Sisterhood  //    By: Tomo

Chapter 1 : Sisters  

 Lucia was enjoying a nice bath. She worked on patrolling the village. That was hard work, even for her. The red head smiled as she relaxed. She always loved baths so claming and refreshing.   

      Down stairs Maiter was preparing dinner. A knock was heard and the elderly woman answered. To her surprise it was Sparda’s boy. “Oh my What brings you here son of Sparda?” Maiter asked letting him in.  

      The white haired hunter smiled “ nothing that involves demons, Actually it involves your daughter Lucia . “ Dante said sitting at the table. “It does?” asked the old woman. “Yes but nothing bad at least I don’t think.” the demon slayer said. “where is she?’ he asked.  

      “Taking a bath upstairs she just fought a clan of blood goats” Maiter said continuing to make dinner. Dante smirked, it been a couple months since Arius had died. “So has she been okay when I left she seemed kind of a emotional wreck “ asked the sliver haired man.  

      “She gotten over it, slowly but surly. You know those words you told her help her recover from the shock of finding out what she is”  Maiter said chopping some lettuce. Dante smirked “ I see” he said.  

      “Oh! That smells so good mother!” said Lucia coming downstairs. She was wearing white pajamas nothing too fancy. She was drying her hair with a towel it was longer than Dante thought it was. It was down and wavy. The devil hunter blushed and smiled.  

      “Oh Dante! When did you get here?” asked the red head. Dante smiled “ not too long ago” he said. Lucia sat down next to him “ What brings you here?” she asked meekly. Maiter smiled from the kitchen knowing that her little Lucia had fallen in love with Sparda’s boy.    

      “I something to show you Lucia” he said taking out 2 pictures. He placed on the table in front of her. She blinked looking at them. Both pictures of girls that looked like Lucia but some features where off. Like the hair was red but a different style from hers. “Dante ….are they ..” Lucia started.  

      Dante shrugged “I’m not sure but they looked like you so I’m guessing that either they ran away from Arius or where taken or thrown away. “ Dante said looking over Lucia. The red head blinked thinking, Maiter came in with food. She over heard the conversation.  

      Lucia blinked “ Dante do you know their names?”  The devil hunter shook his head “ no “ he said simply. Lucia blinked and thought about this a little more. “So Lucia has sisters how wonderful” said Maiter. Lucia blinked “ that’s right they are my sisters” she said smiling. “ So I want to meet them at least once!” she said cheerfully.   

      Dante smirked taking food off of Lucia’s plate when she wasn’t looking. She was so excited to even noticed. “ Lu where are you going to start?” Asked Dante. She blinked “ ummm good question.  

      Lucia looked at the picture of one of the girls. The girl had short hair in the back but really long bangs and side burns that where braided down. She also had glasses and there was a huge tower behind her. It was red and white and a lot of people were around it. 

      ‘I think I know where that is, that’s Tokyo tower in Tokyo! That’s in Japan!” said Lucia pointing to the picture. Dante smirked” good you get a cookie” Lucia smiled so she is going to Tokyo. She sat down and looked at her plate which was empty. ’ Hey! My food is gone!” she said. Dante snicker chewing the last of food that came from her plate.     

      Later on that night Lucia sat up in her staring out the window. Dante walked in and walked up to her. “ So what do you think about this?” he said. Lucia smiled ‘ I’m very excited, I get to meet my sisters. I hope they are nice. “ she said in a day dreaming tone.  

      Dante sat on her bed “ Do you want me to come with you?” he asked. Lucia blinked “ let me think about it…Yes!” she said happily. Dante chuckled and patted her head. Then he got up. “Oh by the way wear your hair down like that it makes you look sexy” he said leaving the room.  Lucia blushed brightly and glanced at the mirror that was hanging up on the wall. She smiled and went to bed for the night. Tomorrow she is going to Tokyo. 


To be continued...

© 2007 Tomo