My Business is Killing and Business is Good  //  By: Lotus

Disclaimer: I do not own Dante, Devil May Cry or anything affiliated with the game which is legally owned by Capcom.  I proudly own Eden though. Eden is an original character that I thought up for the purpose of writing X-Men fiction.  Her powers include a healing factor, telekinesis (in the form of blue fire) and telepathy.  Some surprise’s come in later. 

Warning: This story contains VERY HARSH LANGUAGE! And drinking… 

Chapter 1 - The one armed man

My nose was assaulted by the thick stench of cigarette smoke and beer.  The bar was dark and the music was loud.  Hardcore rock and roll…my kind of joint. 

I sat down at the bar not even giving the patrons a glance.  The bartender looked at me strangely. 

“Absinthe please,” I screamed over the music. 

The bar tender quirked an eyebrow and said, “We don’t carry that.  It’s illegal.” 

“I know you got a bottle under the counter,” I said looking at him with my usual don’t-fuck-with-me look.  “Give me the whole bottle and I won’t say a word.” 

“Well, I hope you brought enough cash.  This stuff ain’t cheap,” he said pouring a shot and leaving the bottle on the counter.  My good old mind powers never fail me.  I knew I could “convince” him to give me the absinthe.  But this looks like the type of place where they really didn’t give a shit either way.  They just wanted your money and in return, you have a good time. 

I stared straight ahead at the wall.  Glass shelves lined with liquor bottles. Hmm…many possible weapons.  Most bars I visit have mirrors on the walls behind the liquor, but this place didn’t.  It was safer with mirrors…vampires and such.  But it’s not like I couldn’t handle myself.  It’s just that I could never stop being prepared.  I could burn down the whole fucking block with a snap of my fingers, but I always kept an eye on my back.  Habits that never died. 

I slammed the absinthe down my throat.  I hated the way the shit tasted, but consuming a bottle was the closest I could come to getting drunk.  I would get the usual sick churning in my stomach as my body fought off the liquor.  And as soon as I felt that, I would mentally will my healing factor to shut off.  It was dangerous, but I didn’t give a fuck.  It had been a rough couple of days and all I wanted to do was drown my sorrows and be left alone. 

My wishes almost came true.  I never saw him enter, but a man sat down on the stool next to mine.  The music died down and the DJ put on some boring house mix.  Great… I didn’t bother to look over at him.  I didn’t care if he was here to hurt me or kill me because either way he would be dead in less then ten seconds. But I could smell him.  He smelled good and bad.  Good because he was wearing one of my favorite colognes and the rich intoxicating aroma of gun powder; bad because he smelled like Hell.  I didn’t need any reminders of Hell.  Looked like I wasn’t the only one that had the stench cling to them.  Wonder why? 

“Penny for your thoughts babe?” 

I cringed inwardly.  I really hated it when men called me babe.  Did I look like the fucking pig from the movie? 

“Is it too much to ask that I just want to be left alone?” I replied without even glancing at him.  I continued to stare at the wall in front of me as I downed another couple of shots. 

“Hey, I was just asking.”  He leaned over the bar to give his order into the bar tender’s ear.  Even over the music I could still make out what he wanted.  A beer.  So fucking typical.  I was already beginning to loathe his presence.  Out of the corner of my eye I caught his appearance.  He was about six and a half feet tall, maybe taller.  He was wearing a black leather jacket that went past his waist and I could clearly make out two bulges against his back.  He was obviously hiding guns.  Whether he was here to use the guns against me was a matter yet to be revealed.  If so, his big mistake. 

That’s when I decided to look at him.  I wanted to see my hunter.  Maybe I know him.  Maybe he only knows me.  Maybe I can get drunk AND get some kills in one night.  I glanced over and caught him staring at my boots.   

“Nice kicks.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like them.” 

Little did anyone know that the reason why they were so special is because I skinned a demon alive and made these boots.  Three inch heels and the skin had the strangest blue and purple sheen to it.  Sure as hell wasn’t going to see these babies on any runways.  I wasn’t sure if he was just trying to make conversation or if he saw me turn my attention towards him and he wanted to hide his eyes.  The eyes always give away what someone is thinking or feeling. 

“Thanks.  I made them myself.”  I looked him over.  White hair hanging in his face, cold blue eyes that reminded me of a winter day just before the snow fell and some of the worst fashion sense I had ever seen on a man.  He was handsome though.  I’ll give the little shit that much. 

“So, uh, can I ask you a question?” He asked looking directly into my eyes.  I was almost taken aback at how deep his stare was.  Big mistake kid.  Never look me in the eyes.  A rush of flame entered my mind as I stared directly into his soul.  I stifled a gasp as I was consumed with nothing but fire, hate and death.  So strong! Although, I had felt and seen worse, but not in a very long time.  After my soul retracted from his, I felt something very familiar clinging in the background.  Something that I couldn’t quite put m finger on.  He stared at me patiently waiting for a reply. 

