Resurrection of Evil  //  By: dwarfkicker

Cutscene script

Prologue Script

Narrator: Two millenniums ago, there was a war, between the Human World and the Demon World.  The humans were no match for the demons and were being exterminated.

A large army of demons is seen battling and over running a small army of humans.

Narrator: But all was not lost for the humans.  Their savior came in the form of a demon.  A demon that had awoke to justice.

Sparda is shadowed out with glowing red eyes.  Raging flames dance behind him.

Narrator: His name was Sparda.

Sparda is seen clashing swords with Mundus.

Narrator: He turned his devilish blade against his own kind and sealed them back in the Demon World.

Sparda (in LDK gear) is seen standing in front of a large group of demons with both Rebellion and Yamato drawn.

Narrator: The warrior continued to protect the Human World until his death.  He became a legend.

Sparda is shown (LDK gear) with a shadow image of his devil form overlapping him.

Narrator: The Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda.

The scene changes to show the streets outside of Devil May Cry.  A yellow lighting bolt strikes the ground.  A person engulfed in yellow electricity stands where the lightning struck.  The electricity and glowing light fades revealing a woman.  She looks around and notices the shop.  She turns her head and notices a motorcycle parked beside her.  The woman lets out a sinister smile.  The scene changes to inside Dante’s shop, where the phone is ringing off the hook.  Dante comes walking out from the back room.  He sees his chair lying on its side and kicks it into the air.  It lands upright.  Dante swings himself into the chair, kicking his feet up onto the desk.  He crosses his legs over slamming them onto the desk knocking the phone off the hook.  Dante snatches the phone out of the air and puts it to his ear.

Dante: Devil May Cry…Sorry we closed at nine.

Dante tosses the phone.  It lands on its base, hanging up the call.

Dante: Another lame job.  I can’t seem to get any more business.

A motorcycle can be heard outside.  Dante turns his attention toward the door.  Trish comes crashing through the doors on Dante’s bike.

Dante: Whoa! Slow down babe!

She gets off the bike and turns her attention toward Dante.

Dante: Well, well, what do we have here?

Trish walks toward Dante.

Dante: Nature calls? It’s in the back.  We’ll discuss how much you owe me for the door when you’re done.

Trish stops and looks over at Dante’s trophies; various demon heads stapled to the wall with useless antique swords.

Trish: So, you must be the handyman who’ll take any dirty job.  Am I correct?

Dante puts his feet on the floor and leans forward.

Dante: Almost. I only take special jobs, if you know what I mean.

Trish walks over and leans on Dante’s desk.

Trish: You’re the man who lost a mother and brother to evil twenty years ago, the son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, the demon hunter, Dante.

Dante leans back in his chair.

Dante: You seem to know a lot about me.  Heh, well the way I figure it, a lot of your kind comes around.  And if I kill each one that comes, I should hit the jackpot sooner or later.

Trish smiles at Dante.

Trish: My kind?

Dante smiles as he puts his arms out.

Dante: What, you think I’m stupid or something?  Don’t play dumb with me babe.

Trish takes a step back from Dante’s desk.

Trish: In that case, you should be used to this sort of thing.

Trish kicks the desk sending it sliding at Dante.  Dante puts his hands on the desk and flips himself up and over it as it passes beneath him, slamming into the wall.  Dante looks back at his furniture and then at Trish.

Dante: I’m gonna assume that that was a muscle spasm, because if you know so much about me you would also know that picking a fight with me is suicide.

Trish offers a sinister smile before leaping into the air. Spinning around she boots Dante into a wall.  Dante sprawls out against the wall.  Trish rushes Dante and lunges at him with a kick.  Dante steps aside as Trish puts her leg through the wall.  Dante reaches out grabbing her face and throws her across the room into the opposite wall.  Trish charges the devil hunter and takes a swing at him.  Dante ducks the attack and counters by ramming his fist into her gut.  Trish lurches forward.  Dante cracks her in the back of her head laying her out on the floor.  Trish looks up at Dante who is looking down on her with a smirk on his face.  Trish grits her teeth and leaps to her feet.  She attempts to knee Dante in the gut. He puts his hands down and blocks the attack only to receive an uppercut to the jaw which sends him staggering backwards.  Trish reaches out and grabs Dante’s head.  She bends him over and knees him the face.  Dante shakes it off but before he can act Trish lunges at him with a kick that sends him slamming into the back wall.  Dante looks over and sees Force Edge hung up on the wall.  He grabs it and walks toward Trish while twirling the blade.  He points the weapon at her face.

Dante: Alright, if you don’t settle down things are gonna get messy.

Trish smiles and grabs the end of the blade.  She sends yellow electricity snaking along the blade.  It engulfs Dante’s body causing him to cry out in pain.  Trish leaps up, flipping backwards and kicks Dante, causing him to fall onto his desk.  Trish twirls the Force Edge around and flings it at the fallen Dante.  It pierces his chest.  She extends her arm and sends more electricity at the sword, using it as a conductor to channel the demonic energy into Dante.  Dante once again cries out in pain.  Trish begins to laugh at his pathetic state.

Trish: Are you really the son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda?  Didn’t your daddy teach you how to use a sword?

Trish breaks off her attack and grabs the bike.  She lifts it up and hurls it at Dante.

Dante: A sword?

Dante starts to laugh as he draws Ebony and Ivory, twirling them about.

Dante: Time to go to work guys.

Dante fired a bullet from each gun simultaneously.  The bullets pierced the bike’s gas tank causing it to become engulfed in flames.  The bullets impact sends the bike spiraling back at Trish.

Trish: No!

Trish dives to the floor as the bike soars overtop of her and crashes into the doorway.  Dante rises to his feet.

Dante: Even as a child I was different.  Demonic blood runs through my veins.

Dante walks over to the downed Trish.

Trish: Such power…

Trish begins to get up but Dante puts his foot on her chest and pushes her back down.

Dante: You were the first to know the reasoning behind my little crusade.  I must be getting closer.

Dante slides his sword out of his chest and points it down at Trish.

Dante: Let’s have a look at that pretty face of yours.

With the tip of his blade, Dante slides the shades off Trish’s face.  A look of surprise appears on his face.  He turns slightly to view the broken picture of his mom on the floor.  A look of anger now masks his face.  Dante thrusts his sword into the ground and draws Ivory as he turns back to face Trish.  He points his gun down at her face.

Dante: Get up!

Trish quickly gets to her feet, dusting herself off.

Trish: This may be hard to believe buy I’m not your enemy.  My name is Trish.

Dante: So what do you want?

Trish: I have a job for you, though it’ll be on the cheap side.

Dante: How Cheap?

Trish: Seeing as I can’t pay you I was hoping it would be free of charge.

Dante: You’re not helping your situation here, babe.

Trish smiles at Dante.

Trish: I had to test you.  I needed to be sure that I could use you.  I need your help to put an end to the Demon World.

Dante shakes his head as he starts to laugh.

Trish: It’s true.  The Emperor of the Demon World has returned.

The smile falls off Dante’s face.  He closes his eyes and grits his teeth.

Dante: He’s back…

Dante holsters Ivory and retrieves his sword, strapping it on his back as he walks past Trish.

Dante: Let’s go.  You can fill me in on the details along the way.

The scene changes to show an aerial view of a boat speeding across the ocean.

Trish: Twenty years ago, The Emperor of the Demon World, Mundus, regained his power.

Dante: …Mundus.

Trish: Yes, his powers were once sealed by Sparda.  Now that his strength has returned he is attempting to once again take hold of the Human World.  He is trying to open the gate on Mallet Island.

The camera zooms in on a far off island.

Pre Mission 1 Script

Dante hacks through the gate causing the doors to slide open.  Dante and Trish walk under the archway.  Trish points up to the top of the cliff.

Trish: The castle is this way.  Come on, let’s go.

Dante put his hand on her shoulder to stop her.  She turns her head to face him.

Dante: Hold on.  There’s a path right here.  Let’s split up.

Dante walks past Trish.

Dante: I’ll follow this path and see where it leads.  You can climb…

Trish leaps up the cliff face and disappears from view.

Dante: …Or jump up the cliff.

Mission Intermission Script

As Dante walks off a dagger flies past his face and sticks into one of the many books on the shelf.  He turns to regard his attacker and sees that one of the marionettes have come to life.

Dante: Puppets?  I have to fight puppets?

The marionette draws two daggers.

Dante:  Of all the things that I could’ve possibly bumped into here…

Another marionette descends behind Dante.  It draws two daggers of its own.  Dante turns his head slightly to regard it.

Dante: …Yeah, I really hit the jackpot with this job.

Post Mission 1 Script

Dante walks toward the exit but stops.  He turns back to view the plane.

Dante: A biplane eh?

He walks up to the plane and gives the rotors a quick spin.

Dante: Since that asshole left us here this could be our only way back to shore.

Dante begins to head for the exit.

Dante: I hope it can still fly.

Pre Mission 2 Script

The scene opens up in a lava pit.  Mundus’ three red glowing eyes appear over the pit.

Mundus: Phantom!

Phantom rises from the sea of lava.

Phantom: Yes my master?

Mundus: There’s an intruder in the castle that threatens to ruin my plans.

Phantom: I sensed him as well…such power.

Mundus: Go and take care of him.

Phantom’s eyes glow red.

Phantom: I shall enjoy feasting on his insides.

Phantom laughs as he begins to scale the wall.

Mission Intermission

Dante walks toward the exit of the small library when he hears the cackling laughter of unseen demons.  Sin Scythes pour out of the paintings.  Dante walks toward the center of the room and looks up at the demons with a smile on his face. 

