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The guest focus/panel event is held on the second day of the convention at 11am. It is basically a Question & Answer session, a very fun Q&A session.

Footage by David

David (aka J-Unit) is my cameraman; he helped me shoot some of the same events from a different angle. For the guest focus event, he was only allowed to stand at the far back with a tripod so some flaws in the footage include:

- You'll see the audience's heads half the time
- Camera does not always concentrate/zoom in at the guests
- You may see people walk right by the camera
- Voices are audible but not the loudest/clearest at all times

The good points are:

- Camera is stable/steady for the most part
- Footage is longer than mine (only slightly missing the middle part)
- Includes footage which I couldn't record when I asked the guest questions

Download the footage below:

YouTube - David version - Guest Focus (Part 1)
YouTube - David version - Guest Focus (Part 2)

Footage by CaT

I had the priviledge of sitting at the front row (press row) as part of the press, but I was disallowed from using a tripod, so here are the flaws in my footage:

- Shot by hand; camera isn't be tripod-steady
- I had to stop recording whenever I asked a question (total of 3 times)
- Footage isn't complete due to running out of tape
- Camera may shake when things get funny...

The good points are:

- Camera focuses on the guests at all times
- Voices are louder and clearer

Download the footage below: (Coming soon)

YouTube - CaT version - Guest Focus (Part 1)
YouTube - CaT version - Guest Focus (Part 2)

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