as well.

Wraith: I just want you to realize what it is that you’re up against.

Dante smirks at the devil.

Dante: Trust me, after fighting my way out of Hell, you really aren’t anything special.

Post Mission 18 Script

Wraith stands with his arm supporting him against a display case.  The demon coughs up blood.

Wraith: I couldn’t avenge my fallen brothers.  And I couldn’t slay you for the honor of the Crimson Knights.  Is my dream of a better life destined to be denied?

Dante stands with his sword resting on his shoulders.

Dante: You’re being denied your dream because you don’t deserve it.

Wraith shoots Dante a sinister glance.

Wraith: And who are you to say that I don’t deserve a better existence?

A cold look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: I guess you didn’t know I’m a Devil Hunter.  I’m the judge, jury, and executioner of your kind.

Wraith hangs his head.  The devil’s body trembles.

Wraith: Sparda…would have given me a chance.

Dante: I’m not my father.

Wraith grits his teeth and lunges toward Dante.  Dante makes no effort to move or ready himself for the oncoming attack.  As the demon draws closer, just one of the Talos claws appears on his free hand.  Wraith goes for an overhead strike.  His face contorts in pain as he is impaled on the claws.  The demon’s sword falls from his grasp.

Wraith: I don’t…understand.  You have demons that work with you…so why…?

Dante’s eyes narrow.

Dante: There is a world of difference between you and them.

Wraith’s body is engulfed in a cloud of darkness.  His body becomes dust and is scattered.  Dante retrieves the demon’s weapon.

Dante: This is turning out to be a terrible day.

Dante heads for the exit.
Pre Mission 19 Script

Dante continues to walk down the hall. 

Cross: Glad you could make it.

Dante stops in his tracks as Cross walks up from behind.

Dante: Yeah, Hell didn’t want me.

Cross looks back the way she came.

Cross: Have you seen Christopher?

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: It would appear that all your teammates were devils. 

Dante turns his head to face the knight.

Dante: He’s dead.

Dante continues on.

Cross: So what do we do now?

Dante: Keep doing what you’ve been doing and expel the demons from this place.

Cross moves to follow but stops.

Cross: What will you do?

Dante shrugs his shoulders as he walks off.

Dante: First things first, gotta have a chat with a holy man.  I’ll catch up with you later.

Dante disappears from view.

Pre Boss Script

Dante enters the chamber outside of the Pope’s quarters.  As he advances into the room Dante is struck from behind by a white bolt of energy.  Dante cries out in pain as he drops to his hands and knees.  Cardinal Sebastian walks beside Dante and makes his way toward the doors to the Pope’s chamber.  The holy man turns to face the hunter.

Sebastian: I have been waiting for you son of Sparda.  I’ve been warming up on the filth that plagues these halls in anticipation for our next confrontation.

Dante rises to his feet with an annoyed look on his face.

Dante: Looking to get your ass handed to you again, eh?

A sinister smile creases the Cardinal’s lips.

Sebastian: It’s not going to be the same this time. The power…

Sebastian extends his hand.  Dante’s eyes narrow as he reaches for his sword.  A bolt of electricity leaps from the Cardinal’s finger tips and coils around Dante.  Dante once again cries out in pain.

Sebastian: The power of the Holy Spirit is mine!  I am one with it!  Blessed by the Pope, and worthy in the eyes of God himself!

Sebastian ceases his magical assault.  Dante drops back on to the ground.

Sebastian: I have become a miracle.  And as a miracle I shall bless this world.

Dante coughs into the ground.

Dante: I guess we can’t talk this out like normal people.

A smirk takes form on Sebastian’s face.

Sebastian: There is nothing normal about us, devil.  I have become a heavenly being, while you still remain a hellish monstrosity.

Dante rises to his feet.

Dante: Still a raging fanatic I see.

Sebastian holds his hand in front of his face.  His fingernails elongate.

Sebastian: You shall witness a miracle, the miracle of your undoing.  Heaven’s Punishment carried out.  And it will be I who deliver unto you, the wrath of Heaven.

The Cardinal’s flesh turns pale.  His eyes turn red while his teeth grow fangs.  Blue veins burst forth from his face (Corrupt Vergil reference) as white angel wings erupt from Sebastian’s back.

Sebastian: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I cast you out of this world and into Hell.