Dante:First puppets and now ghosts.  What will my gracious host think of next?

The sins laugh as they descend upon Dante.

Post Mission 2 Script

Dante walks up to the statue with a sword stuck in it.  A look of annoyance appears on his face.

Dante: I’ve gone every way I can possibly go and I have no idea where this scepter goes.

Dante looks the statue up and down.

Dante: This has to be the way to go.  Maybe there’s some kind of trick to it.

Dante takes a step forward and then stops his advance when electricity begins to course over the sword.  The electricity leaps from the sword and creates an image of the Demon Swordsman, Alastor.

Dante: Whoa.

Alastor: I am Alastor.  To wield my power you must first be tested.

Dante: Tested?  Sorry Al, but I don’t have time for this.

The image of Alastor fades away.  Dante takes a step forward as the sword flies out of the statue and pierces Dante’s heart, stapling him to the ground.  Dante’s body pulsates.  He rises up, over, and through the sword. Dante clutches his chest while breathing heavily.

Dante: Damn Al, kind of a pretty harsh test.

Alastor: Your power…interesting.

Dante turns to face the blade with an annoyed look on his face.

Dante: I’m going to tell you the same thing I told Agni and Rudra; keep your mouth shut.  Do that and there won’t be any problems.

Dante pulls Alastor from the ground and holds it up above him.  Electricity courses along Dante’s body and erupts from the blade destroying the glass window above.  Dante swings the sword about, admiring its power and craftsmanship.  He tosses it into the air.  As it falls toward the ground he boots it back up into the air.  Dante snatches the blade and sheaths it on his back.  Electricity courses along the length of the blade.

Pre Mission 3 Script

Dante enters the cathedral.  He looks around and notices that the pillars pulse with life.

Dante: Interesting look, though I might’ve went a different way.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante runs along the bridge.  A bolt of lightning strikes him.  Dante stops in his tracks.  He grits his teeth as he struggles to move.

Dante: Damn it.  I can’t move.

The bridge begins to rumble.  It collapses and Dante falls down into the dark depths of the ocean far below.

Pre Boss Script

Dante grabs the Lion’s Pride from the altar and tucks it in his pocket.  He stops moving and slightly looks up as he hears massive footsteps on the roof of the chamber.  Phantom comes crashing through the stained glass window above.  The demon advances on Dante as he backs up slowly, eyeing up his opponent.

Phantom: Bah…another small one.  I sensed something a little bigger.  What a disappointing catch!

Dante: What a big surprise.  I hope for your sake you’ve got something inside that big body of yours.

Dante knocks on Phantom’s head.  The demons eyes light up red.

Phantom: You’re a puny pathetic thing! I’ll step on you like an ant!

Phantom laughs as it raises one of its legs.  It brings it crashing down on Dante, who jumps up and over Phantom, avoiding the attack.

Post Mission 3 Script

Dante stands supported by his sword while breathing heavily.

Dante: Come on, is that all you got?

Phantom: Puny insect, it’s over for you.

Dante: Insect?  Have you looked in any mirrors lately?

Phantom leaps up in the air and comes down on Dante.  Dante dives out of the way at the last second.

Phantom: Still got some fight left in you I see.

Dante: Ever heard of playing possum?

Phantom charges Dante who turns and runs to one of the pillars.  Dante runs up the pillar drawing Ebony and Ivory.  He leaps backwards off the pillar while firing on Phantom’s head.  Dante holsters his guns and draws Force Edge.  He lands on Phantom and drives his sword through the beast’s head.  Phantom collapses and the lava running through his body hardens.  Dante pulls his sword out of the demon’s head and sheaths it on his back.  He hops off Phantom’s body and begins to head for the exit.

Dante: I hope that’s not the best Mundus can throw at me.

Pre Mission 4 Script

Nero Angelo sits washing his hands atop the lake of blood in the area of the fallen ones.  Mundus’ three glowing eyes appear in the sky above.

Mundus: Nero! Rise!

Nero rises to his feet.

Mundus: I have an assignment for you my angel of death.  A hunter has come to interfere with my plans.  You are charged with his termination.

Nero draws his sword and raises it up to salute his master.  A mirror gateway appears behind him.  Nero sheaths his sword and leaps through it.  The gateway closes behind him.

Mundus: At last the Sparda lineage will be wiped out.

Mundus’ laughter echoes throughout the area.

Pre Boss Script

Dante walks down the hall as a loud crash is heard from behind.  Dante turns to see Phantom come into view from around the corner.

Dante: You bastard, you’re still alive?

Phantom laughs at the surprised Devil Hunter.

Phantom: It’ll take more than that to bring me down, boy.

Phantom opens his mouth and begins to charge a massive fireball.

Post Boss Script

Phantom launches a fireball at Dante.  Dante dives out of the way as it detonates on the wall.  Debris bounces all around Dante.  Dante rises to his feet.

Dante: Look at the mess you made.  I bet the owner of this fine castle isn’t going to be too happy with your remodeling decision.

Phantom: You have no fear, the mark of a true devil hunter.  But true power is found in being able to make your enemies fear you.

Dante smiles at the massive beast.

Dante: Listen to the big expert.  You should try practicing what you preach.

Phantom’s eyes glow red as he roars at Dante.  Phantom launches another fireball at Dante.  Dante devil triggers as the ball detonates on him.   Phantom’s laugh echoes throughout the hallway.  As the smoke and dust settles Dante stands before Phantom in his transformed state.

Phantom: You, you’re not just any ordinary human.  You’re a devil.

Dante: I believe the term you’re looking for is half-breed.

Phantom: Well this makes things more interesting.  But I’m afraid we’ll have to continue our little game later.  See you around devil boy.

Phantom leaps up crashing through the ceiling.  Dante reverts to his normal form and stares up at the fleeing beast.

Dante: Yeah, you better run.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante slashes at the lion statue causing it to shatter.  A shadow rises in its place and hisses at Dante.

Dante: Great, even the shadows are out to get me in this place.

The shadow takes to the air.  Dante offers the demon a mere smirk.

Pre Boss Script

Dante gets up from picking up the Melancholic Soul.  He turns to look at his reflection.  Dante starts stroking his chin.  He smiles.

Dante: You’re one handsome devil.

The mirror ripples and Nero Angelo steps through it and draws his sword.  Dante shakes his head and smirks at the knight.

Dante: This stinkin hole was the last place that I thought I’d find anyone with some guts.

Nero swings his sword at Dante.  Dante leans back narrowly dodging the devil’s attack.

Dante: You don’t waste any time do ya?

Nero lunges at Dante.  Dante draws Force Edge and blocks the attack.  The impact caused by the force of Nero’s swing sends Dante hurtling backwards through the window.  Dante flips through the air and makes a safe landing below.  Dante readies himself for Nero’s next attack.  Dante turns his attention to a higher point.  Nero is standing at the top of one of the towers.

Dante: You’re pretty fast.

Nero leaps down at the devil hunter.  Dante leaps up to meet him in the air.  Dante swings at Nero but his attack is deflected by Nero’s sword.  Nero grabs Dante’s face and slams him into the ground below.  Dante gets to his feet and sheaths Force Edge on his back.

Dante: Glad to see there’s someone worth taking seriously around here.

Alastor materializes in Dante’s hands out of a mini electrical storm.

Dante: This seems to be a good enough opportunity to test out my new toy.

Post Mission 4 Script

Dante and Nero’s battle rages on the second level of the battlefield.  The two sword masters engage in a fast and furious duel.  Nero forces Dante off balance.  He comes at him with an overhead attack which Dante just barely blocks.  The power behind the impact forces Dante down on one knee.  Dante grits his teeth as Nero pushes down on him.  Dante’s eyes turn red.  He rockets to his feet forcing Nero off balance.  Nero regains composure quickly and swings at Dante with incredible speed.  Dante swings Alastor at Nero’s sword, disarming him.  The massive sword goes spiraling up to the third level and sticks into the wall.  Nero warps up to the third level of their battlefield.

Dante: You can’t go yet.  I’m just getting warmed up.

Dante leaps up to the third level.  He swings his sword down at Nero who teleports out of the way.  Dante’s sword breaks up the floor as it impacts on the ground.  Nero appears behind Dante and kicks him into the wall.  Dante drops his sword upon slamming into the wall.  He turns around only to have Nero grab his face and slam his head through the wall.  Nero reaches over and pulls his massive sword out of the wall.  He grabs Dante by the neck and pulls his head out of the wall and then shifting his position to the ledge, hoists Dante into the air.  Nero readies his sword for the killing blow.  With both arms Dante grabs hold of Nero’s wrist.  Nero laughs at Dante’s helplessness, though a look of horror appears on his face when he notices Dante’s amulet around his neck.  The demon knight hurls Dante over the ledge.  He lands face first on the ground below.  Nero grabs his head and begins trembling.  Blue flames engulf his entire body as he takes to the skies and disappears in an explosion of blue fire.  Dante gets to his feet.  He waves his hand at the above ledge summoning Alastor back to him.

Dante: What the hell was that all about?

Pre Mission 5 Script

Dante holds out the Melancholic Soul and sees that the stone is glowing.  He tosses it up into the air and snatches it on its way back down.  He hears the hiss of a shadow behind him.  Dante turns around and sees a shadow perched on the second level of the rooftop.

Dante: Obstacle after obstacle.

Post Mission 5 Script

Dante inserts the Melancholic Soul into the door.  An unlocking sound is heard and Dante walks through the door.  Trish watches Dante go through from above outside of the bedroom.

Trish: He’s working out much better than I expected he would.

Trish turns around and walks back into the bedroom.

