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On the 6th – 8th of April 2007, the Tales of Anime convention was held in San Francisco at the San Mateo Marriott hotel, featuring the renowned voice and stunt actors for Devil May Cry – Reuben Langdon (Dante), Dan Southworth (Vergil), and Johnny Yong Bosch (Nero).

For videos, pictures and more information about them and the convention events they featured in, please visit the respective pages listed on the right.

As much as you would love to think that he is just like Dante, Reuben appears to be modest, straightfoward and formal in most public occassions, which is coincidentally more Vergil-like. However, he seems casual and playful at times where it is less public, all of which you can witness later in the footage taken during the press-only event. As most people already know, he speaks fluent Japanese (having lived in Japan for five years) and some Cantonese.

During the guest focus/panel event, he mentioned that he would be voicing as a villain in an upcoming game whose title he could not reveal just yet. (Some think that it is a one-word one-syllable title) For DMC4, he had to re-audition for Dante's role because Capcom was not sure if he could do an older Dante whom he said was in his thirties.

Reuben also has done many Japanese commercials including a very popular and wildly entertaining Mentos commercial series which Dan revealed during the guest panel. At that point Reuben tried to shush Dan but alas... (LOL)

Dan, nicknamed dangerous by Johnny, practically surprised everyone by showing how much of a goofball he really is. For all of you who thought that he probably was Vergil-ish in reality, you should later check out the footage with him during the guest focus and press interview session. Dan is hyper and loves to joke, and he is usually the first of the three to say something in response to a question. To put it simply, he is Dante at LV 99 hyperactive-ness.

Dan really likes Vergil, calling him a "sexy beast" as he turned around and stared at the DMC character banners placed behind them respectively. He is proud of his work as Vergil but he said that sometimes he would be jealous of Reuben who got to do more of the fun parts (namely the scenes with Nevan) while he just stood there holding a sword (LOL). According to Reuben, Dan is really good with the nunchaku. He was also the one who suggested that Vergil sheathes his sword behind his back in Vergil's version of the prologue.

Apparently, Dan auditioned for the role of Dante and Nero in DMC4. The comments he got auditioning for them were "It sounds like Vergil doing Dante/Nero." (LOL) He didn't mention anything about auditioning for Vergil but it is safe to think that Vergil will be in DMC4 due to a few hints he and Reuben left.

Johnny is the only one of the three who is a regular convention attendee, which is probably the result of having voiced several anime characters including Vash (Trigun), Kiba (Wolf's Rain) and Ichigo (Bleach). Like Dan, he is very casual and loves to joke.

During the guest panel event, Johnny mentioned that one of the hardest things he had to do as Nero was to swing a sword with his left hand since he is right handed. He also revealed that Nero was in love with Kyrie (something that has always been questionable), which might be a fact that was not supposed to be revealed considering the look on Dan and Reuben's faces. (LOL)

When asked about what the most embarrassing thing he had ever done was, Johnny answered that nothing could be more embarrassing than power rangers, and he called Adam Park (the black ranger he played the role of) a "glorified extra". (LOL) Also, according to Dan, both of them auditioned for the same black ranger back in the days and Johnny got the part. Dan also commented that Johnny knew how to perform the Butterfly Twist and... Johnny said that he sucked at drawing. (LOL)

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