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   Contest II

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This fanart contest has ENDED on the 5th of June 2008

I know this is sudden and all but when the motivation strikes it just does, you know? =P It just occurred to me that it’s been way over a year since the first and last fanart contest, and because of that I’m holding Devil’s Lair’s second Fanart Contest as of today (25th Dec 07)!

So this time, the themes are as follows:

  1. Devil May Cry 4
    Since we now know most of the cast (human ones, that is) of DMC4, it is encouraged that perhaps you draw these new characters rather than just the classic DMC3 Dante and Vergil.

  2. Crossover
    We’ve seen quite some crossover fanfics, but hardly any crossover fanart! Where’s the DMC x Resident Evil x Silent Hill x Fatal Frame? Let’s see what you can come up with!

  3. Gay Rose of Death
    Ah… my personal favorite… Based on my anger towards Devil’s Lair’s resident trolls and flamers. Basically, all you need is to draw any DMC character(s) with Dante’s gay rose of death, in any sort of way you like, be it humorous, nonsensical or best of all… gay. So yes, light yaoi (gay) and yuri (lesbian) is allowed this time, though only under this category for the sake of comedy rather than erotica.

  4. Freestyle
    Anything else that doesn’t go under the 3 themes above goes in here. You’re free to draw anything including comics, so long it does not involve hentai.

Starting date: 25th December 2007

Ending date: 5 June 2008

Just like the previous fanart contest, voting will be held only in the forum to avoid cheating.

To vote, please visit the voting thread in the forum and follow its instructions. The voting period lasts from 6-13 June 2008. Contestants are allowed to vote, or to vote for themselves.

1st best receives 3 points
2nd best
receives 2 points
3rd best
receives 1 point

At the end of the voting period, the 3 entries with the highest points will be the winners.

In the previous fanart contest I offered a share of my server space to the winners. Unfortunately, due to many server problems since, I can no longer offer the same prize. Instead, I’ll offer to draw you a Killer Bunny picture with your winning art in it…? ^_^;;

The 1st winner will choose either Vergil the bunny, Dante the tiger or Lady the mouse.
The 2nd winner will choose one of the 2 remaining characters.
The 3rd winner will take the last one.

Then the rest is up to me to draw you your prize. ^^; Of course, I’m not the pro artist here and Killer Bunny is all I can draw, so if that’s not a good enough prize for you, here’s what else you’re getting!

  1. Joy ^_^
  2. Compliments ^o^
  3. Self-satisfaction *_*
  4. Bragging rights *o*

And!! I will also use the 1st winner’s art as the logo picture in the Devil’s Lair forum! (Just like I’m using the 1st winner’s art (Xiaoyugaara) from the previous contest for the logo right now, though only in the default forum skin.) So what say you? =D

Contest Dates

Starts: 25 December 2007

Ends: 5 June 2008

Contest Winners

Cristian Hipolito


Birdie Sama

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