Dante smiles sinisterly at the holy man.

Dante: This is most excellent.  I’m actually in a really good mood now.  You’re power, it isn’t divine.  It’s demonic. 

Dante draws rebellion as his eyes turn red.  Red demonic energy begins to emanate from Dante’s body.

Dante: I don’t have to hold back anymore.  You’re no longer a misguided human, but a corrupt one.  So tell me Camalus, why don’t you play in your own, remade body?

Sebastian flies into the air.  A look of madness takes his face.

Sebastian: To call the power of God demonic…blasphemy! Unforgivable blasphemy!!

Dante gets into a ready stance.

Dante: Alright, I’ll tear through your vessel first.

Post Mission 19 Script

Sebastian collapses in a crumpled heap.  Dante falls from the air, slashing down upon the holy man.  Sebastian flaps his wings, flying backward he evades Dante’s attack.  Rebellion strikes the ground.

Sebastian: My power, my faith, it should be greater than you.  And yet, you aren’t falling before my might.

Dante points his sword at the corrupt Cardinal.

Dante: No more games, Camalus.  Come out and fight me already.  I want to take you on in your true form.

A curious look appears on the holy man’s face.

Sebastian: Why do you keep referring to me with that name?  Is that the name of a devil you know?  How can you possibly mistake me for a demon?

Dante smirks at the man.

Dante: It pretty much goes with the whole, “takes one to know one,” phrase.

Sebastian’s rage explodes.

Sebastian: I am not a devil!!!  My power is a gift from the Almighty!

A surprised look appears on Dante’s face.  It quickly turns to anger.  Dante stabs his sword into the ground.

Dante: That’s it.  I’ve had enough of this crap today.

Dante devil triggers and flies toward the Cardinal.  A horrified look appears on Sebastian’s face.  Dante flies toward the holy man and lifts him up into the air.  Dante slams Sebastian against the wall above the doorway.  He flaps his wings to fly backward, flipping in the process.  Sebastian is hurled toward the ground.  The Cardinal’s wings break upon impact.  Dante lands and reverts to his normal form.  Sebastian slowly rises to his feet and examines his broken wings.

Sebastian: My wings…

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory.  He fires a shot off from Ebony which rips through the Cardinal’s right shoulder.  Sebastian cries out in pain as he reels back from the impact.  The holy man holds out his left hand.

Sebastian: Stop! How can you do this to a servant of God?!

Dante fires off a shot from Ivory.  The bullet rips through Sebastian’s extended hand.

Sebastian:  It’s God’s will.  It’s his will that you be destroyed.

Dante crosses Ebony and Ivory over.  Firing a bullet from each gun simultaneously causes the Cardinal to fall to his knees as they tear through his knee caps.  Dante continues to advance toward the holy man.  He holsters his guns and lifts Sebastian off the ground by his head.

Dante: Am I going to have to tear you out of this body?

Sebastian grits his teeth.

Sebastian: I am not a devil!

Dante slams the Cardinal down into the ground.  Dante steps on his back, pinning him down.

Sebastian: Wha…what are you doing?

Dante grabs hold of the holy man’s wings and rips them from his back.  Sebastian screams in pain.  The veins vanish from the Cardinal’s face as color returns to his flesh.  Sebastian, trembling in pain, returns to normal.

Cross: What have you done?!!

Dante looks up to see Cross in the doorway to the chamber.  The hunter drops the wings of his fallen opponent and steps off him.  Cross rushes over to Sebastian’s aid.

Sebastian: I’m not…I’m not a devil…I’m not…

Dante wears an emotionless expression.  He crouches down before the holy man.

Dante: You no longer have that demonic power.

Sebastian coughs up blood.

Sebastian: He gave me the power to save…

Dante: Who gave you that power?

Sebastian looks past Dante at the doors that lead to the Pope’s chambers.  Dante looks over his shoulder and notices what the Cardinal notices.  He gets up and walks over to the door.

Cross: What are you doing?

Dante kicks the doors down. 

Cross: What the hell are you doing?!

Dante sees that the Pope isn’t in his room.  Dante turns around and moves to retrieve his sword.  He pulls it out of the ground and straps it on his back.  Cross jumps to her feet and steps in front of Dante.  She pushes him back.

Cross: Where are you going?

