Threefold  //  By: RoseDincht

Chapter 3 - Lilianna  

      Had Lilianna Sparda been brought into existance as a Devil May Cry character, she would have most definitely went down in history as one of the strongest (and least annoying) female leads in the series. She was the third born out of the triplets, and even before her birth she was already at war with her brother, Damien. The two quarter-blood demons literally came out of Tifa kicking and screaming at each other, at least that was what her mother always said about the two. She also said that the two of them scared the hell out of the doctors in the process. Just by looking at her, one would automatically know that Lilianna was the daughter of Vergil Sparda and Tifa Lockheart. She had the pale, fair complextion, snow white hair, and of course the inhuman height from her father, and the slender, busty and atheletic body of her mother. Lilianna consequently has heterochromatic irises: one red, from her mother, and one blue, from her father.

      Despite the fact that Lilianna was always in a fight with her brother, she was actually a very laid back, relaxed and happy girl. She was never the crybaby type, and she rarely ever asked for help when she was in the middle of a brawl. That no doubt came from her father's pride and stubbornness. It wasn't like she enjoyed constantly getting into fights with her stupid big brother. She just had to put up with it since she was the little sister. And it annoyed her to no end that she would be sitting on the porch eating sushi, only to choke on the California Roll because not only did someone slip a spicy roll into her dish (obviously picking up her father's disgust for spicy food), but they also kicked her in the back of the head and she went face first into the pavement. Then he would ever so kindly stop her from choking by kicking her in the stomach and having the sushi come flying out of her throat. After that, she would get up, grab him by the hair and break his nose, and the fight would begin.

      Because of what Tifa and Eva saw in the ultrasound, they somewhat figured that Lilianna would come out this way. She came out kicking and screaming at her older brother and both women automatically knew that there was going to be some sibling rivalry. What they did not expect however, was that Lilianna had developed a very loving bond with her big brother, Otium. When the triplets were old enough to crawl, she would follow Otium everywhere he went. When the babies grew a little older, she would hug him and touch his face, showing him nothing but affection. Now, at age sixteen, Lilianna still has a very close bond with her big brother, but doesn't have any time to spend with him. Because she was gifted with her mother's beauty and optimism, she turned out to be quite the social butterfly. Lilianna stood about 5'7 with long, waist-length white hair. Her long legs were always exposed to the people around her, for she either wore hotpants or miniskirts. She also wore tight (yet comfortable) shirts that usually exposed her shoulders and stomach. Because of the girl's atheletic and beautiful build, she managed to make the cheerleading squad as well as the soccer team. With the cheerleaders tugging her in one direction and then the soccer team carrying her off in another, and then returning home to train with Grandpa Sparda and Uncle Dante, Lilianna seemed to have no room in her schedule to fit in quality time with her brother. That disappointed her to no end.

      Nobody in the family is sure what is was about Lilianna that attracted her Uncle Dante. Was it because she was his hot little niece, or was it because she had a love for firearms? Not even Dante was sure in that department. But by sixteen, Lilianna was already a perfect shot. It took lots of practice and a lot of discipline and training, but her Uncle Dante and Grandpa Sparda managed to transform her from a cheerleading, soccer-playing sweet little schoolgirl into a gun-totting little badass (as Dante liked to call her). She was, without a doubt, Dante's favorite out of the triplets. That alone surprised him, but he figured since one boy was already too much like his sister-in-law and the other was too much like his brother, then there was no way either of them would be his number one favorite. Amazing how the one who ended up with his personality ended up being the girl.

      Unlike her brothers, Lilianna didn't seem to pick a side when it came to her human and demon lineage. She seemed to have a good understanding of both, and figured that one really wasn't any better then the other. But she never let it get to her. She wasn't the type of person who wanted to show contempt for something that ran through her, regardless of whether it was the blood of a demon or the blood of a human. She had no idea how much trouble her neutral feelings would bring her.

      Social. Friendly. Reasonable. Vulnerable.

      Lilianna Sparda...


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