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I am no longer able to dedicate and create original content for this site hence I'm referring to much better guides and references on YouTube instead.

All content under pink sections belongs to DevilNeverCry
and are posted with permission.

More videos will be added per DevilNeverCry's updates.

Last Updated: 30 April 2019

Gameplay Mechanics
Nero Tips - How to Nero
  Tips - Nero Advanced Tips/Tricks
  Tutorial - Breaker: Buster
  Tutorial - Breaker: Ragtime
  Tutorial - Breaker: Rawhide
  Tutorial - Breaker: Helter Skelter
  Tutorial - Breaker: Tomboy
  Tutorial - Devil Bringer: Bringer Knuckle
Dante Tutorial - Swordmaster: Real Impact
  Tutorial - Trickster
  Tutorial - Royal Guard
  Tutorial - Sin Devil Trigger: Quadruple S
  Tutorial - Gunslinger: Faust Hat (How to break the game)
  Tutorial - Gunslinger: Dual Kalina Ann
  Tutorial - Devil Arm: Cavaliere
  Tutorial - Devil Arm: King Cerberus
  Tutorial - Devil Arm: Devil Sword Dante
  Tips - How to ease through 'Hell and Hell' mode
V Tips - How to V
Enemy How to fight Fury
Bloody Palace Bloody Palace - Nero Guide
Trophy Guide - "Who Needs Weapons"
  Guide - "Well I'll Be Damned"

Novel Prequel - Before the Nightmare (Part 1)
  Prequel - Before the Nightmare (Part 2)

100% Guides All blue orbs/fragments
100% Guides All purple orbs/fragments
100% Guides All Secret Missions
Gamer Guru Fast way to farm red orbs
zT Thunder Hidden Features in the Game (Part 1)
zT Thunder Hidden Features in the Game (Part 1)

Weapons / Abilities
Nero Red Queen Dante Devil Arm - Rebellion
  Blue Rose   Devil Arm - Balrog
  Devil Breakers   Devil Arm - Sparda
  Devil Bringer   Devil Arm - Cavaliere
      Devil Arm - Dante
V Griffon   Devil Arm - King Cerberus
  Shadow   Firearm - Ebony & Ivory
  Nightmare   Firearm - Coyote A
      Firearm - Kalina Ann II
      Firearm - Dual Kalina Ann
      Firearm - Dr. Faust
      Sin Devil Trigger

Cutscenes / Scenes
Zanar Aesthetics All cutscenes (English)
Throneful All cutscenes (Japanese)
GamersPrey All cutscenes (Live Action version)
MELOO All Title Screens & Van Events [SPOILER!!]
CaT DMC5 Script

Enemy Guide (By CaT/Devil's Lair)
Enemies marked with * means that the tactic is only
applicable from 2nd playthrough onwards.

Dante   Antenora Don't let them interrupt you. Interrupt them.
  * Baphomet Baphomet is weak to fire
  * Behemoth Fastest way to kill Behemoth
    Chaos Fast way to break Chaos' armor
    Death Scissors 1. Easiest way to kill them (Any style)
2. Easiest way to kill them (Trickster)
  * Empusa Queen Easy way to fight Empusa Queen
  * Fury Fastest way to kill one, if you're lucky?
  * Hellbat/Pryobat Fast way to kill Hellbat
    Judecca 1. Easy way to fight Judecca (Any style)
2. Easy way to fight Judecca (Trickster)
  * Lusachia Fast way to kill Lusachia
  * Nobody Fastest way to kill Nobody
    Proto Angelo 1. How to create quick openings
2. Taking them down in a single opening
    Scudo Angelo Easy way to get around Scudo Angelo
Nero * Behemoth Fastest way to Kill Behemoth
    Death Scissors Ways to parry Death Scissors
  * Fury 1. Methods #1 (Ragtime, Rawhide)
2. Methods #2 (Red Queen parry, Gerbera)
  * Judecca Easy openings against Judecca

Devil May Cry 5 Info

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Devil May Cry 4 Info

» Characters
» Story
» Secret Missions
» Boss Strategies
» Enemies
» Bosses
» Weapons & Moves List
» Combat Adjudicators
» Blue Orbs
» Hidden Red Orbs
» Game Script
» Staff & Credits
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Devil May Cry 3 Info

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» Story
» Techniques Tutorial
» Secret Missions
» Mission Guide
» DMD SS Walkthrough
» Boss Strategies
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» Style
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Devil May Cry 2 Info

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» Moves
» Secret Missions
» Enemies
» Bosses
» Swords
» Guns
» Amulets
» Exploiting The Game
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Devil May Cry Info

» Characters
» Story
» Secret Missions
» Boss Strategies
» Enemies
» Weapons
» Blue Orbs
» Hidden Red Orbs
» Free Items
» Free Orbs
» Game Script

DmC Info

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