Dante: To have a chat with my employer.  Now move.

Dante shoves Cross aside and heads for the doors.

Cross: What are you going to do?

Dante stops.

Dante: Finish the job.

Cross moves behind Dante and places her hand on his shoulder.

Cross: His eminence hired you.  He hired you because he needed your abilities to get us through this nightmare.

Dante spins around to face the knight.

Dante: I don’t know who’s against me or who’s on my side here.  I’m not about to rule anything out.  Feel free to tag along.

Dante looks down at the Cardinal’s crumpled form.

Dante: Bring him too.  I’m sure it’ll be an eye opening experience for you people.

Dante turns and walks off.

Sebastian: Beth…Cross…

Cross turns her attention toward the Cardinal.

Sebastian: Retrieve the holy cannon, Radiance.  It will completely destroy any evil that it touches.

A look of shock appears on Cross’ face.

Cross: But, Radiance is a forbidden weapon.  Its power shouldn’t be used lightly.

Sebastian struggles to stand.

Sebastian: Trust me.  The situation calls for it.

Pre Mission 20 Script

The scene opens in the chapel.  The Pope, confined to his wheelchair, closes his tome.  He looks at his two assistants with a weak smile, though his expression is a peaceful one.

Gregory: I have just finished the incantation to open the gate to a truly miraculous place.  For the sacrifice you two are about to make, your souls will find peace in Heaven.  You will dine and dance among the angels.  But most importantly, God will be there to take you into his arms and comfort you for all of eternity.

The Pope covers his mouth as he has a massive cough attack.  The two priests come to his side. 

Gregory: Don’t worry about me.

He waves them away. 

Gregory: Are you both ready for the ultimate test of faith?

Dante: We meet at last, your holiness.

Gregory turns his head to see Dante come into view.  A warm smile appears on his face.

Gregory: Ah, Dante.  I’m so glad I could meet you before the end.

The Pope coughs some more.

Gregory: You see I don’t have much time left.

Dante stops a few yards away from the Pope.

Dante: I have questions.  And I demand answers.

The Pope smiles at the hunter.

Gregory: I imagine you are looking to be paid.  However I cannot deliver on my word because…

Dante: Because I should look at helping you as some kind of charity. Or it’s not right to take money from the Church.  Or maybe, just maybe…

Dante draws Ivory and fires a single bullet which tears through Gregory’s skull.  The force of the bullet knocks the old man out of his wheelchair.  Looks of horror appear on the faces of the two priests.

Dante: Because you’re a devil.

Cross: What have you done?!!

Dante doesn’t even turn around to acknowledge her.  Sebastian drops from the support of Cross’ shoulder.

Sebastian: You see, he’s a monster!

Dante holsters Ivory.

Priest 1: You don’t understand.

Priest 2: He was going to open a portal to Heaven.  The angels would have come and purged this house of God of all the filth that has infested it.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: Deluded fools.  You can’t open a gate to Heaven with a few magic words and a sacrifice.

Sebastian raises Radiance.  He takes aim at Dante’s back.  The holy man’s attention is drawn to the two priests as four tentacles rip out of the Pope’s body.  The tentacles impale the two priests and tear them both in half.  The tentacles toss the body parts away.  Dark laughter echoes throughout the chamber as the tentacles retract into the body.  Looks of horror are stuck on Sebastian’s and Cross’ faces as the Pope’s body begins to levitate.  The body is torn apart in a cloud of blood.  A floating curled up fetus is suspended in the air.  The tentacles emerge from the little creature and coil around its body.  When they uncoil, the Devil King, Camalus, floats to the ground.

Camalus: Finally, after all these years, I have my body back.

Camalus turns his attention toward Dante.

Camalus: Dante, the son of Sparda, you are as impressive as your father was.  I called you here to see how a child of the legendary Sparda would manage against a never ending threat.  For every demon that was slain, I created two more with but a mere thought.

Cross grits her teeth.

Cross: You bastard!

Camalus turns his attention toward the young woman.

Camalus: Ah, the daughter of Azrael.  I’ve been meaning to tell you the truth about your mother. 

A look of shock takes hold of Cross.

Camalus: Your mother didn’t die from child birth.  I had her poisoned.  It was my way of further punishing your father for standing against me.  However, I allowed the Church to adopt you so that I could put your natural abilities to good use. 

