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1 Who's strongest among these girls? (Trish, Lucia, Lady) Vote
2 Who's prettiest among these girls? (Trish, Lucia, Lady, Nevan) Vote
3 Who's cockier? (Dante, Vergil) Vote
4 Which is more interesting? (Arkham, Jester) Vote
5 Which is cooler? (Vergil, Nelo Angelo) Vote
6 Does Dante have a mother complex? Vote
7 Does Dante sound and/or act gay? Vote
8 In general, which Dante is the best? (DMC, DMC II, DMC III) Vote
9 Who makes the best romantic relationship partner for Dante? Vote
10 Which Devil Trigger demon style looks best?
(For visuals click here; they're the last 6)
11 Which rocks better? Guns or swords? Vote
12 Which is the coolest Devil Arm? Vote
13 Which is the coolest Fire Arm? Vote
14 Which rocks better? (Alastor, Ifrit) Vote
15 Which is the coolest demon boss? (DMC3 bosses) Vote
16 Which style is the coolest? (DMC3 styles) Vote
17 Whose version for DMC2 is more fun? (Dante, Lucia) Vote
18 Which Vergil Devil Trigger demon style is better? (DMC1, DMC3) Vote
19 What about Dante do you like best? Vote
20 Who'll kick the other's ass? (Dante, Vergil) Vote
21 Who is the best-looking guy? (Dante, Vergil, Sparda, Nero) Vote
22 Who is your nightmare among the DMC1 enemies? Vote
23 Who is the hardest boss in DMC1? Vote
24 Who has the best fashion? (Dante, Vergil, Sparda, Nero) Vote
25 Which is your favorite Vergil weapon? Vote
25 Which Dante is the hottest? (DMC1, DMC2, DMC3, DMC4) Vote
26 Who's your favorite of the three? (Dante,Vergil, Nero) Vote
27 So, is Nero = Vergil? Vote
28 Who is your favorite DMC4 girl? (Kyrie, Trish, Gloria, Lady) Vote
29 Who do you like to use more in DMC4? (Dante, Nero) Vote
30 Which is your favorite devil arm in DMC4? Vote
31 Which is your favorite fire arm in DMC4? Vote
32 Which is your favorite boss in DMC4? Vote
33 Which is the flashiest DMC4 move? Vote
34 Now that you know what DMC4's all about, what's your current impression of Nero? Vote
35 Who's your favorite DMC voice actor? Vote
36 What's your opinion on Nero being Vergil's son as "revealed" in the DMC4 novel? Vote

1 DMC3 overview survey Fill out View
2 The cheesiest DMC line (script) Fill out View
3 Your favorite DMC line (script) Fill out View
4 What would you get these people for their birthday? Why? Fill out View
5 What do you think these people get you for your birthday? Why? Fill out View
6 What do you think these people are good/bad at? Why? Fill out View
7 What's the last thing they'll ever say?
What's the first thing they'll say to you?
Fill out View