First Encounters  //  By: TMB

NOTE: This is just a little back story reference of the Characters, but I figure everyone knows the main ones, but not the others. I should put this at the beginning, but screw it yah have to read a little first. Ha!

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Character Introduction

Young, cocky, horny, the Son of Sparda has newly set up shop in his hometown, trying to make a name for himself, and to get paid. Having just taken on a job from an unknown employer, the demon half-breed now finds himself taking on a job to take on the world’s oldest, and deadliest vampire.

American dhamphir born from the rape of her mother by Vampire Lord Kagan, The Brimstone Society took Rayne in and trained her to fight and hone her vampiric powers after her entire human family was massacred. After spending the last several decades killing any and all vampires related to her and the presumed dead Kagan; Rayne has been called back to Brimstone for a special assignment.

Once the ruler of the human world, before the demons took over, Kain, upon the release of his long and tortuous imprisonment, seeks to reclaim his kingdom, and restore order to a world he deems impure. A creature full of pride, he feels that vampire blood and human blood should never mix together, for dhamphirs are beings that have no right to exist.

Dr. Faulk/Muse
Kain’s daughter, Kagan’s mother; little is very known about her. It is recorded that she is a great master in the art of alchemy and completely devoted to her father. Over the last centuries, she has spent searching for her father’s prison in hopes of freeing him. Only a select number of texts agree that she herself is the cause of several known historic wars, and the ruin of a number of ancient kingdoms and empires.

Rayne’s current contact from Brimstone, though who he truly is, is a mystery.

Womanizing Italian that is also Dante’s partner/manager; he is the one who set Dante up with the job of finding a Cardinal Vincent, an unfortunate victim at the St. Philips Museum massacre.

Reclusive vampire baron who rules the Hellmouth Lands in the Vampire Nation (Also where Dante’s hometown is located)

Prseumed dead vampire lord of the Vampire Nation in the United States, Rayne’s mother and Muse’s son. Kagan fears the return of Kain, for it will surely ruin his own plans.

CEO of Uroboros, a very powerful media conglomerate that distributes the “wanted truth” to most of the world. Powerful in demonic sorcery, Arius intends on one day ascending to God-hood.

Kagan’s most favored offspring and envoy to Kain. Also one of Muse’s favorite grand-children.

Acting bodyguard for Kagan, and the strongest out of all Kagan’s children.

Pro. Bernstein
A Demonologist who intendeds to make a name for himself in the scientific community, by finding the location of Hermes Trismegistus, the Father of Alchemy, resting place. And to prove that Alchemy derived from some other form of magic, lost to the world.

Muse’s mother, once Kain’s lover from long ago.

Vauldrick& Delmar
Demons who sided with Kain when he first appeared in the Human World and overthrew Belier.

Russian Vampire Lord who associates with bears, brutal and ugly, many of the other Vampire Lord wish to conspire with him.

Holy Shrine Guards
Lykens who have sworn a lifetime oath to guard the shrine till their deaths.

Possesd1958 Plymouth Fury Dante picked up on one of his first jobs for Enzo. Though Dante hates it, she has a fondness for classic 50’s rock n roll. Also extremely jealous of other women.

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