Camalus’ laughter echoes throughout the room.

Camalus: Warriors of light and darkness, I had hoped that you would both kill each other.  As you both lay dying on the ends of each others’ swords would be the ultimate revenge against your fathers.

Cross’ eyes turn yellow as her wings materialize from a cloud of feathers.  She draws Oblivion and flies toward the sinister king.  Camalus swats her down with one of his tentacles.

Camalus: Care to try your hand, son of Sparda?

Dante stares at Camalus with a dark look.

Camalus: You were right; a portal to Heaven can’t be opened so easily.  But then again, I never intended to do that.  I just want to go home.  It was just the trick needed to open a gate to my kingdom.

And with that, a portal to the Demon World opens behind the Devil King.

Camalus: You can rest easy, hunter.  I have no intention of returning to this wretched world.  I go to claim what is rightfully mine.

Camalus disappears into the portal.  Cross rises to her feet.

Cross: Coward!!

Dante rests his hand on Cross shoulder.

Dante: I’ve got this one.

An annoyed look appears on the knight’s face.

Cross: Go to hell.  He’s going to pay for what he’s taken from me.

Dante: I understand how you feel.  But if I let you go in there I’ll be throwing you to the lions.  You have no idea what lurks in that world.  This won’t be my first trip to the Demon World.  I’ll be alright, but you might not be.

Cross smacks Dante’s arm away.

Cross: You can’t reason with me.  I’m going and that’s that.  If you try to get in my way I’ll kill you.

Dante shakes his head. 

Dante: This isn’t a debate.  I’m sorry for your parents. I truly am.  But you’re not going anywhere.  Someone has to be able to kill anything that might come through the gate.

Dante points at Sebastian’s weak form kneeling on the ground.

Dante: The holy man is in no shape to do anything.

Dante advances toward the portal.

Cross: Dante!

Dante stops and turns around to face the knight.

Cross: Use this.

Cross tosses Oblivion to Dante.  Dante snatches it out of the air.

Cross: It is imbued with the holy power of light.  It should make killing him easier for you.  And…it’ll be as if I’m right there with you.

Dante draws Rebellion and stabs it into the ground.

Dante: Can’t leave you without a weapon.

Dante straps Oblivion on his back.  He looks back at Cross.

Dante: Have faith in me.  I’ll make a miracle for you.

Dante winks at her before entering the portal.  A stupefied expression takes hold of Sebastian.

Sebastian: Our hope rests on the shoulders of a demon.  Is it wrong to rely on the darkness?  God, help me.

The scene changes to the Demon World.  A magnetic storm of energy rages above a ruined throne room.  Camalus moves toward the broken throne utilizing only his tentacles.

Dante: Camalus!

The fallen king turns back toward the portal and sees Dante walking towards him.

Camalus: Patience son of Sparda.  You and the daughter of Azrael will feel my wrath in time.  But first, there is someone more deserving of it.

Dante stands his ground.

Dante: Who would be more deserving of your wrath than the son of the one who destroyed you?

A dark smile appears on Camalus’ face.

Camalus: Why, the one who imprisoned me in the Nether World of course.

Dante shakes his head.

Dante: I wouldn’t know anything about that, nor do I care.

Dante draws Oblivion.

Camalus: Don’t seek death.  Death will find you soon enough.

Dante gets into a ready stance.

Dante: I’m sure you’ve got plenty of people on your shit list.  But I’m afraid I just bumped myself to the top of the list.

Camalus prepares to face Dante.

Camalus: Hmph, foolish half-breed.  I won’t let anyone stand in my way.  I shall claim what is rightfully mine.  This world belongs to me!

Post Mission 20 Script

Camalus lashes out with his tentacles.  Dante moves around them in a blur.  The hunter is caught of guard by one of the tentacles and is batted into a wrecked pillar.  Dante smashes through it but lands on his feet.  Another tentacle falls upon him from above.  Dante thrusts Oblivion into the air and impales the tentacle.  He gives the sword a twist before slicing through the tentacle.  The severed half drops to the ground.  Another tentacle wraps around Dante’s legs.  The hunter is dragged to the ground before being hoisted into the air.  Camalus holds out his hand and charges and energy ball as Dante dangles before him.  Dante draws Ebony with his free hand with lightning quick reflexes.  Red electricity flows along the slide as the barrel glows brightly.  Dante fires a charged shot at the ball of energy.  The collision causes Camalus’ lower arm to blow apart.  With his tentacle the Devil King slams Dante into the ground.  Camalus moves around Dante, blocking him from the portal.

