Reviewer: CaT

How long you've played the game: 130+
Learning curve: > 2 hours
Difficulty: Very hard

Graphics: 7
Gamplay: 10
Sound: 8
Replay Value: 9
Gamer's Tilt: 9

Overall: 8.6

First thing people need to keep in mind when it comes to this game is "close an eye on everything but the battle". Why? Cause this game is focused and made exclusively (pretty much) for the battle system. Period.

It doesn't take itself seriously, so neither should we. The story is a joke and we all know it. =) It doesn't matter how the story's like cause point is you HAVE the GODHAND. Why and how and what you're gonna do with it has really little meaning cause bottom line, you're here to kick sweet ass. 8D

God Hand's surf rock music is generally good. It fits the mood and atmosphere of this ridiculous game. Most people should find it likable for a start. Problem is that this game has few stage BGMs in total, so you'll be listening to the same track again and again for a while.

Graphics… Yeah. This is a litttttle bit of a problem but once again, let's close an eye. All right, so the level design and textures are bland and blah but remember, no one plays God Hand to drop their jaws and be in awe of gorgeous graphics because if that's what they're looking for, the PS3 or Final Fantasy should be it. But no, we're here for the martial arts. The man-to-man kung pao fu. 8D

Of course, having better graphics wouldn't hurt, but it just happens they focused so much on the battle they neglected the graphical aspect some bit. It can be disappointing, indeed, but the game remains hella fun. It's just less eye candy to the viewer, and that's not something that takes away the game's soul~~!! >_>

As for difficulty, I must admit that this is a hard game. All first timers are bound to face tons of difficulties or get stuck at some point. But as cliché as it is, practice makes perfect. If *I* could beat the game fresh on normal without utilizing guard breaks and evade-cancels (because I was stupid not to know), you can too. LOL. All it takes is perseverance and a drop of stubbornness and you'll eventually beat it, no matter the enemy level. So give it a chance. Don't just give it up just because it owned your ass. =P

God Hand is one of the only few games that allows absolute freestyle in the way you play your game. No two persons play this game the same, ever. You connect different moves together to your preference and create your very own unique combo. However, for them to be effective you have to make sure they connect smoothly. There're 114 techniques and 29 different special (roulette) moves altogether. Just think of how many different combos you can possibly form with that. o_o…

In conclusion, this game is plain fun if you know how to appreciate its worth, which you should. There're a few other issues, like not being able to bring over what you've bought from one cleared game to the next, and not being able to replay older stages just for fun or to earn money. Although disappointing, this shouldn't be a reason why you should never try this game. For once, be a god =D