“Go ahead,” I said taking another shot, hoping the liquor would calm my system after that quick view into his soul. I couldn’t wait to hear this.  If it was going to be some cliché “How do you want to die” question, I was gonna tear his fucking face off with my bare hands. 

“What’s your name?” Hmm, either the kid was trying to play a little “I am here to kill you, but I am gonna pretend I don’t know you” game or he was just trying to chat me up.  Either way, I was intrigued.  I had never felt someone’s soul burn as strongly as his did.  I wasn’t even sure if mine had that much heat!  There was definitely something about him that was odd and very intriguing.  Maybe he was a fellow inmate from Hell.  That would explain the smell.  

“Eden. What’s your name?”  

“Dante,” he replied casually sipping his beer.  What an odd name to go with an odd man.  Well, I can’t really say that considering I just came back from a lovely vacation in Hell and I met demons there named Nugh-Vi and Mehgrill.  Don’t ask me how you fucking pronounce them.  I just called them assholes before I cut their heads off and burned their bodies to ashes.  Time to cut the bullshit. 

“Well, Dante, may I ask what the fuck do you want?” 

He stared at me blinking a few times.  I could see confusion rush across his face.  But then it faded and he just smirked.  God, that smirk.  It looked like something that he practiced over and over again in the mirror until it was absolutely perfect and matched his attitude.  I bet he picked up chicks with that cocky, confident smirk.   

“Hey babe, we all want something.  I’m just here to drink and be alone just like you.” 

I stared at him for a few moments.  To my surprise I could sense truth in his words.  So, the first guy I meet in months and he doesn’t want to kill me.  Interesting… 

“Can I ask you something else, Dante?”  He looked over at me and I saw his stare run back to my boots, then to my chest and to my face.  “Sure,” he replied with a look in his eyes that said that he approved.  Maybe I will kill the little shit after all. 

“Why do you wreak of Hell?” He stared at me for a few moments and then smiled.  It was a smile that spoke volumes about his personality.  So damn cocky.  Guys like that always wind up dead.  He seemed please that I cut through all the bullshit and directly asked questions.  What was the point of beating around the bush when I might end up killing him? 

“Why do you wreak of Hell?” He smirked.  Touché little shit, touché. 

I smiled.  “Just got back.  Guess you could say that I always wanted a vacation somewhere hot.  Well, I got my fucking wish.”  I downed another shot. 

At that moment my eye caught movement from under his jacket.  I prepped myself fully aware that he was going for the guns.  My telekinetic shield was automatically put up.  With super human speed he pulled out a black pistol and pointed it below the counter and at my face.  I smiled.  Little did he know that bullets mean absolutely nothing to me.   

“So, tell me babe, you a demon or what?”  I stared directly into his eyes.  It was like when you’re face to face with a wolf.  If you stare them directly in the eyes and show no fear, they back down.  I knew the same theory wouldn’t really work on him, but I needed to get my point across. 

“Listen Dante…I am something completely different.  And that gun you have there? It won’t make a dent.  I am invincible.” 

He chuckled, gun still pointed at my face.  “Yeah doll, I’ve heard that before.  All you demons are the same.  You spew out some bullshit about how immortal and powerful you are.  I find the only way to get you all to shut the fuck up is by blowing your head off.” 

I laughed.  I mean, really laughed.  And it had been so long since I heard the tinkle of my own laugh.  He had the exact same perspective that I did.  Demons were real fucking windbags.  I have fought mutants, aliens from other galaxies and creatures from other dimensions.  But not a single one of them compared to the cliché ramblings of demons.  

His brow furrowed as I kept smiling.  “You can put the gun away.  I’m not a threat to you.  In fact, you can say that we’re kindred.” 

“Kindred?” he asked, a tone of anger filling his voice.  “What the fuck does that mean?”  He was kind of hot with that angry expression. 

“It means that we fight the bad guys.  And usually wind up winning.  I knew that my soul was going to be in hell for a while and I accepted it.  I needed to see the darker side of things.” 

He contemplated what I had just told him for a few seconds and then put the gun away.  “The only reason why I’m not filling you with lead is because I find you interesting.  And because I’ve been fighting demons for so damn long that I know one when I see one.  You’re really something else.” 

I downed a couple more shots and realized that I drank more then half the bottle.  I was definitely feeling the affects!  Just then I felt my soul leap from my body as I began to recognize what that familiar feeling is. I know this guy from somewhere!  “I find you interesting too Dante.  In fact, I think I know quite a bit about you.  You own your own business…um…what was it called? “Devil May Cry?””  

Dante finished his beer and quickly ordered another.  “Yeah, so you know me.  A lot of people around here do.  I’m the go to guy when you’ve got something really hiding under your bed or in the closet.” 

That’s it! It all came together now.  “Huh.  Actually I think I know you from what your brother told me.” 

Dante stared at me, his eyes widening in shock.  I saw him reach behind his back again, hand gripping his pistol.  “What the fuck are you talking about? My brother is dead! I made damn sure of it!” 

“No he’s not.  I saw him in hell just before I cut his arm off.” 


To be continued....

© 2006 Lotus