Threefold  //  By: RoseDincht

Chapter 1 - Otium 

           Otium Sparda was the first born out of the triplets Tifa had delievered. Ever since birth, he was always looked upon as an oddball, for he was the first male in the Sparda family to have a quiet and shy personality. He also was the only Sparda who was born with his mother's black hair and red eyes, as opposed to his father's silver hair and blue eyes. Because of his bashful nature and silent demeanor, Otium became his mother's favorite. One of the stories she would tell him was when she and his Grandma Eva saw an ultrasound of the triplets for the first time. She said that even before they were born, his brother and sister were always fighting. Tifa and Eva would watch the two kick at each other furiously, but little Otium always caught her eye. He was never involved in the kicking, and kept to himself. Apparentally something about Otium being the wallflower out of the family appealed to Tifa. 

      Another thing that seemed to appeal to Tifa was that Otium was in no way a rude child. He was quiet, he was a boy of few words, but he was also very curious. His face was never expressionless and his eyes were never blank. Although he picked up his mother's shyness, he seemed to have his father's intelligence. Otium had a passion for reading and learning. When his brother and sister would be out fighting the backyard and have Vergil and Sparda trip over each other in order to break them up, Otium found himself in the kitchen with his mother, helping her make dinner or dry/wash the dishes. When his Uncle Dante was off sparring with Otium's brother and father, the young Sparda was on the porch reading. When his sister was working out or going out with Grandpa Sparda for target practice, he was learning how to speak his mother's native tongue (Japanese). 

      Nobody in his family would have expected him to turn out the way he did. He didn't have the bad boy attitude, yet he wasn't your average cliche nerd. He was attractive, standing around 5'3 (short, like his mother) with a pale, tear-shaped face like his father. However, he kept his hair like his Uncle Dante: long and messy. He seemed to do that one on purpose though, for his mother would always be playfully fussing with his hair and he seemed to enjoy the attention. Otium, like his mother, was also a very modest child. His clothing was always clean cut and proper. He was the type of person who never went to school in blue jeans or T-shirts, even in the summer. He always liked to look professional, and that's probably what made his mother so proud of him. 

      The best way to describe Otium Sparda would be that the boy was shy, and not scared. He did not have a love for firearms or swords. Instead, he learned martial arts and hand-to-hand combat from his mother. In the fourteen years old his life, Tifa had become everything to Otium: a mother, a teacher, a friend, and his martial arts' master. He was always very close with his mother, so much that it shocked Sparda and Vergil that his son did not want to be trained by the two of them. At times, Grandpa Sparda would tease him, telling him that he spends too much time with his mother and that no pretty human girl would want a Mama's Boy. 

      But nevertheless, Otium seemed to prefer a human life over a demon life. Thus, he always maintained a loving bond with his mother and Grandmother, yet always seemed to push himself away from his father, grandfather, and uncle. From Otium's point of view, demons lived a life of chaos and violence, for they had power to abuse. For Otium, he saw that humans had no such power, and because of that, they could settle with a peaceful, simple kind of life without destruction.He would die of shock if he was to find out just how wrong he was about the human race... 

      Misunderstood. Bashful. Silent. Naive. 


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