Pre Mission 6 Script

Dante looks around the gloomy sewers.

Dante: Wasn’t expecting this.

Phantom’s roar echoes in the distance.

Dante: Great, just what I needed.

Mission Intermission Script

A Death Scissors pours out of a hanging skull on the wall.  A cage of demonic energy closes around the two.

Dante: A cage match huh?  This is gonna be fun.

Dante grasps Force Edge as the death scissors floats above.  

Post Mission 6 Script

Dante walks over to the altar and reaches for the Guiding Light only to stop when the demonic laughter of a death scissors is heard.  Dante looks up at the skull on the wall above.  A death scissors pours through it and lunges at Dante.  He leaps backwards avoiding being cleaved in half.  Dante lands in a crouched position and draws Ebony.  Red electricity snakes along the gun.  He pulls the trigger and fires a charged shot which rips through the pair of scissors sending them spiraling off into opposite directions. The shot blows apart the demon’s head and its body fades away as it glides down into the water.  Dante rises to his feet and holsters his sidearm.

Dante: Too slow.

Phantom’s roar echoes throughout the chamber.

Dante: He’s not doing a very good job with sneaking up on me.

Dante walks over and retrieves the Guiding Light from the altar.

Pre Mission 7 Script

Dante takes two steps forward then staggers a bit and falls to his hands and knees.  He grits his teeth and rises to his feet.  Visibly dizzy, he falls again but this time he holds out his left arm and catches himself, using the wall to support him.  With his other hand he rubs his face.

Dante: What the hell is going on?  It feels like all my energy is being sapped from me.  I gotta get the hell out of this sewer.

Dante pushes himself off the wall and starts walking.

Pre Boss Script

Phantom crashes through the wall behind Dante.  Dante turns around only to be forced to dive out of the way of Phantom’s tail.  Dante rises to his feet staggering in the process.  Phantom begins to laugh.

Dante: What the hell is so funny?

Phantom: I see you have that cursed artifact.

Dante: What?

Phantom: Whoever possesses it will have their life force drained from them until it is returned to its true resting place.  If you don’t use it for what it’s intended for you will die.

Phantom begins laughing again.

Dante: Thanks for the tip.  I’ll get right on that.

Dante turns to walk away.  He ducks another swipe of Phantom’s tail.  Dante turns back around to face the beast.

Phantom: You’re not going anywhere but into my belly, devil boy.

Dante: Looking for another beating I see.

Dante smiles as he reaches for Force Edge.

Dante: Even in my current condition I’m still able to hand you your ass.

Phantom’s eyes glow red as he charges a massive fireball in his mouth.

Post Boss Script

Dante is holding himself up against the wall, sword in hand, breathing heavily.

Phantom: Having some trouble?

Dante turns his head to regard Phantom only to be speared by his tail.  With his tail, Phantom slams Dante down into the sewer water twice and then slams him into the back wall.  Dante never lets go of the Force Edge.  Phantom rips his tail out of Dante’s chest.  The hunter slides down the wall.  He slowly rises to his feet.  Dante raises his head; his eye color has changed to blood red.  Phantom opens its mouth and launches a massive fireball at Dante.  Dante slashes at the blazing ball, sending it back at Phantom.  It erupts on Phantom knocking his massive body back.  Phantom composes himself and launches two more fireballs at Dante.  With two quick slashes he sends them back at Phantom.  The dual explosions throw the demon back even farther.  Phantom rises up on all eight legs.

Phantom: Damn you! This isn’t over devil boy! The next time we meet will be the end for you!

Phantom leaps up, smashing through the ceiling.  Dante steadies himself against the wall and straps his sword on his back.

Dante: That freak needs to learn how to finish what he starts.

Post Mission 7 Script

Dante slams the Guiding Light into place on the door.  A smile creases his lips.

Dante: Ah, I feel much better now.

Dante cracks his neck.

Dante: Alright lava bug, I’m ready for ya.

Pre Mission 8 Script

Trish walks down the right side of the staircase in the main lobby.

Trish: Boredom sucks.  What’s taking so long?

Marionettes descend all around her, each drawing daggers.

Trish: What the hell is this?

One marionette takes a swing at Trish.  She leans back as the blade goes whizzing over her chest.  Trish repositions herself and draws Luce and Ombra.

Trish: So, Mundus is trying to keep me on my toes.  And here I was getting bored of not running into any action.

Trish twirls the guns around and in an amazing ballet of dodging and shooting she annihilates the small group of possessed puppets.  More marionettes descend throughout the lobby and around Trish.  Trish spins around unloading led into all the puppets surrounding her.  She sits on the staircase railing and slides down it firing shot after shot into the demons on the first floor.  With the momentum and speed built up from the slide she rockets off the railing and kicks a marionette with such force that she goes sliding across the ground on it as if it were a surfboard.  She continues to fire at the marionettes all around her and then begins to spin around while on top of the puppet firing at the remaining puppets in the big room.  Trish leaps off the marionette and plugs a bullet into its head as it slides off across the room.  More marionettes descend as she soars through the air.  She blows them all away while they are still attached to their strings.  The puppets parts fall to the ground below.  Trish lands in a crouched position wearing a seductive smirk.  She rises to her feet twirling her guns and then holsters them at her sides.

Trish: Truly stupid creatures.

A marionette rises behind Trish and attempts to hack into her shoulder but the demon is floored by a sword.  Trish turns around and sees the dead puppet stapled to the floor with Dante’s Force Edge.  The sword begins to shake and then rips out of the marionette, whizzing past Trish.  She turns around and looks up to the broken bridge far above.  Dante holds out his hand and catches his sword.  He straps it on his back.  Trish takes off her shades to stare at Dante with a big smile.

Dante: Are ya done screwin around?!

Trish looks around and then back up at Dante.

Trish: Guess so!

Dante: Good! Now make yourself useful and find a way into the Demon World!

Trish puts her shades back on.

Trish: Aye-aye captain!

Trish walks off.  Dante shakes his head.

Dante: The smart ass has some skills.

Pre Boss Script

As Dante moves to the end of the roof area an iron gate descends locking him in the area.  Dante takes a few steps back as Phantom climbs over the wall behind him.  Dante turns around just in time to see Phantom leap from the wall down to his level.

Phantom: Recess time is over, boy!  Here there’s plenty of room to get real nasty!  This time there’s no holding back!

Phantom strikes his tail into the ground in front of Dante.

Dante: Finally!  I was getting tired of playing your childish games.

Post Boss Script

Dante slides backward as Phantom’s tail strikes the ground where he was just standing.  The demon repositions itself and then launches a fireball at the hunter.  Dante smacks it back at Phantom with Force Edge.  Phantom leaps over the ball and comes down on Dante who back flips out of the way.  Dante stingers toward the enemy only to have Phantom raise his two front legs to block the attack.  The impact causes Phantom to slide back a foot.  Phantom sweeps his tail across the area smacking Dante into a wall.  Phantom charges Dante and runs headlong into the wall as the hunter takes to the sky.  Dante leaps up onto Phantom and then leaps off behind him.  Phantom’s tail whips around once more but this time Dante leaps up twirling over the attack which just barely slides beneath him.  Phantom rushes behind Dante and impales him with his tail.  Phantom lifts the demon hunter up and then slams him back to the ground.  Dante devil triggers and cuts the end of Phantom’s tail off.  The mighty beast roars in pain.  Dante rises to his feet and tears the tail out of his chest and throws it aside.  Phantom spits a fireball at his opponent.  Dante catches the ball and throws it back at Phantom.  It detonates on Phantom’s face causing the creature to reel back.  With incredible speed Dante runs and slides beneath the demon and raises his sword upwards impaling the creature’s chest.  Dante pushes upward and leaps into the air while still attached to the monster.  He kicks the base of Phantom’s head sending him hurtling backward.  Phantom falls through the glass window impaling itself on the massive statue’s spear far below.  The demon roars in pain.

Phantom: No…you…you’re power! Who are you?! Who are you?!!!

A transparent image of Sparda’s devil form overlaps Dante, who is back in normal form.

Phantom: No…the legendary Sparda.  It can’t be.

Dante smiles at the dying beast.

Dante: You’re right; I’m his son, Dante.

He gives Phantom a little farewell wave.

Dante: Sweet dreams.

Dante’s eyes dart toward the staircase far below.  A suspicious look crosses his face before he turns and walks off.  Trish walks out from the shadows behind the staircase looking up where Dante was just standing.

Trish: He managed to kill Phantom.  What incredible power.

Trish turns and walks off.

Post Mission 8 Script

The draw bridge rises behind Dante.  Dante turns around and smiles.

Dante: Yeah, like that’s gonna keep me from getting back in.

Dante devil triggers and flies back to the castle only to be knocked back by an invisible barrier that momentarily appears upon impact.

Dante: Looks like I’m not wanted in the castle anymore.  I guess what I’m looking for is in there.  Heh, I’ll be back.

Dante turns and flies back to his starting position.

Pre Mission 9 Script

A storm rages in the Demon World.  Within the storming clouds Mundus’ glowing three eyes appear

Mundus: Griffon!  Your master has need of your services.

Griffon flies into view from within the clouds and stops, continuing to flap its wings to stay afloat before Mundus’ eyes.

Griffon: What is thy bidding my master?

Mundus: Phantom has failed me.  The son of Sparda must be destroyed.  I am so close to taking hold of the Human World and nothing can interfere with my plans.

Griffon: The son of Sparda will not interfere as long as there is a breath in my body.

