Vergil 9.4

Okay a very funny game ever and I play it like crazy!!!

Yagami 8.6

Overall, God Hand ranked in as my second favorite game of all time.

Morris 8.8

To me God Hand really is just a 3D Double Dragon, something I've wanted since the PS1/N64 came out...

Lyndon 9.8 Simply the best!!
Jed 9.4

People who grew up playing arcades like me would go absolutely bonkers for this game!

Tyrone 8.0 There was a time long, long ago when gamer's weren't total pussies...
Poncho 8.2 I loved the soundtrack, and how the game just "laughs" when you do something hysterical (such as the "ball buster".)
Jonathan 8.2 This game kicks butt in awesome roulette wheel style.
Entity 8.2 Godhands worth a try. I won't say you'll like it for sure, but if you like it, you will really, really, really like it.
Daemonic 8.8 God Hand is not the greatest game out there, but it's very far from the worst.
Evan Jones 10 In case you haven't noticed by my blatantly biased score, i love this game.
Jesus Araiza 9.2 Godhand deserves its praise and more, give it a try if you haven't.
Fel 7.0 God Hand, Clover studio's last game before closing shop, is a love it/hate it affair.
crackpot 8.8 When I first found out that you can actually hit your opponents in the balls, I knew that I HAD TO GET THAT GAME!
psykho_path 8.4 The most frustrating and most insanely difficult piece of crap ever made...but it was worth it.
Ajax McJones 8.2 Somebody has to make sequel I mean it.
heimatlos 8.2 Addictive, rewarding, surrealistic, this game is an UFO...
Johnny Snake 9.0 The game has a real good jogability, the four ways of dodge, the combo system...
Joey 9.4 I mean cmon!! Spanking girls?!!! That's amazing!!!!
Metal Gear Rules 6.6 I recommend God of War.
Super Smash Bros 7.0 This game is fun the first time. But after that, it gets repetitive.
PusH 7.6 To sum up, once you know how to play GH, there is no other action game can match it!
G 9.4 The only game I've ever known that other people like to watch.
BlueZombie 9.4 There's not many games where I'll enter a level to find a gorilla sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper,
Steven 8.6 A very fun and innovant game. I never had so much pleasure before.
MASTERCHENG 8.2 One of the best beat 'em up games in a very long time.
Nick 8.0 Addictively frustrating & hilariously explicit.
vash 9.8 I still enjoy each punch and kick I delivered.
Xagarath 9.0 One of the best action games on the PS2.
Luminous-Kyo 9.8 Capcom, you have once again made another game I'm unhealthly addicted to...
Miguel 9.0 The game is so hilarious, c`mon, you kick guys in the balls, lots of funny situations...
Ardean 8.6 If you like Devil may cry and Viewtiful Joe series, then you are going to love this game.
Robin 9.6 How many games do you spank girls in combat, race poison chihuahuas...
OMFmyFACE 8.4 Despite the graphics and story not being perfect, that's what made this game so awesome...
mrtn 8.6 It was pissing me off but when I started to get the hang of it I began to like it more and more...
Adamantium 9.4 The best game I have played in ages...
Mikami+ 8.6 This game is a fantastic blend of Old Skool Brawler gameplay...
IZ 9.0 Extremely addictive, you'll be playing for hours at a time...
Ryman 8.4 It almost perfects the art of fighting with a highly tuned, extremely customizable combat system...
CaT 8.6 This game is plain fun if you know how to appreciate its worth...


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