New Rule  //  By: TMB

Trish: Well it looks like we have a winner!

Dante: Jackpot!

Bolts of demonic energy erupted from Dante’s twin guns. The combined power of Trish and Dante intertwined with each other in a twisted frenzy. The attack was too much for Lord Mundus, the last of his power mostly focused on staying in the Human realm; his grip slipping, Mundus felt his being slipping back into the Demon realm.

Mundus: Dante…I Will Return!!!!

He saw the devil half-breed, say something smart, but he couldn’t hear. What was left of him flew through the rip, his very soul screaming out in agony of pain, defeat, and wounded pride. Once again, a Sparda defeated him, no worse than that, a water-downed version of one of his most trusted warriors. How could he, Mundus, the greatest of all rulers of Hell fall so far? The gelatinous mass of flesh and energy that was Mundus, landed back in his decimated throne room. What was once a grand hall of marble, now in ruin; his throne cracked and chipped all over. Flesh splattered the across the walls and pillars. Slowly Mundus crawled towards his massive throne.

Mundus: Curse…. Spar…Sparda!

Each word was a struggling pain. It cost him dearly in concentration, but he didn’t care, all he had now was anger.

Mundus: C..Curse…his blood!

Slowly, the fallen king oozed and crawled his way back to his thrown. Pain radiated from all over his being. Mundus stopped short when he saw a battered bleeding figure standing before his throne.


Mundus: …who… dares…

His three eyes of energy focused on the figure, straining, he discovered that it was Nelo Angelo, Vergil, Sparda’s other spawned son. Vergil had been most troublesome when he first encountered that half-demon, but his weakened state left him easy to manipulate and refine him into a powerful warrior. This offspring prove his worth, he was almost like having Sparda serving him again. So he did survive his fight with his brother Dante… Facing Mundus, Nelo looked before his fallen king oozing forth.

Mundus: Nelo Angelo …your… alive…

Nelo Angelo:…

Mundus: Nelo Angelo …a-answer… me!

Nelo Angelo didn’t answer, Mundus continued closer; rage boiled again in the king, he did not like the look in Nelo’s eyes. Pooling at the feet of Nelo, a misshapen hand of sludge wrapped around his leg, slouching to the floor.

Mundus: Answer... I’m your King!

Mundus felt the end of Nelo Angelo’s blade strike his core; too quick for Mundus to react to in his weakened and worn state. A charge of familiar energy erupted from the blade, channeling into Mundus’s soul; the power of Sparda…Slowly the life force drained out of fallen king, his form liquidizing into a giant pool that boiled away. Mundus’ life force dimmed like a candle burning out. Slowly Nelo Angelo knelt down and stared at the three eyes of energy that represented all that was left of Mundus. Those glowing orange eyes seemed to burn brighter.

Nelo Angelo: I have no King.

Nelo Angelo removed his sword, giving it a quick swipe to cleaning off the remains. He stood and watched as the remaining bits that were Mundus melt away in a red mist. He turned and looked at large empty throne. The doors slowly opened, he had a good idea who it was. Abbadon, Mundus’ top advisor in the Demon World, it was he who helped the demon king resurrect himself over the long years. The devil looked like a small, frail toad with an enormous gut, a long blue beard trailed behind him. Abbadon supported himself with a staff made from what looked like a gnarled arm of some unfortunate demon. The hand of the staff clutched an eye that was constantly moving about. All that could be heard was the tapping of the staff as the old advisor made his way to the throne. The advisor noticed a giant stain in the middle of the floor, but he paid no mind to it. Abbadon stopped short behind Nelo Angelo and looked about the throne room.

Abbadon: Well it seems that dear Lord Mundus is no longer with us again…this time there is no resurrection for him…

He stared at Nelo Angelo, his staff’s eye suddenly fixed on the warrior.

Abbadon: What now Great Warrior Nelo Angelo?

Nelo Angelo: …Now that I’ve served in Hell, I think I’ll rule it. After all it’s only right that a son of Sparda rule.

Abbadon, did not answer back, he merely nodded his head in approval.

Nelo Angelo: One more thing…

Abbadon: Yes Nelo Angelo?

The eye on his staff, fell to the ground, with a wet splat, the iris widening in a form of shock, and then the light dimmed from the eye. A dripping sound at Abbadon’s feet made he look down to see his own blood forming a pool at his feet. Before he could speak, he felt his body splitting in two. A whimper escaped his lips as his body separated in two perfect halves.

Nelo Angelo: My name is Vergil.


—The End—

© 2006 TMB