Griffon vanishes in a storm of red lightning.  Mundus laughs as his eyes fade from view.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante reaches the floating altar and sees that a pair of gauntlets is locked together floating in place.  Flames leap from the gauntlets into the air and create an image of the demon warrior Ifrit.

Ifrit: I am Ifrit.  To the one who would wield my power; you must survive a trial by fire.

Dante: Great, another test for a new toy.

The gauntlets separate and fly around the chamber and then latch on to Dante’s arms.  They pull Dante into the air and set his body on fire.  Dante groans as he tries to bring his arms down to his sides.  Dante forces his arms down and dispels the fire on his body.  He lands back on the altar.

Ifrit: My power is yours.

Dante takes a deep breath.

Dante: What is with weapons that can talk?

Ifrit: …This power…

Dante grits his teeth.

Dante: Quiet.

Pre Boss Script

Lightning flashes as Dante steps out into the field.  Dante walks out as the lightning flashes a bright red.  He turns and looks up as Griffon materializes out of the lightning storm and lands on the top of the building Dante exited.

Griffon: You!  Are you the human, the son of Sparda, who challenges the great Emperor Mundus?!

Dante starts hopping around and settles into a fighting stance.

Dante: Flock off feather face, or you can stick around and find out the hard way!

Post Boss Script

Dante leaps at Griffon preparing to slice into the bird’s face when he flaps his wings sending a mighty gust of wind at the hunter.  Dante goes sailing backwards. Landing on the ground he skids a few more feet away.

Griffon: That is enough for now.

Griffon takes to the skies and flies off completely engulfed in lightning.

Dante: Come on!  I was just getting warmed up!

Dante sheaths Force Edge on his back.  A look of disgust washes over his face.

Dante: This place has nothing but damned pansies for opponents.

Post Mission 9 Script

Trish walks out of the castle twirling Ombra.  The invisible barrier momentarily appears as she walks through it.

Trish: Time to go check on the hero.

Yellow electricity courses over her body as she walks off.

Pre Mission 10 Script

Dante walks through the mist.

Dante: Damn it, I can barely see in front of my face.

Post Mission 10 Script

Dante walks into the temple.  A yellow lighting bolt strikes the ground.  Trish rises to her feet with electricity coursing over her body.  She takes a few steps forward and then stops.  Looking up toward the top of the temple she spies Nero Angelo.  Nero stands on the temple roof, cape blowing in the wind while staring down at Trish.  His body is engulfed in blue flames.  He vanishes.

Trish: Looks like things are about to get rough.

Pre Mission 11 Script

As Dante enters the temple an ominous laugh stops him in his tracks.  A Death Scythe rises from the well.

Dante:  Yup, everybody wants a piece of me today.

The death scythe tosses its scythe at Dante.  Dante draws Force Edge and slaps the oncoming scythe back at the demon.  The death scythe catches it and floats higher into the air.

Pre Boss Script

The chamber begins to shake.  Dante turns and watches as barricades begin to rise in front of the doors.  Dante looks up and sees Nero Angelo standing atop a ledge.  Dante smiles and takes a step forward.

Dante: Alright, now this is what I’m talking about.  I was hoping I’d bump into you again.

Dante reaches for Force Edge.

Dante: Round two, tough guy.  Time to get even.

Nero draws his sword and leaps down to Dante’s level.  Nero smirks at Dante and sheaths his sword.  He gets into a fighting stance (Vergil DMC3).  Nero’s fists are engulfed in blue flames.  Dante smiles at the implications.

Dante: Hand to hand eh?  I have just the toy for this.

Dante’s arms are engulfed in flames as he assumes a fighting stance.  The Ifrit gauntlets materialize out of the flames.

Dante: Let’s dance.

Post Boss Script

Nero advances on Dante.  Dante tries an uppercut on him but Nero leans back dodging the attack.  Nero leans forward and lays Dante out with a downward punch.  Dante rises back up to his feet only to get knocked back and forth between the next two punches his opponent throws.  Nero knocks Dante into the air with an uppercut.  He lands on his back.  Nero picks him up by the scruff of his shirt and sends him flying with a lunging punch.  Dante slams up against one of the pillars of the archway.  Dante rises to his feet.

Dante: I’m not gonna lose a second time.

Dante rushes Nero and throws a right hook.  Nero counters the punch with a right hook of his own.  The fists impact on each other.  Dante throws a left only to have it countered by Nero’s left.  Dante, with his left leg attempts to kick the side of Nero’s knee but his kick is stopped with Nero’s intercepting left leg.  Both warriors spin around and attempt to kick each other in the head but their legs collide.  Both warriors step back.  They both rush in and swing at each other with opposite arms.  They slam their fists into each others face.  Dante recovers first and slams his other fist into Nero’s gut causing the demon warrior to hunch over.  He follows the gut punch up with a leaping uppercut.  The blow causes Nero to stagger backwards.  Dante follows the attack up with an aerial kick.  Nero recovers and quickly raises his arm to block.  He quickly shifts his position and stance.  Grabbing Dante’s leg he swings him backward into a pillar causing it to crack.  He then swings him forward, slamming him through the opposing pillar.  Twisting around without losing any momentum, Nero slams Dante down into the ground causing gravel to rip up from the impact.  Dante begins to pick himself up.

Dante: Son of a bitch, you fight hard.

Nero draws his sword and raises it over his head.  He swings down at Dante.  Dante rolls out of the way and leaps to his feet.  He ducks Nero’s horizontal swing.  Nero comes at Dante with a second overhead swing.  Dante crosses his arms and uses the gauntlets to block the attack.  The force of the attack causes Dante to drop to one knee with gravel ripping up all around the warriors.  Dante shoots upward throwing Nero off balance.  Ifrit disappears in a fiery blaze and Alastor materializes in Dante’s hands out of a small electrical storm.  The two engage in a short, fast and furious sword duel.  Dante knocks Nero’s sword out of his hand.  Dante’s eye color changes to red.  He lunges with a stinger attack toward Nero.  Nero clasps his hands against the blade, stopping Dante in his tracks.  The force behind Dante’s attack causes Nero to slide back a few feet.  Nero releases the blade and with lightning quick speed slides beneath Dante’s weapon and sticks his fingers into his chest.  Dante grits his teeth.  Nero twists his hand around ripping up his chest causing Dante to cough up blood.  He pulls his fingers out of Dante’s chest and holds out his arm as Dante falls to the ground.  Nero’s sword returns to his hand and he raises it above his head for a killing strike.  Nero smiles sinisterly.  But his face contorts into a look of horror as he catches sight of Dante’s blood soaked amulet.  Nero grabs his face and begins screaming as he is engulfed in blue flames.  He takes to the sky and disappears in a flash of blue light.

Dante: Why…didn’t he finish…me?

Dante slowly, weakly rises to his feet.  He clutches his blood covered pendant.

Post Mission 11 Script

Dante walks to the exit and falls to his hands and knees.

Dante: Damn it…too weak.

Dante falls on his face and passes out.

Pre Mission 12 Script

Dante opens his eyes and picks himself up to one knee.

Dante: Why am I still alive?

Trish is sitting behind Dante on the edge of the fountain.

Trish: I’ve been watching over you.  Making sure no one tries to take you out while your unconscious body heals itself.

Dante rubs his head.

Dante: That or you were deciding on how you wanted to take my life.

Trish: Oh come on now Dante.  You could try showing a little gratitude.

Dante: Forget it.

Dante rises to his feet.

Trish: I’m impressed with you.  You’ve managed to take out Phantom and you’ve survived two encounters with Nero Angelo.  I figured you would have been spider food.  And if Nero chose to finish you we obviously wouldn’t be speaking right now.  He is the Emperor’s most ruthless servant.

Dante turns his head slightly to regard Trish.

Dante: You seem to be pretty well informed.

Trish hops down from her perch and walks over to Dante.

Trish: I have my sources.

Dante draws Ebony.  Turning, he points it at her face.  Trish shakes her head.

Trish: I can’t believe you.  You still don’t trust me. 

Dante stares at her with a fierce gaze.

Trish: If I wanted you dead I would have killed you back at your shop.

Dante: You would have tried.

Trish smiles at him and takes a few steps forward.

Trish: What? Do you expect that the moment your guard’s down I’ll stick a knife in your back?

Dante: Something like that, yeah.

Trish: Do you mean to tell me that you never do your homework before taking on a job?

Dante: You never know what you’ll come up against.  It’s impossible to do any research.  Besides, homework’s for sissies. 

Dante slides the hammer to his gun back.

Dante: How’d you get out of the castle?  After I left, a barrier was erected and I know for a fact that you didn’t make it out before me.

Trish: I walked through it without any problems.  It seems we can leave the castle; we just can’t get back inside.

Trish walks up to Dante.

Trish: So, you gonna pull the trigger or are you gonna stand there trying to intimidate me some more?

Dante slides the hammer back in place and lowers his sidearm.

Dante: Screw it.  I’m not gonna waste a bullet on you.

Trish smiles at Dante.

Trish: That’s so thoughtful of you.

Dante holsters Ebony.

Dante: Yeah whatever.

Dante begins to turn back around.

Trish: Be careful Dante.  Griffon is hunting you.

Dante turns back around to face Trish.

Dante: Feather face?  He’s a coward just like Phantom.

Dante turns and walks to the exit.

Dante: Since we’re both locked out you wanna tag along?

Dante turns around and sees Trish completely engulfed in yellow electricity.  She rockets up into the sky and disappears with a thunder clap.

Dante: Guess that’s a no.

