Threefold  //  By: RoseDincht

Based on the online RPG The Chaos Brought Forth

Author's Note - As stated in the title, this is based off of the RPG I'm in on Blurty-dot-com. TCBF is about fictional characters from video games, anime, novels, animated movies and others are brought into this reality, and are trying to work together to get back to their worlds. But it isn't easy, for they fight against their enemies, the government, and sometimes even each other. But there are some who do not want to return to their world, such as Sparda, his wife, his two sons, and his daughter-in-law, Tifa Lockheart. This story is about the life of Vergil and Tifa after the events that take place in the RPG. Also, since the RPG isn't complete, this is somewhat of an AU. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!

For those interested in the RPG, here’s the link:


            It's strange how so much chaos can happen in one person's life. Otium Sparda seemed to realize that one more then anything. There was a saying that the people in this existance would say. Something along the lines of: "A picture is worth a thousand words". Yet in his case, it was "A picture is worth a thousand lies". He grew up believing that his parents, uncle, and grandparents had a beautiful life in the past, that the relationship between his mother and his father was steady and flawless. That when she gave birth to him, it was the most beautiful moment in her life. That's the pictures in the photo album told him. That's what Grandma Eva told him when she would show him the pictures. That's what he grew up believing his entire childhood... until he reached age fourteen. That was when the truth came out.

            His family did not have a wonderful past. His grandparents were once killed, and somehow brought back to life, only put up with more trouble and danger in this new existance. The relationship between his mother and father was not steady and flawless. Despite the fact that they loved each other more then life itself, she lived in fear of him because of his split personality, the Nelo Angelo. To this day, she seemed to be unsure of how he developed that split personality. Otium figured it was something similar to the story of "Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde". Whenever his father would grow unstable and angry, the Nelo Angelo would be brought out, harming anyone and everyone in his path except the one person he loved: his wife.

And his birth wasn't a joyest moment either. For one, he and his brother and sister were premature when they were born. His mother almost did not survive the delievery, and she had to have his grandmother and grandfather hide him and his other two siblings from his father's other side. Otium's mother faced the worst. She gave herself to the Nelo Angelo, gave into him, and did all that her frail, human body could accomplish just so he wouldn't find out about her children. She feared that if he found her children, he would do something terrible to them. And her fear seemed to multiply when she and the Nelo Angelo came face to face with the newly revived Mundus.

            Mundus. The Prince of Darkness. The one who defeated and enslaved his father, transforming him from Vergil Sparda to Nelo Angelo. And since his devoted black angel seemed to cherish Otium's mother so much, Mundus thought it would be best if she was to serve under him. But the human mind and heart is incredibly strong. Despite Mundus' attempts to seduce her, posess her, and drive her into insanity and chaos, Otium's mother had an iron will. Even when Nelo Angelo restrained her and allowed his master to try and brainwash her, she fought through it, even to the point where she was on the brink of collapse.

            And that was when he, Otium, and his brother and sister, rescued her.

            Tifa made a confession. In the middle of all of her torture, she made a confession to the Nelo Angelo, looking into his eyes, looking beyond him, and reaching Vergil Sparda. She told him that she had given birth, that she had delievered his children. And that was what brought him back to her. The Nelo Angelo was overpowered by Vergil, and then was no more. Otium's mother told him that he and his siblings were what gave their father strength that day. The fact that he had a family, that he had children to protect and to love, was stronger then his split personality or any of Mundus' tricks. His mother told him, that even though Grandpa Sparda and Uncle Dante showed up to assist Vergil and destroy Mundus, that her babies were the real heroes that day.

            Did Otium hate his family for their lies? Did he hate them for misleading him?

            The answer was simply "No." At age sixteen, an age full of drama and teenaged angst, he understood perfectly why they lied to him as a child. Simply because he was a child then. His family wanted him, his brother and his sister to have a happy childhood, to believe that their parents and grandparents and uncle had a wonderful life before they came into the picture. Yet, he was happy when they told him and the other two the truth when they were old enough to understand it all.

            At first, there was tension. Understandable tension. Yet in the end, everything seemed to go back to the way it was before his parents told him the truth.

            Life carried on from there. And it went something like this...


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