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This section depends entirely on contributors for updates. Everyone is welcome to contribute their DMC video work anytime.

However, I update this page only about once a week. Thanks to all for their contributions so far.

  • Stylish combos:
    Remember those kick-ass stylish combo videos that make your eyes pop out of their sockets and leave you holding your breath for minutes? That is it. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be of a certain standard so long you think it's stylish enough and wish to show it to others.
  • Boss ownage:
    Remember seeing how others plummel Vergil in mission 20 DMD with an SS rank? Well, that is quite the extreme, but basically any boss ownage in any mode (except for Easy) will do. It may be for the strategy, it may be for the rank, it may be for the style, but whatever it is, it's gotta be ownage =)
  • Mission ownage:
    Mission videos are generally longer, but it is welcome anyway. Cutting out a section from a full mission is also allowed.
  • Music videos:
    Self explanatory.
  • Parodies:
    I have yet seen any parody videos of DMC but this is always possible. Flash movies will also go under this category.

  1. File size/type:
    All common file types are allowed, which includes AVI, WMV, MOV and MPG. Try keeping 1 minute's worth of video to 15 mb at the max . If you're not sure about it, email me.
  2. Uploading file:
    Since such video files are typically bigger than the file size most emails allow for attachments, you will have to upload them onto an online file transfer/sharing service. I recommend mediafire, sendspace or yousendit.
  3. Give me a notice:
    After uploading the video(s) you'd like to share/post, email me to inform. Include the URL to the uploaded file(s) for me to download them.
  4. Include these information:
    • Your name
    • Your email address (if you'd like me to include in the site)
    • Title [For music videos and parodies]
    • Mode and version [For boss and mission ownage]
    • Do you want a 'rate it' poll? Yes/No

My Email:
Note: Insert subject title as "DMC video contribution "

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Music video / Parody

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