Reviewer: Johnny Snake

How long you've played the game: 20 hours
Learning curve: > 30 minutes
Difficulty: Very hard

Graphics: 8
Gamplay: 9
Sound: 10
Replay Value: 8
Gamer's Tilt: 10

Overall: 9.0

Well, there's not much to say. The game is a regravation of the old's "beating up" modes of the oldest plataforms like SNES (like Final Fight, etc...). The game has a real good jogability, the four ways of dodge, the combo system, the "make your combo", the roullete end etc... The dificulty is realy good, since there as lot of years that don't apears a really hard good game like that. The sounds great, the graphics could be better in termes of cenarie. The dificulty is something that brings atention. Is really hard but has his ways to dodge and etc. Like, you can beat the game, have how, but hard at sometimes.

It's really good and recommended, but if you don't have patience forget it, because is realy a pain in the ass.

In general I give 9 for the game, realy fun and I like it. Hope you enjoy.