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Sup! This is Cat, webmaster of Devil's Lair. >_> In case you're wondering, yes, Cat is my real name. It's pretty common, really, you shouldn't be surprised. =) I created this site back in 2005 and have been running it ever since (even though I dont' actually update it anymore now as of 2014), hence please accept my apologies. Anyway, I hope the site is still helpful... somehow. I refer to myself when I replay the games, lol.

I claimed myself to be a DMC geek but I only started this series in the March of 2005. When I asked a friend if I can borrow his FF10-2 game, he said no and made me play Devil May Cry instead (the first one). I remember going "..." cause' never in my life have I played an action game and I already could tell I was gonna get trashed. Back then I didn't even have my own PS2, I simply borrowed my brother-in-law's. =P

So, I played the game anyway and woot! I was stuck at mission 3. And I wasn't just stuck. I thought that was the end of my DMC history. Started and ended so soon. =P Mission 3 was the first mission with a boss battle and it was Phantom. Took me 3 nights and 27 times to beat him, altho' this no longer stands as my highest record since Larxene (from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories PS2 remake) took over 30 tries and remains undefeated (normal mode). *Sweatdrops* Anyway, it was pathetic. I didn't even know what a side roll was! Looking back it was so hilariously dumb.

Defeating the game itself took ever so long too. I played and stopped too often, probably having not enough motivation, but even so I was considerably into Dante =P In fact, I didn't clear that game until very much later after I bought my own PS2 many months later.

Why did I get a PS2? 3 words and a number - Devil May Cry 3. =D One day, that same friend was looking at trailers at and I saw it with him. The gameplay looked cool and all but I was yet interested enough... until one day I downloaded more trailers for myself at home and saw the opening cutscenes of mission 1 and 2. =) And... I was sold.

So I got me a PS2 as well as DMC3 of course. Played the game right away, repeating the missions over and over cause I sucked. I got owned by most of them, but strangely enough, Vergil's first battle was all right. =P So on and on I played the game and finally finished it in 24 hours. Woot! Twenty four hours! Impressively slow eh? =P Well of course that includes the time I spent replaying certain missions for fun, experience and/or red orbs, but er.... *headdesks*

It was only after I completed Normal mode for DMC3 that I continued with the first Devil May Cry game. Since I've finished a supposedly harder game (as reviews say, and I totally disagree with it), I thought it'll probably be easier for me to kick Mundus's ass...but... NO!! He kicked MY ass! GAH! It took me at least 16 tries to defeat him. =_= That's 4x more tries than my battle against Vergil in mission 20 of DMC3... but whatever. I finished the game and that's it. Yay~! Not to mention I laughed the hell out of myself when I saw the ending. Seriously, that game's so full of cheese, but as a humble fan of Dante there's little I won't do for him. =D This was also why I bought and played DMC2 regardless. =P Just gotta have the entire collection, ya? =P

This concludes my origin with the game. =)



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