Pre Boss Script

Torches light on the ship as it begins to sail forward.  It sails down a waterfall.  Dante draws Force Edge and stabs it into the deck to keep from falling off the boat.  It exits a cavern.  Dante hears the crackle of thunder and looks up just in time to see Griffon go flying over top.  Griffon flaps his wings sending a gust of wind at the ship causing it to slow its pace.  Griffon begins to laugh as he flies above the ship.

Dante: Laugh it up bird man, because by the time I’m done with you you’ll be nothing more than fried chicken.

Post Mission 12 Script

Griffon lands on the ship before Dante.

Griffon: You are nothing like how your brother was. 

A look of anger appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: What the hell did you just say?!

Griffon: I feel no real excitement nor fear when I fight you.  Watching your brother’s battle with Mundus; now there is a man to be feared, even if he didn’t stand a chance against my master.

Dante’s eyes turn red.  He grits his teeth and clenches his fists.  Griffon lunges down at Dante.  Dante leaps up to the top of the closest mast as Griffon’s beak crashes through the deck.  Griffon looks up at Dante.  Red demonic energy emanates off of Dante.

Griffon: Perhaps I spoke too soon.

Griffon swings his head side ways into the mast, snapping it in half.  As the mast falls Dante leaps across to the other one.  He turns back toward Griffon only to see him engulfed in electricity, flying off in the distance.

Dante: …Vergil.

Pre Mission 13 Script

Dante enters the captain’s quarters.  He looks around the room and notices the Staff of Hermes.  Dante walks over and grabs it.  The boat shakes and then water begins filling the cabin.

Dante: Perfect…just perfect.

The boat sinks beneath the water.

Post Mission 13 Script

Dante swims to the surface of the water, erupting from beneath its glassy surface and landing on dry land.  A look of annoyance crosses his face.

Dante: Soaked to the bone…awesome.

Pre Mission 14 Script

Dante walks away from the water’s edge.

Trish: Find what you were looking for?

Dante stops and looks over at Trish who is leaning up against the rock wall with her arms crossed.

Dante: I found something that I’ll probably need later.  Unfortunately I haven’t found the item I need to get back into the castle.

Dante starts to walk off and then looks back at Trish.

Dante: You coming?

Trish looks up at Dante.

Trish: I think I’m going to rest up here for a bit.  I was just over run by Blades.

Dante continues to walk off.

Trish: I’ll catch up in a bit.

Trish smiles as she watches Dante walk off.

Post Mission 14 Script

Dante approaches an iron gate.  Gun fire can be heard on the other side.  He smiles.

Dante: Sounds like the party started without me.

Dante draws Ebony and Ivory.

Dante: Time to go to work.

He kicks the gate open.

Pre Mission 15 Script

Dante walks into the field and sees Trish standing amidst a sea of dead Fetishes.  He holsters his guns and walks up to Trish.

Dante: Damn.  Looks like I missed the party.

Trish: So sorry I didn’t save any for you.  I guess I’m just too efficient at demon slaying.

Dante looks at Trish’s guns.

Dante: Where’d you get them any way?

Trish lifts the guns up to eye level.

Trish: Luce and Ombra; Sparda’s hand made guns.

A look of shock appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: My father’s?  How did you get them?

Trish smiles at Dante.

Trish: I’m a devil.  I live in the Demon World.  And the Demon World is where Sparda died.  So naturally his tools would still be there.  I happened to get a hold of his guns.

A look of anger appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Did you have something to do with his death?

Dante’s arm shoots out and he grabs Trish by the neck and lifts her up off the ground.  His eyes flash red and then back to blue.

Dante: Did he die because of you?!  For some trick you played?!

Trish starts to choke.

Trish: …Dante…please

Dante: It was your appearance that got him killed wasn’t it?!  It was because you look like…

A transparent image of Eva, Dante’s mother, appears over Trish.  A look of horror washes over Dante’s face.  He lets go of Trish who falls to her knees coughing.  Dante staggers backward.

Dante: I…

Trish shoots Dante a murderous gaze.

Trish: What the hell is wrong with you?!

Dante: I don’t know what came over me…I’m sorry.

Dante puts his hand on his face.

Dante: It must be this place.  It’s starting to get to me.

Two Kyklops come bounding into view.  Trish rises to her feet.

Trish: Forget about it.  Since I already did most of the work out here you can handle these two. 

Trish is engulfed in electricity and takes to the sky.  Dante turns toward the demons.

Dante: Yeah, no prob.

Mission Intermission Script

Blades erupt out of the ground and land around Dante.  Dante draws Ebony and Ivory.

Dante: Heh, looks like the party was just getting started.

A lighting bolt strikes the ground.  Trish stands behind Dante with Luce and Ombra drawn. 

Dante: Trish? What the hell are you doing here?  I’ve got this covered.

Trish: Trying to show you that there are no hard feelings.  You ready?

Dante smiles at Trish.

Dante: Tch, you kidding? Just try not to get in my way.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante and Trish stand back to back unloading bullets into the Blades (like Dante and Lady in DMC3)

Trish: Get going!

Dante: What?

Trish: We have to get back into the castle.  We aren’t getting anywhere by playing with these demons, so move it!

Dante smiles as he kicks a leaping blade to the ground and unloads on its head.

Dante: Sure thing babe. 

Dante sprints toward one of the shield doors.  The seal breaks and Dante goes through. 

Mission Intermission Script

Dante exits the left flank of the coliseum.  The sun has finally set.

Dante: Looks like Trish took out the trash and split.  Not bad.

Pre Boss Script

Thunder booms as Griffon materializes out of red lightning in the sky.  Dante waves Griffon down. 

Dante: Come on down and fight me like a man!

Griffon lands across the arena.  The massive bird begins pacing around the arena keeping his eyes glued on Dante’s position.

Griffon: I am no longer at liberty to toy with you.  This time I will bring it to an end!

Dante: Before you die I want you to answer me one thing.  Did Mundus kill my brother?

Griffon: Your brother is no more.

Dante grits his teeth. 

Mission Intermission Script

Griffon becomes airborne and flies out of range of Dante’s guns.  Dante draws Force Edge and sends it spiraling upward at the winged demon.  The blade spins, shredding through Griffon’s right wing, separating it from his body.  Griffon plummets to the ground smashing through the aerial bridge.  Griffon crashes into the ground and gets up.

Griffon: You bastard!

Force Edge comes spiraling back to Dante’s hand.  Griffon roars at Dante.

Post Mission 15 Script

Dante devil triggers and flies toward Griffon.  The massive bird exposes its core as it sends wave after wave of lightning pillars at Dante.  Dante weaves in and out of each wave.  With Force Edge drawn he impales Griffon’s core.  The demon roars in pain.  Dante rips his sword out of Griffon’s core and goes into a berserker mode and begins slashing at the exposed core like crazy, finishing with a back flipping slash that causes a lot of blood to pour out of the beast’s core.  Griffon staggers back from the pain and falls over, landing on top of the seal of sacrifice.  Griffon begins to levitate but is slammed back to the ground as a massive stone pillar rips through his body.  Dante lands and reverts to his normal form as he sheathes Force Edge on his back.

Griffon: …Yours are definitely the powers of Sparda…No…even more so…But I cannot let you live…for I serve my master!

Dante takes a step forward.

Dante: But you can’t fight with that wound.

He reaches for his sword.

Dante: Let me put you outta your misery.

Griffon: Mighty is the power of Mundus.

Griffon looks toward the heavens.

Griffon: Master!  Grant me one last surge of power! The power to finish this and fulfill your wishes!

Dante looks up at the sky as a storm rages.  Mundus’ glowing eyes appear.  A look of surprise appears on his face.

Griffon: Master…Mundus.

Mundus: Griffon, you have failed me.  You are no longer worthy!

Blue electricity snakes all over Griffon’s body ripping in and out of his flesh.

Griffon: Master…no…please…

Griffon explodes in a haze of blood.  Mundus laughs as his eyes fade from view.  Yellow lighting strikes the ground behind Dante.  Trish appears and walks up to him.

Trish: Looks like you beat him.  Maybe he wasn’t as tough as I thought.

Dante clutches his amulet.

Dante: The three eyed…Mundus.

Trish looks at Dante with a look of surprise.

Trish: He was here, but how? He’s supposed to still be sealed in the Demon World.

Dante grits his teeth.

Dante: He’s responsible for all of it.  He took my family away from.  My mother, my brother, even my father.  My mother used to tell me that my old man had a righteous heart and fought for the people.

Dante punches his fist into his open palm.

Dante: In the name of my father, I will kill Mundus!

Trish smiles as she is encased in golden electricity.  She zips back up to sky.  Dante shakes his head and starts to walk forward.

Dante: Girl just can’t seem to stick around.

Pre Mission 16 Script

Dante takes the Wheel of Destiny.  He flips it into the air as if it were a giant coin.

Dante: Now that I have the key to the house I should be able to get back inside.

Pre Boss Script

Dante walks over to the frozen puddle.  He looks down at it and sees a massive blob moving below it.

Dante: What the f…

Nightmare passes through it and flies up into the air as if it were fired out of a canon.  It hits the ground and spreads out across the floor washing over Dante’s feet.  What would be considered the creature’s body begins to crawl up Dante’s legs.  It makes its way up to Dante’s torso.

Dante: That’s just gross.

Dante leaps backward into the air pulling free of Nightmare.  He lands in a crouched position and draws Force Edge.

Dante: This should prove to be an odd fight.

Post Boss Script

Nightmare unleashes its ice ray attack.  Dante leaps into the air as the ray transforms one of the living pillars into a column of ice.  Dante sends his sword spiraling down at Nightmare’s exposed core.  The blade pieces it and causes the core to explode.  Force Edge is sent spiraling back toward Dante.  As he falls he snatches it and straps to his back.  Dante falls into the melting creature.  Nightmare melts into the floor leaving Dante face down on the ground.  He rises to his feet and dusts himself off.

