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Mundus 1 (M22)

You get a new moveset for this battle. 

Your moves:

Shoot – Self-explanatory. Mash on the shoot button to keep firing weak-arsed white-red energy blasts. You don’t need to hold R1 down to shoot.     

Vortex - Unrelated to Alastor's Vortex. (I think.) Press the attack button to make Dante spin; tap it to make him spin once, hold it down to make him spin up to 4 times. Dante is invulnerable during Vortexing, but the downside is that he has a recovery time in between Vortexes - he cannot keep continuously spinning.  

Speed Boost - Hold down the Triangle button to give Dante a speed boost. Note that Dante can speed up left, right, up or down, but not forwards. The speed boost is still incredibly useful, though. 

DT-Dragon - Press L1 to send a huge-arse dragon! The power of the dragon is directly related to how many DT runes you have - a 3-rune dragon will be vastly weaker than a 10-rune one. Also, it's possible to get double hits with the dragon for humungous damage, but I'll describe that later. 


You can move your character with either the analogue stick or the d-pad for this battle. If you use the analogue stick, then the game gives you inverted 'flight-style' controls, i.e., pressing up makes you move down, and vice versa. If you use the d-pad, then you get regular controls, i.e., pressing up makes you move up, and vice versa. It's entirely up to you which one you choose, but I mostly use the d-pad myself, as I find it gives me more finely-tuned control when moving.  

Mundus 1's Attacks: 

Mundus has a variety of short-range and long-range moves, which I will separate into two categories. 


Fireballs - Mundus summons several waves of white-yellow fireballs to come streaking towards you from the top of the screen. Evade, by moving around in a figure-of-eight pattern in the lower half of the screen. A cheaper way through this attack is to hold down Triangle and move in a non-stop rectangle around the edges of the screen.  

Dark Grey Rocks - Mundus summons dark grey rock slabs to come hurtling towards you from the centre of the screen. As they blend in very well with the outer space background, the first one can sometimes take you by surprise - use the speed boost to escape if this happens. To evade, move in a diamond-shape pattern around the edges of the screen. You can Vortex through the rocks, but the "reward" - quarter of a DT rune for each slab - isn't really worth the risk of getting hit. 

Lightning Bolts - Mundus summons several waves of lightning bolts to come towards you. Finding a gap between the bolts isn't hard, but you can always Vortex or use a speed boost if you misjudge the distance. 

Huge Laser Beam - Mundus moves his left arm across his face to "draw" a large white circle, with DT runes appearing one after the other. A massive white laser beam then travels from right to left, or top to bottom, across the screen. It's possible to evade the beam with a well-timed move to the sides, but I recommend Vortexing through it instead - it's easier. 

Propeller Blades - Mundus summons slowly rotating "propeller" blades towards you, each one consisting of two small grey spheres connected by a long straight wire. These are a pain, as they go on for a long time and can be tricky to evade - the easiest way is to use the speed boost to zip around the edges of the screen. 


The first three attacks can be done at long-range, too, though they are mostly done at short-range.  

Pink Lasers (1) – Mundus bends his head forward and crosses his arms so that that they are covering his face. Next, he throws his hands out and lifts his head up – his hands start to glow pinkish-orange, and small, thin, scattered pink lasers are fired from both hands for about 5 seconds. To evade, keep moving in a rectangular, circular, or figure-of-eight pattern and DON'T double back on yourself or stop.  

Pink Lasers (2) – Mundus bends his head forward, and crosses his arms so that they are covering his chest. Next, he throws his arms out and lifts his head up – but this time, his hands doesn't glow. Instead, much larger pink lasers are fired from a hidden spot somewhere behind Mundus’s back for about 5 seconds. Evade them the same way as Pink Lasers (1).  

Circle of Grey Spheres – Mundus crosses his arms, then lightly rests his right hand on his left shoulder – a second later, he throws out his right arm and summons a circle of six small grey spheres. The grey spheres fires small, thin, scattered white lasers for about 20 seconds before finally disappearing. Evade this attack the same way as you would the pink lasers.  

Vortex – Mundus has a Vortex move similar to your own, but he only uses it to break away from you and fly off into outer space. When he's had enough, he floats off to the right of the screen, then floats back to the centre again – you will temporarily lose control of your character during this time. Mundus then wraps his giant wings around him and Vortexes away - he will do either one or two spins depending on how far away he is from you. You can counter Mundus's Vortex with a Vortex of your own - stay in the middle of the screen, then begin a Vortex on Mundus's 1st spin if he is close to you, or on his 2nd spin if he is further away. Don't move forwards when Vortexing, but remain on the spot.  

