Sparda's Revolution  //  By: Trickster600

A deep truth lies in every species, it is said that every being is destined for greatness, well for this particular being that is the truth, a demon warrior named Sparda, his loyalty to his kind was second only to the king of the underworld himself, for every war and every battle between the demon kind and whatever enemy they face Sparda was the hero of the demons, he was the only one that the species could look up to for salvation, this is the story of Sparda's fall from grace, his betrayal, his battle, his revolution. 

A golden sun was setting beneath a bloody horizon, the sun itself almost sucking in all of the light instead of supplying it for the demonic daytimes, as the last of the sun vanished the shadows took shape and their hollow eye sockets glowed a sinister red to match their blood stained scythes which they rose above their heads followed by a a long and almost painful moan. These were the underlings of the demon world, the rabble, the pawns and the expendable blades for hire, then he appeared; from the darkest shadow shined three eyes pointed eyes, the demon stepped forward; he was clad in dark armour which let off a black smoke, the creature's wings rose as if stretching after a long rest as he let off a relaxed grunt, there stood the dark knight Sparda, the other lesser demons shrank back into a bow as the he walked through the crowd towards the devil king's chamber. 

As all of the demons shrank back Sparda looked at each of them with the same emotionless eyes, it wasn't known to the rest of the race but Sparda harboured a deep hatred for demon kind, he always hated their lack of individuality and their ongoing need for instant gratification. A demon stood, guarding the gates to the devil king's chamber, he took the form of a gigantic spider with a hide of red hot rock and blood of white hot magma, this was the devil king's closest servant; Phantom. He stood at the gates and stared at Sparda as he closed in;

"Sparda, what do you want, the devil king has no time for those as low as you" Phantom spat at the dark knight, they hated eachother; Sparda resented Phantom's slave-like loyalty to the devil king and Phantom hated Sparda's lack of loyalty and that the devil king often considered Sparda as a greater warrior than him.

"Mundus requires my council for today, it seems he has a job for me that he just couldn't trust to you" Sparda grinned, barring jagged teeth.

A voice then rang out from inside the chamber;

"Phantom, clear a path for my guest, i must speak with the great warrior". 

As Sparda neared the great gates of the devil king's chamber a few sloths stepped out and opened the gates for the dark knight, clearing the path for Sparda who traversed through the giant chamber, the walls and floor appeared as marble and yet blood could be seen flowing through them as if they were living things, the left and right of the chamber appeared as ongoing light, at the end of the chamber stood a great statue, an angelic figure of a man sitting in a throne draped with cloth, the chamber itself conflicted with the aura given out from the rest of the demon realm. 

Sparda reached the end of the chamber and kneeled before the great angelic statue, speaking only two words;

"Master Mundus" Sparda muttered with a great respect in his voice,

"Sparda, my loyal servant, you have come" the devil king's voice rang out with a sinister voice which didn't suit his angelic form. 

Sparda winced at the word 'servant' but pushed past the anger and continued;

"What is it that you wanted to see me about master?"

"The human and demon realms were once one, and so i have decided to push past our boundaries and rule them as one" the great statue was unable to show any facial expressions but there is no doubt that Mundus was smiling at this point. Sparda could tell where this conversation was going to end but decided to play his part;

"Congratulations master, but what does this have to do with me?"

Mundus' dark voice let out a chuckle;

"I want you, one of my most powerful and loyal subjects to act as lieutenant for our armies, the human's will not give us their world without a fight, we will stamp out their warriors and claim their land". 

Sparda said no more, he gave a single nod, rose to his feet and departed from the chamber to prepare the legions of hell... 


To be continued...

© 2008 Trickster600