Reviewer: mrtn

How long you've played the game: 40+
Learning curve: > 2 hours
Difficulty: Hard

Graphics: 7
Gamplay: 9
Sound: 10
Replay Value: 9
Gamer's Tilt: 8

Overall: 8.6

Haha it tooked some hours for me to learn how to do things and it was pissing me off but when I started to get the hang of it I began to like it more and more.

The graphics have som small glitches and isnt the best but that doesent matter cause the gameplay is ****ing amazing :D

I like the different melodies in the game and the music is awfully cheerful for this kind of game.

The cutscenes are funny and the replay value is a 9 because of all the nice things you can get after you complete it once.

If you dont know if you wanna buy it check some trailers and you're gonna get stuck forever :D