Reviewer: Fel

How long you've played the game: 20 hours
Learning curve: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Hard

Graphics: 7
Gamplay: 9
Sound: 4
Replay Value: 6
Gamer's Tilt: 9

Overall: 7.0

Like your action filled with crazy characters? Like your dialogue cheesy with little story? Youíve come to the right place. God Hand, Clover studio's last game before closing shop, is a love it/hate it affair.

First off, it's hard. Even going on the easy setting you'll run into trouble here and there (with the last boss being extremely cheap) this aint your pussy Barbie horse adventures so be prepared to get smacked around a lot.

Running off the RE4 engine for the PS2, the character animations look great. Everything else in the game looks like it came straight out of 2003.

Nearly non-existent and even then it doesn't make much sense. You have a god hand (arm really) that lets you kick ass. Demons and humans are terrorizing innocent citizens and trying to rule the world. Also, there's something there about a wrestling ape, midget power rangers and a dude named Elvis. Like I said, it doesn't make much sense. The story just sets a bunch of bad guys in front of you just so you can kick their ass.

I usually don't add this category but I figure since God Hand is wacky that I should. It's very funny. A lot of tongue-in-cheek and chuckles here. Lets just say that God Hand makes up for its lack of a good story with some pretty good humor. It's not Shadow Hearts 2, Disgaia or Makai Kingdom but if you like funny games, this is a pick-me-up.

Game play:
God hand is hard and depending on how much you like it really depends on whether or not you like beating up people and getting beat up yourself. Itís hard not to get your ass kicked when itís a group of degenerate demon punks against you and your god hand. The combos are easy to pull off, which pretty much have you pressing x, square, triangle, or pressing down/up x/square. Really easy compared to some fighting games (*cough* Virtua Fighter *cough*) also, there's a small hint of RPGness in this game. You earn money from beating the shit out of people, which you can then use to buy new combos, god hand moves, and health if you want.

If you pine for the days of River City Ransom then this game is your best bet. It's a 3-D beat em up and the magazine reviews really don't do justice to this great game. It's not perfect but it's so damn sweet.