Dante: That was gross.

Post Mission 16 Script

Dante holds the Staff of Hermes up before its symbol.  Two gateways open up to Dante’s left and right.

Dante: Okay, now what?

Dante’s eyes dart from one gate to the next.

Dante: Eeny, Meany, Miny, Mo.

The gateway on the left begins to ripple.

Dante: And Bingo was his name-o.

Dante leaps through the rippling gate.

Pre Mission 17 Script

Dante looks around the room which is reminescent of the actual castle.

Dante: What is this? Am I in some kind of bizarro world?  Or am I being transported to a different part of the castle?

Dante shakes his head as he walks forward.

Dante: This place is just full of surprises.

Pre Boss Script

Dante enters the throne room.  A flash of ligthning shows Nero standing at the window staring out at the storm.  Nero turns around tossing his cape behind him.  Dante shakes his head and walks forward.

Dante: A man with guts and honor.  I like that.  But it’s a shame you serve Mundus…

Nero: Dante…

A momentary look of surprise appears on Dante’s face.

Dante: Oh so you can talk.  You’ve been holding out on me buddy.  Don’t you know that half the fun in trash talking someone is hearing what snappy comment they’ll comeback with?

Nero: …Brother.

Anger masks Dante’s face.

Dante: What did you just say?

Dante takes a step forward.

Dante: Hey you mute, I’m talking to you!

Nero thrusts his arms out and begins yelling as a wall of blue flames rises around him.  His body is engulfed in the same flames.  Dante shields his face from the gusts of wind being kicked up from the awesome display of power.  The show ends and Nero is down on one knee hunched over.

Nero: Release me…

Nero rises to his feet.  His face is no longer that of a demon, but of Dante’s brother Vergil.  Dante’s expression is one of shock.

Dante: Vergil?

Nero extends his arm to Dante.

Nero: Set me free!

Nero shakes his head.  His eyes turn bright red.  Nero retracts his extended arm and grips the hilt of his sword.  He draws it and points it at Dante while wearing a sinister grin.  Dante takes a step forward, the only emotion he shows is one of concern for his brother.

Dante: Vergil!

Nero begins to laugh.  Dante draws Force Edge.

Post Mission 17 Script

Dante and Nero engage in a quick sword duel that ends with Dante’s sword being knocked back to the entrance of the throne room.  Nero grabs Dante by the throat and lifts him up into the air.  He turns and tosses him to the ground.  Nero raises the sword above his head.  Dante rolls to the right as Nero’s sword crashes into the ground ripping up the floor around it.  Dante leaps to his feet and runs toward his sword.  Nero turns around swinging his sword in a horizontal arc.  Dante dives forward with his right arm outstretched.  Force Edge comes spiraling back into his grasp as Nero’s sword sails overtop of him.  Dante spins around landing on his back as Nero stands poised to deliver and overhead strike.  His eyes cease glowing and return to normal.

Nero: Now!

Dante leans forward and drives his sword through Nero’s chest, piercing his heart.  The blade erupts through Nero’s back.  Dante rises to his feet and twists the blade.  Nero coughs up blood.  Dante slides the sword out of his brother’s chest.  Nero staggers backward a few steps.

Nero: Thank you.

Nero’s body is engulfed in blue flames.  Nero floats into the air and starts screaming as the flames erupt from his body.  In a flash of light he is gone.  Vergil’s amulet falls from the air and lands on the ground.  Dante walks over to it.  Dropping to one knee he scoops it up.  Memories of his childhood with his brother begin to fill his thoughts.  The scene changes to show Eva standing in front of two kids, Dante and Vergil.

Eva: Vergil, Dante, happy birthday.

She hands them their amulets.  Looks of awe appear on the boys faces.

Vergil: Whoa!

Dante: Cool!

Vergil looks up at his mom with a smile. 

Vergil: I want chocolate.

Dante pushes Vergil.

Dante: No I want chocolate.

Vergil pushes Dante back.  Eva smiles at the two.  The scene changes to Vergil (DMC3) beginning to fall from the waterfall’s edge in the Demon World.  Dante runs over to him but Vergil stops him by thrusting the Yamato out in front of him.

Vergil: Leave me and go.  I’m staying.  This was our father’s home.

Vergil falls into the darkness below.  The scene changes back to Dante in the throne room.  He clutches the pendant in a tight fist and puts it to his forehead.  Tears begin to stream from his tightly shut eyes.  He moves his hand and opens his eyes wearing a look of murderous rage.  He grits his teeth.

Dante: …Mundus.

Pre Mission 18 Script

Dante stands looking at Vergil’s amulet in his hand.  He draws Force Edge and looks it up and down before stabbing it into the ground.  He takes his amulet off and holds it in his free hand.  The jewels in the amulets glow bright red.  They float from his hands and lock together.  The combined amulets form the perfect amulet which begins to glow bright purple.  It turns into a purple light which merges with the Force Edge.  Purple demonic energy begins to emanate from the sword.  The blade is coated in a glowing purple liquid as it rises into the air.  With both hands Dante grabs the handle of the Force Edge and holds it up in the air.  The purple demonic energy turns red.  The liquid substance vanishes as red and black electricity snake along the length of the blade.  The Force Edge transforms into the Sparda.  Dante swings the sword about turning it into a spear, then a scythe, then back into a sword.  He rests the massive blade on his shoulder.  A transparent image of Sparda’s demon form briefly appears over Dante.  Dante twirls the sword around before strapping it on his back.  He holds his hand in front of his face and makes a fist.  Red demonic energy emanates from his fist.

Dante: So this is the power of my father.

Dante opens his fist.  The perfect amulet is in the palm of his hand.  He tucks it away in his pocket.  Dante smirks at the thought of his newfound power.

Dante: I’m coming for you Mundus.  And you’re in for one hell of a surprise.

Pre Boss Script

Dante tosses the Philosopher’s Egg in the furnace.  Nightmare melts through the ground and slides toward Dante.  Dante hears its bubbling flesh as it moves closer.  He turns around.

Dante: Still alive I see.  Good.  I get to try out my old man’s sword and work off a little anger at the same time.

Dante draws Sparda and gets into a ready stance.

Dante: Well come on you freak.

Post Mission 18 Script

Dante draws Ivory and points it at Nightmare’s exposed core.  Red electricity snakes along the gun as the barrel glows bright red.  He fires a charged shot that obliterates the core.  Nightmare melts into the ground.

Dante: This time, try to stay dead.

He twirls Ivory and then holsters it.  Dante walks over to the furnace and sticks his hand into the flames.  He pulls out the Elixir. 

Dante: Time to head for the other gate.

Pre Mission 19 Script

Trish walks down a staircase in the Spirit Nirvana within the Demon World.  Mundus’ eyes appear above.  Trish looks up at Mundus’ glowing eyes.

Mundus: Trish! Nero has been defeated.  You know what you must do.

Trish: Yes my master.  It will be done.

Mundus’ eyes fade away.  A mirror gateway appears next to Trish.  She turns and leaps through it.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante grabs the Philosopher’s Stone and tosses it into the air.  He catches it and bobbles it in his hand.  Three Nobodies drop down and surround Dante.  One puts a mask on and grows three times its normal size.  The creature gets up on two legs and starts beating on its chest while dancing around.  Dante shakes his head.

Dante: Bunch of freaks.  This is going to be like beating up on a bunch of retards.  I almost feel bad.

Dante lets out a sinister grin.

Dante: Almost.

Post Mission 19 Script

Dante slides the Philosopher’s Stone into the slot.  The glass explodes downward.  Dante rises to his feet and stares down into the swirling vortex.

Dante: Alright, let’s bring this case to a close.

Dante swan dives into the portal.  The demonic energies swirl around him as he makes his decent.  Mundus’ laugh echoes all around Dante.

Pre Mission 20 Script

Dante materializes in the Demon World.

Dante: Once again I’m back in my favorite place in the whole world.

Dante shakes his head and walks forward.

Dante: Maybe I should make this into a yearly vacationing spot since I come here so much.

Pre Boss Script

Dante moves deeper into the caverns.  The ceiling is covered with demonic runes.  They begin to glow.

Trish: Dante!

Dante looks over and sees Trish lying on the ground reaching out to him on the opposite side of the chamber.

Dante: Trish!

Dante runs over to Trish.

Trish: Dante, help me.

Dante: What happened?  How’d you get here?

A barrier appears before Dante blocking his progress.  He turns back around and sees a barrier appear back at the entrance.  Dante looks up and sees Nightmare drop from the ceiling. 

Dante: Don’t worry Trish.  This won’t take too long.

Mission Intermission Script

Nightmare’s core explodes and another one appears.

Dante: So if I destroy all of your cores I’ll destroy you.  No problem.

Dante gets shocked in the back.  He cries out in pain and falls to the ground as yellow electricity snakes all over his body.  Trish laughs from the other side of the barrier.

Dante: What the hell are you doing Trish?!

Trish: You fool.  You should trust your instincts.  If you did, you wouldn’t be in this little predicament.

Dante rises to his feet and turns to face Trish.

Dante: Stab me in the back when I drop my guard right?  I finally decided to trust you too.

Trish points behind Dante.

Trish: Watch your back.  I’m not the only thing you have to deal with.

Dante looks over his shoulder at the advancing Nightmare and then back at Trish. 

