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This is an event held around 10am on the last day of the convention. Only Reuben and Dan were present for the commentary since the 'movie' is a compilation of the cutscenes from DMC3 and Johnny wasn't involved.

Picture and video shooting was NOT allowed, hence there are no photos and footage for this event. I even had to take notes in the dark just to get something from it. Written below are some of the things Reuben & Dan commented about:

  1. Reuben explained that due to restrictions on the PS2's technological capabilities, there could only be as many as three enemies (the Abyss) showing on screen at once in Vergil's prologue.
  2. It was Dan who suggested that Vergil sheathes his katana behind his back in the same prologue. Also, he said that Capcom wanted him to come up with innovative ways to sheathe Vergil's sword, so it was a good thing that Vergil was immortal since it would have been dangerous.
  3. Dan said that he almost forgot his line at the end of the prologue where Vergil says "It begins" and that is why there is a little pause before Vergil says it. (However, due to Dan's joking nature, it is hard to tell if he meant it)
  4. Reuben mentioned that except for the taunts, all in-game animation (during gameplay) required no motion capture.
  5. It took Reuben approximately 20 times to get it right for the scene where Dante shouts along the alleyway at the end of mission 2, creating the echoic effect. Reuben said that he had to do it in a little "box" (I'm guessing a small booth) and it was really hard to get the right effect.
  6. The Bruce Lee-like taunt that Dante gave Cerberus before their battle was supposed to be a real taunt that you can use in-game.
  7. Arkham's name was originally Hyne (pronounced Hai-neh), which Reuben thought wouldn't work in English hence convinced Capcom to change it.
  8. Jester's original name was Joker.
  9. Reuben commented that Dan is good with the nunchakus and that he also motioned captured his version of the scene where Dante shows off his skills with Cerberus. 
  10. Stephanie Cheeva, the lady who motion captured Lady (no pun intended), is the Bulgarian Tae Kwon Do champion.
  11. Reuben said that Lady's school girl design was for the purpose of 'moe'. Moe is a Japanese term which in this case basically refers to 'sex appeal', or an effect that brings about 'excitement' in that sense.
  12. Reuben mentioned that Adam D. Clark, Arkham's voice and motion actor, voiced and motioned all 16 bosses from the Xbox 360 game Dead Rising.
  13. Reuben explained that there was a bit of language barrier problem in DMC3 but they are trying to fix that in DMC4. The problem involves conflicts/misunderstanding of ideas on what works best and or is cool in the Japanese/English culture.
  14. There was no facial motion capture in DMC3 but there is in DMC4 thanks to the improved capabilities of the PS3 console.
  15. At one point, Dan said, "What we did in DMC4 was…" (couldn't hear the rest) Read it again: "What we did in DMC4 was…" I hope you get the hint. =P
  16. Both Reuben and Dan loved the stab scenes in mission 7. To shoot the second stab scene, Dan aimed the sword to the side of Reuben's neck.
  17. After the loud scream at the end of mission 7 where Dante first devil triggered, Reuben had to call it a day.
  18. Near the end of mission 7's last cutscene where Vergil and Arkham jumped off the tower, Dan and Adam had to pretend that they were jumping 20 feet off the edge when they really just walked 5 feet out of the camera's scope and acted like they jumped.
  19. A quote about Leviathan by Dan – "Blue whale. They're not aggressive. They're near extinct animals!"
  20. Reuben said that Stephanie acted out these cutscenes for the audition: Father & Daughter (M6), Limited Partnership (M9), and Bloody Words (M11).

  21. The cutscene Bloody Words (M11) was Stephanie's deciding act. Reuben said that she literally had tears in her eyes.
  22. In the cutscene Limited Partnership (M9), the animators had to remodel/re-skin Dante just for it due to getting soaked in blood.
  23. Dan jokingly said that he was jealous of Reuben for being able to capture the fun stuff (referring to Nevan's cutscenes) while he just stood there holding his sword.
  24. Stephanie motion captured Nevan while Mary Elizabeth (voice actress of Makoto Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell) voiced for her.
  25. In the cutscene Rebellion (M10) where Arkham and Vergil opened the last gate, Dan and Adam had to imagine the gate in front of them, which was actually the director making silly noises and pretending that the gate was opening.
  26. Contrary to popular belief, Stephanie Cheeva did not voice for Lady because of her European accent. She only did her motion capture. Lady's voice was done by someone else whose name I forgot… >_>
  27. Dan thought that Stephanie's thick Eastern European accent was sexy.
  28. Adam was the one who suggested that Arkham carries a book around. During his shooting, Adam carried a Star Wars book around. Apparently he is a huge fan.
  29. Adam was also the one who suggested that Jester carries a scepter.
  30. A quote about Lady's line during Arkham's 'death' scene where she said "Vergil?" by Dan – "Come get some, baby."
  31. Dan mentioned that he liked watching Larry Leong voice act. (Larry is the voice actor for practically all the male enemies/demon bosses in DMC3) Dan thought that Larry was hilarious because one would think that someone with a monstrous voice would be huge and tall but Larry is in fact a tiny man.
  32. While watching the cutscene where Dante defeated Beowulf, Dan laughed and said that he had no idea what Beowulf said.
  33. During the shooting of the first cutscene in mission 12, Reuben held an ice ball pretending it was the Haywire Neo Generator.
  34. A quote about Vergil's Lunar Phase against Beowulf by Reuben and Dan:
    Reuben: "Nice axe kick from Dan."
    Dan: "Why thank you, Reuben."
    Dan: "Do elaborate."
    Reuben: "Maybe over lunch."
  35. It was Dan who suggested that Jester slams Lady's head against the ground in the cutscene in mission 13.
  36. Apparently, the battle scene between Dante, Vergil, and Lady in mission 13 was choreographed to be a lot longer with Lady fighting against the two brothers. Unfortunately, it had to be altered and cut short due to the logic that Lady, a mere human, has no possibility of lasting so long alone against two half-demons.
  37. The animators did practically all of the motion in the mission 14 cutscene where Dante drives up the tower on a bike. The only thing Reuben had to do was to pose holding a stick.
  38. Reuben mentioned that Adam spiced up a lot of his original lines.
  39. Adam was excited that he had to learn a sword for the Force Edge scene in mission 18 even though he was not a stunt actor.
  40. A quote about Arkham's demon form in mission 19 by Dan – "This is Dante and Vergil versus the giant hemorrhoid."
  41. Two quotes on the end of mission 19's cutscene by Dan:
    – "Jump into the giant anus."
    – "...the bowels of hell."
  42. Reuben and Dan had to re-do the end of mission 19's cutscene about 17-18 times.
  43. For the final showdown (the last slash) between Dante and Vergil, they insisted that Reuben hit Dan for real with the sword for the reality of the impact but Reuben refused, so instead of that, they ended up placing a huge mat in between so that Reuben could hit it as hard as he could as Dan ran past him.

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