Camalus: You wretch! You have picked this fight, and you will now face the outcome.  There is no escape!

Dante crawls to his feet.

Dante: Who said anything about escaping?

A tentacle wraps around Dante’s waste.  The hunter is pulled face to face with the king. Dante pistol whips the king twice before putting Ebony to the devil’s face. He unloads a barrage of bullets into it.  The bullets pick apart Camalus’ flesh as his head rocks back and forth.  The tentacle pulls Dante away as Camalus covers his mangled face with his remaining hand.  Dante uses Oblivion to slice the tentacle in half, freeing him from Camalus’ grasp.  As Dante lands on the ground he holsters Ebony and devil triggers.  He flies toward the demon and impales him through the heart.  Dante forces Camalus through the portal.  They emerge in the Human World as Dante drives Camalus into the ground.  The hunter leaps off the king and reverts back to his normal form upon landing on the ground.  Dante draws Ebony once again and points it at the monster.  Red electricity furiously snakes along the gun as the barrel glows bright red.  Red demonic energy emanates from the gun as Dante prepares a super charged shot.  Camalus rolls over onto his stomach.

Camalus: Your interference has damned all of humanity.  With my wrath, I will scorch this world and lay waste to those whom you protect.

The energy dies out and Dante lowers the gun.  He turns to Cross and smiles.

Dante: He’s all yours.

Camalus begins to laugh.

Camalus: It doesn’t matter what you do.  I’ll simply possess another body and start all over again.  My revenge won’t be denied.

 Cross raises Radiance.  The hand-cannon comes to life, ablaze with light. 

Cross: For my parents.

Cross pulls the trigger and fires a bolt of holy light that obliterates Camalus’ body.

Cross: Divine punishment…

Cross lowers the weapon.  Dante looks down at the cannon.

Dante: Neat toy.

Sebastian walks up behind the hunter.

Sebastian: It was created by Azrael.  Radiance only affects unholy creatures, obliterating their bodies and immediately delivering their souls to Hell.  Evil is punished.

Dante holsters Ebony.

Sebastian: I…owe you an apology.

Dante turns to face the Cardinal.

Sebastian: I was blind to the corruption that had spread throughout our order.  And I judged you unfairly.  A man should not be judged by what he is, but by what he does.  And you have not only saved our order, but the city and its people as well.

Dante smacks the Cardinal on the shoulder and smirks at him.

Dante: Apology accepted, holy man.

Dante turns toward Cross.  He holds out her sword.  Cross holds out her hand and shakes her head.

Cross: Keep it.  Let it be a sign of our friendship.

Dante smiles as he straps Oblivion on his back.

Dante: Likewise.  My sword is you sword.

Dante holds out his hand.

Dante: If you ever decide to leave this place you can always come and work with me.  Anyway, it was a pleasure working with you Cross.

Cross looks down at his hand and then back into his eyes.  She hugs him instead.

Cross: Thank you.

She pulls away.

Cross: You really need a shower.

And annoyed look appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Yeah, I know.  Thanks, thanks a lot.

Dante smiles as he turns to face Sebastian.

Dante: The things I put up with.

Dante walks toward the exit.

Dante: Oh, and Cross.  I suggest you page through the “Book of Ancient Legends.”

Dante waves behind him as he disappears through the doorway.  Sebastian looks at the stain glass window above the altar.

Sebastian: We are in good hands as long as that man continues to protect us from the darkness.

Sebastian turns toward Cross and smiles softly.

Sebastian: Tolerance.  It’s a forgotten art.

The scene changes to the city streets with Dante walking down empty streets.

Dante: Why do all the big jobs have to suck?

As Dante continues to move on he sniffs his shoulder.

Dante: Gross.
Epilogue Script

Cross enters the library.  She pulls a book from a shelf and a secret passage opens up.  She moves through the doorway into a different section of the library.  She retrieves the Book of Ancient Legends from one of the shelves.  Opening it up, she flips through it until she comes to a page titled, “The Legend of Sparda.”

