Threefold  //  By: RoseDincht

Chapter 2 - Damien 

      Damien Sparda was the second born of the triplets. Unlike his older brother Otium, Damien was a boy after his father's (and grandfather's) own heart. If there was anyone (out of the triplets) that Vergil was proud of, Damien Sparda was definitely the one. The boy was proud and strong, a miniature replica of his father. His skin was pale, his slicked back hair was as white as a dove, and his blue eyes shimmered like water. Ever since before Damien was born, he already had a lot of his father inside of him. He was always causing trouble for his siblings, kicking at them and starting fights. Of course, at the time, the fact that Vergil's son already had so much of his father inside of him terrified the son of Sparda. With Nelo Angelo as his split personality and his instability increasing with every passing moment, the last thing Vergil wanted was to pass down those horrible traits onto his son. He would be happy that his attitude and pride were the only horrible traits that were passed onto Damien. 

      Vergil's son was an arrogant being. His face always had a smirk, never a smile. He seemed to wholeheartedly agree with his father that might controlled everything, and always seemed interested in his family's history. The stories about his grandfather had always fascinated him since birth. Damien seemed interested in the Demon World, the Temen-ni-Gru, the gatekeepers, the devils, just about everything that had to do with his grandfather's race and lineage. It seemed to be the young Sparda's goal in life to make his father and grandfather proud of him. To achieve that goal, the boy would train himself to be strong. He would fight, he would spar, and most of the time would show off his skills to his sister. The two fought each other as if they were sworn enemies… sometimes it was just too exhausting for the other members of the Sparda family, who had to spend every other hour breaking up a fight between those two. 

      Unlike Otium, everyone seemed to expect Damien to come out the way he did. He seemed to be more of a man then he was a boy, at least he thought so. He stood tall at 5'7, taller then his mother but still shorter then his father. Physically, he was as tough as nails, but also appeared to be rather bigheaded. He knew he was strong, he knew he was tough, and he knew he could win the heart of any girl just by winking at her. In the personality department, Damien based his character slightly on his Uncle Dante, but just when it came to women and his wardrobe. (He knew that if he ended up being anything like Uncle Dante, his father would no doubt beat the hell out of him. That was one battle he didn't want any part of.) Damien wasn't a fan of any type of shirt. He exposed his bare chest and stomach to the public and occasionally had to get sent home from school for being topless in class. That didn't annoy him, he knew how to piss them off all over again (this time by wearing a skin tight shirt that showed off every detail of his torso). He also had a love for black leather pants and heavy boots. 

      Like his grandfather, father, and uncle, Damien was fascinated by swords. His father's Yamato was to him as the Holy Grail was to Christians. Because he was Vergil's favorite, he allowed his son to train with him and Grandpa Sparda while using the Yamato. That, as well as training with the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, was a tremendous honor for the young quarter-blood devil. The two showed him the basics when he was very young: how to hold the sword, how to attack, how to defend, how to move with it while attacking or defending, and so on. By age sixteen, Damien was conscidered a professional with a sword. 

      For Damien, a demon's life was the life for him. The strength he possessed led him to believe that the demon race was the superior race. And although he loved his mother and grandmother dearly, he looked upon the human race as lower beings. Beings that could never measure up to the greatness of a demon. He too, like Otium, would die of shock if he was to discover just how wrong he was. 

      Proud. Mighty. Strong. Foolish. 

      Damien Sparda. 


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