Aaaaaand so I'm back… to build another fansite for another Capcom game. o_o Damn. This one took so much work I was ready to pummel myself anytime.

Well, what should I say? I've had the idea to make a Godhand fansite even before the game was released in the US (10 Oct 06). Thanks to buddy p00t, I was enlightened about the existence of a godly game. Like everyone else, my first thought after seeing the game trailer was "WTF??!?" It was a good WTF though, cause it got me hooked on the spot. =D

So a month went by and the game was out in stores. I teleported to a local Gamestop then back home to play it immediately. It was tons of fun like the trailers promised, but I must admit it took a while to get used to. In 3 nights I finished the game and thought "Awesome! So… should I begin with the fansite…?"

Unfortunately, though fun and addictive, my flame wasn't burning strong enough to make that a reality, so I never did… until now. Back when I just started Godhand, my partner-in-crime Ryman wasn't feeling all too fiery about it, but luckily my first few game footage successfully kicked him into my world. However, ironically, as he was pumping hard at the game, I lost my own fuel to do the same.

For 2+ months I had a Godhand hiatus and the idea of creating a site almost felt impossible… until Ryman got me back into the Godhand frenzy with his game footage. =D What a merry-go-round~ 

This time my motivation rose, partially from my love and support for the game, partially to fulfill my own goal (to create the site), and more than partially, because I'm determined to open the eyes of many gamers out there who are either unappreciative or unaware about the godliness that is Godhand.

(Game Addiction + Absurdity / Determination) x Godpaw = ???

You're looking at it. =)




Well hello there.  Seeing as you came here I suppose you're just dying to know everything there to know about the Ryman….. Oh you're not? Fine then!

What can I say?  I was born, raised and still living in bonnie Scotland, the land of crap weather and even crappier video game release dates (hurray for imports! ^_^).  It was the middle of 2006 when my DMC3 induced high was running low and I didn't think I would play anything that sucked away all my free time like that ever again, then one day, a Devil's Lair forumite by the name of Trickshot (or p00t of u ask CaT ^^;) was talking about this new game that Capcom's Clover Studios was doing, yes it was God Hand, he linked us to God Hand's wacky live action Japanese commercial.

My first reaction? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!1!!!

I actually had to ask what the hell it was!  What was this strange game apparently involving spanking naughty ladies!!! O_O Little did I know exactly how much more there was to this game….

Realizing his mistake, Trick then posted the 3 main trailers for the game.  Thus the hype began for this menagerie of crazy fighting where you can Suplex people, knee-bash their heads and bust their balls (>.<). Also, what the heck was up with those gay twins?????

The months rolled on, the wait was killing me, I was considering getting the JP version (until CaT talked me out of it with little things called common sense and reason), I was watching the trailers more times than I could count and then finally…….I got my US copy.I could not describe my glee in words, it was here at last!

Of course it wasn't all sunshine and roses, as I didn't want to wimp out I picked Normal difficulty. The trailers were right, it's a hard game, ball bustingly hard infact, I was feeling the hurt, it was like playing DMC3 for the first time all over again, except it felt somehow harder and more unfair!

Fast forward to the present, I can't get enough of the game and the ever wise CaT decides to make the God Hand fansite dream a reality with a just a sprinkle of help from yours truly, enjoy the godliness people and remember….

Have Fist, will Travel ^_^