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This page is the result of a parody along with appreciation for the *gasp* rose Dante has in his mouth when using the Lucifer weapon in DMC4. Long story short, I ended up naming that rose the Gay rose of death (a.k.a. GRoD) and it became quite the boom in the forum, resulting in this page just for fun.

So, listed below are our proud GRoD members, holding the mighty GRoD in our teeth in all its glory. If you're interested in joining our 'society', please follow the instructions here. Thank you~ Wahahahaha~~!

"Ola, babey."
Gay for Pandora from Guitar Hero II
"I don't understand, but I can tell it's bullshit."
Gay for Jill from Resident Evil
  Seraph Lycan
"When in doubt, run in circles and shoot"
Gay for Claire from Resident Evil
"Let's tango, baby!"
Gay for Trish from DMC
"I was left right."
Gay for Byakuya from Bleach
"Wait...what? D:"
Gay for Lulu from Final Fantasy X
"GRoD for life! "
Gay for Dante from DMC
"As interested as I am in no pants and boobies..."
Gay for Vergil from DMC
"Dats right mofu****... GAME OVER!"
Gay for Vergil from DMC
"(A)bort, (R)etry, (P)izza?"
Gay for Pandora from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles
"Yippee-ki-yay, motherf**ker!"
Gay for Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2
Gay for Lara Croft from Tomb Raider
"No, you're wrong! ALL opinions are valid!"
Gay for Amelia from Slayers
"Don't touch the rocket and don't do anything stupid."
Gay for Jade from Beyond Good and Evil
"Say "hi" to Sexual Harassment Panda!"
Gay for Vergil from DMC
Robert Ninja
"Rest in roses ^_^"
Gay for Dante from DMC
"Bite me!"
Gay for the unnamed protagonist of Persona 3
"We shall nevar surrendahhh!!"
Gay for Altaïr from Assassin's Creed
"I had a plan. My plan was to see what you would do."
Gay for Vampire Willow
" Raising hell on an island near you"
Gay for Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4

The GRoD Anthem
(Written by TheDarkSlayer)

The Rose has come, and so have I!
I'll laugh last, cause all haters will die!
The gay fun, the vain will rise.
But I can see the red clear when I look in your eye.

I'll always draw, but I'll never sheathe.
You'll have to tear the rose from my teeth!
I'll let you imagine the rest.
But be sure that the yaoi and yuri wont jest.

Now I know how Lucifer fell.
It was the rose that he used so well,
It made him wish he had a soul as well.
But it struck him down with a sword from hell!

Our army comes from deep in the lair!
Coming after you for us to scare!
We'll join forces with the violet so gorgeous.
Our strength is vain, won't you feel so envious?

We'll tell you now, we're the ones who don't dance.
We shoot with Lucifer, but we do not prance!
We'll have you choke on our crimson petals
and make the angel grin to very loud heavy metal!

My honored GRoDers.
My honored GRoDers.

We come together.
We come together.

To unite as one.
To unite as one.

Against those who hate roses.
Against those who hate roses.

We show no mercy.
We show no mercy.

For that's a pansy's tool.
For that's a pansy's tool.

Our enemies shall fall.
Our enemies shall fall.

As we jump-cancel.
As we jump-cancel.

Over the rose-haters.
Over the rose-haters.

And with the BVoDers.
And with the BVoDers.

We'll fight together.
We'll fight together.

For red, and for blue.
For red, and for blue.

They will see.
We'll fight until the world is claimed.
Come with me.
We'll stand and "GRoD" together!

Through our strength,
We'll make the haters love,
The Gay Rose of Death,
The symbol of our love!