Reviewer: Jesus Araiza

How long you've played the game: 25 hours
Learning curve: 1 hour
Difficulty: Just right

Graphics: 8
Gamplay: 10
Sound: 10
Replay Value: 8
Gamer's Tilt: 10

Overall: 9.2

I actually got interested in godhand when I read about it in the wonderful gaming site "hardcore gaming 101", the webmaster wrote how it was a work of love, with wonderful out-of-ordinary characters, parodies, great music and challenge, and of course, gameplay to go with the package, I had first read its review in EGM (a magazine I respect a lot) and having obtained only mixed reviews, it almost got past me, thank heavens, it didnt. First things first: I'm 28 years old, and I think, an "old school" game, of the 2D era, I grew up playing, among many other gems, all classic Beat em ups from the arcade, "Double Dragon", "Final Fight", TMNT, Simpons... ALL of them, and I enjoyed every one, as most had something unique, I still play them on emus, with my friends , when thet come over.

ALL godhand is full with winks to people who like us, grew up playing these games, from the energy-refill fruits, throwing barrels, weapons, ARCADE level difficulty, and many others, something that I thank clover a lot, I really had a blast playing this game, and I'm not done with it, yet.

About the so much talked difficulty level, have to say it's a hard game, but if you have played arcade games and finish them with only 1 credit/coin (as many of us who didn't have a console in our youth) you'll find its challenge is just right, the boss I had most trouble with made me retry 7 times, I think, so its not impossible, only requires practice, and after that, PURE JOY!!

Godhand deserves its praise and more, give it a try if you haven't.