Cross: The Legendary Dark Knight.

Roll Credits.

After the Credits

Narrator: Two weeks earlier, before the terrible events that gripped the heart of Vatican City…

The scene opens in the streets of Vatican City with people going about their daily lives.  Three priests walk down the street.

Priest 1: This is a waste of time.  Look at everyone.  There’s nothing going on.

Priest 2: Orders are orders.  The Crimson Knights want us to make sure there is no demonic activity on the surface.

The first priest shakes his head.

Priest 1: Unless the battle raging beneath us spills onto the surface I don’t think there will be any demonic activity topside.

Priest 2: Yeah well, like I said, orders are orders.

The second priest turns to face the third, Thomas.

Priest 2: Can you sense anything, Thomas?

Thomas shakes his head.

Thomas: Nothing yet.

Priest 1: Why don’t we head back to the Vatican?  We’re wasting our time.  Let’s just report that everything’s normal.

The second priest frowns at the first.

Priest 2: That’s a poor attitude for a priest to have.

The first priest lets out a long sigh.

Priest 1: I’m beginning to think I made the wrong career choice.

A look of annoyance appears on the second priest’s face.

Priest 2: You’re young, so I’ll forgive your poor attitude.

The second priest looks forward and sees a man wearing a blue trench coat and carrying a samurai sword walking down the street.

Priest 2: Looks like we’ll have something to do after all.  It’s against the law to openly bare arms in public in this city.  Let’s go inform that citizen.

The first priest shakes his head.

Priest 1: Leave it to the police.  There’s no need to waste our time with petty offenses.

The second priest begins to walk forward.

Priest 2: We are above the police.  If we see a crime in progress then it is our duty to step in and deal with the offender.

Thomas grabs the second priest’s shoulder.

Thomas: Wait!  That man…has a demonic aura surrounding him.  It’s very dark, and very ferocious.

The second priest smiles at the first.

Priest 2: And you said we were wasting our time.

The first priest smiles back.

Priest 1: I guess it’s time to go to work.

Thomas: We should let the Crimson Knights know.  This man has a dangerous aura.  I’m getting an ominous feeling about this.

The second priest walks forward.

Priest 2: The Crimson Knights are busy protecting this city from the demonic threat beneath us.  We’ll handle this.  Now let’s go.

The three priests pursue Vergil.  Vergil stops in his tracks for a moment.  He turns and walks down a side alley.  The priests follow and find Vergil standing with his back to them.  Vergil’s tone is cold as usual.

Vergil: Why are you following me?

Priest 2: We have a law that states weapons cannot be bared in public.

Vergil: My apologies.  I wasn’t aware of that.

The second priest smirks sinisterly.

Priest 2: Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Vergil: I have no intention of staying here.  I’m just passing through.

The first priest steps forward.

Priest 1: You’re not going anywhere, devil.

Vergil turns his head slightly.

Vergil: I have no intention of slaying you.  I suggest all of you go about your business and leave me.

Priest 2: I’m afraid we can’t do that.  We will bring you down, and take you to be executed.

Vergil: You are servants of God.  Are you that eager to meet him?

The first priest thrusts his hand down at his side.  A stun baton slides down from his sleeve and into his grasp.

Priest 1: Was that a threat, demon?!

The second priest follows suit.  Vergil closes his eyes and bows his head slightly. He turns sideways and places his hand on the Yamato’s hilt.

Vergil: You’ve been warned.

The two priests drop into ready stances.

Priest 2: May God damn you to an eternity of pain and torment, devil.

The two priests rush the slayer.  Vergil doesn’t appear to move.  A flash of silver and the vibrant sound of a blade slicing through the air sing out.  The two priests stop in their tracks with bewildered looks on their faces.  They drop to their knees and fall forward.  As their bodies flop on the ground their heads roll forward.  Thomas’ lips begin to quiver.  Vergil slowly turns his head as he opens his eyes, revealing the crimson color they have taken on.  Thomas falls on his ass.  He begins to shake.  A puddle of urine forms beneath the priest.  Vergil continues to stare at the trembling man with merciless eyes.  The slayer releases his grasp on his sword.  As he turns around his eye color takes on their normal shade of blue.  Vergil walks off.

Fade to black.



—The End—

© 2006 dwarfkicker