Dante: When I finish with that thing you’re next.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante leaps up into the air and comes down slashing Nightmare’s final core in half with his sword.  It explodes.  Nightmare begins to dissolve.  As it does it fires a beam of concentrated light at Dante.  Dante dives over it.  The beam slices through the arena.  Trish ducks it.  The pillar by her begins to crumble.  She watches it as it collapses.  She holds her arms up and catches the massive pillar and tosses it at Dante.  Dante turns from watching Nightmare evaporate to Trish only to draw Sparda and slice the oncoming pillar in half at the last minute.  The two halves slam into the other side of the cavern.  Dante looks up at Trish with a face full of anger.

Dante: Why, Trish?

Trish shrugs her shoulders.

Trish: I serve my master.  I am his to command.  And it’s his command that I kill you.

Dante stares her down coldly.

Dante: Can you really go through with it?

Trish smiles sinisterly.

Trish: Let’s find out.

Yellow electricity courses over her body.  Dante rests the Sparda on his shoulder.

Dante: Last chance Trish.  Walk away from this.

Trish offers Dante a sinister smile.

Trish: Dante I’ve been hoping to get a chance to ask you this; how did it feel to kill your own brother?  You seem like the type of person who would enjoy the killing of his own family.

Dante grits his teeth.

Dante: You had your chance.

Post Mission 20 Script

Dante transforms Sparda into a scythe and sends it spiraling toward Trish.  She twirls over it and charges Dante.  She leaps at him with a knee which he sidesteps.  Before she can land Dante grabs her by the face and tosses her backward into a wall.  Dante walks over to her and picks her up by the neck.  She scratches his face with her nails.  She then goes to punch him in the face but he grabs her arm.  Releasing her neck he spins her around slamming her into the wall.  He then slams her into the ground.  Dante reaches over and pulls the Sparda from the wall.  Turning it back into a sword he prepares an overhead strike to finish Trish.  A transparent image of Eva appears over Trish.  Dante grits his teeth and straps the sword to his back.  He walks past Trish and heads for the exit.  Trish rises to her feet.

Trish: Dante!

Dante keeps walking.

Trish: Dante, why didn’t you kill me?

Dante stops.

Dante: Because you look like my mother.  Now get out of my sight.  Next time I see you I won’t hesitate to end your pitiful existence.

Dante starts to walk again.  Trish runs after him.  Turing to face her, Dante draws Ebony and points it at Trish.

Dante: Don’t come any closer you devil!

Trish stops dead in her tracks.

Dante: You may look like her and you may sound like her but that’s where the similarities end.  You’re just a soulless beast.

Tears begin to well up in Trish’s eyes.  Dante grits his teeth and turns back around.  Holstering his sidearm he continues to walk off.  Dante leaves the chamber.  Mundus’ three glowing eyes appear behind Trish.

Mundus: Trish, you too have failed me.  You know the rules.

Mundus’ eyes fade away.  Trish continues to stare in the direction Dante walked off in. 

Pre Mission 21 Script

Dante enters the living cave.  Anger wells up within him and he takes it out on the wall by putting his fist through it. 

Dante: God damn her!

Dante pulls his hand out of the wall.  Blood pours out of the hole.  Dante shakes his hand clean.

Dante: Gotta keep it together.  This is almost over.

Post Mission 21 Script

Dante watches below as the doors to Mundus’ chamber unseals itself.  Dante leaps down to it.  Looking the door up and down Dante cracks his neck.

Dante: Here we go.

Dante kicks the doors open.

Pre Mission 22 Script

Dante walks up to the statue of Mundus while looking over the divine chamber.

Dante: Where ya hiding Mundus?!

Dante stops before the statue and just stares at it.

Mundus: Again I must face a Sparda.  Strange fate, isn’t it?

Dante: Strange and ironic that it will end the same way.

Mundus: Are you saying that you intend to die?

Dante smiles at the statue.

Dante: No, I intend to kill you.

Mundus: So did both Sparda and Vergil.  And yet they both fell before my power.

A look of anger crosses Dante’s face.

Dante: And I intend to make you pay for their deaths.  I’m gonna make you scream for mercy, mercy that you’ll never receive from me.

Mundus begins to laugh.

Dante: You know I expected more from you.  I mean come on, you’re nothing more than a big statue.  I gotta tell ya, I’m not feeling very intimidated right now.

Mundus: My body was destroyed, but my spirit lives on.

Dante starts to laugh.

Dante: You gotta be kidding me.  The big tough Emperor of the Demon World had his body obliterated.  Looks like my old man had the last laugh after all, eh Mundus?

Mundus: No, it was I who had the last laugh, Dante.  Are you not the last of your family who still draws breath?

Dante grips the handle of the Sparda.

Dante: When I’m done with you you’ll be nothing more than a pile of rubble you piece of shit!

Mundus laughs at Dante.

Mundus: There is no need for us to fight, Dante.  I am in need of a new champion.  Serve me and you shall live a life of power and luxury.  You can rule both the Human World and Demon World as a prince.  Besides, do you really want to end up like the rest of your family?

Dante: I’ll never serve you Mundus.  Never!

Mundus: Then allow me to sway your decision.  Look behind you.

Dante turns around and sees Trish crucified to the wall above the doorway.  She’s not conscious.

Mundus: Don’t act so rashly my boy.  The slightest movement on your part will result in her untimely death.  Even if you so much as blink she’ll die. 

Dante turns back around reaching for his sword.

Dante: You son of a…

Mundus fires three red energy spears from his eyes at Dante.  They pierce his chest, left leg, and left shoulder.  Dante cries out in pain.  Mundus’ laugh echoes throughout the chamber.  Trish awakens upon hearing Dante’s cries.

Trish: Dante.

Mundus: You are a fool to believe that you can challenge my power.  It would appear that the Sparda blood has been spoiled over the ages.  You should have taken my offer Dante.

Mundus’ third eye glows bright white.

Mundus: Now die!

Mundus fires a beam of highly concentrated light at Dante.

Trish: Dante!

Trish rips herself off of the nails and leaps down to Dante she throws him aside as the beam blows a hole through her chest.  Dante watches as Trish’s lifeless body falls to the ground.  The energy spears fade away leaving Dante free of their pain.  He rises to his feet still looking down at Trish.

Dante: Trish…no…

Mundus: Useless scum.  It would appear that her time spent with you has changed her; too little too late.

Mundus begins to charge another beam.

Mundus: Now to finish you.

Mundus fires the beam at Dante.  Dante turns to look at it.  His eyes are bright red.  The beam changes its trajectory toward the ceiling blowing up a small section of it.  Dante stands staring at Mundus with red demonic energy emanating from his body.

Dante: How much longer are we going to play games?! Let’s finish this Mundus!

The statue of Mundus begins to crack.  Light pours out of the cracks.  The statue crumbles revealing a different statue that is Mundus.  Mundus rise to his feet while expanding his stone wings.

Dante: Would you look at that; a statue within a statue.  Who would’ve thought it?

Mundus flaps his wings and the area shifts to resemble the cosmos. Dante continues to stare down Mundus.

Mundus: Those eyes.  Deep in them I see the same light that was in Sparda’s eyes.  This could prove to be interesting.

Dante: Why did you send a copy of my mother at me?

Mundus: To make you suffer.  Vergil’s desire to slay me stemmed from his desire to avenge his mother.  I assumed you felt the same way.  Though, if you need a mother I can create one, as many as you want, just like I created Trish.

Dante: And you turned my brother against me.  What you have done is unforgivable.

Mundus: By denying him the power of your father he was ill prepared to attempt to take his revenge.  He fell because of you.  But death would have been too good for him.  As my servant it was more than enough punishment for him.  I made him my slave, my puppet, and I used him as I saw fit.

Dante’s eyes glow bright red.

Dante: Silence!! For my family, I will kill you!

Mundus laughs as he takes to the heavens.  Dante leaps up as if he were flying.  He passes Mundus on his ascension.  Dante breaks through the atmosphere like clouds and devil triggers, taking the form of Sparda’s true self.  Mundus rises up before Dante and then flies backward away from him.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante tosses a massive devil dragon made of pure demonic energy at Mundus.  It detonates on Mundus’ chest.  Mundus fires three energy spears from his eyes at Dante.  Dante dodges one but is impaled by the other two.  Mundus waves his hand sending fireballs down upon Dante.  Dante weaves in and around the fireballs to try to get to Mundus but is eventually bombarded and knocked toward the ground far below.  Dante slams on brimstone.  Fireballs explode all around him.  Dante reverts to his normal form as he rises to his feet.  Mundus lands in the pool of lava before Dante.  Dante points the Sparda at the Emperor.

Dante: That was just the warm up.  Now I’m going to destroy you!

Mundus waves at Dante, beckoning him to attack.

Mundus: Come and meet your fate!

Post Mission 22 Script

Dante devil triggers into the form of Sparda and flies up to Mundus charging a massive fireball.  He tosses it at Mundus’ face, blowing off a portion of his head.  Mundus cries out in pain.  With the demonically powered Sparda sword Dante swings downward splitting Mundus’ head down the center.  Mundus screams in pain as he takes flight into the skies above.  Dante tosses another massive demonic energy dragon at Mundus.  It follows him and detonates on his body blowing his wings apart.  Mundus plummets back down into the lava and sinks beneath it.  Dante lands and reverts to his normal form.

Dante: Burn in hell Mundus…burn in hell.

Pre Mission 23 Script

Dante appears back in Mundus’ throne room.  He walks over to Trish.  Dropping to his knees he cradles her head in his arms.

Dante: It’s over Trish.  Mundus is no more.  With one selfless act you have once again earned my trust.

Dante smiles a sad smile.  He lays her head down on the ground.

Dante: My mother risked her life for me and so have you.

