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This is basically a links section... It's called affiliations just cos' that's what people've been calling it when they ask me about it. >_>

This site has been on its own for over a year, so I guess it's about time it allows itself some connections. =)

Make sure that your site is about Devil May Cry, or has some Devil May Cry content, or is related to it in some ways.  

Email me your site affiliation banner (88 x 31 pixel) along with your site name.

Download the below Devil's Lair affiliation banner and use it to link to this site from your site. I don't actually mind if it's not on the front page so long it's in a proper links page or something.

I update the site once in a few days so you should see your site linked to in the next update. Please be patient until then, thanks.

Note: Your banners will be placed on this page under the right column.

My Email:
Note: Insert subject title as "Site affiliation"  


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