Reviewer: Ryman

How long you've played the game: 30+
Learning curve: > 2 hours
Difficulty: Very hard

Graphics: 5
Gamplay: 10
Sound: 9
Replay Value: 9
Gamer's Tilt: 9

Overall: 8.4

One day a poor random guy called Gene happens across 2 demons threatening a young girl's life, Gene steps in and the girl escapes to safety, but the demons prove too much for Gene and they cut off his FRIGGIN ARM! OW! The demons leave him to die, but Gene is rescued by the former damsel in distress, named Olivia, who gets him back on his feet and grants Gene the power of the almighty God Hand to replace his severed arm!

The demons better watch out, Gene's ready to give up an asskicking!

That's about all the real story you get in God Hand, a game purely about beating people up, mostly by punching them in the face. But whilst it makes some sacrifices to do so, it almost perfects the art of fighting with a highly tuned, extremely customizable combat system and it suceeds in making every victory rewarding by cranking the difficulty all the way up to 11. Throw in a wacky world filled with gay twins, bald fatties, poison chihuauas, wrestling gorillas and a fat man named Elvis, you've got one surprisingly funny and addictive brawler.

I'll be blunt, God Hand looks a bit crap, but I have seen much worse looking PS2 games, minus marks for a bad looking Capcom title, plus points for the excellent character animation and the clean, if low detail textures.

The story is merely an excuse to get you beating people up, many cutscenes will bore but they are brief and some stand out as genuinely funny.

THIS is why you buy this game! The combat system's complexity and customizability make it one of the best ever seen and the high difficulty (if u don't chicken out that is) makes God Hand one of the most rewarding games ever when you come out of a scrap victorious.

The weirdly catchy and all around excellent soundtrack, composed by the same people who did Killer 7's OST, is surprisingly brilliant despite it's wacky style and all sound effects are spot on, they all sound real even the made up ones, a true sign of a Capcom title the sound is excellent.

Replay Value
Here's a fact i'm gonna let sink in for a few moments, I have finished this game 4 TIMES!

It's really addictive and there are quite a few optional fights that border on impossible and there's the casino games for earning some extra cash. It will take a while for punching people in the face to get old.