Dante ties the perfect amulet around her neck.

Dante: This belonged to my mother.  It’s fitting that you should have it.

Dante rises to his feet and stabs the Sparda sword into the ground.

Dante: My father’s sword.  Now everyone can finally rest.

Alastor materializes out of a small electrical storm strapped on Dante’s back.

Dante: Rest in peace.

The chamber begins to shake violently and parts of it begin to crumble and collapse.

Dante: The portal linking the worlds together must be closing…but why?

Dante looks down at the amulet around Trish’s neck.

Dante: The amulets haven’t been separated.

Dante starts to make a run for the doors.

Dante: Time to leave.

Pre Boss Script

Dante enters the biplane room. 

Dante: I knew this would come in handy.

As Dante sprints forward the ground gives way beneath him and he plummets down into the darkness below falling into the sewers.  Dante rises to his feet.  He hears what sounds like thunder and turns around just in time to see Mundus come roaring out of a portal.  Mundus tries to crush Dante beneath his hand but Dante dashes out of the way just barely avoiding being flattened.

Mundus: The gate has been opened! Dante, you are not getting away!  This is where you will die!!

Dante throws his arms out.

Dante: I’m not going anywhere.  Besides there’s no place to go, look around!

Dante points at Mundus.

Dante: This’ll be your burial ground as well.

Mission Intermission Script

Dante stands breathing hard propped up by Alastor.

Mundus: What is the matter? Can you not fight without the power of Sparda?

Dante tightens his grip around Alastor.  Mundus laughs at Dante as he reaches toward him with his left hand.

Mundus: This is the end Dante! You will die just like Sparda and…

Vergil appears out of blue flames before Dante and slices Mundus fingers off.  Mundus pulls his hand back.  The massive sword of Nero Angelo is no longer in his hand.  Vergil’s Yamato is free of all corruption.

Mundus: …Vergil?!!!

Vergil turns to Dante whose face reveals nothing but utter surprise.

Vergil: You look like hell Dante.

Dante’s shock is replaced by a smile.

Dante: You try fighting him one on one without any power boosts.

Vergil: I already did that.  It didn’t go so well.

Mundus: Traitor!!! You will die a thousand deaths before I’m finished with you!!

Vergil turns to regard Mundus.

Vergil: Traitor?  I think not.  I was never your servant; merely your puppet.

Mundus: I will put an end to the Sparda lineage here and now!

Vergil turns back to Dante.

Vergil: He seems to love the sound of his own voice.

Dante rests Alastor on his shoulder.

Dante: Let’s shut him up.

Dante and Vergil charge Mundus.

Post Boss Script

Tentacles wrap around Dante and Vergil and begin to drag the two towards Mundus.  They both struggle to free themselves.

Mundus: You both belong to me!

Vergil: Your overconfidence shall be your downfall.

Vergil and Dante both devil trigger, blowing the tentacles off their bodies.  Mundus fires a small laser from his eyes at the twins.  They both leap clear in opposite directions and charge Mundus.  They jam their swords into Mundus’ body and leap upward dragging the blades through his postulating flesh.  They flip backwards and kick down off of the ceiling slicing down through Mundus’ flesh.  Dante and Vergil take flight charging an energy ball in their free hands.  They launch the balls at the Emperor which detonate on his eyes.  Mundus roars as he reels back.  As he reels back he bats the two into a wall with his right arm.  The brothers hit the wall hard and fall to the ground.  They revert to their normal forms. 

Dante: We don’t have the power needed to win this fight.

Vergil rises to his feet.

Vergil: Giving up?  That doesn’t sound like the Dante that defeated me in the Demon World so many years ago.

Dante rises to his feet.

Dante: Yeah, what was I thinking?  It’s Mundus who’s not going to win.

Mundus’ laugh echoes throughout the sewers.

Mundus: Fools!  Without the power of the mighty Sparda you cannot win!  Compared to the both of you I am a god!

Vergil points his sword at Mundus.

Vergil: Then I guess your minions will come to know us as god slayers.

Dante and Vergil charge Mundus.  Mundus crushes Dante beneath his left arm.  Vergil spares a glance toward the covered Dante and focuses back on Mundus.  He drives the Yamato into Mundus’ flesh and drags it back and forth causing blood to spill out of the massive demon.  Vergil enters a berserk rage as he slices into Mundus with blinding speed.  Mundus drags his massive arm off of Dante and bats Vergil into a wall.  Vergil slumps down it.  Mundus slides in front of Vergil.  His eyes glow bright white and he fires a massive stream of energy at Vergil.  When the light fades Vergil lies broken on the floor with burns all over his face, his armor cracked and missing in places.  Dante looks upon his fallen brother with sorrow washing over him.

Dante: Vergil!!!!!!!

Mundus grabs Vergil and tosses him into the portal behind him.

Mundus: I’m not finished with him yet!

Mundus turns toward Dante.

Mundus: One down, one to go!

Red demonic energy emanates off of Dante’s body.  His eyes turn blood red.  Dante grits his teeth and clenches his fists tightly.

Dante: …Mundus…

Dante leaps into the air and devil triggers into his true devil form.  He clasps his hands together and slowly pulls them apart creating a massive energy ball.  He raises it over his head and tosses it at the Emperor.  The ball detonates and engulfs Mundus in a massive explosion which blows the remaining pieces of the Emperor’s statuesque body off.  Dante reverts to his normal form and falls into the water below.  Dante rises to his hands and knees breathing heavily.

Dante: What the hell was that?

Mundus roars in pain and frustration as he advances toward Dante.

Mundus: What is the matter? Is that all you had left? Fool! You nearly had me!

Trish: Dante, it’ll be all right.

A surprised look appears on his face.

Dante: …Mother?

Trish appears out of a storm of yellow electricity before Mundus’ eyes.  She hacks down through him with the Sparda sword.  Mundus reels back roaring in pain.

Mundus: But how?!!!

Trish flips backward through the air landing behind Dante.  She straps the Sparda on her back.  Dante turns toward her.

Dante: Trish?!

Yellow electricity snakes along Trish’s body.

Trish: Dante use my power.

Trish holds out her arms and the yellow electricity flowing over her body flows onto Dante, snaking along his.  Dante’s own red demonic energy begins to emanate off of him.  Dante smirks at his new found power.

Dante: This’ll do nicely.

Dante turns around drawing Ebony and Ivory.  He crosses them over and points them at Mundus.  Yellow electricity snakes along Ebony.  The gun emits a faint yellow glow.  Red electricity snakes along Ivory.  It emits a faint red glow.

Dante: Jackpot!

Dante fires two streams of demonic energy, one yellow and one red, at Mundus.  The two beams coil around each other and combine creating a massive beam which slams into Mundus’ body.  Mundus roars in agony and frustration as his body is blasted back through the portal which he created.

Mundus: Dante!!! I will return! And I will rule this world!!!!!!!!

Dante holsters Ebony and Ivory and waves bye to Mundus.

Dante: Goodbye! And when you do come back and I happen to not be around, be sure to give my regards to my kid!

The portal closes and once again Mundus is sealed in the Demon World.  Trish runs to Dante and embraces him.  She begins to cry into his chest.  Dante smiles and rubs her head.

Dante: Trish, devils never cry.  Tears are a gift only humans have.

Trish: But I…

Dante: Forget about it.  It’s in the past.  Right now we have to figure a way…

As the ceiling collapses and the biplane lands in front of them.

Dante: Whoa, someone must be looking out for us.

Dante looks down at Trish and smiles.

Dante: I think we’ve overstayed our welcome.

Trish smiles back.

Trish: I agree.

They both run toward the plane.  Dante turns it on and the rotors start to spin.  Dante activates the guns and blows a large whole in the wall.  The plane begins to move forward.

Dante: Let’s rock!

Post Mission 23 Script

The plane flies out of the cave as the island erupts and collapses in on itself.

Trish: Mundus is no longer a threat to the Human World.

Dante: It doesn’t matter.  There are still demons that need exterminating.  And besides, it’s only a matter of time before another powerful devil rears its ugly head.

Trish: Yeah but when that happens the world will have the Legendary Dark Knight Dante to protect it, as well as his trusty sidekick.

Dante: I wouldn’t refuse a partner.  You want a job Trish?

Trish: I can’t let you have all the fun now can I?

Dante smiles as the plane flies off into the distance.

Epilogue Script

The scene opens with a view of Dante’s shop from the outside.  The phone can be heard ringing inside. The name of his shop has changed.  The scene switches to the inside.  Trish walks over to the desk and answers the phone.

Trish: Devil Never Cry?

Dante walks out of the back room.  Trish hangs up the phone.  She grabs Luce and Ombra and holsters them, then grabs the Sparda and straps it on her back.

Trish: We’re on our way.  Sounds like it could get a little rough.

Dante grabs Ebony and Ivory and holsters them.  He pulls Rebellion from the wall and straps it to his back.

Dante: We can’t let any of those suckers live.

The scene switches to outside of the shop.  Dante and Trish exit the building.

Dante: Let’s get this one over with in ten minutes.

Trish looks over at Dante.

Trish: Five minutes.

Dante cracks his knuckles.

Dante: More than enough.

Dante and Trish walk off.

Roll credits.

After the Credits

The camera zooms in on Dante standing on the roof of his shop.  He’s staring at the moon while flipping a trick coin.

Dante: …brother.

He gives the coin one more flip before snatching it out of the air.  He opens his palm to reveal that the coin bears the logo for his shop.  He pockets the coin and looks back at the moon.

Dante: I’ll find a way to bring you back.

Fade to black.


—The End—

© 2006 dwarfkicker