"Stacked" attacks (Mostly Hard/DMD mode): 

Mundus can "stack" his moves - that is, do almost any combination of two or even three attacks simultaneously - particularly on Hard/DMD mode. Examples of such combinations include: 

- Lightning Bolts + Fireballs
- Rocks + Fireballs
- Lightning Bolts + Fireballs + Pink Lasers (1)
- Rocks + Circle of Grey Spheres + Fireballs 

Some of these combinations can be evaded just by holding down Triangle and zipping around the edges of the screen - unfortunately, the lightning bolts ones can't be evaded in that way, which means stacked attacks involving lightning bolts can get pretty hair-raising. You'll just have to find a way through as best as possible, using Vortexes and speed boosts to help out where necessary - or, as a last resort, send a DT dragon: you're invulnerable for as long as the animation lasts. 

You don't tend to get the stacked attacks on Normal mode, though a small number of attacks can be combined - lasers, I think, can be combined with other attacks. (Sorry, it's been a long time since I fought Normal Mundus, so I'm not entirely sure :-/) 

Mundus 1's Patterns: 

This section is really only worth reading if you want to learn how to get a double hit with the DT dragon. It's worth learning how to get a double hit if you want to drastically cut short the Mundus 1 fight.  

The basic pattern is straightforward enough - Dante travels towards Mundus through outer space until he reaches a point he can't fly any further forwards, and stops in front of Mundus. He then shoots at Mundus for a while until Mundus decides he's had enough and Vortexes away. In breaking away, Mundus puts the maximum distance between himself and Dante, and the cycle of Dante travelling towards Mundus begins all over again. I call each cycle a "pass." 

What you probably don't know is that Dante doesn't stop at the same distance from Mundus every time. Sometimes he stops close and other times he stops further away. There's a pattern to it, though; it isn't random. On odd-numbered passes (e.g. pass 1, 3, 5, etc.), Dante will stop further away. On even-numbered passes (e.g. pass 2, 4, etc.), Dante will stop closer up.  

Wake up already - I can see you're fascinated :p 

So, what's the relevancy? Well, as far as my limited testing has shown, you can only get a double hit on odd-numbered passes if you have 10 DT runes. Even if you have 9 runes, it'll still fail. So if you don't have 10 runes, you'll have to wait until you're on an even-numbered pass to get a double hit. On an even-numbered pass, though, you can get the double hit with any number of runes - even as few as three. I've only tested this for the Circle of Grey Spheres attack, but my guess is it'll apply to all instances where the double hit can be done.  

Oh yeah - knowing whether you're close or far away from Mundus will help with the timing of a Vortex against him. (See the short-range attacks for details.)  

The Battle

You begin battle at the furthest point away from Mundus, so start flying down towards him (the game hardly gives you a choice in the matter anyway). Note the four dark spheres which revolve slowly around in front of Mundus - they hold his invisible defense shield in place. Mundus is invulnerable to anything except DT dragons when the defense shield is up, so try to shatter it as quickly as possible by shooting at the dark spheres - it takes about 4 shots to destroy one dark sphere.  

You can shoot at Mundus whilst flying down towards him, but stop to evade Mundus's long-range attacks whenever necessary. Once you come to a halt in front of him, then you can concentrate solely on destroying the dark spheres. Once the defense shield shatters, move non-stop in a circular, rectangular, or figure-of-8 pattern (whichever suits you best) around the screen, and shoot like a maniac. I go for moving in a rectangular pattern up and down the length and breadth of Mundus's body, personally, but some folks prefer to move in a figure-of-8 pattern :p 

Remember: never stop or double back on yourself when there is a laser attack in operation. The lasers track where you've just been, and if you double back on yourself, you are certain to get hit. 

Only send a DT dragon when the DT gauge is full, or, as a last resort only, when Mundus is slinging a whole load of crap at you in outer space which you don't think you can avoid.  

And that's really about it - the only thing left to describe is how to get a double hit with the dragon.  

Ways of getting a double hit: 

1. Just before Circle of Grey Spheres - As soon as Mundus rests his right hand on his left shoulder, quickly get in front of his chest (you need to be in front of him), then DT - the ideal moment to send the dragon is when Mundus's fingers are fully stretched out on his shoulder. 

2. Just before Mundus's Vortex - Send the dragon at the moment Mundus's arms are crossed at the wrists above his head or when he is moving his arms around in a circle. You should be in the centre or lower centre of the screen. After the dragon has hit, Mundus will still carry on Vortexing away - you can counter his Vortex with a Vortex of your own. 

3. Laser Beam - After Mundus finishes "drawing" a large white circle, the huge laser beam will come out. From the centre or the bottom left of the screen, send the DT dragon just before the laser beam reaches you.  

You think it's all over? It's only just begun... :p (Proceed to Mundus 2)

DMD mode
- Joch's 0-damage video demo

Difficulty ratings

First timer: ***
DMD mode: *****
Camera angle: *

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